2017-09-03 A Kingdom Prepared


Okay, folks, we are in a serious time; and, we need to have serious discussions. We are now rolling up on September 23rd; and, we know that the Rev. 12 woman has been identified. I mean, you really can’t make it up. Nine months in the womb, nine moths protecting the Kingship. The woman with the sun and the moon. The woman with the twelve-star crown. You just can make It up. The Virgo Constellation, being the only woman constellation in all the astrological signs.

I have a picture here. You can see it’s all lining up. It’s interesting, that, the third generation of True Father’s lineage, that did not betray him, equals twelve. I have five children and Kook Jin Hyung has seven children that are on this Earth; and, so that all again leads to twelve. By Mrs. Kang being the woman who is protecting the Kingship, she is also protecting Father’s future generation as well, by being the title Father gave her, the Mother of the Unification Church, the Mother of Faith.

So, we are in that period, where the sign is happening now in Heaven. It will be happening on 9/23; so, that’s a very historic date. We’ll have a very important ceremony on that date. We are going to gather here together, as well, with our international delegation, etc. It’s amazing, because Mrs. Kang’s birthday, also, in the Korean Lunar date is 8/20. It’s the twentieth of August; so, when you go back to 1927, and you look at that, it does not come down to October 1st, which has been on her passport. That’s the date I had up there two weeks ago. That was her passport date. We later found out after that sermon, that the actual date of her birthday is September 15th in the Solar calendar, which is the Tropical astrological calendar. That’s the Roman calendar, by the way, that they use, that they formally call the Tropical Astrological Calendar; and, her birthday is 9/15, not October 1st. October 1st is on her passport. That’s the one she legally put down on her passport, whenever she did it; but, her actual birthday is September 15th, which makes her fall exactly in the Virgo. Then, she is a Virgo. She’s thee Virgo.

I asked Father for a sign, as I’ve been praying for this, these three-four months, now, doing special prayers for Mrs. Kang; but, I asked Father for a clear sign. Then, Father said, “Ask her for her birthday.” Her birthday fell exactly down as the Virgo. Now, she could have been Aquarius, Sagittarius, Libra, whatever. What are some of the other signs? Cancer, whatever; but, boom! She hit right there. Right there.

How could we have known? We didn’t even know about Revelation 12. We knew about the signs and wonders coming; but, we didn’t know about all the details nine months earlier, when she came. She came like nine month ago to the Palace. Do you understand? She’s protecting. She’s doing what the Han Mother should have done, which is to protect the Kingship of God. Also, her name means, the woman who uplifts the lamb. That’s what Kang means. It’s the Chinese character of a lamb on top, and a woman on the bottom. It actually means, the woman who is uplifting the lamb, okay. Of course, everybody knows I am in the year of the lamb; and, everybody knows it is through Father, myself and Shin Joon that the Successorship continues on.

So, all those things coming together. You can’t make it up. You set up the timing. You can’t do all this. It’s just the Hand of God working altogether in all this chaos, putting it together; then, now we stand on the precipice of looking down on 9/23. We’re now on the precipice of that Cosmic event. Remember, this Cosmic event has not happened, some people say 7, 000 years, and some people say this pattern never existed in human history; but, whether or not it’s seven thousand or more, the point is, two thousand years ago on the Island of Patmos, two thousand years ago under the Roman Empire, John the Revelator was seeing this. Remember this. He saw all of it. The woman in the sky. He saw her with birth pangs. He saw her with the Sun, and Moon at her feet. He saw her with the twelve crown stars. He saw her flying in on the wings of an eagle to go where? Into the wilderness, in a place and for a place prepared for her by God. This is John the Revelator. He saw her in a place way back when, and a child that would be born with what? He carries a rod of iron; and, you all saw the rod of iron, right?

When John the Revelator said, he didn’t say a spear, he didn’t say some kind of curvy blade, he said a rod of iron. That’s how they rule over the Kingdoms of the Earth; and, the Inheritors of the King of King’s and Kingship will also rule with the rods of iron. So, when John saw that, he didn’t know what it is. He just saw people holding these rods of great power. Obviously, we know what that is now. We know what that is. It is the Kingship and the Kingdom of God, where the citizens become the Kings, that stand up against unrighteousness, and have the rod of iron that shoots fire from its mouth to which predators will be submitted.

So, all of this is happening from September 23rd. That’s coming; we move now today to Revelation 13. Now let’s go through the whole thing; and, let’s get into some of this stuff. And, let’s get into very uncomfortable discussions, today, because we have to do it. We’ve been procrastinating, and now we have to do it. So, let’s go to Revelation 13.

Revelation 13:1 And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy. 2 And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority. 3 And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast. 4 And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him? 5 And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and power was given unto him to continue forty and two months. 6 And he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God, to blaspheme his name, and his tabernacle, and them that dwell in heaven. 7 And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations. 8 And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. 9 If any man have an ear, let him hear. 10 He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity: he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints. 11 And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon. 12 And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed. 13 And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men, 14 And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live. 15 And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed. 16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: 17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. 18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

That’s where the number 666 comes from. This is the chapter in Revelation 13 that is talking about all that buying and selling stuff. Remember that? Right here it says, that no man might buy or sell, save that he has a mark (Rev. 17)

Now, we are in a serious time. Serious time, serious time. This is the top headlines for today. “Right now, North Korea has just popped a hydrogen bomb in Korea successfully in the North that is ten times more powerful than their last attempt. Five times more powerful than the Atomic bomb. The ICBM they shot last week shot over the nation of Japan.”

We had one of our guest on last Thursday or Friday from Sanctuary reporting to us from Hokkaido, Japan reporting to us the drills they had to go through, all those kinds of insane things happening on the ground. Now, Japanese people have been thinking nothing’s going to happen for sixty plus years; and, you got the braindead young people that have no idea what’s going on. Their so drugged out in public school education, that, the serious thing is Katie Perry’s hairdo or something stupid like that. They don’t know what the heck is going on; but, the fact of the matter is, they had a mid-range ICBM missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead that flew over Japan, not only the oceans in front of it. The fact that they shot is, they shot it over them. Do you understand? He shot it over them. What’s that mean? I can blow you up. That’s what he’s saying, right? Of course, that is a mid-range ICBM, when it is weaponized, it is a nuclear missile. That was last week; and, now we see more escalation. The sixth nuclear test that North Korea has been doing. Now, they have succeeded in nuclear technology. We heard all the time from all the analysts, “Oh, behind. They’re not ready. They don’t have it.”

Well, first of all, Hillary and Bill Clinton gave the technology to them in 1997. Obama was funding not only ISIS; but, the Democrats and the neocon parties from the Bush to Clinton, Bush to Obama. Same party. Same system. Same funders. The same CIA grid running them. Just little puppets. Just little changes. The people are stupid. They think people won’t recognized it. They think they’re different parties. No, the same controllers. Same funders. Same black-ops groups, CIA takeover group in control in that whole process. That’s in the public record. It’s even reported in the mainstream news. That’s so amazing. So, they say, “No, no, we reported this to you. You just never saw it.” I showed you all these articles in the New York Times, in the Washington Post, the New York Post, and all these other articles, in the years past, that show, “Yes, we did give nuclear technology to Korea in 1997. Yes, we did fund ISIS, they called the moderate Syrian rebels, but they were not moderate. They are now a part of ISIS. I showed those articles. They are in your face. That is to say, “No, no, I told you about this. No, no, I told you about this. Stop saying you didn’t hear it. You just didn’t read it,” okay; but, now we are in a situation, where there is now confirmed North Korea has the ability to go way beyond what the US has been saying. Most of the people in the intelligence community knew that; but, they keep telling the public, “No, no. Keep paying your taxes. Keep sending your funds, etc. All those kinds of things, okay.”

So, in that televised statement, the North Koreans described the underground explosion, which triggered a large earthquake as a perfect test of the hydrogen bomb for an ICBM. This is right here. “The underground nuclear test is fully guaranteed. The test came just hours after our leader, Kim Jung Un, which he described as a hydrogen bomb capable of being mounted on an Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile. The explosion at the nuclear test site in the northeast mountainous region triggered an initial magnitude 6.93 earthquake, following by a magnitude 4.1 tremor which caused structural collapse, said the US Geological Survey. The latest nuclear test was to have a yield as high as one hundred kilotons, which was ten times more powerful than North Korea’s previous test; and, roughly five times the Atomic bomb that the US dropped on Nagasaki, Japan in 1945. The South Korea National Security Advisor, Mr. Chong said, after an emergency meeting of the National Security Council that Seoul would consider the possible deployment of what it described as one of the most powerful strategic assets that the US possesses. Without elaborating, according to a statement from the Presidential Blue House. The strategic assets typically refer to stealth bombers of nuclear weapons. The US withdrew the last of its nuclear weapons from South Korea in 1991. Mr. Chong, who also spoke by phone with Lt. General H. R. McMaster…” (who is now a traitor, and reports to George Soros. That’s confirmed by Australian intelligence. He is the one who is trying to box in President Trump. These Generals: Kelly, McMaster and Mattis are independent. Kelly and Mattis may be better; but, when this guy, McMaster, starts colluding with them, and given their forty-year friendship, and all those kinds of things, they’re saying, “Hey, we got to protect the President, and all those kinds of things.” Now, they’re trying to block the President, and isolate him away from his voter base, away from people who are awake, away from the real media, who is reporting true news to him, and trying to get real information to the President. That’s a serious problem.) “… his counterpart at the White House said that Moon Jae-in, the President of South Korea, had called for “strongest punitive measures” against Pyongyang. That includes diplomatic measures and a new United Nations Security Council resolution to “completely isolate North Korea.”

So, you see the different national powers, and this is all centered around Korea. Korea is on the world stage. It is completely chaotic, and is on the verge of nuclear collapse. If the Han Mother did not send a curse to all the world, starting from Asia, obviously first, because that’s where Father wanted to begin Cheon Il Guk culture, and begin the Abel UN, and begin the strategic placement of democratic nations, and an alliance that would eliminate tyrants from its ranks, unlike the UN, which has all these tyrants in its UN council.

How can you have China as the head of the UN Security Council? Give me a break! They can get away with every type of human rights violation, and the UN doesn’t do Shemitah on them. Does absolutely nothing. That’s why Father called the UN a satanic UN, because it protects Satanists. It protects the big power brokers, and it protects these tyrannical authoritarian nations. The Abel UN would not do that. It would not protect that. It would probably exclude, but not allow dictatorship nations to be put into the UN. Do you see that? Do you see how different that would be? It would be moving towards the opposite. The Satanic UN is always pushing for disarmament, disarmament. That’s all you hear. Disarmament. Disarmament, disarmament, disarmament’s the way; but, look how successful disarmament has been? They’re bragging, “Oh, we disarmed one-third of the nuclear warheads in the world.” Oops! There’s a little problem there. They can be turned back on. That’s really not disarmament, wouldn’t you say? If they can be turned on in this, then you got them right back at skyrocket level again. That’s not really a great job, is it? And of course, disarmament is done on nations which have been more sovereignty based, not the tyrannical nations. They’ve been going after it Gung-ho. They’ve been given it, by our stupid Presidents, like Bill Clinton and the CIA black-ops governments that have been giving them the damn missiles. It’s ridiculous. Anyways, this is a massive, massive situation that’s been happening in Asia.

Alright, so, before we get into the video, the threat of nuclear war has always been there, since 1945, okay. It’s always been there. People have been so braindead to its reality, of course, not wanting to believe that its coming, because it’s so terrifying, so terrible. It’s been so horrifying and horrific. Seeing the texts, and seeing the test, and seeing the videos from the hydrogen bomb, all those kinds of things. So, everybody knows how devastating it is. Obviously, nobody wants to think about it. Nobody wants to think about nuclear holocaust, because it’s better not to think about it. You will feel better about your day. You’ll just feel better about your coffee, you’ll feel better about your day. As long as you don’t think about nuclear war; but, maybe you have to think about nuclear war. Then you have to frame your existence in a different way. You’re in a seriously different world, then.

Now, we had tremendous blessing for the last sixty-seventy years. When the Lord of the Second Advent was on the Earth, he was blocking those things, and of course, stopping North Korea from being more insane than this, because they were way more insane. It could have been way more insane than Kim Jung Un. Everybody knows that Father played a critical role in staving them off.

Now, if the Han Mother did not betray Father, turn her back and reject the Three Kings, whatever, if she did not do that, then the work we did in Korea would have pressed on, pressed forward; but, it’s now been about five years, and for five years it was getting started before that, so it is now going on ten years. The message that we were giving to the South Korean government was at the highest levels of government, the highest levels.

Kook Jin Hyung initiatives were strong. We had the Vice Deputy of the nation of Korea of the Defense Department at the events by True Father, and he came to our Church events as well. We had sixty stars of all the generals, who were sitting at events. He was being invited to all the military schools to give lectures about the threat of China, and the unpreparedness of South Korea; and, we had a very clear strategic plan for Korea to move towards sovereignty. What was that?

They were now in a military system, where they don’t train their men. All the men are supposed to go to the Army; but, they don’t train in military tactics, or things like that. It’s more of a brainwashing camp. So, they go into the military, and they’re taught for two and half years, you just have to obey the hierarchy. Just worship the hierarchy, and if you try to screw around, you’ll be killed, okay. That’s what the Korean men really learned. They shoot maybe two hundred rounds per year. We shoot that in a day, or in an hour here. In one hour here, we will shoot two hundred rounds, easy. They shoot about two hundred rounds a year. A year. Most of the time, recruited military men are guarding little bases, and standing there, smoking cigarettes all day. Guarding bases is all they’re doing; and, just taking orders, orders, orders, learning that the military centralized hierarchy is your god. You have to obey them as God. If you don’t, if you screw around with it, they’ll make your life miserable. That’s basically their training, okay. It’s not really military training. It’s an indoctrination training. That’s what you get with centralized governments, in archangelic powers.

So, what was the clear strategic guidance that we’re giving to the Korean nation? Have your military men go into the service, that’s fine. When they go into the service, they do their training; when they come back home, you the government, you should allow them to bring their weapons back to their home, like the Switzerland model, like the Israeli model, okay.

So, you have a scenario, where Israel is surrounded by hostile nuclear powers like Iran, etc. You name it, right. All the Middle Eastern nations are trying to kill Israel; but, everybody who’s training, and even the girls have to go there, everybody gets the military training, but they are also able to get the guns. So, in one hour, the whole nation becomes an Army. In one hour. If that things attacked, then boom! Already, they’re moving with their tank squads, whatever, whatever squads they got. That’s why no nation around them, even though they’re powerful, even with nuclear capabilities, don’t want to mess with Israel, because it’s so powerful. It’s a deterrent for predators, and also the same in Europe. Hitler decimated Europe. He took all the nations of Europe. The one nation he didn’t touch, what was that nation he didn’t touch? Switzerland. Is that the nation where they yodel? I don’t know how to do that. That’s crazy. Now, Switzerland was not touched. Switzerland wasn’t touched, because Hitler did the estimates. He said, “If we go into Switzerland, there’s going to need a million men.” The Swiss said, “Okay, we will climb up the mountains, we will need to shoot twice, and come back home. We got five hundred thousand military men ready to go. So, you come into our country, we will climb up those mountains, and boom! Boom! Then, we will come back home.” Hitler didn’t touch it. He didn’t touch it, because there is great danger going in there. He’s a predator, right. He’s a predator, he’s a wolf lurking on the outside. “Oh, look at all those chocolates. Look at the mountains. Oh, shoot. They’re so strong sheep dogs in there. Oh, look at those teeth. Oh, no, no, no. Wait a minute. How many sheep dogs are there?” You see. Then he started to change his mind. He decided to go to the next one. You see that? He felt that. He felt the power that was there, and he didn’t mess with it. He didn’t touch it. That’s the only country. Hitler didn’t touch that country. It’s right smack there in the middle. He didn’t touch it. He didn’t touch that country, because it would be such a devastating casualty to him, okay.

Now, if South Korea did that, and listened to the direct guidance of Cain and Abel, that were given to the top levels of government. The top levels of the elite. As you know, spiritually, we were trying to divide the elite between the Abel type and the Cain type. In order to get an Abel type revolution, you have to split the elite, and the good elites have to help create the foundation. They have the funds, and all that stuff, to basically support a battle within their class rank, just like Donald Trump. He’s from the elite; but, because he’s standing with all these people who support him, boom! He can make an inroad into and against this Deep State. Do you see what I mean?

The same with Korea. It had to be done. Split, because it is highly centralized; then you would get the firearms that they train within the military that would be one step closer to the civilians; and, then the civilian dad would train the mom how to use it, when the dad is out, if some bad guy tries to come in. Then it would be seen more as a self-defense tool. Even that culture will start shifting, see it not only as a military weapon, but also as a self-defense tool, right. At the same time, he’s going to train his kids. The kids are going to learn how to defend, and have a proper amygdala function, and think about self-defense; then if Mommy and Daddy are not here, and there’s a bad guy trying to brake in, you have to go there. Your fourteen years old, now, and you got to go get the gun, and you have to put that assailant out, okay. So, then what happens? What happens to the Mafias in Korea? What happens to all the gangs? What happens to all the bad predators? Are they going to think twice before breaking into grandma’s home? Absolutely! You see that? Now, they will think twice before breaking into grandma’s home, or even a single mom’s home, or somebody else’s home, okay? They’re not going to have the leverage of power that they once had. Does that make sense?

And, when the firearms are brought down that way, then they can build a new culture. They can start building Father’s sovereignty culture, and the hog hunting farm he was making down in Yeosu, or the fishing farm he was making. All the self-reliance arts, all the aquaponics and self-reliance things. They would have naturally connected to that whole culture of being into self-defense, and understanding how to defend yourself, and empower your kids to defend themselves. That’s all connected to self-reliance, and not be a slave to a system, not being a slave to some archangelic promising they will do it for you. Do you see what I’m saying? It changes the culture. It brings the rod of iron into the hands of the people; although, it’s not perfect. It’s not Cheon Il Guk, yet. At least it would be moving in that direction, and it would be showing a huge example in Asia, which could then stimulate what? North Korea would have to see South Korea totally differently. Right now, it looks at South Korea, and it sees it is completely disarmed. You understand. It’s walking around as one of the most wired nations I the world. They got all the fancy clothes on, driving around Mercedes Benz’s around; and, North Korea is saying, they have no way to defend themselves. They’re completely sitting on a pile of gold, or a pile of freshly cooked filet mignon ready to eat, and the world around them are saying, “Oh, I smell something. I smell that meat over here. Over here, I got nothing but bones, but look at over here. Oh, a mountain of filet mignon.”

Then you got all these South Koreans that are totally braindead, that don’t know what planet there living on, thinking everything’s good and honkey-dory. Don’t know what’s going on. Everything is cozy. They have no idea what danger they’re in. Absolutely no idea, and they are sitting on a mountain of filet mignon that the wolves won’t eat. That’s not a good situation. That’s a really bad situation. If, South Korea listened to the direction of Father, listened to us, and the sovereignty that he was building, with the Yeosu boating and the hunting grounds, and all those things that were connected with self-reliance, connected with things that were connected to sovereignty, connected with men who were learning how to do self-reliance activities again, and woman being brought in this culture, too; and, children this culture again, then you would have within five-ten years, you would have a massive change. Massive change in the environment.

Japan, too, could have prepared earlier for this, and not talking now; but, now they’re thinking, we may need nuclear capabilities, because now they’re shooting ICBMs over our heads, and we have no preparation. Who saw the King’s Report with the brother from Hokkaido, Japan? I asked him, “How are the people in Japan prepared? Are you prepared? Is there even a culture preparedness? Are there preppers in Japan?” He said, “No!” Complete reliance on the government that’s proven to lie to you, proven that everything they say, they do it worse, and yet, the dumb people believe them. It’s such a sad state of affairs. It’s really Stockholm Syndrome. They’ve just been brainwashed from a young age in the public schools to believe the officials. They’ll take care of you. Believe that the politicians, they will take care of you.

So, I recommended to the brother, maybe they should start a Youtube channel, where they are starting to talk about preparedness. Just talk about it. Just start talking about it on Youtube. Just start a dialogue about it. In America, they’re this thing called preppers, and a big movement who are into preparedness. Let’s say, the worse-case scenario, nothing happens. Well, you can still eat your prepared food. You didn’t lose anything. You still got a ton of food to eat. You can see, it’s not only terrorist attacks, or nuclear attacks. It’s also natural disasters. You saw Hurricane Harvey. We had Bob Exler. Did you ever see him on the show? Bob Exler was there, and he explained to us what was happening in Houston. You know, with all the waters rising up, where people were catching fish out of their houses. Did you see this? This one guy was catching fish out of his house. Let’s put it on the Internet. He thinks it’s a big joke. Hello, sir. Your house is under water. You may want to evacuate now. He’s in his shorts swimming around. Oh, my goodness. That man has had one too many beers. Oh, my Lord.

The point is, it doesn’t have to be that. It could be a natural disaster as well, which you could use your prepared items for that. We were talking about with Bob to have a place where one can go, because Houstonians heard some three-four days before, there was going to be some thirty inches of rain; but, they were told by their Democratic Mayor, stay, stay, stay. It’s ridiculous. Don’t move. You’ll stay in your home, and just die, because we’re Liberal, and we’re trendy. Just die, okay. They told them to stay in their homes; and, the people listened to these fools. Now what. Thirty plus dead. Bodies are being found everywhere.

So, the state of the matter is, is that, there is a big prepping movement in America. Why? Why do we have such a strong prepping community in America? It’s because we still have guns. The nature of the gun and that kind of power, forces you to deal with proper Amygdala growth. You have to be aware that there are threats to your life; otherwise, you wouldn’t be training with a gun. You have to be aware there are threats to your life and your family’s life; and, you are preparing yourself, instead of relying on some politician or government official promising you, they’ll take care of you, and they are always 45 minutes late. It’s about you, taking that dominion, about you taking responsibility, and doing it. You see, it’s so different. The Gun culture is so important. That rod of iron culture. It makes you have to deal with a threat, that potential threat, have to deal with the reality of danger; but, not in a way that you’re so paranoid; but, you’re realistic, and your prepared as you can be. Do you see what I mean?

It’s a different mindset of civilization. It’s proper situational awareness. You’re aware of the situational world, that there is stability. There are bad people. There are disasters. There are bad people, etc. Right! It’s not like you’re in a liberal lunatic cult, where you don’t believe there’s bad people. “Oh, just happy thoughts, happy thoughts. Oh, just happy thought, happy thoughts. Christians getting beat up by Antifa. “Oh, no, no, no. It’s noting. Happy thoughts, happy thoughts, happy thoughts. Oh, I just do Yoga. Where’s my tea? Where is my Yoga mat?” This kind of stupid thing. That’s delusional.

So, the reason why America has such a strong prepping community and survival base is because we still have guns. We still have the rod of iron. We still have tremendous power. A normal-citizens has it, compared to the rest of the world. We still have that power. They just automatically believe what the higher power says. They automatically believe what the archangel says. It doesn’t matter what the centralized government says. They’re trained to believe that’s the only way; but, in Japan you don’t have that culture, but you could bring that sovereignty culture by talking about it on a Youtube video. Just start talking about it on a Youtube video. Just talking about it. Then, other people in Japan, who are worried about the situation, can start talking to you. Then, you can start sharing, “I heard in America they do this, this, and this.” Of course, you would do it within the confines of the laws you have there. You would have something, rather than nothing; and, you would start a community and a dialogue just by talking about it on the internet. By releasing it into the atmosphere, you would connect with people that are serious about, too; because, there are people that are worried about it in Japan.

That wouldn’t have just started in Hokkaido, Japan that would have started ten years ago. At least five years ago. We started bringing this kind of stuff out right around the time Father was ascending in this type of culture. At least we were talking about it, publically. That would have started to force the dialogue, forcing people to re-evaluate the situation. East Asia would be a radically different place. South Korea became strong, and True Parents became strong; and, now other people would have adopting the sovereign based mentality, not only relying on the centralized powers. Of course, they would be on a trajectory on a way that could understand the Kingdom better, and they could understand the Constitution, and Cheon Il Guk better; for, as of now what has happened? They now imploded into the most socialist President they ever got, a Commie President, with some of the most radical leftist in Korean history put up in some of the many departments, etc. I mean, you’re talking about a radical socialist government, now.

This is exactly what we told the Han Mother would happen, because if she does what she did, and betrayed Father, and tries to destroy him, she will betray herself, and a curse will come. Now, you have ICBM missiles flying over Japan. You got H-bombs going off now, and you got escalation; and, by the way, top it off with a little cherry for you all, you got worldwide economic collapse coming soon to a theater near you. Congratulations everybody. So, you have just mounting, mounting, mounting problems, okay.

Father’s very clear. He said the Han Mother will decide. The Kingdom will come, because of the victorious Cain and Abel; and, it’s through the vertical Transfer of Sovereignty and Lineage, the Kingdom of God will come down, vertically. She chose. You can choose a path of blessing, or a path of destruction. A path of Judgment. Either way, the Kingdom will come. Just the one’s going to be a lot more painful. A lot more painful. As we ramp up into the month, where the Revelation is going to become real, we now see more escalation and more escalation. It’s not going to be better. Of course, it will be great if it were getting better; but, it’s not getting better.

So, there is a potential. There has been a potential for nuclear attack since 1945; so, let’s keep in context. There’s always been a threat; but, the Messiah was here, the Lord of Second Advent was here, and he was working on the International stage to stop those kinds of attacks; and, he was the only key player, whether it be in North Korea trying to fend off Kim Jung Il, and that whole Kim regime, trying to do exactly what they’re doing now; or, there was sending three thousand people to Russia to fight against Communism, which eventually lead to the end of the Cold War inside out. Even Gorbachev came to greet Father and thanking him.

The treat has been there since 1945; but, the threat has never been as great as it is now, at least in the modern era. At least, the young people, here, never heard this type of radical escalation, and the type of danger it can incur. Now, we also have to be realistic as to what can happen, because if you don’t know enough about it, you’re just going to paranoid and filled with fear not knowing what the heck to do. If you understand actually how devastating, or the problems of a nuclear explosion, then you have a better picture as to what’s really going to happen. It’s not what the movies show. It’s not what CNN says. What the actual technology is, okay. So, then if you’re preparing, or just getting basic food supplies for your family, whatever, at least you’ll have a better picture, instead of a movie scene, or what you read about some nuclear movie. You know, what you get from Hollywood.

The problem is, whenever you talk about this, and I’m guilty of this myself, I personally have not done nuclear preparedness, I’ve always done wilderness preparedness, or different types of bug in- bug out scenarios preparedness, at that level; but, then there’s another level of nuclear preparedness, because things change when you have radio-active material’s flying around. It’s not like wilderness survivals. You can still use some of those skills; but, it’s not like bug in – bug out scenarios. It’s going to be more like bug in scenarios. Then, there’s other things you have to think about in that type of scenario; but, even talking about this gets people’s minds shutting down, because it’s so painful even thinking about it.

Like you don’t even want to think about it. It’s like, “Oh, my gosh. I don’t even know how to make a fire with twigs; so, I’m not ready to think about nuclear holocaust.” Well, too bad. Welcome to Sunday Service, today. I’ve been telling you to prepare for how many years now; so, if you didn’t prepare, that’s your fault. This is also an upcoming reality. Potential upcoming reality.

Now, is it going to be reality in South Korea, which is very dangerous now? Super high red alert. Defcon 6th level. Very high level of danger alert. Is as dangerous? No. We’re in North East Pennsylvania. Probably one of the safest places in the country, and Father’s hand is here, along with the Three Great Kingships is here. Okay, so you’re happy; but, what about all those folks out there? What about all those Sanctuarians that I talk to on a weekly basis, the thousands and thousands who are out there? There saying how lucky we are. They’re thinking we should move to North East Pennsylvania; but, we’re stuck here. Some of the kids even come for the seminars with the events coming up; but, they can’t even get out of the country if there an able-bodied man. They’re not letting them out, because they know they are trying to run away. All these young men’s Visas were denied in South Korea. They’ve been trying to come for these ceremonies on September 7th and September 23rd. They denied them. Why? Because there’s eminent danger; and, these braindead South Koreans are still talking about there’s nothing to worry about. “Let’s go to Starbucks. There’s nothing to worry about. Ha, ha, ha.”

They have no reality check. They don’t know that there could be eight million people could be dead. Vaporized. They don’t know what kind of danger they’re living in. That’s who braindead and brainwashed they’ve become. They’re like living in a cult. They blame us for being a cult. They’re in a damn cult. There is a status god cult.

So, you have this reality now. Here, it won’t be as dangerous as you will see. Even if something hits New York, Chicago, what else? Washington DC. How could I forget WDC? I know. Some of you are saying that would be a blessing. Don’t say it. LA or San Francisco. We don’t know how far the North Koreans can reach inside the USA, or if they have the technology to hit with a nuclear bomb; so, for America to experience some kind of nuclear exchange, it’s probably going to be, if it starts in East Asia, and Russia and China are backing them, something like that, and we have to fight against China and Russia, then we have a more escalated threat, right? But, we’re in a different situation than Korea. You guys here are a lot more safe. Our brothers and sisters in Korea, they’re on the razor’s-edge right now. They’re trembling, if they understand what’s going on. They got ICBMs flying over their head in Hokkaido, do you understand? We don’t have ICBMs flying over Pennsylvania. We are not even at that stage, yet. The point is, I’m not only speaking to you here in the Sanctuary. I’m speaking to the whole worldwide Sanctuary about what kind of mentality you are going to be dealing with.

So, obviously NorthEast Pennsylvania is a place prepared by God. It was also a critical area for Trump becoming President. It was a critical point. It was the one that made him President. It was the place that the Trump family and the Father’s family, Father’s Kingship, became connected. It was a place where the world President was elected. Even though the US doesn’t like to call him the world President, that’s what he is, okay. So, Pennsylvania, obviously, is a Providential area; and, it is an area, thank God, that is outside the range and danger zone of the major metropolis areas that likely will be targeted or hit; but, again, I am giving context. We’re not in the same situation where South Korea is now, or Japan is now. You get that, right? We are much safer than they are now. They are on the razor’s tip. You get that, okay.

So, let’s look at this video that’s a discussion. It’s meant to be a discussion. The sisters, don’t think when you leave the King says, “Oh, my gosh. we’re going to blow up. We’re all going to die in a nuclear holocaust when we leave here.” Don’t freak out like that. Calm down. I see, you’re already telling your husband’s. Listen to what I said. Don’t listen with your emotions. Listen. You are safer here, obviously; but, in other parts of the world, they’re not as safe as you. So, at least even starting a discussion, it’s censored and almost made illegal. At least, culturally, you’re not supposed to talk about it. This has to be broken. We have to be able to talk about these kinds of things and not be silenced; whether it be by a Church, a ecclesiastical body, whatever. The government. These kinds of things, socially, by peer pressure, they should not be able to silence you for talking about this; so, when they try to silence you for saying you’re stupid, you say, you’re the ones who are stupid. Now I know. When you come knocking on my door, I’m going to reject you. Find a different place. We have to be able to talk about these things and discuss and dialogue about these things, and have a community where we can talk about these things, because everybody’s thinking in a different manner. Everybody’s saying, “Oh, what’s for lunch? Oh, okay. Let’s all go and have a nice day. We’ll just go to work on Monday.” That’s great. Okay, do that; but, what about your preparing in different levels? These are things to get you thinking.

Again, I’m not only talking to you here in Newfoundland. We’re talking to brothers and sisters worldwide in one hundred sixty plus Sanctuary Churches around the world. What’s it, close to eighty countries. There are hundreds of Sanctuarys around the world. Okay, yes, you’re sitting in front of me, and you’re the rare group that has driven a couple of hours to get here; but, there’s other people that can’t get here. They have to fly or take days to get her, okay; so, I’m talking to them, too. So, they should be thinking about it, too; because, East Asia blowing up, if it does, in a problematic situation like that, that’s closer to Europe. That’s closer to Eastern Europe. That’s closer to Africa. That’s closer to Taiwan. That’s closer, if you live in Japan, obviously, or the Philippines, where we have a big community. The Philippines, Thailand, you name it, okay.

So, we have to think about these kinds of things. Even this uncomfortable topic of nuclear war. I know you don’t want to think about it. I know you rather not think about it. Too bad! We have to think about it. Go ahead tech team. Play the video:

(A video was shown on a potential list for a nuclear war. See Infowars.com for details of this video as to what to prepare in case of a nuclear war. It’s called, “20 Thing to Survive a Nuclear War.”)

A brainwashed cult. Look at that. Even seeing this image, we don’t want to think about. This is ridiculous. You’re thinking, “Come on! There’s not going to be an attack.” You are arrogant and you’re selfish. You are not living in South Korea or Japan. You’re a selfish, narcissistic person to only think about yourself, because you live in a safe place, protected by lots of guns; whereas, there’s a lot of poor people out there in different countries. Now, we are not trying to get you scared.

So, why is the King talking about prepping and preparedness? I have no choice. I’m telling you, so you prepare, and you don’t become part of the desperate hoards I have to shoot. Do you understand. Don’t be a fool. I’m telling you in advance. You cannot expect other people to prepare for you. The reason why I’m telling you this in advance, and I’ve been telling you for three years, is because you have to do the responsibility. Stop expecting other people to do it for you. Every survival situation and location has a limit. If more people would see that limit, you start putting at risk the survival of the people in that place; so, there’s a limit to Blue Stone, there’s a limit to the Palace, there’s a limit to Kook Jin Nim’s properties. Do you get it? There’s a physical limit; and, if there’s fifty people out there raiding a place, we’re going to be required to defend it. And, we got tons of guns, do you understand? You don’t want to be on the opposite side of that. Just crazy. Crazy.

Now, to give you some perspective, we are in Pennsylvania. That’s a lot safer than Korea right now. Korea is in a whole different situation. They can’t acquire guns. Look, you can’t get everything on that list, and that’s a pretty good list. That’s a pretty good starting point, I would say. A lot of the skills in the wilderness to survive that helps you. It crosses over into at least thinking about life, and defending your life and your family. It gets you into thinking, “Oh, hey, I really don’t want my children to die. There only five years old. Yeah, I really don’t want to be in a shutdown situation, and I really have to tell my kids, we have nothing; and, now we have to go to Richard Panzer’s house, who has nothing. Am I right, Richard? Keep it to yourself. Keep it to yourself. He may have more than you know. We don’t know.

You’re responsible. You’re not supposed to come to Sunday Service, and have your Frappuccino and forget everything. You had three plus years to prepare. If you have not, that’s the problem. That’s the problem. So, these kinds of things are meant to stimulate. If you are stimulated, and you are committed by the Holy Spirit, you got to at least start thinking about these scenarios. You can’t be braindead in a lunatic neocon cult. This is a serious situation.

Now, there’s no guarantee that’s there’s going to be a nuclear holocaust in East Asia. Korean kids, don’t be writing to your parents, “Oh, there’s going to be a bomb tomorrow. I mean, get out now;” because, again you’re not hearing the content. Obviously, it’s a scary topic; and, it’s a topic that a societal cult never to talk about it, and if you talk about it, you’re crazy. Even, though the guys shooting Hydrogen bombs underground, and being successful with the largest nuclear test now; even though there’s missiles flying over Hokkaido; and, we had Hokkaido people on “The King’s Report.” Even though you had all that, you can’t talk about it. You have to say screw you to the wall, you have to talk about it. By talking about it, and releasing it from this don’t talk mentality that the liberal lunatics and the controller don’t want you to have, because they don’t want you to be prepared; because, when you are not prepared, you’ll listen to every command they give you.

“Go to the cities right now. New York City has just been hit. We call on all New Yorkers to go to New York City right now.” You gonna follow that? “This is a federal emergency management system, with an emergency warning to all citizens of New York. We are calling on all citizens. The safest place is New York City right now.” I can’t believe it. There’s this one Marine, who made this ridiculous video about urban survival, and there’s a nuclear disaster, or something like that, and he’s telling people to go into the cities. He’s a nutbag; and, you should say, you are braindead in the head. That is the place you want to avoid. The city has the greatest risk, because there’s a lot of different groups and people that you cannot control.

In the wilderness, a black bear is much safer than a human being that want to get stuff from you. Way safer. A grizzly bear cougar is one hundred times safer than a human being that has a very hi IQ than compared to animals; and, if they want to take something from you, they’ll find many ways to try and kill you, and get your stuff. A sad reality, but true. That’s the last place you want to go, if you are not in the city. Why do you want to go in the city? He’s got a whole video crew following him, too, that’s probably paid for by the federal government.

That’s like a handsome young man, a handsome Marines saying, “I’m a Marine. Yeah, I’ve been in the war; and, he’s got a whole camera crew following him; and, if a civil war breaks out, you have to back into the city. What? Who paid for this? Who paid for that video? I want to know the funder of that video? That is ridiculous. Telling if there’s a nuclear attack, go into the city. Are you crazy. Okay, you do that if you want to die. That is ridiculous. The point is, yes, the level of threat is better than it is in Asia; but, as you can see, we’re in a situation, where many things are called, “compounding.”

We are in a compounded situation. We only have a crazy man in North Korea doing the H-bomb stuff. We only have things deterring Russia and America, and China and America. We only have political instability between Russia and Europe, where it’s being taken over by radical Islam. We only have these isolated things, which are not isolated. They’re altogether compounding around the world, plus we have top analysts like Jim Rogers, Peter Schiff, and Harry Dent. I mean, these are the people that were predicting every single boom and bust, you understand? Every single one they predicted, accurately. Ron Paul, every single boom and bust cycle they had predicted accurately before it happened, and they are multimillionaires because of that. They predicted every cycle by looking at demographics, statistics, etc. and, every single one of them says there’s an economic crash coming. We told you that three years ago.

So, you implode all this political instability with George Soros funding. All these radical groups trying to start a civil war; you have all this instability in the Middle East, with Iran putting out their Naval ships in the middle of the Pacific Ocean; and, you have a crazy man in Korea shooting off ICBM missiles over nations now. Now, he’s testing an H-bomb; plus, on top of that, you have radical Islam pouring in all over Europe; plus, top of that, you got economic crash coming. How many times to do I have to tell you? Just wait, wait. “Oh, what’s the Second King going to say this week. Oh, it’s like a movie. Oh, it’s so fun. Oh, Wow!” This is not a movie.

This is the reality that you are in; and, you can see, as we started playing this video, you can see how your mind works? You see how your mind wants to shut off? That’s why this guy’s brilliant. He’s making all these cute little cartoons, and the young kids, as soon as they see a cartoon, they want to watch. They get mesmerized, then. If it’s like one of these old grainy videos from the 70s, it’s like they want to fall asleep. That’s who braindead young people are. They got to see something trendy like animation. Then they get excited and their mind turns on. It’s ridiculous.

They’ve been trained not to think about content, and see individuals, because they have the memory span less than a goldfish, less than seven seconds. That’s how long a human being has in the modern world. That’s pathetic. That’s all your video games, and all your stupid TV gets you down to a memory of seven seconds. That’s how pathetic young people have become. That’s why you don’t transfer content, unless of course, you took the red pill, then you’re awake. You don’t transfer content. You just watch images. That’s all you can see. Your mind just sees the images. Don’t be stupid. Hear the content. Transfer content into your brain. That’s why combat arts are very important, because you got to transfer lots of information, lots of content into your brain; and, then you actualize it through fighting. It trains your brain to transfer a lot of information, a lot of content. Not just look at images, okay.

So, this is a serious issue that is now on the horizon. Our President is talking about this as being the greatest threat. Now, we have to keep this in context; because, I don’t want everybody freaking out, and saying, “Oh, my gosh. We’re going to die, honey. Hurry up. Save me, save me. Do something, honey. Do something?” Then rag on your husband all week. Do something. Do something.” You say, “I did. I bought some extra batteries. Can’t you see that? That’s not enough.” Take it slow. I mean, take it step by step.

Don’t freak out. Don’t drive your man nuts. Don’t drive your wife nuts, okay. Better to take it slow. Hey, you’re going to drink water, anyway, right. Everytime you go to the grocery shop, okay, you buy an extra gallon of water. So, that’s one dollar. One dollar. For one dollar, you can get a gallon of water. Okay, everytime you go to the grocery store, just grab a gallon of water. A whole extra dollar. Just grab a can of soup for an extra dollar fifty, or beans. You see? Then what, you’re going to the super market two-three times per week? Okay, so within a week, you got three extra gallons that’s sitting in your basement. Then, in a month, you got twelve to sixteen gallons of water saved, sitting in your basement. Next month you got, what is that? Twenty-four to thirty-two gallons of water. The next month you got some 36 to 48 gallons of water. Anyways, you get the picture. Do you see what I’m saying?

You can do small things. You can get a headlamp. He said flashlight. Get a headlamp. You got two hands open, and you can do all the things you want. Try to sync up your equipment, so that you’re using triple A or double A batteries. It’s easy to acquire batteries. It’s easy to acquire and easy to trade, if you have to, right. I mean, simple common-sense things. People don’t even think about simple common-sense things like this. This is how unaware people are of their lives. They take everything for granted. Guess what. If things go bad, you’re going to be responsible for your safety, for your children safety, or your own safety, if you are alone.

If the electric grid goes down, which North Korea has been threatening, you’ll be ready. They make tons of threats. We’re going to attack America’s gird, all those kinds of things. If something like that happens, you’re used to just calling somebody up. You’re used to just turning on your radio. What if you have no gas, and you can’t get to where your friend is? There’s already a shortage in the gas supply, which the media has made down in Houston there. Already making a shortage of the gas supply by stirring people up into hysteria by saying, “No more gas. No more gas. No more gas.” Everybody’s buying gas, and now there is a gas shortage supply. You see that? That’s a case, where the media has created hysteria to create what it wanted, which is what they wanted you to think, “You see the effects of global warming?” even though hurricanes less frequent than fifty years ago. We actually have a drought compared to fifty years ago. We have to have more hurricanes worldwide, actually. Even though Al Gore promised you in his “Inconvenience Truth” documentary, that by 2013, the icebergs would melt, and New York and New Delhi would be under water by eight feet.

These are known liars, do you understand? These are people, who want to create a global government. Why? Because they can get what is called a global tax. If you’re going to fund a world government, you going to get a worldwide tax. The political Satanists and the archangel, they salivate when they hear of a worldwide tax. Yeah, they salivate. There happy when they can tax in this local area; but, if they can tax the world, do you know how many billions go into their pocket? Their so happy when they can tax a little county. The people have no idea he predators you’re dealing with.

Okay, so that’s a nice thing this man has created. It’s a great service to the prepper community; but, again, you can see how the guns are in there. Why? The gun culture is related to preparedness. Why would you have a gun, if it’s just for hunting? You would also have a self-defense gun for what? Self-defense. What are you doing? Preparing for self-defense. Preparing, see. It’s connected to preparedness.

So, it extends beyond that, which is why you have a very strong robust prepping culture in America, because you have so many guns here. People still have a little bit of awareness; or, at least the gun owners do. And, that’s why people within the gun community are usually preppers, and a likely preparing for any scenario.

Now, you can’t be ready for all scenarios; but, you be ready for some, okay. Even the taboo nuclear scenario. This is probably the first time I discussed this in how many years, right, because even myself, I can see myself not wanting to talk about this stuff, because it’s so cognitively painful to think about. How many people feel some cognitive pain just watching that video? You just feel mentally stressed. That’s a normal reaction; but, again, you can’t be scared of reality, just because it’s painful.

We are in a situation, where our brothers and sisters are not all here in Pennsylvania. If we were all here in Pennsylvania, that’s one thing; but, they’re scattered around the world. We also know the micro is moving with the macro; so, what we do on the micro also helps other people to be stimulated just by what we’re doing here. We are already stimulating Hokkaido, Japan, we are stimulating Japan and Korea to talk about preparedness, making videos talking about these things, which help other people, who are Christians Conservatives, whoever, thinking, “Hey, maybe we have to think about these things a little bit;” and, maybe help build their communities.

You see how the micro gets connected to the macro? We are living in a stage, now, that Revelation 13 is also coming up, too, because we see the censorship that’s happening on the internet with conservative voices.

Can you believe it. Diamond and Silk, two African-American Holy Ghost sisters, who love Trump, they are being demonetized by the racist Youtube elites, racist, arrogant, hateful, vengeful, Google executives are racistly banning Diamond and Silk, two African-Americans, because they have the wrong view. They demonetize them. That’s their living. They make a living off their channel; and, their demonetized, because they’re Black, and they hold the wrong view, and they’re not in the same camp, and Plantation, and they dare to speak another rhetoric to the Black community; so, the Black community say, “Hey, I agree with them. I don’t want to be with that stupid politician. I agree with Diamond and Silk.” They demonetize them.

They censor all the other people like David Knight, and Alex Jones, and Breitbart, and every single one of them. Mike Cernovich, all these guys, and James O’Keefe. Daily Caller, and Chuck Carlson. They’re censoring these things on the internet with their algorithms. Purposeful. Then, they’ll put up stupid cracks with the Young Turks, a total Saudi Arabia funded, Wahhabi supporting, pretending to be atheist Chunk Yogurt. His name is Chuck Yogurt or something like that, but they call him Chunk Yogurt, okay, just to make fun of him. Saudi Arabian, Wahhabi backed rhetoric, defending radical Islam all the time, even though he claims to be an atheist. They have his videos fending in the front of Youtube; so, when you click on Youtube, you get these stupid liberal lunatics views, and you can’t get real content from real news outlets that are not part of the propaganda machine to implode sovereignty, and to centralize the state. That censorship is already happening.

Also, SBLC. Who knows SBLC. You should know. I just told you about it. Southern Poverty Law Center. Total propaganda Marxist, George Soros funded CIA op; and they’re touted in the New York Times and Washington Post, NBC, ABC, you name it. All the propaganda CIA media. “Oh, they’re human right activists. There out there now, having Christian organizations like the Family Institute, or whatever it is. Family Research Council. I mean, you talk about a Christian organization talking about family values. They’re now put on the hate list. That’s been a couple of years, now. They’re now on the hate listen. They’re now suing the SBLC, obviously; but, if they’re on that hate list, what happens? Because, they’re on the hate list of the SBLC, they cannot open an Amazon account; so, they were prohibited for buying and selling. They had instruction for the free association for things they want to buy and sell, because they had the wrong view. Do you see that? They didn’t believe the State is god, and that government should be worshiped. I don’t know what they think of the Bilderberg group. The point is, if they have a conservative view, a Christian view, and they have been put a hate watch list by this propaganda organizations, then they can’t buy and sell just like everyone else. Then, they can’t even do normal trade, because they have the wrong view that doesn’t worship the beast. Do you see this? This kind of thing is not only escalating, it’s here.

We are living in a serious time, folks. Now, look at the difference. This guy is a prepper, okay. I believe he’s a prepper, this guy; so, he’s trying to say, “Hey, you should prepare.” Notice his message, right. This guys like a Youtuber, and I think he’s a prepper. He does a lot of videos on prepping. He’s trying to help put out information to the best of his ability. It doesn’t mean he’s perfect all the time; but, he’s trying to put out the best information. You can see what he’s doing. He’s trying to say, “Hey, you should prepare.” Now watch.

The next video I’ll show you is a Ted Talk from an expert in Nuclear Science; but, look at his conclusion? His conclusion is so different. Now, you got to remember, he’s part of a government body; so, I wonder what his conclusion will be? You can see how different his conclusion is. This guy is just a normal citizen, with a nice Australian accent. He’s trying to tell normal citizens, that, he’s not saying it’s going to happen; but, in case it does, these are things to have, and to be prepared about. Just think about it. Now, look at what Mr. Government Agent, who also gives information that’s valuable, but look at the conclusion. Always, always, always, archangel. Go ahead play that video.

This guy is talking about if New York was hit by a nuclear attack. In this case by a suitcase nuclear bomb. You see this is the problem. They’re saying we need the state to gather all these weapons, even though ISIS or North Korea will never disarm themselves. In Cheon Il Guk, guess what? Everything is local; so, you have a local criminal organization, if you get a whiff of that, the peace police/ peace militia is after that person; and, they have the power and force to shut that down right away. That’s not happening in one or two places. Anywhere this will be happening. Anywhere this is happening in Cheon Il Guk, you’ll have the local area that also has contacts in other local areas that can help support you, if they have to; or, they’ll have some support with other bomb squads, or this or that organization. You’d call them in, or whatever.

What’s that big camp. They got a whole Jihadi camp in upstate New York. I’m not saying they are doing nuclear there; but, let’s say in Cheon Il Guk. Okay, you’d have local jurisdiction with jurisprudence; and, you would have peace police/peace militia there, and they would trump the federal orders to give them protection. They would say, no, no, no. That’s a dangerous thing. They may want to take that out. Do you see what I mean? So, it’s not like in every case they would have to wage a war upon them. They may bring law suits against them. They may demand an investigation to the facilities. There obviously human beings; so, they would do it step by step; but, they’re going to start clamping down on them wherever they are.

So, whether they’re in Afghanistan, or wherever, all those borders in Cheon Il Guk under God’s Constitution, local people will be able to snuff those fools out; and, none of those local people are centralized cops or centralized military, you see. So, what would happen is, in Cheon Il Guk over generations, you would start eradicating real dangerous criminals if they were doing all those kinds of things. So, you would be eliminating the predator class over generations. So, the predator class would be eliminated in every successive generation, and more and more predators within the predator class would be eliminated, especially if they were doing heinous crimes that would require capital punishment. Do you see what I mean? So, not only would you have an infrastructure where people were operating by conscience in local governments and all that, you’d have a situation where literally the predator genetics are being wiped out. Do you see? That is how you do it.

You don’t deal with nuclear proliferation by centralizing government. You don’t give the power to the UN to tax everybody in the world. To do the nuclear tax their going to do, to help fund their activities, which is really to steal money from everybody. Meanwhile, they would allow ISIS to get plutonium. They would allow North Korea to get plutonium. They allow for Iran to get plutonium. Obama gives them five hundred thousand dollars in cash to trade for hostages, even though they said, they would never negotiate with terrorists. He negotiated with them, and gave them $500 thousand to release hostage; and, then he let them out of prison. Do you see those Al-Qaeda leaders? I showed you last year. Remember that? Obama let out the top Al-Qaeda leaders that were held in Guantanamo Bay. He let them out. He let out the Generals. They went right back to Al-Qaeda killing more people. You can’t make this up. It’s so crazy. It’s so insane. It drives me bonkers see this every day; but still, I keep a level head, even though I rant sometimes.

Look, always these government agents always, always, always, how they deal with it. “We have to take away their weapons.” If you take away the weapons, only the good guys will give the weapons away. “The good guys.” Then, you’ll have all those predator nations, you have been trying to take away all the nuclear arms from by the UN for the last fifty years; and, guess who’s got tons of nuclear weapons? Exactly, the tyrants we were supposed to take them away from. You see the problem here? Always the archangel is always, always, always making this argument. Go ahead. Let’s go to the New York blast:

So, disarmament is the only way. You will never be able to disarm the radical groups. Never. They will never give up their weapons. Never. Never, never, never. Predators will not five up their weapons. They will never give it up. That’s their road to power. If they give the weapons, they have no way to get power. That’s how you win.

Now, we only have tyrants with nuclear bombs all over the place. He admits it. The Federal government, which they tell you to believe in, and trusting as God, and will protect you in case of an emergency. He’s a government employee, and he’s forced to admit it, that they are under prepared. Katrina was a total failure. Look at what happened to Harvey? It was the normal citizens. Hunters and fisherman who had boats; and, they know how to hunt, and they know how to drive a boat. They had bass fishing boats. They went around catching people from the houses. Normal citizens. FEMA is way out there on the waterlines. Okay, FEMA does a little bit; but, they are totally unprepared. The citizens had to pitch in. You saw how. We showed the pictures on The King’s Report with all the hunters and fisherman. The normal citizens coming out trying to drive their boats picking people up. They’re not FEMA agents. That’s normal citizens saving the day, not stupid centralized government. Always, the archangel will lie to you. Go ahead play the video:

The Russians have found a way to put a very simple bomb into a suitcase. Members of the radical left were caught last two weeks ago trying to blow up statues in Houston. They were trying to make bombs. The radical left is now weaponizing trying to make bombs now. This is America. That’s the problem with the Deep State. You have all these passive aggressive predators in there. When you meet them, there like these White guys, with nice suits. “Hey, hey. How you doing? Oh, I hate Trump.” They’re all passive aggressive predators. They’re all beta male predators. They want to pray on people, and they want an easy way to do it; so, they choose to go into government to get power, and girls. It’s ridiculous. Totally ridiculous. It’s all about the Deep State.

Let’s look at the reality of what a suitcase bomb could do to New York City. Don’t be in Manhattan. When’s the best time to attack America. In the middle of a coup d’état. When the Deep State is really trying to kill the President, and destroy a duly elected President, and overturn all the system of America, which is happening now. Meanwhile, we have a threat of North Korea, etc. Meanwhile, we have a threat of Iran in the Middle East. Meanwhile we have the threat of civil war, and coup d’état that is happening right now in these United States of America; and, don’t forget, the economic collapse is coming. Bad compounding recipe, folks. Very, very bad compounding recipe.

Now, I’m going to save you the stupid conclusion, which is, “Oh, you have to trust the UN. We have to have nonproliferation of weapons,” which means, give more nuclear weapons to Kim Jung Un. That’s what it means. Alright, folks. So, you have some context. That would be like a suitcase bomb that went off. Try to get at least a mile away from the blast radius. That’s a small Nagasaki bomb that he’s talking about. Now, it’s less likely that’s going to happen in the United States, unless there’s a World War III. Again, I am not only talking to you people who are here. I’m talking to the people across the world, who are watching right now. Some of them are in a very dangerous zone right now. Some of our brothers and sisters right now are in grave danger.

So, we know that 9/23 is coming up. We know. Remember. What does that Scripture say? In the 9/23 Revelation, there’s going to be Satan’s force try to destroy woman, of course. The child, the saints, the faithful. There will be a spiritual war; and, of course, they’re trying to start physical wars, too. There’s going to be massive, massive battles coming up. Not only is are faith going to be tested; not only is our spirit going to be tested; not only is our will going to be tested; but, our preparedness will be tested, too. He who has eyes to see, see! He who has ears to hear, hear! Stop taking things for granted. Stop thinking someone’s going to be doing it for you. You must be responsible; and, be a safety board for others around you. Not be part of the hoards and masses trying to steal from other people. Once, the Shemitah hits the fan, then you are likely to get shot, because we can’t see through fifty hundred people trying to get something. I pray the Holy Ghost is convicting you. Stop playing around.

This is a serious time. They all laughed at us. They thought we were crazy when we told them, if the Han Mother does this, there will be destruction, not only to her, and the Family Fraud; but, of course to Korea and the rest of the world. Of course, Korea will be hit harder. She laughed it off, and said I was crazy. “The True Mother is in Korea. How dare you say anything against her perfect success and victory. What a deluded woman.” Traitorous, and arrogant and narcissistic, and filled with hubris before God. And, you seen what happened. Anybody in Korea never even imagined that. You were the ones that were cursing the Second King at that time. Those Koreans. Now, your nation has flipped over to Communists. No possibility of getting sovereignty. No possibility of bringing the Cheon Il Guk culture; and, you are on the verge of nuclear holocaust. Now, you may think I am talking to you; but, I’m talking to Koreans, too. Okay?

These are serious times, folks. We should be on our knees and praying to God asking for His guidance. The Tribulation’s here. We cannot stop it; but, you can ask for guidance. We survive not for the sake of your children. There’s no guarantee anyone of you will survive. You may be all dead. We may be all dead after this. They’ll start hunting us. They are starting to behead people who are Christian. They’re going to go after us, censoring everything, force you to go into the cities, allow you not to buy and sell on the internet. You don’t think all that’s coming if a war breaks out? How easy they can shut down your life, because it’s so easily tied to the Internet. Don’t know how to hunt. Don’t know how to secure food. I’ve not prepared anything. Completely addicted to Amazon that will get you things in two days. If that all breaks down, you can’t get nothing; and, super markets are empty. Oh, your screwed now. You’re in big trouble. Now you’re saying, “Oh, Shish-ka-bob.”

How many times have I been telling you about this over the last three years. We’re in serious times. Serious times. We have to survive this period, not for the sake of survival, because even if we die, we’re going to be with Christ in Heaven. It’s not for that. It’s so the Kingdom, which is coming, has to be inherited. Do you understand? It has to be inherited. It has to be inherited by the sons and daughters of God, who stood with God’s Kingship, when it was the hardest thing to do. Even though your children curse you, and mock you, and said you were crazy, now they’re the ones who appear, and have been exposed of being stupid crazies. They’ve been exposed for being in a cult. They’ve been exposed for believing in what those stupid teachers told them. They’ve been exposed for being brainwashed media sluts, making fun of people who actually know the situation of what’s going on; and, who was trying to activate East Asia to step into sovereignty Cheon Il Guk culture. That’s how braindead the stupid young people are; and, never been told they are stupid and braindead.

Obviously, the people here are much more prepared; but, think about it. Think about how your mind wants to shut off, when we talk about serious things. Think about how you want to shut off your cognitive dissonance. Still, you’re probably ten times more awake than the normal person, but still your mind wants to shut off; so, we talk about serious things. You must be responsible for that. You have to fight that demon that’s trying to make you not think about this kind of thing. Nobody can do it for you. Don’t expect other people to do it for you. You’ll just be a burden to them. You’re supposed to be a gift and a blessing to others, not a burden. Don’t expect people are gonna take care of you, when they have five hundred people trying to hoard stuff from them. There not even going to see you in the crowd. I’m not speaking to only you people here, even though you’re right in front of me. I’m speaking to a whole audience, okay.

Obviously, people here are way more prepared than most people, but still, many of you are underprepared; and, of course, we can’t be prepared perfectly for every scenario, but we can be more prepared. I mean, probably most people here, you probably at least ten times more prepared than the normal person. At least you have consciousness, and you are awake, and you know the sign of the times you are living in. It’s not like these braindead lunatics that know nothing. They don’t know what planet they’re on. They think they’re riding on a Klingon planet trying to be some stupid dragon by having surgery. These people are crazy. They say, I identify as a dragon. Did you see these people? This is the problem of being informed, see. You look crazy, when you’re informed. There’s an actual person, he’s tattooed his whole body, he’s tattooed reptilian skin, he’s got surgery on his ears. He’s cut them off, because he believes he’s a dragon. This is the insanity that the people are in. Meanwhile, they’re trying to put transgender sexual agenda saying you can change your gender on how you feel each day. Their trying to make people delusional, and mentally ill; because, if you are delusional and mentally ill, you cannot see any danger coming towards your way, and you are easy to control, and you can be blown up.

We have to central more power to the government. Always the same thing. The people are so stupid and braindead, and totally brainwashed by the media. They don’t even know how to read a book, now. They don’t even know what a book is. They’re reading everything on a stupid tablet. What happens when there’s no more tablet, and there’s no more energy? What happens when there’s no more energy? Then you can’t play your little game. Now, you can’t contact people. Your phone is off. All your contact lists have disappeared. Think about it, you probably don’t even know your best friend’s phone number.

Think about it. You probably can’t remember that that last three-four people on your phone contact list. Actually, know their actual number. See how much you are a slave to technology. Technology is great; but, when it’s used for control, it can be very mean. You can get people to do a lot of things, if you strip them of their addiction. Always centralized power, always the archangel, do that. It is the nature of the archangel.

So, we are talking about a prepared Kingdom. A Kingdom that is prepared. We have to think about these things, even you don’t want to think about these things. It’s cognitive dissonance. Screw your emotions. It’s about reality. It’s about what we are actually facing. It’s about what time we are in. We are not in an easy simple time. It’s not. It’s not going to get better. I told you a million times. It’s going to get worse. It’s get worse, not better, even though you all mocked at me, and laughed at me. Not all. You know what I mean. I’m speaking generally. In America, I always got to qualify almost everything I say. In Korea, everyone kind of understands. Sometimes, when I speak, it doesn’t mean you all. In America, I always got to qualify.

Let’s be aware of the times we are in, folks. We are now in September. It’s not playtime. You’ll see the stocks tanking now. You’ll see the economy is getting hurt more and more. As we progress, it’s going to get worse. How many years have we been telling you what real assets are? How many years, we’ve been telling you about a royal culture? How many years, we been telling you about royal assets? How many years, we’ve been telling you about paper money? How many years, we’ve been telling you about all those kinds of stuff? Preparedness in the wilderness. Survival. All that kinds of stuff. How many years?

Now, I’m not saying this so you feel bad about yourself. No. Forget that. Forget those emotions. You can just start one step at a time; and, you can just start where you can begin. Change your mindset. Know the time you’re living in. Stop being slowed down by a sense of security to your iPad and computer. Your little comfort-zone. “Oh, I feel stressed, amigo. The comfort-zone of the iPad and the iPhone.” How pathetic are you? Don’t be addicted by that.

I was telling the Queen the other day, I said, “That’s why in the Cheon Il Guk culture, people are free. That’s why we love going into the outdoors, because outdoors, no matter where you are, you’re not tied to one place. You can always be in the presence of God.” We were talking about the Han Mother, right, because she’s so tied to that $300 million Palace. In a nuclear event, it’s going to up in a vaporize flame. She’s so tied to a physical location.

See, those in a Cheon Il Guk culture, Father’s tradition and culture, we love the outdoors. We love nature. Anywhere you put us, anywhere we will be at home. We’ll be in our Palace. Anywhere. Just not underwater, permanently, unless we develop. We have freedom, because we know we’re not confounded and bound to the urban cycle, and the internet ghetto cycle. We have something greater than those things. We transcend those things. We have real community. We have honest people. We have nature all around us to train us. We’re not connected to a physical building, or some Cheon Jeong Palace in Cheongpyeong. Drop me out of a plane. We landed in Pennsylvania, and built a civilization from nothing. You can drop us anywhere. That’s the culture and mindset, okay.

So, be aware, folks. This is not playtime; and, if you’re Korean, don’t call your parents and say, “There’s a bomb dropping.” Don’t freak them out. They’re already under tremendous stress over there. They already heard the Sunday Sermon. They’re supposed to wait until Wednesday; but, they hear it now. Then, they got these translators, translating it. It’s understandable, because it’s so stressful, where they’re living at now; and, they’re fighting the Commies on a weekly basis. Please pray for them, folks. We have to pray the people of God remain true. We are not trying to survive this, just for survival sake. We are trying to survive through this, because God needs to do His Will. It’s not about us surviving. It’s about God doing His Will, and that’s why you have to be prepared and responsible.

Okay, SOS, come on up. In all this, we have to give God His praise. He gave us light. He gave us wisdom. That He stirs our spirit and convicts us with the Holy Spirit, that we may be stimulated into action to do His Will, to be instruments of His peace for His Kingdom that is coming.

CSG Page 246

I know very well the feeling of taking risks on the front line, like the time David stood in front of Goliath. It is the feeling of courage and confidence. If I fight a hundred wars, I can win a hundred wars because God is protecting me. I have actually become this kind of person because I thought all along, “If you hit me, it is you rather than I who will be shattered’” Just as God raised me like this, I have the responsibility to raise you this way.

Let’s all rise and give all the glory to our Father. Amen-Aju!


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