2017-05-21 Kingdom Inheritance


This is a beautiful video. What a filial son. Martha first son, Rio for Mother’s Day got his wonderful, beautiful mother a new black AR15, and Martha was scared of it. Martha was brainwashed, thinking that you can’t shoot it, and it’s the most dangerous thing, and don’t ever think you could have dominion over that. You must let the government have dominion over that. You must never believe you could have dominion over such a dangerous thing.

Who knows Martha? Is she here today? She’s at a graduation today. She is the sweetest lady you’ll ever meet in your life. I mean, she is the most gentle, sweet lady. Her sister’s here. The sweetest lady you will ever meet. “Oh, hello. That’s just wonderful.” She paints flowers. Play the video:

(Martha in a seated position shooting this new AR15.)

Is Martha in her sixties? She’s completely free while shooting this tool. It’s just simply a lie that women cannot control this tool. It’s simply a lie. This is important to understand this type of martial arts, once you handled this weapon. What does it do? It gets rid of all the advantages of a predator. It gets rid of the advantage a bad guy would have over you. For example: If you do any type of martial arts, like empty hands, even Jiu Jitsu, you have equal skills. Weight matters. As soon as you use such a tool, even a sword, the weight advantage is gone. The advantage of age by someone who is younger than you is gone by someone who wants to bring you or your family. Harm is gone with weapons, okay. The advantage of tall and short, all that disappears. It literally disappears. All the natural advantages that an evil doer has are equalized. That’s why it’s so important in Cheon Il Guk for citizens to understand to have dominion over them.

It’s so propagandized, you will see, “Oh, it’s an assault rifle. It’s so dangerous. Women should never touch it. If you touch it, you will die. You’ll get viruses and you’ll implode, and you will become a zombie.” The point is you should not touch it. It’s dangerous and scary. No, it’s not. A car is more dangerous. You see, now, how Muslim Jihadi terrorists are using a car to mow people down, right?

Understanding this weapon is important. We do all these meditations like Psalm 23. It’s called Contemplative Prayer. I’ve done lots of Buddhist meditation while I was training in Buddhism, but I’ve modified all that to become Christ centered; so, instead of just breathing, and just focus on your breath, in breath-out breath, which has no value center. We breath in, and we admit we are alive, and when we breathe out, we say, “Thank you, Jesus, or thank you Lord, or thank you Father, or thank you Christ.” We thank God for each breath. Then that meditation becomes a Christian Contemplative Prayer. It’s not just a repetitive thing. You can say, “Thank you Lord” one time. You can say, “Thank you, God.” You can say, “Thank you, Father.” You can say, “Thank you, Jesus.” You see? We thank God for each breath.
You’re acknowledging it as a new breath, and you’re giving a new grace, and you are giving thanks for that; so, it becomes like an act of worship in a small way.

Also, while I have them training like that, will also do the recitation of Psalm 23, which is beautiful.

The Lord is my Shepard, I shall not want. He leads me to lie down in green pastures, and takes me beside cool waters. He restores my soul. He leads me on paths of righteousness for His name sake. Though, I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil. For thou art with me. Your rod and your staff, they comfort me. You prepare a table for me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil. My cup runneth over. Surely, goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life; and, I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever, and ever.

So, now we focus on that prayer, but that beautiful section in there, with “thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me.” You know, what you carried in your hand identifies your status. It also identifies your profession; so, let’s say in the middle-class, there are many professions; but, what you carried in your hand identified you. In Japan, a sword on your person immediately, when somebody saw you, they knew your status; they knew your profession; they knew your authority. Does that make sense?

Immediately what you were holding in your hand identifies your status, your position or job, your profession, and your power, your authority; so, when Cheon Il Guk citizens bear arms, what are they saying? They are not only learning how to have dominion over all creation, including invention, which are just tools made by human beings, which you can all dominate. Everybody here knows how to drive a car. Everybody here can easily learn how to be safe with tools, any tool.

Does that mean there’s never accidents? No, cars have accidents, too. It’s the most dangerous thing you do every day; but, you minimize that through discipline, practice and repetition, okay. Think about it. When Marth is holding that AR15, which is basically the modern Samurai sword – Go ahead. Put a picture of her up there. While were doing that, I’ll continue. What she’s holding is determining her status.

Now, in other parts of the world, you cannot hold that gun as a citizen. Only privileged officials, only privileged government officials may have the luxury, or privilege, of touching that tools; so, you are a clear second-class citizen in those countries. There’s a group of laws for the officials in their funny hats and funny uniforms, depending on the country; and, there’s another set of laws for the normal citizen. Do you see that? It’s very, very important.

Worldwide you see this. All the Archangels, when they see that image of a sixty-three years old grandma, who is honorable and virtuous, loving and kind and sweet, all the above, etc. Yet, she has her hands on that weapon. She’s holding that ‘rod and staff” with her son, exercising proper dominion, and proper control and proper training and practice. Immediately, they can sense her status; they can sense her position; and they can sense her power. That’s very important, that evil sees the good, and they’re fearful, that they respect it. Holy Shemitah! We better not fool around with Grandma Martha.

Is she a Grandma, yet? Hurry up, you guys! What are you waiting for? That’s okay, there my Ninjas; so, I get to play with them. They’re hiding their faces back there.

So, what do we have in our hands? Now, you can see, whenever anybody in True Cheon Il Guk exercises their right, especially in their arms, you can see the howling of the Communists, the howling of the totalitarians. I love it. That’s why I put up more and more pictures in my tuxedo with a gun and a knife, and all that stuff. The demons just howl. Well, hey! I’m helping them to exercise their vocal chords. I’ve become compassionate. (laughter)

It’s wonderful. You can see who is happy when they see good people who are armed and exercising their rights; and, who sees them, and says, “Oh, my gosh! We must control that.” Virtue posturing. Virtue signaling. Moral posturing; yet, they have no problem having an archangelic super state that would kill you, if you dare, dare to say, “No, I have a right to have any tool in this world.” They would have no problem killing you.

Do you see how evil that is? It’s so evil, because its hiding behind the visage, the fake message of, “Oh, I’m a peaceful person.” Yet, they would have no real problem working hand to hand with the archangelic super state to kill you, kill you, right, in certain parts of the world. My goodness, even in Europe you’d get killed; so, we’re blessed that we are still in these United States, where God has blessed the people from…

But, what you hold in your hand identifies you. What you hold in your hand, what you control in your own mind when you see that gun. It’s like, “Wow!” Just think of it like a Samurai sword. If would just think of it like a Samurai sword, especially if you’re in Asia, you’d understand immediately that the Samurai sword, that, if you held it, if you had it, you’re immediately of a certain status, of a profession. You’re immediately identifiable with authority. You see?

So, it is very important what good people are willing to keep in their hands, and not give the archangel to carry. Do you see? I know that sometimes, the two pounds of steel gets heavy; but, what’s that saying? The weight of regret is heavier than the weight of my gun, or my arms. It could be any arms. The weight of regret is always heavier, always heavier. So, God Bless Martha and the Tashiro family. She’s so wonderful, so sweet, so wonderful.

Anybody who knows the Samurai knows its ascetically beautiful, too. There’s lots of ritual; but, it’s also beautiful too. It’s like the Tea Ceremony, which is also ascetically beautiful. Flower arrangements, which is connected to the Samurais. They’re in battle cutting off people’s heads; then they come home, and now they are doing flowers. Do you understand? So, at the same time, there is that incredible ascetic beauty whenever you have dominated it. Now, the Samurais, of course, they were into pagan arts, too, which a problem. We are going to get into that Scripture right now. Let’s bring that Scripture up.

The word, “Samurai” means “to serve.” It’s one who serves. That’s what it means. It means the one who attends, the one who serves. “Wushishi.” That’s the word we mean for attendance or service in True Father’s Word. That is the word Wushishi Samurai. Isn’t that interesting?

There were many Samurai; but, there are also Christian Samurai. Japanese sisters, you know. There are also Christian Samurai. They were persecuted, or killed, for being Christian, because why? They had a true Master for which they served and attended. The Master, who was the substantial body of the Creator himself. The true Master, the Samurai had them. They were gathered and killed. They were murdered, genocide them out, but we still have relics of them. They still have little crosses hidden under their hand wraps. They have little statues that look like Buddha, but they’re actually Jesus. They hid who they were attending, and they would die.

The honor code, everyone knows worldwide. I’d rather die, than dishonor by Lord. That’s what a Christian does. In fact, Jesus said, be ready for that. Be ready to give your life for my name sake. “He who seeks my life will lose it. He who loses his life for my sake will save it.” (Matthew 10:29, 16:25, John 12:25) The true Christian is a warrior. That’s why they’re so feared by the Satanists, the totalitarians, the Commies, the totalitarian political Satanists.

They are feared, because they are not only creating virtuous culture, virtuous society and civilization, which takes care of the poor, which protects widows, which protects children, protects the institution of marriage. Really, the core of societal Christianity Protects the poor, protects the widows, and protects children. If you harm the least of these… Jesus is talking about children, “better for a millstone be thrown around your neck, and be plunged into the sea.” (Matthew 18:6, Luke 17:2) It would be better that person to be thrown in the water and die, be killed, than touch the least of these children, right? So, the Christian culture, the Christian ethic, the Christian values, of course centered on God, are the core, is to protect the most vulnerable. Protect the poor, the widows, and the children.

Now, what are the totalitarians preying on constantly? The children, the widows, and the poor, constantly. That’s how Marxism is perpetuated. By preying on the poor, making them feel victimized. “Oh, they’re more successful than you. We have to steal it from them, and given it to you,” which, of course, implodes their society. The widows: making them into widows. literally, divorcing their husbands, getting rid of them early. This is not a widow by nature. It’s by making yourself a widow; and, they say, of course, they say they will protect you, but what do they do? They create a hellhole for you to live in, where you no longer have the protection promised you. Look at what’s happening in Europe. The Swedish women and European women are being raped, and the Jihadis can get away with it. Oh my gosh! Unbelievable! Absolutely, outrageous!

And of course, the kids. The political Satanists at the top are always going after kids. Did you know in the Buddhist world, the Japanese Buddhism, also Zen Buddhism, it’s even written about it in the Academic community? They use examples of certain Buddhist, or basically Samurai, that are deflowering young boys. Why? They don’t have a Christian background. They are Pagans. There is nothing wrong with that outside of Christian ethics. It was not only in Asia. The Romans. It was rapid. Your philosophy teacher, who was also teaching philosophy, he was having sex with you. When we leave God, and leave His true nature as a father who protects us, who gives us life, who builds us up to become coheirs with Him, we leave everything. Everything, and that’s why inheritance is so important.

Let’s go to our first Scripture in Colossians here. Can you believe it folks, we are in Colossians? I’m sorry, Ephesians. Colossians will be next week. Ephesians, today. Ephesians 5. Let’s read from 1 to 7:

Ephesians 5:1 Therefore be imitators of God as dear children. 2 And walk in love, as Christ also has loved us and given Himself for us, an offering and a sacrifice to God for a sweet-smelling aroma. 3 But fornication and all uncleanness or covetousness, let it not even be named among you as is fitting for saints; 4 neither filthiness, nor foolish talking, nor coarse jesting, which are not fitting, but rather giving of thanks. 5 For this you know, that no fornicator, unclean person, nor covetous man, who is an idolater, has any inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and God. 6 Let no one deceive you with empty words, for because of these things the wrath of God comes upon the sons of disobedience. 7 Therefore do not be partaker with them. Amen-Aju!

Let’s look at Ephesians 5:5 “For this you know, that no fornicator, unclean person, nor covetous man, who is an idolater, has any inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and God.

Look, folks, fornication, uncleanness. Let’s look it up in the Greek. Here we see it meaning impurity. Ritual impurity caused by open infection, caused by leprosy, child birth, touching of corpses, etc. That’s ritual impurity; and/or, of course, sexual impurity, which is from the word fornicator right before it.

Let’s look at covetous. Properly, the desire for more things. Lusting for a greater number of temporal things that go beyond what God determines is eternally best. Points to a brand of covetousness defined by the context. And then, of course, all these are framed by one main thing, which is what? Who is an idolater.

An idolater. The worshipper of an image, an idol. Look at this. It comes from the word hired servant. Wow! That is incredible. Do you know that when you are worshiping an idol, and when the Samurais are worshipping the Buddhas, or the Roman gods are worshiping the Greek gods, or the Greek gods are the same as the Romans, but they are using different names.

What are you worshiping? You are worshiping the archangels, which are what? They’re servants. The Greek word comes from servant. Isn’t that incredible? The word comes from, not only idols. We think idols are like gods or something. No, they’re servants. Woah! We think these gods are above us. No, they’re servants. In fact, look at this. You are basically an image worshiper; but, to put in context, you are a servant worshiper. That’s a different context than idol worship, isn’t it? We are not talking about status, we are talking about position, we are talking about authority. You are now giving that all up to worship a servant. I’m not saying to be nice to them. I’m saying you worship them. You are bowing down to what’s intended to be a servant. Now, you think about that. Now, you think about that in the context of Father, who suffered and died, and bleed on ten thousand crosses for you to give you that authority; and, now you are bowing to a servant.

Now, as Father, who paid all the stripes for that? For the stripes to seeing that his children, pretending to be humble by worshiping his servant, would infuriate a good father, by pretending to be humble. It would make you so angry. He wouldn’t be impressed by your moral posturing. He wouldn’t be impressed by your virtue signaling. He would say you are a piece of trash, throwing everything away, and giving it to a servant, who is actually wicked; and, if he ever leaves that servant’s place, guaranteed he would become a wicked demon. Think of it in terms of how Father looks at that. Wow!

The Ten Commandments begins with, thou shalt not worship any other gods than me. All the sins, every single one, whether it be fornication, the ones even mentioned here, whether it be fornication, covetousness, uncleanness, all that, it comes from a source. It comes from idolatry. See, whether we know it or not, we have so many idols in our mind. It can be something that takes away more attention in our mind, our heart, our spirit, our strength than that of God. That becomes an idol.

I’m always wondering, these kids when they’re training, that, even when you hold a Samurai sword, they have a whole Spirit World connected to this. As you keep training, you fall in love with this beautiful work of art, which is super powerful, and super deadly. There is a life to this. There’s like whispers behind it from ancestors who have used it, that, if you don’t remain in dominion of it, they will start taking control of you. In other words, their Spirit Worlds are attached to this whole culture.

When you are carrying an AR15, there is a whole Spirit World. There’s like a Spirit World attached to all of this. Now, they could be spirits who have died in war. People who used them, then died, or whatever; but, there is a Spirit World, There is a power that is unseen behind these things; and, if you don’t realize it, you will slowly start listening to that. That’s why the Bible always warns us that it’s not only a battle of flesh and blood, it is a battle against principalities and powers. There is a spiritual dimension to all dominion that we exercise in Cheon Il Guk. In fact, it is mainly spiritual. Learning how to use these physical tools is pretty simple. The real battle is 95% plus, spiritual. Keeping a proper dominion, proper sovereignty. Does that make sense?

Learning the tools, learning the arts is one thing. Now, proper dominion is another. All the sins begin from the idolatrize. It’s such a subtle thing. You know, I have a little Buddha in my garden. It’s so peaceful. He just cute sitting there near the flowers. It’s so cute. It like makes me peaceful. What’s so wrong about that. You see that every day. Hi, Mr. Buddha. You drink your coffee in the morning. Oh, hi Mr. Buddha. One year, two years, three years later, if you get like a before and after, in the beginning your so cute, but in the end, you change completely. You get ready to bow down.

It’s very important, when you’re dealing with sovereignty, and the actual status, profession and authority of sovereignty to be spiritually aware, because it’s like they have a life of their own. Kook Jin Nim said it, too. The bladesmith in a sword, they believe the Samurai sword had a spirit. That the spirit of the maker would go inside. If he was an evil maker, then the evil spirit would go inside, right.

Kook Jin Nim said that many times with firearms, because he’s forging them. He’s making them. Kook Jin Nim said that many times, too, with firearms; because, he’s forging them, he’s making them from the fire. He’s making them from pieces of iron, or steel, whatever. He said to me many times, “Yeah, the fire also has a spirit. Now, of course, I understand, I don’t believe the spirit’s a living entity, but there’s a whole spirit world attached to it. There’s a spiritual world that is there, that’s connected, and that’s slowly works on you.

That’s why, when you start training in these arts, it really has to become prayerful, like Contemplative Prayer. Everytime you go out to practice, you have to be praying. Everytime you go out and practice, you have to be taking proper dominion over this weapon, because it gives you so much power, and when powers unchecked, we all know it becomes wicked and evil.

All the tools of sovereignty, it may be lasers, or whatever, the point is whatever the era, the sovereign citizen of Cheon Il Guk must have a relationship with God in a proper position over these things, always. It’s so important to have this part of our culture, as we learn these arts together. Very important. That we position ourselves for victory, and not position ourselves to fall into traps. Does that make sense?

We should never take for granted that these items of sovereignty have massive power, and massive Spirit World, many of which could be good or bad, trying to temp you to lean towards evil. It is idol worship. That is the root of all sin. All of it. Believe that we can find happiness outside of God. Real fulfilment, real sustenance outside of God. It’s that becomes a very slow attrition.

I give you one example here: Let me show you. We’re now working on the Cheon Il Guk Garden. I’m now creating a nice Christian Samurai Garden there. This is a pagoda that I’ve had for many years, a stone pagoda, probably made in China. It’s not actually stone. When I looked very closely, I noticed it this time. I thought, what is that? It’s got these little holes. Brother Lowell, perhaps you could help me with that. Is it real stone? It looks like concrete, or something. Is it real concrete? Anyways, let’s pretend that it’s stone, okay. When you come and see it, just pretend its stone. Then you won’t hurt my feelings, okay? This is one of those pagodas. (shows picture) I had this for any years. Now, in each one of these windows was a Buddha; so, look at that. They are zooming in on that right now. There were probably six, seven or eight Buddhas on each layer. Even when I came to Lake Sanctuary, I told you about this before, I collected Buddhas.

I collected religious art from all different religions; but, once I had a real relationship with Christ, with Father, it was real, the relationship is real, and we had to serve him day in and day out. He was the focus. He was the living essence. He was the life force. Wherever he went, we went. We were not living separate from him. Now, it wasn’t always easy. I had to admit, I did collapse a couple of times. You know what I mean, but I found a huge difference. Once Father past, I had absolutely no more thirst for these idols. Zero. It was kinda crazy, because I bought… I always loved art. I bought those, because she’s an artist too. She appreciated art. I can do flower arrangements. You don’t know that, but I can do flower arrangements. I can do the Tea Ceremony. I can also use a sword and a gun, and choke people; so, I love the arts, but it was so weird. After Father’s ascension, I had zero thirst, absolutely zero thirst for these Buddhas, or these statues of Mary or Jesus, like Mary in these Catholic stores.

In fact, one time, a statue of Mary in a Catholic store cracked. I said, “That’s a sign right there.” That’s before I was looking into the goddess cults., that craziness they have with the pagan goddess symbiology. Now, I have no more thirst for these; but, it was Father who was literally destroying them from the Spirit World though me. Some of the pieces are so beautiful. Some of the them were so gorgeous. I said to myself, “I’m going to get rid of all of this.”

Some were saying, “Oh, let’s give it to Buddhist monks. I know some Buddhist monks. Maybe, I should give it to them.” I don’t feel good about that. I don’t feel about encouraging somebody on a path that will lead to self-worship, even though they’re my friends. I don’t’ feel good about that. I love my friends enough not to so that; so, I’m going to trash them. I didn’t know whether to burn them, whatever I should do; so, Gregg offered so graciously to say, “Hey, I can get rid of them for you.” I said, “That will be great.”

So, he came over and picked up all these Buddhas, and statues of Mary, and all these different religions. I even had the 99 names of God from the Koran that some Muslims gave to me. I said, “Get rid of it all. I don’t need any of it.” I told him, “Gregg, you better watch out. These things have a Spiritual
World around them. I’m telling you, when Elke sees them, or somebody in your house sees them. They’re going to say, “Oh my gosh, these are so beautiful, it’s art. Come on, it’s art.” I said, “Don’t listen that temptation, just get rid of them, okay? Don’t listen to those voices. Get rid of the dang things.” So, he did. He felt that. As soon as he left, now he was driving with all these things, and I don’t know what he did with them. Don’t ask, don’t tell, okay. I just warned him. From now, it is your freedom and responsibility, when you do this. I warned you in advance. He felt that. “Oh, man, this is so… It’s such a shame to throw these away. They’re so beautiful.”

The pagoda, it’s three-four hundred pounds total, It separates into pieces. I decided to keep the pagoda; but, I going to make it Christian Samurai. Then, of course, you hear the demons. “Oh, you’re defacing this religious item. You’re defacing a different religious tradition. Shut up. I’m re-centering it. I’m re-centering it. So, brother Lowell, let’s give it up for brother Lowell. Amazing. He came by on Friday, and worked on that. I did one of them. I had to run with the kids for their passports. Government passports take forever; so, I got back later that I thought. He removed all the Buddhas. In their place, we put in crosses that symbolizes the path of ten thousand crosses that Father walked. This was all separated. It was sitting on the floor ready to be grinded away. Once we did the grinding and put in the ten thousand crosses, then we put it up. When one does the King’s Report, you will see.

When you enter that space now, it’s not some Zen Japanese garden. It not just some little monastery garden you can see in Kyoto. You may, from far away, have seen a pagoda; but, when you get close, you know what that means, you see, you be in the dominion of that spirit.

Part of Cheon Il Guk culture, also, is critical for fighting idolatry. You should be aware of the idols we have, and have a practice of frequent repentance. You know what repentance means? In the Greek, it’s called metanoia. I actually going to call this, “Christian Samurai Metanoia Garden.” Because, what it means, it means repentance, that’s how we translate it usually. Metanoia means “changing your mind.” That’s what it means. Basically, you can see it like a spotlight. Your mind is like a spot light, and it always wants to spot light some stuff you want to worship. It could be money. It could be knowledge. It could be power. It could be you. It could be Samurai. It could be anything. Anything. You could be putting it on everything. The process of metanoia is removing that light away from that object, and putting it on God. Does that make sense?

Usually, you think that it’s something. Repentance is something where we have to be beating ourselves, or flogging ourselves, or flailing ourselves. That’s real metanoia, where you are in the whole business of competitive crying and competitive flogging and competitive conditioning. That doesn’t bring joy to God, because you have a whole bunch of Pharisees trying to praise themselves on how faithful they are to God, when they don’t care about God.

So, turning the mind away, changing the mind away from those things, and putting them on God is critical. It’s critical. Now, how does that apply to Cheon Il Guk nation, and Cheon Il Guk culture? Cheon Il Guk lifestyle? What about your space at your home? Are you sensitive as to what kind of Spirit World you’re inviting? Are you sensitive to the different Spirit Worlds that are attached to the things you bring into your home or abode? Are you sensitive to the type of world your inviting, or that you place in your sanctuary? Oh, see that? Are you sensitive to the different Spirit Worlds that are attached to certain things that you bring in to your abode? Are you an Inheritor that’s not sensitive to those things tht can lead us astray from our focus?

Now, you may have an interest in guns, you may have an interest in this or that, or you may have an interest in art, painting, whatever. There’s nothing inherently wrong with those things. They just need to be under proper dominion, under God, under True Father. Then they can be beautiful. Music, it’s not inherently bad. Samurai is not inherently bad. Art not inherently bad. What are you putting it under, you see? What are you putting it under? It’s about taking dominion over your sovereignty. It’s about the space that you occupy in this world. Changing the atmosphere that you have dominion over. You see how important that is? That’s an important thing. Everything from being sensitive to your immediate environment. You home. Your outdoors. The clothes you wear become obstacles for other people. Is it centered on people thinking about God, developing a sensitivity to the presence of God?

Imagine if Father’s walking through a garden that has all these Roman gods in it. You may think they’re pieces of art. You may think they’re pretty. When Father’s walking through that garden, he’s saying break them. Brake them now. Does that make sense? Father said, “It’s a time where transcend even the age of prayer. We live in the age of attendance. We live with God. Martin Luther wrote this as one of the top of his 95 theses. To live a life of constant repentance, which means what? It’s not self-loathing, self-hating. That’s still centered on self. Many people don’t get it. You could be loathing yourself, and say, “Oh, I’m so faithful. Look how much I beat myself up.” You’re still worshipping yourself. You are still focused on yourself, right. Like you have a lot of Japanese members who say, “Oh, I’m so faithful, but you can see, it’s all centered on the self. It’s competitive self-worship. Not our Japanese members here. You can see it in the Family Fraud, right. It’s like competitive moral posturing. It’s like living with God, and letting Him transfer every layer of your life. Every layer. From jewelry, to hairstyle, to eyewear, what you put into your house. Every layer, every layer. Does that make sense?

I told the kids, when the Cheon Il Goong, the Palace, was opened, I told them, “Look, we’re not going not going to keep this pool. This pool is going to be a pond, or an ocean, or a lake. It will represent Father’s culture. You don’t need a swimming pool, which only attracts bikini girls, and becomes a problem.” Undo temptation for my very strong boys that are growing, and becoming very muscular, handsome and beautiful, and honorable young men. So, as their father, I don’t need any of that; and, I told them, when we first went there, this place is where we will train all the young people coming from all over the world to be peace police/peace militia. We train them in the arts of Father.

There’s a center. Of course, you know, you’ve seen it on the King’s Report, but the pool is a little green. It’s got algae in it. So, what! I told them from the beginning, it’s going to be an aqua pond. So many people said, “Oh, you can’t do that. It’s going to destroy it.” We looked into that. It’s not going to do any of that. It’s going to naturally stabilize after a couple of weeks, and/or months; and, once you see little skimmers, which are mosquitos going in there, it’s now ready to be oxidized. That’s when you start adding water plants. That’s when you start adding fish. “Oh, what about all the pine needles? What about all the leaves that fall in? It’s going to ruin the pool.” No, it’s not. Every pond deals with leaf, glitter and debris falling in. It just becomes organic material, which the insects eat; then the fish eat the insects. It becomes a natural ecosystem. It becomes a wildlife area.

Now, what do you think Father would like better – a glittering pool with young bums trying to do parties there and bikini girls; or, would Father like a beautiful, natural oasis, where there’s birds, there’s fish, there’s duck, there’s catfish? You could even fish from it. We’re going to fish with you guys. We’re going to have a catfish base. I have some of these young boys get in there, and they’ll spearfish the catfish, how cool is that?

Cheon Il Guk culture, we don’t have to do what the world tells us we have to do. We can do things which give glory and joy to our Father. Now, I know Father very well. I am his Inheritor, Successor, and Representative Body. Not of my own choice, by the way. I always have to remind people, because they think I’m bragging when I say that. No, I’m just stating truth. I didn’t choose that. I know Father. When he comes out and he sees pond that becomes green, algae’s growing and natural process of becoming a bio-rich area is happening, Father loves that. We’ve spent so much time together. Not only on the ocean, not only seas, the lakes, the rivers, etc, all that, but even in the back of Cheong Pyeong. The one Cheon Jeon Goong, there’s a fish pond built by Father. We used to walk there. We used to walk with Father back there. Then, he would even do sometimes midday Hoon Dok Haes out there, right after our morning Hoon Dok Haes inside.

I know my neighbor’s going to think I’m nuts. Who cares. We already checked it out. It’s not going to be a problem. Denton is a master at Eco ponds. He’s already check it out. Besides, the makers of these filters have already checked it out, and said, it’s not going to be a problem. When it becomes a nice oasis, actually a living organism and pond, which not only become survival food in there, not only becomes survival water in there, not becomes a rich bio environment for the natural ecosystem for everything, all those kinds of things, but what else does it do? It transforms that space. It transforms the nature of the place. It transforms the spirit of the place.

You don’t come to Hoon Dok Hae, and have a King’s Report, and say, “Hey, let’s take off our clothes and go swimming in this pool. You see. That culture is old. We go fishing. Let’s go take care of that ecosystem. Let’s go look at it. Let’s enjoy God’s creation, which we have dominion over. We also let it work. We micro manage it. We let it work. The point is, it’s about the Cheon Il Guk culture is also have dominion, having a sovereign and dominion over those things, but also have God in attendance in every layer that we do. Every layer.

Have you even thought about your car for example? That’s another layer of your life. The car. When you see your car, do you just see a vehicle? Whenever you look at it, does it remind you of the Kingdom, of the King? Do you see what I’m saying? We have a tone mark in our car. We have a little three percent symbol in the back, next to our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu stuff. I got this cool AR15 and stars around it that represent the three percent that wins the Revolutionary War. The three percent that actually fight against the tyrants, that actually fight, that’s ready to fight. That reminds me. That reminds me of peace police/peace militia. Do you see what I’m saying? Taking over the dominion of the sovereignty God gives us, letting that represent him. Right off that deck, we took all those plants. We going to put a beautiful stone garden there, and make a reflection of Psalm 23, the Lord is my Shepherd.

I’m going to make them do training upon this place, too. I going to do Contemplative Prayer, and all those kinds of things. All the practice, all the training is for the two. Two. They asked Jesus, “What are the two main Commandments? He said, “Love the Lord with all thy heart, mind, soul, strength.” Then, he said, of course, “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.” That is really is the core to Cheon Il Guk culture, to Father’s culture.

We’re talking about a Kingdom that is real, folks. A Kingdom that we are not just yearning for, but a Kingdom that is now forming, and a Kingdom that is now, materializing with the people of God. A culture and a civilization, that is coming from a book, and a certain ethical code that is now rising developing. It’s now coming into reality.

Our Inheritance is giving to God in all the places that we go. My job is, when somebody comes into the palace, when they can see, when they can feel Father’s culture. They don’t just see a beautiful place. Who knows what kind of palaces in the future, but every single one has to be centered on the King of Kings, has to be dominated by his spirit. When you enter, it’s not just place. It’s a place that is dominated by his presence, by his nature, by his presence, by his nature.

You can see all this algae growth, it’s now being dominated by God’s natural processes. There are no chemicals, all that stuff. The natural process of God’s creation. Beautiful. We let it work, but we still maintain dominion. We let it work, but we still maintain subject position. That’s with every single part in peace police/peace militia. That’s with every part in Cheon Il Guk. We control it. We have dominion over it, but we have subject. We have a subject partner in every single part.

Remember, folks, a Kingdom is a Kingdom that comes from one King. One King. This is, of course, one of the big temptations we all have, as you know as putting crowns on, standing as our tribal Kings and Queens. How will you, centered on that entire tribe line, visibly on the King of Kings? Remember, it says in the Book of Revelation, of the 144 that are with Christ, will have his name on their foreheads.

So, some of the brothers and sisters are having revelation who have crowns are putting True Father, Sun Myung Moon, King of Kings right on their crowns. You see that? You see how that’s different? You see, everytime you put on that crown, you remember who it’s from, and who it’s centered on. It doesn’t become about the Tardy line, or the Pickell line, or the Toffey line, or whatever line. It becomes about standing in the position as duty and responsibility as duty and honor and virtue from Father who gave us that responsibility, because he trusts us. You see that? The Father who paid the price for us to stand in his glory. We didn’t make that glory. He’s giving us the Grace to stand in the glory. We didn’t make it. We just want to be little mirrors that reflect his glory back to him. Children who can say, this is all you done, Father; and, I honor you in every place.

I’m not perfect. Yes, I’m not perfect. I’m sinful. I forget you many times. That’s why I want to metanoia. I want to turn away from Satan, and return back to you. You see that? That’s metanoia. That’s metanoia lifestyle. That sound different than repentance lifestyle, because it’s so self-centered, repentance. Repentance, is so self-centered. Metanoia is about getting off of yourself, and getting centered on God. That’s what it’s about; but, in the West, with the Catholicism with the state-run Christianity, and with the Japanese Buddhism and Shinto, and all that, it’s involved and interpreted as self. It’s all about self. It’s not supposed to be like that. You’re supposed to get off yourself, and you’re supposed to turn to God. Now, there’s real joy. There’s real Grace. Wow! You realize how great God’s love is. He saved a sinner like me. Gave his life for me, so that I will be saved.

You see, it’s actually joyful. Metanoia should be joyful. If you do metanoia, and you’re feeling more depressed, you’re centering on yourself. If you’re doing metanoia, and you feel more joyful in God, you’re doing metanoia properly. It’s a good sign. Part of the Kingdom culture, part of being in that ethic of Christ is having metanoia. A lifestyle that is honest about our condition, that is repentful, that’s turning away from ourselves, and looking to the One who deserves all the praise. Does that make sense?

That’s so important as you start to prepare your crowns. Pray about these things, okay. Remember, each one of those items of sovereignty that you acquire has Spirit Worlds connected to them. I always warn the young people. I have to warn you, too. They have Spirit Worlds around them. You have to take dominion. You have to center them. You cannot let them run amok. They will take you over. It’s like the Lord of the Rings. That little inanimate ring, it was taking people over. It starts taking you over, and in time…

Let’s say you’re amazing and incredible, and you don’t get taken over, but your kids, they are vulnerable now, you see? That’s why it’s part of a culture. It’s part of a stated physical manifestation. As we physically make crowns, as we physically make Kings, as we physically make sovereignty, we make physical, physical, we make physical the centering of True Father as the King of Kings in our culture, in our environment, in our lifestyle. Does that make sense?

Let’s pray about these things. Let’s meditate about these things, as we are now standing forth in our King of Kingship roles. Very, very important. You set the trajectory and the standard for your endless generations that are coming after you; so, it is very critical. If you truly love your line and ancestry, center it completely, not only physically, but spiritually. Center it completely on True Father as the King of Kings.

Let’s give God some glory, everybody. Let’s give Him some praise. SOS, come on up. Let’s read

Cheon Seong Gyeong together:

CSG 2208

God is the First Parent among parents, the First King among kings, the One who alone can rule over all Heaven and Earth, and the First Ancestor capable of formulating His ideal. Our purpose in the Unification Church is to attend Him as His sons and daughters, who are capable of offering Him filial piety, loyalty, and saintliness and for the first time, stand before Him and inherit His vast work of creation without shame or accusation.

You see, Cheon Il Guk is from a King, folks. The Kingdom is from a King. The Second King, the Third King, Fourth King, twenty millionth King, whatever. The twenty thousandth King, it’s from a King. It starts from one King. Every generation has to be brought back to that one King. Every generation has to be brought back to that one King, as we pursue down the generations. It has to be brought back to that original starting point. the One who alone can rule over all Heaven and Earth, and the First Ancestor capable of formulating His ideal. Our purpose in the Unification Church is to attend… There it is the Samurai spirit. attend Him as His sons and daughters, who are capable of offering Him filial piety, loyalty, and saintliness and for the first time, stand before Him and inherit His vast work of creation without shame or accusation.

Oh, what a powerful warning. That word is such a powerful warning, folks, as you start acquiring Kingdoms around the world. Do not fall into shame and accusation. Center it, physically, as well on the King of Kings. Let’s all rise and give God glory. All the glory and all the praise, as we meditate and pray about these things. The future of our descendants gives Him all the glory. Amen-Aju!


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