2017-10-01 Perfection Level True Mother

Perfection Level True Mother ~ October 1. 2017 ~ Rev. King Hyung Jin Moon ~ Newfoundland, PA

What a tremendous Providential week we had. Wow. Finally, we have the Perfection Level True Mother and True Parents, folks. Wow! Praise God. So, I can’t just skip over this. We got to go down memory lane just a little bid. We got to dwell on this just a little bit. While Family Fraud is collapsing and freaking out, all they can do is wail insults, but that’s it. They don’t have any real argument. No theological position. They no justification for what they’ve done; and, they know Mrs. Kang is a true hero from the very beginning. She’s the first disciple. What a tremendous job. Didn’t Jamal do a great job with the clarification of the indictments, and that was just the shortened version. There were 150 different crimes that were committed against Cheon Il Guk and other bodies, etc.

So, he did a very good job. That clarifies everybody. Those heretics have zero rebuttal to that, because all those crimes have been committed. They have already been done. They sold themselves out, thinking they would prosper, and get temporary benefit from a den of thieves and frauds; so, that doesn’t work out well. It never does in history. This is what people don’t understand. It doesn’t work out. Being immoral and low-level and a slut to power and low quality doesn’t pay off in the end. It always comes back to get you, because you’re surrounding yourself with a whole group of thieves; so, if you do that, how long do you think that’s going to turn around on you when necessity arises, or it’s beneficial? You want to surround yourself with Godly people. That’s why community is so important. That’s why the congregation is so important. That’s why the people of brothers and sisters of faith is so important, because we have people who are surrendering themselves to God, who are surrendering themselves to the highest power. People who are honorable, and are willing to be persecuted for God’s namesake.

And, that character, and that civilization, and that integrity builds civilization, not deceit, not usurpation, not lies, not heresy. That doesn’t build civilization, that crumbles civilization. Of course, as they lose that standard, relativism pours in with satanic imageries, symbology pour in, and a free sex culture starts pouring in; so, literally, you have that in the Family Fraud, where it literally has become a little dating place; and, now they can do whatever they want, whether you fell a million times, or whether you fell no times, it’s all the same. They lose complete standard before God.

So, that will never build civilization. That will only collapse civilization. It will only make it decrepit. It will only devolve the civilization course towards paganism, Satanism, you name it. All sorts of deviants. Sexual deviants. Craziness. Now the young kids are totally brainwashed by society. They have no moral compass. They are complete brainwashed cult members. They don’t even know relativism is a cult. They don’t know how weak it is, logically. They just buy it. They are getting gender confused, thinking they’re gay, because there’s no Providential significance here. Now, they’ve become fallen. They are now part of Satan’s society. They are no different than anybody else. They’re fallen; and, of course, they don’t realize that, because they think it’s a big joke, and it’s all ha, ha, ha, hoo, hoo, hoo! It’s so pathetic; but, there is a place on Earth, actually many, many places on Earth, which are under it now. What is it, over 40 different nations, over 100 plus places under True Father’s Authority, under Christ’s Authority, who are keeping the faith, and the tradition, and the culture, and the civilization. Of course, we are growing. Of course, we are expanding. Of course, we are being blessed. Of course, because we are legitimate; and, we were honorable when all those heretics were attacking us, and throwing us to the sharks. We didn’t care what the world said. We care about what God said, and what Father said. That’s what we cared about. So, that what civilization is built on, and, that’s what’s so amazing about this last week.

Let’s look at some of the pictures. You have some of those slides Let us see the slide show. Go slowly now. Don’t just blast through this, okay. You got to just take your time and see what happens. This is a Cosmic event that occurred. Here we go. Here are the beautiful attendance. Let’s give it up for our attendance, folks. How powerful were some of the scenes? Did everybody go back and see the video? Aw, you guys suck! Go back and see the video. It’s amazing. It’s incredible. Now, people can be laughing. We have Walmart crowns. $50 crowns. $300 crowns. Some are three hundred bucks; but, very quickly, those crowns are now being upgraded; and, now we have a whole group by the time they left, we had a whole group that actually had silver crowns that are gold plated.

This is going to teach your family and your children about the importance of Kingship, and of lineage, of tradition and heritage, and where we come from. Do you know what I mean? All your crowns, by the way, under Father’s Authority can be traced to one very important person. It’s called the Messiah, the King of Kings, the Alpha and Omega, you name it. He’s in all baby; and, it gets traced all the way back to his Kingship. So, don’t you let nobody take that crown. The Bible says, “Let no man take thy crown.” (Rev. 3:11) God has given it to you. You let no man take it. As you go on and on, it’s going to become more and more precious, and more and more powerful. One of the things we have been warning the Koreans about is that you have to keep the culture of the King of Kings; otherwise, you going to get greedy and selfish children, who will literally slit your throat to get your crown and knife, to get your insurance money.

So, that’s why you need you have your kids do the peace police/ peace militia training. They are going to be harvesting animals. They need to learn to have power over life and death. Remember we talked about it. Why do you think Father liked hunting and fishing as a sport to train kids, and of course martial arts? Hardcore, tough martial arts, and gun shooting, and stuff like that? I consider all that under martial arts, okay. Why did Father like those kinds of things? Fishing and hunting, it’s the only sport, where you have to take a life. You actually have to kill something, okay; and, this is the practice of Dominion over life and death, which the Creator has, okay. God has that. God has dominion over life and death. He gives life; and, He can take it away, the Bible says, right. (Job 1:21)

So, when we practice those arts that Father gave to us, it’s not that we are being out-doorsy, and we’re being bear grills, or something like that. We are participating in his culture, and his education; and, that education is learning to have dominion over the world, dominion over the Universe, dominion over the Cosmos, dominion over those who are made in the image of God. In order to do that, you have to learn how to take a life. You have to; otherwise, you are not in the power of God. You’re not. You have to learn dominion over life and death. You have to harvest that animal, and see the blood drain out, and see that you just took a life. With that comes tremendous responsibility. With that comes ethics. With that comes gratitude. With that comes maturity. You have to mature. God is now trusting you with this power over life and death; so, He’s trusting you to be mature now, right. You can’t be babies.

So, this is the type of education that the outdoor training that Father gives us. It forces us to confront life and death, and have dominion over it. Those who never killed are still not having dominion over life and death. They’re still scared.

Now, of course, you can see why the Archangel doesn’t want people to participate in these types of things, because when you learn how to skin a deer, and set a trapline, and trap animals. No good high-level hunter or fisherman is there to kill the animal for fun. You learn that the killing is the hunt; but, nobody is delighting in it. It’s the people who don’t kill the animals, and don’t train with understanding ethical killing, ethical life and death dominion that become tyrants. Did you know, when you look at history that tyrants like Caesars, and you look at the Emperors of China, you name it, the ones who became super-tyrannical are the ones who abused animals when they were young. They liked killing for the sake of killing; but, when you do hunting, when you harvest the thing, and you are processing meat, you’re not doing it for killing sake. You’re doing it for your family. You doing it to learn how to do this. How to become more self-reliant. You have a larger mission and larger purpose; and, you’re learning it with other high-level, mature ethical people, who are into Christian ethics and faith. That’s the best, obviously.

So, when we understand that in that context of life and death, and in sovereignty, that kind of training is so critical. That kind of epigenetics is so unlocking is so important, and we know that. Human beings have been unlocking epigenetics for millennia. They’re called Rights of Passage. A young man would have to go and catch a bear, a lion, a saber-toothed tiger, you name it. Their Rights of Passage start by learning to have dominion over life and death. That actually allows you to learn how to preserve life, and don’t want to create death rampant all over, because you know you’ve done it. You know you don’t want to do this to human beings, do you see what I’m saying?

So, ironically, it’s through that ethical life and death dominion killing that you do in those sports is where you learn. You don’t just enjoy the killing; but, at the same time, you realize the larger context. You’re not a spoiled brat. Just because you got a steak from the Walmart supermarket, whatever. You understand this animal had to die for you to feed you; and, that is a very important thing, because those kinds of citizens are strong. They’re stronger. They don’t want to kill. They already done it. Every hunting season, they’re killing. They know what it’s like. You can easily extrapolate that to human beings. You don’t want to do that. You see the reality of how easily it is to lose your life. How easy it is to die.

The problem with young kids is that they are clueless. They think they’re invincible. They don’t understand that one AR15 2.23 shot hollow point, you’re dead. You are dead. One shot will drop you. I don’t care how many stupid video games you mastered, or high score you got. You’re dead, boy. So, young people are in a delusional realm. They’re into entertainment. They’re into video games, all this kind of stuff. They never face life and death.

Now, when you’re hunting and fishing, the fish looks less mammalian; so, of course, sometimes people think they get away with it, like skinning a deer, or something like that. It has red blood and red muscular. It’s not like this white flesh. You know, the fish looks very different from the anatomy of a human; but, if you have the animal that actually look like humans, you know what I mean? That gets you thinking. You know, you skin a raccoon and things, my goodness; and, I’m looking at my doggie, that would be you, baby. You can easily see that in all animals, once you do that, and once you get use to that, you can do that with ease.

Having dominion over life and death is so important, because it teaches the next generation of kids, how to ethically kill. Why is that important? Because, then they don’t become tyrants, who want to kill people for getting their crowns, or getting their Mom and Dad in their sleep to steal their golden crowns with jewels on it. Because they learned how bloody killing is. They learned that it’s not enjoyable to do. They learned that once you die, you can’t come back. They learn, there’s consequences; and, they also learned, because they can die at any time, how precious life is. You see what I mean? Isn’t that interesting? You learn. You see that last breath flows out of that animal, you see that last breath go out, you learn, when I die, I’m going to be like that. Even though you are a young person, you see that. You see that; and, ironically, you start appreciating life more, when you see that. When you killed something in that proper atmosphere of learning, and with mature, ethical people who have dominion over life and death, then you can reflect on that, and say, “Wow! I’m going to die like that someday, too. That last breath is going to flow out of me; and, I’m going to be still as a corpse. I’m going to be a corpse.”

For young people that’s so important to face, because they’re not invincible. They’re so easy to kill. Any of you guys doing the real training with us, you know how easy it is to kill somebody now. I mean, you thought I was boasting when I said I could kill people with MMA. To untrained people, it’s not hard; but, people don’t get it, so they don’t appreciate life. Because they don’t appreciate life, and they never gone through the right of passage, they try to prove that they’re badass. They wear skulls, and you know, pentagrams, and this kind of junk, trying to pretend that they’re badass, trying to pretend that they enjoy it. You know, the movie scene that comes on, and everybody’s dying, and they say, “Yeah, yeah, yeah. That’s cool. Yeah!” You’re faking it, you little bum. You’re in a video game world. You never killed something. You learn in an atmosphere of honor and chivalry and people around you, who understand, and say, “Hey! This animal is now giving his last life for you.” You can feel that thing go out. You’re going to be like that when you die.

Let’s be grateful for life. You have people who are mature, who have dominion over life and death, who can help the next generation understand these things. Then they can learn these Principles. This earthly life is not eternal. They’re going to die one day. They’re going to become a still corpse, cold in the ground, right. They’re going to learn, “Wow! If somebody cuts me, like boom! My intestines will spill out, just like that pig. When I cut his belly, that intestines just came pouring out. That will be me.” So, you learn. Don’t muck around with people with knives. Don’t muck around with people with guns. You learn stuff, you see. You learn stuff. You learn things.

All these other sports are fine; but, then, they don’t give you the rights of passage. The rights of passage that lead humanity to the apex of the entire animal kingdom world, whatever. All the different Kingdoms. Animal Kingdoms. Human beings are the apex. Because we’ve gone through those Rights of Passage. Socialists, and Commies, and Leftists, and Globalists, and political Satanists want to take that away from people; but, they want to merge into this weird satanic ritualistic Right of Passage, which makes you unlock these epigenetics, and kill things for the sake of killing, and for the punishment of Lucifer, and for evil. See, you want to get your kids to do it in a Godly way early, before they get sucked into Luciferianism. They’re killing stuff for Satan. You see.

So, Satan knows that these epigenetics can be unlocked; and, they can be unlocked towards evil, or they can be unlocked toward goodness, and appreciate life, and want to protect life. Since, you did those things, then you really want to preserve life; and, everytime we eat, I want to be grateful for the food that I eat., do you know what I mean; and, if you catch it, and harvest it, that’s the best way. That’s the culture. That’s the part of the culture of Cheon Il Guk.

I was warning the Koreans, and especially the ladies, I was telling them, “You ladies just like to wear your crowns; and, you like it, when they get more and more expensive, with more real gold and real jewels. That’s fine; but, don’t forget the Rod of Iron.” Our ladies here have a less of a problem, because we’re training all the time; but, I’m talking about the Asian couples that come from different places from around the world. They don’t have that even in the back of their mind. They hear me ranting about it every week; but, they can’t go like us, and just train whenever we want. They can’t buy firearms, or the Rod of Iron. They can’t have access to it. To them, it’s a long, arduous process of licensing, and hunting licenses; and, they have to register with the police for a year, plus they have to have shotgun for ten years before they can get a hunting rifle. Ten years. Ten years. So, anyway, that’s incredible slavery law over the people; so, that’s why sometimes I’m shouting. The Holy Ghost just comes down, and Father is shouting through me to shout at them. Get moving. Because, you can’t only have the crown, and be irresponsible, and not have the Rod.

The Rod represents the responsibility, the authority; but, you know, Japanese and Korean ladies, that’s all that’s ragging on them. That’s because they say, “Okay! I’ll have the crown. I’ll wear the jewels.” Oh, they love it. It becomes more real. More gold. More jewels. I just say that, and they start smiling; but, I’m saying, “Don’t forget the Rod of Iron, because you have a responsibility with that crown. You have a responsibility to defend Cheon Il Guk, to defend the Kingdom of God.”

You have a responsibility to train your children in that culture, because if you don’t, it’s going to come back to bite you. Then, they’ll come to slit your throat at night. They’ll steal your crown; because, you haven’t let them unlock those Rights of Passage; and, you haven’t done it with them, and they haven’t learned those very important things that you will learn, when you have a life or death dominion.

So, that’s why short of being an actual war, and actually have killed real people. Hunting and fishing are the sports that Father designated as the education element of Cheon Il Guk, including Jiu Jitsu and strong martial arts. Fighting based martial arts.

So, this is part of our culture that’s so important, for not only the men, but for also the women. You are challenged, and you are pushed to step forward; because, again, when the women get weak, what happens? Then Satan comes right in; so, it’s so critical that the women are training, too. So important. You have that vacant spot. You have that man. “Oh, my husband does it; so, I don’t have to do it. No. You’re not being responsible. You’re not being responsible with your Rod of Iron. You’re just delighting in luxury like the Han Mother with your crowns and glory; but, you’re not being responsible like True Mother Kang, with your Rod of Iron.

Did you know she sold a lot of Rod of Irons? I didn’t know that. When Father had his first gun business in Korea, I don’t know; but, it was Father’s first business. They were showing and selling guns. She was out on the street selling guns. Can you believe it. That was in 19 what? 70s, 80s. I’m sorry. In the 50s or 60s. It was in the early 60s. True Mother Kang was on the streets; and, she was selling rifles. My goodness. Do you see what I’m saying? Woah! I didn’t know that; but, she told us this whole time, when she had testimony, when she had time to speak.

But, that’s what the crown represents. It’s not only looking good with the tuxedo and the nice crown; and, I have to say, all of you look quite dapper with those tuxedos and crowns, okay. You guys look pretty smokin’; but, don’t forget the responsibility aspect. It’s okay to look good on that Ceremonial day; but, nobody knows how hard you’re working and training on the off days. You got to keep it real. You can’t just freaking posers. You have to real, because the culture of the Kingdom of God is real. It’s not about posing in the Kingdom. It’s about being in the Kingdom. You see?

The point is, all those crowns are a beautiful site. It’s amazing. It’s really biblical sites in the Book of Revelation, when John sees the Kingdom, and the Heaven’s open up, and he sees the site in Heaven with the elders, when they are bowing before the thrones. I mean, this is literally like a scene out of the Scripture. Tremendous. Tremendous. Did the twelve people around Jesus know the macrocosm nuclei they were at? They didn’t know. This is literally the macrocosm nuclei of the Kingdom that’s coming right now. You see the culture that’s there. You see the civilization that’s being built. You see the honor around men and women. You see. You see the beauty. You see the love. You see the faith. You see God’s glory. You don’t see the boasting. You see the lifting up of God. Wow! So, beautiful!

By the way, Kook Jin Nim had his crown on. He had a string crown on; but, he did have a crown. It was made out of bank line; but, he is wearing a secret crown there. That’s his tactical stealth crown, when he’s hunting predators, okay. We have a pretty cool elder brother, Cain, okay. We got a true elder brother. We got a deadly one. He’ll be joining us on the Ocean Challenge, too. Make sure you guys come. We’re going to have a great time.

Alright. Look at this? Look at those scenes with those crowns, everybody. Everybody came together. Wow! Everybody came together. Such a Cosmic event. There it is. That’s True Father’s, King of Kings, robe being brought down. William Gage was working on it. John was so busy making 40 plus crowns for the people. He was totally involved; so, that God we have multiple jewelers, and designers here; and, so William was working on that for literally the last minute. Did you know there was a little bit of a delay in the beginning, because he was literally in the last-minute working? He was up all-night working, and like a beggar. He came in with his raggedy old clothes, with his crowns. I said, “You didn’t sleep at all did you?” He said, “No!” They are here.”

Okay, they are the beautiful, embroidered King of Kings robes, with the Crown there. Now, that Crown, because we had budget issues, that Crown is silver; but, obviously, we are going to have to make True Father’s Crown into platinum at some point; but, for this Ceremony, we had to get it quick, and it was one month out from this Ceremony; so, we had to do what we had to do.

Look at that scene with all the Crowns, there? It’s interesting. In the Family Fraud. They thought they would get all these benefits by selling their soul to these usurpers, by buying into political correctness, by trying to pretend that they haven’t committed crimes, and of course, trying to steal money at the same time; and, what did they get for that? They didn’t get no benefit from that, unless you were up in those Korean leader’s underpants, or something like that. That’s about it, okay. If you’re even near the hem of their foot, you’re not going to get nothing. All you get is all the curse that is coming upon you. You got to literally be in their shorts; but, they’re still slaves.

They’re complete slaves. Completely in a slave caste. They of course are trying to pretend they are okay with that, or that it doesn’t exist, when they’re literally in a slave caste. They can’t even imagine that they can even be in God’s Authority, when they wear a crown. It’s forbidden; but, those under True Father’s Authority, when they are in their rightful place, as co-heirs with Christ, and Kings and Queens of their Tribal lineage; and, look at those beautiful scenes, where they’re standing there. Wow! The heretics may be laughing now, when some of you guys have Walmart crowns and e-Mart crowns; but, they aren’t going to be laughing as they get upgraded. Like Holy Shish-ka-bob! Why? People who remain there, are going to be sociopaths or psychopaths.

We know about ten percent of the population are psychopathic. They absolutely have no empathy or compassion for anybody else, except themselves; and, of course, about thirty to forty percent of the population, according to Psychologists, are sociopathic. That means, they’ll go along with evil. They’ll go along with the psychopaths to gain benefit and power; so, if you look at Family Fraud, that’s about everybody there, that’s remaining.

Some type of social club benefit. Some type of, I was always faithful all those years, and I didn’t leave, and all those kinds of stupid sociological benefit; or, they were trying to steal money for projects, or whatever. And, you have really the people, who are normal people, who are the hard, honest people, who are saying, “Hey, I can’t go along with that; and, they said, “Hey, I need to follow Father. I’m gonna follow the Three Kingships. They didn’t choose. Father anointed them; so, I’m going to go with what Father Kingship.”

Now, think about it. The Family Fraud thinks you are crazy for doing it. Why would they do that? Well, it’s because they are sociopathic. Now, when you talk to normal people, normal people at Home Depot or Lowes, or some people you associate with, and you tell them this story, “Yeah, it’s weird. Rev. Moon passed away, and his wife did this, and it’s terrible you know. It’s been very, very painful. Well, I can’t go along with that. It’s just that she’s doing stuff, he told her not to do; and, I got to support his Successor.” When, you tell normal people that, it’s like, “Oh, that makes sense. Yeah, that makes sense.” And, then, when they hear about our story, and when we tell them, it’s our Mom, you know. My father passed it down to me; and, my mom took it away, this kind of thing, then they all say, “Oh yeah, that’s terrible. You did the right thing.” They all say that. You see, it’s because they’re normal. They’re not sociopathic predators, or followers of sociopathic or psychopathic predators. They’re normal people that work hard, and they are Christian people. They have no problem with that. They think that’s good. That’s honorable. “I respect that. I can respect that. You did the right thing.” They threw away billions of dollars, because they wanted to respect their father, they say, “Hey, I can respect that.”

Do you see what I’m saying? You got to keep this in context. Yeah, the Family Fraud, they may want to make a stink about it, even though there almost very quiet about it, this time. Isn’t that interesting? They’re just in shock. “Oh, my goodness.”

It’s interesting. The Queen was talking to a relative, and they’re making up this ridiculous stuff. Number one, “Oh, we’re doing it for Hyung Jin Nim. We’re stealing for him. That’s what we’re doing. We’re doing it for him. Doesn’t he know? He should be grateful that we are stealing for him, and putting it in our trust fund, and giving it to our children, who are spoiled and relativists and homosexuals. You know, we are doing it for him.” I mean, that’s number one; so, you tell a normal person that, and they’re going to say, “You’re full of crap.” okay; but, to them, they’re in this social circle, where it all makes sense, because we’re all this same psychopathic sociopath. “Yeah, we’re doing it for him.” This is the insanity of it, okay. Alright, so that’s number one.

Then, number two, okay, “We admit the Han Mother wanted to divorce True Father; but, the reason why she wanted to do that, okay, is that, True Father wanted to make a video of a video making love, and wanting to put it on Youtube.” That’s why she had to put her foot down. This is the crap they’re making up. This is the stuff they’re making up. She was told that on Friday; and, he’s a Minister. This is like literally the education they’re getting from the top-down.

What was the other one? The last one was, you know, “Well, they did a DNA test. They found out, actually, that the Han Mother is True Father’s daughter. All right, what the hell’s that? That means I have even more right to attack her. She’s my half-sister. That means, I should call her out even more. Then, the Queen was saying, “Look, even if all those things were true, which of course you have no evidence for whatsoever; but, even if those things were true, first of all, you’re admitting that she did want to divorce him, and she did divorce him. Secondly, none of those things would justify changing over Scripture, erasing Father.” None of those things would justify any of that; and, the Queen told her real hard, “Look, I love you, but look, you guys are brainwashed by the Archangel. You think you have no free will; but, you are pretending.”

They’re saying, “Hurry up. You have to make unity at the top, and tell us what to do.” As if you have no free will. So, she said, “No! I’m not going to let you get away with that. You have free will. You are a person, an individual truth, incarnation. You have free will. When people do evil things, you can decide, “No, I’m not going to involve.” It’s that simple. Everybody else here did it. Everybody else in the site worldwide did it; so, which side of the story, when you go out and talk to your friends. “Oh, yeah, when Rev. Moon died, I followed Rev. Moon my whole life; and, when he died, his wife, you know, usurped his wishes; erased him; did everything he said not to do; just try to assert yourself; but, I followed her, because I really am a good person.” That’s a bad argument. That’s a bad argument. I don’t think you’re going to get a lot of goodhearted, common normal folk, who are not psychotic or sociopathic that will say, “Oh, that’s a great decision.” They’re not going to say that. They’re going to say, “What?! Why would you do that?” Maybe the psychopaths in the Bilderberg Group will say, “Oh, good job! Wow! You’re invited to our Satanist circle. Come, come, come!”

Maybe the Satanist will say, “Yeah, great job! You got to get, what you want to get. It’s all about the Devil. Yeah, ooh, Heil Satan!” All this kind of stuff; but, normal people will say, “Give me a break.” Normal people will say, “Wow, why would you do that? Wow! Well, okay. You know.” Then, you’ll have somebody else who will say, “Yeah, I got persecuted. I lost all my friends. You know, but I just tried to be faithful to my relationship with Father Moon, and he made us next in line, and I tried to support that in his ministry. Yeah, I may have been persecuted, and I may have lost everything, but I’m happy, because I believe that God has pulled me through.” Now, you have a normal Christian here that, they’ll say, “Yeah, I can respect that. Praise God, you know. I respect that. You know, that’s beautiful. Thanks for telling me that point.” This is what you are going to get, because you are not psychotic, you’re not sociopathic. You’re not insane. Normal people can understand what is happening.

So, anyways, I don’t know how we got on that, but the point is, these crowns, every single one who is wearing that crown went through it. You all went through it. You had to pay some price for that crown. Of course, God had to pay a whole price, and God had to receive it by Grace. Again, we still had to step out of faith. We had to agree with God’s promise. We had to agree with God’s comment. We had to say, “You know what? I don’t care about the social pressure. I don’t care about political correctness. I don’t care about all the name calling. I don’t care. I had to do the right thing.”

Now, I going to claim, “I followed Father my whole life; but, I have to follow him to the end. Maybe, beyond the end; and, not say, “Oh, I followed Father my whole life, and when his whole foundation was stolen from him, and made into a Communist organization, well, you know, I still followed along.” Hey, that makes a lot of sense; but, see in terms of the sociopathic class, and the psychopathic class, that makes perfect sense.” I mean, why would you do that?

Why you so weird, Lowell? What’s wrong with you? Why are you so weird Richard? What’s wrong with you? Are you crazy? Why? Because, they are the psychopathic, sociopathic class. They’re the ones that whenever they apologized, they’re the ones that whenever they had power, they created hell on Earth, which of course is reflected in their constitution, which creates North Korean tyranny over the whole world. Good luck with that, especially as the real Cheon Il Guk is emerging, and the real crown, and the real Rod of Irons are rising up. Good luck with that. Oh, Lord have mercy!

Wow, look at our beautiful, radiant True Mother Kang. Look how beautiful. You know, not only is she the sweetest grandma; but, she is truly beautiful from the inside out. Her spirit is glowing. She’s a Godly woman. She didn’t sell out for position or power. She didn’t sell out for anybody. She has true love in her heart. She has a true love in her heart for Christ. She’s real.” She not only talks about it, she worked it; and, when everybody in her whole group around her was against her, she was the only that said, “I cannot go against what the True Father had said. She was put through the fire; and, God shaped her and made her. He sent her here.

How could I have chosen? You saw what happened. Everybody was underground. Everybody was afraid in Asia and Korea. It was like watching North Korea propaganda, when everybody was watching contraband material. “Oh, my gosh! Like under the covers, you know. Holy crap! What’s going on?” It was like Breaking the Silence. No contraband. I mean, South Korean contraband. It was like crazy. The parents were watching Youtube; and, the kids were saying, “Mom, what are you watching?” Oh, no, no, child. Get out of here. Get out!” Dad, what were you watching on your computer?” “I don’t know, get out of here.” “I’m gonna tell Mom.” “Don’t tell Mom.” Oh, Lord. Oh, Wow. Oh, goodness! But, they were all out there, hiding under the covers; and, they couldn’t say anything. But, she was the one. She heard it. She knew. She said, “Father’s alive; and, I cannot go along with this.”

There are the crimes that we read before the whole world and Cosmos. Wow! Wasn’t that great. Very clear. Very clarifying. Jamal and Robert, both preparing about one month. They had little time. Almost two weeks, I gave them. Two or three weeks, or something like that. A very short time. I said, “You guys, you have a special mission,” since they liked writing up legal documents, and filing law suits. God wasn’t hinting. I said, ‘You boys are the right ones.” They were incredible. They did a great job; and, anybody with an honest heart, with an honest conscience, to see what happened, to listen to the indictment. Zero response. We thought there were going to be trolls, the Family Fraud was going to pay people on live chatting. There was hardly any negativity. I mean, there was some, obviously, but hardly any. They have no rebuttal. Why? Because they know they’re wrong. They know they were deceitful. They know they sold out; and, they know they are fallen sluts. They just don’t want to admit it.

Next photo is of our Kitchen staff. Wow! These guys had to magically create two hundred extra plus meals. About two hundred-fifty extra plus meals, because we were planning for over four hundred; but, they had to prepare two hundred fifty extra meals. Imagine, you’re having a house party, or a dinner for Thanksgiving, and two hundred fifty extra people show up. How crazy would your Mama be? But, all of them pulled together, and they did it. Let’s give it up for our food ministry team. They’re the best. We took them out to lunch. Some of you didn’t come; but, they did a tremendous, tremendous job. I said, “There’s going to be more people this coming February; so, get ready again.” They didn’t want to hear that.

A little stress is okay. A little stress is okay. This February was the original time he wanted to give it on 1/13, he wanted to give the Perfection Level Blessing to all the Blessed families. He was going to do that at his Perfection Level True Parents Blessing; but, of course, we know that never happened, until now. So, now we are preparing for the Perfection Level on 1/13 Lunar calendar, which makes it about 2/28 on the Solar calendar; so, that should be around that time on your calendars. Everybody has to get re-Blessed; so that will be the Perfection Level Cosmic Blessing from True Father.

So, after his Completion of Heaven and Earth and Human Kind Blessing. So, that’s something that Father said he wanted to do. It’s already in his textbooks. It’s already in his words, in his Scripture; so, we have to fulfill it for him. So, that will be happening in late February; so, everybody should be preparing for that. So, of course, there’s going to be a lot more people here, okay. Let’s start feeling the exuberance and anxiety and stress, now.

Here’s our kids. We had a good time with them before the event. I talked with them before the event, like I usually do. They’re very Blessed, and very lucky; because, they get told beforehand what’s going on. Unlike us, when we grew up from the cradle, we don’t get told what’s going on. We just got thrown out there in public and okay. What are we supposed to do? We don’t know that is going on. So, they don’t know how blessed they are. They’re very spoiled in that sense; but, they’re working hard doing the landscaping getting down and dirty, and all that kind of stuff, doing good training. So, there Daddy met with them, and talked with them beforehand, okay; and, the Third King will be in the Ceremony; and, I explained the general format of the Ceremony. I said, “Remember, it’s not about you, child. It’s not about you. I had to do this with True Father,” all these kinds of things; and, during Hoon Dok Hak time, we can reflect on what’s happening; and, of course, the True Mother who is coming on, okay. So, we had a discussion about the Han Mother, and the True Mother, who was going to be Blessed in a few days.

So, just very fantastical things. So, we don’t sit there with big crowns and robes. We actually do the homework in advance, so Satan can’t attack. Do you know what I’m saying? I’ve seen too much stuff, where Satan attacks the children, and they don’t know what’s going on, and then just get blindsided, and they get sucked up in a whirlwind, and left to dry out. So, we made sure we talked about this with our family. The Kids, and everybody knows about it; and, they are preparing internally, mentally, spiritually, for the event.

Look at all these wonderful crowns? Isn’t that beautiful? Some of them were very nice. Weren’t some of the crowns nice? See, that’s the beautiful Cheon Il Guk culture. See the nice crowns. We don’t get jealous. We say, “Good for you. That’s fantastic. Beautiful. That inspires me to upgrade my crown. That’s not a jealousy culture. We are thankful for God, because none of us deserve the crowns. God gave them to us. It’s a gift of Grace, hey! When we see people flourishing, hey! Praise God! We ain’t jealous of each other. That’s a beautiful culture. That’s an empowered culture.”

Now, this is a scene where the Queen comes before Father’s Kingship here, as you can see. (Picture of 2nd Queen Yeon Ah Nim before 2nd King Hyung Jin Nim and Crowned Prince Shin Joon Nim.) The Second King and Third King, there; and, the Queen will offer her full bow in exemplification of the fact that God’s lineage, and the lineage of God is in the Subject position; and, she will support the Third King as his Object, when I die. She’s an honorable woman. Let’s give it up for our Queen. She’s not only beautiful, she’s honorable, and she’s deadly.

It’s great. It really wonderful, because she trained a lot longer than Shin Joon, who just started his training. She can still whoop him. She can still whoop him, and choke him out; so, he really sees her and respects his Mom. I mean, he’s going to get stronger, bigger at some point. He’s going to be better than her; but, right now, he still can understand. She understands the culture of peace police/ peace militia, and like wrestling and grappling with the children; so, it’s like so unbelievably healthy. She’ll be rummaging around, and wrestling them on the ground. Not a lot of Moms can do that. Do you know what I’m saying? She’s like able to double leg take down them. Throwing them down, taking them back, choking them out, saying, “Oh, how fun was that?” They try to run away, and she’s tripping them. You know how Dads play with their kids; but, when the Mommy can do that, too, how healthy is that? That’s so healthy. She can bond with her boys like crazy. Even though they get big, she can still bond with them. You know, you can still hug them. You know, you have a secret technique. The mom can still kiss them, do you know what I mean?

In the next picture, she was still Mrs. Kang. She was there preparing for the Ceremony, and the Officiation. Here she comes down. So beautiful. What a woman. If anybody deserves to wear the robes of the True Mother, it is our True Mother. The Perfection Level of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. The humble Servant of God. She served her whole life, like a Cinderella story. A Servant of God, where she risked her whole life, serving every little area, every little small area on the globe, with nothing other than a plane ticket. Like literally the Mother Teresa of this entire Movement. Do you know what I’m saying? Going out with nothing. Sleeping in sleeping bags, and in the middle of nowhere, wherever the members were, from the bottom. Always from the bottom. You have that as juxtaposed the Han Mother as the Harlot of Babylon in utter luxury. Utter luxury.

Look at this huge juxtaposition to the Han Mother. Addicted to luxury. Addicted to Satanic culture. Addicted to Satanic ideologies, like feminism. This kind of stuff. Kill women. Make them into slaves of the State. Addicted to the that. Where does she find comfort, the Han Mother? When she’s frustrated, where does she find comfort? She finds comfort in Satanic entertainment. In Korean dramas. I mean, you talk about addiction, she found a whole other level of addiction. You talk about getting pleasure, emotional romantic pleasure from these Satanic dramas. Always promoting a free sex culture, which are always promoting the predators as the good guy culture. It’s ridiculous. It’s utter lies. That’s where she went for her consolation. Everybody knew about it. Everybody knows about it, who’s in the house. Everybody knows, who’s on the staff. Everybody knows. Everybody knows.

When the Queen’s mother died, she was literally watching Korean dramas, and she couldn’t take her eyes off it; and, she was chastising her about something. She wouldn’t say, “Oh, I’m sorry. Your Mom died.” She just passed away; and, she kept on watching her stupid video, and tell her that her dad did something stupid, or something like that. You talk about a level of addiction. You talk about no empathy. You talk about no ability to empathize with other people. Psychopathic.

Now, you juxtapose that with True Mother Kang, when she’s going through tough times, what does she do? She goes to the Word of God. She reads her Bible quotes. She reads True Father’s speeches. That’s where she goes for consolation. Not Satanic entertainment. Not women pornos, which are the romantic dramas. They’re pornos for girls. You girls know it. They’re pornos. They’re giving you fake endorphin rises, and fake romanticism rises. They are acting the same way as pornography acts for men; and, of course, they always teach you the ridiculous message that the bad guy is the good guy. If he just had you he’ll change his wicked ways, and be loyal forever; but, he will go out and cheat on you the next day. You know it’s true, baby. You know it’s true, right. Ridiculous!

But, you see a huge juxtaposition. You see, in the Book of Revelation, you have the two women. You have the Harlot of Babylon, which leads to destruction and death, adultery and fornication, licentiousness and destruction; and, you have the woman in Revelation 12. The Virgo, right. She’s protecting the Kingship. She is clothed with the Sun, and the Moon at her feet, with the twelve garland stars, which happened, by the way, folks. Everybody in the body of Christ thought they were going to be Raptured. They had no Rapture. They’re all standing here. They didn’t go nowhere. They didn’t know what was happening. What was happening, God finally has His Eve, is what’s happening. The Cosmic shift happened. Talking about Rapture on 9/23. You’re not going anywhere. That’s an unbiblical teaching. Stop trying to get away. You have to make it through Tribulation, with all of us, too. Oh, my goodness. That’s why I need a pony tail to whip that thing around. Aright. We’ll look at that beautiful picture here.

Look at that beautiful picture there. Look at that. You see that Third King sitting there? He did a good job, didn’t he? He was humble, wasn’t he? Good. I was proud of him. I was proud of my bigger boys, too. Let’s give a round of applause for my bigger boys, not so they could get big head, or anything. Their Daddy trained them well, okay; so, they know, and of course, they have the utmost utter example of the True Elder Brother, Kook Jin Nim. How easy it was for them? It’s not like it’s hard. They have an example. I mean, he’s like a living, historical, epic legend now for all of Cheon Il Guk history; so, it’s not like it’s going to be hard; but, the point is, I think Joony (Shim Joon Nim) did okay.

You know, there was a time a couple of times ago, when he did entertainment, and he didn’t even know, but I think he wanted to get some more attention. He was doing things to get some more attention. Not because he’s evil, or anything; but, because he’s just a kid; so, I just turned him around, I said, “Okay, Joony, there are a lot of people there. You were just trying to crave their attention. Did you notice that? So, why other people were doing their little performance, you were trying to do certain things to attract attention to you, because you just liked that attention.” That’s when we first got here. “You just liked that attention that you had. You had it at the Palace; so, you got to be aware of that.

So, make sure you are aware of that, when the Korean brothers and sisters come; and, of course, we told him, if they may even try to give you gifts and money, what should you do? If they try to give you gifts and money, you say, “Oh, no, no, no! My Daddy doesn’t allow me to take any gifts or things like that; so, it’s okay. Thank you!” If they try to do it, just run away. You got legs. Just run. Just say, “Oops, I forgot something,” and just run. Ain’t no grandpa going to be able to catch you, okay. You got to watch out. This kind of stuff, you got to watch out. This Kingship culture, people are going to try and buy you. People are going to try and buy. You got to watch out. This is real stuff. You got to watch out. Even your children, you got to arm them. I arm my children, too, before this stuff happens. Do you know what I’m saying, because they get hooked in. They get sucked in. They don’t even know. They got a two-hundred-dollar gift from someone they don’t know.

Now, I said, if it’s one of your Uncles here, that are close with us, and it’s your birthday. Alright, that’s at a different level; but, somebody you never met, “Hey, give this to the King. Ha, ha, ha!” Of course, they won’t say it like that. “Oh, you’re so special. We just you to have some toys, whatever.” They sell out some stupid way, okay. We teach our children to be aware of this reality.

Now, as you guys build your Kingship; and, in your Kingship, your crown becomes more real, this kind of stuff, you’re going to start having those problems, too. You should be aware of that. You got to make sure your kids be aware that’s going to be a problem; but, anyways, I think Joony did a good job. He did a great job there.

That beautiful picture, when was drawn, you remember that graphic picture that he drew, he’s going to add True Mother Kang in there, with the beautiful robes; and, so, we’ll have the three Kingships, plus the Queen, plus True Mother Kang, all that, in one computer graphics, in one beautiful, heartistic image. Wouldn’t that be beautiful? Oh, my gosh. That will be so beautiful. Oh, and of course, we’re now creating the image of True Parents. Yes. True Parents. True Parents.

Now, the girls are not poor anymore. They got their True Mother. They got a True Mother they can look up to; and, say, yes, when I get old, that’s the Godly type of woman that I need to be like. I want to be like that, when I get old. Do see what I’m saying? Beautiful. So, we’re waiting for a picture. You see, right now, it’s kind of split; but, we’ll have it together, where it’s one picture. They’re working on that right now.

Here’s the epic, legendary moment, folks, reindemnifying the sin of the beginning of the usurpation of the Han Mother that True Mother Kang, now, at this point, she’s actually True Mother, okay. She’s already had the Blessing vows. She already had the Blessing and anointing prayer; and, now she’s already wed to True Father; and, as the True Mother, she bows before the Kingship of God. She did it. She did it. She did it to honor the wishes of the King of Kings. Not her wishes, not her desires. His desire. Wow! So, here’s a picture of this epic moment. That is the Cosmic moment.

Now, the spiritual perspective. True Adam, True Eve, Cain and Abel, all the positions, the tactical positions against Satan. Hmm, that’s new way of putting it. All the tactical, Providential positions are in place. Now Satan has no place to come in; and, watch his kingdom (Satan’s kingdom) just crumble. Of course, he’s going to fight hard; but, watch it crumble.

We watched it from different angles. A couple of Japanese brothers and sisters took it from different angles. Did Mr. Sawada report. How many of you saw that? Did you see the Sawada report? He did it from a different angle. He was sitting in a different part of the room; and, he got it from this angle on his iPhone. It’s very interesting to see the ceremony here in different angles. It’s kind of like the different Gospels, from different angle of the same event. Same face. Same love, but different angles on the Cosmic event; so, this is like what we’re seeing from the different pictures who are taking pictures on their iPhone. They’re putting it up online; and, they’re showing it. Yes, I was there. I was there. I was there. I saw the event. I saw the event. There it is.

Wow, isn’t that a beautiful picture? We have a True Mother, (picture of the two chairs behind the 2nd King and Queen, of True Father’s chair, and of True Mother Kang) who never sold out for money or power. Never! She didn’t try to steal from here son and usurp things that True Father gave, that her husband gave to her son, and his grandchild. Wow! Doesn’t she look so beautiful and elegant there? Regal. So fantastic.

You know, it’s so amazing. Everybody saw at this time around, this whole week, everytime True Mother opens her mouth, it’s Godly Word. It’s bread of life. It’s river of flowing water. It is praising God. Praising Christ. Lifting up the Scripture. Everytime the Han Mother is speaking, it’s spewing out dark, black clouds of heresy. Smog of heresy. Smog coming out. Life killing, soul murdering smog; but, when the Kang True Mother speaks, and True Father gave her a different Chinese character that we had in the order of events, in the brochure, in the pamphlet thing, when she speaks, Wow! She uses the Word of God. She doesn’t speak out of her own mind. She’s speaking the Will of God. She’s speaking the Word of God. She’s bringing us back to Scripture. She’s bringing us back to the Word. She’s centered.

When she’s shaking, you know, she’s a person, too, when she’s shaking, she feels this anxiety. She felt this, of course, before the event. Where does she go for consolation? Not to Korean drama, women pornos. She goes to the Word of God. That’s a massive civilizational difference. It will create a different class of women in that civilization. Women that are honorable, that are centered on the Word of God. Women that are also powerful; but, humble before the throne, before God. Women who don’t sell out themselves, and prostitute themselves to the whims of society and trends, but stay on the Solid Rock that is God and Christ. True honor.

There’s some more beautiful pictures. She shared such an amazing story with brothers and sisters this time. She had a story. We shared it with you guys, when we went out the other day; but, she shared that story in the Palace. There was one time, when Father was sending her out to go and do pioneer missionary work in a different country, or something like that. She didn’t tell us where, because she’s done so many countries; but, anyways, it was one country, and Father said, “You have to go and pioneer.” And she says, “Father, I can’t go pioneer there. I don’t know. I can’t do anything. I’m old.” This was when she was old already. “I’m old and I can’t do anything.” Father says, “You be the pioneer there. Go!” She said, “I can’t. I’m not going to be able to do it. Please send somebody else?” Whatever, something like this. So, she ran away into the kitchen. Chasing her from behind is the Lord of the Second Advent into the kitchen saying, “You go. You’re gonna go!” She’s saying, “I can’t. I can’t!” He’s saying, “You’re going to go.” She goes this way, he goes that way. “You’re going to go!” What a scene. Isn’t that beautiful. All these kinds of incredible stories. We would have lost that. Why? Because, she was being sent to the frontlines. Of course, she went. Father smacked her in the arm. He got her. “Come on. You’re going to go.” She’s like, “Alright, I’ll go.” How cute is that? How beautiful.

The Biography of True Mother Hyun Shil Kang. Look at this.

1927 -Born 8th Lunar Moth, 20th Day (September 15)

1949, March – Pioneered Beomcheon Presbyterian Church (Busan)

1952, May 10 – Became True Father’s first disciple in South Korea

1953, July 20 – Pioneered True Father’s first church in Daegu, Korea

1954, April – Appointed as nationwide (South Korea) itinerate worker with mission to visit spiritualists and Christian leaders.

1956, June – Pioneered True Father’s first church in Daejeon, Korea

1957, July – Pioneered True Father’s first church in Kwangju, Korea

Do you understand. She was the one True Father sent to pioneer all these churches.

1959, July – Began 7-year daily evangelism in Seoul’s Pagoda Park

1967 July – Appointed as regional leader in Masan, Korea

1970, Jan – Appointed as special nationwide itinerate worker (South Korea)

1974, Oct – Supra Denominational Christian Association

1991, July – Appointed as nationwide iterate worker (Japan)

1994, March – Appointed to lead East Tokyo Region

1996, March – Appointed as National Messiah for Russian Federation

1999, Feb 7 – Received Holy Blessing with St. Augustine

2000 – Appointed as Freedom Chairman for Seodaemum, Seoul

2001 – Apointed as Federation Chairma for Yeongju, Korea

2009 to present – Advisor, Women’s Federation for World Peace

2016, Dec. -Joined Second King Hyung Jin Moon in Pennsylvania, USA

For seven years rain or shine she was praying in the Pagoda Park. Do you see what kind of a she was, folks? We have a True Mother that was a pioneer, whenever Father sent for her. She was thee evangelical pioneer in the history of humanity. She was on the ground with the people. She was in the trenches with the brothers and sisters. She wasn’t sitting in an Ivory Tower. She was in the trenches with the brothers and sisters, witnessing on the street. She didn’t have time to be addicted to Korean drama pornos. Do you understand. She’s out there, pioneering churches.

What a proud, Godly True Mother we have. We can be proud, because she goes by the Word of God. We can be proud. She pioneered. Going out Street Witnessing. Fighting with all the other opponents. We should be proud, because she’s done the missionary work. We should be proud, because she showered in sinks to preach the Word of God. We should be proud, because had to be sleeping near graveyards, when she had to do street witnessing; and, she lived that way since 1952 to present day, with undying faith in the Lord.

No matter the tribulation. No matter the scandal of the New York Times tried to make, whatever, she stood in faith. In love. In obedience. It’s the true Cinderella story, folks. She was the slave. She was a servant of God. She was happy doing His will. She was not in the Ivory Towers. She was not in the Palaces. She was not. She was on the frontline, in the trenches, doing the Will of God. Praising His name. Preaching the Gospel; and, all the while, going through the world wars, you name it. All the while, the Han Mother is on the opposite. Opposite, becoming more and more arrogant and aggrandizing. Living in an Ivory Tower. The more and more isolated. The more and more surrounded by evil and dark serpents. The more and more believing in her godhood, and “Yeah, I’m the True One. Yes. Yes!” Getting into Pagan and satanic spiritualism.

Going through all that; and, finally there is an ascension. The King of Kings ascends to see his work done from the Spirit World to be actualized on Earth. To see his fruit and the great gain. The battle between the great lineages. Satan’s and God’s. What will his children do? What will his Successor and his elder brother do? Will they sell out? Will they sell their souls for power and the lust for money and position? Will they stand to lose everything, and be chased out as pariahs; but, in the Word and Will of God from the wilderness, will they build back His civilization; and, who would join them for the one who had pioneered the entire world? The first disciple. The Mother of the Church that Father gave her the title of to join them in the nine-month period before 9/23, where the Sun and the Moon and the stars all lined up on that Cosmic day of reckoning. On the day, where Satan’s power and kingdom would crumble; and, the Kingdom of God will begin to rise. That poor woman, who fought in the trenches, and on the frontline, that woman is she. That woman is the woman that deserves to be True Mother. That is a woman, who we didn’t choose, but Father sent, even though she didn’t know why she was coming. That woman is our most precious, not only patriot and pioneer, the woman of God, the Godly woman, you name it; but, is now True Father’s Bride. The True Mother of Heaven and Earth and Humankind; and, now we don’t have to gaze with tears welling up inside with True Father alone. That we can see him with True Parents, and know that our Father and Mother are truly honorable. Glorious. Beautiful. Look at that incredible, incredible life that she’s been lived? Utter faith and devotion. So tremendous.

Alright, let’s go back to those pictures real-quick. Let’s see if we can tie it up. I like that. Isn’t that a great picture there, to see her in the back with her on the Throne up there giving an Og Monsei? That’s a beautiful picture; and, now of course, we are ending with a procession. Oh, look at this picture with Kook Jin Nim and Ji-Yea Nim. Isn’t that beautiful. They are the right ones. Wow! Wow, wow, wow! Finally, we have our True Mother. I like that picture, actually. That picture is very beautiful. It’s very beautiful. It’s like a glimpse into that procession. It almost looks like a spontaneous picture. It doesn’t look so official. I like that. We not only have Mother of the Cosmos, Humanity and Humankind, we also have Miss Universe, Kook Jin Nim’s wife, Ji-Yea Nim. She’s also actually Miss Universe, isn’t she? Look at the beautiful crowns. You see that? Wow, it’s a shocking scene. A banquet of Kings.

It was amazing. You look at the Bilderberg Group; and, all those royals that gather together in Europe. Everyone’s just dying to get into that Group. “Oh, if I could be part of that Group?” This kind of thing. You see them, it’s just a joke. There just a bunch of inbred, narcissistic, pedophiles Luciferians. There an illegitimate joke. What you see of people, you God to see them on video. It’s amazing, because sometimes some of you guys look so beautiful with the crowns. It’s like a Spirit World around you. You can see. It’s just beauty. Beauty.

True legitimacy and Kingship. True legitimacy. You guys have to see that video. How can you not have seen that video? Come on. Then, the beautiful banquet. So beautiful. I think some brothers and sisters are making beautiful pictures. They have one where when True Father was ninety, and Kang True Mother, she’s around ninety. They are around the same age, and they have them together like that. It’s beautiful, too. I think Rod. Rod, did you make that? Very beautiful. I think the black and white ones. I think that’s very epic and legendary. We’ll have that one. People should feel free to make the other ones. We should have a prize for the best one, you know.

What a beautiful banquet. We truly were there, folks. We were there. At that table were Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. We were there. We were at the table. Unbelievable. To think what a Cosmic nature. You can feel the power of Satan is just collapsed. What are they going to do now, huh? What’s the devil going to do now? He’s got nothing but losing. Just like Trump on the macro, we’re just getting use to win, win, winning. You know what I mean? Oh, my goodness. All the brothers and sisters in Japan and Korea. All the true royalty of God. Those demonic, Satan, illegitimate royalty may laugh at you now. They won’t be laughing when Cheon Il Guk has dominion over the world. They’re not going to be laughing.

There we go. There’s the celebration. Beautiful performances, giving glory to God. Hey, there’s the Queen and the beautiful chorus there. Look at Martha. Isn’t she so beautiful. Where’s Martha? There she is. She’s like the sweetest little grandma. She’s like a little red vest. Alright.

See how important it is to go back and review the situation? Have a memory, folks. Have a memory. You have to remember what has happened. How God has lead you. That’s the difference between following blindly, and following by faith. People that follow by faith have a memory. They can remember, God pulled me through that. God pulled me through that. God pulled me through that. I thought I was going to fail; but, God pulled me through. I thought I was going to fail, but God made me strong. I thought I was going to fail, but God lifted me up. I thought I was going to die, but God made me live. We have a memory; and, that’s why Satan is always trying to erase your memory, because if he can erase your memory, he can write a new history for you, which is of course be a slave to him. That’s why these centralists, and Communists, these leftist lunatics, they’re always trying to mess with our history. They don’t want us to think about the founding fathers. They don’t want us to be connected to sovereignty. They don’t want us to be connected to freedom. They want us to forget all that; so, they can give us a new history, which is Marxism, Communism and slavery. You see how Satan works? He always wants you to get rid of your memory, because that’s the big difference between following blindly and following by faith. Those who follow by faith are not stupid. They are not following blindly. God has proven himself over and over and over, and over and over again, and they remember; so, when God gives them something hard to do, they remember and say, “Yes, I’ll do it.” Not because they are blind idiots. It’s because they remember. You see that? It’s very important.

The people of God are here. God’s Kingship is here. The True Parents are here; and, Satan is going down. Let’s all rise and give glory to God. Amen-Aju!


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