APRIL 16, 2017

I have some DVDs that Kerry Williams gave me. Look at this. “Servant of Christ.” Robert Jermain Thomas and the Korean Great Revivals. Very interesting. This is basically the man who brought the Bible to North Korea, to Korea. This was 1866. This was 54 years before Father; so, this becomes the foundation of Evangelical Christianity. It comes from this man. Robert Jermain Thomas, and he’s was a very young man. What is it. Was he in his twenties. He was twenty-six. Listen what happened to him.

In 1866, a Welsh missionary to China, Robert Jermain Thomas, sailed up the Taedong River near Pyongyang. Dressed in traditional Korean garb and carrying 500 Bibles. The ship Thomas sailed on was an American vessel. It was attacked, and the crew was killed. When Thomas came ashore, he carried a white flag and a number of Bibles. A Korean combatant approached him, and Thomas reached out to hand the man a Bible just before the soldier brought a sword down upon his neck beheading him. Cut his head off. Cut his head off, but because of him the Bible entered into Korea. Meanwhile, they tried to burn them all. Apparently, this man who murdered him, the executor, eventually took the book, and used as paper in his house, because they do that. Paper mached the walls in impoverished Korean architecture. They used paper mache walls. Basically, paper and rice. Rice glue and paper. Layer it, and it becomes hard. Anybody ever do papier mache when you’re in art class. the paper mache thing? That’s basically what it is, okay. It’s a glue. They use the rice glue, which is sticky, and then they use water, and then paper. So this guy paper mached his whole house, I guess for practical reasons. He had paper. It was given to him by the Bible, and the Bible was written in his house, basically, and that’s where the first groups of Bible studying Christians began, and they started studying in his house reading off the walls. Isn’t that incredible or what? That eventually became the first Evangelical Church in Korea, then spread out to almost dominate the entire religious scene. It’s very interesting. Kerry gave those to me this morning. I going to take a look at them, and then I’ll give it to Gregg to make it public. Do we have the cartoon version here? The cartoon version here for the kids. See, they are dressed up as Chinaman. They say that’s Korean clothes. That Chinese clothes. We ain’t all the same, by the way. Don’t be no racist, folks, okay.

It Easter, but in Russia, they started doing their own research realizing that the bunny rabbit is actually pagan. The egg hunting is actually a pagan ritual. It’s hardly anything to do with Easter. Yes, it’s fertility, a Spring fertility ritual, and connected to all these pagan gods, and has no basis in biblical Christianity; and, so the Russian member did their own research. We spoke about this a year ago, or something like that, but the Russian members looked into it themselves, and they realized, Wow! Throw away all this stuff. It’s not necessary. It’s not necessary.

Emo was bit by a dog while she was trekking this morning. That’s a criminal offense. So, one of the neighbor’s dogs was out. It’s always out; so, this dog has bitten other people, apparently; so, there’s going to be a police filing. There’s going to be a filing, because that is illegal. That’s a criminal offense. Do you realized why I tell you girls to carry guns. If you can’t carry guns, you carry pepper spray. I mean, that was a German Shepard, a German Shepard and a little pug. It’s not a joke. That’s why you got to have your protection on you. Anyway, thank God she’s good. She looks like she’s okay. She actually went to the hospital. She said, ‘I’m going to Sunday Service. I’m going to service;” so, she is a warrior, but, I told you girls carry your dang pepper spray, and your weapons. I did Judo training, and trained all those Ninja Arts; so, you just walk around in Fantasyland thinking, “Oh, nothing’s going to harm me.”

Last time we saw “The Case For Christ.” Wasn’t that great? That was an amazing movie, wasn’t it? Wasn’t that great? It was so good. Fantastic. Lee Strobel, the real story of Lee Strobel, and the acting was so good. It wasn’t cheesy, and now you’re getting some of the high-quality Christians starting to come out of their closets, and they’re starting to join in on these movies; and, the next movie, they’re having major Hollywood people coming out. I mean the whole cast. You notice them all. They got some major Hollywood people coming out, out of Pure Flix; so, the closest Christians are starting to come out, and saying, “Hey, hey! We’re not going to be threatened by this Satanist, Luciferian, pedophile network of Hollywood;” and, they’re producing phenomenal movies. Man, I mean, what a repost to the Satanic culture. Phenomenal quality. Highly recommended, if you haven’t seen it, yet. Go support these kind of movies. They put it right before Easter. Easter’s all about the Resurrection; and this whole thing was showing the Resurrection, why the Resurrection is important in the Christin theology. Why it’s important, and why its foundational argument for the reality of Christ, okay. So, this was such a beautiful work. Excellent, and it’s based on a real story by Lee Strobel. So phenomenal. Excellent, well done. If you’re going to pay for a movie, pay for a movie like this, and support these kind of brothers and sisters in Christ. You know, there making these tremendous films. They’re pouring out their blood, sweat and tears to get these things at a high level, where people are not laughing at them, and say, “Oh, your Christian movies suck.” No, this is super high quality. Super high quality. How many people cried at that movie? Oh, man. I know some of you people are lying. Some of you are lying. I saw you cry. I saw you cry. But, that was phenomenal. Phenomenal.


I’m gonna go now to the Word. Today is Easter, and I’m going to talk a lot about guns, today, okay; so, look, I only can move where God is pushing me, alright; and, this whole week, not only this whole week, but, when we talk about Easter, we talk about Jesus being victorious over death, okay. Being victorious over death. We talk about Jesus being, what is it, “Death, where is your sting? Grave, where is your victory.” (1 Corinthians 15:55)

This is a picture up on Facebook that’s causing a nice stir. (Picture of Hyung Jin Nim with an AR15 rifle) The King’s got to have an AR. Finally, my AR matches my hat, okay. My KAHR Arms hat, and that’s a cool new paint job I did on my AR. I did that myself. It’s not the silver coated, or anything fancy like that; but, it matches well. It’s kind of my bushcraft pattern that I’ve done on my small arms as well.

This is interesting. This is the first picture I posted with my rifle; so, I posted pictures with my small arms, and that was actually a big step. I haven’t been in the gun community for so long. I had a gun permit in New York when I was twenty, or something like that, and when I moved to Korea, I gave that up; and, then when I came back to Pennsylvania, then I got my license to carry, all that kind of thing; and, once again became part of the gun community, because when I was younger, all my brothers, they all had got into shooting, but, I wasn’t too much into it. You know what I mean. I liked the empty hand combat arts; so, I knew how to do it, but I really wasn’t in the gun community.  You know, empty hands fighting  community, or even the blade community, but not necessarily the gun community. Coming here, I’ve been able to, of course, become more part of the gun community.

So, this is interesting, because this is my first rifle picture, my first AR picture, and hopefully we’re trying to find a way on The King’s Report  logo to put the AR in there, somehow. It’s hard, it’s not easy, because we had sort of… Lesa’s working on it. She’s very talented. We had the swords there. Anyway, we’re still trying to work it out, okay. It’s very interesting, this is the modern sword.

A lot of people, as well, know this, too. Look at this. (picture) This is a modern Ninja, they call it, and the Ninja tradition, all that stuff in the martial arts they do; but, then you also have the art of the gun, which is actually a real art. People don’t understand it. It’s just like they don’t understand or know anything about combat arts, they don’t understand. These are real arts, even like this. This is a real samurai. The art of the samurai, but they incorporate it with the modern, but the philosophy for warfare is the same.

Now, why am I talking about this on Easter, okay? First of all, I got a prophecy from God. I speak whatever God moves me to speak about, okay. What’s happening that week, especially you’re not going to hear traditional stuff about Easter, and happy, happy Easter bunny and go find your eggs, okay. Pray for your fertility gods. It’s ridiculous.

So, Jesus in the Resurrection had power over death, had power over the grave. Now, if you don’t want a culture of death that you know Satanism wants to bring in, then of the four horsemen, the green horseman is called Death, literally, and Hades falls behind him; but, we don’t want to bring the culture of death, but actual death. You must create a society, where the bringers of death are fearful. Does that make sense?

You have to create a society, not where everybody is fearful of one another, but where predators are very fearful to enter in, right. Just Emo got bit, today. She did not carry her pepper spray, or her gun like I told her to. She’s licensed to carry, too. I carry my thing when I’m trekking, crushing those miles. I carry smaller arms, sometimes; but, if I get bit, that dog is going to get shot. Do you understand. He’s going to get shot, but what happened. So many people are brainwashed into the fantasyland of believing that empty hand combat is somehow higher than weapons combat, or that’s more pure.

What you have to realize that actual real combat in law enforcement statistics, forty percent will have weapons. Forty percent. Bats, clubs, 2 X 4s, hammers, knives, you name it; so, if you are a martial artist, and you think you are a badass, because you’re good at Jiu Jitsu, because for a normal person I much better than any of the guys you train with that I know; but, I’m not going to delude myself. If someone’s got a knife, it’s a huge advantage. Humongous. What did I tell you guys to do? The first thing you do is run. You get out of there. You don’t get yourself involved. You don’t try to fight that person’s knife. Once you do that knife fighting with me, then you see how fast that knife fighting is, so you’re not deluded into a fantasyland, okay. A person with a knife is very dangerous. It’s very dangerous, especially if you know how to use it.

Look, you guys and girls, you guys get good very quickly. It’s very dangerous with a knife; but, again, the problem is, and I see this problem with a lot of the girls, girls, you learn the art, but you don’t carry the dang thing. This is the problem. You learn the art, but you’re not carrying that thing that will help protect your life.

Now the boys, too, are guilty of that; but, more of them have gotten knives that they carry. I don’t know how many of the girls that do knife fighting actually carry a knife. I had to get on the Queen, yesterday, “Why aren’t you carrying your knife?” She’s licensed to carry a firearm, too; but, she doesn’t do that enough, even though she’s promised her daddy she was going to do that. Once a week, maybe two times a week, and now it’s zero times a week.

So, this is a problem with you girls, and we got to be real with this. You girls have got to understand, this is not a fantasyland. There are people, and animals as well as people saw today. Emo got bit by a freaking German Shepard and a pug. There are things that will harm you. Don’t live in la-la land. Don’t live in fantasyland. You got to be real, and that’s why we train the real arts, because the real arts keep it real. They don’t let you get deluded, okay.

So, if you are learning these arts, it’s not so you just learn them for your edification and pleasure, you know. Your pleasurable edificatory experience. It’s not for your erudition, okay. The whole reason why you train these arts, is that you become harder to kill. You become more threatening towards evil, and remember, it’s evil who wants to brainwash you to make you feel that its good, at that the cool, to make you feel weak to not be able to defend yourself, to rely on police to do that. You know, the average wait time for police, what is it in some cities, ten minutes? Forty-five minutes, wow! Forty-five minutes. National average is how much? Seventeen minutes. What are you going to do for seventeen minutes why you’re getting beat, pummeled and raped? Don’t be foolish, girls. I teach you these arts, so you can learn to protect yourself. It’s not so I can be cool. Can you learn that? No, it makes no difference if you don’t carry your weapon. Does that make sense? So, you got to be real. That is a problem. Until somebody gets hurt, or somebody gets bit, or now I see why. Sometimes, you girls drive me nuts.

So, the point is, in the Kingdom, there has to be a point which is very dangerous towards predators. Very, very dangerous towards predators. Because, why? Since there’s free will, people will choose evil. For two thousand years of Christian history, Jesus created an atmosphere, where it’s dangerous for people to enter into the sphere of Christians, because they can spiritually fight them off; but, not physically, which is the reason why Christians have been oppressed century after century after century, unless they became, the Archangel themselves by creating the state Christianity, and then by conquering other nations; but, it is important for us to understand, in the Resurrection, Jesus created a very hostile environment for Satan, spiritually, spiritually on the spiritual level to have no victory over believers in Christ. Does that make sense?

So, in the Kingdom, when we pray, “Thy Kingdom come, they will be done,” it’s not only the spiritual, now. It has to be physical, now. It has to be physical. It has to be where physical Satans, physical predators, physical people, who wish to exploit and harm and traffic others, exploit others, are fearful of that culture of that community, okay. That’s why I thought God was pushing me towards, even in the day of Easter, where Father had his great vision with Jesus, on Mt Odusan, where his Messianic consciousness came alive, and came to an awakening, even though, of course, he came from the God of Night, and was the Messiah from a young age. In theology, this is called, “Messianic self-consciousness.” Jesus, when he’s three years old, doesn’t necessarily know he’s the Messiah, yet? He’s still in diapers. He’s only three years old. He doesn’t know he’s the savior of the world, yet, okay.  So, he doesn’t have his developed Messianic self-consciousness, but as he grows, he’ll start understanding who he is. In the same way, on Resurrection Easter Sunday, he came with a greater awareness of his Messianic role, okay. That doesn’t mean he became the Messiah at that time. There were twenty volunteers to be the Messiah, and he was aware. Do you see what I’m saying? But, his Messianic self-consciousness became awakened with that visitation of Jesus.

Father was a realist. He knew the Kingdom would come in the physical. He knew it would come with the seed. He’d have to establish a Kingship, and also the Family Fraud keeps hiding from you people. Now, when I say you people, I mean not you guys; but, everybody else out there who watches secretly under the bedsheets, and you know you’re wrong, and you know you’re fallen, okay. That’s for all of you.

Father, the first business he made was the air gun. The air rifle. That, then, connected him to creating the defense industry in Korea, and then to produce the Vulcan cannon, which is the big cannon that rotates very fast, that goes like that. The Vulcan cannon is a major weapon for South Korea, because he knew, why? He knew North Korea is a problem, because he grew under that totalitarian regime, seeing people getting murdered in the streets, getting hung in the streets, even if they said something wrong about the government. You can get a public hanging. Everybody sees it. Blood dripping, head cracked, neck cracked, blood dripping on down on the street. Total fear based, total totalitarian, medieval dark age, okay.

But of course, they hide this. They hide this, because they want to repackage Father as some kind of state Jesus. Some kind of Catholic Jesus. They want to become the Catholic state Christianity, which, of course, they never will become. They’ll only become more and more archangelic; but, of course, such a massive heresy, they won’t even become the level of the Catholic Church. In any case, they’re trying to paint Father as this peace teacher. He’s a peace educator, etc. when Father was one of the main developers of the Korean defense industry; because, at that time, after the war, it was not even. Korea was ravaged because of Father. But, Father has seen the reality. He knew the danger of the North coming down further, pushing down. Further attack. He knew how peace was not guaranteed. It could change in the flip of a dime; and, he knew that his people, the place that he fled to, South Korea, who are the same Korean people, ultimately, also needed to become strong so they can protect themselves, okay.

Now, Kook Jin Hyung has been saying the same thing that Father was saying in 1940s and 50s and 60s. Kook Jin Nim was saying the same thing ten years ago, 2010 or 2008 with strong Korea lectures, reminding Korea, “Hey, all your military is falling apart. North Korea is building. China is building. Don’t be foolish. You don’t be an ostrich with your head in the sand.”

So, we now move to our Kingdom Scripture, today. Now, we’re in 1 Corinthians. This is the second Scripture of the Kingdom here; so, this is very interesting. I mentioned it briefly, yesterday, but let’s go through it, today; because, it’s hitting current events, and how connected it is to the revival and resurrection of the body of Christ, okay.  Let’s go to:

1 Corinthians 6:

Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind,

10 Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.

11 And such were some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God.

12 All things are lawful unto me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power of any.

13 Meats for the belly, and the belly for meats: but God shall destroy both it and them. Now the body is not for fornication, but for the Lord; and the Lord for the body.

14 And God hath both raised up the Lord, and will also raise up us by his own power.

15 Know ye not that your bodies are the members of Christ? shall I then take the members of Christ, and make them the members of an harlot? God forbid.

16 What? know ye not that he which is joined to an harlot is one body? for two, saith he, shall be one flesh.

17 But he that is joined unto the Lord is one spirit.

18 Flee fornication. Every sin that a man doeth is without the body; but he that committeth fornication sinneth against his own body.

19 What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?

20 For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s.


This whole Scripture goes on about a huge aspect of sexual fornication, here. Look at this in the beginning here: “Be nor deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate. Look at this. “Nor effeminate.” Now, the actual word for this from the Greek, that means “soft.” Soft, it means soft, and in some countries, in some context, it means homosexuals, okay. So, some Bible translations will just translate that word in the King James Version, because it means more in the context of effeminate men, some of which are homosexual, some of which are soft. But, it’s interesting. The Bible says, they will not inherit the Kingdom. They won’t inherit it. They won’t inherit the Kingdom. Then he goes on, of course, on the verse the long verse about the flesh and fornication, etc. because, adulterers and all these fornicators, etc. will not all inherit the Kingdom as well.

This is very important, because, look, what is happening. We have North Korea that is attempting to fire a missile. Now, what happened? You understand what happened, right. Saturday was the Day of the Son. That’s when King Il Sung founded the nation of North Korea, and they conventually have big displays of military might, which they did this time, too; and, sometimes, they had testing of nuclear weaponry, or other type of very strong missiles, like ICBM intercontinental ballistic missiles, okay.

North Korea, whenever they said, they’ll do a test, they always done it; so, on Saturday, they had the big parade, they had the military might, they had all the new bombs that are coming out. This article was talking about the “Game-changer.” It’s the new level of missile they produced, okay, which is bigger than the previous missiles that they had before, which is called the “Hero” here.

“The countries ‘game-changer’ Intercontinental ballistic missile, which was revealed to the world in a display of military might, yesterday.” That is Saturday, Korea time, okay. So, the whole world was in trepidation and in fear in waiting to see what North Korea was going to do, because there was a showdown, because Trump said, “You do another test, we’re going to take you out.” Trump has already been negotiating with China putting pressure on them to go and work it out with North Korea. “Hurry up and take care of them. It’s not our problem. We’re going start hitting you with tariffs if you don’t get rid of this problem, which is a threat to everybody;” and, North Korea’s directly threatening the US, by the way. He actually threatened the US. They’re saying, “You shoot one missile past our border, we’re going to nuke you.” So, they are actually making public threats to the United States. So, there’s a real showdown coming up on Saturday, which is so very tense, spiritually. You can feel the atmosphere. Very, very tense Spirit World. Very dangerous situation, okay.

Now, the parade went through, all that kind of thing happened, but, there was no nuclear missile test on that day, so everybody’s like, “Ahhh! Whew! That’s fantastic. Great, great, great, okay!” Yes, Kim Jun Un got castrated. Trump took off his bib, whatever. His bib and his baby clothes; and, he’s now making him behave. There’s a cartoon, where Trump and China and Russia are standing over a big table, and North Korea’s Kim Jung Un is on the table with a big bib and diaper clothes going, “Wah, wah! Wah, wah!” That’s what I referring to, if you haven’t seen the King’s report. Did I show that cartoon? I don’t know if I showed that cartoon.

So, there was this game-changer here. They were showing this military might, and the world was saying, “Thank God nothing happened on Saturday. Alright, we got the situation under control.” Then Sunday morning, the wee hours of the morning, North Korea made the decision from the top, it has to come from the top, made the decision to test Sunday. The world was waiting for Saturday, the order was given, then Boom! They went to test, okay. This was now Sunday morning. Now, what happened was, of course, everybody knows, Why?

We just looked at how fornicators, adulterers, effeminate, all these types will not inherit the Kingdom. What do the archangelic leaders of the world, when they have dictatorships, when they concentrate power into a centralized organ, and use that to steal resources, and collect resources. In the end, what are these tyrants after? Stefan Molyneux talks about. Biologically, he says, “Biologically they’re after what, ovaries.” Seeds. They’re after eggs, because the genetic predisposition for us to survive, and to reproduce from a biological perspective is the driving force of survival; so, the reason why men will congregate resources is to have higher quality mating partners, which then they don’t have any defects, retardation, whatever, which could hurt their genes. That’s why men are not attracted to, or less attracted to women, who are not as proportional, okay, and those are the conventional signs of beauty.

Stefan Molyneux breaks this down, biologically. He says, “What these people are after, when they concentrate resource, and concentrate power is, there after eggs, there after ovaries.” That’s what they are after. They’re out to propagate their bloodline, right. From a biological perspective, that’s what they’re trying to do.

Now, the women who are surrounding them many times are just indoctrinated. They have competitive crying. It’s a whole cult. Many of these women are in Stockholm Syndrome. They are literally captives. They’re slaves; and, they see it as a great honor. In North Korea, the Queen showed me a video on that in Korean, yesterday, about the different governmental departments that they have regarding women, and how they recruit women from middle school, okay. How is it they find them? There is the Happiness Department, right, then what is it? There’s the Dancing and Singing Department, and there’s the Satisfaction Department, okay. So, all these departments are different, basically, sex organizations, federalized. Oh, they have these three department under the Happiness Department. They have the Singing, they have the Dancing, and the Satisfaction Department, okay.

So, what are they training these young girls to do? Starting from King Jong Il is, they go to these middle schoolers, they pick out the pretty girls, okay. “You have been scouted out by the federal government. You have the great honor of serving in the federal government,” and then they go the Happiness Department. They go to the Happiness Department, and they are trained in either one of the arts of either the Singing, Dancing or Satisfaction Department, which is sex; and, their virginity is stolen by them by the Supreme Leader or the immediate leaders. If the girl is stunningly beautiful, then the Supreme Leader will take her. If she’s less beautiful, then the A level leaders, etc, etc. Okay.
Then, they will basically will have to be prostitutes, given over to diplomats, used by the state to be presents and gifts to visitors that come to nation. It’s all for the nation, girls. It’s all for the nation, doing your patriotic duty, okay; and, then by the age of twenty-five, if they have gone through that, then they got a lot of an open highway into the government, okay. Now, this is not different. Many of you are crinching, because, you are living in a bubble, because you’re living in America. You’re spoiled. You understand that, right. If you have to look at history, this is constantly the pattern, always. There’s almost no applicable history, where this is not the case. How come your history teachers don’t tell you that, girls?

So, these archangels, these literal conduits of Satan’s seat, of Satan’s actual presence on earth, which then control a state, which is then federalized centralized archangelic power, not only to create military might, etc, but to create resources. What do you get when you congregate these resources, when you congregate lots of resources? You can have access to eggs.

This is where Paul is talking about who will inherit the Kingdom. All those things. Fornicators, adulterers, effeminate, all these things. In the end, why do all these dictators, which are big wimps, they’re nothing but pudgy fat wimps, who never had to… they been given a totalitarian state. They been raised up in this harlot, you know, sex cult culture. There’s nothing preventing those leaders from stopping that, picking eighteen years old girls. They’re picking middle schoolers, elementary schoolers. There’s nothing stopping them, nothing stopping them. There is nothing. Nothing stopping them. Do you understand that, folks? They can take a zero years old girl and do whatever they want with it, if they want. Nothing is stopping them. Do you understand?

So, when people see these Americans, in one hand they have the AR15 and in one hand the Bible. There’s a difference in holding an AK47 and a Koran. Totally different. Now, on the internet, they show the American girl, probably Southern, hold their AR15, she’s got an American T-Shirt and holding the Bible. Right next to it, they got a Jihadi girl with an AK47 and Koran, and they say, “Tell me, what’s the difference?” There’s a freakin’ huge difference. Do you understand? The content of that book is different. That’s the difference. The ethics of that book is totally different. You can’t just go conquering nations and take sex slaves in the Bible. Hello! DavidUnder the ethics of Jesus Christ, you cannot; but, David Wood has done all the research on it. He’s a real expert. We’ve shown it on The King’s Report. People who come here, you’ve seen it. There a totally different civilization than has been shown by the Bible, the Holy Bible we have today, which is what? Through the lens of the New Testament, through the lens of Jesus.

Now, if you only had the Old Testament, yes, there are many similarities between the Old Testament and the Koran; but, through the lends of Jesus, that whole Bible becomes very different, now. Very different. It becomes completely contextualized. There’s a total civilization that’s being described, and a whole different form of ethics that’s being described, and a wholly different form of ethics that’s being described. That’s why when you see Christian decentralized, non-state Christianity promotes and creates and strongly promotes the idea of husband and wife in strong unity surrendering to Christ. Not husband and wife, or husband, and wife and wife and wife, and sex slave, sex slave, sex slave, sex slave. That’s a little different model, isn’t it?

Can you imagine if your husband, Martha, said, “Hello, Martha! Where’s the second wife, today? Where is she, have you seen her?” All you kids are laughing. Look at that. They’re all laughing. “Where’s the third wife, today? Where did she go?” Do you understand? It’s a totally different civilization. It’s a totally different reality. It’s a totally different civilization; because, the civilization is built on man and woman. It’s built on marriage. It’s built on the central bloc of how the central unit of civilization is defined.

All these tyrants really, in the end, they have, apparently, according that Korean video tape, they have thirty plus pleasure palaces in North Korea, where the Happiness Department staffs all those pleasure palace for the enjoyment of the North Korean officials, and the Supreme Leader, Kim Jung Un. So, the idea they’re doing this for some kind of patriotic people is bull. They want to keep access to those resources. They want to keep those resources. They want to keep that control over that military population, why? Because, they have endless supply of women, girls, whatever they’re into. Boys, too, I’m sure.

So, they’re dressed up here in military outfits, and by night, boom! They change. You see it. (shows a picture of women in uniform during the day and dressed up at night) You have to see it, to believe it. No, no, no. Just look at them? They’re serving their government; but, by night, they’re in those pleasure palaces. You understand, folks?  There just so braindead to the reality of archangelic centralized power. It is the nexus of murder and money. Do you understand? It’s like the whole, even in the rap culture, the gangbang culture, it’s the promotion of murder and money. Give me the money. Give me the guns. Give me the guns and money; but, of course, they’re using it illegally. For what? For the girls.

So, they may be in uniforms, etc; but, in the end, they are trafficked. They are exploited. They are slaves. Do you understand? Anyone of these Korean girls, young children had the potential to be this or that. We always go after the great pianist, or great scientist. What about a great mother? What about an honorable woman? How come that’s never mentioned next to a stupid pianist, or a stupid scientist. Give me a freakin’ break. What about a true mother that builds and maintains civilization. What about a powerful wife. See how they always take those out. So, girls don’t think, “Oh, I could grow up to be a great woman by being a great mother.” That’s not even included in their social consciousness; so, they believe only to be great you have to be some kind of this or that. You have to win that kind of trophy. You have to win this or that; and, of course, you’re not going to be happy. You need intimacy. That’s what makes us truly fulfilled and happy. Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb. That’s why the devil hits them constantly with the external stuff.

Okay, getting back to the military, and parade on Saturday. They were presenting this new ICBM, which is longer than the existing KN-08 of KN-14 missiles. Trump is aware of this. There it is. This is the game-changer ballistic missile on display. Do you understand this was on Saturday, folks? That, like yesterday.  Our time, it was what, Friday. So, those things were rolling around the streets of Pyongyang like thirty-six hours ago, alright; and, of course, parading these things around. CNN was on the ground. I also saw Fox News on the ground. There they are. (showed a picture)

Now, the order was given on Sunday, that is America time Saturday, to shoot the missile. You see those big missiles? The whole world thought, “Oh, thank God, they didn’t shoot the missile.” Wait a couple of hours. A couple hours later, the order was given to shoot the missile. We don’t know where the missile was going. It could have been going anywhere, because the US Armada, our battleship right there is between Japan and North Korea, sitting right there. It could have been aimed right at the battleship, you don’t know. We don’t know where, but the order was given to shoot that missile; so, everybody’s saying, “Oh, I thought we avoided nuclear war.” Well, that night while everybody was sleeping, boom! The button for a nuclear bomb is shot.

Now, with God’s protection, and potentially many, many people hacking that system, there was a failure on the launch pad; but, people are going, “Ha, ha, that’s a failure, ha, ha.” No, you don’t understand how serious this is. This is serious, folks. This is most… They are on the knife’s edge of nuclear war in Korea. I mean people just don’t understand. We live in like this detached Utopia la-la land in the US, because, were so blessed here; and, Trump is actually turning things around, and shutting down illegal immigration, and getting rid of MS-13, and putting the pedophile networks in jail. I mean, we’re so freakin’ blessed. We don’t understand how unbelievably dangerous that was. He did that our time, Saturday night. It’s now Sunday morning. He could do another one, tonight. You don’t know. You saw how many they’re parading through the streets.

You know how much he’s going to be hurt, by the fact, he looked like a total international buffoon with a failed massive, ICBM failure? You understand, he gave the order to shoot the ICBM. I mean, people don’t get this in their head. Do you understand. That order was given. We all though, “Oh, Trump did it. Trump did. Xi JinPing stepped in, and he put enough pressure on them, so they can’t do anything.” Do you understand. He just gave the order to do it. I mean, this unbelievable. I mean, this is the most danger we been in, in setting off a nuclear war; so, we don’t know what’s going to happen. Will he do another one? Well, you seen how unbelievably pathetic and narcistic they are. How they were trying to pretend to the media we were down on the ground. I saw Fox News. CNN, they were denying it at first that it failed, but they had to admit it as they got international awareness that they did launch and fail. It’s all about pride. It’s all about face for these dictators. They have to prop up this façade of them having all this nuclear power, etc. for them to maintain their legitimacy.

Now, we know that China is pushing them from the back. We know that regime change talk is happening at the highest level between the US and China and Russia; so, this is a young boy now, who is under great duress and pressure from all international corners; and, this is unfortunately a psychopathic young child, who has been in the Happiness Department sex pleasure palaces his whole life, and he doesn’t want to give it up. The order was given to launch the massive missile. It did fail, thank God.

Vice-President Pence is in Seoul, is that right Tim. He should be in Seoul by now. Our Korean brothers and sisters were planning a greeting for him as well. Again, only Sanctuary doing the work of the entire braindead Conservative Party. It’s so frustrating to watch these Conservatives. Do you understand boys and girls? It’s so frustrating to watch these Conservative group. I mean, it’s just so frustrating. They’re unbelievably clueless. What they’re really are is Socialist. They say they are Conservative. They’re Socialists. The Leftist Party is Communist. The Right is Socialist in Korea. They’re completely both by the major conglomerates.

“One of Kim’s top officials, Choe Ryong Hae, today, vowed North Korea would beat down enemies with the power of nuclear justice. He told the packed-out square, ‘If the United States wages reckless provocation against us, our revolutionary power will instantly counter with annihilating strike, and we will respond to full-out war with full-out war and to nuclear war with our style of nuclear strike warfare.’”

Now, Kook Jin Hyung was telling us, just what Father told them in the 50s and 60s, Kook Jin Hyung was telling the Korean government ten years ago, so that was in the 2010s about the fact that this a growing developing problem, and you have to increase gun rights to the citizens, in the end; because, you are training your folks to go into military training, but when they come out they’re all disarmed, so you’re not going to be ready, because within one hour you can be hit with ten thousand artillery blasts in Seoul, including missile, nukes, whatever. That’s just artillery blasts, in an hour. You can’t get a million people to organize in hour, with no training, no up-to-date training. They can’t get to their locations, and be armed, and outfitted in armor, ready to fight. They’ll be hit with ten thousand attacks, plus.

And so, Kook Jin Nim was saying, Father was talking about the peace police, peace militia. You have to start increasing your gun rights to people. At least start with the people that went into the military; so, there are at least some trained, so when they come out, they can continue. They can make private ranges. They can keep their marksmanship up, etc. They can train with their fellow army men and women, and they can keep their arms and armor and all that kind of stuff they need in their homes; so, just in case, we’re not living in la-la land here. We live in a land where there’s free will. There’s also the choice for evil. There’s always a threat of evil.

Notice the Bible says the adulterers, the fornicators, the effeminate will not inherit the earth. He said they won’t inherit it; but, the next generation that are born in the Kingdom, they may choose to do evil. Does that make sense? When they do, when they choose to give their soul to Satan, and become a political Satanist, well, there has to be an environment in the culture of the Kingdom, which is ready to deal with that threat, especially if it gets violent.

“In his annual New Year’s address, Kim said North Korea’s preparations for an ICBM launch had ‘reach the final stage.”

Now, I dug up these past articles. This came out about a month ago. In the New York Times’ Business Insider, it was reporting about this; that is, Trump is inheriting a cyber-type warfare with North Korea that the Obama Administration was doing. Look at these statistics, folks. It’s not just they’re incompetent. Look at some of these statistics.

“A recent New York Times report uncovered a secret operation to derail North Korea’s nuclear missile program that has been raging for three years.”

So, the Korean military has been doing this for three years, now.

“Essentially, the report attributes North Korea’s high rate of failure with Russian-designed missiles to US meddling in the country’s missile software and networks.”

They say three years; that probably means thirteen, fifteen years.

“Though North Korea’s missile infrastructure lacks the competence of Russia’s, Russians using the same type of missile achieved a 13% failure rate, while North Korean attempts failed a whopping 88% of the time, according to the report.”

88%. Russia fails 13% of the time, while North Korea fails 88%. That means they have only a 12% success rate. Now, Obama was talking about blowing missiles on the launch pad. What happened on Sunday? The missile blew up on the launch pad, another addition to this 88% failure rate with the same equipment; so, is it possible they’ve been hacked, and they detonated it before they launched? It’s very possible. Very possible. This is not conventional warfare. This is full spectrum domination warfare in the twenty-first century.

“Dr. Ken Geers, a cybersecurity expert for Comodo with experience in the NSA, told Business Insider that cyber operations like the one against North Korea were actually the norm.”

You see, they go out to Subway, have their turkey, roast beef sandwich, and they come back and blow some missiles up in North Korea. That’s what these guys do. They go torture a couple of people, rip their eyes out, lacerate their nose and their throat, etc, and, they say “Hey, Pete, how you doin’ man. Let’s go get some spaghetti. This is the job they’re involved in. Do you understand? That’s why it’s easy for them to be turned over to Satan’s side, because they literally have to live like a schizophrenic insano doing the assassins job of the state.

“While the fact that the US hacked another country’s missile program may be shocking to some, “within military intelligence spaces this is what they do,” Geers said. “If you think that war is possible with a given sate, you’re going to be trying to prepare the battle space for conflict. In the internet age, that means hacking.”


They give any example:

“a recent report on Russian hacking in The New Yorker detailed one case in which Russia gained access to a NATO computer network in 1996 by placing bugged thumb drives for sale in local shops near a NATO base in Kabul, Afghanistan. NATO operators bought the thumb drives, used them on the network, and just like that, the Russians were in.”

You see, they can get in, and they sneak them in.

So, this is the article that was writing about that story on March 4th; so, that’s only a month ago. They’re talking about blowing up missiles on launchpads. A month ago, New York Times wrote about it. Business Insider wrote about it, and we saw a blow up of a missile, yesterday – our time, Saturday.

Now, with any of these, let’s say the US is doing that. They not going to have a 100% success rate. If he keeps on giving the order to keep shooting these ICBMs to test them, we don’t know where he was aiming at, Japan, South Korea, was he aiming at the US Armada sitting with our troops out there in the middle of the sea, waiting for what is going on, he’s bound to get something off; so, this stand-off is not over, folks.

People thought it was over. “Oh, North Korea, Drudge says missiles fizzles as North Korea confidence drops.” Something like that, totally poo-poo this. I’m mean, they’re just so stupid. He has more than one. He has more than one. It’s like fighting somebody, and you miss a jab, it’s like, “Oh, yeah baby. You suck!” He still got tons of punches coming at you. He could hit you with so many things. It’s ridiculous.


“Three years ago, President Obama ordered…” It’s the same article explaining what’s happening. Look at these distances (graph showing distances with concentric circles.) the KN08, which is the shorter version. Look at this. Even the KN08 could reach 7,200 miles, it could hit everything in the US minus FLA. Now, don’t get too excited David Konn. You know where God’s Providence is. I know he’s celebrating, “Yeah, Florida.” Alright, you got typhoons down there; so, don’t be celebrating too early. Don’t test the Lord they God.

The rise of missiles and nuclear threats, under Kim Jong Il, it went up, but went down when he died; and, then Kim Jung Un takes over in 2011, it skyrockets, and the red areas are the nuclear test; so, he has been ramping up the nuclear test, ramping up the intercontinental ballistic tests.

We were Korea about this ten years ago. Now, what was the example that Kook Jin Nim was doing? He was showing Israel. He was showing Switzerland as an example. Here’s the different type of missiles. Look at that. Here’s the size a man for gauge. Then, they had a bigger one, which they were displaying. There it is. (Picture showing the launch of KN08) This is a launch of one of those tank missile rigs.

So, one of the examples that Kook Jin Nim was giving in the Freedom Society lectures was Israel, because Israel is in the midst of these Arabian states, which are calling for death on a daily basis, a daily basis; yet, they are able to survive, not only with Naval support, not only with US support. They, too, are such a powerful military force, even though, how many people are there in Israel? How many people was it. Six million, was it? Was it eight million? Under ten million people; yet, within ten minutes, fifteen minutes, twenty minutes, that entire population forms into a dangerous force against predators. Do you understand?

Look at these men and women have to do training there. You can’t live in a la-la land, especially when there’s free will to deal with, because not everybody will choose like normal people, because normal people don’t want to exploit. Normal people don’t want to rape children, normal people don’t want to cannibalize and kill or murder for fun, right. Normal people want to just get along with people, and provide for their families, and go watch a movie once in a while, and have a good time. You see, you’re not psychopathic. That’s why you don’t desire those things; but, there’s the ten percent of the psychopaths who desire Satanism, and want sellout into this dark power, and amass power for themselves, so they can take control of the eggs and the ovaries, and resources. The Kingdom of God must be very dangerous for those types of demons. The Kingdom of God must be very dangerous for those type of demonic principalities and powers and forces, and spiritual wickedness.

The Israeli military, you understand, is less than the population of Seoul, you understand? How many in people in Seoul? What’s it like, twenty million. It’s like half the population than in Seoul. They have forty-five million people; so, that’s like twenty million. Seventy percent are in Seoul and the surrounding cities. There’s all these satellite cities off of Seoul; so, that’s like fifty million people. Israel’s like six million people. Eight million. Who said eight. You Rabbi, you said eight. I’m gonna take the Rabbi’s word for it, okay. Eight million people. Eight million people can fend off all these radical Jihadi Saudi Wahabi based terror nations that are called for its death on a daily basis. It’s not because they are praying harder than the Muslims, folks. It’s not because they are at the wailing wall. That’s not it. They are physically ready to fight predators, and defend their country, okay.

The women, they have to go through training. Look at this. Seventeen, eighteen years old girls. They’re total wimps. Look at those wimpy girls. You girls could probably beat them up, easily. After their training, they probably give you a hard time. You girls, you’re not going to be scared of those girls, girls who train here. They go in totally wimped out, but as they start getting into realism, as they start getting real military training. They understand the threat of war. They understand the threat of danger. Their Magdala function is operating properly. They understand, they’re threats to their own prosperity, their happiness, their health, their body, their mind, in the real world. They don’t live this stupid cult of dilution, this stupid Hollywood is pumping into these dumb idiots all the time saying, “No, no, everything’s fine. No, no, no, everything’s fine. They’re no danger in this world. The only thing that’s dangerous is Trump. Trump is dangerous. That’s it. That’s it.” It’s so stupid.

“Guns are dangerous. Guns are dangerous. No, no, no, give them all to me. Give me the guns all here, yes. Give them, hand them over to me. Give the guns here, yes. Hand them over to the Archangel. Yes, good, good, good.” Do you understand? But, these girls, they have to go training. You don’t have a choice. You have to go get training.

What kind of training are you going to do? Well, what you are going to do is exactly the stuff that we’re doing here. You’re going to do real combat sports, although they suck. I can see with the hand posture. All this is ridiculous. They’re just starting, but they’re thinking they’re badass, because they put boxing gloves on. They’re still delusional, okay. As they get punched in the face and beat up a little bit, then they’ll realize, “Oh, it’s not like the movies.” Then they get into some reality. “Oh, wow! Men are a lot stronger than girls. Ah, that’s so surprising. I can’t believe it, Mommy.” You dummy. It’s because you never fought. You are not into combat art. Of course, you’re diluted.

What else do you have to learn? Brazilian Jiu Jitsu girls. She had him in half guard, right? (Picture of a girl holding down a man) See half guard? You see half guard; and, she has tried to pass and mount. So, they have to learn real combat arts like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. You have to. It’s standard, now, worldwide everywhere, since the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu masters destroyed everybody. It’s standard.

(Showing pictures of Israeli female soldiers) “Hey, there’s a little girl coming back from her military training on the bus. Yeah. There’s my M16 on my lap calling their Mom. “Hey Mom, what’s you doing? What’s you making for dinner.” “Matzah for dinner.” “Oh, I’m on the train.” You see that. Here’s another girl at a bar or something. This is real. They have to keep their arm on them during that training all the time; but, you guys don’t believe me, until we show you the pictures. You think I’m some kind of conspiracy theorist or something. This is real. The Israeli girls are not scared of these big guns. They know how to use them. They’re not even hard to use. This is so ridiculous. It’s a total lie that they pump into your brain that you will never be able to use this. “Oh, only specialized training can use this.” No, no. There’s a specialized shooter that are competing that are as young as eight years old. 8 years old. They’re shooting twelve gauge shot guns. That’s much hard to shoot than an AR15 or an M16. Way harder.

Now, all these three million plus women in Israel, they know. They’re different. They’re epigenetics are unlocked in a way that in the West these braindead, spoiled American girls have no clue. They’re just arrogant on the drug of feminism, and total delusion. Man-hating, lusting after power and greed. They have no real perspective in terms of their real ability in a real-world scenario. Totally spoiled, brainwashed. That’s why the suburban white kids get into that stuff. They’re the handlers over these minority groups, and keep them in Socialism. It’s so pathetic.

There she is in her most modern fashion; but, she’s got her M16 on. There they are. Taking a nice stroll on the beach and… See, this is what I’m saying. It’s a totally different culture. People walking down the street. Did you see this? Do you see them saying, “Oh, my gosh! She’s carrying an M16. Everybody’s carrying their M16, do you understand, so it’s okay. It’s a different culture. It’s a culture, where the people, men and women, are ready to defend their nation, and they are ready to fight predators. They’re not willing to give in to predators; because, when you give in to predators, it only gets worse. It never gets better. It never gets better. When you give in to rapist, it only gets worse, not better. You have to fight back for them to go away. That’s the nature of evil. If you surrender to it, it thinks your weak, and it dominates you more. It never makes it better. It always makes it worse.

This is the South Korean Army right now, where the men are all forced to go to military; but, again, the women don’t go. I’m sure in the Israeli military, the women go, but I’m sure they’re protecting them. They’re not sending them to the front line. I’m sure if there’s a war, first the infantry men, things like that; because, they’re a difference between the average male and average female. There’s a physical difference in terms of performance, in fighting, carrying loads, etc. So, I’m sure that on average, men are better; but, there’s going to be some great marksman women who are skilled, great with a rifle, whatever; but, on average, their smaller, their lighter, they can carry less. They’re going to be adverse training with these things; but, as part of the culture, the women get unlocked, too. They get more power than ever they could become listening to stupid Madonna and Lady Gaga.

They’re going to unlock epigenetics that are real; so, they’ll have actual realism in their actual prowess in their actual reality of the world, as opposed to fantasyland, or Hollywood ‘Charlie Angel’ movies, and video games. They’ll have reality. They have been beaten up. They’ll have reality in combat training in Jiu Jitsu, and being boxed up around the head. They’ll have been punched in the head. They’ll have been shot, and seen the damage of shooting a gun, they’ll have to have done medical training. They do it on pigs, where they cut their vital organs, and you have to stop the bleeding. They’ll practice on them, because it happens in warfare. They’ll have done those things. They’ll be totally different. They’re different. Even though they look the same as normal girls, those girls have their ancestral epigenetics unlocked, or at least more than the dumb down, weak, pathetic Western girl, who is constantly living in the fear of the patriarchy. That is why they have to be a bully to every single person, that is different, incompetent, ugly creature that they become, following these horrible self-absorbed, narcissistic feminists saying, “Don’t ever get married, and later on, they get married. I mean give me a break. These people are such hypocrites. It’s ridiculous.

In the Korean Army, only the men have to train, and they are they’re a whole bunch of wimps. You see Korean people. They’re not all big and buff. The big and buff ones go to special forces. The normal ones that are skinny common Asian kid playing video games twenty hours a day, or something like that; or, studying for his state exam twenty-eight hours a day…I know there’s not twenty-eight hours a day. It’s a form of speech. The skinny little Brainiac also has to go in the Army. You see these boys here, the skinny little nerdy kids, skimpy little Asian kids. It’s ridiculous; and, then once they do the training, they get stronger. They get scared. They run away. They try to pretend they’re really not interested in it; but, if they keep it up, they get tougher, they get stronger. They unlock their epigenetics. They become different people.

It is absolutely critical to have a culture where good men and women with Christian ethics, are first of all not scared, not scared of the use of force; because, they know how to have dominion over it, which then creates an environment, which is dangerous towards wolves.

I know you girls. Look, the more and more dangerous things you do, like holding firearms or knives, I know you don’t want it, because you can get hurt, if you have an accident, because it’s bloody, but yes, you are perfectly capable of doing it. It’s all about in your brain. It’s all about you stepping up into your responsibility, and your ability to realize, no, I can handle this power just like anybody else who can handle that power. So, you’re not being a little coward, a little wimp, and being able to do that thing, which you’re scared of, and to dominate that power; so, if some bad thing happens, you can be someone who stands up to save somebody else.

Men, who carry, we’re not doing this so we can get on some power trips. We’re doing this, in case, anyone of our loved ones, or community members are attacked; but, if you’re in the normal women’s assumption that just the men will fight for you, then how do you know there’s going to be men around you? What if you’re having the Brides of Christ Coffee Meeting, and there’s no men around?

It’s part of the Kingdom, folks. The whole purpose of trying to empower young people is to get the girls to actually be the girls that all those girls are admiring on the fake Hollywood stage; because, all those staged Hollywood actors can only pretend they’re like the real tough girls. They’re not really the tough girls. They’re just actors pretending to be; because, you have all these brain dead dumb kids in the West, who are basically trying to pretend, just like the stupid Hollywood actors trying to pretend; because, you know how much it takes to get strong like the real tough girls? Do you know how many times you got to be punched in the head and choked in the neck? A lot of times.

They put in the hours and grind out the work that you worship. They pay the price to be that strong. You don’t get there by just believing in yourself. “Oh, I believe I’m tough. I believe. I watched the movie.” You’re freaking nuts. Delusional. You don’t even know what it means to grind to be totally dominated. The total humiliation of being completely dominated. Unless you do this kind of training, then you’ll realize, and you realize other girls can dominate you, and you can see how those girls who just dominate you are totally dominated by small little boys. “Like, my God! How’d that happen? I though Tessa was a wimp.” You will see the reality, the reality of reality. I thought Tessa was a wimp. That small little guy. How could he beat me up? Yes, that’s why you live in delusion. Lived in delusion.

That’s wonderful, because its providing some place for women who are brave enough to actually step on the mat, to step on the field, to do the hard work, to get strong. Thank God those women will either be cursed by the stupid fake arrogant bully feminist, but they’re just putting themselves under this say, “Nope, I’m going to do it. I will not be a victim. I will not rely on you. I will not rely on your ideology. I will not rely on your Marxist professors. I will not rely on the police. I will rely on myself; because, I may be the only one there, when I’m assaulted, or I may be defending a child, right.”

So, there’s a whole now new wave of young people. Millennials coming up, who are saying, ‘No More. I won’t be fake. I won’t buy into the propaganda. I’m going to do the real training, and I’m going to step up.” This girl, she’s training with Jim Eager down there in Tennessee. I want to go train down there. I want an adventure, where we have all those Ninjas. Hopefully, we’ll save up for that, and get as many ladies to go down and do gunfighting. You can choose your own course, but go down and get real training, not shooting training, fighting, gun fighting training; and, will try to get as many ladies to go down there who can do it.

By the way, not all young people are doing it. People in their 50s, 60s are doing it. Over one hundred thousand people. 100,000 people trained there. Let’s look at this small clip from there. American Gun chic. A millennial putting herself, and her journey, on the web. Go ahead.

A video was shown about James Eager’s class called. “American Gun Chic.” It is a class to teach young people, primarily women, how to handle firearms, both hand guns and rifles, in a multi-dimensional setting.

They are trying to ban such programs on Youtube.com.

This is one example of a young millennial woman. She’s whopping you girls. She’s whopping you. She’s unlocking her epigenetics. You see how wimpy she is. She’s a freakin’ wimp. Ah, see; but, look at what she’s unlocking? All those things you see in the movie that girls want to pretend to be, she’s doing it in training. She’s sucks! I mean, she’s not good in the beginning; but, she gets better as she trains. She’s putting in the work. You girls can’t get better without putting in the dang work. This is common sense. Everybody has to learn it, who learns real arts.

It’s wonderful to see young people, now, stepping up. Putting their journey online; because, this journey, I mean, look it here. I bet the Queen could whip her in Jiu Jitsu; because, she’s doing that kind of training. Notice, she said, I’m five foot seven inches, I’m one hundred twenty pounds; but, I am dependable, I am responsible for my well-being, for my safety. That is the warrior mindset.

It’s a mindset more than anything else. Of course, you learn techniques and all this kind of thing; but, you have to have the mindset girls. If you’re walking around thinking someone’s going to save you all the time, and you’re walking around thinking you’re never going to get attacked, well, you just saw Emo. She got bit by two dogs, today. Wakeup!

This is another video of this type of response, just like we’re going to Colorado this time to do this adventure in the trekking adventure to unlock those epigenetics, what’s that, marching through the Rocky Mountains for thirty-five miles at ten thousand plus feet on average. Okay, that’s a good adventure we have to do; but, we also got to do, maybe next year, or something like that, we will have to plan for this next adventure, which is our trip in taking all you Ninjas down to Tennessee, where we’ll sign up to get the way of the fighting pistol. This guy, James Eager is into the Samurai arts, too.

Will sign up, will get in there, will pay the thousand buck to get in there. We’ll bring the thousand rounds that’s required to do the training; and, we’ll get a thousand rounds through our pistols. We’ll get a thousand rounds through our rifles, whatever class we’re going to do, and we’ll go do it. Nobody will take it from you. Will go do it. Look at that. They have an Asian team training down there, too. So, don’t be intimidated. There’s supposed to be Black, White, everybody comes through there. A hundred thousand people trained. We can always get better. Not only the kids who do the martial arts training here. We could have everybody else who’s starting how to care. You come down with us. We can do it together. That would be great as a community.

This next video has a lot of cussing. Look, folks, when you deal with the combat arts, you step into these tougher dojos, okay, you’re going to hear a little cussing once in a while, okay. It’s kinda normal. If you’re protected, and you’re in a protected environment, you’re having coffee with your girlfriends all the time, you never hear cussing. If you do combat arts, you better get used it. You’re going to hear some cussing, okay? It’s quite a normal thing. You don’t have to freak out about it. It happens. There’s lots of cussing in the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu dojos, MMA dojos, Boxing dojos. Anything that practices real combat, you’ll find people cuss a lot, okay. I’m giving you warning before you say, “Oh, in Sunday service, there’s cussing.” I’m not saying it. Do you understand? But, to show you the reality of the dojos, when you learn real fighting. Not everybody is going to be speaking like James Bond. You know James Bond is cussing all over the place with his boys, when he’s getting together. Go ahead. Play this video.

(Video on joint training tactics with a rifle.)

You guys train in knife fighting, and you don’t even carry a knife. We’re going to make it an adventure to go down there to get you guys to unlocked those epigenetics. They’re doing real training. It’s not about, “Oh, when are you ever going to use that?” It’s got nothing to do with that. Do you understand about the martial way? The art of the Samurai, the art of the Martial artist. It’s not about when am I going to use that. I’m ready to use that at any time. It’s about the journey of learning and pursuing truth in terms of defense and protection. It’s a journey where you are going to be unlocking your epigenetics. You’re going to be connecting with all your ancestral epigenetics. You’ll become more powerful. You’ll become unlocked, unlike beyond anything you think you can be. It’s that of constantly pursuing the understanding of the martial way that not only helps you become a better person, etc.

These people are not training for ISIS. They’re not meant to do conquest over nations so they can have sex slaves. You can see these people, there ethics are different, even though they’re learning military tactics just like the enemy does. Satan uses tactics that God’s army does, too; but, their cultures are different. What they are fighting for is different. Can you understand that? ISIS and the different angelic forces are fighting for domination, sex slavery, centralized Satanic control. It’s people who need to learn the martial way, and not become weak jelly fish, so they can create a culture scary towards the predators, so the predators can never take over those cultures that then spread and cover the earth.

That’s why the Cheon Il Guk Constitution is the bedrock. That’s why Christian ethics is the bedrock. That’s why the Bible and Divine Principle is the bedrock, because it teaches a civilization that is radically different than ISIS. Ethical code of conduct. Warrior code of conduct. Chivalry, self-reliance, being dependable, being responsible, men and women. Unlock your epigenetics, girls. I know a lot of girls in our community here, you are stepping up and unlocking your epigenetics with us, training with us, getting sweaty with us, and grinding in training.

We are also going to do Samurai swordsman training. I’m going to have you cut some stuff with me. I’m going to show you how to cut some stuff, okay. We’re going to do that fun stuff; but, don’t get deluded. Look, empty hands are one thing, blades are one thing, firearms are another thing; and, it’s only in your mind that your making yourself believe that you’re not able to master these things. It’s in your head, because you been brainwashed to see weakness as strength. Break free of that conditioning. You can do everything that lady was doing at thirty plus years old. Everything that millennial girl was doing at twenty years old. In hand to hand combat, you could probably beat them up; but, don’t be deluded.

The martial arts way is not only hand to hand combat. They romanticize that. Centralized powers will allow you to do only empty hand combat, because they know that’s really weak, compared to weapons; but, you have to know how to utilize technology, which are weapons, technology and tools, to become powerful, and to have dominion over force, because if you don’t learn it, and you don’t understand that world, the predator will learn it, and they will understand that world, and they will dominate you, and you will be the reason for the destruction of that civilization, because you didn’t step up, you were not dependable, and you were not responsible with your God given gifts to have dominion over creation to be a King and Queen.

See, it’s not only a good thing to be King, and do what you want to do. A King and Queen means you have to step up into your responsibility. You be dependable. I think it’s going to be great, okay, having a whole group of kids from seventy years old and down, it doesn’t matter. Even more the better. We go down and do those kinds of training, how awesome would that be? Just think about how much we would unlock. You see what they’re doing. They stress loading their participants. They’re throwing gravel on their face. They’re grinding you up. Throwing water in your face. They’re really messing up with your mind, and giving all kinds of warfare, and it’s not that they’re getting you ready for a war. It’s not about that. Yes, it’s one aspect of that. You always want to be ready for any situation. Sure, that’s one part, but you will see yourself grow.

I can’t wait for the video afterwards; and, maybe will have Maryann, or one of the kids interview you after this training. Seeing how much your mind has changed. Seeing how much your perspective has changed. See how much the Cheon Il Guk Constitution has become more real, because now your stepping up into the elite five percent, the elite three percent of the world. How come you think you can’t do it? That’s only in your mind. I know I can do it. It’s not because I’m a brown belt in Jiu Jitsu, or because I know knife fighting. That’s not it. I know I can do it. I’ve already determined in my mind, I will do it.

All you guys, I think it would be a great adventure for us, to unlock that venture. Maybe will do it next year. Nothing formal. This is not anything formal. The Spirit of God instructed me very strong, on Easter Sunday. There’s got to be revival, Resurrection. We got to be clear about the Kingdom, not so we understand these arts and these dangerous things to bully people, and to dominate other civilizations, no. To create a true civilization of morality and ethics, but one that is very dangerous towards predators.

“Death, where is your sting. Grave, where is your victory.” Jesus was victorious in the Spirit; but, when the Lord returns, he will be victorious in the Spirit and in the Flesh, folks. The Kingdom must come not only in the Spirit, but on the earth in the flesh. You are a part of that. You part of it. You are part of it, folks. Will do this together. I haven’t done this kind of martial combat at this level. That’s a whole other level. I want to do it. I’m thirsting for that, because, I’ve been a lifelong martial artist. I want to know and learn about all these different levels. We can unlock it together. You can be the biggest wimps who fights, no problem. You can come with us, and you can unlock it together. Get that out of your mind; and, when we do that, you will see, I believe we’re going to have a whole new grasp, palpable grasp to the community of people that we met to connect to, not only to spread the Cheon Il Guk Constitution with the right type of people, etc. but, we will have a real palpable grasp of what Father was talking about, how peace police, peace militia, and how it empowers citizens, decentralized to the citizen will bring true peace, prosperity, safety, ethics, morality, where we won’t need all those laws. You won’t need all those attorneys and all those judges and institutions.

Cheong Seong Gyeong 134
We naturally want to protect our beloved at the risk of our lives. It is the original ideal of creation to do so. The same is true for God Himself, who love His children.

We’re training to protect our beloved at the risk of our lives, folks. That’s what Cheon Il Guk is all about. That’s what living for your neighbor, that’s what love your neighbor is all about. You’re ready to die to protect your neighbor. It’s not this fake little… You’re ready to risk your life to protect. You’re a sheepdog, not a wolf, not a predator. That is the original ideal of creation says the Lord. That desire to protect the good, to protect civilization, to protect our beloved at the risk of our lives. This is the original ideal of creation.

Let’s go on. The same is true for God Himself, who loves his children. Let us resemble the Father, folks, even if you are a girl, so what. Resemble the Father. Resemble Him, and be that man or woman, the King or Queen of Cheon Il Guk. That sheepdog that will stand and defend the nation of Cheon Il Guk, forever and ever. SOS come up. Let’s all rise, folks. I know it’s Easter. I know I told you. I warned you in advance, today. It’s not about the guns. It’s about a mentality. Okay, let’s give God some glory.  Let’s give Him some praise. Let’s repent, if we have been weak and effeminate, and let’s get ready for the next adventure coming up soon. Ooh, I’m ready. I’m thirsty.  Amen-Aju!














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