2017-03-26 Questions & Answers Session



MARCH 26, 2017



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Q ~ Tim Elder, USA ~ I have some questions from Russia. The Second King says that a husband should be respected as the body of God; but, in the Book of the “Blessing and Ideal Family,” True Father says some things that seem opposite to that; so, I like to read to you Father’s Words and ask you how these words work with husbands should be respected? In that book, Father says as follows,


“All men in the world are archangels, therefore, they cannot take a bride as they wish. They’re not qualified for that. Women are on the Lord’s side as the bride of the coming Lord. They do not belong to men of this world, but to the coming Lord. Then what should men do? They have to live a life of servant to their death. They have to go through the course of a servant. They have to be treated as a servant of servants. Men are in the position of adulterers before God. They are a tribe occurring God’s resentment. They have to take the role of servant of servant. Even if I tell them to die, they have to be willing to die, even if I say yes; otherwise, they cannot be restored. Men should do that which is most difficult in this world. Until now they have mistreated women who have no real husbands. When the Lord comes, from that point on they cannot do it anymore. If they do they cannot be restored. Are these my words or the words of the Principle. Say it you who think your intellectuals, are these my words that threaten you, or are these the words of the principle. You should follow the Principle therefore men should become full time members.”


So, how does that match with your statement, that husbands should be respected?


A ~ That quite self-explanatory, because. You have the bridegroom that comes, and all the wives of the bridegroom, then all the men become the body of Christ in the husband and wife relationship.  So, this is right back to Ephesians 5. The Bible says very clearly that, you know, the husband to love the wife unconditionally, and, the wife to respect the husband, unconditionally; but, it also says, they must submit to one another in Christ, when the bridegroom comes back, we have the proper positions filled. You have the bridegroom, you have the bride, and you have the archangel, who’s changed into the son; so, without Father, the husband remains as the archangel, but, with Father, they become the son of God. So, if they remain the archangel, then yes, it’s true; but, through the three-day ceremony and the Blessing, they become the body of Christ, the representative of the body of Christ in the marriage. So, when you honor your husband, you’re honoring True Father, you know. If the husband is rebelling as God, it’s still the wife’s responsibility to stand up against unrighteousness; but, with respect with language that he’s able to understand

Q ~ Gabriella Carvelle, I live here in Pennsylvania. My question is about the God of Night and the God of Day. I understand that God is spirit of love, and then, when human beings reach full maturity with Christ in his or her heart, we become the God of Day; but, because of all this mess with the Han Mother, how does it happen, or when does it happen, of course. I think God could have been much more alive, if the tragedy couldn’t happen; but, because it did, where are we right now?  There is so much information, now, that we can really feel God is in us and surrounding us and everywhere. At the same time, there is so much evil; so, where you draw the line. How can we know God more substantial, anyway, about the Kingdom?


A ~ Well, Father talked about the God of Night and the God of Day theology. Actually, that was very important before he passed; and, that was, the God of Night is before Creation. It’s the God before Creation; and, then the God of Day is created beings, and that’s after creation. Adam and Eve were to be the rulers of Creation; so, created beings can become the visible authorities of God, authority of God centers, but they are not from the God of Night. The God of Night is precreation; so, he’s not a created being, and only Christ comes from the God of Night; because, he’s before. He comes from the God that is before Creation, and not any created being. Not a created being after Creation. Father talked about the God of Night and the God of Day pre- and post-Creation. That was in Inchon. A big, big speech in an auditorium in Inchon, and Father made very clear that only he’s from the God of Night, and all of the other people, including the Han Mother are from the God of Day, and not from the God of Night, meaning that, Father is the one with the special mission. Christ is a special relationship with God coming forth from God. It’s like in Christian theology, we talk about the Christology of God. The Christology of God says that Jesus was also man, but he was also Divine; so, he was one hundred percent man, but he was also one hundred percent God in the flesh. What we call the substantial body of God, so the substantial God on earth; but, that is different from a human being, or a normal person, who is from a fallen lineage, and is not directly God in the flesh; whereas, True Father was just like he said in that Revelation, where we can basically understand it as God in the flesh, you see.


Q – Gabriella continues ~ with the question that the gentleman from Russia asked you, so is the man after the three-day restoration like Jesus then? The same kind of level, or is it a bit of a difference, or what?


A ~ Well, you can see in Ephesians 5, it doesn’t matter where your husband’s level is. The wife is supposed to honor him as she honors God; so, she’s supposed to honor him as God, who has put him the head of the house, and so, the Bible in Ephesians 5 says, “wives, submit to your husbands, and also, both submit yourselves to one another,” because your husband or your wife may have personal flaws, or idiosyncrasies, which are unique to each person, but their position is acknowledged by God. It’s acknowledged by God and the Principle; so, when we show deference to your husband, you’re showing deference to God, because He established your husband as the priest of the house, the head of the household; and, conversely as he loves you, the wife is unconditionally loved, even though sometimes the wife may be unloving. Then he is showing deference and respect to the Creator, who commands him to do so. So, it’s not because the husband wants to do that, or because the wife wants to do that, that they show each other love and respect, it’s because, that’s how you practice your faith by showing deference to the Creator of common law of marriage of a man and a woman. You see what I mean? In the end, our spouse is not just about the other person. It’s about God. So, through our spouse, we got to practice showing love or deference to God; and, how we treat them with love, or how she treats him with respect, that’s an act of faith. It’s a practice of faith.


Q ~ Tim Elder, USA. This is not from Russia, but from someone else related. What is your opinion of marijuana and alcohol, and spouses lying to each other?


A ~ They’re bad! I mean Father’s very clear about substances and things like that; because, they lead to greater sins; but, in Cheon Il Guk, in the kingdom of God, those kinds of substances will not be regulated by the government, because that creates more evil. When those things are regulated by the centralized power, then it becomes an excuse for the centralized power to become more centralized, and it creates a very bad situation for the people, because it gives the gangs, who sell that stuff illegally. It allows them to make lots of money; so, that’s what is called black market practices; so, it creates black market prices. They can sell things illegally. They make tons of money. They become terrible role models. They end up destroying the young people, and they end up wanting to be like them. They take over the society, and you have more bad things happen in society; because, you try to get rid of things that can lead to bad stuff. You try to rule it with the archangelic centralized power, but now you create a bigger problem.


Q ~ Tim continues ~ So, even if a spouse is using marijuana, or drinking alcohol frequently, still the other spouse…


A ~ You have to pray for them. You have to try to deal with them with love and respect. You have to stimulate and unite their conscience to give up those things. You have to understand they are spiritual being. You have to prayer for them. You make prayer groups for them. You help them to seek fellowship with people who are more mature. You know, in the end, that’s not regulated by going to some state and telling them to deal with the problem for you, you know; because, that just creates a larger societal demonic culture by those individual issues, where people are weak in those areas. Faith comes by hearing the Word of God; so, the more they hear preaching from Scripture, the more they can get united there, and you never know when somebody will turn. Spouses and family members, spiritually, we should practice forbearance and patience; but, it’s also telling the truth, standing up against unrighteousness. If there’s violence involved, then of course, depending on the level of violence, one has to be able to defend themselves, if it gets totally out of hand. In those cases, it’s usually hard narcotics, which become very, very dangerous. Drinking can be a lot of violent problems, too. But, again, you can’t regulate that from the state. That’s where faith comes in. That’s where the church community comes in. That’s where elders come in. That’s where friendships and fellowship comes in, and that’s where prayer groups come in. That’s where, you know, prayer warriors come in. That’s where people and the community comes in to support that person to leave those habits. All is not solved. God did not intend for all to be solved by some magical beast we call the Archangel. Human beings have frailties and flaws. God puts us with people, who may be a catalyst to stimulate them to eventually come to repentance, not that we’re the savior or anything. God can use us.


Nagging doesn’t work. I think, all the ladies in Sanctuary know nagging doesn’t work. They don’t know? Okay ladies, you heard it. Nagging doesn’t work.  Don’t do nagging. It doesn’t work. Respecting them is better. A lot of ladies try to feel busy by nagging their husband, or nagging their children. It always ends up being a sword stabbing you. If you play that game, you’re the one who’s going to get stabbed; so, it’s not a smart game to play.


Q ~ Thomas Robertson from Scotland ~ The episode of the six Mary’s is in True Father’s course. Was it part of the original course of the Messiah, or was it a secondary course owing to some failure?


A ~ No, no, it’s central. No, no. The Bridegroom is the center of the Returning Christ. The center identity of Christ, when he returns, is the Bridegroom. So, we have to understand, it is absolutely central of the Providence. The Bridegroom is the one, who will take in out of the ten, the five virgins. Jesus, himself, described himself as the bridegroom that would return; so, it’s absolutely central to the Lord of the Second Advent, because the mission of the Lord of the Second Advent is to establish the seed of God, and the family of God, which comes from the seed of God. The Seed and spermata of God, which is the male seed. That’s why Jesus is a male. He doesn’t come androgynously. He doesn’t come as some kind of transsexual. He is a male, because his Kingdom will be set and created, and his sovereignty will reign and rule over this earth, and vanquish. He will vanquish and destroy the Kingdoms of Satan’s of this world; so, it’s absolutely critical the primary identity of the Lord of the Second Advent is that he’s the Bridegroom. Then of course, second, he is the judge of evil; and, third, he is the King of Kings; so, we see that Father has established both the Bridegroom position through the six Mary Providence, but then, further through the Blessing Providence, then the three-day ceremony, where all the Brides can become one with Christ by becoming Brides to Christ; and, their husband from the archangel to the son of God, and then, carries the Father’s seed. Just the son carries the Father’s seed. So, that is absolutely central; but, of course, the Bridegroom still stands at the center of the marriage, and it is through the center that the husband relates with his wife, honors his Father, because now he’s become a son, and it becomes from the covenant of marriage the fallen Eve becomes now the restored Eve, and honors her husband, which her husband, the Bridegroom, the True Adam, and then of the second level is the judgment of evil. Father established very clearly the archangelic world, the satanic world, especially political Satanism, which he calls Satanism, and also, Communism, and identified that as the source of Satan’s evil, and he judged it. So, that kind of clarity was not existing in the body of Christ. We know, because we had the whole Liberation Theology movement, basically, Christians, both Protestant and Catholic teaching that Jesus was Communist. That’s like teaching Jesus was Satan or something, okay. So, Father came, and he clarified it, and judged Satan’s Kingdom; and so, he separated Satan’s kingdom from God’s Kingdom. Then of course, Father established his Kingship, which is the establishment of the Kingdom of God on Earth. So, those three responsibilities of the Lord of Second Advent were all fulfilled; and, now they’re being and continuing on through the Three Kingship Providence. Of course, you see know, the sovereignty revolution spreading over the world at least in the West it’s spreading.


Q ~ Thomas continues ~ Is there an explanation for Sammy Park?


A ~ It’s because we don’t understand the role of the Bridegroom. The Bridegroom. All of the fallen wombs must become one with the Bridegroom. It’s very simple. All the fallen wombs must become one with the Bridegroom. That’s how fallen wombs produce the next generation, or Second Generation. They produce God’s children, even though they’re fallen wombs. You see what I mean? So, it doesn’t matter. Sammy, the Six Mary’s. It doesn’t matter. It should be six billion, or three billion Mary’s. It should be three billion Mary’s that are connecting to Christ; because, then they’re womb can bring forth God’s children. That’s what the Blessing is, the three-day ceremony, the commoner Blessing should all be should become engrafted to God’s lineage. They should become not his adopted children, but his actual children.


A ~ Russia again?


Q ~ Tim Elder, USA ~ Yes, Russia. Related to that, you would think the Messiah more than anyone else would embody the teaching that he brings to the people; so, if he’s teaching people, “Don’t commit adultery,” you would think that he would not have relationships outside of his marriage; otherwise, who would listen to him? How do you explain that?


A ~ I think it’s important, because Christ is unique; so, Christ has a unique mission. So, for example, in the Bible, when Jesus comes back literally kills the other people of the Kingdom, that doesn’t mean all Christians should continue just killing as they desire. When Christ comes, he has a different role, and he is ontologically different. So, he has a different mission than in the victory, he has to walk in indemnity, and on the Cross, it’s different of not only his followers, but the generations that come after him; and, he gives us the blessing of the Blessing, which is very clear in terms of the ideal of what’s given to Adam and Eve, and the indemnity of then thousand crosses in order for him to stand victorious and completely separate all the fallen people, especially the fallen women from Satan to be reclaimed. That’s why when you marry your spouse, even though she was under Satan’s lineage. You were also under Satan’s lineage, but you were made from the archangel to son; then he gives one of his sons to the fallen women, which then also allows her to become the Bride of Christ, you see. This is the problem. We don’t have the mission that the Messiah has. Jesus didn’t give the mission for everybody. He did say pick up your cross; but, not all Christians did not literally have to die on the cross, right. He had to pay that price. We also may think, we think that, oh, we do the same thing as Jesus and die on the cross. We will have the same facts. We won’t, because Jesus is the substantial body of God on earth; so, his sacrifice on the cross means everything. It’s the road to salvation. That’s why, for example, any of the kingships, or any of the future Blessed families cannot use that as an example. They already have been given the Principle. They already been given the ideal; and, the Messiah has walked that cross and has been victorious there. You see? That course has been fulfilled.


Q ~ My name is Izumi, and I represent Poland. I think it was in 2007 or 2008, the Continental Leaders and other leaders gathered in one place, and everyone chose by lottery for their mission countries. I’m wondering what happen to that, to those missions? At that time, I, and many other members were assigned by that lottery, but now ten years later, we hardly remember that; so, I’m wondering what’s happened to that situation? I have two questions regarding that. I’m sure it must have had some meaning then; but, is there some kind of residual meaning now? The second is, most of the people who chose the countries at that time are still in the Family Federation; so, is there going to be a situation in the Sanctuary Church, where members will be picking countries or being assigned to countries in the future?


A ~ No, it’s kind of a mission based on conscience. So, Father allowed you to choose a place where you can focus your energy, in terms of mission, and you don’t have to worry about doing anything about it. What are you doing about it? What is your conscience doing about it? It’s not a matter that everybody forgot about it; but, what about you? What are you doing about it? You don’t need to go around and try to regulate other people. Everybody who has received that lottery, where you picked for a nation, and if God has chosen that nation for you, it’s up to you and your relationship with God to be able to enact His Will there, and it’s not a prescribed thing for everybody. You can’t just wait for an order to come down from the pipeline, or from some headquarters, or some hierarchy to begin to pray for people to do things, to do mission work there. Buy Bibles and send there. You can do so many things. It’s the problem with beings. They always want everybody else to do it, before they do it; and, then they feel better about doing it. When God has already given you that mission country, you do something. Nothing’s holding you back, you see. That’s a mentality we have to have. Everybody who picked a country in the conscience, have already have. Now, if you picked a country and you haven’t done anything about it, that is their issues they have to deal with; but, that doesn’t stop you, if you don’t. You don’t have to feel like you have to do something more than them, because they’re not doing anything about it, right. If it brings joy to God, that’s what’s important; so, if you have a certain mission country that, you know, that you picked on that day, if you want to wait for everyone else to do something for their mission country, before you do something about it, well then, you’re not really caring about your mission country. It’s the same thing as the National Messiah. I don’t remember the actual day he’s referring to, but you can do missions in other nations than your national mission, of course. We’re supposed to minister the whole world. That’s what the Bible says. It’s up to our individual responsibility. It’s not a problem. We’re so long under the archangel system, and so detached from our real relationship with God and Father, that we are constantly waiting for some order to come down from the Archangel, the politburo, or proverbial bureaucracy; but, that is, if God has already given you the mission, if God has already given you the country, nothing is stopping you from being a national Messiah and doing work in one country, and doing other type of ministries. There’s absolutely zero stopping you, other than your mind, yourself and/or Satan.


Q ~ I came from Tokushima Prefecture in Japan. In 2012, Father said, “I am actually Mun Yong-myeong.” He said that Moon Sun Myung was an indemnification name in his mission; but, now that I’ve been in my mission, you can call me, Mun Yong-myeong, and he seemed very happy when he said that. His Seong Hwa was soon after that, and the name Mun Yong-myeong has disappeared; so, I would like to call Father, Yong-myeong.


A ~ You have to remember relationships. We focus in the same way as we do in Japanese ancestor worship. You have to understand this real person. So, if I was to call Father, Mun Yong Aboji, Father would be angry. Even if I called him Sun Myung Aboji, it would be ridiculous. You don’t call your father that. You don’t call in the Asian culture, you don’t call you father by his name. You call him your father. It’s insulting, either way. Either way, in terms of relationship, it’s insulting, because the child is not in the outgroup, which is supposed to call you by your given name. The child has a direct relationship with you; and, thus calls you Father, because when you say Father, you know who you are talking about. You only have one father, okay; so, Father did not go around telling his children to call him Yong-myeong Aboji or Sun-myung Aboji.

Tim, she’s not going to understand. (Tim: She’s listen to the translations. Hyung Jin Nim: Oh, okay, she’s listening to the translation? Okay!) We cannot understand our relationship with God and Father from our understanding how we deal with ancestors. We have to deal with our relationship with Father as a living father; and, as a living father, you don’t call your Daddy, for example, if you’re Bill’s son, you don’t call him, “Hey, Bill Daddy;” or, if you say, Lowell’s children, “Hey, Lowell Daddy.” That’s weird, even in English. You just say, “Hey, Daddy! Hi, Father! How’re you doing?” You see? It’s not appropriate. It’s unnecessary. It’s for an outgroup to call you. It’s the problem. We’re still in the archangelic outgroup. Our mentality and spirituality is still in the archangelic outgroup; and, as people who are inheriting the Kingdom, and as preaching the Kingdom Gospel, you have to come to the ingroup, and honor your Father, and respect, and respect your Father, and live for your Father, and give him the glory for all that you do, but as your Father. We have to transcend this old spirituality of this archangelic remnant. Does that make sense?


Q ~ Japanese sister from Tokushima, Japan


A ~ Is that the place where the nuclear reactor was? Tim: Yes! Are you Second Generation? Sister: Hi!


Q ~ Japanese sister continues ~ Adults say, this is the era of the Second Generation, so I would like to ask you, what direction, what path should we take? What kind of jobs should we perform?


A ~ You must die. You must die. I always hear this is the Second Generation Age. This is a total heresy that’s put on top of you. It’s the archangels that want to control you. Do you understand? It’s nothing to do with you’re the next generation that’s going to be the great generation. No! You’re only great, if you die, and Christ lives; so, you have to die, then Christ can live; and, if you’re a generation that dies to Christ, and let’s Christ’s will and let’s Christ’s desire live through you, then you’re a good generation. If you’re seeking your own glory, your own stupid generation, you’re satanic. So, you have the key for the Second Generation. It’s to die. Stop trying to build yourself up. You have to die. Die, and let Christ live. Then, you’ll actually be worthy of what you’re called to do, and your gifts that God has given to you. I hear this a lot. If you’re told that, you better watch out who’s telling you that. It’s probably an archangel who’s trying to control you by pumping up your ego, and making you believe you’re some kind of special generation that has to listen to them for you to be great. No, you must die through Christ, and let Christ guide you to do and act his will.


Q ~ Tim: When you encourage us to die, you’re not telling us to commit suicide, I imagine?


A ~ No, the Bible’s very clear about that. You have to die to Christ. You have to get rid of yourself. You have to let God live, and work through you and be His instrument. You have to die, that your ego, yourself, your narcissism, your glory, all that must die. That’s the problem with young people. They always want so much glory. That’s why they’re so easy to tempt, and so easy to deceive. So, you have to watch out. When you hear something like that coming from somebody, you should be careful. You should be, “Oh, wait a minute. This guy may be some kind of archangel. This guy may be an archangel trying to deceive me to have a big, overinflated ego about myself; so, I try to be a superhero, and I try to build myself up, instead of disappearing myself, so Christ can be built up.” There’s a huge difference. There’s a huge difference in power. You see kids who try to build themselves up. They’re so weak, so fragile. Any tiny little thing that goes against them, they crack and shatter, like, you know, the social justice world is of these liberal lunatics. Anything out of their reality just cracks, and they freak out and act like little babies. They’re so weak. But, it’s people, who have died to Christ, who are letting go of their ego, letting go of their own desires, and asking and searching for God’s answer to asking how their life may be utilized for His glory, not for their purpose, for his purpose; then, they are much more powerful, because even when they meet opposition, when the meet in their lifetime, everything’s not based on them. If, they are ready and willing to go through fire and difficulties and tribulation to pursue God’s Will; so, you’re much stronger if you die to Christ. That’s the big lie the Archangel tells you, “Oh, you can’t die to Christ, that’s so terrible. It’s all about you. It’s all about you. It’s all about you.” The whole stupid celebrity cult propaganda, or media propaganda, it’s all about you. You, you, you, you, you. And, that’s how you build yourself up, telling yourself good things. No, it’s ridiculous. Then when you meet any opposition in your life you’re going to crack and crumble. It’s not about you. It not about this generation. My special generation. No! I heard this so much. It’s a big heresy in our church spread a lot by the … more like Second Generation head leaders. They were spreading this heresy to basically create a power bloc, you know, to separate them from Father, and rule over them like a little fiefdom. What’s that mean? It’s like the senior Blessed children can rule over them like a little fiefdom. That was totally, you know … Father talks about different generations, but never to be some kind of off gloating, self-aggrandizing, self-worshipping. That whole heresy within our Movement had come. When you hear things like that, when you hear things like that, young people should be worried, you should be cautious. That should hit a bell in your head. Ding, ding, ding. Oh, that was a heresy that was propagated by senior Blessed children, or senior fallen children, who wanted to control you, and basically wanted you like little slaves. They don’t want you to have a relationship with God. They don’t want you to have a relationship with Father. They don’t want you to have, where Father determines the path to your life. They want to determine the will and path for your life; and, how they get you to come into their stupid little trap is by telling you, “Oh, it’s your generation. We’re the special generation.” No, it’s about you dying to Christ. That’s a special generation. It’s a generation that gets out of the way to let Christ have the generation; then, that is a God centered generation. But, young people are, you know, they’re still young. They’re still egoistic, they’re still narcissistic. They’re still easy to, and they’re still vane; so, they’re very easy to lure into that heresy. So, young people: You hear that, you should be worried. You should have a bell go off in your head. That’s not somebody trying to help you have a deep relationship with God. That is somebody trying to put you into an organization, so they can control it. So, you better watch out. If you hear that stuff, watch out who tells you that, okay?


Q ~ Pier Angelo, Pennsylvania. We all joined, at least most of us here, we joined because we accepted the Divine Principle. The Divine Principle gave us life when we met Father, gave us hope, and gave us a relationship with God. Last year, or the year before, you mentioned that the Family Federation has changed some of the Divine Principle. Could you elaborate about that a little bit more for our audience, not only here, but especially overseas; because, they seem to be confused about that. They don’t know what the Family Federation has changed in the Divine Principle.


A ~ Well, that’s because they don’t want to know. I mean, we talk about it millions of times. It’s people that’s confused, because the choose to be confused. It’s called cognitive dissonance; because, when their world view is clashing with actual reality. Most people will have so much psychological and spiritual stress from all this, that, they won’t actually want to see what’s real. That’s what you’re probably encountering. If you went to Italy, you talk to people, etc, whatever. It’s not that people don’t know, they choose not to know. The information is already out there, and you know, from the Han Mother editing everything to her changing the position of subject and object, to transferring all the power of the family to herself and having veto power over Father. It’s ridiculous. Anyways, we talked about it a million times. It’s not that these people don’t know, they don’t want to hear it. They don’t want to know, because it just interferes with their happy little life. They would rather be happy in delusion and separating from God, because it’s just inconvenience; but, it’s not that they don’t know, they’re choosing not to know. The information’s all there. They can seek it very quickly, and/or they can even call and talk to Sanctuary in minutes.


Q ~ Pier continues ~ Especially in this subject and object relationship, why was it changed? What’s the justification for that?


A ~ Well, the Han Mother wants to rule over God. She is the product of Satanism, and satanic feminism; because, she is addicted to the Korean drama culture, which is a product, basically of the Western feminist culture; and, the romance genres are using, basically, that genre, that emotional genre like pornography, to then teach a feminist message. So, she’s basically been indoctrinated by it. That type of world view for the last twenty years or so, maybe more than twenty years. So, it’s not only the secular culture, it’s the fallen secular culture. It’s like, you may even see it, even with young people, right. If they just watch TV all the time, they get brainwashed, and they adopt all the values of satanic culture. They become relativists. They want to go to Spring Break and have orgies, you know what I’m saying? They just adopt all the values of the evil eye. In the case of the Han Mother, she became addicted to the evil eye, and the portal the Satan uses to make people give their souls to him, but very subtly, and over long periods of time, you know. So, that’s the issue; and so, she basically wanted to be God, and wanted to rule over the Messiah, and that’s why she’s fallen. People can easily find out. It’s just that they don’t want to. You know, people are a funny thing; because, everyday more and more people are finding out, not because they’re hearing it for the first time, but because they’re finally getting the point where saying, “Oh, my gosh. I better… Let me look at it one time,” you know. Then in one year, Sanctuary has grown with the Blessings. In one year Sanctuary has grown from basically a small little community, I heard zero, to ten thousand members and Blessed children worldwide; and, next year, it’s going to be twenty thousand, and the next year, forty thousand. There’s only one place to return to. There’s only one place where Father has left name, and his Kingdom; and, you can compare them, too, you can compare them, I mean, the Three Kingships. Cain and Abel have released the Constitution, and the Family Fraud has released their Constitution. You can see very clearly, there’s only two choices. It’s either you’re fighting for worldwide totalitarian Communism, or worldwide freedom and responsibility. It’s completely different visions for humanity, completely different destinations. Which one do you think is of Christ? You can just read them and see.


Q ~ Gabriella continue ~ My next question is, some would intertwine with my previous one, the God of Night and God of Day; and, I know and believe that each one of us is actually carry different energy, because of different purpose. True Father was just suggesting the Kingdom will be like a body, where somebody is more geared to be like the center-mind, like yourself; or, somebody will be the arms, somebody will be the heart, somebody will be the leg, whatever. Each one is different; but, the Unification Church, I find it so confusing. In the beginning, my concept of God, where they were talking about Divine Principle, teaches us about mind-body unity; and, I though the mind was just, in the beginning, was just a physical mind. Then I thought it was a spiritual mind. Then, twenty years later, I actually see the spirit of Christ in us; so, sometimes, when you answer, stating that we should lose ourselves and allow the Christ, my thought is always going towards True Father, but True Father lives in me. That spirit, that is just abides within me, and is not external, you know.


A ~ Salvation is external. We have to be clear on this. There is a lot of occult traditions that say salvation is internal, okay; so, that they say is, if you do meditation, if you do spiritual practices, you’ll increase your energy. Charkhas will come online, on fire, etc, etc; and, through that, you’ll obtain Moksha liberation and salvation, etc. That is an occult vision. That is most of the occult religions, which lead to Satanism, teach that. That liberation and salvation is within you, okay; whereas, Christianity is very different. Salvation is outside of you. It doesn’t come from within you. Within us is sin. Sin is within us, okay. Now, we are created in the image of God; but, when we look inside, we have sin, okay. So, we have sin. What saves us is, what the Messiah has done for us, so what saves us is outside of us. It is a person outside of us that saves us. Just like, if you are drowning, if you are drowning, basically, the occult will tell you, basically if you are drowning, then you just have to believe in yourself, and tell yourself, “Okay, I’m going to make it, and try to swim your way out. So, there’s some reality to that. There’s some element of human will; but, in the case where you are drowning under three thousand feet of water, you’re weighted down, with hundred pound weights all over your body, it doesn’t matter how much you believe in yourself, you’re never going to go up. You’re never going to be free. You have to have somebody else, who has more power than that, that can pull you out of that water, you see; and, so the occult is try to make you have a false view of yourself in relation to the ocean, or in that drowning scenario, makes you want to believe in that drowning situation is within; so, that’s where we come to the energy stuff. Salvation comes from external, an external source, which is a person. So, that’s the Messiah. The Messiah is, he who gives us salvation. So, it comes from something outside of us, okay. First of all, that something very important to understand. Second of all, when we come in contact, we are saved by that external source, then we are filled with the Holy Spirit. That’s what the Bible says. We are filled with the Holy Spirit, so then, we’re filled with him, who reinfuses our image, which is made in the image of God, ourselves is made in the image of God. The Holy Spirit comes, and it reinfuses us with the spirit of God. It doesn’t mean we are God, but God can dwell within us, and be an instrument for His peace. It also comes with a constant effort that we put in, not to be saved, because we’re saved, but the constant effort to do God Will and bring Him joy, and to be an instrument to His Will.


Q ~ Gabriella continues ~ So, if you have the combination of the two is a win-win situation, because that is the reality. We are spirit, and we are matter; so, when you understand about the energy, and you have Christ in your heart, well, the spirit of God really dwell; so, we live a life of producer, and not consumer.


A ~ Right! Well, the energy is what Satan wants. Satan wants to feed off the energy of human beings. We talked about it many times, right; because, when God, before Adam and Eve, Satan had to rely on God’s vast energy to be animated, and to have power; but, once God created Adam and Eve, Satan had a different source, different alternative source, where he can feed off Adam and Eve, and of course, their children, and then separate from God. So, he found an alternative way to live separate from God; but, he has to feed on human beings, who are made in the image of God; and, that’s why the Bible says, “He’s a lion, ready to devourer you.” To eat you; because, he feeds off of you. Do you understand? In the top level of Satanism, they’re doing cannibalism, literally eating energy, how they see eating children as energy, the most, pure energy, okay. So, this is why this kind of energy talking, we have to clear we talk about. Energy stuff that can be quickly lead into an occult. It doesn’t mean we don’t have energy. Obviously, we do have energy; but, that energy comes from the Holy Spirit, and from us, denying our own fallen nature, so God’s Will can be enacted through us for our particular mission that he has for us.


Q ~ A Second Gen brother, no name ~ I have a semi-quick question. Let’s say a Second Gen, who’s saw a First Gen, because he missed the due date to return to Father’s dominion and all that, if he gets Blessed to a Sanctuary Second Gen in this Church, would that couple be considered a First Gen couple, or Second Gen couple?


A ~ Well, we already ruled on that. That would be considered a Second Gen couple; because,

the person who left Father’s authority, who left God, it doesn’t matter. If they are Blessed to somebody, who did not leave the lineage of God, then that family would maintain. They would be covered by Grace of the person who remained under Father’s authority, or that Second Gen, and thus they would become a Second Gen. That couple would be recognized as a Second Generation couple. Tim: The King’s answer, that, both a sexually pure.


A ~ continuing, in good standing, so they were in good standing. In good standing. They were in good standing.


Q ~ Second Gen brother continues ~ Before they were Blessed, that Second Gen, you know, Family Fed, came to Pennsylvania after the due date, would be considered First Gen?


A ~ Yeah, because, there is individual responsibility, and they chose to stay out of Father’s lineage. They, themselves chose to do so. It’s not because of an arbitrary due date; because, they refused to acknowledge the Han Mother was leading them to leave Father’s lineage. That becomes the person’s responsibility, so, they chose to leave their Second Generation status.


Q ~ What about those Second Gen? I hear stories about Second Gen who are way out like in Thailand, or whatever. What about those people?


A ~ No, everybody has to… Aren’t they watching the internet? What, they have no access to the internet?


Q ~ Well, it’s hard for them to get the info.

A ~ No, it’s not hard to get info. It’s just about how you search for info. You know very well as a young person, you can search for info and get in in one second. That’s a bad argument. As a young person, that’s a terrible argument.


Q ~ I’m just throwing it out there.


A ~ No, that’s called an excuse. That’s not an argument.


Q ~ John Clark, Pennsylvania ~ We’re getting spoiled here at Sanctuary with these regular biblical miracles. The election of Trump, and the Liberation of the unborn.  You see the Satanists just running for cover like the Clintons.


A ~ Well, the pedophile rings are being shut down, too. There’s over 1500 people within the pedophile rings that have been arrested, arrested in a hundred days, in one hundred days. In a hundred days. So, right after the Ancestor Liberation, you saw it within one hundred days. Over fifteen hundred people across the nation have been arrested.


Q ~ That’s four days from the Liberation until the WikiLeaks dump.


A ~ That’s right. But, then after that, you’ll see, especially from when Trump gets in 474 pedophiles in LA. There’s a whole pedophile ring in Pennsylvania as well, with Jerry Sandusky and the Penn State thing. Out in Michigan, I believe. In Virginia. So, total, it’s been about 1500.


Q ~ To see these miracles, I’m getting really primed. I find myself intensely curious to what will happen with Liberation with this democide. Will it be like a rising Army against the deep state?



A ~ Well, I think God is leading you with Revelation. You are a man of God, John. God is clarifying things for you. Yeah, it’s interesting. We were talking about it right back there, too, you know, Satan has control over, you know, the worst in this world; but, in the end, this was a brilliant point. We were just talking about it before we came out. Kook Jin Hyung made a point. Cheon Il Guk is a nation, where there’s a Kingship, of course, but there’s also a Cain and Abel. It’s a nation of unity of Cain and Abel, okay. So, he was explaining that there’s an Abel type people in the Kingdom of course, and they will maintain the central position of power; but, there will also be Cain type people, and they are, the Cain type people, you know. So basically, there are the lawful and the lawless. The problem is with the modern state, America included, you know, especially before Trump is, this nation became lawless; and, you had the most lawless people ruling the nation. I mean, completely beyond the law, in total lawlessness, okay. So, you had the biggest criminals running the entire nation, okay; and, so you had those criminals control what? What did they control? They controlled the cross-section, the nexus of money and murder; so, they control the assassins, they control the money supply. They control the strings to the money supply, okay. So, you have a scenario in that kind of satanic reality, where the lawless are the center of the nation; so, they become the owners of the nation. Cheon Il Guk is the opposite, because if the state is not able to centralize, all the citizens as well are granted the rights of King’s sovereignty, which means land and weapons. Now, in America, that’s very much more easy for us to understand; but, from Europe or Asia, they just can’t get it. It very hard for them to understand, but those are the rights of Kingship, the right of sovereignty and territory, and also the right to defend that territory. You’re not a King, if you have land, but it can be taken away. You’re not a king if you have land, but it can be taxed. Do you see? You have to be able to defend your sovereignty, and you have to be able to defend your territory. Thus, you need to have access to force; because, when evil tries to forcefully intrude, you must be able to have the power, and the right of the power to expunge and chase out that evil that forcefully try to come in. Does that make sense? So, the Kingdom of God is for both Cain and Abel. Those who are incline towards good; but, also those who were once lawless, and let’s say, were once the assassins of the head boss criminals are now turned around, and now are the enemies of the bosses that they once used to kill for. Now, they’re going after the bosses. Do you see what I mean? That’s how it gets turned around, just like we saw with the Ancestor Liberation of the children, which were the most pure. The democide people, there’s may sinful people are there as well. The real pure group, which all of the satanic world focuses on is children, but they are oppressed and trafficked by democide people. Do you see what I mean?  That whole pedophile ring, that child trafficking rings are kept and using the people who act and use democide; but, the real Ancestor Liberation of the unborn, they are the real true pure spirits; whereas, yeah, in democide you have a whole group of human beings, who are murdered, but they are not all innocent. Many of those, you know, were doing abominations to God. Many of them were gays. Many of them may have been murders. I’m not saying all of them. The vast majority of them were innocent. At least, legally innocent. Adults or people, and mixed among them were men, women and children. It’s a mixed group. It’s not like the unborn children, which are, they are almost completely sinless, other than original sin; but, this is also a massive group. In the spirit world, they are completely forgotten, completely unrecognized; and, what is loosed on earth is loosed in heaven. What’ bound on earth is bound in heaven; and, now there is unity between spirit and physical world, especially with this power bloc, which, now in the spirit world, knows the reality of Satan, using centralized power and centralized force, and they will be able to work with those descendants on the earth to bring down those democidal parents. So, Satan’s weapons will be used against him. The Bible says, “No weapon formed against me shall prosper,” And the devil forms those weapons against sovereignty, and pushes for slavery; so, the really the battle is between sovereignty and slavery, right, sovereignty and slavery; and so, this Ancestor Liberation, there’s going to be big problems for the democoders, the democidal centralized powers. They will now be dealing with a whole other dimension of spiritual power that they have ignored, or thought they could keep as slaves. Well, they thought they could keep all the unborn spirits under the radar. You saw what happened after that; and, now the pedophile rings are being clamped down, shut down. That just happened in the last hundred days; so, you really can’t make this stuff up.


Q ~ Chantel Robertson from Scotland ~ Just about the situation of Second Generation, again. You, traditionally, if they want to get Blessed, first they get matched, then they have to wait for the one and only Blessing ceremony every year, which usually happens at True Parent’s birthday; but, now in Sanctuary Church, it seems to me, I just want to understand what’s going on, like they don’t have to wait for that one and only Blessing anymore. They can be Blessed at any time; but, I was just watching a Blessing video on a computer from the Second King. Then, what happens? They’re so many different categories of Second Generation. There’s those who left the church, who got married outside, number one. They’re those who got Blessed by Family Federation.


A ~ That’s the problem. When Father was here, that was very clear. For example: If you left and you got married outside, then you have left God’s lineage, you have chosen to do that; so, if you got Blessed, you got Blessed as a First Generation; but, Father had the ability for special grace, but if you left Father’s authority, you would be seen as a First Generation, returning; but, it was just the Second Generation community that we’re in the emotional realm, and they just didn’t want to make people feel bad, and so they didn’t tell them the truth. But, if you’ve fallen, and you left God’s lineage, and you try to come back, you know, you left your second generation status. Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t be saved. You can still be saved; but, you’re First Generation, now; because, your standing as a Second Generation is, you’ve fallen. So, those kind of things, they did not explain clearly. Even the Principle’s very clear about that. There’s still a way for repentance. There’s still a way to return; yet, the idea that there’s no accountability for your actions. This is satanic. See, this is the root of Satanism. This the root of socialism. This is the root of Communism. No accountability for your action. Everything is, you’re a victim. You’re a product of your environment. Your environment victimized you; and, that’s why you made bad decisions. No, we are moral agents, with responsibility for our actions, right; so, these things were not clarified, because the archangels wanted to separate you from Father, and wanted to create a Kingdom, which sin was available, okay, because when they committed sins, or they fell, or they were philandering, or their children were doing those things, then could be covered. You see what I mean? They could be covered; but, that was not Father’s position. You know, one of the main reasons Father sees the preservation and the obedience to keep your purity in obedience to him, it’s absolutely critical, you know. I mean, one of the main questions Father asked me, before he anointed me was, “You are pure, right?” You are pure; because, he had to make sure my lineage was pure. I did not Fall before marriage; so, it’s not like it’s the same thing. That is a relativist, archangelic, fallen perspective, mainly coming from people, who have fallen themselves, and/or their children have fallen. They want to find a way to cover it up, socially; so, their straight from the Principle to let themselves maintain their position, which is based on this moral standard that they have to preserve; and, if that is seen in anyway as defiled, then they may feel they lose their position, their power and their money. So, that’s why they created that kind of culture, but for Father, it was very clear. There’s a big difference between Blessed children who wait themselves, and maintain their purity before marriage, and those who are sleeping around with twenty men, and say, “I’m still a Blessed child.” No, you’ve fallen. You’ve become Satan’s lineage. You’ve given yourself over to adultery and to Satanism; so, now he owns you. So, when you come back to be Blessed, you are a First Generation. You have to repent. You can still be saved; but, you have to repent as a First Generation has done. You have committed all the sins of Israel, all the sins of the Fall; so, you went from being God’s first ancestor, to being no ancestor at all. You become Satan’s child. So, when you return, you have to separate from Satan’s blood lineage. Principle is very clear about it. The problem is, the archangels and the Korean leaders, and all these little demons, created their own culture of socially trying to relativize and blur the lines, so they can maintain their positions and power, and thus their salaries.


Q ~ Tim Elder ~ Could you address her question, about whether a Second Gen can be Blessed through video, or at any time, or whether they have to wait for the next large Blessing?


A ~ Yeah, our ruling Is, that, it’s very clear, you know. These Second Generations, or people who are seeking the Blessing can watch the internet broadcast, the video broadcast, and do it there; because, look, you have to understand when Father was here, not everybody was at those Blessings, when Father was conducting the large Blessings from around the world. Many people were watching via the internet or online. So, you can receive it, in the larger Blessing ceremonies; but, if you want to quickly change your standing under Father, you can be Blessed in a ceremony that was done, and is available for people to come to God; and in that, there’s a repentance ceremony, and all those kinds of things.


Q ~ Lewis Pearlman, Philadelphia, PA ~ I like to ask you something about the Fall of Man.


A ~ We know you Lewis. You were on Fox News. Did you know that? They were covering the voting booth, or something like that, and you were sitting in the back.  I saw you sitting in the back. I sent Richard a picture.


Q ~ Lewis continues ~ Really! So, I have a question about the Fall of Man, and you were speaking a few weeks ago, a month ago, give or take, about this idea about women pornography.


A ~ You mean Korean dramas?


Q ~ Yes.


A ~ Disney has adolescent female’s pornography. Did you see this movie about “Beauty and the Beast?” I haven’t seen it. I have no intention of seeing it; but, I heard a breakdown of it. I’ve seen the cartoon; and, you know, they make this remake of it with the CIG. You know who did a great breakdown of this? Stefan Molyneux. It’s complete propaganda. It’s all about this vane women, and the whole message is, beauty is within, but her name is Belle, which means beauty. You know, Emma Watson, she’s not some kind of obese three hundred pound girl. She’s this very fit, slim pretty girl; and, so if she was obese, eight hundred pound girl, and the message was beauty is within, then that would actually be an argument; but, because she’s not, it’s so ridiculous. Then you have Belle reading all these books, and she’s supposed to be so brilliant, because she’s reading the books, and then you try to invest, and you ask, “Oh, wow! What kind of books is she reading?” You hear in one of the songs you hear, “Oh, in Chapter three, he meets the Prince,” whatever. Some kind of stupid thing like that. So, you realize this girl is not reading philosophy. She’s not reading political science. She’s not reading history. She’s reading romance novels, as if that’s impressive. That’s like saying to a man, “Oh, that guy reads “Playboy” all day. He is brilliant, because he reads.” That’s absurd. It’s ridiculous; so, it’s totally about women’s vanity. She’s this eighteen year old girl, this skinny little hundred pound girl; and, then you know, her father is a toy maker, and she figures how to make a toy one day, out of the blue for some reason, although he’s made them for the last thirty years of his life as a profession. He doesn’t know how to make his toy, and she can just solve all the problems. Oh, she knows how to make the toys, even though never had any training, never had any experience. Nothing. Then, they are traveling to a place, where he sells the toys every year, and he’s noticing he’s traveled this road for the last thirty years. Every year he travels this road. It’s like traveling from here to Milford, or something like that, okay, or like from here to what? Lord’s Valley or something like that, okay. Now, he’s traveled this road every year for the last thirty years, whatever, twenty or thirty years, and he gets lost on this road; and, then, who’s the one who saves them from being lost? Well, it’s the young girl, who’s eighteen years old, who never went on the trip. She magically knows the road. Then the wolves come, and the wolves are about to eat him, and the father’s so scared, and what happens? Oh, it’s the young little girl at eighteen, who’s magically is filled with bravery. She fights of all the wolves. Are you kidding! Do you see normal girls at seventeen or sixteen years old? When they see a wild animal, they usually scream.  Ahhh! They sound like chipmunks. If they see a little groundhog pop out of the ground, they freak out. Give me a break. It’s such ridiculous propaganda. And, the father would not, traveling this road at night, you know, he would not have any ability to defend himself. It’s ridiculous. It’s this endless propaganda for making women super narcissistic from a young age. So, Emma is this vane, narcissistic girl, who then falls in love, because she has such a big heart. She falls in love with a beast, because, she loves him for who he is. Now, the thing they don’t want to tell you is, he also has a palace, and he also has servants, he also has lots of resources. He’s very rich. See, this is what… So, if this was this big beast living in this cave, and he’s eating like these carcasses for breakfast and for snacks; and, then she falls in love with him, and forever I will, because of my love for you, I will live in this cave with you for the rest of eternity, well then you can make the argument that would be a love story, okay; but, the fact that this guy lives in a ten story mansion with servants running around everywhere, has tons of resources, and you have this narcissistic, selfish, self-absorbed, romance reading, braindead girl, and if he lived in a cave, you know she would be with the villagers trying to kill him, not trying to get in his house. Stefan Molyneux, he’s an atheist, but he really appreciates Christian culture and Christian values, and how it effects free democracies, freedom and responsibility, and free markets. That is one of top philosophers on the web. Anyways, he did a whole breakdown on this “Beauty and the Beast” movie; and, he says, biologically, who needs more resources? Who is more addicted to resources? It’s common that the feminist movement says, “Oh, it’s men who create all the resources, etc.” but, if you look at it biologically, women have a tendency and a desire to seek safety, because why? When they’re pregnant, they cannot gather resources for themselves; so, you can’t go fight a lion, you can’t go hunting. When your eight-nine months pregnant, you are super slow. You can’t outrun, what is it? Sabertooth tigers. You can’t fight crocodiles, whatever you have to do, right. You have to have somebody else bring your resources. You need a man to bring you resources. That’s why it’s hardwired into you that women love resources. They love wealth, even though they say they don’t. They pretend they don’t, but when they’re among themselves, there’s like a secret eye-shake among themselves. They all know, they love resources. It is because, biologically, you need somebody else to bring you resources when you are pregnant. It also helps create a safer environment for your children and your progeny in the reproduction, and the continuation of the gene set, okay. So, you have this woman with absolutely no accomplishments than reading romance novels all day long, which are not real books. They’re totally fake fantasies. That’s like some guy, some young boys playing video games all day; and, the whole world is celebrating them saying, “Oh, they’re such geniuses. Look at them playing video games all day. Ooh, they’re so brave. They’re so brave. Look at them fighting the Sabretooth tigers on their video games. Any woman would think that’s nuts; or, seeing some guys in a movie, and the main protagonist is reading “Playboy” and watching porn all day long, and you would have to celebrate him as being intellectual, and being smart. It’s an absurdity. So, she’s in this movie with the beast, she’s amongst all his resources, whatever, and they have a little fight; and basically, he relinquishes his desire to fight her anymore; and, only when he’s lost any sense of his own individuality, and in a sense has become no more of a threat to her vanity, then she loves him, and then she embraces him, and allows her into her world, after he’s become no threat to her vanity, self-absorption and narcissism, and then at that moment, he dies; but, then she kisses him, and he changes from this beast. He became a beast, because this other wicked woman cast a spell upon him, because he didn’t take a flower from her. Talk about a witch. That’s a wicked witch. He didn’t take a flower from her; so, she casts this spell upon him to become and look like a demon for the rest of his life; and, not only that, she also punished his servants. His servants didn’t do anything. It was the stupid kid who didn’t take the flower. All these servants, now they’re turned into furniture, living furniture; and, at some point, they become actual furniture and they die. So, basically, she put a death curse on these people for doing absolutely nothing wrong, because she was angry at this guy, who didn’t take a flower from her, okay. So, then he becomes the beast; and, after beauty, Belle, kiss him, then he turns into this beautiful, beautiful Prince, right; but, this Prince looks like this effeminate man. So, after she stripped him of all his, um, well ugliness is masculinity in this context. After she stripped him of all his masculinity, she stripped him of his own individual opinions, she stripped him and made him completely a nonthreat to her vanity and narcissism, now she accepts him, kisses him, and he becomes this handsome little girly Prince; but, then she looks at the girly Prince and says, “You need to grow a beard.” That’s how it ends. Yeah, apparently, that’s how it ends. She strips him to this effeminate, basically, mirror image of herself and her own vanity; and then she’s not happy what she’s created. Then, she’s pissed that he too effeminate, and says, “Now you at least need to grow a beard, so at least I can feel, at least I’m around a man.” Ah, does this not sound like modern Western feminism? This is what has to happen. So, it’s this whole culture of making women more delusional, more narcissistic, more self-absorbed, more egotistical, living in fantasy land; because, if there that braindead, narcissistic and stupid, they’re so easy to control, and they have no grasp of reality. They will never be able to fight real tyrants, and actually become activated against real evil in the world, because they think the real evil is that a man wants to grow a beard, or a man wants to be man. They can’t fight against real evil in the world, because there so busy thinking, believing in that propaganda that Christian men are bad, right. Then, you have this other figure, Gaston; and, he like, I don’t know, I don’t like… anyways, it’s just a movie; but, the archetype of Gaston is, he just this handsome man, who is also vane, too; but, you see, man’s vanity is bad, but woman’s vanity is good. You see that? Women, when they’re vane and narcissistic, well, they’re intelligent, because they read romance novels; but, if a man is vane, and he has big muscles, and he wants to look good, then he’s bad. Do you see that? Ah, you see that. And, actually, Gaston’s quite accomplished. He’s this great hunter, or something like that, right. He’s like this great hunter, and he gets all the girls, whatever; so, he actually has some real accomplishments; but, this little girl, with absolutely no accomplishments, no real reading, no real understanding, other than fantasyland, is hailed as the hero that saves the world, essentially. It’s a total lie. Now, how did we get on this topic. It’s how Satan, and female pornography and their vanity. It just props up vanity. Women’s vanity, narcissism, self-centeredness. It’s the same. Pornography does that for men; but, this type of romance, delusional fantasyland that Disney creates for young girls to consume. Disney wants young girls at two or three years old to consume this, and then shape their lives, and shape their self-image around these archetypes, which they create in front of them, you see; because, they know the power of a learned performance, a psychological learned performance, which is, even in the animal kingdom, a child, or a baby lion will learn from the adult lions how to hunt by watching and performing; so, Disney knows the power of imagery. If they use that imagery, and make the young child two-three year old girl consume, watch it, they’re drinking it in. If they’re watching it, then they will produce a self-image, which is in the image of these figures and these archetypes, which they see on the screen; and, everybody here was in that phase. When you were a teenager, you probably loved someone like that. Remember that? There was probably a movie character that you loved, and without you knowing it, you actually tried to shape your character in that person’s image in that way, in that make believe way, right. I mean, everybody did that phase. I remember when I was young, it was like Bruce Lee. Brue Lee, Bruce Lee, Bruce Lee. You know what I mean? But, you get children young enough, learning these archetypes by watching these movies and shutting off their mind and just consuming, consuming, consuming; and, you have their parents taking them, which gives them further approval to consume this, and then, merged their own self-identity, which is unclear at that age into an identity, which is given to them by these corporations, and by the political Satanists, which are essentially society destroying, marriage destroying personalities and archetypes to be empathetic, to acknowledge your husband, and having a different opinion, but yet loving him, because you love God. None of that. No, it’s because Beast has to buckle to Belle. Beast must be castrated. His Chewbacca ability must be chopped off, so that he poses no threat to the woman’s vanity, and then he’s a good husband. Then he will be worthy to enter the cult of the vane woman goddess. Do you see that? And, that leads to Satanism. That does not lead to powerful marriage. That does not lead to self-sacrificing and serving marriage, where both spouses are serving and sacrificing for one another, for a greater purpose than their own relationship. It creates a very narcissistic selfish self-absorbed children, who when they get marry, divorce at any little turbulence that occurs in their relationship, because everything is self-based, and they have been trained like that since they were two years old; and, you wonder why the marriage failure rate is so high. Well, if you’re training your kids to watch these things in a braindead fashion, you basically you’re a lion, and you should be training your lion children to learn how to hunt these antelope, and things like that; but, these movies are making them, you know, not learn those skills, and not only how to chase antelope and stuff like that; but, also be able to fight against other wicked wolves or hyenas, whatever, right. And, it’s like giving those lions to Timon and Pumbaa (from the “The Lion King”) to be raised up, who just eat grubs and sing “hakuna matata.” They’re not going to learn their real skills, which help them to defend the Kingdom and chase out the hyenas. They didn’t learn no Kung Fu for stupid Timon and Pumbaa. Rafiki had to come in a teach them, okay. So, there’s so much propaganda, it’s like parents have to be aware, and they have to have discernment, when you see these things; and, if you allow your children to consume these things without discernment, you wonder why they’re becoming more satanic. That’s like feeding them poison every day, and saying, “Why are you getting more sick?” It’s your fault, if you are feeding your child cyanide every day, and then they’re becoming more sick as time goes on, and you’re saying, “Why are you getting more sick? Stop getting sick.” No, there’s a problem here. You’re letting them eat poison. So, that’s why it’s important for letting parents to have discernment, than to understanding that these corporations, these political Satanists entities do not have your children, and do not have your spiritual life in mind.


Q ~ I never bought this idea whether the archangel had a sexual organ or not, okay. We’ll leave it as a First-Generation statement, alright. When you started talking about this, I realized Eve had a different idea of what she expected Adam to be; and, maybe Mother had the same idea what she expected Father to be. Is this more in line?


A ~ No, no, that changed; because, Father was very clear when she was Blessed. Father was very clear what her role has to be, and she has to completely obey and serve him as the Messiah. That was very clear from the very beginning. It is she that started adopting the whispers of Satan through the medium of social conditioning, and social Satanism, which she allowed, and became addicted to and started delighted in eating and consuming; and, it’s that lore then allowed her to then make the decision to begin to separate from Father in her own mind and heart; but, again, these are decisions she’s making. She’s being misled, of course. She’s being tempted, yes; but, in the end she has to make the decisions to do so, and she did. That’s a problem. So, there’s always moral accountability in her decision making, even though we’ve been deceived. When we have been deceived, we realized, where wrong. The normal person can repent. The problem with the Han Mother is, because she’s such a central figure, the devastation in that she created just by her repenting, you know, tyrants think everything’s going fine, literally, until they’re on the deathbed. Like Hitler, literally, thought everything was going fine, until, literally, there were a hundred bombs dropped every second around him; then, they realized, “Oh, crap! We’re going to die.” You know, this is very common with tyrants. There completely in a bubble, they’re completely in a delusional environment, and they cannot … Look at Marie Antoinette, right. She was say, “Let them have cake. I mean, what do you mean they’re starving? What’s wrong with them? Give them cake?” There so delusional, they’re so disconnected, living in this fantasyland; and, so the Han Mother is in that fantasyland, and even so the Japanese Church, the entire Church, there’s no leadership on her side that stands up for her to fight for her. Not one. Not one main leader. They’re sitting in their seats, literally staying quiet looking down on the ground pretending that there worried about the situation. They’re not doing anything to stand up for her, because they know it over. They’re not even showing up on the battle field to fight, because nobody will actually stand up for her or fight for her, because they know she’s wrong, but staying there as long as they can, because of money, position, power, etc.


Q ~ So, if I may, I don’t see the angel having a sexual organ. It’s about in a woman’s mind, it’s an illusion that’s not really there. That seems to be the spiritual fall.


A ~ Well, Satan tempts women to become worshippers of themselves; and, when you worship yourself, you try to put yourself above God, and that is the death nail to God’s work in you then. Then you are choosing to lead God; and when you worship yourself that leads to damnation and Hell. It’s idolatry. It the first sin. The First Commandment.


Q (Hyung Jin Nim ~ Yes Tim. Back to Russia. You see, you’re talking to Vladimir Putin.Tim ~ Yes, I was about to mention him.) You know, almost always, you almost always talk about spiritual things. Now, you’re talking a lot about political, and why did you make that change, and why does politics even matter to us?


A ~ And, he said to his believers, pray this every day, “Our Father, who are in Heaven, hallowed be thy name. They Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.” And, the more I stepped into what Father said about me, and gave me responsibility before; and, now, I realize why Father talked about politics all the time, too. He established the Washington Times, Noticias Del Mundo, Segye Ilbo, Sekai Nippo, etc. the list goes on. Why he had to stand up for certain candidates, why he had to do this and that? Why, because that is the primary vehicle by which Satan takes dominion of the earth, and of the world and humanity by taking over polity; and, when politics get taken over, then the religions get taken over, so even if you’re talking spiritual things. It doesn’t make a big difference if you, if the enemy of Satan has taken over the political realm. He could now shut you up about what you say; and, of course with politics, you can take over the economies as well, and the money. So, it terms of God’s Kingdom actually coming, it’s essential, it’s essentials as the army of God, as the Bible says, the army of God, and as those who are wearing the armor of God, which he talks about in Ephesians 6, “putting on the armor of God, the breastplate of righteousness, the belt of truth, the shield of faith, the sword of the Word,’ you know, the feet shod with the preparation with the gospel of peace, the helmet of salvation,” all these things. Anybody who is a person in Christ must be standing against, not against flesh and bones, but against principalities and the rulers of darkness of this world, and spiritual wickedness in high places, right; so, as we to grips with the seriousness of the mission Father gives us, then we must be activated to destroy Satan’s political Kingdom, because that is what enables his stealing in his economic realm, or enables his control over religion as a tool of the state to fool people into coming into His Kingdom. So, if you’re not talking or engaging politics, you’re not fighting for the Kingdom. You can’t just be talking about spiritual things, because God’s Kingdom is not spiritual, only. He said, “Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.” The problem is for an earthly Kingdom, which is ruled by God, and his co-heirs. An actual Kingdom on this planet earth.


Q ~ Tim continues ~ A year from now, in Russia, there’s going to be a Presidential election.


A ~ Okay, they can use their conscience and use their discernment, because they listened to the Second Kings message every day to determine which candidate will be the right candidate. I don’t need to tell them which candidate will be the right candidate. Just they can see, who stands on sovereignty or who stands on slavery. You can see for yourself, even if you have a little discernment, who is standing on Abel side and who is not. I think, I need the question in advance.


Q ~ Tammy O’brien, Pennsylvania ~ As you know, Sun Jin Nim was recently chosen as the new heir by Family Fraud, and I just like to hear anything you know. The fact that Mother was choosing a new heir, and the fact that you failed in her opinion. Is there some history we don’t know about Sun Jin Nim’s past? How do you feel about all that, as made like an official thing?

A ~ This is not new. It’s not a matter about how I feel. Again, it’s showing the Han Mother is completely rejecting Father and his lineage. It’s simple as that, you know.


Q ~ My name is Luce, Pennsylvania. My question is this. Hyung Jin Nim has explained many times as to how many status for matching. For example, widows with widows, divorce with divorce, all that; but, I have a problem. I have been thinking, if we’re going to allow, you are a King, not a dictator. If someone comes to you, and for example I’m a divorce, and I going to marry somebody who is widow, or whatever. How are you going to explain the status, because in the end, it is the couple who going to decide what to do, so the problem is this, what kind of culture are we going to bring into, Sanctuary Church, because, in the end they going to do whatever they want in the matching, whatever, because I consider myself a citizen of Cheon Il Guk. Who are you going to stand up for, and not allow that kind of culture to separate Father’s Principles and rules? What can I do; or, even I can do something? Am I going to attacked by the rest of the Church or something?


A ~ Yeah, that’s like the question of sin in the church, or in any church, Christian Church, etc. You know, you have people who sin in church, or who break the Commandments, and how do you deal with people like that? The Bible talks about that. When you’re talking about believers, you’re talking with people who are in Cheon Il Guk. We’re talking to deal with them with forbearance, with patience, with love. We’re taught to work with them to have council, to have elders to approach them, or confront them, if they’re doing unrighteousness, with two witnesses, things like that; but, you see, our motivation, especially if they’re people who are under Christ. Even though we may feel that they’re breaking the law in some way, or they’re breaking, you know, God’s heart in some way, there’s still a way God said to deal with it, you know. That doesn’t mean we just allow that kind of thing, but we will understand people will have different stages in their relationship with God. Some people are very new in their understanding in the nature of their relationship. Some people are totally not only even try to understand that relations, and try to see what they can, or cannot get away with, you see what I’m saying? So, they’re not really in their relationship with God, they’re trying to get points from the community, which doesn’t do anything in their eternal life; because, in the end, in our eternal life, it’s who much we are living to bring joy to God, and to build our relationship to Him. But, there’s also a realm of sovereignty. We have to respect people’s free will. We don’t have to, if they’re doing destructive behavior, we don’t have to promote that type of behavior and say that’s great. We can still confront that in a way in which where confronting the sin; but, allowing for that person to understand, we don’t have any ill will for that person. Do you know what I mean? There are people who will say, “Oh, I’m in this scenario, or I’m in this scenario. I want to do this. I want to try and make this loophole around this.” Well then, if they’re doing that with that intention, then it’s not us which they’re harming the most. It’s God tht they’re pissing off the most; so, in the end, they have to deal with that with God; and, in the end, if there are people who try to sneak around with things, or whatever that scenario, then it comes back to bite you, because God is a just God, and He is righteous, to and there is justice in this universe, and eventually, the unjust get their due. So, in Cheon Il Guk, too-, you may not agree with everybody in Cheon Il Guk who’s are neighbor, etc. but, we’ll still be the peace police, or peace militia and defend them, if they’re under attack. We will still go out, and if someone is invading their home or raping their daughter, will go out and shoot that guy, do you see. Even though we totally disagree with them, or we totally disagree with their lifestyle, I mean there are in Cheon Il Guk. People have freedom and responsibility, so even though some people will sin, even though they practice a homosexual lifestyle. Of course, in Cheon Il Guk, the state government cannot sponsor the lifestyle other than heterosexual marriage, male and female, as delineated in the Constitution. So, you have no state sponsoring of other type of unions, and or tax payer money going toward that. That would be insane. So, you don’t have the apparatus of propaganda and the apparatus of coercion. For example, to force people to marry gay people, if you’re a church, or if you’re a minister. The Bible says, no; or, to bake a cake for a gay couple, even though your religion says, no. You can’t be forced to do so. In the long run, it’s very hard to monopolize, for example, relativizing man and woman marriage, because man and woman marriage is the ideal of God, and because it’s the most stable union, socially. So, it wins in the end, ten out of ten times, when there is no external interference with coercion of with force, which the government does. Okay, so in that case, the point is that, in Cheon Il Guk, you may have somebody which you disagree with completely as your neighbor, but you’ll still have the moral responsibility to defend and protect him, and to be your brother’s keeper, when he’s under threat, and you can do something about it, and you have the training to do so. You’re there for him, even though he did not, you know, or disagree with his worldview, his lifestyle, whatever; and, that is, the microcosm as well. That is a macrocosmic perspective; but, even on the microcosmic perspective, people are not without sin, and it’s not like after we’re saved and put in a relation with God, it’s not that none of us have no sin anymore. We’re totally immaculate and pure. I mean, even in our thoughts. Even how we forget God, how we get lazy about how we acknowledge God, we are sinning against Him. The difference is, once saved by Him, and we’re brought into His lineage, we are part of His family. So, it’s unfortunate for people who left His family, and deliberately Fell, and deliberately became the Archangel’s blood lineage. That is sad; but the Bible clearly tells us, when it comes to people who are of the faith, when it comes to people who are in God’s authority, and who are of the blood lineage of God, or under Father’s authority, then we deal with them with the intention of love, first. That doesn’t mean we accept whatever they do, and let them abuse you, and let destroy you, all that. How you defend the next generation from Falling into some kind of heresy, is not by creating some kind of police or CIA group, where you are trying to go after and investigate somebody, and the different heresies they are trying to make. How you defend the young people against heresies is by strengthening them to be critical, and be able to analyze what is heresy and what is not heresy for themselves; so, instead of doing that work for them, and going after the wolves by yourself, you farm the young people to be strong to discern what would be a wolf, and then arm the young people to be able to see what is a wolf, know it’s color, know it’s smells, know how t moves, know how it tracks, know it’s patterns, know it’s environments, know what it’s patterns are, and then identify it, and separate themselves from it, you see? That’s how you empower young people. So, we don’t empower the young people, or keep them safe by just doing the work, and by just hunting the wolves ourselves, only. No, we have to make the young people hunters of wolves, so they can also protect themselves, and the next generation that come in after them, you know. But, you know, Cheon Il Guk is very different from a common church or common bureaucracy. It has no bureaucracy; so, we have to acknowledge people’s freedom, and acknowledge their free will, there moral agency, but also allow them to be accountable for their actions. So, even in our community here, there are disagreements that arise. There are people who don’t want to work with us. That’s fine. But, they still have one center. We have different ministries in Japan, different ministries in Korea, different ministries in Europe, etc. Russia, etc. Some of these different ministries don’t want to talk to each other. That’s fine. There still connected to the Three Kingships. They’re still under Father’s authority. There not forced to work with each other. That doesn’t mean they hate each other. I don’t think they hate each other. I think they do pray for each other, even though sometimes they enemies. They do pray for each other, and they do in their heart they do love one another, in the fact that at least we’re under Father’s authority. Even though I disagree with everything that you’re doing, I still acknowledge that you’re still under Father’s authority, you know. But, we don’t go in there and say, no, you have to have to carnivores and to vegetarians at each table. Everybody has to do this; or, because you’re fighting, you have to be on a team with this person. We don’t do that. We allow people to love one another; but, that doesn’t mean they’re forced to work with one another all the time. We do come together to work with one another, when we’re evangelizing, when we’re spreading the Kingdom Gospel, when we’re trying to reach out and save people, when we’re trying to let people to come back to Father’s authority. We are actually working together, even though we may be desperate organizations, we’re still working for the common aim of God’s Will. All of the different ministries that acknowledge Cheon Il Guk Constitution are guidance to them, because we don’t control them, our guidance to them. They must always be a reflection of Cheon Il Guk Constitution in your group. Can we do this? Is this allowed? Be a reflection of the Cheon Il Guk Constitution. Is this allowed? What about when this happens, or that happens? Be a reflection of the Cheon Il Guk Constitution. What about when this happens, or that happens? Be a reflection of the Cheon Il Guk Constitution. What if this happens? What if this scenario? What if that person does this? Be a reflection of the Cheon Il Guk Constitution, you see? We give the same guidance. People as the same, they ask different questions, but really there the same questions in different ways, over and over. But, that’s why we give the same answer. Be a reflection of the Cheon Il Guk Constitution. If you have a group, make sure the Cheon Il Guk Constitution is reflected in you group. Now, we can’t force you to do that. If you want to act like a tyrant, and you want to do that, then people have the freedom to leave your group, too. Okay. So, give people guidance, because why? We are not the Archangel. We believe in the decision to give God’s choice, to be human beings. Free will, moral agency and accountability. That was not my choice, that was not your choice, that was not his choice or her choice. It was God’s choice; so, we acknowledge and respect God’s choice. Human beings have freedom, through free will, moral agency and accountability. There responsible. They can make the decisions. We will guide them on the words of God, His Commandments. They’re there. There clear. They don’t change. People will do things and try to create monopolies for themselves, whatever; but, our guidance is the same. The Constitution doesn’t change. You know, Father’s Word, and the law of the nation of Cheon Il Guk doesn’t change; so, they have  a place where they can always return to, and/or modify their culture, or people can just come out of that group, and make a second group, which is more in line with the Constitution, which is more in line with Cheon Il Guk culture, and then, more people who speak Cheon Il Guk will go there. So, we’re not in the business of controlling. That is the business of the Archangel. We’re in the business of trusting God’s decision. Notice, I didn’t say in trusting people. I said, trusting God’s decision. We don’t trust people stupidly. There’s a lot of untrustworthy people. We trust God’s decision to give freedom and responsibility; but, we discern between who is trustworthy, who is not trustworthy. It’s important to discern. But again, we trust God’s decision to give humanity freedom and responsibility.


A – Mrs. Erikawa has a question? She really a true warrior standing up in Japan. Actually, they’re out there doing rallies in Japan, too. Your ministries out there to doing the proTrump rallies. You see, there are different ministries, but there both connected to the Kingship; yet, they work together for a project. That’s fine. You see what I mean? That’s Cheon Il Guk culture.


Q ~ Mrs. Erikawa from Japan ~ Regarding the Cheon Il Guk Constitution. I have a lot of questions. I will ask many questions tomorrow; but, just one today. So, I think the citizens of Cheon Il Guk, who ae in the lineage and under Father’s authority and the heavenly lineage. Is it one nation? Is the territory the entire Earth, is that my correct understanding?


A ~ Eventually. Sure.


Q ~ and, even colonies in space, if they exist?


A ~ Wherever there’s human beings. The apex of creation.


Q ~ So, the 195 countries, all that would disappear?


A ~ Yeah, but they would be states. Human rights don’t disappear. If you are human, they’re still there.


Q ~ Right now, there are sixty or seventy countries where there are Sanctuary Churches. Would they become states?


A ~ Those countries? Well, I think Kook Jin Hyung said it most articulately. In fact, a similar question came up. He said, you are a state. Me, I’m a state, you’re a state. Everybody has to become a state. What is a state? It’s a sovereign. A sovereign is someone who has territory, and has the means to defend that territory. Even if you have one person who is able to fend off the forces against him, he can maintain that one person as a state; but, if you have multiple people and they have territory, and have defense of that territory, that’s a state, too. You don’t need some UN permission to be a state, or recognized by some Federal bureaucracy. If you’re able to defend your territory you are already a state in reality. So, in Cheon Il Guk, all the citizens are sovereigns. They are sovereigns. So, in the UN delineated nation states, yes, eventually all those nations will be gone; but, you will have sovereigns that are now having dominion all the Earth.


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