2017-03-19 Kingdom Discernment


MARCH 19, 2017

Now, we’re out of the Book of Acts. Can you believe it. Only six different mentions of the Kingdom Gospel in the Book of Acts; so, now were in Romans. We’re now in Romans. Isn’t it interesting? We’re doing a whole journey through all the Kingdom Scriptures in God’s Word. Let’s go to Kingdom Discernment, today.


Romans 14:17-23 (KJV)

17 For the kingdom of God is not meat and drink; but righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost.

18 For he that in these things serveth Christ is acceptable to God, and approved of men.

19 Let us therefore follow after the things which make for peace, and things wherewith one may edify another.

20 For meat destroy not the work of God. All things indeed are pure; but it is evil for that man who eateth with offence.

21 It is good neither to eat flesh, nor to drink wine, nor any thing whereby thy brother stumbleth, or is offended, or is made weak.

22 Hast thou faith? have it to thyself before God. Happy is he that condemneth not himself in that thing which he alloweth.

23 And he that doubteth is damned if he eat, because he eateth not of faith: for whatsoever is not of faith is sin.

Now, this is a whole discussion is Romans 14 about the eating of meat. Isn’t that interesting; because, we know there’s great inhibitions about the eating of meat in the Jewish tradition, okay. Pork and those kinds of things are prohibited. There are special meats not to be eaten commanded by God during the Old Testament era. There’s this whole discussion within the church under Romans 14. There’s some even mentions about vegetarians about some people eating just herbs. That’s in there. It’s way in the front. There’s this whole chapter, whether we could eat this or that; and, there’s some of us who are eating just vegetarian stuff. There’s like this interesting discussion going on. Now, it’s interesting. I focused in on the Kingdom Scripture here; and, he says, Romans 14:17 For the kingdom of God is not meat and drink; but righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost, okay.

So, remember, he’s not just talking about this whole context about everybody in general. This content is about the Church, about believers. He’s telling everybody to repent and receive the Holy Ghost. God has made them new in Christ¸ and they’ve been reborn. Paul is saying to them, when they are in me, they’re in Christ, then one should not mettle over the small issues; for, God made us transcend the law under God’s Grace. So, these issue whether or not to it Kosher food, that is a different discussion; and, we should not get into conflict just for those issues.

Now, what you see here, which is interesting, is that, Paul’s not just saying, we can believe whatever we want, or say everybody is saved. No, he’s not saying that. They’re talking about that particular issue, does food make you pure, does it make you clean before God? Is it the ritual purification of the food, and you’re eating this or that, and you’re not eating this or that; so, we` don’t want to fight about that issue. Is that what makes the Christian, one who is born again in Christ? Whether we’re vegetarian, or whether we love meat – a meat lover pizza. Is it meat lover pizza or vegetable? So, this whole discussion is here, it’s interesting, when we are united in faith, when we are saved by Christ, small issues should not divide us.

Now, Paul speaks very clearly about major heresy, and those have to extricated from the church. Those have to be separated from the church, the flock; so, when big heresies come up, then of course, we need to have discernment, and be able to separate them out, because they’re cancerous. When we’re talking about things of the law, like food prohibition, and some habits of other people that may not be to our liking.  what’s the road we take with a community of believers? In the road of righteousness, we take the joy with the Holy Spirit.

Now, it’s interesting here, Paul doesn’t say, okay, some of you are vegetarian, some of you are meat eaters; so, you have to be best friends. You must make teams; and, you must work together. I want two vegetarians and two carnivores, together, all the time. He doesn’t say that. What he is saying, we don’t have to treat that small issue like we’re treating a heretical issue. You know, heresy issues as if we would be dealing with pagan issues saying, Christ is not unique, things like that. Those are things, very clearly, in Paul’s letters, that has to be expunged for the church, because that leads to actual damnation; whereas, whether or not your vegetarian, or whether or not your carnivore under God’s Grace, is not the biggest issue. Yes, it separates you, if people are … For example, I was a vegetarian for six years.


My experience, it was a very judgmental community; because, if you’re vegetarian, everybody says, “Oh, yes, oh, yes, you have a moral high status. You’re morally pure;” and, if somebody else is eating meat, you say, “Oh, my God. How dare you. How dare you eat meat before me.” It’s like that. I found it to be very super-judgmental. Very intolerant. Some of the very nice people, if you are a vegetarian, if you watched “Food, Inc.” they bring it up. They say, “Oh, I know. It’s so crazy. Did you see that movie?” And, they love you immediately, okay. But, if you say, “Oh, yeah man. I was hunting last week. We just bagged us a good size doe or a good size buck. How dare you sit at this table.”

Now, those are the things that should not divide us, like food choice, those kinds of things. The reality of it is, when I was vegetarian, who broke those things was Father. Because, we’re at the table, I told you this one time, we were at the table in the main training area in Cheon Pyeong, which is like that lower hill area, and there’s an area up there, where Father can prepare, and we were there, and we were having lunch or dinner, a meal. Galbi is oily, you know, jjim galbi is even more oily. Jjim Galbi is so oily, okay. It’s like boiled in oil, or something like that; because, it’s like you’re drinking oil. So, Father’s eating that, and I’m vegetarian. They were saying, “No, no, he’s vegetarian,” something like that; then, Father said, “Come over here;” and, I had to make a choice. Am I going to separate myself from Father, based on this, this food prohibition that I’ve made myself, am I really going to separate myself from Father? So, I said, no I’m not going to do that. You know, I ate it. I ate the Samgyeopsal and Galbi, and it was fantastic. After six years, you get some Samgyeopsal, and it was interesting. So, God is saying, it shows, even in the Kingdom, people are free to choose how they relate with God. Some are this way, and some are that way; but, in the Kingdom, if one is a citizen of Cheon Il Guk, we have to protect the citizen’s rights. We have to protect people of this community, even though some may be vegetarian, some may not be; and, of course, this is what we do in our community as well, when there are disagreements and disputes. Obviously, we suggest that, you know, if there’s some good biblical procedure we can proceed forth with; but, even if that doesn’t happen, people are still allowed to start their own ministries, okay.

We had this issue with one family out in Europe trying to do a DP lecture; and, she’s the only one out there giving DP lectures, and there’s a whole community of people saying, “Oh, you should keep her from doing it. She has this issue, or this issue or that issue;” and we said, “No. the headquarters will not do such a thing. We will not micro manage the people in any nation, okay.” This was Moldovia. What we said was, what we will allow is, if you feel that person is, or that person’s marriage preparation workshop is bad, make your own workshop and educate the kids right, and what will allow on our website. We’ll allow making open comments about any workshop they’ve attended. So, basically, this person is teaching so crazy crap; then, you can see it on the website, then you can see the member’s reviews, the participant’s reviews. You can decide by your own conscience whether you want to go there, if it will prepare them for the Blessing, etc.

So, by letting people exercise their faith in God, you know, sometimes people say, “Oh, they have a bad reputation.” We don’t go mettle in between, and from the heavy hand of the headquarters, saying, “You have to do this, or you can’t do this.” We don’t do that. We are mature individuals who are saved by Christ; and, so we can live in the noontime sun. If you do a program, where you are clearly abusing your authority that would just get on the internet, we’ll create a forum on the website, where people can put up their comments about this or that workshop, whether it was terrible or very unprincipled. “Don’t go here. Don’t send your kids here. Warning!” It’s like when you go to Amazon and you get something, and you are saying, “Are these winter gloves really good. Oh, they’re $19.99, excellent water gloves.” Then you read the comments, “Don’t buy these, made in China,” all this kind of stuff. You let the people speak, and that’s how we help each other. The citizens keep each other’s back, instead of hearing from some headquarters you were bad, we’re going to shut you down. No, let the customers who went there review it, give their honest opinion; and, if people think it’s bad, they can set up their own competing workshop, and allow people to go there, and, the people will think, “Wow, this was very principled. It prepared me greatly for the Blessing.” Okay, so naturally people go there, see, based on who serves others better. People will be able to make their own natural choice.

This is very important. This is, of course, what Paul is showing here. He saying, let’s have righteousness and peace. We’re going to have harmony in the community of believers. We’re also going to allow for them to pursue their ministries in the way that God has called them to do so. Now, in the community of believers, we’re also going to allow them to pursue their ministries in the way that God has called them to do so. Now, that may not appeal to everybody in that community. Some people may oppose it. They may be saying, “Well, this person or that person is this way or that way.” Okay, that’s fine; but, everybody has some issues, okay. Everybody has issues. The point is, can God use that ministry? Can God use that for His glory for His Kingdom, and for his purposes, right.

Even though it may not be palatable to this or that people, we have a culture that’s at least been clarified here; and, even though we have a disagreement, and yes, we don’t have to force people. “You must work with these people. You must do this, you know. Two carnivores and two vegetarians have to be on every witnessing team, you know, witnessing meetings; and, every Sunday School has to have two vegetarians and two carnivores.” No, that’s not the point. Those are the minor issues. The larger issue is, are we in Christ; have we repented of our sin; have come to him, have we surrendered ourselves to him? Do we understand him, are we pursuing a relationship with him; are we perfecting ourselves; but, that means we are moving toward him, who is perfect, you see? Moving toward him was perfect. It’s ready, fire, aim. God will start shaping the different ministries and things that we are doing in a way that will suit and please Him, and bring Him glory.

This is a very important facet of not only Romans 14, but also the Kingdom. In the Kingdom, mentally in the Kingdom, the understanding that even for the citizens have rights in the Kingdom. There’s also freedom of religion, freedom of the press, freedom of speech, of course. There’s different outlets. The media has to be owned by the individual; so, you can sue the individual, directly. You can’t sue a large corporation; but, you can sue an individual. There are certain modifications; but, in the Cheon Il Guk Principle, there is freedom in the Kingdom. There’s freedom, and obey God’s Commandment. We love God, number one; then, we love our neighbor. We are willing to protect the rights of our neighbor, just as we are willing to protect our own rights. Do you understand what I’m saying? That true love. That’s true love.


We’ve had a couple of issues in our own community, which would have been incredibly excellent for the good of our community. I’m not talking about maturity. We’ve been able to sort differences of opinions, and it’s fine, because we still have the same center, right; and, as somebody who has to stay in the subject position, I’m not going to be in the business to say, you must work with this person, you must do that, you must be forced to this, you see. I’m not going to stand for that, because everybody here is already of conscience, is already of righteousness, standing on defending Father. Yes, some of us are wackos, some of us are crazy, some you know, are not so wacko. Okay, so what! Welcome to the Kingdom man. That’s how it is. That’s how it is; but, we have a larger benevolence, a larger business that binds us and holds us together, and we transcend those things for the real commandments of God. That’s why when people come here, yes, you’re not forced to work with them, and do this kind of fake pretending, like, “Oh, we’re friends;” and everybody’s forced to hug, and as soon as we leave the camera, we’re into backstabbing each other, again. No, this isn’t that kind of fake crap. We’re seeing too much of that fakeness. We want it real.

The communities in Christ have to be real. Okay, yes, there’s sometimes conflicts. That happens in every family, too. We have conflicts with our kids; but, we have a larger purpose meta-connection. You have a larger purpose; and, you have a larger meta-connection, that binds you together, okay.

And, when Paul’s talking about meat eating or vegetarian eating or things of Jewish law compared to gentiles coming in from the pagan traditions and those things from Christ, from God’s perspective, He sees those children as His children. So, the small things that we usually hyper-focus on, we don’t need to divide us. It doesn’t mean we have to be forced to work with somebody that’s absolutely not compatible with your ministry. So, it honors both the freedom, but also the responsibility, and if one wants to start their own ministry, okay, that person has the responsibility to do so; and, also the people, the collective community almost has the right to comment on that as to how they feel. That is a protection of not only in our community of not only in our community, but also in our Kingdom to be able to see the citizens in the light where we can protect others, even they may not agree.

I was a vegetarian for six years. If you saw me when I was vegetarian, I thought I’d be vegetarian for life, but then I grew out of it. Now, I’m getting ready to go coyote hunting this Spring. Some of my instructors at pathfinders, they eat coyote, too. They eat the legs. They don’t eat the internal parts, but they eat the legs.

So, people move through different phases`, especially when it comes to vegetarianism, etc, etc. Of course, we should` not be divided because this person likes eating plants vs, meat. The` issue is, whether this person is buying into a philosophy that is antihuman. Is` this person buying into a philosophy of vegetarianism that is connected to the Gaya theory and Gaya culture. Whether the earth is a female` goddess, is a living organism, and human beings are a virus. That’s the Gaya theory.

Now, if your adopting that type of world view, then your becoming a human hater. Now, we have so issue with you, and your ideology that your trying to bring in, because you’re not just about, I want to eat herbs, because it makes me feel better or because it makes my body feel more healthy.

Now, it’s about bring in a foreign antihuman, and anti-God ideology, which you’re importing in, through that vegetarian. You see what I’m saying? Now, we can have an issue with that, because is clearly a heresy. Human beings are the apex of God’s Creation and inherit the earth, and Stewart the earth. They’re not the virus. That’s what super- elites say. They’re always the virus, except for them of course.

So, Paul is showing this kind of dimension in the Kingdom, of course at time where the Kingdom has not come, yet; but, this is so wonderful about Sanctuary, at what God is allowing through Sanctuary. We’re like a small group of like Robin Hood at the Merry Men in the forest, or something like that. A group of people in the forest that are literally shaking up the whole world.

Now, there are some issues that we want to go touch into. There’s a whole thing in Korea that happened with Tillerson going there. Obviously, some of the issue in the background here. This was reported yesterday, about China pushing back on all options over North Korea. The diplomacy of the past twenty years and the strategic patience is now over. There’s a whole new level of rhetoric towards North Korea; and, not only the Secretary of State, but the UN envoy, the lady who is part of Trump, Haley, has said China must step up. China must show and prove that it’s willing do something about North Korea, and not just talk about it.

Now, we have to understand what’s going on here in this dynamic. There are three main blocs in this world of political Satanism, okay. The Anglo-Saxon Banking Cartel Bloc, run by the Bilderberg’s, Davos’, Rothschild’s, and Soros is their front man, who operates and runs all these non-profit organizations, starts riots and wars like in Ukraine, Paris Spring, and if course now in America. That’s one bloc. That’s like the Anglo-Saxon super elites. Then, you have Middle Eastern Wahhabi super billionaires, who are funders of radical Islam; and, the Saudi Arabian Monarchy, the King there has dozens of wives. There’s even pictures of them standing with his wives; some of them are under age. Of course, that’s not illegal in Islam. And on the Eastern side, you have the Chinese tyrannical bloc, who’s responsible for the murder of seventy million poor Asian people during Mao Zedong’s reign, and continuously through the modern day. So, these are the main blocs of political Satanism.

They are the ones, whether they actually worshipped Lucifer. Some of those super elites, they’re not actually saying the name, Lucifer, you know; but, many of them at the top are being ruled by principality of darkness. They’re into the occult, into secret power, into spirituality, into the opening of the third eye, opening their chakras, all these kinds of things, these kinds of super powers. They’re fascinated by these types of things. They pay for the universities funding of these type of phenomena; and, at the very top, that’s come out, for example, with the British Royal Monarchy, just two weeks ago, the police came out and said, Sir Edward Heath was involved in pedophile rings; and, also necrophilia, they said. First, they killed; then, they raped. This is like Jeffrey Dahmer ruling over nations. You have people like Jeffry Dahmer, a true psychopath. Cannibals, necrophiles, pedophiles, you name it, that are ruling over humanity. It makes no difference. If your actually step back, you can see why they obviously want the Archangel in power, because it protects them. It puts them above the law. It hides them behind a bureaucracy of cover, so they can abuse whatever they want to abuse, and they cannot get prosecuted.

Now, the top elites, like Kissinger, John P. Holdren, Council on Foreign Relations, they’ve written papers in the past years, talking amongst themselves; but, the general population is not reading these things, talking about, we need to have China rise, economically, as a counter-balance force to the United States, because the United States is such a big super power. What Trump is going in there doing and saying is wants this to be fair. Stop putting these fake rules on us. For example: Keeping the corporate tax rate so high, all the companies leave America and they go to China; because, China’s able to keep the corporate tax rates so low, and they can break all these human rights violations, and they get nothing, no prosecutions; so, you get sweat factories in China, you have slave factories in China. There’s a video of somebody getting run over by a car, and nobody’s helping them.

You have a situation, now, where China is telling America saying, “Hey, you America, you deal with North Korea directly. Stop getting us to deal with North Korea, okay.” At the same time, you now have in Korea, impeach the South Korean President Park Geun-Hye. Now, the top Korean candidate is Moon Jae-In. The name Jae-In means sinner in Korean. I don’t know why you would name you son Jae-In. The spelling is completely different; but, the sound is sinner. The Word for sinner is ‘Joe-In;’ and his name is Jae-In. So, he’s a bad Moon. He’s actually the same Moon as Father, okay. The same Moon tribe, but he’s definitely an evil one.

He’s coming up in power, and you have in Asia now, you had a complete turnaround with Trump. You have now millennials and young people so oppressed by the liberal establishment. The oppressors told you have to believe to believe this way. Now, the young kids are starting to rebel against that. They’re saying, “Screw you. Why can’t we have any dialogue about this?” They’re starting to ask questions, because it’s getting to be so oppressive; but, what happened in the last three-four years? It’s degraded to be so far left, that the young people … They just had the largest homosexual pro-gay marriage, some thirty thousand plus on the streets for the gay parade in Korea. I showed a picture of that during the Summer one time, right. We showed how thing was just packed to the horizon with all these kids doing the gay parade.

Now, in Korea you have this guy, Moon Jae-In coming up. He looks like he will be the next President of Korea, okay. Now, he’s openly said, “Well of course America and Korea’s alliance is our strategic core.” He said that; but, in the very next sentence he said, “But, we have to be able to say NO! to America, sometimes.” Then, he goes on to say, “You know what? I want to talk to North Korea directly.” You know what that means? America, get out of the way, stop meddling in our business, we really don’t need your help. We can do what we want. He’s a Leftist, he’s a Communists posing as a Social Democrat. I love how all these Communists, they put the word “democrat” in their name. We’re Social Democrats, we’re Progressive Democrats, whatever it is, you know. It’s gotten to the point, where you hear, “Oh, yes, I’m a this or that democratic this or that,” You say, “Okay!” You can almost be guaranteed there’s some kind of socialist ideology. That’s how absurd it’s become; but, now, you’re saying we want to talk to them directly, which is basically saying, “America, get out of the way. We’ll deal with them directly.”

So, we talked about this these last three-four years. This is the curse. The curse has come upon Korea. It has come. The Han Mother, on the microcosm Providence, has now manifested itself on the macro; and, now you have Korea now totally destabilized, and in shambles. Very, very unstable there. If you talk to people in Korea right now, they’re extremely, extremely stressed. That being said, that being said, that is the background of all this; and, the nation should be, the Conservative party, which is not really the Conservative Party. They’re more the RINO Conservatives that we have deal with in the Republican Party like Paul Ryan. They sell out to the banker. They sell out to the lobbyists. They sell out to the funders, just like we do here, okay.

So, remember how stressed we were, when Hillary and Trump were in the campaign? It was just like nightmare, okay. It was like, “Oh, my goodness. If that woman gets into the Presidency, she was literally going to create war with Russia. That woman is insane,” not to mention her Saudi backed funding, not to mention her Chinese funding, all those kinds of things. When Secretary of Defense Mattis went there, we were the only ones out there to greet him. Subsequent rallies in the next subsequent weeks, we reported to you on that, where the Korean members went out, the second week they went out, literally a million-man march, where God put them right up to the front. They were in the back, and then, they turned it around. Then they were in the front. They were in the national news, made it to the LA Times, made it into international news. The third week they were out another miracle happens. The organizers told them to come to the front. “Hey, you guys. Come on up to the front.” Then, it was literally a five-million-man march, okay.

So, they were really seeing a movement of the Spirit. They were on high. They were seeing the power of God. They were seeing Father move directly in their lives. In their nation. They were guiding the nation. There were no American flags. There were hardly any American flags that were out there, and it was our people who got up there with like the big flags. Our people were distributing stuff. Small American flags, they were giving them out; so, we could show the Taegukgi, which is the Korean flag, with the American flag to show solidarity and that unity. Nobody was doing that.

On the third week they went out, even the top organizers on the stage were also wearing the American flag. You know, they had up on the banners, etc; and, so that whole atmosphere changed. The whole atmosphere had transformed. Now, the Conservative Party realized that they should have been leading the Koreans to see the important role that they had to stand with America this time. They have to stand Trump. President Trump had a three percent approval rating, three percent in Korea. So, the Conservative Party knows they’ve got to work with that; but, again, they showed that they are totally impotent. Just this week, out of Korea, it’s only our people out there getting the permits, getting out in front of the routes, where the Secretary of State will pass through. We were the only ones out there with Mattis, too. We were literally out there doing the greeting for the nation. The braindead Conservative Party is not seen anywhere.

We have video of that. (continues to speak while showing video) We found these are our people in front of the Hyatt Hotel, where we heard the Secretary of State Tillerson would pass by; so, they applied for the permits. Rev. Lee worked with the local police department to get out there. Look, those are all our people. How do you know? How can you tell? Well, they got that Kingdom Tongil flag right there; and, it was carried on national news. Nobody’s out there, you have nobody out there. You understand, this is the Secretary of State of the United States of America, the super power of the world, and you haven’t got anybody out there greeting him? Give me a break! It’s ridiculous; and, it’s only our people, and a strong push.

Of course, they want to stand up for the nation. They know Korea is under stress. That grandmother, there. She’s like eighty something. She’s like part of the most senior members in Japan actually, who was Blessed to a Korean. What, is she like 72 couple, is she? She was supposed to be 36 couple. She’s one of the top, earliest Japanese members; but, again, you can see, these are only our people out there greeting the Secretary of State.

The nation of Korea is like under a spell. It doesn’t know what the heck it’s doing. It’s in this chaos. It’s I this huge… There’s Tillerson coming through. They’re under so much political upheaval. I mean, I showed you pictures of five million people in Seoul’s Square marching, with the riots, the fights with the police. All those kinds of things. I mean, this country is totally destabilized, politically. Now, they have the Leftist moving up in power; and, with the Secretary of State of the United States coming, Trump has been clear, I want to protect Korea. I want to protect the alliance. I want maintain those promises that we keep; and, then you have someone who is coming into power saying that, “Well, yeah, we appreciate America; but, we have to be able to say no sometimes, too. You know what? We’ll deal with North Korea directly; and, you know what? We basically share the same ideology as them.” That’s a problem.

That’s a big problem; because, we have a situation, where they are saying, yes, we believe in self-determination, we believe in renegotiating treaties. If you really think you can do it yourself, if you really want to do that, that fine. We’ll respect that. We’ll honor that; and, if they pull out, now you got a big problem. You’ve got a very big problem in Korea. If it goes down that way, you have a massive problem in Korea; because, all the Leftists and leftist politicians are funded by China. When the former Secretary of State of Korea went to China, they didn’t have a feast for him; but, when the Leftist Party, the Democratic Party delegation goes to China, they had a banquet for them, the Chinese government. Why? Not only do they share the same ideology, not only where… This is where the Secretary Rex roles down his window and waves at them, I believe. There he is. He’s waving at our people. You see him?

They felt very encouraged by that, actually. They’re out there in the cold, there the only ones doing it. Nobody has the ware with all, and they’re in a state of confusion. Nobody has the clarity of mind to be saying, “America, we appreciate you.” Let’s give it up for our Korean brothers and sisters there.

Remember, they are doing the work of the nation, right now, that little microcosm. I mean, could you imagine if Secretary Tillerson goes there, and there’s nobody with American flags. He just goes there, has a meeting, and leaves. Now, he’s going to report to Trump, “You know President Trump, we actually saw some Koreans with American flags.” You don’t know what God can do with just that small group of people, because He’s a person. “You know, I saw all these people, and they made all these signs. I thought everybody was against us in Korea; but, I went there, and I saw this whole group, that’s like a hundred people, welcoming Rex Tillerson. They made all these signs. They had this crazy Kingdom logo…” No, I don’t think he’d say that; but, again, it’s our people changing the world, out there on the streets, in the cold, trying to stand up for their nation, so it doesn’t fall into the most wicked criminals on the planet, at least in the East.

This is very important, because, at the same time, you have this power play happening within this political Satanist world; and, you have Davos Group, which is almost the front group for the Bilderberg Group of these super elites, including these top bankers, the central bankers. Some of them monarchs of Europe, but this is the Anglo-Saxon bloc, okay. This is the first time they included the head of the Chinese. This is the first time the head of China was included in that group. It has been mostly a homogony of Europe and the central banks there. The IMF heads, the media heads, they’re all there, the main huge conglomerates, like Google and Amazon are there. You know, this is like the super, super, super .0001 percent of the world. They gather together in secret. No media is allowed in the Bilderberg Group; but, in the Davos Group, they allow some media, okay.

That’s basically, a front group for the more secretive Bilderberg Group; and, of course, that’s really the consensus committee for the banking cartels, and the economic, debt slavery model that they use for human farming, and tax farming, okay, which they put over almost every modern nation in this world; so, really, at the top of it, they’re really the most powerful. This Davos group, this Bilderberg Group, this Anglo-Saxon banking cartel is really at the top of these three triads; however, at the same time, they know, they’re dealing with different criminal groups, and they may know they’re working with them creating their UN world governance, etc; but, in the end, they want to double-cross each other, and in the end, they want to get the monopolistic power.

So, one of the things they’ve been writing about for many years is, China must rise, become the counter balance to America. Of course, they were allowing China to grow militarily as well. We know, because of a purchasing power analysis done by Kook Jin Nim Hyung years ago. All the military spending in China just reaching the same level as America, with purchasing power parody analysis, because Chinese wage labor is so much lower in China. You can get a lot more done with lower wages, okay. So, when you put that into consideration, they’re putting that much into their military, and putting up their military their military, incredibly. At the same time, America is made to be economically depressed by putting on the UN, the TTP, the NAFTA trade rules and regulations, where the super elites can govern world trade. They can literally pick winners and losers. They can choose to implode economies or not, just by manipulating capital corporate tax rates, or messing with interest rates. They can literally choose winners and losers.

This is what they want. They want to be able to be constantly be the world referees, where they’re always on top, they’re always in control; and, when any country starts to rise, they are going to build up a competing country that can counter balance that, make them fight with each other, and then, of course stay in the referee position, until both of them start collapsing, so they can do it again. That’s how they maintain their archangelic power, and their hegemonic power, okay.

Now, it’s that group, this Davos Group, that’s saying China should lead the way; because, Trump is such a terrible person. He’s what they call a “Protectionist.” It’s what they call him. They call him a Protectionist. He wants to protect his people. They say that’s bad. You can’t have that. Globalism, you can’t want to protect the people that you serve. You have to allow them to be ravaged by the world government, okay; and, then you’re good, and then you’re compassionate, and then you’re a humanitarian. If you actually want to protect your nation and your people, well, you’re bad, you’re Hitler, you’re Stalin, okay, and you’re a white supremacist on top of that as well.

There he is. (Pictured with Xi Jin Ping of China) Look at this guy. This guy is the main billionaire, Wang Jianlin, China’s richest man; and, he is the one buying up the six major Hollywood movie studios, like Paramount Pictures. This is the guy right here. They had a whole thing on Hollywood Reporter about him. He was on the cover page of Hollywood Reporter. He was buying up the six major studios in Hollywood, and you can see the pro-Communist propaganda showing up in Hollywood movies, the pro-China stuff, all those kind of things, you know. Matt Damon is now in “The Great Wall” movie. They’re just buying these little prostitute actors and actresses to do their little propaganda, okay. There’s no civilization that gives up their theater, and their movies, or their TV, to another foreign power. If you do that, you will get propaganda from that foreign power, okay. It’s inevitable.

So, this is 2017, right now, and of course the Davos Group offered to Chinese President Xi Jin Ping, offered a vigorous defense of free trade at the World Economic Forum in Davos on Tuesday in a speech that underscored Beijing’s desire to play a greater global role, as the United States turns inward.

In the first appearance by Chinese leader at the annual meeting political leaders, CEOs and bankers in the Swiss Alps, Xi also cautioned other countries against blindly pursuing their national interests, in an apparent reference to the “America first” policies of Donald Trump.

“In a world marked by great uncertainty and volatility, the world is looking to China, WEF founder and chairman Klaus Schwab said before welcoming Xi to the stage.

Former Swedish Prime Minister Carl Bildt, reacting to Xi’s speech on Twitter said, “There is a vacuum when it comes to global economic leadership, and Xi Jinping is clearly aiming to fill it, with some success.”

Ian Bremmer, president of political risk consultancy Eurasia Group, tweeted: “Davos reaction to Xi speech: Success on all counts…”

So, you can see that the super elites love to see China rising up. Of course, they were the ones helping them to rise up; meanwhile, they’re suppressing America with all their unfair trade rules that Trump is now undoing.

Now, their structure is bad, because China is coming up. They’re coming with a huge infrastructure bubble that may burst. They had the biggest bubble in 2014 was it, with like half of their stock got crashed in a day. Was it thirty-three percent. It was thirty-three percent of their stock that got crashed in a day. Another bubble in the structure of China is coming to blow. At the same time, America is three trillion dollars up in the stock market. Thousands of companies are coming back in. Some of the biggest ones are GE, Chrysler, Fiat, Ford, Carrier, you name it. Alibaba and millions of jobs are coming to America.

Trump is pulling us out of NAFTA, he’s pulling us out of TTP, which is what, no, no, no. We’re going to have fair corporate tax rates, the same as China; so, we can compete on a level playing field, and so they can’t referee us from the top. All this money is starting to pour back into America, all these investments are starting to come back in; and, China is screaming about that. Screaming!

Now, all this is happening at the same time where China, where people in the know, are pressuring North Korea, and the current leader with Kim Jung Un with a possible regime change with Kim Jung Nam, who’s the one in Malaysia, who got wacked. He just got killed. It was his brother, and he just got wacked, because they needed a Kim dynasty line; so, if they do a regime change, they can have him in power, and still maintain that religion, that political religion of Marxism, Communism there, and the current leadership of North Korea knows that, already. They know they’re receiving that pressure from China to basically become a vassal state, to obey exactly what the Chinese say; and, you can see this rebellion happening, after the whole situation of the killing of the brother, Kim Jung Nam. The North Koreans saw him as a real threat for regime change possibility. Now, they offed him.

Now you can see Kim Jun Un is ramping up his nuclear missile testing. Just yesterday they were testing different types of rockets, okay. Rocket loaders, that was on Sunday, they were doing that. So, they are just ramping it up, ramping it up; and, of course, Tillerson said in his quote after he visited Korea this past weekend, the threat of North Korea is an imminent threat.  It is an imminent threat.

Now, obviously, we don’t want anything to go down in Asia. We don’t want any more explosions of war; hence, all these crazy wars all these politicians keep sending us into. We want to be able to pull out of those wars; and, like Trump says, “We want to help the American economy, the American middle-class build itself back up; so, they can be a generation of prosperity, again, in America.” They can receive the fruits of freedom and responsibility that Trump is trying to back. It doesn’t mean he’s the Messiah, it doesn’t mean he’s Jesus, it doesn’t mean he’s perfect; but, he is moving in the right way towards the Kingdom. At the same time, you see the other side, the Anglo-Saxon, the super elite Anglo-Saxon cartel totally embracing China as the new switch to leadership. Global economic leadership than America.

Now, who are these Chinese? This is a piece on the connection between China and Hillary Clinton; because, all they said about Hillary Clinton, “Oh, she’s not connected to China. She’s not connected to the Saudis.” It comes out, she had been receiving twenty percent of her money from the biggest pedophiles on the planet, the Saudi Arabian Monarchy. Huge radical terrorists, Islamic radical terrorists funding the death of moderate Muslims all throughout the Middle East. Destabilization of country after country after country. She receives twenty percent of her campaign funding from them. She has done deals with China that come out. If Hillary Clinton had gone to power, she would have become the puppet of the biggest gang criminal enterprise, leading the free world. She wasn’t the biggest crime boss; but, she works for the biggest crime bosses in the world. The biggest political Satanists in the world. This was during the campaign; but, this is when WikiLeaks was coming out. Let’s play this clip from Fox News.

(Video about Hillary Clinton’s connection to donors, while in the role of a cabinet member, which is totally illegal.)

Also, what’s come out is ties that shows a connection with China, Saudi Arabia to the Clinton Foundation, while she’s Secretary of State. That is unbelievable. Again, they think you’re so stupid that you should not think about these things. You see, no, no, no. You are not a predator. You’re not a predator, you’re a normal person, see. Your part of the fifty percent that are not psycho or sociopathic. That’s why you can’t relate to this. They are a predator class, those who collude towards centralized power are predators in nature.

In any population, you have five to ten percent that are potentially psychopathic, you have about thirty to forty that are potentially sociopathic. The difference being, the psychopathic have no empathy for wrong doing, for doing terrible things. The sociopathic, they have benefit. They will go along with psychopaths, like the good Nazis, or the those that go along with it to get their pension fund. Those are sociopaths. The honest people are saying, no, no. I can’t continue on with this. I going to step out of this. I’m going to sell my business. I’m going to try and get away from this; and, that’s about fifty percent of the population.

The Bible breaks it down as, you have the wolves, who are the predator class. You can have predators who are rich, who are middle class, or who are poor. Of course, Marxism always want to say, it’s the problem between white and black, between rich and poor. That’s the real divide. That’s what creates all the wars. No, that’s not the problem. The problem is the predator class versus the normal class; or, the Bible says, the wolves versus the sheep. That is the problem. That is the real divide; because, you can have wolves that are in the middle class, you can have wolves who are in the upper class, or the super upper class, or even the super lower class. They have the same psychology. They are the ones who work together to collude and centralize power; and, in the end, they create a world that is literally what Satanists would create. That’s why I call it political Satanism. They use politics to actually effectuate actual civilization; that is what real Satanists want, or would like to have.

Make it legal to murder children. Make it mainstream to disfigure husband and wife, and all these different alternatives for families. “Oh, it’s not only husband and wife. Marriage can be this or that; and, will state fund homosexual marriages, will state fund this or that alternative marriage.” Of course, there’s the relativization of the family as well. There’s not only one type of family, there’s also daddy-daddy family, mommy-mommy family, etc. The relativization of the family, the multiculturalization of the family that’s politically correct, philosophically, it’s relativism.

So, all these things lead to the breakdown of the powerhouse of society, which is a power husband, and powerful wife. A husband, who is a man, who’s not been castrated, and who is able to defend his home, who is able to stand up against tyrants; but, in the satanic world, they don’t want any of those alpha males. Alpha males are a no goes. They want to get rid of all the alpha males; and, this was the strategy that Genghis Kahn used, the Roman Empire used, every single military based religion and/or political movement uses it. You have to get rid of the males, especially the alpha males. They will fight back. You take control of the women. You make the people who conquer them to make them as wives. You see, they rape them, and have children with them; and, you have the women who have Stockholm Syndrome, raise the children to totally be subservient to the state. That is the program of political Satanism.

And then of course, if Hillary got into power, she would have only expedited that. She made a campaign promise that she would go after the guns, and after the people’s right to defend themselves. That should not be allowed, of course. We know that every totalitarian government hates that right.

Now, China, people don’t understand what kind of atheistic, secularized atheism brings. They just think, the people in the West are so brainwashed and braindead by public schools telling them that all cultures are not… If you say this culture is better that this or that, they’ll say, “No, no, no, no. How dare you say that? How dare you judge that. Different cultures are different. Different cultures have essentially the same value.” The only problem when you run into that is you actually believe that. Then you must actually, philosophically surrender to that. You must also logically believe that the culture of protecting your neighbor and the culture of eating your neighbor, there is no difference, in terms of absolutes. You can’t say one is good, one is bad. There’s no absolutes. Well, it’s cultural. I can’t say there’s bad. No. You can that it’s bad, you see.

This is the whole philosophy of relativism that has been forced upon the West as a new religion. It’s the new religion of the brainwashed children of the West – America, Europe, etc. and, all the westernized schools of the countries around the world; but, what is the product of this multiculturalism in a more radicalized way that China is now proposing that has been living under, and has been utilized? They’re now propping up China as the new model, and trying to prove to the whole world and history, that America and the free markets don’t work. Look what happened when America collapsed, and China rose up, showing that, if you let people be free, they’re not going to create prosperity. They’re going to collapse. That’s what they want to show. They want to show that.

So, by imploding America, deindustrializing, shutting off the coal plants, shutting off the power plants, making it illegal; putting on heavy regulations to even do basic energy production that China can do all day every day. Deindustrialize our work force, so we are no longer competitive with the Chinese, putting massive taxes on us, so all the companies flee to China, letting Walmart and these companies buy all their stuff from China to succeed in America; then, they’re propping up China saying, “No, no. See socialism does work.  A type of socialism works. This is modern socialism. This is modern, neo feudalism. This is modern neo colonialism. This is modern socialism, see. You don’t understand socialism. That’s why you say it’s bad; but, look at China. It’s working great there. You see that.” This is what they want. They want this illusion, because they want to say freedom and responsibility is bad. You can’t get people more freedom. You can’t give them guns. You can’t trust them with your decision. You, the centralized state, must make decisions for them. They’re too stupid to make decisions for themselves, okay.

So, they want China to rise. What kind of nation is China? I know they have massive propaganda, massive propaganda. What kind of nation is it. What are the elites doing? What kind of people are these people that now the modern elites don’t know about? What kind of leadership is in China? Let look at this brief video of China and its issues:

(Video shown on organ harvesting in China by the government.)

So, this is a brief issue of the entire organ harvesting program. Killing for organs, and selling people’s organs. The next video, which we don’t have time to look at, but if anybody wants to see it, they can see it after service. It’s about an hour long; but, it goes into the actual phone conversations. They had investigators call the hospitals pretending to be people who needed organs, and say, “Oh, yes, I need a liver transplant. How long to do I have to wait?” “Oh, yes, we get it to you in about a week.” Then, they go through the doctors who come out and explain that you need to receive it fresh from somebody within a week or so; or, for a different heart, you need to have four days to transplant that heart; so, you don’t have a lot of time. You don’t just take somebody’s organ, put it in a freezer and plant in somebody. It has to come from a living person, basically.

So, where does the US gets it from? It gets it from people who have deceased, and have decided to donate their organs; whereas, China has these huge discrepancies, which these medical doctors are coming out clearly saying, “Hey, something’s going on. You have like six thousand people unaccounted for each year that are disappearing that are getting organ transplants, which are not be account for in your prison death rates, in your prison execution rates, or your organ donor rates.”

It’s a huge major criminal cartel. Some of the biggest hospitals, you’ll see in the other video them actually doing the phone calls, calling the doctors, and the doctors, themselves, saying, “Oh, yes, you want a Falun Gong practitioner.” The lady’s like making stuff up, you know. “They do a lot of meditation; so, their organs must be filled with ch’i energy; so, I want a Falun Gong practitioner.” The doctor’s like saying, “Oh sure, we’ll get you a Falun Gong practitioner. Don’t worry. We’ll get you a Falun Gong practitioner.”

I speak Chinese. I spent six plus years learning Chinese, ancient and modern Chinese. I studied the Chinese culture. I know Tai Chi, okay. I know and loved Chinese culture; so, there’s nothing wrong with Chinese people. In the Cheon Il Guk, there’s nothing wrong with Chinatown. People can organize and make a Germantown, or something like that. You can still have that. That’s not banned. You still have religious freedom. We still protect religious rights. We know Falun Gong. We can disagree with your theology and say you’re right; but, were not going to harvest your organs, and sell them and put you in jail.  You see what I mean?

Look at the centralized nature of centralized atheistic, socialism that’s now being propped up as the major global leader that can transplant America. No pun intended with the transplant language. This is the type of evil that one can lead up to. Of course, where there is money involved, we know it’s the real power that Satan colludes to. It’s the nexus between murder and money. You control the money, you control the murder; and, if you control the murder, you can do whatever you want.

This is what these government officials, some of the leaders in the health department, coming out openly lying in the next video. You see it. You’ll see it on the interview saying, “We never said such a thing;” and, the editors of this show them when they actually said the opposite thing. So, it is a tremendous expose revealing the nature of Chinese politics and Chinese government. They are fat-blooded liars. They are criminals. They are a super predator class that sits on top of 1.6 billion poor Asian people. You should have a problem with their tyrannical government, right.

So, as the super elites are trying to put China in there; and, now that’s creating more destabilization in Asia, as they start pushing forward their imperial aims. If you know anything about Chinese culture, the Chinese call themselves the people of the Tang. They call themselves the people of the Tang, because the Tang dynasty was the center of the world, it was the greatest power in the world in the ninth, tenth and eleventh century. They were the top imperial power; so, the Chinese consciousness harkens back to that imperial period, where they were also an archangelic power. They were a complete totalitarianism. They harken back to that just in general, where they were the Tang people, and they should harken back and wish for that, just like the Saudis teach their people and the radicalized Islamacist that they should get back to the Caliphate, like the Ottoman Empire, where the Ottoman’s ruled half the world.

It’s about connecting us to these fake identities. Fake, evil, satanic empires. Why? They know God’s Kingdom is coming. Satan knows God’s Kingdom is coming. Satan knows God will establish His Kingdom; so, he must do everything in his power to use any other ideology or bloc to discredit a Kingdom that is coming to replace him, and will forever put them in chains, and break up the entire political Satanists, the principalities of darkness, and rulers of this earth. This is the system they’ve had since the Fall. That’s why we’ve seen history repeat itself over and over and over. The same old crap every single three hundred years. Same old central imperialistic centralized power. Same old Communism. Same old Socialism. Same old crap every freaking time, leading us to end this war, profiteering off the predator class, and the normal population being slaves.

That’s why in Cheon Il Guk everything’s reversed. That’s why you have to stand in your position as the Kings and Queens of your tribe, because you have to rebel against that fake identity that Satan wants to give you; because, he wants to keep us under Satan’s Kingdom.

We must rebel against that as true Christians. We must rebel against that, people of God as True Christians, as we not only await the Kingdom, but stand as co-heirs with Christ in his Kingdom, and that’s we will talk about when Kyle is going to give, that everybody must put on their crown. It’s not only a symbolic or ritualistic liturgical statement. We are making a spiritual proclamation to the universe, to history, to the hegemony of Satan.

We are claiming the true authority and inheritance that God gives. They make you want to feel guilty about receiving the inheritance from your Father; and, you should give that with your inheritance tax of fifty percent plus to the state. No! Nobody gave it to the state. That’s like the Han Mother. She wants to take the inheritance that Father gave to me. She wants to take it.  The same nature. No, you should not be ashamed of your inheritance. Your inheritance was given by your Father. He is the King of Kings. So, when we inherit that, and we stand with that. The world mocks us, and they try to use peer pressure on us to make us feel shameful and guilty. You just say, “Screw you. I don’t have to bow to you. I am here to please my Father who gives me that right.”

When they see people like that, and a Kingdom building like that, then they know it’s something they cannot stop. That’s why they want to take away your guns, and you can never use that spiritual momentum to actually get rid of their real power. So, you can see in the landscape of the world today, especially in Asia now, you can see red cloud, that dark cloud of tyranny start to spread from China not only in the North, and now into South Korea.

Obviously, I was so grieved this Friday. I was just so grieved in my heart, when I saw this video. They sent it to me on Friday. I was just watching this video of my brothers and sisters fighting for my country. They’re walking on faith. They’re so deep in it in Korea, that sometimes I don’t know if they all understand how big of a magnitude this is, how big of a demon they’re dealing with, with China. How their government has sold them out. How their media has sold them out. How their politicians have been bought off by the Chinese. Literally, Cheju Do has been bought off by the Chinese, too; yet, they’re standing out there in faith, standing out there just to welcome Secretary of State Tillerson, doing the literal work of the nation to greet him and say, “We appreciate you, US. Don’t throw us away. There are still some of us in Korea who have sound minds. We do not want to stand with this organ harvesting atheistic tyrannical 1.6 billion poor Asian people oppressing dictatorship. We don’t want to stand with that.” Nobody was out there, except for our people. That is a shame. I’m grateful to our people; but, it’s a shame.

The whole rhetoric and culture is being taken over by these brainwashed dumb kids saying. “Oh, yes, we want Socialism.” All the little celebrity cults have been coming out. You know, the little puppets. The celebrities. You just parade them around, telling all sorts of things, and make jokes about democracy; and, you know, promote Socialism, like this idiot Brad Pitt, who just comes out, these stupid celebrities come out, “Venezuela’s not bad, Cuba, it’s not bad.” Amy Horowitz goes down there and makes an expose on Venezuela. You saw that this week, showing the people on the ground asking their opinions as what they should do; and, it’s always these rich white suburban kids, who are totally braindead and totally brainwashed in their school, in their liberal cult saying, “Socialism is great. There’s nothing wrong with it.” These kids that never went to a Socialist country, never went to a Communist nation, never seen anything outside their little liberal cult, and they’re out there saying, “Yeah, Socialism is great. I’m trendy. I’m modern. I’m for women. I’m for equality.” Meanwhile, you’re supporting the most oppressive regimes on the planet. In that documentary, Amy Horowitz goes to Venezuela saying, “Americans don’t go. Don’t take it. They’re lying to you. They’re lying.  We have to wait in line twelve yours, twenty-four hours just to be some milk.” The women in Venezuela are telling them that in this documentary.

Of course, there’s no coverage of that in the media. None of them want you to see that; and, if you see this, you a conspiracy theorist. You’re an idiot. You are psychologically damaged. Don’t believe any of this stuff. “Only believe what CNN tells you. Only believe what the state tells you. The state is your father. The state loves you. CNN loves you. Hillary Clinton loves you. Obama loves you.” Really, really! Just like those Chinese politicians will love you, too, right. Just like all those politicians, and the Ministry of Health loved the Chinese Falun Gong practitioners and all those evangelical Christians, right.

It’s not only the Falun Gong, by the way. The West does not want to promote Falun Gong, because they don’t want to promote Christianity. The Christians are being harvested, too. They never want to mention the Christians get harvested. They never want to mention Syrian Christians. Over one hundred thousand been killed by ISIS, murdered and massacred, behead, etc. None of that ever gets mentioned. You can mention the Buddhist; but, you can’t mention the Christians. Of course, we’re going to stand up for those Falun Gong Buddhist. We have to stand up for them. You also have to stand up for those Christians that they murdered, too. Just because they read a Bible doesn’t mean they should be harvested.

This is the great hypocrisy of the Left, and of course the RINO Republican of the Right, who are selling out, selling out the Republicans, pretending to represent the Conservatives. They’re out there making wars. Stupid Senator McCain and Paul Ryan, these total decrepit lying politicians. Complete Satanists. Not that they actually worship Satan; but, their political Satanists. They’re creating the Kingdom of the Archangel, centralized archangelic power, which always leads to Hell; but, people are so… Every generation, when kids are young, and have not unlocked their epigenetics, and have not unlocked their power, and pushed through their weakness, pushed through their crime and all that crap, they unlock with Jiu Jitsu, and wrestling, and boxing, and shooting, and hunting. Yeah, you got a population of people that are totally different in nature than kids who just play video games all day, fantasizing about being that kind of person.

You got actual people in a civilization of people, who are actually the peace police and police militia. No federalized militia. No federalized police. People are the police. The people are your brother’s keeper. The people are the ones who will protect their neighbors. People have guns, and know how to use them, know how to use self-defense, know the right of self-defense. They’re a totally different population; and, of course, every single totalitarian politician doesn’t want you to unlock that epigenetics. They want people to be weak, dumb, and listen to stupid celebrities telling you what you should believe. “Don’t do this. It’s so dangerous. Don’t climb trees, it’s so dangerous. Oh, don’t let that child run around too much, he’s ADD, Attention Deficit Disorder. Oh, that child’s playing with swords as sticks, that’s violence. Quickly, stop them.” No, they’re getting and testing out their boundaries. They’re learning through trial and error; and, if that humanity is strengthened and not demonized, and the young men and women are able to unlock those epigenetics in a way that allows them to have a greater benevolence for that society which they are defending, they can be transformed from being predators into be protectors.

That’s what the sheep dog are. Sheep dog are protectors. They have the same teeth as the wolves, the same claws that can kill just like the wolves, but, they don’t kill for fun. They don’t prey on people, because they see people are weak. They don’t exploit them, because they see they’re weak. They see weak people, and they say, “Crap, they’re weak. They are in open danger. We have to strengthen them.” They’re sheep dog.

Cheon Il Guk is a Kingdom for the husbands and wives, the Kings and Queens of Cheon Il Guk, to stand up with the King of Kings and the Constitution for the majority of the people, because you’ve wiped out the sociopathic class. They can’t tie on to the psychopathic class, because the psychopathic class can’t get a hold of central power, because there’s no central power in Cheon Il Guk; so, you’ve now moved the sociopathic class, the goats, you moved them to being sheep; so, you now have eighty to ninety percent being raised within the peace police and peace militia; where, now they’re taught to have general benevolence, and raised to become sheep dog, and not to be wolf dog. Does that make sense?

Sheep that are able to protect their neighbors, the other citizens of Cheon Il Guk; protect the Constitution, their rights, etc; and not be unlocked to become evil predators, because now the predator class wants to raise the generations. It is a literal war between the sheep and the wolves. It’s not that wolves are bad in creation, in nature. We love wolves in real nature, okay. It’s a metaphor, it’s an allegory. God is giving us a description.

But, the lion will lay down with the lamb. The lion will infuse his power into the lambs. The lion will give his power to the sheep. He will be with them, and he will be of them in the Kingdom. It doesn’t mean he’s going to be a vegetarian. It doesn’t mean the lions will all have to eat vegetables and herbs, and they will never do no predation in the natural ecosystem of the world. That’s not what the it’s talking about. It’s using the allegory, and the prophetic utterance to tell about the future, where it tells about the lion, the King of Kings, will lay down with the lamb, will stand with them and protect them, and infuse his power into them; so, they will rule over the wolves and the predator class. Doesn’t that make sense? That’s the Kingdom. That is the Kingdom that is coming, because the law has been released. The Cheon Il Guk Constitution has been released.

We are praying for our brothers and sisters in Asia, especially in Korea, because they are in tremendous danger, tremendous stress. We’re at heightened levels. We had the Secretary of State say that danger is eminent. We have North Korea going off, and doing more and more and more ballistic testing, doing more and more insane behavior; and, of course, we know at the top level, they didn’t get Hillary in to start war with Russia, to start World War III; so, they want to do it either with Israel, because they want to move he embassy from Tel Aviv into Jerusalem, which some of those radical countries around said, “If you going to do that, we are going to bomb it.” They either want to start it off with that, or with Asia, folks; because, they know America cannot fight two major wars at the same time. Either one, will suck us into World War III.

We’re navigating in very, very turbulent waters; so, it’s a time to pray, it’s a time to repent. It’s a time to get on our knees and say, “God, we’re not perfect, but we pray that you use us and fuse us with Providence and Divine Will and Divine Mission; so, we can stand up here, and we can survive this with humanity, help humanity from being goats to being lambs, so we can become one with the Lion of Judah.”

It’s our prayer every day. “They Kingdom come, they will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. SOS, come on up. As they’re preparing, let’s go to Cheon Seong Gyeong real quick. Maybe will what will do, will play this last video clip, who want to see it, after lunch. We’ll play it, so you can see it; but, it’s a whole expose about how China’s harvesting. The actual undercover phone calls that they made to the government doctors to the actual medical doctors that are caught on tape in Chinese. I speak Chinese. Caught on tape saying, “Yeah, we can get you a liver in a week. Fresh. We can get you a heart in forty-eight hours, fresh.” On Tape, on tape; and, CNN doesn’t want to talk about it. Hillary Clinton, doesn’t want to talk about it.  These are devils and criminals.


CSG 664

Jesus’ first commandment, not his second, therefore is: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind!” Jesus’ second commandment is, “Love your neighbor as yourself!” Who is your neighbor? The people of the world are your siblings and neighbors. You have to invest your heart and soul, and offer your life for the people of the world. If you do so at the risk of your life, you will have done your work.

It’s not living for others, when you got to pretend something. When you pretend and morally posture like the Left always does; meanwhile, when you look at the poor, and you look at the statistics, they don’t donate their own money. It’s the Conservatives that donate, what’s that, three times more on average. Thirty percent more on average. The Left moral postures. They are the Pharisees. They are the ones who pretend they’re so compassionate and humanitarian. Meanwhile, all they do, their consistent aim is to what? To centralize power; so, they can get more and more power, and do more and more criminal activity, and transfer resources to themselves and to their friends. We all know that the money does not go, that they take from you, does not go to the poor people. We know that the majority goes to the bureaucrats, who are running those departments, and to the elites themselves. That’s well known in China, and well known in Korea.

Cheon Il Guk is a nation, where we truly do live for others, and we live for the people of the world. We stand up against evil. What greater love than to give your life down for you friends, for your neighbors? That’s a true protector. Your neighbors under duress, and you go out there, you go and fight for them with your life. That is true love. It’s not true love painting a little heart and saying, “Look how loving and a humanitarian I am.” It’s about being ready to die, ready to die for people, not because they’re perfect, not because you’re perfect; but, because you have a basic humanity. You care about people. You’re not anti-human. You don’t see humans as viruses. You don’t buy into the Gaia crap. You see human beings as precious. You see, in all their flaws, and all their weakness, human beings, when they are connected to their Creator, can be so powerful; can create so much beauty, art, civilization, virtue, benevolence, power. The devils know that; and, that is why they do everything to destroy humanity.

Let’s all rise as we give praise to God, today. Let’s pray for our brothers and sisters in Korea. They’re standing up. I was in tears. I was so depressed on Friday just thinking about them. They’re fighting for their lives in Korea. I feel so bad for them, because they’re under the curse of the Han Mother. I was thinking, I want to do something about it, but I can do anything about it. All I can do is just pray for them, and try to give them, you know, truth; but, I am so grateful, I was filled with so much gratitude just thinking about them. They may be on the verge of a complete breakdown, turning Communist, having war start out there; but, they’re saying, “We want to fight for our nation. We want to fight for our nation.” I was filled with gratitude towards them. They are the only ones out there representing the nation. Korea, Japan, etc. Let’s pray for them.

We praise God this day, and we lift up these songs of praise. Take the time between the versus and all that. Take the time to pray for them. They really need our prayers, now. They really need our prayers, our love, our righteousness, our goodness, to be transcending all the evil that are trying to destroy them. Ame-Aju!


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