APRIL 23, 2016

In Kore, we showed you these wonderful pictures last week for Vice President Pence, and getting out there for the nation. Now, you heard, every week they’re going out there to do demonstrations for the freedom of the nation, and they’re putting us up right there in front of the demonstrations, everytime. Now, they know our organization. Even in Korea, they’re starting to mention some of the key slogans we made things like that; so, people are starting to hear that message.

Similarly, in Japan, throughout different regions of Japan, all our Sanctuary members in Japan are also getting mobilized, and doing demonstrations on the street. In Japan, there is a lot more regulation. A lot more regulation; so, if you’re doing something in front of this or that building, you can only be two people at a time; so, they have to rotate out. So, if two people come in, then an hour later two more need to come; so, it doesn’t look like a lot of people there, but that’s not because there’s not people that want to go there. They have all these tremendous amount of restrictions, even way more than Korea. Way more than Korea. Who knows Japan? It is very regulated society; but, there are brothers and sisters there Kumamoto. That’s on April 15th, 16th and 18th. (Pictures showing our Japanese brothers and sisters protesting in Japan in Kumamoto.)

They are the only ones out there warning about Japan’s situation. That they have to be weary of China and encroachment. That they have to support America; so, the Japan-America alliance, and in some places the Japan-Korea-American Alliance Movements are now starting to be held, and they are starting to reach out to people. People are stopping on the street, who agree with that, not only take their pamphlets, but start distributing pamphlets for them, too. So, we’re seeing that kind of thing happen in Japan. You can see the flags there. Japan and America must stay united.

Also, from the 14th to the 20th of April, Japan held welcoming delegations to Vice President Pence for the nation. See, only our people are the ones doing these conditions, and getting out there. They’re not just like praying in their room. They’re getting out there, and making these conditions for the nation, understand?  Our brothers and sisters in Korea, our brothers and sisters in Japan, they’re the only ones out there. They’re the only ones politically awake. That’s ridiculous. It’s absurd that the right leaning movements are so-o-o braindead; but, we are grateful that at least somebody is setting the spiritual condition, because we know this is not only a physical reality. There’s also a Spiritual World that is there, and they need to be animated through people on earth who are actuating those things.

There were some young people in Tokushima, some young people from Korea, actually, who  had left South Korea, I believe. There now relocating in Japan, because the war situation is escalating. The potential for danger is escalating on the peninsula.

Here you go. Our brothers and sisters are out there. What a contrast. The Family Fed, I guess, was on that street somewhere; and, they were out there trying to witness to people about who knows what. Only begotten daughter or goddess worship, who knows what they’re doing; but, it was only young people out there trying to declare the nation saying, “Hey, Nation, wake up! We cannot go left. We have to strengthen our alliance. We have to support our President, Abe, who is really trying to work closely with Trump, etc.” They’re the only ones out there doing this demonstration.

Sometimes you get Commies, like a senior person, who comes smacks you in the head. “What are you doing? You don’t…,” like this. In America, you’d consider that assault, because you’re doing a demonstration, and somebody comes and hits you. That would be considered assault; but, in Asia, where there is a lot of hierarchy, I guess Japan still has that, they could smack some younger person in the head. That’s what’s happening. Sometimes that happens; but, our brothers and sisters are out there.

Again, there’s all these regulations. They could only stand, with two people at one time, and they can’t have banners. They can’t have big horizontal plankards, or something like that, so I guess they can only have little flags, so there are all sorts of regulations that they are trying to get around. Nonetheless, they are out there trying to stand for the Japanese-American alliance, and Korea as well.

There are our brothers and sisters in Osaka. That’s the US consulate right here. They are in front of them on the other side of the street. Also, in Nagoya, there were brothers and sisters there.  You see, there signs says, Japan, Korea and US alliance. Of course, we’re not telling them to do that. They can organize their flags and banners how they want; but, they understand the spirit where Providence is moving, because we’re all connected by faith, not necessarily hierarchical organization, right. Some of our Sanctuary leaders create hierarchical organizations for those who want to be in those types of organizations. You’re free to do so; but, others are not hierarchical organizations. Some people are just very beholding to their Catholic roots; so, they just want the Catholic style, so for those who love that style, they have hierarchical churches and ministries that still support the Second King and the Three Kingships. We don’t discriminate, but again, all of them will defer to me on theological matters, so they can’t just make up a new theology, or something like that. They have to clear the things they do. They have to accept Father as the Messiah, etc. and the Three Kingships, etc. It’s by Articles of Faith, not organization.

Again, another picture of our brothers and sisters out there trying to stand up for our nation. It’s almost like those prophets. They would go throughout all of Israel, when they were becoming Pagan, or when they were becoming interested in other gods; or, in Egypt or Babylon, and they would warn them, and that was just one person. The prophet many times was just one person. We have more than one person, but they’re out there. The point is, they’re out there trying to awaken the people. That is very important condition in these last of days.

There also Tokyo here. This is in front of the US embassy. There were a lot more people. Here, you can see they were welcoming Pence, here, with the flags and everything. They bumped into a very famous Japanese missionary family, who is a minister, and he started, the Pastor, to join the rally. Here he is waving the flags. He was so surprised to see all the people. All these people supporting Trump and Abe. He was very shocked. He kind of alerted, he tipped off the other brothers and sisters to where Pence would be going next to some baseball game, or something like that, so they were there, and they were able to see Pence wave to them, etc. At some point, the minister did have dinner with them, or lunch or something, and he said, “Are you guys affiliated with the Unification Church?” They had a nice drive back. They drove him back, and they had a nice conversation; and, I’m sure he was grateful, even though, theologically disagrees with what they are saying, he agrees with the Spirit, and is grateful for the Japanese citizens standing up to support this alliance.

There we go again in Tokyo, and the media was out that day. This is the Prime Minister’s residence, and there they actually took a picture in front of the Prime Minister’s residence, which is illegal. It’s illegal, but the police let them do it. This is the Prime Minister’s residence, and here they are. They actually took a picture in front of the Prime Minister’s residence, which is illegal, but the police let them do it. The police let them do it, because there were Western reporters there. They’re starting to get international articles, now. They are starting to be written about.

So, again, it is Sanctuary brothers and sisters who are standing up and awake, living with the Three Kingships and True Father, the Messiah, in the Spirit, who are out there fighting for the stability of the world. They’re the only ones. There is nobody else out there; so, we are proud of them, and we salute them, and we are grateful for what they are doing out there in Japan as well.

Here we go. This is Tokyo, and at a baseball game. There he is (Vice President Pence), and he’s waving out of his window, leaning forward and waving out of his car. There he is waving to brothers and sisters out there, supporting US and Japanese alliance; so, we’re grateful, I’m sure the Trump Administration is hearing about all these demonstrations all over Asia. They only have surveillance grid in the world.

Let’s now go to our Word. Kingdom Immortality. Let’s go to our Scripture, today. This is the last Kingdom verse in the 1st letter to the Corinthians 15:47 thru 54.

1 Corinthians 15:47-54King James Version (KJV)

47 The first man is of the earth, earthy; the second man is the Lord from heaven. 48 As is the earthy, such are they also that are earthy: and as is the heavenly, such are they also that are heavenly. 49 And as we have borne the image of the earthy, we shall also bear the image of the heavenly. 50 Now this I say, brethren, that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God; neither doth corruption inherit incorruption. 51 Behold, I shew you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed, 52 In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed. 53 For this corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality. 54 So when this corruptible shall have put on incorruption, and this mortal shall have put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written, Death is swallowed up in victory.

Wow! There we go. Such a powerful Scripture. Of course, remember, we have to have this in context. Whenever we look at Scripture, we also have to relate it to other parts of Scripture. Of course, Jesus said, “Pray every day.” We mention it here all the time, but a lot of Christians don’t do it. Pray every day, “Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven;” so, we even know, even though he was from the heavens, Jesus desire was to build the earthly Kingdom.

Now, Paul does say, correctly, that flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of God, because why? The flesh and blood has been corrupted by Satan from the Fall. Of course, we see that through the Principle. We know that through the Principle, the flesh and blood has been corrupted. The lineage has been corrupted from the beginning; so, it is not that flesh and blood that can inherit the Kingdom, for that flesh and blood comes from Satan continues to inherit what? Corruptible Kingdoms, evil Kingdoms, mortal Kingdom, etc. But, it is those who are with Christ at the end who will inherit the body of incorruptibility, and the body of immortality, folks.

The body of immortality. What is that? We see that not only in the Three-Day Ceremony. We not only see that in putting on Christ, we put on the body of immortality. That is a blessing. You’re putting on the body of immortality, in through now the lineage of God. You live forever. You do not disappear. You live on and on through your descendants forever and ever; and, as God’s Kingdom comes, we will be able to reside with our descendants. Father called it the transcending of the Spirits in physical worlds.

In the transcending of the spirit in physical world, there will always be a headquarters, of course, which is in each individual. Those who are united with Christ, and hold the unity and the lineage of God. It is not the corruptible, it is not the satanic, it is not the false flesh and blood that shall inherit God’s Kingdom, but it shall be the body of Christ, the Brides of Christ. It shall be the Kingdom of God and his people that shall inherit the earth, that shall have dominion as promised to Adam from the beginning of time.

Now, I want to go into something. Understanding that, when we look into the world, we do see the body of corruption. We do see the body of mortality. We do see the body of death and destruction. We do see the body of lifelessness and separation from God.

Today, by 2 PM there will be the first round of elections for France. We’ve been praying for France as well. It will be over; so, the results will be out by the time this service will be done, or maybe a little after. It’s top news on Drudge. Where will France decide to go? France has been given many of the gifts that all of Christendom that millions and millions of people have fought for throughout the generations. The ancestors handed down this gift of freedom. This gift of sovereignty. This gift of women’s rights. This gift of reason. This gift of borders that kept out marauding invaders. That’s a gift. They’ve been given all these things, and this generation has literally been pulling it away, just throwing it to the wind. It is not theirs to destroy. Centuries and centuries, and hundreds and hundreds of years of battles, wars and conquests, and being conquered and being raped and pillaged, all these things have led to what they have, today, which is freedom.

Stefan Molyneux has just did a piece on this, recently. He talked about, it’s not like you have to be brave the West. You don’t have to fight off the marauding Mongols. You don’t have to fight off the marauding caliphate, and the radical Muslims who are pushing you all the way towards Vienna. Now they have to. Now, they are dealing with that; but, you don’t have to physically fight them. All you have to do is get your butt up in the morning, and go to the election poll, and check a stupid box. That’s all you have to do to save your country, to save your civilization. That’s how pathetic it is. All you have to do is get your lazy ashtray up and walk to the freakin’ pole, and check the dang box. That’s all you have to do.

It’s not even something great. What all these previous Christians fought for, you know, the Enlightenment Era,  the Age of seeing God through reason, the Age of Science, all the major branches of Science, were founded by fervent believers in God, sometimes Priests or Ministers, devout believers in God; because, there’s a whole realm of theology called Natural Theology that explores nature through reason and observation to find about the painters. That’s called Natural Theology. So, that whole tradition that exists within Christendom, all those Renaissance breakthroughs, Enlightenment breakthroughs, they wanted to paint in a secular light; but, many of those breakthroughs, or the majority of those breakthroughs are coming from Christian people trying to understand God. Many of them trying to break away from the Catholic establishment that has become a state run Christian Church, which is not really Christianity. It’s a state-run government operation.

France is now in the death-throws of its existence, now, having last week had another radical Muslim terrorist attack in Paris, again on the Champs-Élysées. Did you see that? Right on the street near the Arc of Triumph. They will be voting first round this day, today; and, voting for the second round in early May. I believe May 7th is the date.

So, the main two candidates will be selected, today. Then, there will be a runoff in two weeks between those two candidates on May 7th.  Again, this is another huge blow to the Communist European Union. It was supposed to unite all of Europe. All it did was rob, rape and pillage economically Europe, of course, with the new cultural enrichment, literally, or destroy European civilization. Every civilization needs a border; so, it needs a territory, a defined border. Also, it needs a language, because you need to talk to people within that civilization through a common language, and you also have to have a common culture, okay. I would go as far as to say, it’s critical as to which book you’re reading.

Every civilization is built on a book. The atheists say, “No, we were not built on a book.” Yes, you are. You’re built on Darwinian evolution. Books on Darwinian evolution. You are built on postmodern though and philosophy.  Bertrand Russell and Nietzsche. You are built on that. Every civilization is built on a book; and, what book you read, it changes the nature of that civilization. Even the Old Testament, if it has no New Testament, it is a very different book. It is. It’s a different book, when it’s not contextualized through the eyes of Christ, and through the life of Christ.

If you compare the book of the Holy Bible compared to the Koran. It’s a totally different civilization. I mean, even the unit of society is different. The unit, the fundamental unit. It’s not husband and wife. It’s husband and wife, wife, wife, wife; and, you can divorce, you can have sex slaves, and you have legalized prostitution. This is what happens on the road to Mecca, where you legal marry a prostitute, you have sex with her, and then after you’re done, you legally divorce her. So, even the social unit of that civilization is fundamentally different how you see women. I can own four of them in that civilization. Do you see what I’m saying? Whereas, opposed to the biblical tradition, as contextualized through Christ, as yes, some of the Old Testament Prophets had multiple wives; but, Jesus said, “Do you not know He made them in the beginning, man and woman, to cleave to one another and leave their parents. To cleave to one another to be husband and wife;” so, Jesus made it very clear, what was the ideal, okay.

Through the course, of restoration, yes, sometimes, the teleological suspension of the ethical. That’s what it’s called. Sometimes, in Providence, you have the teleological suspension of the ethical, and you have things that appear unethical, but, God has to them, for example, like conquering Canaan, because that civilization is mutually exclusive to God’s Kingdom. We talked about it this the other morning. There are some cultures, which are mutual exclusive. They can’t coexist together, like what’s happening in Europe this Summer. They realize some cultures are mutually exclusive. There like oil and vinegar. They cannot live together without massive conflict and warfare. Some civilizations cannot live together. That’s just how it is; but, they’re in a massive battle, today. Everyone’s praying for the Michele B.  We had him on the King’s Report this week; and, our French brothers and sisters as well. We’re praying for you all, and we hope that the people of France understand what their ancestors had to pay for them to live in this kind of luxury and prosperity, and they just become so spoiled and braindead and secular. They have no spiritual power to stand up against these radical invaders.

It’s not all those people coming from these areas, which are radical, but there’s a percentage, who are finding great success in terrorizing Europe. Within four weeks, four weeks, we had four terrorist attacks in Europe. It’s now a common occurrence in Europe to have Islamic Jihadist terrorist attacks. Do you really want America to become like that? Thank God, Trump is in, compared to Hillary Clinton; because, she wanted to make this nation like that. She wanted Pennsylvania to be like Europe. She wanted Texas to be like Europe. She wanted a terrorist attack, literally, these left Communists wanted terrorist attacks on the US soil like it’s happening in Europe, because why? Look what’s happening in Europe. When those terrorist attacks happen, do they say maybe you should be armed, because of some crazy man may jump out and shoot into a crowd with an AK47.

Maybe, some of you need to be armed. Maybe, will start with those who have military backgrounds. Maybe will start with them, okay. They never say that. They say, “You see that. You see that. We need more gun control laws. More stringent gun control. We need more disarmed citizens; so, you can literally flop around as you’re being shot up, becoming completely holey by the AK47. This is ridiculous; but, that’s what Europe’s becoming. The Frenchmen under Napoleon conquered all of Europe. I mean, they were real warriors out there in France. They’re not just drinking wine. These guys were fighters. These guys were real warriors. They just lost it. They’ve been emasculated. They been castrated by design, of course; because, you have to wage war on masculinity. You have to wage war on the father, and get rid of it, to take it over. There is a spiritual battle, folks. There’s a real spiritual shift that’s happening.

Ever since the Han Mother failed in Korea. Remember, she proclaimed everything would get better, not only to us, but also by 2020 that in Korea, the Family Fed would become the national religion. Give me a break. That’s ridiculous, okay. I mean, give me a break. It’s absolute lunacy. You can see there’s a massive change, after the Han Mother failed. There came a shift in the spiritual nature of Korea; and, literally, they came like hordes of a demonic curses upon Korea from the Spiritual World. It’s as if all these demons are flocking to Korea, and literally covering it up with their demonic wings, and all this stuff, if you’re envision it that way, alright. The point is, the demonic Spirit World that is completely descended on Korea, they also have been preying, like the predators that they are, using the apparatus of the state and government as one of their apparatuses; but, the whole motivating spiritual power has been effecting the youth, and the youth are now leaning more and more to the left, more and more Communist. Now, this is opposite West; for, now the youth in the West, especially in Europe, are now leaning more and more right, because they’ve seen what happens with multiculturalism, and cultural enrichment, and rape and such being imported in, right. They believed the lie. They believed their stupid Marxist professors. They believed the media. They believed the powers in government; and, what did they get? They got screwed. That’s what they got.

It’s interesting, now, that the Blessing of at least God’s sovereignty is leaving Korea. It has done so over the past three years, and is now moving back to the West. Of course, where God has led His Kingship, where God has led Cain and Abel, where God has led all of us to gather here to fight for His Kingdom; so, we have to understand, there’s a real spiritual battle going on in Korea, and these are not only forces of military and political, these are real spiritual forces.

I mean, this is what Jesus has been fighting for. Thirty percent of his ministry was fighting demons. Did you know that? Almost a third of Jesus’ ministry was fighting demons, casting out demons; so, there is a humongous demonic presence that is happening now, lumming over East Asia, with the red horse of China, and the very dangerous situation with North Korea. A third of the US citizenry have been detained. That is yesterday in North Korea. Sources say, it was actually a professor – a Korean-American professor that was detained. There it is. A former Korean-American professor was arrested in North Korea.

Also, the New York Times reported this after all these weird perplexing volley ball games they were having near the nuclear sites. The soldiers are starting back at work on the nuclear sites. This is one of them in North Korea. Of course, it’s not only a matter of nuclear sites. Tucker Carlson was interviewing one of the people out at the Heritage Foundation; and, they were describing North Korea has not only nuclear facilities, folks, it has major, major artillery that is all over the board. I mean, it’s not only in one place; and, in one hour ten thousand plus rounds of huge artillery will descend upon Seoul. One hour. One hour! That’s not enough time for you to run away. When you start hearing the sirens … I don’t know if they even have sirens. Do they have sirens there? If you hear the sirens the bombs are coming down. The artillery’s coming down. It’s much too late, if that breaks down; and, for the US to take out all those artillery sites, that would be sustained warfare for days.

During that time, millions of lives would be at risk. Millions. I mean millions. Ten million people in Seoul. Very highly populated. Dense, densely populated area, region. It’s not a matter of taking out the sites. It’s not that simple. It’s not surgical or tactical taking out these sites. You got a whole freakin’ artillery, tens of thousands of artillery weapons, hidden in places, too. This is not simple. This is not a simple situation, okay, and it is escalating very fast.

China, trying to send their diplomats to North Korea. North Korea saying, “Get out! We don’t want to talk to China, neither;” so, they’re further isolating themselves. These tyrants, the more isolated they become the more dangerous they become; so, it’s a very tense, very dangerous situation. It’s like, you can’t even open the news without seeing some kind of craziness coming up. It’s really crazy.

There they go. They’re preparing for an April 25th programs. That’s in two days. It’s a People’s Army anniversary. “There’s concern that the North can attempt a provocation at any time, says Hwang Kyo-Ahn, the acting President of South Korea; and, the North promotes a great war, if the US provokes the DPRK.” Isn’t that funny how they name their country the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea? Even one of the most tyrannical states. I mean, it’s ridiculous. See, they just use key word, and they think people are so dense. The people just have to believe that they’re democratic. “It’s Army and people will start a great war of justice for national reunification without hesitation.”

This is what we have to understand about North Korea. They’ve been teaching about reunification since Kim Il Sung, and you’ll see that in some of the testimonies I want to show you today, because we should look into the nature, which Father called, “the Satan’s of this earth,” and he was referring to the North. The leaders are false fathers, right. He was the True Father, and Kim Il Sung would call himself father as well. The DPRK people would have to worship him as literally their father. Father was calling him the false father, and protecting Korea, not only spiritually, but decades and decades of anti-Communist movements, anti-Communist education, investing all Father had into that apparatus of constantly doing VOC work, and Victory Over Communism work, and reunification work, but not reunification towards Communism, but reunification towards God’s Kingdom, or God’s sovereignty. It was the endless, endless, endless…

I mean, that was going on in the 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000, I mean that was not stopping. The endless work going on. There was a real war, constantly. There always is; and, when after the Han Mother fell, and erased Father, and did all she did, and made herself into a god, what did she do? She stopped all that education. She stopped all that whole movement. That whole movement that was investing in keeping peace. So, that whole structure broke down, and she put incompetent, pathetic, sycophants into those positions, and all of them have collapse. Kook Jin Nim was building up all those organizations, and every single one of them have been mutilated, economically, and leadership wise. It’s army of people of will start a great war.

So, we can see they are seriously growing hysterically mad, and we can see, of course, people who are very dangerous in America. Politicians like John McCain, like Lindsey Graham, literally saying, they are the happiest people on earth, now, because they are so proud of Trump starting all these new wars. The RINO Republicans are so proud of him. They’re so proud of him attacking Syria, even though there was no proof that was done by Assad. He had no motive for doing it. They’re so happy. Lindsey Graham, I mean, these war mongers, these constant war mongers are praising Trump, saying, “Trump, you’re so wonderful. Continue all these wars. Do more wars. Yeah, yeah, more wars.”

These are not the people, the American people voted for. We want the opposite. Trump is saying he’s not going to go into all these wars, which is the reason why his whole movement erupted, when he came into power. If they move into this direction, he’s going to shave off massive portions of his support base. Shave off different support groups. Shave off the people who were Progressive, but decided to vote for Trump. He’s going to shave them all off. The way he’s moving with both the wars, and also prohibition, which is the war on drugs. Jeff Session’s start a very strong enforcement of Marijuana and things like that. Enforcement, that’s going to lead to larger problems.

We don’t support the use of drugs. We don’t support those things. Don’t use them. They’re bad. They will destroy your life; but, the state creates more problems when it tries to prohibit them. It creates gangs and black market trading. It creates and enriches the mob bosses. It just creates so much hell on Earth’s communities. It really destroys communities. It puts people into these privately-run prisons, and just being stocked up, and uses slave labor; so, we don’t support the use of these kinds of things. We don’t support the regulations of these things, so that the states can decide what to do with them.

It’s like the regulating of tobacco. Tobacco was pushed out of usage by education. How people were educated about how dangerous the use of the drugs are. Many people decided they aren’t going to use tobacco anymore. Not because of prohibition. Not because you banned it. It because people got educated how dangerous it is for your brain, and how dangerous it is for your lungs, the lung disease and the cancer disease.

Trump is moving on some major fronts. On the economic front, he is doing great on some major stuff. With Neil Gorsuch, he’s moving on the Second Amendment, probably very good stuff. Some areas, like foreign policy and war making, boy, he starting to look like Bush; and again, Jeff Sessions, he’s great, but if he starts going after the war on drugs, what a failure that is, and how much more problems that’s going to create for us, domestically. So, we have to pray for Trump. It’s a very serious time. He has been pulled from all angles, and we have to pray he is working with the wisdom of God; so, he can lead this country, and keep the world out of World War III.

Now, this is something, I wanted to show you, because it is important for us to get a look into North Korea. What is it like inside? I had to go there representing Father, cross the 38th Parallel to go there on Father’s behalf when he was in his elder years; so, he sent me as the International President to North Korea. I’ve been there, and it is totally, as you can see with this guy, who literally just travels around the world, and he just had on his radar, I want to go to North Korea. Nobody can go, I want to see it; so, this young kid, I guess just tours North Korea, and has some pictures of that.

It just gives you a little glimpse into this Kingdom, this Hermit Kingdom; and, it gives you a very good glimpse into the mortal, corruptible body. The political body that gets corrupted, when it takes on political Satanism. The actual world that it creates. Of course, you have to remember, what you see here is only what they want you to see. Everything is restricted. Photos, you have to ask permission to take a photo. You have to ask permission to walk this way, or walk that way. You are constantly facing monitors. Everything is monitored. All these shows that you’ll see there, the people dancing in the street, all that has been preorganized. You’ll see them at the end in a local park where they are supposed to commensurate with local people, even though they can’t talk to them. They can only see them, and they are all out there dancing so happily. You understand, that’s all planned. That’s all orchestrated.

So, you can see the nature of a beast when it rules over a population. The people in North Korea, the people, wherever they are ruled over by tyrants, the people are not the issue. The people are just like normal people. The people are just heavily, heavily, heavily indoctrinated. Heavily brainwashed. The problem is the predatory class. Alright, let’s take a look at this video.

There you go. That was the experience of one tourist. You can see, it was all about an illusion. Satan’s Kingdom is all about illusion. Look, we have fireworks. Look, we have blue light Karaoke. Look, we have a café. You see how they designed that café to look like a South Korean café. Did you see that? It’s all about illusion; but, how are the people? What’s happening in North Korea?

I found this very interesting. There is a group of Asian young people. Politically, I don’t know where they are; but, they did an interview with North Korean defectors; and, it shows you until this day, where North Korea is. We heard stories from our Father, of course; but, even other people who are in the leadership, who are even from North Korea, and they would say when you are very young you would see public executions in the towns. They would force you to attend. Many people thought that’s not in existence. Today, you can see all that illusion. This person saw on his video from his trip was allowed to take pictures of what’s really behind there. People, completely, completely ruled over by Satans. I want to go to these testimonies.

Alright, these are Father’s people. He goes on about the homeland, Chongju is the homeland. He goes on and on about that. He truly loves his birthplace. As I was preparing for this, I went through all these videos about North Korea, and Father is just constantly reminiscing about Chongju and his home, and the warmth of the people there. In the next one, you can go and look at it yourself. Sometimes, I find even though people in South Korea are more wealthy, they’re more sad. That’s what that young man said. That’s because they are isolated, even in this rich society. They don’t have all the connections that they have. They don’t even know their neighbor. North Korea is under total oppression; but, the only way you can survive is by having closeness with the people around you, because the only form of contact is craving relationship, relations with God, the transcendent Father who loves them. So, it is a very sad thing that they have even from God’s perspective, for God is grieving for North Korea, and for Korea in general, and the world.

But again, God sees Providence. God sees the movement of Providence. Somebody at the Cosmic level, like the Han Mother does such a massive Fall, and totally destroys and betrays God’s love and mission for her that has massive consequences, massive, massive consequences; so, like the people of Israel rejected Jesus and murdered him, we see that within thirty years, their whole nation was destroyed.

Once God’s protection leaves, and once God honors your decision to turn your back from God, you’re on your own. You are on your own. You are now facing all the wolves and predators that were lurking outside that castle, and God honors it. He honors people to be able to turn his back; so, when they cursed God, after they done all this thing, and then when they are about to die, they say, “Oh, God, why did you have to leave me?” No, you idiot, you are the one who left God, and that’s why you’re cursed.

It’s funny with human beings, always trying to pretend they had no responsibility. Always want to pretend that there is no moral accountability; but, of course, that leads to Satanism. You see that in the world, today, there is still political Satanism. What happens, when a nation gives itself over to Satan to the predatory class, when it gives itself over? You can see. This is real world, folks. This is real world.

We take it all for granted, we can call somebody in a different country. We take it all for granted, we can do this or that. Walk, and drive from this town to Milford, or drive from this town to Scranton. Whatever! You can’t do that in North Korea. You have to get a permit to go to the next town. If tourist come in, you’re all … you have to go out and do what those huge government things. You see them out there in the previous video I showed. They force everybody to come out, and do these dances for the tourists, or playing in the parks like that.

So, it’s all about illusion; and, in the end, when you sell off and prostitute your freedom to stay it never gets better, it always gets worse when you sell your soul to Satan. He makes it sound good, when it sounds like you’re going to get power, it always gets worse. That’s what’s happening in Europe. That’s what’s happening in Seoul, in Korea, now. South Korea is now leaning very heavy left, including the young people, now; so, it terms of God’s Adamic nation, that is such a tremendous shift, tremendous shift. Of course, we see now, the spirit of political Satanism, which is really guided by Satan and his nature; and human beings who sell their soul out to this evil power, so they can get more power to consume more resources for themselves, and buy off their friends, and plenish their enemies, control the nexus of murder and money to get all the girls, and sex trafficking, everything they what to do. This is the possession of a nation; and, in the end, it comes from a spiritual source. It comes from a spiritual source. It’s almost as you look over Korea, it is now, it’s just covered, covered in these demonic spirits that are just attached, vampirically, to the nation. Just sucking it dry.

We have in these small pockets of Korea, and of course Japan, literally trying to cut off these demonic hordes. Everytime they’re going out there to stand up, at least as a conditional offering on a weekly basis, trying to get out there, and trying to spread the Word to wake people up. It’s literally like they’re facing all these hordes of demons. Remember when we were dealing with the whole Trump campaign? We literally, even if you’re talking to a Hillary supporter, it’s like talking to someone who is possessed, possessed by a demon. I mean, completely in a cult, and you have all these people, you have this young man, who not only saw people dying and starving, you saw people be shot down, crumpled down. There was one publically executed for taking a piece of rope.  Taking a piece of rope, okay, and the guy is shot dead in the head. Blow out his brain, and literally see this guy, for stealing a meter of rope.

How did all this start? “Oh, we’re going to fight for Korea. We’re going to liberate our people. Oh, it’s a liberation army. Oh, …” Do you remember this? This is what they become. It is a pattern of history, a pattern of the unfortunate choice, the hellish choice of the first ancestor. All this crap, creates all this hell. Do you see how one person, one person can create all this hell on earth? One line. One bloodline can create all this hell on earth. Do you understand how that’s all connected? One line can create all of this destruction; and, that’s why we go back to our Scripture.

It is the line of Satan. It is the bloodline of Satan. It is the heritage, it is the lineage. It is the tradition, it is the culture of the Archangel predator that has been passed down to the generations; and, that’s why have been complete tyranny. Corruptible, mortal, of wicked flesh; but, Jesus said, “We must pray every day for the Kingdom to come.” We must pray to our Father in heaven, who is holy, who is righteous, who is just, who has promised to His people that He will bring His Kingdom; and, his Kingdom will not only be in the Spiritual when you die, or raised into an incorruptible body. It will be here on earth.

As Paul said, “to in inherit the body of immortality.” That’s what people don’t understand. “Oh, you know, Father’s gone.” No, Father lives on in his Kingship. Father lives on in his Kingship. He lives on in his lineage. Father lives on in me. He lives on in my son. He lives on, etc, etc. He lives on; and, he gets to live on in the world, transcending the corruptible body, transcending the corruptible world.

There is something different, when you start looking into the future, with the eyes of lineage. There is something that’s different. When I was young like these young people, you didn’t know what the heck that means. When you get older and you have children, and I always used to hear this, “Oh, you’ll know when you have the children, and you’ll understand.”

Here they go again. I did the same to your dumb young kids. Sometimes you’re dumb, sometimes you’re smart. They are more smart than the normal braindead dumb kids. That’s true; but, you just don’t get it when you are young. You just don’t get it. You just don’t understand the importance of lineage. You just don’t get it. Why else would there be an infatuation with lineage? Because they are brainwashed not to have children. They are brainwashed not to have lineage. That’s cool. That’s trendy. You can just live by yourself your whole life; and, then, just die. You can evaporate, just how they want you to. Good little slave. They don’t want anything to continue from honor. They don’t want anything that continues from righteousness. They don’t want any living culture, and any living heritage that continues on and becomes immortal. They don’t want that; and, there is a culture … I’ll give you an example:

I was teaching these guys the Art of the Samurai sword; and, as you are training your mind and body, you are training yourself, and God is creating a beautiful Katana sword, but you’re going to start out a as an ugly piece of Tamahagane metal. They all come in, and they think they are tough, but they all get their booty beat up; and, then they realized they thought they were not a Katana sword. They realized they were this ugly piece of metal. You get a reality check.

Then, this thing has to be hammered. Boom! Bam! You see how they do it in the swordsmiths. They have three people, and the master is there holding the piece of Tamahagane, and there are three guys going, “Pang-pang, pang-pang! Pang-pang; and, that’s how they speed up the folding process of the sword.  It’s beatened, and beatened, and it’s hammered, and it’s hammered, and it’s hammered tens of thousands of times. Once, it’s hammered, it is folded over, and hammered again, and it’s folded over and hammered again, until it’s literally thousands of layers inside that pushes out all this impurity form the metal. Then, after that, you’re not done. You still have a nasty looking sword. You have to quench it. You have to put it into the crucible of fire; and, after it’s been through all that stuff, it has to be sharpened, it has to be polished for tens of thousands of hours.

There’s actually Japanese lineage lines that hold the sword pounding, and sword making, blade smith making, and you have another line that’s for sword polishing. They don’t make the swords. They polish the sword, and they carry that through for generations. It’s a different lineage. It’s a different line; but, they have to work together, especially Japanese folks.  I don’t have to tell them, they know this is true. It’s like that with these young people. I tell them all the time. It’s like you guys. You got to be made into a beautiful Samurai sword; but, you’re not now. I tell them all the time.

They realize that. Real combat artists, they realize that. They realize. They realize they suck in the beginning. They really suck. They thought they were tough. In the beginning, they thought they were badass. They realized they really suck. They come in and get their ashtray whooped. Then, they realized, “Oh, my goodness! Wow, I’m literally trying as hard as I can, and I’m getting dominated by this skinny girl, or this skinny boy.” They realized, “How is that possible? I thought I was badass.” Right! There’s a forging. You get put in the fire. You get beatened, and beatened, and beatened; but, something is being created that is becoming more and more beautiful. More and more powerful.

I love it when one guy said, “I’m creating a sword that is being forged; but, one day that sword will break. One day that sword will break. I will no longer be able to use my body. I will no longer be able to use my mind. I will die, and I will be buried in the earth. I will perish and become dust. One day the sword that I’ve gone through all this trouble and training, one day that sword is going to break; but, today is not that day.” That’s incredible. That’s true. That’s romantic. That’s very romantic.

There is something when God is training you, and when we look at the Cheon Il Guk culture, we see the culture of Cheon Il Guk and the Kingdom of God is very different. It’s not only making these, like North Korea. Did you see all these kids had to play these little instruments, and have to do all this coordinated dancing? They tried to make a ballet, and the People’s Liberation Army were like a ballet. It’s ridiculous. It’s absurd.

They tried to make this all this beautiful art and culture. Yes, China can sometimes create some of the top gymnasts of the world. They can create some of the top synchronized swimmers of the world. North can create, by forcing the young children to play the haegeum, that little string instrument they were playing, they can play to a high level, but they are forced to do it. You understand? It doesn’t create a culture like the peace police or peace militia, where in the Kingdom of God that is part of your duty. It’s your responsibility. You have to be able to defend yourself, defend your family, defend your neighbor, because you are supposed to love your neighbor.

This real culture shift. You can see how these tyrannical governments create this fake culture of art that is forced up their population, and it’s really archangelic, really twisted, really weird thing, where they try to create the pinnacle of this preformist artist. At the same time, they seriously try to maintain their mafia stronghold by centralized power, centralized law enforcement, centralized police, all this. What does that create, folks? You saw it, you saw what it creates. It creates hell on earth.

Now, Father lived under this. He lived under tyranny, he lived under this kind of evil; and, that’s why Father, yes, just like Jesus had to make that whip and beat up those money changers. Father himself had to strengthen the South Korean government, and the South Korean arms industry, creating the Vulcan cannon, and making the air guns to get people conscience. Look, you have to be willing and able to stand as sovereigns. You have to be willing to stand up against the archangel. That doesn’t come by standing up and looking at art, even though we love doing that stuff, and that’s beautiful. It comes by understanding the nature of the predator, and understanding the nature that there are wolves out there that want to harm you, and they will harm you.

That’s what these braindead Europeans are starting to learn. They are starting to learn. There are starting to learn there are civilizations, if they are unvetted, they are mutually exclusive, and they will harm you. They don’t care about your values. We’re praying for, of course, Korea; but, again we have to look at it from God’s perspective. We don’t know what’s going to happen there; but, even if something happens, we know, Providentially, what the reason is. We know what the cause is. We’ve been warning about it for the last three-four years, now.

There are serious, serious consequences to Providential figures falling, and mishaps. Huge consequences. That doesn’t mean that God’s Providence is over. God’s Kingdom will come; but, it creates tremendous collateral damage. That’s why the souls, the cries, and the wales, and the weeping, and the moaning of all those who suffer because of the Han Mother’s curse. That’s what Father says. She’ll be the most pitiable, if she leaves him, if she separates, she betrays. She will be the lowest in hell, because she had been chosen, folks. Nobody put a gun to her hand and said, you had to choose to make yourself God. We told her, don’t do that, and anybody who does that, you get put under condemnation. It wasn’t the leadership that did it, neither. In the end, it was her who believed it, and know it’s coming out. It’s coming out. Her true belief, her true theology is coming out; and, guess what? She is responsible for that. In the end, you are responsible; and, this culture, where women are told you are never responsible. You can do anything want. You can act like a little baby and child, and throw dishes, that fine, and your husband has to take it. You are trained to be a total irresponsible baby. If the man does it, it’s bad; but, if the woman does it, “Oh, there’s a reason. She didn’t mean to do it.”

This is what we’ve become. We have become opposite what the feminist complained about. This is what Western culture has become. Of course, that moral unaccountability creates demonic women. Then, of course, a beta male class then is trying to get resources from those women, and/or sex from those women; but, it pushes out any honorable people, who are really honorable men, who are really honorable women. It stigmatizes you. It isolates truly honorable people; and, that’s why it ends up going towards political Satanism. Always, always, always! 100% guaranteed.

We are witnessing the collapse of the world in slow motion, and that’s what’s so frustrating about it. People really can’t see it until it’s so bad, and then they realize, “Oh, my goodness. Look how bad this has become.” This is really becoming a problem, now. Like Europe, like Sweden, like France, like Britain, like the UK, like America was going to become under Hillary. Total, total political Satanism. In the end, empowering this type of predatory class.

God’s Kingdom, and God’s day for judgment must come, folks. Why does judgement have to come? Look, they are mutually exclusive. You can’t have it come in as a fairy god mother, and say, “Bling, bling, bling.” He has to judge the evil, because it is mutually exclusive from His nature. By His nature, He repels evil. By His nature, He judges evil in a sense that it gets pushed away from Him. It cannot come in His presences. It cannot intermingle with Him; so, when His Kingdom comes, it is hostile towards those types of political Satanist’s ideologies. It is, because they are mutually exclusive.

The Cheon Il Guk Constitution, if you read it, if you understand political Satanism, and you read the Cheon Il Guk Constitution, and you were a political Satanist, you will be so angry looking at that thing. It will make you so angry, because any potential of you trying to exploit that, and trying to rule over humanity to steal resources is gone. If you have any political mind, and any political understanding, when you read the Cheon Il Guk Constitution, you’ll see how angry it all makes, centralist, globalist, central bankers, centralized government, centralized military, centralized offices, whatever it is, angry. Then you know for pretty sure, Satan’s mouth is angry. Then you know a sign is coming from God.

That is the maximum amount of freedom; and, with freedom comes responsibility to the citizen, to the individual person, who has a relationship with God from whom his rights come. His rights don’t come from society. His rights don’t come by agreement. His rights don’t come because you got into a group and agreed upon it. No! Your rights come from God, the Creator, who is our loving Father, who gives us these rights, not because we deserve it, but because He is so incredible, and so loving, and so good, and so just; and, when the Kingdom people understand that and take ownership of that, stay in the place, then they stand up against political Satanism, they stand up against the workings of Satan, okay. You literally become a weapon against these predators. You become an active ingredient in making world peace, in making real unity, and creating world peace based on freedom and responsibility and sovereignty, territory, freedom, and loving your neighbor, and honoring those who came before you, based on real culture, real civilization, real moral code, real chivalry, real Kingdom.

In the end, we are called by God. That’s why we’re here, with the young people. Samurai means to serve, one who serves. Jesus said, “We are all here to serve. We are here to serve our Father. We’re here to serve to serve one another. We’re here to bring God’s Kingdom.” In a sense, a Christian is like a Samurai, isn’t he.  Christian is really like a Samurai. You have a master. You have a real Father who loves. You have someone who you are serving and living and will die for. That code of conduct, that code of ethics, and that code of living for someone greater than yourself, which is truly honorable, truly virtuous, truly loving, and truly good, and not doing this worship of yourself is the key to the civilization that presses us forward towards the Him.

We should be praying for North Korea and South Korea, and Asia, and Japan, and all that craziness that’s happening over there. Whatever happens, and many of our brothers and sisters are out there on the front line to fight. Whatever happens, we have to know that God has a plan. God has a plan. We have to do our utmost to prepare for His Kingdom. We know the tribulation only gets worse. We’re having more and more troubles in the US, too. Trump is leaning more and more RINO Republican. It doesn’t mean it’s over. It just means there are now situations that are arising.

So, more than ever the body of Christ has to be energized, has to be spiritual, has to move with the Holy Spirit, has to stand in righteousness, has to stand in virtue, have to prepare the way for the Kingdom. SOS, come on up. Folks, let’s look at Cheon Seong Gyeong before we go. Look at what Father said.

CSG 1595

I have secured my global domain. Providentially, the United States in the Abel nation and Korea is the Adam nation. Father and son should become as one. Until now the history of restoration has progressed through mother-son cooperation, but such an era will pass.

Our brothers and sisters are standing out there for Father and son cooperation. They’re standing for the Three Kingships. They’re standing for Abel, and for the Father’s nations to stand united. They’re fighting against this trend. They’re fighting against a huge tsunami wave, yes, that’s true; and with men, it may not be possible, but we know with God all things are possible. We know has His protection on those who seek his face, those who stand with Him, those who stood on His authority. I know you’re not the type of people, who want ego trip, and get up on yourself; and, that’s why you have a problem with the Crown Providence. I know, because you are not psychopaths, and you’re not living your life as a narcissist for you. Do you understand.

We have to transcend this thing about ourselves, and we have to stand in our position God gave to us, because it’s not only for us. We are looking into the future of civilization. We’re looking into the future of our lineage, into the future of Cheon Il Guk; so, when we stand our position correctly, and we stand as a man and woman of virtue as we stand before God, the perfect virtue, and we stand humbled, and surrendered and strong, and willing to stand for His Kingdom, God can move. I know it’s not about you. I know many of you are struggling about that; but, again, I just want to reiterate, it’s not about you. It doesn’t have to be about your thing. It’s about God and God’s Kingdom. It’s about giving proper glory, proper honor to His Kingdom, and His people, who He’s selected, and whom He has chosen.

Let’s all rise, and give Him all the praise this day, as we give praise to His nations, and pray that God will lead us through this time with discernment, with the Holy Spirit and with knowledge and grace. Amen-Aju!







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