2017-06-18 Kingdom Defense


Let’s go to our study, today. It’s a very important study. Let’s talk about Kingdom Defense today; because, this is a very important topic, now, that we must. It’s now time:

2 Timothy 4
1 In the presence of God and of Christ Jesus, who will judge the living and the dead, and in view of his appearing and is Kingdom, I give you this charge: 2 Preach the Word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage – with great patience and careful instruction. 3 For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them in a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. 4 They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths. 5 Bug you, keep your head in all situations, endure hardship, do the work of an evangelist, discharge all the duties of your ministry. 6 For I am already being pour out like a drink offering, and the time for my departure is near. 7 I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. 8 Now there is in store for me the crow if righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will award to be on that day – and not only to me, but also to all who have longed for his appearing. (Amen and Aju!)

We are living in very, very serious times, folks. As you see the Leftist cult media and propaganda machine is whipping up people into a frenzy of violence. Now, if you understand good people, who know how to have dominion over creation, and dominion over force, they don’t want to use it. You know, when you are learning from a young age there, even when you are young, and you learn these arts, which teach you how to have dominion over the use of force, you learn how dangerous this is, and you learn how deadly. You actually learn how weak people are. A human person is actually so weak; so easy to destroy and kill. That’s why it’s so important for young people, too; because, young people become diluted. They think they’re tough through watching video games. They think this way, because they’re pulled into propaganda wars at seventeen or eighteen years old. They’re invulnerable, they’re invincible. That’s why they get diluted. They get pulled into propaganda wars at seventeen or eighteen years old, because they’re diluted. They think they’re invincible; but, they learn very quickly, if the study real combat martial arts like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, like MMA, they learn very quickly they are not invulnerable, and you can watch all the video games you want, do all the stupid Goku all you want, you’re going to get whopped. It has no bearing on your reality; so, you learn very quickly, you have to break through these delusions that you have for yourself; but, as you get to a higher and higher level, you realize, Wow! You have so much power. It’s not that you are high on power. You don’t want to dominate that power. You don’t want t to use it on other people. You know, you can use it; but, you don’t want to use it on people. It’s all these wacked out, Leftist Socialist Commies that are trained in these Marxist universities by their professors, ninety-five percent which are Marxist in the universities. Unbelievable! You have all these weakling, who never got into a fist fight in their entire life, who want to start wars, and who want to get off by using centralized power in government, and just kill people; because, they don’t realize how dangerous force is. They don’t realize how dangerous, and how easy it is to kill people; but, they’re in these video game cults of them playing video games. They think they go through this right-of-passage; but, they don’t want to do it by going in the military, or by learning how to really do combat, or something like that, or something like that. They don’t want to do that stuff. They just want to sit back and order people to do it, and get off and say, “Ah, I’m so powerful. I just killed a thousand people Ha, ha!” He just pathetic, total pathetic demonic evil brainwashed children.

You see, people who have dominion over force don’t what to use it, because they know how deadly and devastating, and how brutal it is. It’s not a fun thing; but, the reason good people have to have it, is because they need to be able to defend righteousness, justice. They need to defend the innocent and the poor. They need to defend their neighbor, etc. You see the Left, and the mania, the cult like mania they’re whipping up. Violent rhetoric, and this has been going on now for months.

“Kill Trump, kill Trump, kill Trump, kill Trump, assassinate him. Kill Trump, ha, ha, ha! Funny, funny.” Craziness like this. You know, Shakespeare-in-the-Park type plays. A theater company’s doing this. They have the whole seen of Trump getting stabbed to death in some kind of play, and he’s supposed to be Julius Caesar. “Oh, it’s just art.” Okay, if it’s just art of Hillary Clinton getting stabbed in some kind of play. You would be put into prison under Hillary Clinton. It’s not art when you are saying, “Kill the President.” It’s not art when you are literally threatening the leader of the free world.

He’s like the world President, and he’s doing a phenomenal job. I mean, he’s pulling us out of global TPP. (Trans Pacific Partnership) He’s pulling us out of the climate change that forces no sovereign country to tap their own energy, so we’re beholden to pedophile Kings of Saudi Arabia and the banker elite class. He’s now going and challenging Cuba and Castro. Did you see this last week? He’s challenging Cuba and said, “No more. We’re going to let your people be free; or, otherwise we’re going to put sanctions on Cuba now.” So, all the Latinos realize, “Wow, this guy wants to help Latin people, and wants to help Latin people liberate Latin America from these totalitarian Commies. Let them have freedom down there, because they’re very hard working, the Latin American people.” Of course, whenever they’re left to their freedom, they can produce tremendous things; but, it’s the rhetoric Left. “Kill him, kill him, kill him. Kill him, kill him, kill him. Ha, ha! That’s so cute and funny.” You can’t say, “Kill the President.” That is a federal crime.

You are saying, “Kill the leader of the free world. The President of the world.” You can’t just run into a building and say, “Fire, fire, fire.” That’s not free speech. That’s now menacing the crowds. You can’t just walk around. You can have a firearm in states, etc. You can’t just walk around with your hand in the trigger. To many people, you’ll be menacing the crowd, so you’re likely to get shot; so, you cannot just say, “Kill Trump, kill Trump, kill Trump, kill the President, and do plays, you can’t expect people to say, “Wow, that’s so tolerant, so tolerant and so trendy.” They’re just insane.

So, at the same time, you have pictures of celebrities. Of course, they’re carriers are dead and over. They’re has-beens; but, they’re trying to revive themselves due to unbelievably hazardous pictures. Could you imagine having a picture of a decapitated Obama covered in blood. I mean, can you believe it? This Kathy Griffin, she is a comedian, a Leftist lunatic. Look at this. (Shows picture of Kathy Griffin holding a decapitated Donald Trump) You can’t do this. This is a federal crime. This is not funny; and, they’re supposed to be the tolerant Left, remember everybody. Yes, remember, they’re the ones that like to go to coffee shops and meditate and do yoga, right. All you Californians, you know the Californians. “Yeah, I’m so non-violent. I could just do yoga. I have no problem with people decapitating Trump. I have no problem using the state to kill you, but I’m peaceful. I so practice non-violence, yes.” Such fakes. Such fakes. There just moral posturing fakes. They have no problem killing people who have sovereignty. Absolutely no problem, even though they practice yoga. It’s just unbelievable. It’s Outrageous.

So, these kinds of crazed pictures of attacking Trump, supporters, “Oh, we’re just protesting.” There just maybe at a rally, and they’re maybe even getting assaulted; but, this lunatic skinny little white kid beta males that think they’re tough. They think they’re on a mission fighting for Marxism and Communism; meanwhile, that’s killed 70 plus million people in China, 50 plus million people in the Soviet Union, and they’re waving these stupid flags. That would get you killed in the military. I mean, these people are in a video game fantasyland. They’re insane. They are crazy. If you were pointing out a Mao Zedong flag or a USSR flag, you’re a nut. Do you know how many people were murdered stand up for those regimes? Give me a break. These blood-lusting, vampiric demonic in your face… Just unbelievable cowards; and, it’s not like they want to give you a good square fight. They want to come up and ambush you, and hit you with a stick in the side of your head, while you are walking on the street. It’s not even going to square up and say, “Okay, let’s fight.” Okay, that’s something else there. Okay, you’re going to square up with somebody and say, “Let’s fight.” That’s something else. They’re coming up and attack you with ten guys, and you just have a red cap on that says America. That’s the definition of cowardness; and, because they’re such unbelievable cowards, they have move in these hoards and these little mobs to make themselves feel like they’re part of something.

“Yeah, I’m in the in-group. Yeah, I’m part of something. Yeah, I’m tough, even though I’d never square up with you. I’d never fight one on one, because I’m tough.” They’re pathetic little gremlins. They’re so pathetic. It’s just ridiculous; and, of course this language and this rhetoric whipped up by the Left and CNN, the ‘Counterfeit News Network’ and ‘Clinton News Network’ and MSNBC, all this insanity. Just more violence, “Let’s kill, kill, kill.” They are insane. It’s a death cult. Look at these wacky suburban white kids. Spoiled suburban white kids trying to lead stuff with USSR flags. Are you kidding me? This is how pathetic these kids are. They have no sense of reality, no sense of history, they have no knowledge. You have to be so uneducated, and so unbelievably have such a low IQ to actually wave this USSR flag or Maoist flag, and pretend you’re fighting for freedom. Are you kidding me. These kids are absolutely insane. They’re whipped up.

What’s all that violent rhetoric creating? Well, it created an atmosphere, where just last week, you had a crazy super fanatic leftist Bernie Sanders supporter lunatic, who went to Virginia while the GOP, that’s the Republican Congressmen, are playing baseball. You understand. They’re playing baseball, and are unarmed guys in tights playing baseball. They’re playing baseball. This idiot comes shooting fifty to hundred rounds. Obviously, he can’t shoot; but, that’s beside the point. Fifty to one hundred rounds, and he critical injures Scalise. Representative Scalise, who’s like the third top person in the GOP. This is like a person, who just last month was talking about, “We have to go after these sex traffickers, who are trafficking young children.” Trump has put over ten thousand pedophiles in prison since he’s gotten elected. Ten thousand. 474 alone, in one raid in LA. 474. I showed the articles on the King’s Report. The count is like up to ten thousand pedophiles he’s put into prison, now. Sex traffickers. Isn’t that interesting. The Republican Congressman Scalise was out in the open saying, we have to go after these guys harder; and, then he gets shot.

Isn’t funny that the New York Times ran articles saying, “Oh, by the way, the GOP Republican Representatives will be playing baseball on this and this date with not a lot of security. They ran this kind of articles. I mean, this is unbelievable, whipping up these crazy emotionally unstable people, and making them literally believe that Trump is some kind of Nazi, even though he’s bringing some kind of freedom and entrepreneurship back to the country, reducing regulations and increasing funding to Black colleges. I mean, give me a break! This guy is some kind of racist? Are you crazy. He’s trying to protect Latinos, Blacks American jobs here in America, by having the labor pool protected, and not letting porous borders, not letting people just pour in from unknown areas, especially terrorist prone areas. How come all these Leftist lunatics let their houses just open up for the poor refugees, huh? How come Nancy Pelosi, she said, “She would adopt all those children.” I don’t see one of them. How come she doesn’t get rid of the borders on her house, huh? Just let them pour in. They’re so pathetically illogical. That’s why the average demographic on a Leftist-lunatics are some of the most dumb-down, lowest IQ people you can have in this Universe. You have to literally not be able to think, and you have to literally have the literary capacity of a goldfish to not be able to see through their unbelievable propaganda, which is relentless. Every day, it’s “Kill Trump, kill Trump, kill Trump. Ha-ha.” You know, the GOP Congressman get shot up, and the Huffington Post, they have writers on the Huffington Post that say, “Well, for a violent resistance to be effective, it must be organized. Lone gunman like this sometimes works, and sometimes doesn’t.” paraphrasing. They’re literally saying, “Well, you should have organized this a little better.” Where’s the denouncing? Where’s the outrage. Where’s the taking of accounting of responsibility. Supporting public theater, which killed Trump in mock plays? Kathy Griffins and celebrity Hollywood cults always says, “I always going to punch Trump, beat up Trump, or I’m going to cut his head off,” putting pictures of his bloody face on Twitter or Instagram? This is insanity, and what does it lead to? It leads to the actual crazed element in the Leftist cults to get hyped up, whipped up. Get a high-powered rifle and try to murder and assassinate innocent Congressman, who are playing baseball with white tights and red shirts on.

Give me a break. It’s showing their true nature that they do want violence. They do want to kill innocent people. They don’t want to have a debate, because they’d lose everytime. They don’t want to have themselves be questioned, which is the reason they want to censor everybody, who has an opposing view. It is a classic totalitarian nature. It’s like the Family Fraud, too. “Oh, you can’t say that. Censor them;” but, when you come to a debate you get destroyed, because you can’t really make an argument, when it’s based on lies; and, in the next few days, you have all these crazy, crazy people, whipped up shooting at people with “Make America Great” flags just driving down the street. Just driving down the street, pulling up and shooting at them.

This is insane. We talked about this many times; and the alternative media talks about this many times of all the funding that George Soros did. Over $200 million for some marches in Washington, DC. $200 million for one march he invested. Look at all the $100 of millions for the anti-Trump impeachment riots that are coming up on July 2nd. This, of course, how he destabilized Ukraine and put in a Nazi; and, he blamed it on Russia, even though he used the US, and Hillary Clinton and Obama to start it. Just ridiculous. These people are warmongering crazies who sit in their Bilderberg towers, and their little monopoly banking hotels, whatever, literally saying, “Okay, let’s go kill them. Let’s go blow up…” They are destroying nations. They’re destroying economies. They’re destroying people’s lives.

More than ever, it is absolutely critical that good people are able to defend themselves. We told you that it’s going to get worse, not better. We told you that the crimes of the Han Mother will lead to a Cosmic disaster, which of course it did, and of course the direct result of that in the world is more and more chaos. Nobody believed us when we said Korea would collapse in three years, and did collapse in three years? Nobody believed us when we said, “Well, Pennsylvania will be the place to select the world President; and, North East Pennsylvania was the place that selected the world President, Trump,” who’s now acting, literally, as the world President. He’s now going after Cuba and Castro and Maduro in Venezuela saying, “Let your people go, otherwise were going to put embargos on you and taxes, and sanction you out of existence.” That’s great for the Latin communities. Isn’t that amazing? The Latin are really going to appreciate that, because they fled those countries got to get away from Castro and Maduro.

We knew it was going to get worse. Of course, 9/23 is the celestial sign. I showed you the NASA computer program and star constellation the lines up just like the Bible’s talking about, that, the Virgo sign clothed with the Sun and the moon at her feet and the crown of twelve stars, etc. We know that from the Scripture that would be the Mid Trib period. We know that it’s going to get worse from there. It’s not going to get better. It gets worse from there. It doesn’t get better. It’s also in the time in Scripture where the mark of the beast starts coming out. That’s the time where we see the correlation in September, where we see its some kind of ability “to buy and trade,” which is so weird. That’s what the Bible says. It says about your ability to buy and trade. How is that going to influence my ability to buy and trade? Well, now you can see in our modern world how that can be done. We don’t know what that is; but, we are in a serious time right now. Serious time.

As these people are whipping up violence on Congressman, I mean literally they were trying to assassinate them. You understand, this is like one step away from the President. You understand this was an assassination attempt on GOP House of Representatives. This is like one step away from the White House. You understand that, right? It’s not like they’re going after normal citizens or anything, which is bad enough, of course; but, they’re going after one step away from the President.

You can know a man by his enemies. You can know a man by his enemies. Everybody who hates Trump are these centralized totalitarians crazy monopolists, who want people to be poor, who want people to worship them as gods, who literally are atheists, who are not only atheists, but Satanists. Devil worshippers. This guy who shot Scalise at the baseball game, he was a devil worshipper. He had a devil alter in his back yard. Hmmm. Maybe worshipping different gods, had different gods, has different results, huh.

You can mention that maybe three skyscrapers were set on fire in the last couple of days, where by the way during the month of Ramadan had record high killings around the world during the month of Ramadan, because apparently, if you kill someone during the month of Ramadan, you get double the points from Allah. Double the points. It’s crazy. It’s insanity. Of course, you can’t say its Islamic terror. You can’t say, because 90 percent of the Islamic terror targets Muslims. They should be the ones totally against these people, because they’re the ones getting killed the most, or the majority.

You can’t say. It’s a control on what you say. It’s a control on what you think, literally the totalitarian state. Of course, they wanted to bring that into reality with Obama and Hillary Clinton as the next President of the US and the world President. Make America Europe, I mean, you people are from Europe. You see how that’s imploding? It didn’t work so well for Europe. In France, tourism is down by eighty percent. Even imploding the economies into no go zones. Swedish women with the highest rate of rape. Great job there. Great job. Believe me, the Bilderberg group and Davos group and demonic Rothschilds. Fantastic are involved.

Of course, they want to that with America. They can sense it. They can taste it. They had it right in their mouth. They had it right there. Boy, if Hillary Clinton could just taste it. She almost had this country like Europe. Boy, oh boy. You don’t have freedom of speech in Europe. You say anything negative about the federal government, if you say Islamic terror, you’d get arrested for a hate crime. Am I wrong? You would get prosecuted for a hate crime. You don’t have freedom of speech. You can’t say if the murderer was named Mohammad or Ali screaming Allahu Akbar, you can’t say it was Islamic terror, even though their prophet was also a military crusader, and beheaded eight to nine hundred Jews with his head military Commander. That is mainline Islamic history. Hello. Total reality. You’re not even able to see reality.

It is such an intense critical time. Of course, because they lost the ideological war, they last the war of ideas, they are resorting to their resorting to final and true nature, which is what? Just trying to burn everything down. Kill everybody. We can’t have our totalitarian state, we’re going to kill you all. Whatever happen to tolerance? What happened to the university of ideas, huh? It’s what the university’s supposed to stand for, right. Whatever happened to all that lecturing about, “Oh, come on. You have to respect the President under Obama. Come on you Conservatives. Come on you Christians. You have to respect the office of the President.” What happened to that?

Ah, now they’re put into the fire, see. Now, they’re all sorts of problems; meanwhile, for the last eight years, they’ve been lecturing Americans about everything under the Sun. What you can say. What you can believe. What you can drink. I mean, Michael Bloomberg regulating super-sized colas in New York for the health of the citizens. These people are crazy. They’re crazy control freaks. They’re absolutely bug-eyed, crazy blood thirsty control freaks. They’re insane. Insane.

That is why as a last means of defense good people have the human right to defend themselves, just like a plant defends itself every day. A bug develops poison, so when an animal tries to bite it, it sprays in his face. It’s a natural right to defend our person and/ or communities. It’s not like good people are looking for a fight, looking for battle, looking for war. No. They want peace. They want to get on with their lives, and be prosperous and live morally and live happily. You know, occasionally taking their kids out, and going to see a movie once in a while, or going to the park. They want to be normal. They don’t have this bloodlust to control people, and to sit and perch on top of nation states, and cackling and laughing about how powerful they are. They’re not into that. Those are the crazed psychos, who then bring in those crazed little wimp betas, who are indoctrinated in socialist camps, universities, wanting to start a civil war with the actual warriors who go fight. They’re crazy. It’s nuts. Totally nuts, okay. It’s totally nuts. Talk about delusion. Totally delusional people.

Of course, that why from the founding fathers to every man, woman and child who was a defender of life, including the NRA empowering Black folks to get rifles, so they can defend themselves against the Klu-Klux-Klan. Who knew that about the NRA? But, the never teach the real history of the NRA. They were arming Black people to stop being killed by Klu-Klux-Klan members. They were helping black people. That’s how the NRA started. They were trying to arm the Black communities, so they can defend themselves against these Nazis with white hats as cones. Cone heads. It is unbelievable the lies and propaganda they spewed into the minds of innocent and unknowing children as state educators. So much deception.

But, of course, look at these pictures. (Picture of Unificationists in Asia holding air guns, including women.) You see, know these kinds of pictures are coming out. This was in the 1960s. There you go. You have the Lord of the Second Advent. No, he’s not there, but this is the first company that he made was the air gun to get people into shooting sports, to get people understanding how to use arms. Why? Because, he lived under Hell. You understand? He lived under the totalitarians. They tried to kill him, and kill him, and kill him, and kill him; and, he knew that right across the thirty-eighth parallel, right across that border, there’s an entire crazed lunatic Communist cult, which at any time could at some time just come down and mow everybody down in South Korea.

God’s Kingdom cannot be just spiritual. It’s thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven, it has to be physical; and, so, of course, they’ve been trying to hide these kinds of pictures, but people have them. Look at this? Men and women, too. In the 1960s in Asia. Woah! That is shocking; because, you can see how brainwashed they are, when it comes to firearms. They literally get under traumatic stress, when they see a firearm, because they just been hammered that “You are not worthy, not worthy, not worthy, you’re not worthy, you’re not worthy, you’re second class, you’re second class, you’re second class, you’re not worthy, you’re not worthy, you’re not worthy, good boy, good girl. You’re not worthy, you’re not worthy, you’re nor worthy.” It’s just hammered into them. Look at that? That’s incredible. Look at those sisters? Look at that.

Of course, here’s a picture of Father. There’s so many pictures coming out with Father hunting and with rifles. So many pictures that they hate. They just wish these pictures were never shot. This is becoming so important. It’s becoming very important thing, because people’s lives are being threatened. There’s assassination attempts, now, happening in this country, and it is absolutely critical that Christians understand the role of self-defense, if you have to defend yourself. It’s absolutely essential. Let’s look at this video by Dennis Prager about “Thou shall not kill,” the Sixth Commandment.

Video shown the difference between murder and kill.

“Kill means, 1) Taking of any life. 2)Taking a human life deliberately or by accident 3) Taking a human life legally or illegally, morally or immorally. On the other hand, Murder can be only one thing, the moral or immoral taking of a human life.”

Alright. Dennis Prager breaking that down. Now that “murder’s” very different that “kill;” so, this is a very important discussion that is not done in church, which is ridiculous, because people have to understand they need to be ready, especially in an atmosphere of so much violence, and crazed out lunatics who are trying to assassinate a Congressman, or shooting at people with Trump stickers on their cars. I mean, give me a break! This is the insanity that George Soros has created in America. This is the type of world that we’re living in now; so, it is absolutely essential to have this kind of discussion in church. Absolutely essential, because any one of us, even internationally, God forbid, may be in a situation where you have to defend your life, or the life of others. It’s absolutely critical to know or have this discussion by looking into it deeply. Very, very important.

There is, of course, there’s satirical comments of Jesus. The comment says, “If anyone asks you ‘What would Jesus do,’ WWJD, that’s what they say. Remind them that flipping over tables and chasing with a whip is within the realm of possibilities. That’s in the realm of possibilities as to what would Jesus do. He may chase you around and whip you, okay; and, he will make the whip himself, by the way.

One of the pacifist arguments for this seen within the Bible is that Jesus drove out sheep and cattle in some translations. Yeah, some translations that try to make Jesus into a pacifist. They say, “Oh, he didn’t really chase out people;” but, if you look at the King James Version, or you look at any of the authoritative translations, you see he chases our everybody. All are chased out, including sheep and cattle, with the whip.

That is the reality. You’ll see these arguments come up. This is the real argumentation between for example, Christian Pacifism versus Just War Theory, or is there a time, when Just War Theory is developed to try and limit war. Just War Theory is what it’s traditionally called; and, that is, of course, how do we limit war as much as possible, but there are times when you got to fight.

Pacifists now have a problem of course, when they’re brought up with the Old Testament Commands from Moses, David, etc. to fight wars. Of course, those are holy wars, those are commanded by God. We have no problem with Holy Wars; but, we have a problem with just wars.

There are all sorts of arguments from the Pacifist side, even trying to state for example from Paul, or the early Christian fathers. For the first three hundred years, they were Pacifists, or bring up the Council of Nicea saying that people in the military should not be baptized, or sit in the back, okay; but, again they run into issues in Just War Theory, also. It’s a reigning debate. All of Pacifists in the antiBaptists community, or thing like that. Communities that lead society to be separate from society. Take on this kind of Pacifist way; but, of course, there’s many arguments from the other side, which says, No! Christ commands us to not be of the world, but within it, and to make disciples. Commands us to go spread over the four corners of the world, to go preach the Gospel of Christ.

Jesus, himself, you’ll see in the next video, Jesus, himself, said to get swords when you travel, okay.

I want to show you next another video, which goes into detail. It’s probably one of the best ones I’ve seen out there on going into the details of Scripture. From a Scriptural perspective, why followers of Christ should be able to defend themselves, okay, and to see the hole within a Pacifist argument. Of course, we have Revelation 19, where Jesus, himself, is coming. He judges and wages war. It doesn’t sound too Pacifist to me, but huh, that’s what they say.


The Heavenly Warrior Defeats the Beast.

11 I saw heaven standing open and there before me was a white horse, whose rider is called Faithful and True. With justice he judges and wages war. 12 His eyes are like blazing fire, and on his head are many crowns. He has a name written on hi that no one knows but he himself. 13 He is dressed in a robe dipped in blood, and his name is the Word of God. 14 The armies of heaven were following him, riding on white horses and dressed in fine linen, white and clean. 15 Coming out of his mouth is a sharp sword with which to strike down the nations. “He will rule them with an iron scepter.” He treads the winepress of the fury of the wrath of God almighty 16 On his robe and on his thigh, he has this name written: king of kings and lord of lords.

Let’s go now to this video. It’s very important; because, really, all Christian communities should be doing it, because they’re being targeted. They’re being whipped up by the Leftist lunatics to say that Christians and Evangelicals are the new terrorists, the new enemies, and the Nazis. I mean, it’s ridiculous. It is unbelievably absurd, okay; but, that is the environment we’re living in. Assassination attempts are happening. I mean, we told you it’s going to get worse. This is happening last week, okay; so, we can only expect more and more of this insanity happening, because Soros keeps funding hundreds of millions of dollars.

Obviously, Trump should be putting into prison FBI, CIA, anybody who is enabling, or anybody who is saying, publically, kill the President. Assassinate him; because they should be in prison immediately. I mean, they should be immediately jailed. That’s, by the way, a federal crime. You can’t do that, okay. Well, he’s working on it. Trump is working on it, okay. The politics take a little more time, when you’re running that whole apparatus; but, he’s working on it, he’s moving on it.

It is an environment where there trying to whip up, “Kill Trump, kill Trump, kill Trump!” You understand, if President Trump is assassinated, and they just tried to assassinate a Congressman, I mean this is one level away from the President and the Vice President, okay. It’s all out Hell. Patriots are just not going to tolerate this, because this is complete Leftist, Communist violent satanic revolution.

What are you fighting for you crazy Lefties? Who are you fighting for? Who are your stupid leaders, who are funding you? Look at that. They’re literally demonic altered demon worship, Satan worship, old crusty bankers. I mean, why are you fighting for those people? Do you know what I’m saying? I mean, give me a break! Don’t you want to have success? No, of course they don’t. They just want to be like a goldfish being fed little things and crumbs; and, everybody else being in the same lot, so nobody has to feel bad; as, other people become successful and make them feel bad. It’s so ridiculous. It’s so pathetic. I mean it’s something we have to study, or have to get into.

Let’s look at this very well-done argumentation, presenting both sides, by the way on this topic. “Can a Christian defend themselves?” Go ahead and play that video.

Isn’t that interesting video? Of course, when he mentions in Romans 13, we know in the context in the Cheon Il Guk, we know that government is very limited. There’s that whole piece in there, where they’re talking about the idea that Christians should not, even if they’re police, they should step down from police work; or, if they are military, they have to step down.

I saw a debate between Pacifist Christians saying, that, yeah, if you’re a Christian, you have to step down from police, and step down from military. It’s a very extremist view from pacifism; and, of course, that would be like saying for example: If somebody came into rape your daughter, and you had a rifle right on your wall, would you take it out and stop that man who’s trying to rape your daughter? Well, the Pacifist Christians would say, no. There saying your presenting a false dichotomy. There are more than just two choices. There are many, many things I could do. I could preach the Gospel to him, whatever they’re saying, you know what I mean? Or, I could do this, or I could do that. Okay, but what if you knew this man was going to rape your daughter, or was going to kill all your children and wife, etc? You knew, you knew for certain that person’s coming to kill you, and you had a rifle right there on the wall, would you then use it, see?

Of course, this is a very limited way of looking at how God moves Providence and dispensation. It’s the same thing as if someone is saying, “Well, I pray to God, and I ask him for healing;” but, he doesn’t hear me. It’s probably more likely God will send you a doctor; or, he will send you people that know about health. That’s probably more likely what God would do. God did not create the environment around us, so that, whenever we pray for something, we get some kind of miracle, so that we don’t have to use the environment. We don’t have to use the environment around us, or we don’t have to rely on people, who have some kind of expertise in something else to ask for help. Do you see what I mean? That’s a very limited view of God’s work in Creation. It’s a limited belief in something else, and I always see this on the Pastor’s side. In Christian Pastors. They say, “Well, we put our faith in Christ,” when the murderer’s there, and he’s about to rape all my children. We put our faith in Christ; and so, that’s maybe a very limited view; and, maybe God gives you access to appeal to defend yourself and your family and protect them, and they don’t all have to be innocent blood, innocent death. Just like, maybe God has people be doctors, so that if you have a sickness, maybe someone could treat you. Do you see what I mean?

That’s right in the Kingdom, of course. Every citizen is peace police/ peace militia. Every citizen has the ability to defend themselves, their families, their neighbors, etc, and of course, they’re able to defend their communities. There was this incredible quote by CS Lewis, or something like that. I think CS Lewis made one of these quotes. Something along the lines of, the Pacifist said that, “If the lamb is to lay down with the lion, he would have to be replaced very often!” A new lamb had to come in. The point is, and I love this point in the video, that was a very good point. If you say that it is not Christian to defend yourself, then you are saying also, that it is not Christian to ask somebody else to defend yourself. So, if you call the cops and say, “Help, help, somebody’s trying to kill me,” and they come and kill that person, who’s trying to kill you, you’ve just murdered as a Christian. So, the Pacifist can’t really get around it, because of course, any Christian will say, “The God of the Bible is the same today, yesterday, today and forever.” When God ordered Moses or David to fight, or he went to do capital punishment, well that was the same God that was fully in Jesus.

So, again, it is a longstanding debate; but, again, you can see what the totalitarians from the political Satanist side, you can see what type of ideology they want. Very clear. They want Christians to lay down their arms, and believe they have to be Pacifists. That’s the one that’s very convenient for socialist dictators, for Castro, for Maduro, for Hillary Clinton, for the Bilderberg group. They want that. The UN for the Han Mother, it’s the same thing for all these groups. They want to disarm people; because, in the end, they don’t want the normal person to be able to defend themselves, their communities, etc; because they want to control your families, your communities, etc. to use them as they wish for their pleasure, and not allow people to be free to live with their conscience, and live with God.

It’s crazy times, folks. People have to be awake, we, as the body of Christ, we as true Christians. Remember, Christianity is not a religion. It is a relationship, who has a relationship with a loving Father, who is just and good. He also wants us to preserve life to preserve justice, because He is just. To be righteous, because He’s righteous, not that we are perfect; but, that we are serving a perfect God, who demands that evil not be allowed to take reign, and evil not be allowed to destroy innocence, and destroy unabated.

So, this is a very important thing for our community, and of course worldwide to think about, for its very incumbent upon somebody, who is in relation with Christ to step in the mantle of responsibility. Stop trying to blame somebody else. Stop trying get somebody else to do something for you, and allowing yourself, no, in the Kingdom, I have to be responsible, too. I will have to be responsible for myself, my family, and also the safety of my neighbor, okay.

So, we’re praying for the President, we’re praying for our nation, we’re praying for that these violent, whipped up radical assassins that are trying to kill Congressman, now. Obviously, they will not succeed. We know they won’t, they won’t. The arrogance of the Left and Commies and the Socialists, they will always lose in the end; but, they’re thirsty for power.

It’s now time that good people are ready, that good people are responsible, that good people are prepared. As our Scripture said this morning, right – “Be prepared.” Be prepared. We wish for the best, we hope for the best, but we’re prepared for the worst. It is essential that our society be filled with such morally accountable and responsible people.

SOS, come on up. Let’s to our final Cheon Seong Gyeong, Page 121

Do you know that Saul was punished because, after winning the war, he went against God’s instruction to kill all the men? Why do you think He did that? If men of the satanic world were spared, that world would invade again. He did it because the survival of the satanic men would preserve that system as they took wives and continued as they had before. Yet cutting off their lineage would end the system, as the women and children belonged to God’s side. That is why He did this. Saul was punished because his failure to act as instructed allowed that invasion of the heavenly nation by the worship of gentile gods and by all their adulterous customs. (124-202, 1983.2.15)

There’s a big difference as to which God you serve. Different gods have different standards, have different rules, have different laws. Big difference. It’s absolutely essential that people who worship the One True God, the Creator and the Father, and the lover of our soul, the One who gives His own life, His son, to save us. That kind of moral, good, righteous, just Creator is the Preserver of the Universe. That is one which the Kingdom of God is preserved, not on these crazed out, Leftist lunatic gods, or these satanic gods, etc. Very different conclusions. More important than ever that all of us pray, yes, it is critical to pray, yes, when the Pastor says, yes, when the guys attacking you, you pray. Yes, it’s important to pray. It’s important to pray. It’s very important. We’re not giving up prayer. We’re not giving up peace. We’re not giving up trying to live peacefully with people; but, there is a point, if you are attacked, your life is threatened, you have a duty to protect your lineage, because, we are not in the lineage by faith, now. We’re in the lineage of God. We have a duty to protect that lineage, which God has created, and we need to protect His Kingdom, which is quickly coming. Let’s all rise and give praise to God, and offer these songs. Amen-Aju!


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