2017-08-06 Professor Kwon


Now, today, we have a very special presentation. This presentation was given this week in Korea by Dr. Professor Kwon. He is a very principled man. He loves True Father. He has given a presentation in response to a UCI video, which is a Kwak Group video trying to slander me. Of course, not by choice, Father made me his legitimate Heir, Successor, Representative Body, and they are trying to cut that down. It’s hard to do it, when you are doing it from a position of illegitimacy; but, Dr. Kwon was able to release a response video in Korean. He goes over many things, which you will see. We thought this was important for the international community to see as well, because we know that many people are talking to people in the Kwak Group, or have friends in the Kwak Group, etc. that are also seeking for truth. They’re sick of the politics, sick of the lies. They want to hear what’s going on. They want to hear the truth, okay. So, we will allow that. Que it up, let us welcome Mr. Tim Elder to translate for us.

(Except from Dr. Kwon’s video)
Mr. Kwak has put out a video criticizing the Second King. They say he conspired with the Han Mother to push out Hyun Jin Nim, to make mother divine, to turn her into a goddess; but, now he’s turned her out and he’s criticizing Mother, but now it must be returned to the elder son, Hyun Jin Nim. This sounds convincing to those who do not know what’s going; but, when you listen to the video and watch it in detail, they have twisted the truth; and, logically, they have their own precepts and conclusions. There are many places which is not clear. When I first saw it, I thought of ignoring it; but, they were attacking the Second King directly; so, I thought their needed to be an effective rebuttal. I thought there was a necessity to correct the things that were stated incorrectly. It upset me to watch that; but, I thought it was necessary and rebut it.

First of all, the details of how Hyung Jin Nim came to leave the Palace in the Korea are not correct., Also, they say about, they talk about the Eve position; but, they leave out the Adam position. In order to restore Adam’s family, we must follow with absolute love and absolute obedience. The reversal of Eve is being repeated. This was done in the Garden of Eden, when Eve exercised dominion over Adam. The Family Fed is reversing this by saying that Mother is the Mother God; but, she has destroyed Father’s words, and they made the Family Fed a new religion into the “Only Begotten Daughter” religion; but, the problem here is that Mother left the position of the object partner.

Father has victory in the Adam position, and established all this before True Father ascended. That is their failure. Father left his position to the Representative Body and Inheritor. That is his victory. Father’s traditions are being maintained through the Second King; so, Cheon Il Guk will be accomplished through that tradition. It is the failure of the Eve’s line, and the Family Fed’s failure.

Dr. Kwon continues on for 90 minutes explaining things one has heard in other forums.

Rev. Hyung Jin Nim comments:

Dr. Kwon giving that lecture. When I heard that lecture, it brings us to so many points of history, and of course, third party people looking at this, and major European scholars looking at this had three of the parties all prepare their statements and given their presentations, and of course third-party people, it’s so easy to see that both the Kwak Group and the Han Mother stole those assets for power, and to justify themselves, etc.

So, it’s very easy for third party people, for outside people, to see, because there is only one legitimate place he is alive, and his tradition is alive. It is in the Inheritor, who he chose. I did not choose myself. It’s not like I’m bragging. When I say this, it’s not like I’m bragging. ‘m just stating something of truth; and, in our modern world, stating something of truth has become such a sin. You’re supposed to feel guilty for stating truth, and make people feel bad, even though it’s true. Of course, that’s the culture of the Archangel. That’s the culture of the Usurpers, the culture of people who rob and steal, and commit crimes, because why? Because, then they can get away with their crimes. People who are actually the Inheritors are not able to even speak out about it. They don’t say, “Hey, you are legitimate.”

When the people, who are truly the honorable ones and have the integrity and character to not stolen from their Father, to not betraying their Father, who have not stolen over a billion dollars… Do you know how much a billion dollars is? That’s a thousand million dollars. That’s not a hundred million. That’s not ten million. That’s not three hundred million. That’s not eight hundred thousand. Do you understand? That’s a billion plus dollars in assets; so, they don’t have the moral high ground. Neither does the Kwak Group. I don’t know if Tim got that. Let’s give Tim a hand. What an amazing translation. I don’t know how he does it. That guys speaking so fast, while he’s translating.

There is one point where he showed the quote where Father asked Rev. Kwak. He said, “Who did I appoint?” There is one point that Rev. Kwak brought up, and we were there when Father asked Rev. Kwak, who is basically the leader of the Kwak Group, and Father asked him who is the successor? Rev. Kwak said, himself, and he is on video saying it. He has to admit, “Yes, Father. It is who you chose.”

When, I look back on it, I can see, Father has done everything, He has done absolutely everything; and, when I look at that, it’s all about manifesting. To them, it’s all about manifesting the archangelic culture. It’s so hilarious when they say they have a problem with me owning firearms, when Father started the firearms companies. They have a problem with me owning firearms, when the third brother is one of the biggest firearms collectors in the whole family. He’s got way more guns than me. I mean, way more. He knows it, too. These are his employees that are talking about me having guns; meanwhile, their boss has a hundred times more guns than me.

So, he was bringing that up. It’s okay if they have guns; but, if we have guns it’s holy; but, if we have guns, we want sovereignty. We want normal people to have the right to defend ourselves. Well, that’s bad. That’s bad, you see, because every totalitarian, every dictator, every archangelic realm of spirit world, does not want to see true humanity unlock. I mean, look at what humanity has accomplished just when we were free and sovereign. When we could act by our conscience, when we could act by free association with trade and create integrity and innovation and beauty, and to be able to see all the prosperity, and not to be eaten and destroyed by it, and succumb to its seductive lore; but, stay moral and ethical and worship God, and have farms, and camp near the campfires exchanging stories, passing it on the next generation. That is such the beauty of humanity that God loved to relate to Him.

We have been taught that farms are bad. We have been taught that organic food is bad. We’ve been taught that if you listen to your parents, because your parents are your enemy. We’ve been taught the government is our daddy. We’ve been taught that everything that a state agent, and the preachers who tell you to worship God, not the state are evil, and they’re wicked, and they’re cultists, they are cults. It’s just utter lunacy. It’s all about bringing back humanity into Satan’s realm. To chain us down in bondage, to have us not realize the true beauty, identity, value, purpose, relationship, mission, destiny we have with God our Creator, but the whole Universe by the way, not some stupid Bilderberg Group, or some Davos Group, or some fake UN trying to do worldwide Communism, and some fake family Kwak Group trying to support the UN agenda on climate change, and saying that we should have world governance, and they want to be part of that Communist system. Give me a break. That’s exactly opposite of what Father stood for his whole life. It’s just total lunacy; so, of course, if normal people owned firearms, well that’s a grave, grave, grave danger; but, if the state or their elite group have it, well that’s just beautiful. That’s holy. That’s holy.

It’s so amazing to see the fake culture the Archangel created is really starting to collapse on the worldwide level as people are able to speak out about it. That’s why it is on important to speak out about these things, and have your own Youtube channels, and have your own platforms where your communicating this. We’re made to feel like we are weak, and were small, and we are irrelevant, and we have three views on a thing. You know, that three views on Youtube gets connected here, here and here; then, it becomes three hundred views; then, it is connected here, here and here; then, it becomes thirty thousand views. You don’t even know that somebody on the other side of the country just got touched because you said something. It’s about time the body of Christ stop being the servant of the state, and being the servant of God. Isn’t that a unique idea, huh! We’re supposed to serve Christ, not the state. What’s that all about.

Also, when I listen to Professor Kwon’s lecture, it just reminds me of how much of a gift to have a true elder brother like Kook Jin Nim. My God! I mean, he could have been just as jealous, He was in charge of two billion dollars. You understand, this is not a million dollars. They don’t get how big a billion dollars is, okay. It’s like it’s a million times a thousand, you understand? Everybody’s telling me like ten million, a hundred million. No, no! He was in charge of two billion dollars worldwide, do you understand. He could have stolen more that the Kwak Group. By the way, Father appointed him to be the Director of the whole world foundation; so, they actually had to give it back to him, so he could run it. Of course, with me as well, as the international President.

So, everything they were saying that they done. Kook Jin Hyung could have done double time worse. He could have been double time jealous. At that point, he had double, triple the power of Preston; but, he had something that was totally different. What’s that? A spirit of love towards his father. He didn’t want to sell people out. He didn’t want to be a political prostitute. He didn’t care whether people liked him or not. That’s not his goal. He’s not for popularity. He’s for Principles. Will I betray my Father because of some stupid money and assets? He’s so talented, he’s making all that back anyways with all the success that has, and all the innovation that he creates. He’s done it already for the last thirty plus years being on the free market, building his group to the top ten in the entire industry. Who’s done that? When I hear that lecture and Father’s declaration and I hear that lecture that it’s Cain and Abel unity, which is so sought after by family of God, by God throughout Providential history for some of these Providential children. Any older brother and a younger brother, who want to murder each other; but, just listen to their father. Do you know how long God had to wait for that?

So, when I listen to that, I’m just so grateful, because I wasn’t in the gun community for as long as Kook Jin Hyung, or things like that; but, by being with him, and by being with him in the whole community, and learning about the gun community, and culture, it’s not about being some kind of oppressive force on top of others, for which it is for the totalitarian. They want to centralize archangelic powers. They want to make a Supreme Council, which is the stated Constitution of the Family Fed; and, the Kwak Group, of course, they don’t openly say it; but, you can see it. How can they be anti-gun ownership, when their boss is one of the biggest gun owners? All the totalitarians do that. Only Communist do that. They attack it, when citizens have guns; but, if they have guns, it’s fine. Venezuela did it. Cuba did it. Castro did it. Hitler did it. Stalin did it. Everybody totalitarian leader did it. Mao Zedong did it. They’re fine. It’s good, it’s holy, it’s pure, when the state owns it. It’s bad, when the citizens own it.

Our big crime is we want to unlock humanity. We don’t to betray God. We don’t want to worship pagan deities. We don’t want to kill babies and eat children. We don’t want to prostitute our children to the state. We don’t want to worship in “God We Trust.” Our big crime is, we want people to have sovereignty. We want people to have private property. We want them to have land ownership. We want them to be able to defend their land with arms. Our big crime is, we want people to be free from Satan. We want them free from the Archangel. We want to stop them from being slaves. We want them to stand up and be sovereign and worship God, and become Kings and Queens. That’s our crime. That’s our crime.

Well, it just becomes just so crystal clear, and I have to thank God for sending Father, because my God finally in this world, we will see. Finally, in this world, we will see his Kingdom coming, that actualizes that no more people are the slaves, and the Archangels the masters. We had Providence for way too long. Too many biblical millennia. It’s about time his Kingdom come, and that all flips around, and that Archangels who were the masters, become the footstools of those who were their slaves.

SOS, come on up. Such crazy things are happening from the micro to the macro. We have to be pray for President Trump, because he’s fighting on the macrocosmic level against so many dark forces, against Republican RHINO war machine with McMaster trying to start a war in Syria to protect ISIS, with Senator John McCain. You name it. It’s ridiculous. It’s absurd that we have to endure this; and, of course the open leftist Communist liberal lunatics. Just ridiculous. Our President under tremendous, tremendous, tremendous attack from the Deep State apparatus, you name it.

His life is in danger; but, he knows everybody’s praying for him. People of God are praying for him. He is now bringing in more people of prayer. He’s starting to pray himself, because it is not a physical battle only. This is a spiritual battle. We are fighting against principalities and powers that rule the darkness of this world. Spiritual wickedness in high places. This is not a game. You step into this arena, you are on the life and death razor’s edge. You can be assassinated at any time for speaking out. You can be killed. You are standing up to the largest mafia cartel in the world; and, it’s the little Pence that they see. The little peons that they thought they were slaying. One by one, it’s those small little ants who start saying, “Hey, you know what? We don’t like what you’re doing. We can start seeing who you are George Soros and McCain and Ryan and Pelosi and you Bilderberg Group. You Bill Gates and you Bezos. We can see who you are. You are in the same spirit and culture of the Archangel, of Lucifer. We can see you, Han Mother. We can see you, Kwak Group. We can see right through you. You are the same civilization and culture of Satan and the Archangel. You want to oppress humanity. You want to stand over humanity. You want to grow over humanity with your power.” You want to steal assets and concentrate themselves over our citizens; but, you can defend yourselves and their mafia. We can see right through you. You are of your father the devil. You are in the spiritual Kingdom of Satan; and, you will lose, because the Spirit of God is starting to rise coming back to the Earth, starting to spread throughout this world.

Whether you know it or not, the Spirit of sovereignty and freedom is rising in the hearts and minds of men like a brush fires, and set ablaze across the landscape that is scorched and burned by the beating sun of oppression, and the Archangel’s Kingdom. It is about time start rising up.

Pray for our President. Pray for those who are fighting the good fight, whether or not they’re small, or whether or not they’re large, it doesn’t matter. The fact of the matter they’re standing on the frontline and fighting. That is what matters. It doesn’t matter how many people you go against. As long as you go against the one that matters, which is the enemy the Archangel.

They always try to make you feel weak and useless and irrelevant; but, exactly when you feel that, you have to know that’s God’s gift to you. You have to remind yourself how absolutely critical everybody who stands in sovereignty is. We don’t stand by ourself, not before God, it’s for God’s Kingdom and God’s glory for the freedom and prosperity, and for the honor and integrity and character imbued in civilization, and all that glory that comes out when people center themselves on the True Almighty, and not themselves, and not on Satan, not on the Archangel, not on killing babies, and not on raping children, and not on letting in backward archangel archaic oppression, misogynistic super radical Islamic culture in. That’s not conducive to God’s Kingdom.

God’s Kingdom is the antithesis to the Kingdoms of Satan. There antithesis to the caliphates. There antithesis to centralized world government powers. There antithesis to the Communist Socialist structures. There antithesis the control freaks who want to control everybody, and who want to regulate how to cut down a log in your own back yard. It’s ridiculous. The Kingdom of God is the antithesis to those fools. It’s a place where we not only have freedom those kinds of demons.

Demons who are self-appointed. Demons who tell themselves that there so powerful they can boss you around. Tell you that you can cut down, unless you get their permit from them. Demons who appoint themselves to little councils, and little groups, so they can feel big, and feel their part of something, and feel their powerful bossing everybody around. Well, people of God are no longer intimidated by those stupid little councils, and stupid little boards, and stupid little elite meetings in Switzerland, and in Bilderberg, Germany, and all their planning to implode the economy.

We don’t care about them anymore. Were just good people who want to farm our GMO (genetically modified organism) crops, and don’t want our kids to be indoctrinated, and have a pizza sometimes and watch a movie sometimes. We want to go swimming with the fish in the lake, and go fishing and hunting, and create. Spend time ion nature with our children, talking about stories, passing on our lessons down to them, showing what honor is about, caring what humanities about, showing about humanity and sharing in relationships, sharing in the real goodness of life, not this ridiculous synthetic archangelic absurd digital reality world, which is so dry and empty and vamp, and mechanical by something that’s real, something that’s true, something that has something to live for. Something that is so powerful beyond all of us, and reaches beyond all the planets to the one who has created it all.

That is the one, that is the one, that is the one that has given us the sovereignty, that God’s Kingdom is great. No more Bilderberg. No Catholic Church. No Cardinals. They don’t give it to us. It is God, Himself, the Mastermind of it all, the Great Architect of it all that has the relationship with us, giving us the Constitution that will protect humanity. Oh yes. Yes, it will. All the Archangels under the good people feet.

It’s not like we get off on a powertrip doing that. You just got to keep that animal in check. That’s all. We know the nature of the beast, and give people honorably, who do the hard thing. Stand up for Christ when it’s hard. To Be mocked and hated and scorned by their friends. Lose all their family members. Lose all their friends; but, they still do the right thing, because they have love in their hearts. They have the essences of humanity pouring through their souls. They have the lifeblood of Christ pouring through their veins, and they have something called a conscience that is alive.

Something that yearns beyond their ephemeral and temporal desires to have pleasure; but, yearns beyond all that temptation, and reaches into eternity to the fundamental sources of our essence, our humanity as a gift of life. All that has meaning in this Universe; and, somebody has to set this speech to the epic “Lord of the Rings” backdrop music, and… I don’t even know what I’m saying; but, somebody’s got to do a video of this speech. Let’s give glory to God as we praise Him this day; for, He deserves all the glory and all the praise. Amen-Aju!



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