2017-08-27 Every Day Carry


Now, we talked about a very import thing last week. In many, many weeks coming, we know, of course, the time we are living in. The sign in Heaven is coming September 23rd; and, we now know who the woman in Revelation is. It’s very clear.

So, we are in a very serious time, at the end of time; and, when somebody who is in Christ, one must be prepared. One must have preparedness as part of one’s lifestyle; so, I have been talking about preparedness many times. Preparing is a very biblical thing. There are some videos I want to show you today; but, before we get to that, you have to understand the times we are living in, today. These are not normal times. In the times we are living in, today, we have all sorts of societal breakdown, natural disasters, all sorts of things that are in and around us. The Bible talks about pestilence. The Bible talks about natural disasters. The Bible talks about unnatural spiritual disasters as well.

It is very important. We also got some question during the Summer Camp about preparedness. Some young people are working in the cities; and, they are wondering how they could best prepare if something breaks down in the cities. You have riots. You have attacks. You have pulling down of statues. You have Antifa running around. You have George Soros funding these crazy terrorists. You have a very unstable situation. Now, we’re more in the countryside, so we don’t feel that as much; but, I guarantee you this, if you were in Charlottesville just two weeks ago you’d already be stocking up on water like some of the kids down there did. Making funding by their parents for two or three years; then, that blows up. “Holy crap. We need some extra food and water.” Yeah, you bums, because you’re not prepared.

It’s always supposed to be funny. It’s always ha-ha, hoo-hoo, because it’s not in front of your face; and, when it’s right in front of your face, you realize. “Oh, dam.” Then, all of a sudden, the people are prepared. It’s like, “Oh, can I borrow this stuff from you?” We should, if that happens, you can punch them in the face. That should be at least their minimum punishment. You should be able to sock ‘em in the head. Make it a nice punch to the nose, because they deserve it. Their banking on people that are responsible, and have the proper Amygdala function, and can see the signs of the times, and don’t get caught up in the popular cult of the main stream media. Just trying to laugh everything away, like they’re psychologically pre-programed. They mentioned one son of Maya Banks, who was on Oprah; and, everybody was laughing. “Ha, ha, ha, hoo, hoo, hoo!” And so, everybody’s just trained to laugh at it, as if it’s a non-issue, even the mainstream media is trying to kill Trump. Even though Phil Mudd, the Deputy Director of the FBI says on CNN, “We are going to kill the President.” Even though, you have a beheaded character of the President of a bloodied head by Kathy Griffith; then, you have these celebrity cult people. “Oh, no! Don’t mind any of that,” even though there’s all these terrorist attacks on TV trying to blow up statues in Houston caught this week. They’re trying to use IED. That’s ISIS style terrorism. You’ve been taught on Tyra Banks and Oprah and Ellen DeGeneres, that you should just laugh when people tell you that you should be prepared. You see, you’ve been brainwashed.

You’re so braindead and stupid that you don’t realize this is psychological warfare by some of the top military experts operating these systems. They do it on nations, which they take over financially and politically, just like George Soros did in the Ukraine. That was just in 2016. You see, you’re just training to be braindead, trained to laugh at things, trained to blow things off that may be important. You got your glitzy, glamourous hair and makeup on a little talk show host going, “Ha, ha, ha, hoo, hoo. Oh, they’re so crazy, you know. Oh, yeah, they think dooms day’s coming, you know. Let’s go get a Frappuccino at Starbucks.”

And this whole culture is made to mock at you, laugh at you, to make you feel that your crazy. “You’re not going along with the system; and, you’re not going along with what the public-school teachers tell you. You’re not going along with the public officials. Just move on. Nothing happened on 9/11. Nothing happened in other things. Nobody’s trying to kill the President. They’re no Deep State. No, no, no. George Soros is not funding any of Hillary Clinton’s operations. The Clinton Foundation doesn’t steel 93 percent of the money from the Haitian people that they raised for the Haitian people. No, No. The US doesn’t run the Afghanistan poppy fields. No, no. We were supposed to go into war with Iraq and Afghanistan after 9/11, even though 16 of the hijackers were Saudi Arabians. Don’t pay attention to any of that. That’s all craziness. Just have your Frappuccino. Have you Milk Latte. Enjoy your life. Just look at your iPad.” You’re meant to be braindead. They don’t want you to have any properly functioning Amygdala, which alerts you to predators.

So, we understand that you have to be prepared. We understand there are hundreds of thousands of people who are now preparing, because there are people who are reading the signs of the time. There is some discernment, some level of spiritual discernment, some level of spiritual wisdom, so they realized, “Maybe what the politicians are telling me are not true. Maybe they are telling me whatever we want to hear, so they can stay in their political positions. They try to say it was Russia with Trump. Everything Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia. His coffee is Russian. His car is Russian. His mechanic is Russian. His maid is Russian. Everything is Russian. Putin sleeps in his bed with Melania, all that craziness. Just ridiculous. All day long, CNN and MSNBC, all they talk about is Russia. Now, 67 percent of the people don’t believe this Russia stuff. It’s like nobody believes it; so, now they moved out to he’s a racist. Now, CNN on the news is saying anybody who voted for Trump is a White Supremacist, even though you are not White. Crazy.

Everything doesn’t work. Everything they tried failed, including their whole party. The Democrat Progressive Liberal Lunatic Communist Party. Then there’s the RHINO Republicans who allied with them could sell out America to foreign powers. Totally wicked people. You have a small remnant of Americans – Black, White, Asian, it doesn’t matter, who are saying, “Hey, we don’t want this all sold out to foreign powers. We don’t want to be taken over. Sure, America’s not perfect. Americans are not perfect. We’re not perfect; but, we don’t want to go towards Venezuela. We don’t want to go towards Cuba. We don’t want to go towards North Korea. That we don’t want.

You have so much insanity going on’ but, being prepared is a very important thing. We have to understand, this is a very biblical thing. I’m going to show you a video just in a bit by Pastor Jason Hunt who wrote a wonderful book about the End Times Christian. How God calls us to be prepared at the End Times, with a particular mission.

Now, even when we look at biblical history, God calls on His prophets to be prepared. Did you know was a Dooms Day prepper? Noah was literally a Dooms Day prepper. For seventy-five years this man was on a mountain building this floating bunker called an “Ark.” He was building a floating bunker called the Ark. That’s what is was, was it not? It was a floating bunker, from which he had any protection from any insecurity maybe around him, at some point. God called him to do that.

So, you have all these shows like Dooms Day Prepper, and they’re wearing all these gas masks. That’s not what it’s all about. Noah didn’t have a gas mask; but, he was called by God, and for seventy-five years, he was on a mountain getting cursed, mocked and scorned, and laugh at. This crazy man with a beard building a stupid boat. “What is that idiot doing on a mountain building a boat. Ha, ha, ha, hoo, hoo, hoo, building a boat. Let’s go on and have orgies, and drink Frappuccinos, or whatever it’s called.

So, he is up on the mountain for seventy-five years building an Ark; but, we forget the true nature of it. It’s basically a bunker. It’s a security bunker, which will protect him and his family, by the way, from the elements; and, it going to float around, because God told him, He’s going to make it rain.

Now, that whole episode, the Bible says, they were not used to it raining that heavy, because most of the water was from the ground; but, when the rains came the people said, “Oh, shoot! This is a lot of rain. Oh, shoot, shoot, shoot! We got to move up the mountain; and, then all of a sudden they see crazy Noah with his long beard and old robes up there screaming for seventy-five years, “The Judgment is coming. Doomsday is coming. The rains are coming, and all of you will be flooded in Judgment.” They were mocking him for seventy-five years; but, Noah was preparing for a Doomsday. That was a Doomsday. It was going to wipe out the whole Earth and all that. The hybrid archangels with the female genes and all that kind of stuff. The giants. The Bible says there were giants who were walking around. Wiping them out. So, there was a Doomsday coming; and, Noah, he was preparing for Doomsday. He was preparing for a Doomsday scenario, which there really was, and it wiped everything out.

Now, it’s interesting that Noah goes onto the Ark, and instructs him also to take his family. If you think about that, if he’s on the Ark, do you just have a bunker that’s sitting there? You have to have livestock in that bunker. Do you know how much preparation you have to do? How much feed, how much food you have to prepare. You don’t know when the rains will stop. You don’t know how many different types of tools you have to bring. I mean, you have the tools to build the Ark. What about the tools to maintain it? What about the tools to maintain the different things he has to do inside the Ark? Cleaning! Cleaning, all that stuff. Fixing. What if he gets a hole while he’s on the water? There’s not like there’s any islands floating around.

So, in context, think of Noah’s perspective. After receiving this message from God, he’s thinking, “I better prepare, and I better over prepare.” Better to be safe than sorry, says the old saying. Better to be safe than sorry. So, we know that Noah not only created the Ark, we know that he had to have tools to maintain it, to repair it. We know that Noah had to have all sorts of things he was preparing beyond the creation of the Ark, to put into the Ark, to actually survive. Isn’t that interesting?

Also, let’s look at other Central Figures like Joseph. He took over all of Egypt. What did he do? He stored grain for the country. He prepared for the famine that would be to come. He prepared for the drought that was to come. He prepared. God told him, in fact, to prepare. Eventually, he was so prepared to not only feed the country, remember his brothers? His brothers come to him, and they repented to him, that whole episode. He was so prepared, and so powerful at that point that he could bestow the land of Goshen to the Israelites, to his brothers; but, again, he got sucked into this to not only provisions, but later on, the Israelites become enslaved in Egypt. They become slaves.

So, when God calls us to prepare, it’s not only for provision, because if it is only for provisions, we can get trapped. We can get enslaved to a different civilization, which is not centered on God. It may be centered on the prosperity gospel. It may be centered on this or that, a fake gospel that we get sucked up in, and we forget the reason why we have to prepare. It’s not so we just survive, right.

Survival is just one aspect. God tells us in the Last Days, we’ll be punished, we’ll be persecuted, we’ll be “we know when we die, we get eternal life with Christ. So, the purpose of survival is not only to stay alive, because even if you die, we are going to live with Father in Heaven. Do you see that? That’s very important point. The purpose of preparedness is not only to survive. It is what? To be a blessing. Be a blessing in these travailing times.

God calls us to preparedness so that we will have leverage to do the work of God. We will have power to do the work of God. When the top economists like Jim Rogers, and Peter Schiff, and Harry Dent, I showed you the economists’ predictions for 2017 and 18. A big economic crash is coming, worldwide, by the way. Bigger than the Lehman Brothers crash in 2007. Bigger economic crash. You may see an implosion of the dollar. In the case where that happens, and you have a scenario where the value of the dollars just plummets, well, those who are prepared will now have assets that they accumulated, that are not just paper, which is not an asset.

God has positioned you, because of the times, in a position, where you can have influence to affect people’s life to Christ. They can realize that they were arrogant, cocky, and they were sucked up in a celebrity stupid cult, where they would just laugh at you, just like everybody laughed at Noah; and, now, they were the ones that are now special, even though they were taught in their cult that they were the ones that were special, laughing at people who are prepared. They’re shown that they’re the ones who are foolish, have no brains, no amygdala function. They’re the idiots.

All there laughing, all there mocking, all there hee, hee, hee, hoo, hoo, hoo. “Oh, you’re crazy, Mom. You’re crazy.” All this stuff gets flushed right down the toilet, when they see it right in front of their face. “Oh, damn. This thing is blowing up. Shoot, I should have extra water here. Shoot, I should have extra food here. Hey, I should have a knife, or something. These are what preppers wear.” What do I have in my pocket? Do you see what I’m saying?

Proverbs warns, Proverbs tell us, “If you see danger, prepare for it.” There are those who do that; and, there are the foolish who stand idly by. If you have any financially accumulation, or if you have access to any high-level investor, just ask them if these are stable times. Just ask them of the high-level investors, who make hundreds of millions of dollars, okay, if you have access to them. Just ask them. You’ll see pretty much across the board, they’re saying, “Ooh! These are pretty unstable times; but, they want to make you feel like you’re inside of some ingroup, having you worship these stupid celebrity cohosts. Make you feel you’re powerful living vicariously through these stupid hair and makeup Hollywood actors, who are reading off of teleprompters, and giving you literally CIA messages; and, you’re told, “Oh no! You shouldn’t prepare. You shouldn’t do anything rational. Oh, no, no, no. Common sense, Oh, no, don’t have any of that.” Everything is racist. Everything is Donald Trump. Everything is White Supremacists coming out from every corner of the country. They’re coming out of the woodwork to get you, even you are least likely to die in America from a White person.

So, when you look at Providential history, God does tell His people to be prepared, not necessarily just for survival, because survival is good, it’s important. God is preparing some greater blessing for the world, like the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Okay, that’s a real important reason as to why we got to stay alive. The remnant in the Last Days has to stay alive in these times, not just for survival sake; it’s so that the bigger blessing of the Kingdom of Heaven that is coming can be established. It doesn’t mean that we will all make it through. It doesn’t mean that we will all not be beheaded, etc. The Bible says very clearly, after Mid Trib, it gets worse, worse, worse, when you know the signs in Heaven, in the skies, are happening. Revelation 13, 14, 15, 16, all those things.

There will beast rising from the seas, from the Earth, with a leopard body, and the mouth of a lion, and the feet of a bear. Obviously, we know these are not real beasts. They represent a nation. Worldwide power that are trying to come together that are trying to make laws. The mark of the beast is from Revelation 13. That’s coming. That will forbid you to buy or sell influence, if you don’t take it in your hand or forehead.

So, we know there are serious times up ahead. The Bible warns that after Mid Trib, there will be more persecution, more instability; and, you’ll see the politics of the day are progressing and moving forward. It’s not getting easier. It’s not getting any better. The nation is not less divided. CNN and MSNBC are everyday, full steam ahead, full on warfare, full on throttle. “Divide the country. Kill Trump. Do a coup on a duly elected President.” Every day.

Now, the whole thing is, he has Alzheimer’s. “Ah, he’s got Alzheimer’s. Yes, he’s not physically fit to be the President. Let’s use Amendment 25,” the 25th Amendment of the United States of America to get rid of him. Now, they’re saying he’s got Alzheimer’s, even though Nancy Pelosi has said over 13 times, that, she thinks it’s Bush running the Presidency. Who has Alzheimer’s? This is inversion reality. These people are projecting all the diseases they have to Trump, because he’s trying to bring stability back. He’s not perfect. He’s not the Messiah; but, he’s trying to stop us from being sold out to some foreign international conglomerate bankers that are running, literally, by the Mafia. That’s why people of race, creed and color are starting to realize and stand up and say, “Hey, wait a minute. No, no, no. These leftist organizations are terrorist organizations. They’re trying to blow stuff up. I’m not part of that.” That’s why you got more people from the African American community that are standing up and saying, “We’re not supporting BLM, because they’re trying to blow stuff up. We’re not going to support that.” You got this, what is it? Moveon.org, and Antifa. Now, that got Antima, which is Anti- Maoists. That’s from the Conservative side. Antifa and Antima.

There’s so much inside that’s happening. The country’s never been divided as such. There’s this whole thing on, my goodness. They’re trying to say the founding fathers are racist. They’re slave owners. They say that Thomas Jefferson was a slave owner. Did you know that in Virginia, it was illegal? It was against the law. Did you know that out of the fifty-six founding fathers, fourteen were slave owners? One out of four; but, they make it sound, all of them love slaves. Nope! Thomas Jefferson was the one who wanted to get rid of slavery. He put it in the process to get rid of slavery. It was one of the first legislation. Anti-slavery.

George Washington, in his state of Virginia, also wanted to get rid of slaves. He said, when he died, I want them freed. And, there’s whole scandal that Thomas Jefferson slept with his slaves. I saw a breakdown. I should have shown it, today; but, there’s a historic documentary that actually goes through the DNA; and, they’re finding that the people that are claiming that they are sons of Thomas Jefferson, are actually from his brother, because there are twenty-six Jeffersons in that county at the time of Thomas Jefferson. Twenty-six different Jeffersons. Okay, so, one of them was sleeping with a slave; but, that doesn’t mean that all of them were sleeping with slaves; and, when they were claiming in the 80s or 90s said, that, when they did the test, he was a descendant of a younger brother of Thomas Jefferson, not of Thomas Jefferson; but, of course they want to say, “It’s still a Jefferson,” because of course if your brother did something illegal, well, you did it, too. Right?

The fact of the matter is, we are in such unbelievably divided times; and, of course, Europe has been imploding. America, now, is starting to feel the pangs of a country that’s divided. Clear ideologies that are from many different names, but clearly on Satan side, verses those who are not all Saints. There not all perfect, but they are not all saints, and they are standing up for sovereignty, for self-determination, and human freedom. Like I said, they’re not all perfect. You got Milo Yiannopoulos, you know. Clearly, not living in Christian Principles under Christ, even though he says he’s Catholic, because he’s openly gay; but, he’s still on the fight against totalitarianism, and imploding the country from being like Venezuela, you name it. Hard core Progressivism, which means Communism, or some variant form thereof. Same stuff.

So, we are in extremely vicious times, dangerous times; and, just like we said three-four years ago, even about Korea, you can see what’s happening in East Asia. Collapsing. Just completely collapsing. Being completely turned over to some of the most radical leftists – the Korean government. Moon Jae-In has appointed some of the most radical leftists to be ahead of the government in South Korea.

Now, when we told the heretics that three years ago, four years ago, when we told the Han Mother that, they all laughed and said you’re crazy. The blessing of the Han Mother is here; and, it’s going to be prosperous and glorious. Within three years, the country was already impeaching the President; Korea is in total upheaval. Any foundation we had with the top leaders there is totally destroyed, and sold out to the Commies, and now being taken over by the Left, by the Red Guard.

We were there as True Father’s Cain and Abel, with a clear mission to divide the elites; because, you need to divide the elites, in order to have an Abel type revolution. You need to have. You can’t just have a Bolshevik Revolution, or you can’t just have a French Revolution with hope that it’s going to turn out good, because it never does. It always turns out with another dictatorship that sits right on top. You have to break up the elite; and, the elite have to wage war on each other. There has to be an Abel side, God’s side elite, an Abel side elite. The God’s side has to wage war on the evil side; and, the people can gather around the God’s side elite, because they have resources, they have infrastructure, they have whatever to wage a battle. And, that’s what you had of course with the founding fathers. They were all elites; but, they’re fighting against the European elites saying,

“We’re not going to do that. No, we are not going to make slavery over here.” I mean, in that economic fashion that the Rothschilds were doing, etc. and, they were literally trying to make a European Union at that time, and also a world governance system. “No, we don’t want to do that. We want sovereignty. Don’t tell us what we can do in Pennsylvania, in Washington DC, in Virginia, when you’re out there from Britain. We want out of the imperial model. We want our own currency. We want to be able to trade in gold and silver. We want to be able to do our own thing, without intervention from you.”

And, so, you have the Abel type revolution, where there can be a fight, because the real problem between all the different classes, is not the classes, as the Marxist want people to be brainwashed to believe. The problem is the predators verses the normal people, that’s the problem. You can have predators in an elite group. You can have predators that are in the middle-class group. You can have predators that are in the low economic strata. It doesn’t matter. You can have predators in any strata. They are the problem; but, the Marxist and the Commies don’t want you to see they are the problem. They want you to see the classes as the problem, so they can divide and conquer you based on classes, but that’s not the case. The real case is, who is on God’s side and who is on Satan’s side, regardless of class. Who are trying to predate on people? Who are trying to manipulate people and use centralized power and control people to steal resources? That could be high, medium or low. It doesn’t matter. You can have predators in any class.

So, the real determining factor is to identify the predator class. The predator class is the dangerous class, and they’re the ones that make the sociopathic class evil; whereas, when you have Cheon Il Guk that will come, and all those centralized powers are illegal and band by the constitution, you cannot have that centralization power, so you cannot have the psychopathic class influence the sociopathic class, which is probably about forty percent, to become evil. The normal people, which are the good people, which are about fifty percent, of which ten percent are psychopathic, and about forty percent are sociopathic, which means they will go along with psychopathic leaders for benefit, pensions, whatever. They won’t do things based on virtue or conscience. That’s about fifty percent, which is the normal people. When the normal people get to be the Kings, and there is no ability for centralization of power, and everything is normalized, and even the guns are localized, then you will have a situation, where the predator class is in grave danger; and, the sociopathic class see the power is with the good people, rather than the bad people, then they will decide to become good, because they are basically mercenaries, because sociopaths will do whatever it is for benefit. So, Cheon Il Guk creates an environment, where sociopaths will do whatever they want for benefit, will be encouraged to do good, not evil, and not be tempted by the psychopathic classes’ allure of centralized power, and you can ravage, steal and rape everybody, and you can do it behind the guys of the taxational government.

So, there are major, major, major things that one must be aware of in the End times; and, of course, we must not be foolish in thinking that the End Times will be easy, or these next three and a half years of tribulation will be easy; and so, it is important for us to be prepared. There are many different levels of preparedness. Levels from spiritual, mental, psychological, all those kinds of things, and one can never be fully prepared for every single scenario, of course you can’t; but, you can be more prepared than not. That can start from simple things that you carry on your person to a change in thinking, even realizing the fact that, “Hey, I need to carry some pepper spray, because I saw what happened in Charlottesville. That’s a big change. That just broke that lunatic out of the brainwashed cult watching TV, looking at Tyra Banks laughing at people who prepare. “Hey, maybe Tyra doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Maybe, I’m going to carry some pepper spray.” They just broke out of that spell. Or, Anderson Cooper saying, “There’s really nothing going on. He’s (Trump) just over blowing things again with his Twitter account. Ha, ha, ha.” It’s just stupid, ridiculous.

The point is, preparedness is biblical. God is always calling His people to be prepared, not necessarily so we can survive through time; but, so that we can do God’s Will when he needs us to do it. We can do our five percent in preparing, because when he needs us to do something, we’ll have the means, by which to do it. Will have some skill set; or, we’ll have some resource that can be utilized by God to help his Providence to move forward to bring people into the Kingdom of God.

So, this is a wonderful video by Pastor Jason Hunt. He’s a Pathfinder Instructor. I trained by Pathfinder school, too. I trained with Pathfinder by the Internet, which is long distance. He is also a Pastor, who speaks about these things, and talks about survival and preparedness in a biblical perspective. In this particular video, he’s going to go on and talk about God’s EDC. What did God carry in his EDC. EDC means, his Every Day Carry. What did He carry. What did God carry? Hey, that’s an interesting question. I want to know what God carries on a day to day basis. Let’s check out Pastor Jason Hunt, and God’s EDC:

Luke 22:35-37, we see Jesus giving his disciples the basic elements of the EDC kit. Jesus was saying, when I sent you out without your haversack and money, did you find that you needed anything? The disciples replied, “No, we didn’t think we needed anything Lord.” He says, “Now, I am telling you. Take your money, take your haversack, and if you don’t have a knife, make sure you get one. As a matter of fact, sell you coat to make sure you have one; for, the time is coming we will be counted among the rebels.” This is an important part of Scripture to understand, especially as it relates to us in the Last Days.”

Matthew 24 plainly tells us that Christians will be counted as rebel, or outlaws. It is important to carry on us an EDC Kit, so that should something come to pass that we would be labeled an outlaw, we’ll be prepared at least in some small way to overcome that situation to get back home to our loved ones, or get through the trial that is put before us.

The first one in our EDC Kit, one will find mentioned throughout the entirety of the Scriptures. That is the Staff. The Staff was used throughout the Old Testament by Moses, Joshua, and many others, as a symbol of authority and the leading of God. It was more of a leadership type thing. We have in our minds the hooked shepherd staff, but when we get into the Hebrew and do some word study, we’ll find that the Hebrew word for Staff as it relates to the majority of the times that it’s mentioned as the Hebrew word Matteh, which meant a staff, rod or club used for discipline.

The Second item was the Tallit, or “little tent.” Today, it is often used as a prayer shawl. We want to live our lives in accordance to our Scripture.

Knife for general cutting or survival. Under three inches in the city. A little more robust for the country for defense, chopping, etc.

Items of general survival

Cutting tool

Combustion Device

Covering Blanket

Cordage tarred No 36.

Container of stainless steel.



There we go. Pastor Jason Hunt. You see what I mean, folks. It’s about changing out mindset in these Last Days to be more prepared than we are. Just in case it seems it’s man to man, there are tons of women in the survival community. Let me show you an example.

Here’s Survival Lilly. She’s one of the biggest Youtubers in Europe. The biggest in Bushcraft. She was an Accountant, and now she’s a very high-level survival Bushcrafter. There are girls, too, who have proper amygdala function. They are empowered; and, they are not going to rely on somebody else all the time. They know they want to have the skillset to be self-reliant, because you may not be with your husband. You may not be with your Daddy. You may not be with somebody who can provide you with all those things.

What was the first thing, when I decided to create my own five C Kit, I remember the Queen saying, “Well, you’ll have it all anyway; so, I don’t have to prepare.” So, I had to go and build their kits for them; and, the kids, the same thing, too. “Oh, okay, Daddy will prepare for us.” However, if you are thinking in that mentality, think how irresponsible that is. That’s like 99.9 % of the people. You’re hoping that somebody else is going to do that for you. That’s archangelic thinking. That’s slave mentality. That’s not an owner’s mentality. An owner doesn’t think, somebody’s going to do it for me. I’m the only one who is going to be prepared. If, nobody’s going to be prepared, I’m going to be prepared. I’m going to have some advantage over a predator, over an enemy. Anybody’s who got to face predators, you know you have to be prepared at all times, because, you don’t know when the attach will come.

Here is Survival Lilly showing off her Urban, Urban get home bag; so, that’s a bag that she uses when she goes into the cities, just in case she needs to get out of the city back home to her loved ones.

So, at the Sanctuary Church we often do some non-standard Sunday Services. We’re not dong standard Sunday Services all the time, as you all know. I want to show you, for example, what is on my EDC. I have been developing an EDC for many years, and it’s gone through many formulations; but, in the end, I carry around this bag. Of course, everybody sees me with this bag. It’s got all sorts of stuff in there. I could last a couple days with this stuff, no problem. No problem. They call that smoothing in the woods with that. That’s an easy bag, the Summer bag. The winter bag is a little bigger, because you have to have more insulation; but, you’re not going to be carrying that bag everywhere you go.

For example, if I’m going to take the Queen to TJ Maxx to get her some cute little top, or something like that, or I’m trying to get some non-GMO candy from the food and beverage section. They got some good non-GMO, by the way. You got to check out their popcorn, or stuff like that. I’m not going to carry this bag into the shopping market or super market. Look at this bag. I’m not going to carry this big bag into the shopping market, with two axes hanging out. Most likely what I’m going to have is going to be on my person. It is what we call in the survival community, EDC. What you have in your Every Day Carry.

So, what is the challenge for all of you here, today? What are you carrying on your person that’s related to be able to prepare you in a situation, which you would have to prepare your life, or the life of another life? How prepared are you. What do you have on your person, other than your wallet.

Normal people have a wallet, a cell phone, just in case you have an emergency. You have to have your wi-fi internet service, which is true. A cell phone is an important tool to use for an emergency calling, or something like that. The Tashiro boys, come on down. They’ve trained with me for two-three years in Bushcrafting. Let’s give it up for the Tashiro boys. Now, this is on the fly. I carry these things with me every day, by the way. Every single day you see me with these beautiful pants. I carry this all the time. I’ve shown the Korean members, and I’ve shown this to the Japanese members, what I carry; but, look what I carry every single day. This is on my person every single day.

I have a little pouch there. I got this here. It’s a ferrocerium rod, a high-quality compass, an emergency whistle and a flash flight. See that cord, which is connected to it? That’s because, in the woods, and you drop your fire starter, you can never find it again. That’s why it is on a lanyard, a cord; and, it’s special cordage. If you cut it open, it has six strands, and in the middle of one of those strands is an orange strand, which is a fire-starter strand. So, it has tinder inside of that cord. I also have other tools that are here. That’s lip medication for my itchy lips right now.

I have what is known as a tactical flashlight. A tactical flashlight is a weapon. It’s a weapon that’s used in conjunction with other weapons. It’s basically part of the Ninja arts using light and dark as a weapon. If there’s a night time scenario, you shine the light into their eyes; and, you move away at the same time. Now, you think my head was there; but, I’m over here. I hit the assailant with a light, a very strong light. That’s called a tactical flashlight.

Also, I carry a multitool. As you saw with Survival Lilly, she carries the same one. Most people carry this particular multitool, which is by Wave Leatherman. It’s the best one out there. Kahr Arms retail shop has it as well, too. I spray painted it to match my beautiful pants. It has different types of tools on it. Tools are very important in basic preparedness. One hand operable knifes that’s serrated. It has a saw and different screw driver bits, etc.

Now, in another pocket I have my wallet, which has many, many little secret things, which I won’t share with you. There are many different types of devices like a mirror, and more. Also, a bandana.

Now, the other pocket, I have a cell phone, and what did Jason Hunt say? I have an emergency space blanket for shelter. Also, I carry a big garbage bag for a 56-gallon drum liner. A huge garbage bag, which can be torn up to be used as a shelter on ground clothe, or raincoat, or I can make it into a sleeping bag, itself. If you fill it with leaves, then you have a sleeping bag, as long as they’re dry.

If you carry a firearm, you should always carry a trauma kit. In this pocket, I have a combat gauze, which has a hemostatic agent. That is for trauma. A traumatic injury. That’s not for little scrapes and cuts. I have band aids for that, which I keep in my wallet. The gauze is for dangerous, dangerous arterial bleeding cuts. Huge wounds. Cuts to the artery, to the neck, to the groin, gunshots, whatever. If you got shot, this is what it’s for. Huge arterial bleeding wounds. It’s got hemostatic agents in them. They weigh nothing; and, if you carry a gun, you should be responsible enough to have a trauma kit on your person at all times, including a tourniquet that can be operated with one hand. So, that’s in my side pocket.
Also, gloves for sterility.

If you have someone who is bleeding out. These things can be used for myself, or if someone else has a traumatic wound. That’s the thing about being prepared. You are not only there for yourself, you can be there for somebody else, when they’re injured badly. Who carries around a hemostatic agent? Well, we all should be carrying around one. At least all the Ninjas that train with me should be carrying around these kinds of things; but, of course, they are not at that level, yet. They’re just starting at empty hands combat stuff; but, their mindset has to come at more and more at a high level, which they’re more prepared in various ways. We have gloves here to treat wounds, so you don’t get infected yourself. And of course, I have different extra batteries for my lights that I use at night time to stick on my hats to make what is called a head lamp. So, those are the things I carry on my person.

Now, in this little pouch here, which I first took out. Omma, can you help me? Take this stuff out one by one. This little pouch contains a lot of small items, which become very critical for survival. Basically, with these pants, I can guarantee fire in any climate, even in wet rain or snow. At least in these Northeast woodlands, I will 100% make a fire with these pants. Guaranteed. Guaranteed. Of course, you have your most standard Bic lighter. Very simple. Flick the Bic and you got fire; but, if it’s wet, it’s not that easy, which is why I have other things. I also have a fire extender with beeswax. It is for first aid for lips, etc. I have dental floss, which can be used for fishing line, sewing line, repair line, and also a choking line. Trip wire, whatever you think it can be used. Dental floss is very strong cordage. You can use it to put up an emergency space blanket shelter. I have rechargeable batteries for my headlamp, and my fire starter rod. This is a half inch fire starter rod, with duct tape wrapped around it, because the duct tape itself is flammable and can also be used as a fire extender as well. Duct tape burns black, so it’s also a signaling device.

Also, in the pouch is a SAK, or a small Swiss Army Knife that’s attached to this string. This one has hygiene tools. It has a toothpick, tweezers, and different things. If you get thorns or brambles in your body, or ticks, whatever, this SAK has the tools to help you. It also has little scissors on it. I have the line for fishing. The other end is attached to the world’s smallest stove. It fits in an old mini tin. This is a stove that can burn for about one hour. There’s a mini stove in the tin, which you can put a stainless-steel bottle on top of the stove after you light it; and, you can use it to boil water, etc on top of the stove, which is made out of this small tin box. Inside the tin box is paraffin wax as a burning agent, which will burn for about one hour; and, I made the top of the stove cut up from an old soda can, with air vents and everything. I can guarantee fire anytime of the year with this kit.

So, if you carry weapons, you have to be aware of the different aspects of the power of weapons; and, you have to have a trauma kit that can deal with the handling of a trauma, okay. So, all these little things add up to huge things; and, I can probably guarantee none of you are carrying this on your person. Maybe Arthur comes close, but not the rest of you. I’m not trying to show off; but, the things we are talking about, you want to slowly start implementing into your life. You don’t know when you will need these things. It was raining outside, and I gave my wife the garbage bag. Also, the space blanket, once used, won’t fit back in the bag. The bag is covered with duct tape, which is one of the best first aid bandages you can make on the fly; and, of course, anything can be repaired with duct tape. So, duct tape is right there. So, all this stuff and more are here. I don’t necessarily want to show you the content of my wallet; but, there’s a lot of stuff in there as well. I carry all this on my person at all time, everyday, even when I’m at home.

Yes, I carry my weapon at home. Ask my kids. Does Daddy carry his weapon at home? My children are nodding that I do, because I’m a responsible citizen. Also, I’m a responsible peace police/ peace militia, and I am serious. At any moment, you don’t know what can happen. You can’t be one hundred percent prepared for it; but, you can be better prepared than not, okay. So, this is an example of what I carry on my person on day to day basis.

Now, we have here on the Queen. Omma, bring your bag, please. Now, she’s getting better at this. In her bag, which I am not going to go through all her content; but, in her bag are at least three ways to make a fire. That’s a King who loves his Queen. I care about her. She’s always ready to make a fire. She has the skill. She’s trained to make a fire anyplace to stay alive, if she has to, okay. So, she has the waterproof matches; she’s got the Bic lighter; she’s got the ferrocerium rod in here. Also, she’s got her dental floss. She has her jacket to help her thermoregulate. She’s got a cute little pink pouch. How cute is that? That’s very inconspicuous. It doesn’t look like anything. It looks like a makeup bag that a girl would carry; but, inside here is an entire fire making kit. Here is anti-diarrhea medicine in the bag. It’s one of the biggest dehydrator in the wilderness. If you eat something wrong, you may get it. Some Band-Aids. Several fire-starting kits inside. Fireproof matches, tinder, Bic lighter, you name it. That’s in her little pouch. She carries this bag on a daily basis. She has additional items she needs on a daily basis.

Also, the kids that train with me, I make sure when we’re doing night training, for example, that they carry their legal weapons on her. Also, in my wife’s bag, look at this. She has a cutting tool. In the five C’s, the first item was what? Cutting tool. There’s her Cutting tool. The second one what? Combustion device. There’s her ferrocerium rod. It connected to a Cordage, which I believe has tinder inside. She has other Cordage in her as well. Also, has her Container., which is stainless steel. It’s double walled; but, you can still basically boil in it. Then, she has her Covering element here. She has the same emergency space blanket here, in a smaller package. See. It does weigh a lot; but, if she needs it, or if her children need it, and she’s out, and she has a car accident, and now they are alone, and the phone is broke, and one of the kids are injured or something like that, well she has some tools to signal, she has some tools to effect survivability.

So, this is important in terms of our community. I have this mind set. I talk about it all the time; but, I know none of you are actually doing it, especially you ladies are not doing it, so that’s why I have to rag on you to make sure that you are thinking in a manner that is consistent in the times that we are in. These are not just normal times. We can just think “Oh yeah! There will be a riot in Charlottesville next week. We can go shopping. Don’t worry, which unfortunately is the way most women think. It’s important to be awake in the end times, and as you can see I have way more than the five C’s in my pants kit. So, those basic principle become applied in our lives, as we have a level of preparedness, so we can survive through the time. There’s no guarantee you carry this stuff you’ll survive; but, your probability for a scenario gets better. Whether, you’re talking about combat, fighting, whatever, when you’re talking about increasing probability, there’s no guarantee. It increases probabilities. It’s real important to survive through these times, through the times we are living in is not for the sake of surviving, because we’re going to be with True Father in Heaven anyway. The point is, when God uses His remnant to establish the Kingdom of God, we are prepared and well equipped. We are armed with both knowledge, both physically, mental and spiritual, you name it, to actually create the Kingdom.

So, these kinds of things when we talk to you, when we have the camps with the young people teaching Bushcraft, these are not just to have some fun activities. Keep in mind the context of the time we are living in. Keep in mind the context of societal breakdown. Even though America’s still the safest place in the world, even this is breaking down. Now, you couple that with the economic crisis, which is coming right down the pipeline very soon, probably, analysts say, this year or next year, you put that on top of all the social instability, now, you’re going to have a huge problem.

So, it is time. It is time for the people of God to stop procrastinating. Stop listening to what I’m saying, “Oh, yes, yes, that’s true;” then, everybody forgets as soon as they leave those doors. It’s time to actually put it into practice. That’s what I do with these kids. If they don’t bring result. If I see them, and they’re not carrying their weapon that they’re train with, they get two hundred pushups; and, I don’t want to do that to the elder folks here, okay, but start thinking about it, for crying out loud. Stop procrastinating. Stop saying I will do it another day. Start thinking about this stuff. You may be called at any point to save the life of another. You may be called to have a position of leverage and resource, so that at a time of crisis, you’re the one that God prepared, and God can use. We know that amping up of antiChristian sentiment, amping up as seeing Christians as terrorists, seeing Christians as White Supremacists, whatever, is just rising in the public discourse and rhetoric. So, just like the Bible says, we have to be prepared. We have to be prepared.

The wise will prepare. They will see the danger ahead. The foolish will stand idly by. Don’t be counted as one of the foolish. Be counted as one of the wise. It starts with weapons on your body. Then it starts with what you carry; so, what do I carry? Do I have time to show you this? We’re having a weirdo Sunday Service, okay. We’re not a normal church here.

So, look on my pack here, that works in conjunction with my jacket, which is waterproof. Look at that little boy. That little boy has his survival kit. That little kid, he showed me his survival kit at the camp. Did you bring your bushcraft campfire stove? Show that. Pull that out. Your mama has that? Okay, it’s in the car. Okay!

So, this jacket here, and I will be talking more about this stuff for our community members, so we can access to these things faster. You can see my survival pack, there’s a wool blanket attached. That’s thermoregulation. There’s a stainless-steel water bottle on this side. There’s another water container here. This one is a smart water bottle. See, this works in conjunction with a sawyer water filter. If you got one, it’s the best water filter. It can process over one hundred thousand gallons, compared to any other life straw, or any other UN approved things that only does two thousand liters to ten thousand liters. Smart water filter processes one hundred thousand gallons. I’ll show you what that is; and, it exactly fits the mouth. This is a sawyer water filter. It’s a smart water filter; and, it exactly fits the mouth of a smart water bottle; so, when you are cleaning out your filter, you can back flush your filter with this exact water bottle; but, at the same time, you can use it for convenience to carry water over a distance. It’s multifunctional. You don’t have to carry around the syringe that they give you. You can carry around a water bottle, which fits exactly that particular item.

Now, look at this. Chief is going to love this. In this pocket, I have “Tick KO;” and, I just didn’t put it in there, today. I carry this around all the time, literally. Ask her. I just didn’t put it in there. Nothing has changed. The chief sells this. The “Tick KO.” Chief makes the “Tick KO” I carry it around all the time.

Also, I have optics, which is very important. You have an advantage, if you can see further than your opponent. Optics, which is a small monocular like this, or binoculars. It can be huge, because you can see somebody, when they can’t see you.

Alright, on the front pouch here, I have a compass. I have a full fire kit. The Queen made this pouch for me. I have a small axe, and I have a larger axe. Simple ceramic mug with leather gloves to go through bushes and brambles. A poncho. A large poncho to protect yourself from getting wet, and it can be used as a tarp. Look here in this front pocket. A waterproof Bible, includes the Old and New Testaments. You can throw this in the lake and pull it out, and it will be no damage whatsoever. A waterproof Bible. Also, we got the Cheon Il Guk Constitution. See that. You got to stay uplifted.

Here’s a Mini-stove. Two full size axes. Talk about cutting tools. They are beautiful for that. Also, optics to help protect your eyes. A nice pair of sunglasses. Tinder. Very nice tinder from bark, which I collected in the woods. Here’s the easiest way to start fires. It’s cotton balls with Vaseline. It’s very cheap fire tinder. A larger role of no 36 Mariner’s line for cordage. It’s tarred, so it bites down to make tripods or different structures. Also, a power cord for a ridge line. Duct tape, because it fixes all things. Beeswax or fixing wax. It can be used for various things, including first aid. It can also be used to treat different metal tools you may have.

Here’s some redundancy, folks. Of course, here you have some carbo hydrates. Non-MGO junkie food. Look at this about redundancy. I have a more complete trauma kit right here, with two hemostatic gauzes, and a chest puncture device. Here’s a utility pouch, with tons of stuff inside. Fishing lines, drill bits for the multi-tool. Multi-vitamins. Different minerals and vitamins, and other medicinal items. Utensils that one uses in the bush. More food.

Different spices, which can also be used as a medicinal kit. Different spices for seasoning food; but, they can also be used medicinally. When one has diarrhea, I first give them cinnamon tea, which is good for battling diarrhea. Cayenne pepper is one of the best hemostatic agents. Tea pot wrapped in a shemagh for hunting. Here’s a knife and ferro rod. 10’ X 10’ tarp for shelter. Here’s a mini sleeping bag. You can see this is an upgrade from what I carry in my trousers. A hammock system. A small chainsaw.

Look at all this. Plus, the wool blanket. Plus, the containers on this side. In all this stuff is a huge fire kit. Other accoutrements. Tons of containers. This all fits in this small bag. I have more stuff in the back. A cutting board. Plastic for blowing the fire. You should start making these kits, and you should practice, because the more skills you have, the less you need; but, I found, even though you have the skills to do it, it is still fun and comforting to have a basic stuff. It’s not like this is a ton of stuff, even though it looks like it’s a lot, it’s not a ton of stuff. When you are out there, you have everything you need from the kitchen or house. Everything you need is there.

In this critical time, one should start thinking about how we are moving through this world. How are you moving through this world? Yes, you are awake. Yes, you are under Father’s authority. Yes, you are red pilled. Yes, you are not a liberal lunatic brainwashed camp; but, what are you doing in terms of stepping up your preparedness, because God may have to use you. Look at this. Because, I can bring all this stuff out, look at all the young people who are falling asleep. Once, I bring out daggers and weapons, the boys are all excited. “Oh, let’s see what’s down there.” God can use that to wake those bums up; so, they realize they are totally underprepared, and they are bums that can prepare at a higher level. Do you see what I’m saying?

What can you do to step up your game, to step up your preparedness, we know it’s not just for you. Wow! That is a lot of stuff on that table. Look at that. I should make a Youtube video about that. I just did. The shemagh video I made, that has like one hundred thousand views on it. Did you see that? The Top Twenty-One Ways to Make a Shemagh. That video has like a hundred thousand views on it.

It’s about being prepared; so, God can use you at a particular time. Ladies, you don’t have to do it in green or brown. You can do it in a way that’s stylish to you. You can hide it your bags; but, it shows your preparedness. You can empower your kids. You saw this on Friday. The girls were responsible for making the fire on Friday, when we were training. It was totally cheating, but I had to check their skills. The girls were responsible for making the fire in the morning, and they did it like that. No problem, because they had like two three years of training.

Every week, minus the last year, probably, every week I took them out into the wilderness. Every week, including the Queen, and every week they were bitching and complaining all day long; but, now they go through it, and it is easier for them. It becomes natural. So, now what? Now, they’re not scared of the wilderness. Now, they can walk into the wilderness, and they are not scared. They may not be as prepared as Daddy, but they know how to handle that wilderness.

God calls us into the wilderness, folks. He calls us to get out into the wilderness. We cover the news. We go over all the craziness in the War Rooms, in the News Rooms; but you have to get out into the wilderness. Just get out into nature. That’s God’s Creation. That’s where God is connecting. That’s where God can touch you.

Remember, the Midbar means the wilderness in Hebrew. Dabar means the Word of God; so, in the Midbar is where you get the Dabar. Midbar comes from Dabar in Hebrew; so, that’s where we can connect with the Word of God. Did you know that going out into the wilderness, and prepare by reading your Bible, reading your Constitution, you’re doing what? You’re connecting to God. You’re relating to Him. You’re spending time with Him. Yes, you can do that anywhere else; but, why not in His artistry? Why not in His environment? Why not do it from your environment? “God, come to my environment. Come to my room.” Why not go to God? Say, “I need time with you. Come to my room.” God ain’t your slave. You go to Him. Do you see what I’m saying?

You have to go to God. It’s in His environment, His artistry, His architecture, in His place. It is the wilderness, and the outdoors, where God calls us. Jesus was outdoors all the time. Father was outdoors all the time. If you wanted to see Father, you had to go where he was, on a boat and sail the Pacific Ocean. I mean, literally, okay!

We can’t lose these traditions; and, when I train the kids on Friday, again, getting back in our Bushcraft training, getting back in our outdoor training, I told them, you guys can’t forget these skills. It’s part of the Royal skills. These are the royalty skills of Cheon Il Guk. This is part of our culture of royalty, not just mucking around the woods. These are the culture of Kings of Cheon Il Guk. We have to inherit this culture. We have to pass it on to our children. We have to make it cool and trendy for our daughters, so they can have cute little pink roses; but, when they open it, it’s bad ashtrays. Whip out knives and fire-starting kits; but, if you look super cute. That’s fine. I don’t care how it looks, as long as it’s got the contents. Just don’t bring no things with pentagrams and stupid baphomets on it. I’ll just throw them in the fire.

The point is, folks, we got to be thinking in a different mentality than the world. We’re not just doing this, because we are gearing up for war, or something like that. We’re doing this, so we can be a blessing to other people; and, also, we can train people. We can get out into nature, safely. We can train out children, safely. Even our third generation, safely, you know what I mean? We can pass these things down; and, just in case we have to use these skills, we still have them. Just in case we have a bad scenario, well, we got skills another person doesn’t have.

It doesn’t hurt to have your Tick KO. It doesn’t hurt to have a high-quality axe. It doesn’t hurt to know how to use a cutting tool. It doesn’t hurt to know how to build a fire, and teach our young kids how to build a fire, safely, like that young boy there. Look, he’s got a camo outfit; and, we gave him a cute little stove, which he can practice fire building in, safely with his Dad and Mom. The kid is very into survival. He’s got his whole survival kit. Look at that little big thing he’s carrying around. He’s trying to be serious about the times.

So, we have to think about these things, folks. We got to pray about these things. We have precious lives to defend. We have a precious Kingdom to defend. We have work to be done; and, that’s why the remnant is so critical. It’s important; and, many of you are working in back of me. John Clark, he’s working in the city, or something like that, he’s got a survival kit on him. Do you have a basic survival kit on you, John? In the car. Okay, good. We’re going to have to move that to his person; but, John, of course, is very skilled. He’s a woodsman. They live in the woods. Not many people are going to be at that level of comfort in the woods.

Our brothers and sisters from Japan, our brothers and sisters from Korea, you’re not going to be comfortable in the woods. You stay in the city, locked up in the city all day, in the Urban Jungles; so, there are things one has to think about, and be prepared for. It’s a culture. It’s a type of culture. Think about it: If you’re a predator looking upon a village that was training and prepared; and, you see them training, and you’re a predator wanting to pray, and destroy, and eat them, and devour them, would you think twice, when you looked into that village? You would. That’s why it’s part of the culture of Cheon Il Guk. That’s why it’s repeated over generation over generation over generation, even though there’s not an eminent war, or there’s not an eminent this or that crisis. The culture is passed down, because it’s a culture that’s hostile against archangels and predators; and, it allows good people, and loving people to thrive, succeed, and flourish, and stand with Christ in the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

SOS, come on up. Folks, let’s start thinking about these things, as I pack this up, as we all praise God. Let’s think about these things. Think about what’s on your person. As Jesus said, do you have this stuff on you as a person, and to be ready to go and witness, to be ready to go and talk, to be ready to go and prepare? Keep these things in mind, as we now sale through the End Times and Tribulation.

Let’s all rise and give God all the praise this day. Amen-Aju!


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