2017-03-05 Kingdom of the King of Kings

Kingdom of the King of Kings
by Rev. Hyung Jin Moon

March 5, 2017
Newfoundland, PA

We encourage the different groups to do it in line with Cheon Il Guk. Even in the socialist models, too, you’re following a socialist model. So, you got the kids out there, and some kids who are just boozing around; and, all the kids have to work to raise the money, and you have to buy the tickets for everybody. That’s the socialist system. That’s Communism, right. That system always fails. That’s a satanic system; so, what we want to do, we told the kids of course to be empowered to make sure kid has proper responsibility. If there, and they’re baking, they’re out there and selling, they’re using that money, to make sure they use those blessing at the trip.

Now, you can practice charity. You can donate to other kids, who have not been participating, who want a free ticket. You can donate, that’s your choice; but, you’re not forced to do so. Do you see what I’m saying? That’s very important.

You see, the body of Christ has lost this understanding of charity as an individual responsibility, not where you are forced to collectivize; and, somebody can be forced to steal your work, you labor and money, and give it to their friends.

This is very important. Whatever we do. Whatever our projects are, from young to old, we have to always make sure we’re thinking, constantly, about, is it in line with the spirit of the Constitution? If not, you’ll make the mistake that the early pioneers made in America by making stupid socialist system. Since your young kids, you understand these concepts, verbally; but, you never actually applied it to your programs. It’s good that your able to think about this, now. You see what I’m saying? Because, this will not only help you in business management, in working with professionals, in understanding that competition is not bad, all those kinds of things that your learning in Jiu Jiztsu and the other stuff that we do; but, at the same level, your natural drive and tendency, “Oh, come on.” You know it’s socialism, but you make socialism. You see that?

So, it’s very important to make sure you understand to have the discernment, “Oh, wait a minute. This is not in line with the Cheon Il Guk Constitution. This is not in line with freedom and responsibility, right.” Then, your helping to empower each other. You help to encourage each other; but, you’re not in the business of doing somebody else’s work for them, because that’s never empowering. That’s disempowering. That always destroys the human potential and ability, and the soul.

So, it’s very good that our kids our thinking about those things, when they are systematically organizing fund-raising events on how to best be able to reward those, who are truly working. Nobody’s forced to work. Nobody has to raise money. If you don’t raise money, that’s your choice. You can’t go on the trip. That’s your choice. That’s your choice; but, the kids who want to go, you can’t expect the kids, who are working, to them freeload off them, then get a free ticket. That is evil. You’re stealing somebody else’s labor.

So, you cannot expect that. Don’t ever expect that. That is a wicked socialist system. That’s a satanic system, okay. We know those always fail; so, we want to commend those kids who are working, who are out there raising their own money for their own trip; but, of course, you’re Christian, so you can practice charity. You can encourage your brothers and sisters and say, “Hey, I want to help you be successful. I want to help you be on this trip; so, let’s work together.” You know what I’m saying? You don’t have to be forced to work with people, who you don’t want to work with.

That’s another thing. You see, that’s another thing. You guys don’t need to be forced to work people that you don’t want to work with. You can also develop your own teams. That doesn’t mean you have to practice hate, or something, or that your mean all the time, no; but, you can choose your teams.

So, again, we have to be aware of this as a community; because, we have a tendency in the body of Christ, and expected in the Family Fraud, to always move things into a socialist direction. It’s very important for the leadership here, and it’s very important for the people organizing these things, to always think to be in line with the Cheon Il Guk Constitution. We have to have a law in the Kingdom of God. It’s very easy to understand, your natural tendencies, because we were so in the satanic system to lean towards socialism; but, that is not how you help people. That is not how you make each other strong.  That’s how you make each other weak; and, that’s how you exploit people. So, you don’t want to do that. We want to be aware and have discernment of the things that we’re doing. Does that make sense?

So, that’s a very good thing that the young people are dealing with. I’ve talked to the people who are organizing these things, already, to make sure they’re understanding these Principles, understanding the difference between that which is socialist in nature, and a system that is in freedom and responsibility in nature; so, it’s a good, good opportunity to support them, alright.

Let’s go to our Word, today. We are in the Book of Acts. As we are moving through, we are moving very fast through Scriptures. We moved all the way through the Gospels in Acts 19; however, I want to dissect this a little bit. There’s all sorts of amazing things I want to show you, today. Oh, boy! There’s just too short of time. I want to broadcast like three hours. There’s just so short time, especially with the announcements. Alright, let’s get into Acts 19. Let’s go 1 through 10.

1While Apollos was in Corinth, Paul traveled through the interior regions until he reached Ephesus, on the coast, where he found several believers.“Did you receive the Holy Spirit when you believed?” he asked them. “No,” they replied, “we haven’t even heard that there is a Holy Spirit.” “Then what baptism did you experience?” he asked. And they replied, “The baptism of John.” Paul said, “John’s baptism called for repentance from sin. But John himself told the people to believe in the one who would come later, meaning Jesus.” As soon as they heard this, they were baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus. Then when Paul laid his hands on them, the Holy Spirit came on them, and they spoke in other tongues and prophesied. There were about twelve men in all. Then Paul went to the synagogue and preached boldly for the next three months, arguing persuasively about the Kingdom of God. But some became stubborn, rejecting his message and publicly speaking against the Way. So, Paul left the synagogue and took the believers with him. Then he held daily discussions at the lecture hall of Tyrannus.10 This went on for the next two years, so that people throughout the province of Asia—both Jews and Greeks—heard the word of the Lord.

Wow! Okay! That’s a very interesting episode. The following episode is all about Paul starting a riot in Ephesus, because the statue makers of Artemis, who is the moon goddess and a perpetual virgin, and goes and visits hunters, you know, and has sex with them, but she’s a pervert, being a perpetual virgin. I mean, give me a break! You can’t have sex and still be a virgin? They just make things up, okay. It’s always the goddess cult, which will lead to the prostitute. Then, of course, the Aphrodite cult was known to for temple prostitution; so, whenever the people or civilization was given over to different gods, there are different results. Different things happen, when you serve different gods.

Not all gods were the same in this cult of multi-culturalism in the west, and you have to believe, otherwise you’re a racist or bigoted, that all religions lead up the same mountain. It’s simply not true. It’s simply not true. Different gods lead to different destinations. There’s a difference in a god to tell you to murder children, and a god who tells you to protect children. There’s a huge difference. They’re not the same God, okay. You can’t have them being the same God. They’re totally a radically different God.

And so, in Ephesus as well, you see this movement against Paul. He preaching the Kingdom, and he’s trying to be chased out of Ephesus, okay. Let’s focus into this won passage:

Paul said, “John’s baptism called for repentance from sin. But John himself told the people to believe in the one who would come later, meaning Jesus.” As soon as they heard this, they were baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus.

See, we may be brainwashed in our multi-culturist culture of the western world, and we are “educated people,” and as an educated person, you must believe that all religions go on the same path. They all lead to God. All of them are true, and there’s no true absolute statements you can make, other than the multi-culturist claim, which as in absolute truth claim, all religions lead up the same mountain. If you believe that, you jump on that bandwagon, you’re a racist, bigoted, homophobic, etc. You’re evil. You’re a wicked person. You disavow the cult of multi-culturalism, which a totally intolerant cult. They say they’re tolerant, but they say, “No! No! No!” Worshipping Satan, worshipping Jesus leads to different places. They lead to different locations. One to Hell’s fire and one to Heaven, you see. One has us being surrounded by demons, and one is surrounded by good people, okay. They lead to different places.

Look at this, because this is, of course, touching on the issue, but it is going deeper, because it says, “John’s baptism calls for repentance of sin.” The baptism of John calling us from the repentance of sin; but, notice, the repentance of sin is different from baptism in the name of Jesus, because Jesus is not the repentance of sin. He is not an idea. He is not an ideology. He is not a religion. Jesus is a person, you understand. He is a person. The name of Jesus identifies the person, Jesus.

That’s huge, because John was baptizing people in the practice of penance and repentance. It may be a good practice. It may be a repentance to God, but it is not a person. You see how big that difference is? It’s massively different. Every other religion is a focus on, you do good things, you’ll go to heaven. You do bad things, you’ll be punished. It’s only Christianity, and that’s why CS Lewis wrote about it. Jesus, when he spoke about himself, he said, “I am the light of the world.”

You know, if you really believe he’s just a great teacher, because multi-culturalism says he is just another prophet, he was just another great teacher. Well, if you use the criteria of a great teacher, he’d be a terrible teacher. He’d be horrible. The guy is always praising himself saying, “he is the light of the world,” that he’s “the way, the truth and the life, and you can only come to the Father through him.” I mean, he’s a terrible teacher in the modern sense. He’s saying, “If you have seen me, you seen the Father.” He claiming, you can only go to God if you go through him.

So, CS Lewis wrote, “He’s either a liar, a lunatic or he’s the Lord.” Is he lying to you? Is he crazy? I mean, he’s going in front of the Jewish Sanhedrin and the Jewish Pharisees of the day, and the Sadducees of the day, and he’s saying, “I am the light of the world.”

They’re thinking, what the heck are you smoking? Kill him, kill him. Who is this blasphemer? The guy said, “He’s either a liar, a lunatic or either the Lord.” He’s one of them. He’s got to be one of them. You can’t say he’s all three. He’s either one of them, okay. He’s either going to be liar, he’s either going to be a lunatic; or, he’s going to be the Lord. What he says is either total insane. What he says, he’s totally a liar. What he says is totally true.

John’s baptism calls the people for repentance of sin. The baptism of the Holy Spirit calls people to the person of Jesus. That is a massive difference. We’re not worshipping a principle. We’re not a practice. We’re not worshipping some moral achievement. We’re not worshipping some type of moral posture or mindset. We’re not worshipping a type of psychology. We’re worshipping a person, a person. It is from the person of Christ, the person of Jesus that we receive salvation, not the Principles of Jesus, not from the practices that we associate with Christianity, not from the moral achievements of Christians. We receive salvation through the person. This is why, it’s a massive difference.

All the other religions promise, that, if you do good, we’ll get good in the afterlife, rebirth, whatever it is. Whatever that metaphysical system is. Jesus says, you will never be good enough for a holy and perfect God. You will never, I’m sorry. I love you; but, I’m just telling you the truth. You’ll never going to flawless like God is. You’re never going to come into His presence. You’ve already committed sins in front of Him. You already committed crimes against a holy judge.

We’re watching this wonderful program on the Emerson Eggerichs Ministry, which is an amazing ministry on love and respect. It’s about husband and wife relationships. We talked about this many times. You heard me talk about this many times about Ephesians 5. Their whole ministry is based upon this. They have an incredible DVD series, a five-video seminar. It is phenomenal. If anyone wants to borrow it, just let us know, we’ll let you borrow it. It is unbelievable, out of this world. Incredible. It’s going to take your marriage to a totally different level. A totally different level. Even you’re preparing for marriage, oh, you got to see this, too; because, it’s so amazing. It’s so insightful. The Word of God just penetrates like a two-edge sword to the bone marrow. If you guys are even preparing for marriage, or thinking about the Blessing; or, let say your engaged, it’s the perfect time to see this. Learn this stuff before you embark. It will save you so much tribulation, okay. So much tribulation.

It doesn’t mean you’re not going to have tribulation. God promises you’ll have conflict your marriage. He promises. It for you. It’s for you to be tested. It is a tool for you to come closer to God. It is a tremendous, tremendous resource. The Queen may be teaching about that in the next semester in the HSU class. That’s to be announced. She obviously will decide whether she’ll do it, or not. She is contemplating that. It is so unbelievable program. We’ve now worked through all five CDs and the seminar. It is so rooted in the love of God, so rooted in the Word of God, His love for male and female, His love for humanity. I mean, it is so beautiful. Oh, Lord have mercy. So, we highly recommend it.


It’s all about the person, folks. The Kingdom of God will not come just by a celestial realm, just by your desires, just by your moral practices, just by our faith, it will not come. It will not just by our duties that we accomplish, or our good deeds that we do. The Kingdom of God will only come when the person of Christ comes. Does that make sense? Because, the Kingdom is not centered on a principle. The Kingdom is not centered even on a law. All that comes from a person, a physical person.

You see the difference of being baptized in repentance of sin, which we can see as religion, a practice of religion, which all ethical systems have. You repent your sins to somebody. Even modern psychology has a system, where you confess your sins to yourself. You know, you basically pretend you’re a god, okay. John the Baptist calls for you to be religious, okay.

The true baptism calls you to be with a person, not through religion. It doesn’t mean you’re perfect; but, it calls you to be with a person. It calls you to live with a person. This is why it’s so different. It’s not about edicts. It’s not about fulfilling moral commands. It’s about loving a person; and, when you love that person, you will want to bring that person joy. Just like I love my wife, I want to bring her joy that gives me joy, that tickles my soul. It titillates my eternity. You understand what I’m saying? It’s about a person. I’m not married to a principle. I’m not in a relationship with some kind of practice. I’m in a relationship with a person; and, we all know, everybody knows, that in the end, we want deep relationships with people. This is why you’re so connected to us, and the internet is supposed to connect us; but, in the end, it doesn’t do it, anyways, but it also disconnects us. Although we have Skype, where we can see each other face-to-face over distances, which is great, but again, there’s something in meeting that person, in person, isn’t there?  You may have meet people on Skype; but, when you meet them in person, you say, “Hey, I seen you on TV. Hey, I talked to you on Skype.”

There’s something about understanding the difference between a principle, some ideology I give myself over to, some movement, some religion, some faith, some set of commands, some set of codes of conduct, all those things can be there, still; but, the goal of it all, folks, the goal of eternity is, not be a ‘Mother Teresa’ so to speak in the way that people think, right. Just do good deed, good deeds. The Bible says the good deeds of men are like dirty rags. There like filthy rags. It literally means like poop rags, dook rag, whatever you want to call it, okay. Dirty diapers. Soiled garments, okay. It’s not about that. It’s not about a moral posture. I did more deeds than you. I did more dishes than you, no. It’s about recognizing that all of us need this person, whether we think were perfect, whether we know were not perfect, whether we think we’re morally high, or whether we know were sinners.

Sometimes, whether we know were sinners, Jesus talked about this, is higher than one who pretending they’re not a sinner, right. Yes, we need to guide ourselves around principles, around ideas, around ideology, etc. but, in the end, folks, that comes, that all comes, it pours out, it pours out, that wellspring, those wellsprings of living waters, it pours out from a person, okay. There’s a source of this water. That water doesn’t come out of the ether, like out of thin air. It comes from a source, a living source, a person. God, who came in the form of a person, a benevolent, good Creator, who made us in his image. That is what we’re connected to, folks. There’s a massive difference between baptized and repentance of sin. A penance, a work of religion, a work of faith even, and being baptized. To die and to live again in Jesus, in His. That’s what it means to be a Christian. To be in Christ, of Christ. It doesn’t mean you are part of a denomination. You are not going to take any of these denominations with you when you die. “Oh, I got my Methodist card. Oh, I got my Presbyterian card.” What are you going to do with that? You’re not taking that in. That’s not what you’re going to have. What you’re going to have is relationship with God.

Relationship goes with this wonderful name. Ephesians 5 says, “Husbands, love your wife unconditionally, even though she’s unloving.” That’s a paraphrase, okay. “Even though she’s unloving; and, wives, respect your husband, even though he’s unrespectable.” That’s the command. There’s no choice in that, no. If you love God with love and respect, you have to do it. Not because it’s easy, or want to do it. It’s because God calls you to do it; because, your partner, your spouse, of course, is God’s gift to you, because that spouse is a tool for God’s work in this world. He calls it the instrument of His peace. You can call it His hands and feet on the Earth. That person through whom you are interacting with, in the end is helping your relationship with God, right.

I love it. Men spend time shoulder to shoulder. Shoulder to shoulder. Women spend time face to face. They did studies on that, okay. They did studies on twenty years old, six years old, thirty years old, sixty years old of girls, girls. They had four groups They had a room and two chairs. In the sixty-year old’s, they had an older group, too, and they put them into a room. They said, “Oh, we’ll be right back. Give us ten minutes. We’ll be right back;” but, they didn’t know the study was started. They lady comes in, “Oh, I be right back in ten minutes, I’m sorry, bye.” So, she goes into the room with best friends, and every one of the groups from six years old up to sixty years old of the ladies, girls, they turned their chairs towards each other, face-to-face, and they’re talking to each other. There talking to each other the whole time. The whole time they’re talking to each, ten minutes, whatever it is. They come back. “Oh, Okay, the study’s over.” “Oh, okay!”

They got a group of guys, the same age groups. They brought the chairs in. Not one of those groups to old men turned their chairs. They just sit there facing the wall. They just sit there, like thinking, “Yeah. when is this idiot going to come back? Maybe, they shake their heads. So, Stupid. Why am I here?” They hardly say anything. They just look at each other and shake their heads, and they’ll just keep facing the wall; because, men spend time shoulder to shoulder. We fight in battle shoulder to shoulder. We stand there and face the enemy shoulder to shoulder. It’s part of our honor code. It’s not bad, it’s just different. So, we spend time with each other. We communicate with each other shoulder to shoulder. We don’t have to be looking at each other gazing into each other’s ether, and spirit, you know. We don’t do that, alright. We just stand there, shoulder to shoulder.

He gave a wonderful example. You can have two guys. Let’s say Joe and Rob. Joe and Rob go hunting three days, and come back. “How was your hunting trip, honey?” “Yeah, it was good.” “What did you talk about?” “Nothing!” “What! You did hear that Rob’s wife is pregnant?” “What, she’s pregnant. What are you talking about.” Three days spent, together, and he doesn’t even know his wife is pregnant. Yeah, they talk about nothing.

They talk about other things; but, men spend time shoulder to shoulder. There’s like an energy that comes shoulder to shoulder; whereas, women need to see each other face to face. They go to cafes. They have Starbucks, you know. The guys are in line, and get coffee and go; but, who’s sitting at the little tables, three people, four people around? Most of the time, it’s women; because, you communicate face to face. You communicate differently. Of course, if your husband doesn’t do that, you feel he is unloving, etc. Then, the whole hell cycle begins, okay. You feel unloved, and then you don’t respect him, and he feels unrespect, and he feels unloving, and the whole hell cycle keeps going. Then, the marriage gets torn apart. There is a great difference, when you love somebody. You want to enjoy them.

Okay, my wife may have some rules that she really feels are necessary, you know, like, don’t throw the damn socks on the floor. Don’t just pull them off. You got to turn them back the normal way, alright.

So, there are these things, these things, intricacies and idiosyncrasies. All you guys have them. Everybody has them, okay. All you guys have them who are married, and those who are going to be married, you’ll have them, too. You got crazy stuff going on; but, you’ll have them, too. You’re going to drive each other nuts; but, but, but, but, when we love somebody, and we don’t feel disrespect towards them, when we feel contempt, and we feel angry,  and we feel angry for our being as a man, then, of course, we’re not going to try and honor that, if we get that continuously over and over again, right; but, if we really feel honored, you’ll respect it. You’ll feel like your wife actually cared for us, and she allows us to be the father in the house. She maintains and respects our authority in front of our children, all these kinds of things that Godly women are commanded to do, and they protect and stabilize their home, and give them what they want in the end, which is joy, which is happiness, which is strong marital  family relationships.

God has a plan; but, it comes in relation to Him. It doesn’t come in just obeying some principles. We got so secularized, and we think, “Oh, if I just read this book and learn these seven principles or these eight, whatever, I’m going to be this or that. You know what I mean? Do you see this? No, no, no. It’s not about those seven principles. You can learn those principles anywhere. It’s about a person. It’s about giving joy to that person. You see the purpose of life is about joy. It’s about giving joy. It’s not about me, it’s not about you, it’s about giving joy.

I’m not talking about relativist joy by giving joy to everybody. We have to punish Satan. Even justice has to be punished. You don’t give joy to a pedophile. You know what I’m saying? So, please don’t take my words out of context, you know. No, we have a purpose of that joy; and, the purpose of the that Joy is to give it to our Creator.

It is a personal relationship. God can’t be personal and impersonal at the same time. It can’t be a God that kills children and protects children, or rapes children at the same time. He’s either one or the other. He’s either evil or He’s good. Of course, the others want to say, “Oh, you have all these shades of evil or shades of good. Well, you get the standard of good and evil from an absolute idea of good, which is God. Philosophy is defined as the maximum good in all possible universes. The maximal in all possible universes.

There is one baptism, which is maybe religious in nature, which may help you in nature. It may help you become a better person, etc. make you repent of your sins, etc. but, you won’t get the Holy Spirit that way. You won’t be infused by the fire of God. You won’t receive the living power of God living within you. You won’t get it. The duties and practices of one of moral penance, you’re supposed to be giving joy to God, not for trying to claim something for oneself; but, when we take, when we come into a true relationship with Jesus, when we surrender ourselves to him and die of ourselves, and be reborn in the life of Jesus, in the life of Christ, that is when these people receive the Holy Spirit, folks.

When you are baptized in the name of Jesus. It’s a huge difference. It’s a huge difference surrendering yourself to a principle, and surrendering yourself to a person, an actual person, to whom you are now accountable. You’re nor accountable to a principle. You’re not accountable to some kind of moral code, only. All the moral code is, is going to hold you together by people, right. It’s when we submit ourselves to the person, and that person wants us to have love and respect within a marriage. That person wants us to have a strong family. That person wants us to, as he loves us we love the next generation. As he separates himself from evil, we learn to separate ourselves from evil. You see what I’m saying?

Who we attach attach ourselves to, which God we attach ourselves to, is the fundamental core of our ideology, whether or not you think you are atheist, or you think you don’t believe in a God. Well, were going to go into a video by David Wood. It’s amazing. He does a psychology of religion; and, of course, in his aspect is the psychology of Mohammad, because he fights with Muslim apologists. He debates them, publically, okay. So, he’s the top Islamic debater. He’s a person who debates Islamic apologists and he’s a Christian. He’s a top sort of scholar out there, that is out there on the front lines debating them; and, he shows something very powerful. In this new series that he’s unleashing. I showed it on The King’ Report. Who say it on The King’s Report? Couple of you have seen that. He breaks down using the psychology of two hundred years of psychoanalysis. He’s looking at some of the issues that are swirling around Mohammad, who of course, Muslims, we love Muslims, being oppressed, and every Muslim on this Earth, every person, every Christian is commanded to love all people. That doesn’t mean we agree with everything they say or do or believe. Oh, we’re supposed to love them, in the sense that we’re supposed to tell them the truth. We’re supposed to try to help them to get to truth. Try to help them, and sometimes even challenge them, break out of their brainwashing, and get into truth; so, I want to show this video, a brief video for the psychology of religion, but there is a big conundrum with atheists that you will see with this, with this video.

Okay, another incredible power work. This is the first. This is being done, psychoanalyzing Mohammad. David’s focus and his whole expertise is to work with former Muslims who can site the Koran in Arabic; so, this guy and his whole team is extremely knowledgeable. They just destroy the top level debaters in Islam. Just destroy them. So, this is a series that he’s doing. This is the first of the series; but, a couple of more will come after this, but, you can see, of course, here the whole discussion about not only our psychology, but Islamic psychology shapes their beliefs; and, if one says, Oh, they want to believe in the Sky Daddy, that I’m atheist, that I’m intellectual, no, the research shows that all the prominent unbelievers, they have a terrible relationship with their Father. “He’s not there, he’s not present, he’s weak, he’s not beloved loving father,” which of course then becomes their own projection to try to go after this philosophy that matches their feelings that becomes an atheistic hard core systematic atheism.

Let’s go to our next slide here. This is really important; because, we see that Satan wages war not only on the ideas of man, not only on your mind, but who you relate to. Everybody knows we watch Info Wars and Breitbart and Drudge, and in Info Wars, there’s one about a war on your mind, right; but, actually, it goes deeper than that. There’s a war on for your relationships. That’s a good one, isn’t it? He’s not only there for your mind, the devil’s not only trying to attack your mind. He’s trying to break up your relationships. He’s trying to isolate you; so, he can smash you. Ooh, I like that. We got to coin that term. But, there is a war, there is a war on for your relationships; but, of course, your primary relationship, of course, even though the political Satanists are after your marriage, there after your children, there after your family. There trying to kick the fathers out of the home, we know that; but, in the end, they are out for this: They are out for your relationship with Christ you get. Once you are filled with the fire of God, it gives them the Holy Fire and the Spirit of God that you can gaze. Emerson talked about it Omma.

This guy, who’s in Nuremberg, had been the Torturer. They had this guy, who would just murder these Jews, and he would torture them until they would submit. He would get off on that. Then, he faced this one Frenchman, he was a Frenchman Pierre, and the Frenchman, and he was a Christian, and this guy was sent to the Torturer, and the Frenchman came to him, and he said, “Yes, I know who you are.” The guy said, “Yes, my reputation precedes me, etc. etc. Now, I’m going to do to you so and so,” and the Christian man said to him, “You may kill my body; but, you cannot make me hate you.” He said that to this guy that was about to kill him, rip his guts out, tear his esophagus out, etc. He never encountered that. That kind of strength. So, he was about to kill him, etc. Bombs started falling. They were in the middle of a war. Anyways, long story short, the war ended, these two ended being separated. He ended up not dying under the hands of this torturer. After the war ended, the Frenchman heard that this German torturer took hideaway on this mountaintop in a hut, and he actually went with, he went with a whole group of people to go find this German torturer. He eventually came to a ridge top, where he saw this hut with a little smoke stack come out. He said, “That’s probably where he is.” They went up and knocked on the door, and there was this guy, the Torturer, now gaunt and skinny and emaciated with an unshaven beard; and, the guy, he had a rifle there, the guy looked at him and he opened the door, and he said, “What do you want?” And the Frenchman said, “You remember me? Do you remember me? I’m here. I’m here to do something to you, now.” So, he went for his gun, he had a gun right there, and he’s thinking, what do you want, etc. And, it was Easter that day, and the Frenchman brought a whole group of believers, and he brought an Easter meal for this man. And, that man literally, he said, “We’re not here to harm you, remember? I told you, when you were about to kill me, you could never make me hate you. You can put fear in my bones, you could rip my teeth out, you can tear my guts from my stomach; but, you cannot make me hate you, you have no power over my soul.”

That’s why a political Satanist is so dangerous, because the work on it. There the wolves, the Bible calls the wolves. It’s interesting, in the end days, when Jesus returns, when Jesus is here, it’s interesting. It says, “The lion will lay down with the lamb.” It doesn’t say the lion will lay down with the wolves. It doesn’t say the lion will lay down with the goats. It says the lion will lay down with the lamb. Now, we know, from our understanding of political Satanism, and Godism that the wolves represent the psychopaths. They represent those who will use centralized force, the government, federal power, colluding to centralized power, so they can steal resources, and they can do what they want. They can have power, etc. So, those are the real psychopaths that congregate towards this evil vortex of power, and develop the quality to “legally steal” and transfer resources, okay. Those are all socialist, communists, Satanists, demented kings, all of them, all guides by the spirit of psychology and evil towards that vortex. This is why they always create centralized power, always, always, just frothing for centralized government, okay, in real manifested force.

Then you have the goats, which are sociopaths, the Psychologist say theirs about thirty to forty percent sociopaths in the population of any population, which means they’ll go along with evil, even though they don’t agree with it, because there’s benefits. Those are sociopaths. Those are the goats that the Bible talks about. Those are the goats; but, there are lambs, there are lambs, which are actually good people. Good, good people, who don’t want to go along with the evil. Maybe, they’re quiet about it; but, they feel in their heart, they feel a moral conflict, they feel this is wrong, they can’t go along with this. It’s interesting, the Bible says, “The lion will lay down with the lamb.” This is a very important point. You see, the fake state run churches that are across the world, across the globe, trying to teach to make Jesus to the lion that lays down with the wolves. No, no, no! That’s the evil, the satanic kings of the past. The evil satanic kings of the past lay down with the wolves to then massacre and control the lambs; but, it is the true king, the Lion of Judah, the returning Lord that comes and lies down with the lambs. He lies down with them. We usually interpret that as, “Oh, there will be no more animal predation. Come on. Give me a break. Give me a break!

This is how braindead the body of Christ has become. The lion will lay down with the lamb. He will not be with the lamb and fellowship, he will protect the lambs from who? Wolves and goats, which are separated by him at the final hour. At the final hour, they are separated. The lambs and goats –  the lambs on the right side, the goats on the left. The goats have sold their souls out to follow the wolves.

I’m not bashing wolves. You know, we love the real wolves and everything. No, we call them canines. There’s a Bible quote, which is an allegory, a metaphor. We’re not saying the actual wolves are evil. I mean, there are wolves we know, which are very important for the ecosystem, okay.

God also allows for the Archangel to live in society. He allows, even in the Garden of Eden, Archangels has a role; but, it must be in the servant’s role, never the master. Never, never, never! The problem with fallen history is that the Archangel is always the master; and, this is of course why we see hell on Earth. Cycles and cycles of empires, and hegemonies, and evil kings, evil conquerors, etc. The same system over and over. Whatever you want to call it. In the modern day, we call it socialism, communism, the same stupid crap. Same oppression of human chivalry, goodness, virtue, etc. Same demonic systems. Just taking on different forms, different names. Same political Satanism, which of course is why we use the term political Satanism, because all those courses lead to this actual civilization that produces the fruit of real Satanism, like murdering children, supporting the murdering of children, like destroying the covenant of marriage and relativizing it, like breaking up the relationship of families, and try to create different genders, and all these transparencies. Oh, my goodness! It’s all these things work for the actual political civilization of the fruits of what Satanism itself wants and desires. That’s why it’s called political Satanism, even though people on the left, or people who are helping the system, not necessarily, they may not necessarily worship the angel Lucifer; but, they are working in his will in establishing the actual civilization, which will represent his desire, and his evil.  That’s why the Preamble to the Cheon Il Guk Constitution begins with it.

Cheon Il Guk, the Kingdom of God, sovereign and actual nation does not yet exist in this world, but is the long awaited culmination of the End of Time as prophesied in the Biblical Scripture. The Divine Principle and the Eight Great Textbook Curriculum revealed by True Father, Christ at His second Coming, is the spiritual foundation of this Constitution, etc. etc. etc.

The Kingdom of God comes from the King of Kings, not the Principle, not some idea, not some ideology. It comes from a person, a person that we get connected to. The people will live in that Kingdom one day are connected, will live under the Grace and Blessing of a person, a person. We talk about this all the time, that the Kingdom of God, the citizens will have the Kings and Queens. We talk about this all the time. Not that we get on some ego trip, no; so, that we understand become co-heirs with Christ. Now, we understand that the roles of the Kings are not just a privileged. No, they’re also understand that we will be willing to sacrifice our life for the sake of our Kingdom. Put your neck on the line.

Ooh, Emerson Eggerichs explained this incredible discussion that how the modern feminist movement, and the culture in general, demonizes and bashes men all the time. Women can do anything to the men and it’s fine. It’s hee, hee, hee, hoo, hoo, hoo, ha, ha, ha! and there’s incessant badgering of men, and this incessant beating down the value of men, right. They say, you women don’t even want equality. You say you want it fifty-fifty, but your lying, and we know you are, too. You’re lying. You don’t want it fifty-fifty.

You really want it fifty-fifty? Okay, when the burglar comes on Monday, then on Tuesday, you have to go down and fight him. Then on Wednesday, will be his day; so, when the burglar comes on Wednesday, then you can say it’s your day, you go down; but, on Thursday, because you have to be equal, now, when the rapist comes in, you have to go down and fight him. We got to be equal, now, don’t we, huh? Oh, and do you enjoy it when the husband opens the door for you? No, no, none of that. If have to open the door for him, you want him to open the door for you. You want your equality, don’t you?

See, studies actually show, women don’t want to be, don’t want to have the actual authority in the home. They don’t want to make the major family decisions. What did Emerson say? He said, we had an agreement from the first time we got married, from the beginning of our marriage. I, as the husband, will make all of the major decisions; and, she, as a wife, will make all of the minor decisions. That worked out great.  We haven’t had one major decision, yet. That was good. I mean, that’s a good one.

What about this decision, what about that decision? No, that’s okay. That’s a minor decision, you decide. What about this? What am I going to do? That’s not my role, that’s not a major decision, that’s your problem. Studies show, women don’t want to take the authority. They don’t want to take the burden, if you decide this for the family and screw things up, then, it’s your fault. It’s your dang fault. You decided. You screwed it up. It’s your fault. You can’t blame nobody else; but, husbands have to live under that all the time.

At the same time, they’re belittled and they’re encouraged by the entire society to constantly beat on the man, just beat on him, because he’s a nice Christian man. Well, what’s that gets you have fifty, sixty. seventy years of that? You got men who don’t want to be with you anymore. You got men who think, these women are so arrogant, I’m not going to go after them. I’m going to go after Latin American women or Asian women. At least they respect a husband. These American girls are crazy. There so arrogant. You get college kids that don’t even want to date women, there so terrified of women; because, the whole justice system is put against them.

Anyways, we talked about these issues at length. If you have, if somebody talks to you today and say, “Donald Trump has called you to his office. You can be the President of the United States for one day. You can be the President of the United States for one day; but, you’ll have no authority to enact anything.” Now, if you have the position of the presidency, but you have no authority to make any decisions, are you really the President?

This is a leadership 101. If someone has an office to which they are given grave responsibility, grave, grave, grave responsibility, heavy, heavy, heavy burden, well they must have authority. If you don’t allow them to have authority, you now just told them, “Oh, you can be President; but, I’m going to rule from behind.” That’s what our culture of women have done. You have told your husbands that, “Yes, I want you to be the man. Come on, I want you to stand up for me. I want you to protect me, I want you to be that person; but, you got to listen to everything I say, okay?” Okay, Ladies. See how you flipped that around? That’s a problem.

When you don’t protect your husband’s anointing, and his God given calling to be the head of the household, and to be the priest of the house, if you don’t protect him, and you cut him down in front of the kids, “Your dad is so stupid. Your dad is blah, blah, blah,” you’re murdering him. Your murdering your children. Your screwing up your children. You are murdering people. You are committing grave sin before God. Grave sins. You are disobeying His direct commandment to you; but, how many women do this? How many?


It’s just our culture has become so anti-human; because, God knows the man, naturally. Ladies, here’s an exercise, right here. Let’s do it right now. Who came with their spouses. Raise your hands. Touch your husband’s arm right now. Grab his arm, grab the muscle. You probably felt that bi-cep tense up. Did you feel that muscle tense up? Now, do it to your daughter, when you’re at home, whatever – though if she’s watching the ceremony, she may already know the game, or do it to a girlfriend. See if she tenses her arm to flex her muscle. Every single man, as soon as you touch his arm, he flexes, because he knows he has to be strong. “Oh, yeah! You feel that arm, baby? That’s who you’re with, baby.”

They naturally will do it; because, they know there’s great responsibility. If there Godly, and they did well. I’m not saying if they’re violent, and they did all kinds of stuff, and a low quality; but, if there generally a goodwilled man, who sometimes is moody, and sometimes, you want to talk for three hours; but, he doesn’t want to talk for three hours, this kind of guy, just a normally goodwilled man, okay, that you want to say is better or worse than ISIS militants – no, he’s not worse than ISIS militants – but, a general, goodwilled man knows that it’s his responsibility to provide for you, to protect you, if threat comes, and he could die. You girls take that as if it’s a given. Why do you take it that as a given? Why do we have to die for you, huh? What makes you so special, we got to die for you? Nothing! Why we got to die for you? Do you think I’m lying? Do you see that? You’re not going to die for us. How come we got to die for you? That’s a good question, isn’t it?

When a man says, he will die for you, you can’t be, “So what! Of course, you dummy.” Are you kidding? He said he was going to die for you. Man, that’s evil, that evil. When you do that to men, you have dishonored him. You have dishonored his commitment to you. You have dishonored his honor code. He says, I going to die for you. If you say that to another man, ‘Man, I’d die for you,” man, that’s like a bond. You say that to another guy, “Man, I would die for you.” You don’t have to say anything else. That’s like an iron bond.

When we are in this culture that’s “Of, course you’re supposed to die for me. I’m a goddess.” No, that’s not in God’s Word. Do you see that? That’s why we have so much evil, that we are aware of; and in fact, because of that, we see the high divorce rates, we see women are actually less happy. Of course, all that bashing of Christian goodwilled men leads to a culture, where you invite all these dangerous men into the civilization like Sweden, like Europe, like now America. Under Trump, not so much so, but before, a lot so. In the end – I had some video, but this is going to be too long.

But, you see, even in Europe, Trump showing very clearly, there are problems in Sweden. In Europe, all through out. I don’t need to explain. Let’s show them that clip from Sweden; and, let’s see what the liberal left has done to people. (a video with Tucker Carlson, with Kitty Hopkins.  It explained the many problems in Sweden in relationship to Islam refugees and Christian Sweden.)

There it is. Actual reporters on the ground; and, actually going in a seeing how Swedish situation is. You see, there’s a difference in the quality of men and women. This whole culture of hating men, and this war on the father, and hatred of the father being the authority figure and having the authority in the family has led to what? Women not able to decipher the difference between quality men and dangerous men; and, of course, they’re on the bandwagon, “Oh, let them all in.” These nice Christian goodwilled men aren’t being patient with us, as we crapped on them these last seventy years. Well, every other culture has been able to do that, too, if we give them free things and just let them stay here, they will be educated under us.” Hmm! Is that right, sweetheart!” Is that right. You see, the fundamental, what do you call that? When you fundamental moshi is the total disregard and/ or ignoring. How do you translate “mooshi?” That’s such a good word in Korean. It’s a Japanese word, too. Mooshi. What was that? Ignore? Hmm, kind of ignore, but, it means to kind of downplay, not even acknowledge, right, when someone has done something for you. You completely just ignore them, not ignore, mooshi is, you fundamentally don’t care about what they’ve done for you. They have this culture, where they fundamentally honor goodwilled men, systematically, saying, “That’s going to make you happy, saying that’s going to give you power. Meanwhile, women are more, unhappy on average over the last fifty years. Women may have done all things that their feminist teachers have told them what they would have to do to get power, and to be happy, and to be fulfilled individuals, and they’re alone; and, some of their own stupid professors, who are say, “Marriage is the deathbed, girls. Don’t ever get married.” They’re now married. I mean this is so ridiculous. These people are so ridiculous. They’re in a cult. They’re in an indoctrination cult. It’s so sad to see them.

You see this perpetual downplaying of the role of men in the home, even though studies have shown conclusively that the father in the home is the determining factor for future income, future divorce rates, future marriage retention, future criminal rates, future delinquency, alcohol addiction, all of this connected to the father. Whether or not you have a father doing his role in the house, folks, makes a huge difference on the potential life of your child. Though we have an entire political system, which has never been really identified. The body of Christ has been blind to it, which is operating, using the operating system dark…I almost want to say the Dark Lord, but that’s not biblical is it? Let’s say the One of lies, the Deceiver, Satan.

This is why the Christian church has become so disconnected from God Kingdom and the Kingdom Gospel, which Jesus Christ preached himself. You can see in the Paul Scripture that we did, today. It is aggravating everybody in the region. Why is it making so much political uproar? Why, when you preach the actual Kingdom Gospel does it make so much problem for you? Is it just because you are talking about spiritual thinks and psychological things. I don’t give nobody no problems. It gives you problems, when you start identifying the real power structures, and the real problems, and the real evil, and how it actually exists around you. When you can identify what operation, what organization, what bodies Satan is actually using to have his hegemony.

Oh, all of a sudden, when you’re starting to talk about politics, “Oh, no, no, you can’t have that in church. No, no, no, no, you can be talking about politics. Oh, spiritual things. You good boys, you can only speak about spiritual things.” Why does it inflame everybody, when Paul is preaching, when Jesus is preaching? Why does it piss off the establishment, why is it Making everybody so angry? Because, he’s talking about some spiritual message, some psychological message, when you feel bad, you can visualize flowers. Breathe in, breathe out. You think that’s going to make the Roman Empire angry?


No, No, no! See, Christ brings a physical Kingdom; because, he is the progenitor of the Kingdom, a Kingdom which is totally antiestablishment of Satan’s establishment. A Kingdom that is anathema, that is poison to the tyrant, a Kingdom that is literally the black plague in term of their perspective towards their monopoly on Earth. It is literally the black plague. So, when the Gospel of the Kingdom is actually taught just as it does in the Bible, it should not only anger the demonic world, if should enflame the actual powers that be, which is the reason for God to say, be ready to be persecuted. Be ready to be mocked. To be ready to die for telling the truth; because, the truth is not just the Principle, it’s don’t just idea, it is a person, folks. He said, “I am the way, the truth and the life.” From that truth, from that person, from that way comes the actual Kingdom, which we all really dream about. We don’t know exactly what it is; but, we know it’s going to be different from all the Hell we had throughout human history. The Kingdom comes from a person.

The Holy Spirit will ascend upon he, who is baptized in the name of Jesus Christ, not those who just do penance and repent of their sins. In that sense, it’s not only about being humble and doing spiritual practice, no. Those things are good, if it’s done for the purpose of bringing joy to God; but, not good, if you’re doing it to show off. That, then becomes satanic. The person, the relationship with the person, the person of Christ, when we die and are resurrected in him, that’s the purpose of receiving he Holy Spirit.

In the end, when you have to go, and you risk your reputation, you have to risk your friendships, you have to risk your family, you have to risk everything and put it on the line and say, you know what, “I’m not going to be a slave anymore, and scared anymore, and I’m going to open my mouth, and I’m going to preach this word, and all my friends who want hate me and say I’m racist and whatever, I don’t care anymore. I am going to speak;” but, you have to be ready to be hated, to be called names.

If you support Trump, they’re going to say you’re a racist, you’re a bigot. If you’re a white person, you’re like, “You’re a white supremacist.” It’s harder to do it with us Asians, or harder to do it with other races who support Trump; but, if you’re white, man, you got like, “You neo-Nazi. Ahhh!” That’s not an argument. That’s not an argument.

You have in this clip you saw, you have the willingness of people. They have the failed feminist culture there of Sweden, the failed “multi-culture.” What would be the most compassionate, or the most humanitarian about? “Oh, yes! Ha, ha! We’re the most compassionate. Look at all our good deeds? Letting all these poor refugees come in.” Okay, well, now your freakin’ society has imploded. You’ve got to keep on propping up that fake image of you creating your little utopia at the expense of real women being raped. Real women getting abused. You don’t give a crap about those women. All you care about is your stupid image; and, this is the problem.

The body of Christ has been state run, has been bought off by the federal powers that say, we cannot speak the truth. I should not be weird. Every teacher in the body of Christ should be able to identify this evil of Satan’s evil systems in the world. They should be able to speak out against it.

The Cheon Il Guk Constitution:

We the People of the United States of Cheon Il GuK (CIG), in order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish in Heavenly Father’s name this Constitution for the United States of CIG.

You see, the people or CIG, we are related to a Heavenly Father. Even though you got your daddy issues, the weak beater daddy, and you always felt you’ve never been protected by your father, look, you can do it. You have free will in your religion, there. God still gives you freedom of choice; but, you won’t be able to amass political power and change the Constitution; because, it is God’s Kingdom. It’s not your Kingdom. It doesn’t come from you. It comes from a person, the King of Kings.

Father said very clear, the American Constitution needed to be re-written as we saw even this time around how we almost lost the Republic by corporate run, global banking syndicate. It’s Saudi Wahhabi dangerous funding by Hillary Clinton’s twenty percent of her campaign funding comes from Saudi Arabia Wahhabism. Very, very dangerous. They’re the Middle Eastern block of tyrants. Then, of course, you have the Chinese, who have of course made many deals with Hillary Clinton, which of course are the evil in the East. The tyrants that oppress on 1.6 billion Asian people, and keep them in slavery. The three main triads of evil in political Satanism. The three main triads of power: the Anglo-Saxon banking cartel block; the Saudi Wahhabi, orthodox Wahhabi block, which has now taken over most of the Middle East; and, of course, the Chinese block, which is encroaching on everybody’s sovereignty in the East.

These three main bodies of evil, of course, do not acknowledge the Heavenly Father. They hare, hate, the Heavenly Father, a loving father, who is actually honorable, who will do the right thing and actually die for you.  Who will go on the cross for you, not because we deserve. It’s not because we think we’re all that. You suck, we actually suck. It has nothing to do as to how good we are. It has everything to do how good he is, it has nothing to do how worthy everybody is, it’s how worthy he is. It’s His love, it has nothing to do with our love. It has everything to do with how great His love for us, that, he saved us, while we were sinners. That is what the father’s love is; and, from that love, from His love comes Principle I. Maintain the pure lineage of God.

  • Principle I: Maintain the Pure Lineage of God
  • The division of the sexes being ordained by God where man is the subject partner and woman is the object partner, congress shall pass no law that contradicts this divine edict.
  • Faithful marriage between a man and a woman being the ideal of God’s creation, the government of CIG will pass no law which interferes with or contradicts this Divine Law. The fruit of faithful marriage being the conception of children, congress shall pass no law which permits the injury to all persons born or unborn. Sexual abstinence before marriage being the ideal condition for newlyweds, congress shall pass no law supporting or giving aid to alternative life styles.

The division of the sexes. This is now under assault, we know in the modern word with multi-culturalism, transgender is now. We talked about this three years, ago.  Homosexuals and transgender and Minor Attraction Syndrome, which is called Pedophilia. My goodness, they’re talking about how good transgender is now. Now, there using Minor Attraction Syndrome, which is Pedophilia, psychologically in DNS Diagnostic Statistical manual. It’s a decriminalization of Pedophilia; and, then of course they’re going to incest, which they called Genetic Attraction Syndrome; and, the UN has one of their recognizable programs called NAMBLA, which is North America Man/Boy Love Association. The UN is saying that kids from thirteen down to eight years old, are determining what their sexuality is. What they want to do. You see this? The age keeps going down; because, there not after just the homosexuals. They just don’t want just to have homosexual sex. The Satanists want to defile the most innocent, whether you look at the ancient Satanists of the past like Baal and Asherah worship, etc. They’re all into murdering and raping the kids; because, they know they are the innocent ones. That is where they derive their power from the evil of Satan by murdering and sacrificing innocents, and destroying that before it becomes powerful to their god.

That’s why there are a division of the sexes that were ordained by God; where, man is the subject partner. Women is object partner.  Man, is subject partner, ladies. Do you understand? When you get married, you’re not the subject. The subject partner requires tremendous, you don’t like it when you stress you out. You know how much stress there is to be subject partner? You think men want to do it? They do it, willing to die for you, not because they want to do it, or they’re on some power trip, if they’re just a goodwilled man. It’s because it’s their duty, and if you really want equality, even if it’s fifty-fifty. We talked about it. You really don’t want fifty-fifty. You really want fifty-fifty? All the money he uses, he really doesn’t have to buy you crap. All the money he makes, he gets to buy for himself. You go make your own money. Everything else, you can divide up fifty-fifty. You really want that? You really want to do that in your marriage? Ah, it’s the idea of love. That’s your utopia, right. Ah, you’re so wonderful. Yes, when the fifty-fifty. A burglar comes in to ravage your things. Okay, honey, take him, take him. You can’t go and hide behind your husband. No, it doesn’t matter. We got to be equal know. If you live in New York, you got to fight him with your fist or hands; because, you aren’t allowed to have weapons. You can use pepper spray in New Jersey, right. They’re nut. They’re nuts.


You know what the subject partner means, folks. It means you have grave responsibility. It’s not that men are rejoicing. Hey, we have to die for these ungrateful kids, and for your wife, no. No man would be rejoicing like that. Is a huge responsibility, even if you say fine, fine, I’ll give him fifty-one or forty-nine percent? Is that how you behave? Of course, you always have veto power in the west. Western women are always getting beat up in the west. If you need it and your face and your decision screws up, you can always blame him. Great job great job, yeah.


God calls the husband in that position of leadership, of course. Young people here we talked to you all time. we don’t want you to be brainwashed not to take that position. We don’t want you to be selfish or something, where that you’re on a power trip or something. God is calling you, when you become a husband. you have to step up into that role. you can’t run from it your wife says she doesn’t want to do that, but it comes out that way, but, when the shit hits the fan, we got some dangerous situations going to expect you to go out there. You can’t be like Bill Maher in the back saying, “Honey, we’re equal.”


It also means you take responsibility for the priest of the household. That means, you lead your family in prayer, man. You understand, this is spiritual warfare, and you lead your family in prayer as the priest of the house. You don’t just say, “Oh, we got to do Bible study. Hurry up, honey, you do it with the kids.” You don’t just say, “Oh, why do I have to go to church, I’m so tired.” No, no, you’re supposed to lead the family to church. You’re supposed to lead the family in prayer. You’re supposed to lead the family in Hoon Dok Hae.


I’m not talking about being some oppressant tyrant about it. I’m talking about your family being victorious, spiritually. Fighting against Satanism, and fighting against political Satanism, being aware of those things by your presents, having direction and guidance.


You see, the Western world has been made willing to be untouchable, magical animals, whatever, creatures that can do no wrong. There always right; but, the bad decisions, they’re always your husband’s fault, even though you decided. No, no, you see, that’s called Fantasy Land; and, of course, the ladies here, they’re mature. Godly women, they’re goodwilled. They’re not control freaks. Godly women don’t want to boss their husband around. That doesn’t mean they don’t. They don’t get off bossing other girls around, why should they get off bossing their husband around all day long. They want to take responsibility. They just want them to be the head of the household. When they’re all bossy and they can’t figure it out, they want their husband to help them release that emotion, help them acknowledge that deeper emotion, report to her what he’s doing. What his intentions are. She deeply wishes that the man take that responsibility to be the priest of the household, take the subject role; because, if you don’t take that husbands, now, you got this woman saying, “Why do I go to do your job and my job at the same time. Do you job. I’m here trying to help with these kids, do your job.” If you don’t do that, she’ll say, “Why do I have to do your job as well?” That will only make her bitter, etc.


Principle I: The division of the sexes being ordained by God where man is the subject partner and woman is the object partner, congress shall pass no law that contradicts this divine edict.


Do you know what that means? Congress doesn’t have the power to jack everything up in favor of the woman like they do in the west. For example: The whole judicial system is jacked up against the man which is the reason they won’t want to marry you in the west. It’s so dangerous to marry you in the west. Legal liabilities, money, if you went out and started your own business, etc. She wasn’t even a participant in that business, she could take half. She’s going to take all your children, alimony. She going to freakin’ money from you, constantly. The whole judicial system is stacked against the man; so, man would say, “crap.” Look at all these rich guys. They don’t even have money; because, they know how dangerous it is, legally. They could lose all their whole fortune. Do you see that? How are you going to stop that? You can’t stop it; because, they built a system that is anti-man.


Guess what? Men don’t take it after a while. They say, “Screw this.” I’m not going to be married;” so, they throw away the institution of marriage. Is that what you really wanted, ladies? No, that’s not what you want. You want somebody committed to you. You want somebody that will honorable for you. You want somebody that will go out and succeed.


You don’t want to be bullies. You don’t want to be a control freak. You don’t want to have somebody who’s scared of you, and have somebody that will talk to you. Do you really want that kind of girls? Come on, give me a break! I got six dang sisters. I got tons of education from girls growing up. You know what I’m saying. I understand your world well. You don’t want it. You don’t want it that. You don’t want a disgruntled man who’s so angry to be with you all the time. You don’t want somebody who’s vehement and hates you, who never wants to talk to you, who never wants to comfort you. You really want that? Of course, you don’t.


You’re not a psychopath; but, the whole society that the feminist created, the political Satanists, because all they are is they need the force of government, every political Satanist needs the centralized government to enact their utopian evil on everybody. Every freakin’ one is the same. They have the same little, “Oh, we’re not the same. We’re not stupid. You keep going after the centralized power. That’s all your after. Same stupid, different words. Same stupid thing over and over, again; and, the west has created a society where men are scared to be committed to you, and scared to have children with you, and actually support them with honor, because you created a society where men by his nature, where they seeing them as bad.


From elementary school, “Oh, these girls are sitting so well. Why are these boys running around? Medicate them, medicate them. Medicate them, now. Quick, quick, quick.” They all have ADD, Attention Deficit Disorder. No, they’re just boys. Six years old boys don’t just sit in a chair. They run, run, run around each other. They fight with each other, too. That’s called normal six years old behavior. That ain’t no medicated behavior. You’re the freak with the medications. They’re not the freaks. That’s how boys play. “Talk about boys… Look at these girls quietly playing with crayons. You boys, bad. Stop running around.” What are you talking about?  That’s how they learn; but, we talk about all this culture, we must destroy the male. We must control him. We must dominate him. He’s got something to be fixed. He’s broken. He’s evil. He’s not obedient. Ah, so you got to start younger and younger to get him. They medicate them younger and younger. No, that’s evil. That’s not how God made them.


That’s not the type of man that’s going to be standing for you on your death bed Alzheimer’s and your spitting up your face. The man who’s has been medicated and told he’s bad, is not going to be there for you. He’s not the one who’s going to come out and fight for you. Why do you murder him? Why? You’re listening to demons. That’s why the devil came to you, ladies. Satan came to you, first; and, our culture has made it impossible for men to feel respected in their home, which is not Christian at all. Can’t be Christian and make a man feel like that. You are sinning against God, if you make your husband feel like that. You’re sinning. Your committing grave sins before God. He hates that. He hates it. We have to remember, God takes issue with very small things, very, very small things. He takes issue.


Remember that whole story, he’s in the synagogues, and all the people are trying to kill him, and their trying to yell at Jesus and that? In the midst of all that, the disciples are even leaving him, and in the midst of all that, this old lady comes and gives him all the pennies that she had. Remember this? He’s got all this crap going around, not believing in him, betraying him, and he’s got these people trying to murder him, and this little lady says, “I give you everything I have Lord.” Not because of the amount; because of her heart. You see, little things mattered to Jesus Christ. Little things matter. When he commands us to love, to respect our husband, even though he’s unrespectable, sometimes, when we do that, God is obsessed with those little things. He is obsessed.


He’s got all these big issues like World War III coming down the pipeline; but, He will still pay attention to the husband that is loving his wife and holding himself, even though she’s unloving, and working with her through love. He will still acknowledge, still recognize the woman, even though her husband is still so unrespectable; but, she is dealing with him with respect. Honoring his position, honoring still as the father of the house, as the husband. God will recognize us in the midst of all these battles He has a fight; because, He is obsessed with even small things that deal with how we relate to one another and to Him in the end.


Principle Continued: Faithful marriage between a man and a woman being the ideal of God’s creation,

Boom! right there!


the government of CIG will pass no law which interferes with or contradicts this Divine Law.


The government is prohibited from mandating other types of covenants, like the gay marriage bill. CIG in the Kingdom of God has no authority in passing this kind of law. That doesn’t mean people in the Kingdom don’t have free will. There will still be homosexual relationships. Some people will still do that; but, they won’t be beheaded. They will not be funded or supported by the federal government, that’s for sure. There not be sponsoring of that type of lifestyle from the government, which we see in the Obama in their Administration. That’s just lambasting. There’s just more and more propaganda. The government of CIG will pass no law which interferes with or contradicts this Divine Law. You can’t use federal money for that.

See, CIG, this is a real Kingdom, folks. Understand, this is a real Kingdom, when you get into the Constitution, you will see. It’s a real Kingdom, with real, real laws, real protections that do not allow the satanic political Satanism.

Principle Continued: The fruit of faithful marriage being the conception of children, congress shall pass no law which permits the injury to all persons born or unborn.

Yes, abortion will be illegal. Does that mean people won’t murder their children? No, there still may be underground people who do that; but, they will be prosecuted. They will be gotten after. They will not be able to use federal funding. Certainly, they will not be able to use federal funding to kill babies. They can’t use the power of government, the power of force, or the power of the state, to force everybody to adopt this type of lifestyle to see this as normal, to normalize it as a wicked behavior for the murder of your children; because, every civilization that does that collapses. It goes to hell, but we are not talking about metaphorically, but literally the civilization collapses.

Principle continued: Sexual abstinence before marriage being the ideal condition for newlyweds, congress shall pass no law supporting or giving aid to alternative life styles.


So, you see, in CIG, people still have free will. Does that mean nobody will have pre-marital sex. No. There will still be people who have pre-marital sex; but, they will not receive federal funding for it for having that kind of lifestyle. They will not be educated to do that lifestyle, like, who saw the King’s Report with Mr. Penis and Mrs. Vagina? Did you see that from Planned Parenthood? See, they make a cartoon about it. You saw that, right. People don’t believe me, until I showed you the video. You saw the video, right? Mr. Penis and Mrs. Vagina. It was for five years old children. Did you remember that?


Because, of course, there’s no public schools. It’s illegal to centralize education in CIG. It’s illegal to have a centralized bank in CIG. It’s illegal to have centralized military in CIG. Everything’s decentralized; so, does that mean there will be no evil in the Kingdom of God. No. Because people will have free will; but, there are no incentives for evil, and evil cannot take the center of the nation. It cannot grasp the power of the nation and use it as force. As Washington said, “government is not reason, it is not eloquence – It is force.” “It is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”


Centralized government, centralized power, which all centralized banking institutions support. That’s how great resources rape countries. All of these things are prohibited in CIG, as a decentralized force. Does that mean there will be no gangs. Does that mean there will be no evil? No. But, evil cannot be centralized, where it becomes the dominant, ruling class of entire nation. It will always be decentralized. Why? Because, it CIG, not only do you have those, but you also have the people have second section of the Constitution, The Rights. The human rights of people.


Then, of course, in that you have the freedom of the press, the freedom of speech, the freedom all these things. We talked about press, remember? In CIG, you own a company, you have to own it, personally; so, you are personally liable. If you misinform the public about somebody else, they can sue you, directly. Unlike CNN, you can’t sue CNN. You can’t sue Ted Turner, directly. He’s hiding behind all his corporate boards and his stock percentages. You can’t sue the guy, see what I’m saying?


So, you have freedom of religion, freedom of press, you have freedom of speech, freedom to assemble. All those things we see in the American Constitution; because, Father said, the American Constitution is the Growth Stage level, right before the Kingdom. It’s the best thing you can do before the Kingdom comes by the Lord. It’s the best you can do; but, you can’t make it perfect, because, only when the Lord returns is he going to make it perfect. He’s going to bring his Kingdom, which reflects his nature; so, in his Kingdom there’s real freedom. You can choose to do stupid things. Yeah, you have real freedom; but, there’s consequences. You’re not going to be bailed out by the centralized government by force. If you do stuff, you’re going to hurt your reputation, you’re going to hurt your chances, you’re going to hurt your future. Nobody’s going to hurt you. Your natural consequences, your nature of the universe that will come upon you.


I was going to show this. It’s incredible. Steven Crowder this week had an almost a thirty-minute interview with the first transgendered mayor of the United States, Okay. This guy is a mayor, this guy became the mayor, because there’s an Alderman system out there, and the mayor died, so Jeff, whatever his name is, was voted in as mayor; but, now he’s now as Jess. Two years ago, it used to be Jack; now it is Jess. Alright, I’m going to leave it to you. You can see all the arguments. Anyways, the basic point is, look, there’s no biological substantiation for your view. There’s no biological foundation.


Steven Crowder goes on to say, “Did you have surgery? You’re still a man. If you go to the doctor is your physician going to do a testicular check for your health? It like, yeah, he has that. “Yes, of course, but my physician treats me wonderful. He treats me as a transgender woman, etc, etc.” Yes, but, he’s testing your balls. Give me a break. You have the same procedure as a man; then, he went to go and say, I have them. I have hormonal replacement therapy. Okay, but that’s artificial. You didn’t naturally produce that. Anyways, you go and watch it yourself. I can play a little bit of the clip. Let them play a little bit, okay. From about twenty minutes.


The reason I show these clips, because ladies, you got to be clear. Who loses in the end, girls? It’s you. You lose. Why do you lose? You got this high school wrestler. The kid is a boy, he’s a boy. He identifies as a girl; so, he’s able to wrestle girls, and he’s killing the girls. He became state champion. He destroyed like 55 to 0. You wonder why; because, men have testosterone at a very high level. That is a natural steroid, do you understand. You see this MMA fighter, when this guy with steroids beats him. Yeah, the guy has twelve to thirteen times more steroids than you; so, do you think it’s fair to have little girls in high school fight this guy? But, he’s the first “transgender” female who won the state wrestling. 55 and 0. You see, these have real implications in the real world. This is why the church is not allowed to talk about politics; because, politics is what political Satanists want control of, because they can actually through politics control your life and civilization. It is women, who lose out in the end. All your sports will be taken over by transgendered women, who are men. They’re going to kill you. You can’t compete with men. You see this MMA fight, who is a woman. He went a slaughtered the MMA girls, punching their faces in. Come on. See, end the end ladies, you lose. See, by you buying into the big state, buy you buying into the Archangels lies. You lose in the end. You’re the ones who get screwed.


All those small business loans that goes to women, suppose you say I’m a transgender woman, I identify as a woman. Gender identity determines my gender; so, I am a six foot three, 220 pound, woman, because the government must give me that small business loan, because I am a woman entrepreneur. There’s a difference why our society has male and female, because they are not the same. They want you to be gender confused, and they want you to be gender dysmorphia. Dysphoria. But, in the end, who loses. It’s not the men who lose. Girls, it’s you. All the protections, all the Christian men that put into place to help you, you lose it to who? Big men, who pretend to be girls. Give me a break! You see what happens. The devil is a liar.


Who is it that wants to protect women’s rights, women’s small business funding, women’s sports. It’s normal men, who says, give me a freaking break. There’s no biology to this. You can’t just say you’re a woman, and pretend to be a woman.  You have huge amounts of natural steroids running through your body; but, this is the culture they’re creating, the culture of confusion. That goes right to the heart of God. Ooh, boy! Because, in the beginning, He created male and female. He created them, male and female.


In terms of male and female, they are equal, because God loves them. There different in roles, different in nature, but they are equal before the eyes of God. In Islam, you shouldn’t believe that. Islam does not believe that. Watch David Woods three Koranic verses, every woman should know. The one about woman is half. The second is, you are tilth, which means you are field that can be plowed, sexually by your husband at any time; and, number three: A woman, who disobeys her husband must be placed in another room and be scourged. That means, beaten to a pulp. Oh, that’s somehow, that’s not a problem, but Christian men are the problem.


Oh, yes of course; because, in Titus, the Bible says, “women, submit to your husbands, as your husbands submit to Christ. Oh, yeah; but the Bible didn’t mean you are able to be scourged in a room. The husband was given the job and duty of being the priest of your household; so, when he has more responsibility than you, you have to acknowledge his authority. He has to take the brunt of a dangerous responsibility of providing for you, of fighting for you, of dying for you, and you don’t acknowledge any authority, what are you smoking?


He has all the heavy responsibility; yet, he has no authority in front of our children. You’re dismantling him. You expect that man to treat you with love? No, no, no! No, you’re sinning before God, when you do that. If you must understand that, you’re already in a civilization with a war for your mind, and a war for your relationships; because, if Satan can screw up your relationships, including the one with God, male and female, he can screw your entire life, and he can make you his happy little servant. Just submit. Jus submit to the archangel. It will be easier that way. If you are told it gets easier, girls, if you submit to the archangel, it always gets worse. It never gets better.


This is the great lie of just being the pacifist. Oh, there’s so much evil in Sweden, but don’t talk about it. No, no, no. We just pretend it goes away. No, no, no, no. Ladies, in Sweden, you let this go on, you’re not going to have a civilization. Do you understand. Islam is a conquest base religion. Do you understand. It has a political system. It has a code of law. Law, which every Islamic nation will put over your European laws. Do you understand that? It is not like Christianity, or like Protestant Christianity. It doesn’t have a codified sense of law.


Of course, when God returns there must be, the body of Christ will have the law; and, that is why will have the Cheon Il Guk Constitution. It has been released; because, now the body of Christ has the actual law; and, when you can see it, you can see that it is radically different from any other law in the face of human history. It is the most violent dangerous law against Satanism, and political Satanism for centralized power, the most aggressive, the most dangerous nation that will actually exist in this world. Yes it will. You know why? Because, good always wins in the end. Evil always thinks it going to win. It always loses. Good always wins in the end. God has a plan. His Kingdom is coming.


So many things to talk about, folks. Let’s just remember, now, at this time, we have been praying for our President. He is on the side of sovereignty. He’s not perfect. He’s not Jesus. He’s not the returning Lord; but, he’s getting connected. He’s moving in the spirit of Divine Providence. He’s moving, now, with the revolutions that are happening across the world. Even Marine La Pen, they’re trying to put prison, Pierre. They removed her diplomatic immunity; so, they can put her in prison for up to five years, now. Three years. They are seriously threatened by her, and the sovereignty movements that are arising across the globe. From Gertwiller in the Netherlands; in Europe, Marine La Pen; the Italian Revolution that allowed them to stop the EU troops from coming in replacing their army.


There’s a revolution going on across the globe, folks. It is so unbelievable. That’s why Satan is readying himself, getting ready. He’s getting ready to take us down. You’ll set it. Just go on Drudge, Lauren Lynch just posted on video. We need to be on the streets. We need to bleed, and some of us may have to die.  They’re calling for a violent revolution. Folks, that’s open sedition. Do you understand?


Obama is coming out say, that he now leads the earth in an insurgency against Trump.  It came out, now, that he’s been wiretapping Trump in the election process. That is totally legal. They’re now moving towards open sedition, and they’re getting their people. Unfortunately, we have compassion for him. They’re just indoctrinated to a cult of death and destruction; and, they are readying themselves to literally get violent, which we talked about with the Arab American Spring, which they’re planning with George Soros funded money.


So, this stuff is not fake, folks. This stuff is serious and it is real; but, it comes back to you and me, it comes back to what relationships we’ll have. Let’s say, the worse-case scenario happens, and we all die. There’s a violent revolution in America and they kill Trump. They murder all the patriots. They try to. They think they can, but the patriots all have guns and they’re veterans, and they hunt, and liberal progressives have been drinking Starbucks for the last fifteen years. They don’t know how to shoot a gun. They don’t know how to fight. They’re so arrogant, they actually think, if they do a violent revolution, these spoiled little rich suburban kids think they can take on veterans, gun owners, hunters. Give me a break!


Talk about video game delusion. Oh, my gosh. This is ridiculous. It’s absurd. Okay, it’s ridiculous. We pray it doesn’t happen. Let’s say, the worse-case scenario it happens. We all die. No, no, no. We haven’t died; because, they could kill our body, but could never, never kill our soul; and, this soul yearns for God. This soul yearns for humanity to be free. This soul yearns for the Kingdom of God to come on this Earth, to vanquish the oppression of cycles, of oppression, of evil that ruled over us. This soul yearns to see the people of God, engrafted into God, and see their true identity of Kings, of Queens of the world. Not so, we go on some ego trip and worship themselves. So, they could give the true honor for which that position comes. That’s why it’s the Kingdom of the King of Kings. We stand as Kings and Queens in the Kingdom, not so we go on a power trip so we worship ourselves. We stand in that position; because, that’s a position that’s been given to us by our personal God, the connection to a person. Your children, and your grandchildren, your descendants shall live in the Kingdom. Their children will ask them, “Daddy, how did you become a King; and, Mommy, how did you become a Queen?” And, there’s going to say, “Once upon a time, there was a King of Kings, and he made your grand, grand, grand, granddaddy a King; and, that is why your dad and your mommy is a King and Queen. There’s no other reason for it. No other reason. Do you understand what I’m saying?


It’s connected to a person; and, that’s what the Kingdom is all about. Let’s all rise. SOS come on up. Let’s get ready to praise God, and as the Scripture is preparing, let’s read that last Cheon Seong Gyeong.

Ooh, wow! That gave me chills. “Once upon a time…” Once upon a time, the King of Kings made your grand, grand, granddaddy a King. Dang, that gave me some chills. I didn’t know I said that. Let’s go to Cheong Seong Gyeong, page 659:


What God desires is not the individual Kingdom of Heaven. He does not rejoice over seeing its realization. Can we say that the Kingdom of Heaven is established just by seeing one person’s joy? God sent Jesus Christ the one person over whom He could rejoice, to the earth, to be the center for all nations to connect horizontally in seeking the Kingdom in its entirety. He thus sent the Messiah to the earth and sacrificed him.


That the one person as the center, folks. That’s who we five all praise, today, as we lift him up. Amen, Aju!





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