2017-11-26 The Unmovable Kingdom

November 26, 2017 ~ Then Unmovable Kingdom ~ Rev. Hyung Jin Moon ~ Newfoundland, PA

Hebrews 12

25 See that ye refuse not him that speaketh. For if they escaped not who refused him that spake on earth, much more shall not we escape, if we turn away from him that speaketh from heaven: 26 Whose voice then shook the earth: but now he that promised, saying, Yet once more I shake not the earth only, but also heaven. 27 And this word, Yet once more, signifieth the removing of those things that are shaken, as of things that are made, that those things which cannot be shaken may remain. 28 Wherefore we receiving a Kingdom which cannot be moved, let us have grace, whereby we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear: 29 For our God is a consuming fire.

And that is Hebrews 12, Amen. So, we can talk about it here, but I want to move today a little slower, a little slower. I’ve been enjoying lectures by a professor out of Toronto, a professor of Psychology. His name is Jordan Peterson. I’m sure some of you guys have heard of him. But, it is amazing how scholarship has changed regarding the Bible, and our Christian civilization. It’s so amazing. Ten years ago, twenty years ago, when you heard any scholar talking about Christianity or religion, they would poo-poo it. They would think it a joke. They just think it a mythology. It’s nice poetry; but, now you have twenty-five percent of the scientific community now says they are theists. That is a huge change from the 1980s, when about ninety-nine percent of the community was atheist.

So, you have a massive change, even in “the Scientific Community,” where now the evidence is pointing towards an Intelligent Mind. We talked about this all the time, which is immaterial, or beyond time and beyond space, which is beyond time, or eternal, which has incredible knowledge, because all the mathematical constants and conditions which hold the Universe together with all the fine tuning was put there, not by random, but are all connected, such as mass of electrons, protons, you name it. Changed it even a little bit, and the whole Universe is gone, it collapses.

So, the more Scientist are studying into the reality of the Universe, the more it’s confirming that there is an Intelligent Mind that is behind all these things. Whether you do a double-slit experiment, or whether you look at how consciousness creates, or has a part in shaping reality, that’s the whole double-slit experiment, okay; and, that of course, leads to the infinite mind, the infinite observer theorems, which then add to the reality. You are at some point, run out of people, who are perceiving each other. At some point, there is something that’s above us all, which is observing us all, and sustaining us all.

So, the more science delves into this with mathematics and thermodynamics, or Cosmology, whatever, the more they’re discovering that they can’t really run away from intelligence, because the Universe is not a haphazard collection of things. It is finally tuned. It is specifically tuned to sustain life.

So, when we’re talking about God, we’re talking about tradition. We’re always talking about Him being immaterial, beyond all material, because we know in the Universe, all mater comes into existence some fourteen billion years ago. Some Scientist say at the Big Bang. All time comes into existence, which means that this genesis of all time and space, was beyond time and space.

So, that’s what we call eternal, or omniscient, because some incredible mathematical genius had to fine tune all the numbers, constant, and conditions in the Universe for it to actually exist, which then Christians have called omniscient, or all knowing. You know, knowing all the secrets of the Universe, and of course, all powerful omnipotent, because they has to be some tremendous power, which we can’t fathom, because it creates a whole Universe, right; and, of course, having personhood, not an impersonal deity, not an impersonal heaven, but personhood; and of course one of the main characters of a person is conscientiousness, and of course, free will, giving the ability to choose.

The fact that something comes from nothing, the fact that the Universe pops out of existence from absolutely nothing, time and space come out of absolutely nothing is a sign that this Intelligent Mind chose to create the world or Universe in this particular dimension with choice, a freedom of choice that all of a sudden, He chose that I’m going to create in this dimension; and, of course, philosophically, some being cannot come from nothing. Only nothing can come from nothing. It is only a continuation of nothing produces nothing. It never will produce something, unless there’s a conscious free will element that is greater than that, which then can choose to create something from that.

So, when we talk about God, we’re talking about a brilliant intelligent mind, consciousness, free will, personhood. In that sense of a person having a conscious, having free will; and, of course, all those other things. Omniscient, Omnipotent, Immaterial, Eternal. Okay.

So, that whole thing of apologetic, when you’ve taken an apologetics class, you heard this in a much more deeper form, okay. You heard this at a much more deeper form. That’s just a synopsis. That’s just the beginning of it.

So, we know that the whole Universe, and of course, we know that the whole community that are based on objectivity and materialism that are trying to look at the objective universe trying to find evidence as to why it exists, etc. Even now, they are forced to look at reality. They are forced to admit that their scientific arrogance of the 80s and 90s, and their atheistic surety, is not as solid as they thought, not as solid as they thought.

So, now you have people like Jordan Peterson, Professor Emeritus out of Toronto University now talking. I mean, they’re just praising Christianity. It’s like incredible. They say they are not Christian, like who’s that famous atheist that rails against Christianity is whole life, then he became Christian at the end of his life, conveniently, right before he left? Who was that? One of the fathers of atheism, a major figure. I bet you if you could Google that, you could find it right away. It was a famous atheist philosopher, who right before he past said right before he past, I believe in God; and, then the whole atheist community came after him saying, “You traitor. You traitor. How dare you.” Flew. That’s it. Anthony Flew. One of the pillars of the atheistic philosophical world, okay.

But, you see this now in academia. It gets so much more respect, because it’s incredible. It’s just incredible; and, I highly recommend looking at Jordan Peterson’s biblical series. It’s a very fascinating psychological take on the Bible. I’m not saying he’s a believer, he’s not; but, he believes, he sees how incredible the Bible is. He sees how incredible the Bible is. He explains it almost like the internet. The Bible, he says, is close to the Internet, because it’s a text which is hyperlinked together. He makes a graft, which has all these arcs, all these like billions of arcs, which are all these different colors; and, it shows how the Bible is actually linked, and hyperlinked together. It’s like the internet; and, each word is linked to other words, and each concept is linked to all these different concepts. They just don’t have the hyperlinks that you click on; but, the Bible itself is so interconnected, and he says, when he looks at it, when he shows the actual graft, it looks like a piece of art. It’s just those hyperlinks that are actually connected, okay.

Beyond that, he’s taken a very critical approach. The proponents of the historical critical method. In Harvard, that’s how we’re trained; and, It’s just skepticism. Basically, a mocking skepticism of religion in general, particularly Christianity in specific, so much so.

Did you guys see Steven Crowder. He’s a Libertarian comedian. Very smart. Christian as well. He put out this video, where he was showing Alexa. You know, that thing from Amazon that supposedly knows everything. So he says, “Alexa, who is Muhammad?” And, it says, “He was a wise Prophet of Islam, and was married to Iesha.” It doesn’t tell you that Iesha was five years old and this kind of things. So, he was the wise Prophet of Islam. That’s how it described Muhammad, the wise Prophet of Islam. So, the Crowder goes and asks, “Alexa, who is the Lord Jesus Christ?” And, it says, ‘Jesus Christ is a fictional character. Woah! This is Amazon for you, folks; so, you are talking about leaning left, or totally biased. Give me a break. What is it. Alexa is a Commie, okay. So, if you buy Alexa, just realize, she’s a Commie. She’s going to be teaching you Communism, okay, and non-Christian theology.

So, it’s so hilarious. It’s so, hilarious, they literally have to program these things to validate their cultish view of the world. This cultish view of this heroic Marxism, this neo- Marxism. He does something, where he asks, “Alexa, what is Communism?” And, there’s this nice little like descriptions of it; and, “How was Hitler and Fascism?” Then, there’s negative stuff about Hitler, of course; but, with Marx for example, with Marx, who was responsible for the deaths of way more than Hitler, almost ten times more, right. Ideologies that got influenced by Marx in the twentieth century murdered over 100 million people, a hundred million. That’s a low, low, low, low estimate. Hitler did what, almost 12 million? That’s nearly ten times the amount by Marx. You know, he’s got the picture with the beard, and he’s sitting there like, you know, all the Leftists think he’s like a cute Teddy bear or something. This guy is a murderer. He’s a pathological ideologue, who basically created the most murderous movements in the history of man, okay; but, they see him as a Teddy bear, with his little beard, and his little Christmas tree, you know, whatever it is. You would never see anybody singing the praise of Hitler in Academy, or in the school systems, right; but, you can sing the praise of Marx, and Marxists can say, “Yeah, I’m Marxist,” and nobody has a problem with that.

People should have a serious problem with that. That’s worse than being like pro-Hitler. If you’re a Marxist, you are then connecting to an ideology that has murdered poor Asian people. I mean, millions. Seventy-seven plus or more, Asian Chinese people. I mean, just wiped out tribes and civilizations. I mean, you’re talking about the most murderous ideology. Of course, that’s why True Father called it Satanism, you know. Political Satanism, and/or the opposite of Godism, right. Satan controlled Communism.

So, it is a reality that our whole technological sphere is also now, obviously as everybody here knows, but normal people, who are in a state of sleep do not know that things as simple as Alexa, that claims to have all the information, and all the knowledge, is literally giving you propaganda. It’s a propaganda machine. And all these smart devices, they’re not giving real information. They’re giving filtered information, just like Google, who filters your information. Leans heavily biased left. Also, Youtube leans heavily biased left, censoring videos, who use Rightwing,

I don’t like the term, “Rightwing.” It is what Father called, “Headwing.” We’re talking about sovereignty. We’re talking about freedom and responsibility, right. These are the key aspects of the Kingdom of God. Freedom and responsibility sovereignty. The Crowns and the Rod of Iron. Coheirs with Christ. It is the fundamental core of the Kingdom of God to be able to actually physically, also, vanquish intruders and predators that exist within.

So, we have the reality of that kind of thing going on; and, at the same time, we had the reality of, for example, now top Secret Service agents coming out, releasing new information about the Clintons involvement in massive, not only sex scandals, rape scandals. Everybody knows that about Bill Clinton, now. Even the Democrats had to throw him under the bus. What we’re talking about now, the more dangerous things, like pedophilia, and the pedophile cults that’s now starting to come out. Bill and Hillary Clinton being Jerry Epstein’s pedophile island, Lolita Express, over twenty times on that plane, and six times for Hillary; and, you have now, these things coming out. You have now the head of Secret Service is now releasing documents and information.

So, you see this whole power structure has been lying to us, and indoctrinating us. Really, creating the atmosphere for real Satanism to flourish. Whether or not they’re aware of real Satanism, whether or not they believe in actual metaphysical Satan, or whether or not they believe this sort of atheistic Satanism, it doesn’t matter. They’re creating the environment, where and which Satanism can actually flourish, okay. You’re talking about killing babies. There’s fifty-four million babies, abortion culture, etc, etc.

They call it Women’s Health Services, but you can’t get a mammogram there. You can’t get an ultrasound there. You can get killing babies there, is what you get; so, you have all these different things that actually incorporate the culture of what Satan actually wants. Actually, Satanists who actually do actual sacrifice, who actually want to do baby killings, who have historically done those things, creating the environment for more deviant forms of sexuality. Homosexual political agenda. Transgender political agenda. Confusion of gender dysphoria on a mass scale, saying no biology exists anymore, and are genders are just how we feel. I mean, you hear me ranting about this every day.

Every day, you hear me ranting about this, right; so, I’m not going to rant about it today, even though I have just a little bit. I’m not going to go on like this the whole day; but, this is a scenario we’re existing in; and, of course, that’s the context of where Godism comes into play, and why Godism is so important, because it is the opposite. Godism is not allowing the culture and civilization, and the atmosphere, where and which the actual Satanism can exist; and, it is culture of freedom and sovereignty and responsibility, and loving God, and loving your neighbor; and, that’s why all the people, and all the peace ninjas are training, we’re training, because we can love God and love our neighbor, right; so, we can be sheepdogs. We got to protect the sheep from wolves, from predators, etc.

So, this kind of culture, and of course the Constitution is a representation of that, is the real battle that’s happening on the Comic Level, okay. So, we’re talking about all these things in verse 27, where these things are being shaken; but, of course, we receive a Kingdom that cannot be moved. It’s an unmovable Kingdom. It’s not because it’s only a Kingdom in the mind, or it’s only a Kingdom in the mental space, or cognitive space or psychology, or in the Spirit. This is a Kingdom that in the end of time, will actually be on Earth; and, that’s what every Christian, if you’re a Christian, you have to believe that. You to believe that Jesus is going to return, that he will establish his Kingdom, and he will rule the world with the Iron Rod. You have to. As a Christian, you actually can’t believe in democracy per se. You can’t, because the Bible’s very clear that in the Kingdom, the King of Kings is going to return, and there’s going to be a Kingdom. There’s going to be a Kingdom, where the whoremongers, and, it says the dogs, the whoremongers, the licentious, the homosexuals, they will be pushed out of the Kingdom.

So, you have to as Christian to be honest to the Scripture, you have to believe in a Kingdom. You can’t say that democracy is the final formulation of the ideal world, and of course Father said that all the time; and, we’ve seen that with American democracy literally almost collapse with the advent of Hillary Clinton. If She got into power, we would literally be very different. We are literally carried by a BBC article by different universities in Europe. We are already carried as an oligarchy, already. They’ve done studies on how they’ve shown laws that are statistically shown that certain laws do not affect the political class, compared to how they affect the normal class. That’s how they got the statistical analysis, and why we are an oligarchy, okay. Just look at that article by the BBC. They have the whole draw out of that. It’s talking about the US is now an oligarchy. Now, that’s in 2008 they were writing about that. We’re officially an oligarchy. We’re not even a democracy anymore, okay.

So, this is what happens over the reality of democracies. They do not last, and they cannot last, because at some point you’ll have mob rule, and some point the majority will decide to destroy the rights of the minority; and, the majority will just decide and ally with politicians that are predatory and pathological to then use the power of the state to steal from people, forcefully, at the end of a barrel of a gun. If you don’t pay your taxes, if you don’t pay your money, you’re dead, or you are going to go to jail. Even you don’t want to give those taxes, even though you want to donate to something else, you cannot. You must give it, or you will be severely punished. Let’s say, either a SWAT team will come, or let’s say you will be put in prison at the very least. That’s force, that’s coercion. That’s why, in the Kingdom of God, those things are illegal. As you see in the Cheon Il Guk Constitution those kinds of taxes are illegal, because they are coercion. They are absolute coercion. The Bible says, By the fruit of your labors, by the sweat of your brow, the labors are man’s. They are yours. We reap what we sow.

So, these Principles are real; but, now it’s interesting, because at the academy level, you’re talking about at the very high, academic level now, you now have a returning to the value of Christianity, which I find absolutely incredible. Now, they’re not going to say, “I believe in Jesus.” They’re not saying that yet. God’s working on them, you know. God’s working on them. They’re moving in the right direction. Twenty-five percent. 99% to 75%. That’s a huge, huge change.

And you see now, you see now these scholars now having to come to grips as to how fundamental and formative Christian, Judeo-Christian ideology, concepts, fundamental views about human beings, men and women, etc, form the crucks of the foundation of our civilization. All the western world is formed upon those Judeo-Christian principles. We’re going to get into that, okay.

So, I’m going to get off the ranting of Hillary Clinton, and I want to jump now into philosophy, and stuff like that. Is that okay? So, everybody hears me ranting all the time. You know where I am every morning, okay; so, you hear that then, okay; but, I want to go over some of the things I’ve been delighting in Jordan Peterson’s lectures. Not necessarily because, or not only because it’s reviving to see high level academics praising Christianity, okay. That’s very reviving. That’s wonderful; but, he makes a lot of good points as well, even though he still believes in the cult and narrative of evolution; and, that we’re separated from primates with Lucy, and the missing link, which has never been found. There’s no evidence for that whatsoever. I mean, you might as well believe in a mythology, because evolution is a mythology. It’s a mythological cosmological framework, where in which atheists, and those who still want to reencourage Christianity can exist in, okay; and of course, we went through all those different studies.

The Cro-Magnon, the different species they were trying to put up; and, actually they were caught. One of Neanderthal ape man were created, or superimposed off the jaw of what they discovered was a pig’s jaw. So, things like that. There’s just so much fraud in the realm of Science; and, of course even twisting Darwinian evolution. I mean, talking about, you ask anybody who believes in evolution, give me one example of macro-evolution that goes from species to another species. They can’t give you one example. Not one. They always talk about finches. No, no. That’s within a species. What about species to another species. One example. Give me one.

You saw Ray Comfort. He’s a very famous Evangelist, who goes and asks Biology and professors on campus to give him one example; and, they give him shrimp examples, and they give him fish examples. Okay, but there still the same kind. They’re the same species. You’re talking about micro-evolution between a fish, but them develops certain patterns on the face, or camouflage, whatever. That’s till the same species. Give me one example of macro-evolution, where you’re developing from kind. Ontological jumps in the fossil record. They don’t even exist. Ontological jumps exist. There’s no transitional fossils.

So, all these kinds of things. Anyways there’s a huge volume of literature. You can look it up for yourself; but, I don’t enjoy his lectures because of those things. I think he’s fortunate that he’s very brilliant in the realm of psychology, and I studied lots of psychology, especially when I was studying Buddhism, and stuff like that; but, it’s amazing to see how he has just complete obscenest. He pays complete obscenest to the cult of evolutionism, and that would be based in the primates. Of course, the biblical text does not support Western civilization, if brought to that level, is fundamentally in peril.

So, he goes into a whole discussion, which I found quite well done, about logos, okay. How Western civilization is founded on logos, which is interesting, because here we have in the Bible, we have the idea a genesis of man and woman being made in the image of God, okay. Man and woman made in the image of God. There are differences, obviously, but they’re made in the image of God. That means, he was saying, that is an incredibly crazy thing to say. Not there is a man and a woman, but all human beings have an element of divinity within them. That’s a totally bonkers idea to come into existence like 5,000 years ago. It’s totally crazy, because when you look at the history of humanity, you see a lot of tribalism, you see tribalism, you see a lot of that binary or binary dialectic, where it’s us versus them, all this kind of thing; and, in the Judeo-Christian culture, whether they’re believers or not, they are still human beings made in the image of God, you see. Even if they’re criminal, they’re still human beings made in the image of God.

So, that’s like in the ancient world, that’s such an incredible statement, because look at for example, Hindu caste system. Not all human beings are the same. They’re not all made in the image of God. There’s the untouchables. There are ones that are worse than animals, right, etc; so, this is not consistent throughout culture and time. Look at the Egyptian. You had this huge slave class. You had this huge god class in the Pharaohs, etc. Whatever civilization you looked at, you had that system, basically, which incorporates political Satanism. Some form of feudalism, socialism, communism, etc, which then leads to the larger principles of super elite class, or a gifted enlightened class, you see, that is supposed to rule over, and essentially plan over everybody. This is a common consistent trend throughout history. Whether you look at religions, and/or you look at polity, a body of politics. Very fascinating. Very fascinating stuff.

But, you have in the Judeo-Christian world, and we’re so spoiled, because it’s just part of our culture. You have the idea, number one, that God created man and woman in the image of God; and, look at this: number two, in John 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. That’s a very interesting concept. The idea of logos. Logos, or the Word, it’s a crazy concept if you think about it. It’s pretty crazy. You’re saying that beginning with the mighty Creator, okay, was the Word; and, of course, in Christian context, that’s represented as Jesus Christ as he comes to the Earth. The Word of God, then, becomes flesh; and, look at this? The Word was with God, and the Word was God; so, there’s so much power invested into logos.

So, when you look at the history of humanity, you’re going to see two main choices for how to deal with issues. One is with the sword. The next one is with words. So, whether a civilization is going to decide as to how they are to solve problem, which human beings will always have. There’s always going to be some conflict. There’s always going to be disagreements, right. It doesn’t matter, even though all the saints are gathered here, sometimes we all have disagreements. That’s human beings, okay; but, how do we solve those issues? Do we solve those issues by the sword, or do we solve those issues by the Word? Isn’t that interesting?

So, what will be the foundational aspect of society, which will allow for peace. That is, we’re not killing each other. That is, what will be the foundational aspect for peace to exist; and, for Western civilization, it’s rationale. It’s always been sort of rationale. Where’s that come from though? It comes from this foundation of everything being based on the Word. Everything. God, Himself, is based on Logos. That there is something above all of us that transcends all of us, and we’re beholden to; yet, we also have this ability to express our thoughts, and our ideas, and our plans; and, then by debate or discussion, whatever, we can then choose to put them out into the atmosphere, and then people can decide based on words, right. Not right equals might. Not, I gather all the power, and then I kill everybody who is against me, and then that makes me right. You see what I’m saying?

This is how Genghis Kahn did it. This is how the Chinese Emperors did it, which is how the Sultans of Arabia and Islam did it. You name it. Okay. We’re talking about a fundamental difference, when you are looking at God as the Word. Everything then becomes undergird, underlining everything in the Cosmos in the Universe. It’s Logos, it’s verbalization of cognitive thinking. Articulated patterns of speech, which then manifest reality. Do you see what I’m saying? Things that were in God’s mind, things what were with God in His Intelligent Cosmic mind, and then are articulated, and then comes into existence in mountains, and the rivers, and the waters, you name it. Isn’t that interesting.

So, in the same way that we, in the image of God, we can see something, we can see something in the future, in some three to five years, I want to be in this realm. I want to do this or that mission, you know, whatever. I have this plan, or dream, whatever it is, and I have this three to five years, that’s what I call my land of milk and honey. I’m not saying, don’t get pagan about it, you know what I’m saying? But, how we can look three to five years in the future, we can use are imagination, and cognitive ability to imagine that, and using our imagination, and allowing out mind to take the dangerous roads.

For example, if I’m climbing down that cliff, which I see right now, what would happen to me. I would fall off, and at the speed of gravity, I would splat on the ground like a big egg that’s going to crack on the floor, right; so, your mind can see that, and in your mind, you imagine that you’d die, so that you in reality don’t have to die. Do you see what I’m saying; and, that’s a great survival mechanism, that human beings can imagine what’s going to happen to us, we could imagine falling off a cliff and splatting like an egg, and that prevents us from actually having to do it to learn it. Do you see what I’m saying? So, there’s power of the mind then to articulate, to formulate thoughts, and then to articulate into verbal language, which then impacts other minds, right. This power then, which impacts other minds, this power of this Logos undergirds everything in this Christian realm. In the Judeo-Christian realm, it is the Word, the Logos. It is not only with God, it is God. Isn’t that interesting.

That’s why the Constitution in the West is so important. It’s a whole bunch of words. Everybody’s beholden to this Constitution. Everybody, from the President of the United States to the most humble man, everybody’s beholden, or they’re supposed to be, okay. I know it’s not really the case; but, with the power of the political class, etc; but, in theory it’s supposed to be. Everybody’s subservient to the Logos, or the Word, that binds us and holds us and connects us altogether in unity, at least to some basic civilization. Isn’t that interesting?

So, it’s fundamental. This is such a unique aspect that God, the intelligent personal Creator, the Intelligent Mind, that creates all the constants and conditions in the Universe to create the ability for the Universe to have life, right. All that is not just in His mind. It’s not just in His mind. There is a Word there, and that Word that projects out of the mind, and moves into action, and then creates and manifests reality. Isn’t that just incredible? Isn’t that interesting?

So, the fundamental preeminence of Logo, or the Word, is actually part of the core of the debate tradition, for example; or, battling of the minds for example. Instead of just battling might equals right, and who has a bigger Army, etc. It’s battling with the mind, which is supposed to be the framework of, you know, a democracy or Republic, right. We don’t just go and kill people if we disagree with them, there’s due process, there’s juris prudence, right. The fundamental aspect of American juris prudence for example, or criminal law, is what? There’s something in every human being, even the whole majority says the person’s evil, he needs to be killed, that we say no. There’s something fundamental there, that he is innocent until proven guilty. Show me he’s bad. Make your argument that he’s bad. Show the evidence that he or she is a criminal or bad. Innocent until proven guilty is the foundation of a civilization that views every human being as made in the image of God; and, if they do wrong, they have to take responsibility for that, but we’re not going to just assume somebody is evil, because somebody told us, because of an accusation, okay.

So, the whole reliance on evidence, and the whole reliance on show us. That then, of course, blends into the scientific method. A lot of the early revolutionists of the scientific method, of the science revolution, the Renaissance, and the Enlightenment period in Europe were who? They were Christians. They were Monks. They were rebelling against the dominations and tyranny of the Catholic Church, right. In many of the documents they were saying, “Look, I’m not trying to be a bad Christian. I’m just trying to say that maybe the world is round.” (sarcastically)

But, this whole thing, all of the Judeo-Christian culture in what we call Western civilization, which is really a product of this exodus from this state-run Christianity, and coming back to the relationship with God, and exploring the Universe for ourselves, exploring the Bible for ourselves, exploring the internet, which is the Bible at that time, for ourselves, and trying to look for truth for ourselves, etc. This kind of reliance and emphasis on this is what builds the free and prosperous nations in human history, okay; but, of course, because, they become prosperous and hedonistic, they throw away those things. This is exactly what was happening in the late eighteen hundreds and the nineteen hundreds, with the rise of the postmodern era, and Nietzsche and all these people.

But, it’s interesting, with Nietzsche himself, even though he believed in this uber man, in the end, we are going to have to make our own values; and, we are going to have to create our own moral values; and, that is what of course Hitler used to make his own moral values by his superior race edicts and ideologies; but, Nietzsche even though he turned in to that kind of, you know, we have to create our own values type thinker, he did warn. He was greatly in despair about the fact that when we removed the fundamental foundational structure of meaning, that is “the God Ideal” so to speak from Christianity, we take that from under the rug, he believed that we are not going to become all rationalists, we’re not going to become scientists, whatever. It’s going to created absolute havoc; and, he predicted in the twentieth century, you’re are going to have hundreds of millions to be killed, because they’re going to take on as you get rid of God, you have to replace it with something else, and pathological psychopathic ideologies will come in and take its place. We’ll create some subculture of meaning, we’ll create some subculture of group identity, we’ll create a hierarchy, etc, all those kinds of things, and we’ll tons of millions of people will be killed, and that’s exactly what happened. He prophesized it. Nietzsche prophesized this in the late 1800s, because he says there’s going to be such a vacuum that’s going to be created, if God is taken out; and so, he was saying God is dead. He’s not saying that he killed him. He’s saying, I’m a spokesperson for the age now of Industrialization and wealth creation, etc, all this kind of thing, but as we get rid of God, and we don’t go to church any more, we don’t study the Word, we’re in peril. We’re in great peril; and, he was a hundred percent right.

He was a hundred percent right. We saw that the pathological parasitical ideologies. Marxism, Communism, Fascism, they do take the place, the state does take the place of God; and, human beings are told, they should worship the state, and get all their goods from the state, and be dependent upon the state, and not on God; and, then of course you have the genocidal mania of the twentieth century. Over two hundred twenty million dead, including seventy-seven million poor Asian people. Great despair, great despair, when you dispense God. Tremendous suffering, and malevolence and evil will take over, okay; so, he predicted that, as you take out the foundational structure of meaning, that is the meaning, the framework story.

These Psychologists, they see the Bible as a more mythological story. They don’t necessarily subscribe to it; but, at the same time, Peterson is attacking casual critics of Christianity, who just say, “Yeah, I think it’s a beautiful poem. It’s beautiful poetic versus; but, I reject its fundamental core.” Some kid tried to say that to me. I said, “No, that’s ridiculous. When I listen to you know, you’re not rejecting its fundamental core; otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to experience its beauty, its poetic nature. You would have to accept pieces of its fundamental core; so, you’re just saying that. You’re parroting some professor, who is talking in that modality; but, in order to actually appreciate its poetic, artistic value, you have to, in some way or form, agree, and have an intimate experience with its fundamental Principles; otherwise, you just reject its poetic form as being an extension of this evil foundational culture.”

Right, you won’t see a Christian say, “Oh, I think that Baal poetry is really beautiful, because Christians don’t agree with the foundational structure of Baal worship,” which then leads to human sacrifice and killing babies, you name it, right; so, he’s a very harsh critic of casual critics of Christianity, because the Academics have become so used to doing that for the last thirty- forty years, and they’ve gotten away with it.

This foundational structure of Western civilization, or rational discourse, when its replaced, its going to be replaced by nihilism, this great despair. Nothing has meaning. Nothing is meaningful. Nothing has meaning. We’re just floating on a big rock. We’re apes, we’re just advance apes floating on a big rock. Nothing has meaning. Whatever we do is meaningless; and, then of course, you should ask that person, “What that a meaningful statement? The statement you just said, was that a meaningful statement? Am I supposed to believe it? Am I supposed to take you seriously?” You see, because they’re just stating something they believe is meaningful; yet, they say nothing is meaningful. So, it’s this endless cycle of despair, which then of course will create tremendous pain, against, and spiritual frustration; and, of course, suicide, etc.

So, your either replaced by nihilism on one extreme; and, on the other extreme radical ideologies pathological, psychopathic ideologies that focus on power, power. The end justifies the means, Marx. The ends justifies the means, Marx. Religion is the opiate of the masses, right. Only drugged out dumb ignorant people listen to religion. You drugged out dumb. It’s like being on heroin, this kind of thing.

And, then of course, it’s then replaced to foundational structure, it’s then replaced by this; and, then you have this almost new formulation of an ideology that’s actually more like a cult than like a religion; and, that’s actually seeking to control the state, centralized powering, get all the guns to themselves. Disarm the population, so they can do whatever they want; and, of course, that’s the twentieth century. Look at all the dictators? Disarm the public. Disarm the public. Disarm the public. The first thing you do is disarm them. That’s too dangerous. Even normal people can’t be able to defend themselves. It would be too dangerous.

So, he refers to this whole metaphysical fundamental foundational structure. In his view, it’s like the God ideal, the Judeo-Christian God ideal, okay, of this Logos, and of this incredible intelligence, and wise being that creates this incredible Universe that we reside in. So, he refers to that like that; and, he refers to this as this union metaphor. It’s like dreams. He calls that his dream state. It’s pejorative. This is how he’s look at it, okay. It’s what he calls the dream state, or the dream realm.

So, you have like materialism, and a study of objective reality. This subjective dream realm, where in which, religion resides, and which art resides in, right. You look at art, and you look at dancing, or you look at ballet, or you look at painting, whatever, the artist resides in this dreamlike state. I’m not saying, you know, on drugs like state. We’re talking about in a state that is sort of outside just material objectivity. Artists are trying to tap into this dreamlike state. Many times, with the use of psychotropic drugs, with stuff like that, right, to get in touch with that; and, there’s this verbalization of these tendencies. Like you look at human understanding of Principles for example.

You may have one person you deeply respect. There’s a father figure which you really respect; and, you see other men that look to him that you also respect. That would be the second stage; and, then next stage, you would abstract what you respect from all those men, which would make them fatherly and powerful masculine people, you would abstract those principles from them; and, then you would start respecting the principle, itself, right; and, then what he’s saying becomes a deity, it becomes a god, etc. etc. You know, you heard this similar argument in your sociological classes at University, okay.

So, when you get rid of what he calls a dream sphere. I don’t like that. Anyways, this Judeo-Christian framework, what’s going to happen? You’re going to get replacing, you’re going to get replacing that fundamental vacuum, which produces civilization, and art, and literature, which produce the building ground of the respect towards logic and reason, all these kinds of things, because we have the Judeo-Christian framework of a God, which has certain absolute moral principles, which has a certain morality, which has a differential between good and evil, or right and wrong, which has Word, Logos, which is part of Him, and is Him, which then get expressed in the person of Jesus Christ. We can see for ourself, who and what God is like; and, you remove all that, and you get a huge vacuum, you get out of the great despair of Western Civilization, which happened, right.

Women were taught, you got to go in the workplace. You’re defined by your work, and work makes you valuable, and what kind of job you have is what kind of job you have is what gives you value. You have no value, if you’re maternal, if you’re a mom or a housewife. Those are all pathetic, traditional slave roles. You only have value if you work. You only have value if you are with a big company. You only have value if you are a manager. You only have value if you make as much as the guys; but, what happens, physically? Women are now depressed. They’re not as happy, because they’re minds are not hardwired to be fighting all the time, and are not hardwired to be cold and unemotionally. They’re not hardwired that way. They’re hardwired around the fireplace, and tending to the children, and if they’re pregnant. You can see in the tribes, they are around the fire; and, the men are going hunting, and hunting, and doing dangerous things. They’re gathering resources for their wives, you see; so, when you have this whole movement, which tells women, and indoctrinates women, you are only going to be happy if you compete with men.

What happens to women? They become less happy, because they have a fundamental need for what he says are one of the five psychometric elements. One of them is agreeableness. Agreeableness, or being kind. That’s one of the five psychometric pillars, right, agreeableness; and, they find it to be no surprise of course, women a much more higher, statistical weight, or they say is more important, to be agreeable, to be nice, to be kind; whereas, men, it’s very low. It’s not very high on their list. (What list, somebody asks) What list? What list is that? What list they talking about? Being nice is not huge. You don’t want to be a jerk, because that may start a physical fight; but, being nice in not like the cardinal virtue or value; whereas, when – Jordan Peterson, who is a Clinical Psychologist, a Professor Emeritus in Psychology from the University of Toronto. He, of course, is the one presenting this data.

So, it’s interesting, even though we are talking about agreeableness, it’s not that people on the Left are actually just psychopathic. He was saying, even when you look at it from a Clinical Psychologist perspective, people on the Left are actually quite agreeable. They actually have a very high agreeableness. They are actually very nice, until you disagree with them; and, the reason for that is like a mama bear. A mama bear has tremendous empathy and kindness to her cubs; but, if anything is getting in-between that, or there’s some type of predator that will harm those cubs, she will kill that predator; so, you can have very high agreeableness, very high empathy, but also be very wicked, okay; and, not pay to anything that’s logic. You know, just accuse the person, and be destroyed. No insistence on, hey, innocent until proven guilty. Let’s see. Let’s see. Where is your evidence, right?

So, when we get rid of the fundamental Judeo-Christian cosmological framework that undergirds juris prudence system. The way we see, you know pursuing logic and rational0e0 and evidence, this of course, then helps, it helps create a hierarchy of confidence, rather than a hierarchy of tyranny; because, in a sociological study, the IQ is directly correlated with, for example, income, and how much one can make.

It’s the Pareto Principle. The Pareto Principle says the square root of any given body will produce fifty percent of the value of that group, okay; so, if you have nine people, the square root of nine is what? Three. You’ll have three people producing fifty percent of the value of those nine-people group. If you have a hundred people. What’s the square root of a hundred? Ten, right. You’ll have ten people will be producing fifty percent of the wealth out of a hundred. Isn’t that interesting. If you have ten thousand people, what’s the square root of 10,000? A hundred, right. Out of ten thousand people, one hundred people be will producing fifty percent of the wealth, right. That’s when you have freedom and sovereignty, when you free markets, etc. it creates an environment, where hierarchies are produced, but they are produced by competence. By people, who can create that extra value. A hierarchy of competence, rather than a hierarchy of tyranny, okay.

So, in that realm, where you have a free and responsible nation, well, you’re going to have the best place for those people are participating in the Pareto Principle. That square root percentage that’s creating fifty percent of the wealth, there are going to want to stay in that nation, because, they are not being robbed, they are not being forcefully taxed, etc. They are going to create more work for everybody, and that’s why it says, when the ocean rises, when the sea-level rises, all the boats rise. Big boats, small boats, it doesn’t matter. All the boats rise. But a whole trope of Marxism and Communism is this malevolent victimhood of, “Oh, Look at him. They produced more than you. It’s because they are stealing from you. Give me power, and I will use the state, and I will take what they have and get back to you, because it’s really yours.” You see, this is the lie of Socialism and Communism; and, young people fall right into it. It’s like the temptation with the snake. “Hey, you be god, too. Hey, give me power. Give me power. Ally with me, and I will give it to you.”

That’s when you see, democracies always collapse. In about three hundred years is the timeframe, historically. It collapses, because the majority will rule at some point. When the majority rules, at some point, the minority is a debt. The thing about a Republic, the minority has rights, that the majority cannot erase. That’s why America is a Republic, and not a democracy. A Republic is categorized as, the minority will always be protected from the majority. Why? Because the founding fathers founded America, they were always the minority. The Quakers, and all the sects of Christianity, were punished by the Catholic Church saying, “You are heretics, you know.”

Just like they say about me. That don’t bother me; but, no Christian tried to come and kill us, right. The whole founding of a Republic is that, you’re innocent, until proven guilty. You are going to be tried by your peers. You are not going to be tried in this crazy Kangaroo Court. in FISA Courts, or in Federal Courts. You’re going to be tried at the local area, where people will say this or that will show the evidence in a jury trial of your neighbors. A jury of your neighbors will determine whether, or not you are guilty or not; and, if anyone of them says you’re innocent, you’re innocent, because you may be framed by the people who have power, or people who are tied into the government department, you name it, because that’s what they did in Europe. That’s what the founding fathers saw all the time.

So, when you replace the foundational God ideal, you will be supplanted by the more pathological ideologies that do lead to centralized state power, that do lead to the disarming of the public, and do lead to genocidal death. You get it, and Nietzsche predicted it, and he’s a hundred percent right. It’s just that now the kids are so brainwashed, and braindead in public school, they don’t even know world history. They don’t know what the heck is happening in Communist countries. They’re taught by Commies and Marxist that your five hundred percent more likely meet your Marxist professor Marxist, as a professor in University, than you are in the normal population. There’s a hyper population of Marxists on the campuses, which everybody is forced, and told you have to, even though you get useless degrees, and in debt for the next twenty years of your life.

It’s indenture servitude. You’re much better in building a tiny home, and getting married, and owning some private property, and having an AR15. You’re much better off; and, learn some trade skills, and how to build stuff, and do plumbing, and help people, do you know what I’m saying. Learn to read to yourself. Oh Lord, have mercy. I’m ranting again.

Removing human beings from purpose is akin to killing again. Human beings are not like animals. We’re not animals. We’re not chimps. I mean, how Dr. Peterson gets into this chimp thing. It’s like crazy. It behooves me. It’s crazy. I mean, he talks about this whole thing, we need purpose; and, then he goes into this chimp thing. I mean, to his credit chimps don’t have any real purpose, and don’t have a defined purpose, and there’s no self-reflection, stuff like that. He said things like that. Of course, I don’t need a doctor to tell you that, Dr. Peterson. There’s an ontological difference between a monkey and me and you. Give me a break.

So, removing the meaning and purpose to humanity is akin to killing it, because we do need purpose in our life. We can’t just be floating around on a rock in outer space, and be content. We can try to lie to ourself, and pretend we are doing hideous things, and doing orgiastic fraternity parties, and all this crap, and all this sex cult activity, but it won’t fulfill anything. All temporary pleasures that have no meaning. They’re totally ignoble. They are not noble at all. There’s no greater nobility there. You might as well be, you know, an elephant, or a chimp.

So, human beings need purpose. We are hardwired, because we are made in the image of God. We need and want purpose. God has a purpose. We need something that extends beyond our temporary pleasures, and our temporary fulfillment of desire in the hierarchy of need. We need something more than that. We need something more than that. They found studies. He was mentioning studies that show anything above basic income level; that is anything above lower middleclass level, any more money you accrue that that; so, above what? Thirty thousand, forty thousand dollars level does not get rid of your problems; so, he does studies where he has superrich people, and lower middleclass people – same divorce rates, same strife between parents and children, same disease, same illness, suffering, etc.

Money does not solve it; and, of course, the Leftist are always railing on capitalism, and saying, “Oh, the free markets are all about money;” when, they are hyper focused on money. Everything for them is money, money, money, power, power, power, money, money, money, right. Take more. What’s the solution to increased poverty. Well, more money. More federal money to federal programs, right. What’s the solution to reducing crime? More money to the federal programs. What’s the solution to the dropout rates? More money needed to better our programs. It’s like this hyper cultish lust for more money. Money, money, money, which is of course stolen from the population. Forcefully, at the end of a barrel.

So, you have other Psychologists and thinkers that have greatly influenced the modern Western world and state of affairs, our psychological and spiritual condition we’re in now, and you have Jung. We have Carl Jung, who was also a student of Nietzsche, and you have Freud, who was also a student of Nietzsche, and was influenced greatly by that. Jung was talking about human were living in like a dream, a mythological epic dream; and, also Freud talked about this with the unconscious mind. This idea that we’re loosely unified sub-personalities. Isn’t that crazy? We are loosely unified sub-personalities. We’re more like a combination of these personalities loosely unified by some mechanism, okay. Each one of these personalities has its own will, its own desires. Each one of these has its own rationale with its collection that’s barely being held together of all these sub-personalities, okay; but, Jung disagreed with Nietzsche, who said that we could create our own values. As we get rid of God, we are going to have to collectively decide what is right or wrong, decide what’s morality. We talked about this.

For example, why I left Buddhism. Some bodhi’s realm of enlightenment they claimed; which mean you were going to transcend good and evil, which mean you are going to determine what is good and evil, which mean are becoming insane. Good and evil is not going to be determined by you as a human being. No way. I don’t care if you are a Buddha, it doesn’t matter. You are not going to be able to determine good and evil. If you do that, then you would become a Hitler. God and His nature is what determines what is good and what is evil. God is truth, so He is not lying, He’s not a liar, right. God is a sustainer. He’s not a thief. He’s honest. He has character; so, He’s not a stealer, a thief.

So, Jung disagreed with Nietzsche, who said, we eventually had to create our own values, and eventually be the uberman. That means Superman. That’s a dangerous ideology. You see, all the pagan ideologies lead to that in the end, folks. There’s really only two paths. That’s why Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” (John 14:6) It’s Jesus, and all the other roads. Uberman. All the other ideologies say, you at some point, especially the meditation based ones, they all say, we are going to have to determine what is good and evil, because you’ve gotten rid of the absolute standard; but, Jung disagreed with Nietzsche, and if we do that, we are going to create tremendous calamity; and, that’s exactly what happened. Humans are deeply affected by things beyond their conscious control. Isn’t that interesting?

This whole idea of the subconscious, that we’re basically ruled by things beyond our control. Think about that. That fact that these sub-personalities rule you without your conscious control; and, that you’re constantly fighting and at war with, and trying to come to grips with; and, there’s other forms how to deal with it, and you can meditate on the present moment. You can do this or that, whatever it is, to get away from that insanity. The fact that we’re controlled by something out of our control, this is a remarkable statement. There’s things within our personality. We traditionally call them angels or demons, the warring states between our mind, or spirt. The temptations of Satan, etc. Even Jung realized that we are dealing with all these demons. That the nature of human nature is not some utopia, and we are always happy with that. Every human being experiences suffering. All of us are self-centered and malevolent. We lean towards malevolence, not goodness, especially when we take out the Judeo-Christian cultural; and, there’s this vacuum of nihilism. What’s the purpose of doing good? There’s no purpose. We are all going to die, anyways. It’s about as relevant as telling a male lion not to have sex with multiple female lions, or forcefully. He has to rape them, right. It’s about as relevant as that, if you believe in evolutionary biology, and that mythology.

Humans are deeply affected by things beyond their conscious control. In the Christian world, we would say, there’s a whole spiritual realm that we don’t see, okay. There’s other spirits. There’s demons. Jesus, what is it? Thirty-three percent of his ministry was casting out devils. Casting out devils. We are deeply affected by things beyond our conscious control; and, then he goes into this whole idea of dreams and myths.

It’sd interesting, dreams, like thinking, are attempts to formulate something in the realm of uncertainty. Thinking is trying to formulate something out of uncertainty. Like, where does the though come from? You have a thought. It emerges in your mind; but, where does it come from? Are you sure it comes from you? Where does it come from? What personality, which sub-personality? Where from that sub-personality? Where does that thought emerge? Where does it come and dominate your grey matter? Isn’t that interesting. How does it take over your wrinkly grey brain? How does that happen? How does a thought come and take it over, and total perplex it, or keep its attention? How does that happen?

In the same way, dreams, like thinking, they are like attempts bubbling up from the unconscious mind. Things that are out of our control. We’re not producing these thoughts. There’s many people who interpret dreams, or say about dreams, “Oh, they’re just like memories, or they’re just like replays; but, many times these dreams have very coherent structure. Very clear pathways in which you are going. Sometimes, you can participate in the dream. Many times, there’s a beginning and an end. I’m not saying all the time; but, sometimes there are. Sometimes, they’re very coherent, very structured.

I had a lot of dreams. Just last night, while I’m in the dream I’m saying, “God, what do you want me to learn from this dream?” I knew I was in a dream, and I could say inside the dream, “God, what would you like to learn from this dream?” Right.

So, dreams, like thinking, are bubbling out of this uncertain void, this unconscious state, this sub-conscious mind, etc. We don’t know where they’re coming from; and, they’re not just random memories. They are many times formulated. In the Bible we talked about them as God gives revelation. Future events. See what can happen. Warnings, right. Jung talked about dreams as the birthplace are aloof thought. That our thinking, that our ability to formulate thoughts came from, not from the waking state, but the sleeping state. That are dreams actually stimulated human thinking. That our dreams stimulated human exploration of their mind. These visions, and imaginations they can have. Isn’t that interesting. We see that. We see that in the Bible, God uses dreams. How many people in their dreams encounter God? Right. Yeah. A lot of people.

So, Father told us to write autobiographies. Remember this? He commanded each one of us to write autobiographies. As Kings and Queens of the Kingdom of God, coheirs with Christ, your story matters. Big time, it matters; and, it’s the devil that says your story doesn’t matter, especially when you’re one of the saints, your story doesn’t matter; but, it does matter, because human beings are stories. We’re not just flesh and blood. We’re stories; and, when you take everything out from under the rock, and you take all of Judeo-Christian culture out, which is an epic metaphysical story of God, and how He works in the Universe, and beyond time, and in time, and you take all that away, all you have is nihilistic despair. You have this sadness, this gloomy despair. This suicidal sadness. You have no meaning. You have no story. You have no purpose. You’re just a freakin’ ape. Having sex in orgiastic fraternities, which are all, you know, just advanced primates. That all they are. Your all going to die, you’re meaningless, and you’re trash. Okay. That’s what happens. That’s what happens.

You are stripped of your story. As a modern person, the gave up their relationship with God, they gave up their story, which is the reason why they try to recreate a new story in their own image, which of course, leads them to more suffering and more mischief and malevolence; and, it’s interesting, because some of those atheistic professors are now turning theistic, and saying, “Hey, we.ve been too mean to Christianity after fifty years of Christian abuse. Abusing Christians. Christianity has a tremendous value. It’s actually the fundamental foundation for a civilization, for rational thinking and debate. Searching for God through the Logos.

So, once we lose God, we lose our Cosmic story. Anybody tries to replace it with reincarnation, or Buddhist Cosmology, it doesn’t work; though, because modern science doesn’t agree with that. The big bang starts fourteen billion years ago. That’s what they say. No time is before that; so, you can’t have a time with a beginning, unless there’s an end. The Universe will come to an end based on thermodynamics, and the death of suns. There will be cold death to the Universe, at some time. Isn’t that interesting?

So, when we lose God as a civilization, we lose our story; and, it gets replaced by all this new age, all these pagan stories, we are desperately trying to hold on to; but, It only leads to the tunnel of pedophilia, and child sacrifice, and baby killing cause that’s the end of all the pagan cultures. It’s a super-oligarchical class, a super class, which basically says they’re gods, like all these Pharaohs. It says, they kill babies for me. That’s what you get. You lose God. You lose stories. You try to replace it with all these bad stories, and then civilization crumbles. It becomes evil, and decadent, and dies. Once we lose our fundamental connection, which of course Science is showing is this Creator. He is benevolent. He’s benevolent, because He not being eradicated and destroyed. He’s immaterial. He’s timeless. He’s eternal. He’s intelligent. He’s mathematical. He’s personal. Sounds very much like a Christian God; and, of course, in a Christian Cosmology, metaphysical, He’s a Logos. He’s a Logos. He creates from the Word. The Word is important to Him. The Word has power. When Jesus returns, he comes with the distomos, or a double-edged sword, which comes out of his mouth to split good and evil. To separate the bone from the bone marrow, the wheat from the chaff, etc. He comes to divide the world. Good from evil, not to make everybody feel good, and say, you’re all good. There is a reckoning. There is a judgment; and, of course, that judgment you see know.

Oh, boy. That whole super-elite international class is getting exposed. They’re pedophilia satanic cults that they’re ruling the world with. That’s how their secret societies operate. They make you do sexual deviant stuff. Get you on video, blackmail you your whole life, making you show everybody. “Hey, you want to rat on us. Remember this video? Oh, too bad.” It’s held together by evil sex. It’s held together by wickedness and licentiousness, and destruction of innocence. It’s held together. The whole structure of the super-elite class, which rules the world, is held together by Satan’s sex culture. Not by holy marriage, not by husband and wife having beautiful sexuality in the covenant with God, which is powerful, which creates the most successful atmosphere in an environment to grow and be strong, and honorable and courageous, even though the parents are not perfect. It gives them the best chance to become strong human beings and individuals. How many know all husbands and wives are not perfect? Okay, at least you all are not lying.

So, once we lose Christianity, we are no longer purposeful, despite we are no longer set in, and/or pathological ideologies set in and take over. Communism, Satanism, political Satanism, you name it, come in and take over, and ravage and rape civilization and society.

It is a story. The stories are so important. The story. That’s why neo-Marxists, the Marxists is so adamite, trying to remove the story of America, for example. They want to change the story. All the founding fathers were slave owners, when only one-third were; and, the ones that were slave owners wanted to get rid of their slaves, like George Washington in Virginia; and, of course, we know, because of the sin of slavery, America is now crumbling, right, but that story is so important. Neo-Marxists, Marxists, Leninist, you name it. Look at that culture in China. They tried to get rid of all of religion, all of the stories. Got to get rid of them all, cause then you can replace it with a new story that the super-elite class will give to you; and, that is Marxism, that is Communism, that is state worship.

So, this week, of course, as you know, they deposed me; and, I was doing a deposition this week for ten and a half freaking hours. Give me a break. We went in like nine, and got out like seven-thirty. It’s ridiculous; but, you know, that is you can see, they’re trying to set their own narratives to win the case and steal money; but, it’s all about setting their narrative, you know. “Oh, you know, the Kwak Group, we’re no, no. The truth is, Father was senile. That’s why we stole this money, see. We did it for him, for him. We changed the Boards, and went against Father’s orders, and right after I became International President, and Father Crowned me three times. Oh, then of course, all these things started happening; and, legally they tried to take away the UCI name, and any connection to the Unification Church, etc. Oh, yes, of course.” They’re trying to make a story. Father’s senile, he’s nuts. “Oh, didn’t Rev. Moon also smack you in the face in front of people?” “Yes, so what? He’s my Daddy. He can smack me, just like God can smack me anytime He wants. I ain’t got no problem with that.”

“Oh, didn’t Rev. Moon disrobe in front of the people? I said, “My Father was teaching about the Garden of Eden; and, he was saying that in the Garden of Eden, there’s no shame. He was ninety-two years old. He’s not trying to do some striptease in front of people. He’s talking about the Garden of Eden, do you understand?” To say, I have no shame. As your grandfather, I have no shame, you dumb idiots. That’s what he’s saying to us; and, you want to try and write a different story, but I was there you bozos. It’s about creating a story. Taking the story away. Taking the story of God’s fight from the beginning, to have his children be his children, and not Satan’s children. Taking the story of human responsibility away, and saying, “Oh, it’s victimhood.” The Savior is not Jesus, it’s not God, it’s Lucifer, who will free you, and make you feel like the eternal victim; so, you can blame everybody else for your ills and malevolence and evil, and a wicked heart.

When we divorce ourself from God, when we separate ourself, will become meaningless. We do become meaningless; and, human beings cannot exit that way, because we are made in the image of God, and God is not meaningless. God is not purposeless. He did not create not something out of nothing for no purpose. That would be completely insane.

So, he also discussed an interesting thing. That decline of prayer in the Western world is caustic. It’s corrosive. It’s destructive. Now, there’s no more prayer. Prayer is going down in the Western world. Of course, now you see in Generation Z, the young generation like eight years old, ten years old kids, they’re now becoming very conservative, right. Just like the kids in the sixties, their parents were very conservative Christians, and they become devil worshippers; but, now the devil worshippers took over, and they’re running the public schools, they’re running all over everything, and they’re censoring everything on Google, and you can’t have any free speech. You can’t have any free thought; and, Generation Z is saying, “I don’t want to be no devil worshipper. I’m a Christian to make you all angry. I’m going to accept Jesus Christ to make you all angry. Stop telling me to worship saying, “I gonna worship Jesus, Ahhh, just to piss you off; so, you have like this last hundred years, you have like the most conservative revolution of like this eight years old that ever happened in the last hundred years. That’s the spirit of the time.””

The deadening of prayer in our civilization is poisonous. It’s toxic. I’m talking about toxic masculinity. No, it’s toxic. It’s toxic secularism. We’re losing prayer, because think about it. In our modern world, in our world as such, we’re always so preoccupied. We’re always trying to fill this void inside. This despair that we may fill inside with video games, and internet, Facebook, and social media trying to find my value by “Likes” I got on a post; or, how many people watch my video. Who gives shemitah! That is not where you find your value. You young people have a program where you have you self-identity, self-worth off of your illusory dreams. Fake, bolstered up ego narcissism, which is easier to change that to pathological ideology. It’s very easy to switch kids who are narcistic, self-centered and braindead, and not get their worth from “Likes” they got, to switch them into pathological ideology. It’s so easy.

We’re losing prayer, prayer. You’re stopping everything you’re doing. You stop everything you’re doing. Jesus said, go into the closet and pray. The Queen is making a credible prayer room in the room, and what is it? The Holy Spirit University class. All the ladies are making prayer rooms to pray for their husbands. They’re writing down, when God ends their prayers end up in there; and, when husbands see that prayer section. They say, “Woah, honey, you’re praying for me?” They’re going in that closet, taking that closet space like that movie, “War Room.” They’re making “War Rooms.” The sister, in the Sanctuary, are making War Rooms, folks. How beautiful is that? All they are missing now is their AR rods. Just get your AR15s in there, girls, and you’ll be set. Just in case the real devil tries and get ya, okay; but, we’re not taking that time to step away from all that world, and all that noise, and all that clutter, and all the static, and all the social media, and all the games, and all the fake illusory world; and, we’re not taking any time to step into the closet, in the War Room with God, so we can build our relationship with God, and fight Satan.

What of the fundamental aspects of Jesus is what? He went to the wilderness to pray. He went to the wilderness to pray. What happened in the wilderness? He was tempted by Satan; so, hey, don’t be in the wilderness and find, you know, Nirvana or something. You’re going to find the devil down there. The wilderness comes. You’re going into the wilderness. You’re going to find the devil, too. The devil playing around in the wilderness; so, Jesus goes into the wilderness, and Satan temps him. What did he tempt him with? I’ll give you all the power in the world. I’ll give you all these Kingdoms. You’ll rule it all. You’ll rule it all. Jesus says, “No. Don’t need it. He says, “Screw you.” “How dare you not be tempted.” When you think about it, how important is that Western civilization? The Judeo-Christian idea of God. God, of course, could take over all the Kingdoms of the world, and, He will; but, when Satan tempted Him, He said, “No, that’s not what’s valuable for me. Do not tempt the Lord thy God. More important than that is my relationship with God. That will be the foundation of my Kingdom, when it comes, when it returns.” Do you see what I’m saying? Right. That’s a different foundation, a different foundation.

So, this pathological, ideological lust for power that you see on the left under Socialism, Communism, Political Satanism, you name it. This lust for power – the end justifies the means. It’s all about power. Aww, we’re teaching Sociology class, and husbands and wives, it’s all about power struggle, and the wife has to fight for her power. You have to defeat your man and oppress him, because you have to be more powerful, because he oppressed you for the last three thousand five hundred years, and, whatever it is. You have to know get back at him, and you have to take over. It’s all about power; but, if you think about it, if you go that route, you’re not going to be happy, because marriage is not about power, it’s about love. It’s about reorienting yourself to not yourself, but to God, because it’s a covenant. That’s why it’s not just a relationship. It’s a marriage. It’s a covenant with God. He’s the center. He the center. It’s not you, or your wife.

So, our loss of prayer as a culture has deeply harmed our psychology. It’s deeply harmed the Western psyche, and the “modern” Psyche. Deeply harmed it, harmed it, harmed it, because we have no time to breathe, no time to step away from all this crazy electronic endless New York City, Hollywood, you know, Fashion Week glitz and glamour, HD screens and all that. No time; and, even though you want to get away from that addition group, because you have so many dopamine hits with all that, with advertising, you know, fast three-second advertising campaigns and all those kinds of things, you’re programs to just be addicted to all this stuff. If you don’t have it, you get scatterbrained, and you can’t focus.

“Ahhh! I’m bored, I’m bored, I’m bored, I’m bored, I’m bored. I gonna die. Quick, quick, quick. I need Facebook, Nowww!” This is crazy. This is a pathology, a sickness. It’s completely insane; and, of course, in that state, we’re literally like mindless zombies walking around, right. The Zombie Apocalypse is here. In New York City, you have a whole group of people crossing the street on their iPhones, you know; watching the iPhone as they’re crossing the street. The Zombie Apocalypse is officially here, okay. Oh, my Lord mercy. Don’t quote me on this. I know CNN is going to take that the wrong way.

So, the lack of the prayer culture has deeply harmed the civilizational psyche. Spirit Saur Psychology. Our makeup. It has harmed us, because we have no more time to get away. Even though you try to take a vacation, you’re still bombarded by advertising, marketing, whatever it is.

There’s no time. There’s plenty of time, because it’s made to seem there is no time, to spend time with the timeless, with the timeless Creator, who’s not an impersonal metaphysical Cosmos. He is a personal being, who loves us, and wants to deal with us, and knows all our flaws and sins, and wants us to turn to Him? No time, no time, no time, no time, no time. What’s that rabbit say? “No time to say hello, goodbye. I’m late, I’m late, I’m late.” You just have time to say hello, to say goodbye. It’s the same amount of time in circles, right.

The combination of so many forces. Spiritual, Psychological, Mental, emotional, intellectual the will, etc. Also, other extra-personal influences. Home, family, co-workers, demons, angels, spirits; but, we are often self-centered and malevolent, and experienced, obviously; and, everybody will experience pain and suffering in life. Well, there’s no meaning in life. I guess the greatest apostate to a nihilist is there’s no meaning. Everything is meaningless. I just punch him in the face, and say, “That was meaningless.” I feel pain as you break my leg. Oh, meaningless, meaningless. Don’t press charges. You can’t. It’s meaningless. Do you see what I’m saying? It’s hard for a nihilist to be serious when they experience pain, because pain confronts you with so much realism and sensory overload that you can’t deny that you’re alive. That’s why God allows us to experience pain in life. He’s not going to take it all away. The Bible said pain is not going to go away. He said, he will wipe away the tears from your eyes. He didn’t say He’d take away all the pain. He said, when you cry, you wipe it away.

Hey child, that’s how you grow in the Kingdom. Pain is there; so, then of course, God allows us to experience pain, so that we can find the reality of that we are not diluted, that we don’t exist. We can experience that we exist; and, we can experience that we exist we’re going to ask the questions, “Why am I existing?” That’s called existential questions. When you experience pain, you experience you exist, and then you can ask the question, “Why do I exist?” that’s an existential question; and, that’s going to be adjudicated. If you keep probing it toward truth, it will eventually lead you to God, even though these signs, like all these Scientists that are becoming theists with something greater, but it failed.

You know, you may despair in gloominess, and Nietzsche and abstract art. There’s a literal piece, and it is a giant man’s butt that you walk under. What the hell is that. It’s like ridiculous; or, like feces in a white room. My dog did that. What the heck is that? I mean, give me a break. That is not art. That’s imposters imposing as art. That requires absolutely no skill whatsoever.

I thought I would rant today; but, it’s the Spirit of God. What can I say. That’s not considered ranting, okay. Okay, self-centered malevolence. You experience suffering and pain. God allows you also experience suffering and pain. It is good for us, because we are going to find that we exist; and, no matter how much you try and run away from suffering and pain, you are going to still find that it is there. You are going to find that all the temporary fixes, all the sex, all the drugs, and all the alcohol won’t do it. It won’t do it. You are still going to feel terrible, and cruddy, and dirty, and homeless; and, when you finally realize that you do exist, and you’re not in a nihilistic vacuum or Universe, that you do have purpose, and you’re not a freaking advanced primate, you realize, “Oh, my Gosh. Why do I exist?”

There’s a Creator. You start asking, “Am I a child of God?” You start asking the question. You start searching. You start asking the existential questions. The beginning of the search for truth; and, if you’re honest and noble about it, you will discover that there is one way, truth and life; and, his name is Jesus Christ. He’s a different type of God. Not all Gods are the same. He is a fundamentally different type of God; and, if you appreciate anything about the freedom and sovereignty you can experience in the modern day in America, or in the free countries, you’d better thank Jesus, because it’s from that civilization where he come from. All we talked about, from the Logos, to the fundamental core of juris prudence, the fundamental core of man and women before God, I mean, where do you get this from? You don’t get that form other Gods.

Judeo-Christian values, men will be equal before God in value, in love, Different role; but, equal in value, in love. Prayer lets us get back to the foundational meaning, foundational meaning and purpose in God and our relationship with Christ, meaning purpose. Relationship. It allows us to get back to our fundamental relationship that unites us beyond time and space, across time, and across dimension into that which started it all. You get connected to the epic story, which is God’s story, when you have a relationship with the Bible. Your story becomes a part of God’s story. You become part of the 144,000, You become part of the chosen people. You became part of Divine Providence. You become a part of God’s epic story throughout time; and, you have tremendous meaning and value; but, God doesn’t say you’re perfect. You are saved in our sins, because of the great sacrifice of Christ. Not of our own doing; but, because he loved us; thus, we also have humility. We have patience and forbearance for other people. We still speak the truth. We still have challenges, and we still stand up for forth righteousness; but, we have a fundamental love for humanity. That’s it. It’s my heart and soul, and love your neighbor as you love yourself. Love your neighbor. That’s what peace police and peace militia is all about. It’s not trying to look badass with the AR15s. It’s about being good people, who are ready to defend good people against evil; and, that’s what any Kingdom, in any nation, that truly loves God, and loves his people should do.

Prayer. Prayer, folks. Prayer. Prayer. Father said, CSG 93:

The purpose of our creation is love. Life was created based on God’s love; God did not generate love by first creating life. In other words, life began because love started budding in God’s heart. Since life stated from love, the result must also be produced through love. Since the beginning was love, the end must also be love. This is why we human beings are miserable when love is taken away.

And, that why when Christ Kingdom comes, it is the greatest sign of his love. The greatest sign. It’s not something we don’t deserve. It’s something we didn’t earn; but, it is something that He bestows upon us to live with Him in the millennial Kingdom. That is a tremendous gift. It goes back to our first Scripture of today. Ig is a gift of Grace of the Unmovable Kingdom that we’ve been given. Wow! Cheon Il Guk is coming to this world. Oh, Lord, SOS, come on up. Let’s all rise, and give all the glory to God this day, as we ask an existential question, “Who am I?” cause you all exist. Amen-Aju!


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