2017-02-26 Kingdom Transference

Kingdom Transference
Rev. Hyung Jin Moon

February 26, 2017
Newfoundland, PA

We have a long Scripture; but, we have a long episode, which is so fascinating, of course, culminating in our third Kingdom passage in the Book of Acts, okay. So, we’re now in the Kingdom passages. We moved through the Gospels; and, now we’re in Book of Acts. Will start at verse 8 and go to 22. We have an interesting whole episode here that’s happening.

Acts 14:8-22
  8 While they were at Lystra, Paul and Barnabas came upon a man with crippled feet. He had been that way from birth, so he had never walked. He was sitting and listening as Paul preached. Looking straight at him, Paul realized he had faith to be healed. 10 So Paul called to him in a loud voice, “Stand up!” And the man jumped to his feet and started walking. 11 When the crowd saw what Paul had done, they shouted in their local dialect, “These men are gods in human form!” 12 They decided that Barnabas was the Greek god Zeus and that Paul was Hermes, since he was the chief speaker. 13 Now the temple of Zeus was located just outside the town. So the priest of the temple and the crowd brought bulls and wreaths of flowers to the town gates, and they prepared to offer sacrifices to the apostles. 14 But when the apostles Barnabas and Paul heard what was happening, they tore their clothing in dismay and ran out among the people, shouting, 15 “Friends,[b] why are you doing this? We are merely human beings—just like you! We have come to bring you the Good News that you should turn from these worthless things and turn to the living God, who made heaven and earth, the sea, and everything in them. 16 In the past he permitted all the nations to go their own ways, 17 but he never left them without evidence of himself and his goodness. For instance, he sends you rain and good crops and gives you food and joyful hearts.”18 But even with these words, Paul and Barnabas could scarcely restrain the people from sacrificing to them. 19 Then some Jews arrived from Antioch and Iconium and won the crowds to their side. They stoned Paul and dragged him out of town, thinking he was dead. 20 But as the believers gathered around him, he got up and went back into the town. The next day he left with Barnabas for Derbe. 21After preaching the Good News in Derbe and making many disciples, Paul and Barnabas returned to Lystra, Iconium, and Antioch of Pisidia,22 where they strengthened the believers. They encouraged them to continue in the faith, reminding them that we must suffer many hardships to enter the Kingdom of God.

Isn’t that an interesting episode? That’s a fascinating episode. This, of course, was the third reference to the Kingdom here; but, looking at that previous episode, Paul is out there with Barnabas. They are preaching out there, and these people, these pagans, believed that Paul is Hermes and Barnabas is Zeus. You see that? Isn’t that interesting? How many heard this story? That’s an interesting piece of Scripture there. They do that, because they see Paul heal a crippled man, okay. They see he healed the man; and, the said, “Wow! This guy’s from Zeus.” The Temple of Zeus is also in that place.

Now, we know in the Bible, Zeus is an antigod. He’s a demon. He’s Satan. He’s an evil god, who is promiscuous, who prostitutes himself with the different goddesses. He comes down and has sex with women, okay. So, he’s a total philandering demon. He’s not a real God; but, of course, if you put your faith in demons like that, then you will start reaping the rewards of that demonic culture, and those demonic cultures always end up in political Satanism, always. Any of those cultures will lead up into a tyrannical form of governance.

Of course, we know the Greco-Roman Empire is of the lunatic leftists and liberals. “Oh, it’s the heyday of philosophy and beauty.” No, it won’t. It was the heyday of pedophilia of men-boy love of philosophers. It was the heyday of free sex culture. It was the heyday of a declining despicable culture that did not stand the test of time. Plato of course, in all universities, have a big stereo curriculum. “Oh, the platonic method. Oh, we’re so smart and educated.” Plato was a Communist. He was supporting Communism. Read “The Republic.” He said the state will own your children, and the children will be part of the state; because, we don’t want any emotional attachment. This is total classic totalitarianism. He was just a supporter of state power, state government, archangelic, satanic power. That’s all he was. He was a Philosopher.

It was Aristotle who stood up against him, who went his separate way back to the individual and individual rights; but, you can see all these all these liberals, who are not liberal. They are now exposing themselves in the reality of the modern day as being totally totalitarian and authoritian. They don’t want you to have a different voice. They’re trying to censor people with different opinions on college campuses. This is the height of totalitarianism; and, of course, they blame anybody who has supported Trump as being a Nazi and a fascist; meanwhile, they’re acting like fascists and Nazis beating up innocent people on the UC Berkeley Campus. They are the Devil.

There’s this old grandma, who lived during the time of Hitler, and she says, “No, the Trump supporters are not like Hitler. It’s the left that’s like Hitler.” They are the ones that are trying to censor everything. They are the ones who are trying to use political correctness saying, “Oh, how dare you say something opposing our views. How dare you, you intolerant fool.” That’s very tolerant. That’s very tolerant; so, they’re exposing themselves. We have people on the Internet who don’t take it from them.

We don’t care about your establishment. We don’t care about halls, and your schools and everything. We’re not impressed by that. We’re going to see what you actually stand for. See how you actually try to operate. See how you really govern. Will see what you create. Will you create Hell on Earth?

You see, it’s interesting. Some of the alternative news go to these universities and interview other students, and you have these leftists activated by their Marxist professors, ninety percent are at liberal arts universities.

Isn’t it funny how all these communist countries try to use the word democracy in their name? “We’re the Democratic Republic of North Korea. We are the Democratic Republic of Cuba.” Does Cuba call itself that? I wouldn’t be surprised. They don’t call themselves the Socialist Nation of Cuba. What about Venezuela? It’s interesting how they use the word democratic. They think you’re so stupid. You just use the word democratic, you’ll believe in their totalitarianism. It’s so, so idiotic, but that’s why they want people to believe. They want people dumb down. They don’t want people studying history. They don’t want you to have your own mind. They want you to buy into their establishment. Buy into their peer pressure. Buy into their big halls, when they’re simply arrogant, evil people, who want to rule over you and your family, and all of humanity. That’s why the Kingdom of God hasn’t come; because, humanity has to many epics of oppression and control under these pitiful elites, who are in the end real Satanists. In the end are in the occult. In the end are doing devils worship. Not all of them, but many of them at the top.

We can see here that the Zeus cult. Of course, we know many of the cults in ancient Rome connected temple prostitution, which are called any of the goddess cults, always get tied to fertility, always tied to temple prostitution. This is the reality of this pagan culture in this godless culture they were in. So many gods. No real truth. All culturally biased. Relativism is the main philosophy. In the West, it’s become the main religion. You have these leftist that it’s literally their religion. It’s the worship of the state. Worship of relativism. Worship of moral posturing. Worship of pretending to be good, while not doing things themselves. This is what Jesus railed against as hypocrites; and, they have become the hypocrites of this day.

There’s an incredible piece by Steven Crowder, who exposes churches in America, churches that are Progressive; and “we’re so modern and trendy, and we’re educated, and where so Progressive, and we hate Donald Trump, we hate Republican values. We’re not supporting Republicans, neither.” Father was always chastising Bush. He was against the Iraqi War. The Republicans are paid off by the same George Soros on the left. This came out two weeks ago on investigation shows.

So, you have Donald Trump who is an antiestablishment figure come in. That’s why the liberal left hates him, and including the Paul Ryan’s, and these Right RINOs, who want to sell this country to perpetual war, murder and genocide of innocent Iraqis and innocent Afghanis. These are the war mongers that continue to push us into war, over and over, again.  Of course, they’re trying to start a war with Vladimir Putin and Russia. Look, we don’t want any more of your despicable wars, you see; because, we’re a peaceful people. We don’t want to get sucked into these politicians, who want war after war, and especially thermonuclear war; because, there whole world program, and their arrogant elite program has been failing, and people have been waking up to it; because, real investigative journalists like James O’Keefe are real people that are out there exposing them. Thank God for the Internet that we’re able to live in the noontime sun. That is a sign that the Kingdom is coming.

We are so grateful to live in that time; but, we can see that in Paul’s day, too, that you have this whole cult of worship around him. Now, they can show some miraculous work. All of a sudden, all of these people who have been under this bondage and slavery of these false gods, and demonic gods, and their demonic priests that rule over them, and really, it’s not even the priests. It’s the empire of the real demon, the real Archangel. That’s why humanity has been in perpetual warfare, perpetual conflict, perpetual collapse, perpetual up and down cycles. It’s because we continue to give our true divine rights to these demonic elites. It’s is those who want to use centralized power, and use the force of government as a weapon to coarse all peoples to follow their plans.

It’s what central planning is all about. These totally arrogant elitists, these intellectuals. There’s the intellectual mafia in the colleges. What is it. Marx said, “Religion is the opium of the masses.” What he said in the next line is, “Marxism is the opiate of the intellectuals.” They’re on that drug of power. They want control. They want social control. They don’t want the normal man to be free. They don’t want normal man to have guns. They don’t want the normal man to defend themselves against tyrants like them. They want you to be disarmed. They want you to be weak. They want to own your children. They want to break down your family. They want to relativize your marriage by putting all sorts of different types of genders, you know, did you see this gender list that we went through in The King’s Report? Facebook has identified 72 genders. On one list, we saw like hundreds, hundreds; and, you realize these people are not talking about genders. They’re talking about feelings.

There’s cosmos gender. There’s amical gender. There’s amora gender. I mean, it’s totally based on these feelings. I want to show this clip from Steven Crowder of him showing the real progressive churches who pretend and poster, “Oh, we’re so progressive. We want to help the immigrants. We really care about them. We really care about the immigrants. All you, who don’t want the immigrants here, you’re a racists, you’re white supremacist, you’re terrible people. You’re all racists, and you’re Donald Trump worshippers, etc. Steven Crowder did a nice piece on them. Let’s see this piece against political Satanists. (video)


Synopsis about Steven Crowder video: He made prank calls asking progressive churches, who support immigration, if they would house a couple of immigrants. He asked, if the church would do it; and, he asked if the people would do it in their own homes. The ones he called supported the idea; but, they were not able to offer any housing for the immigrants, nor where they able to help, even in their own homes. It was to prove a point, that they were all talk and no action.


Of course, these were prank calls; but, here’s the problem. You have all these leftists who are trying to guilt/shame everybody. “Wow! How can Donald Trump ban the seven countries?” By the way, Obama banned them. Obama is the one who made that law. Donald Trump just put it back on the books. Obama is the one who banned those seven countries. “How dare you say that against that. We’re the Church. We’re the body of Christ. We just have to let them pour in.” Excuse me. Here’s the problem. This is the problem, when the churches get bought by the state, and they receive federal monies for their “programs,” then they cannot say, No.” So, they become hypocrites. They become the Pharisees. They, the pretenders, that are educating the people of God with what? Total propaganda for the state, when the state is what? It equals force. It equals coercion. It equals surveillance. It equals censorship. It doesn’t equal human freedom. It doesn’t allow people to be Christians, and people to be free in their faith.


In the Kingdom of God, we have freedom and responsibility. God gave us the three blessings – to be fruitful, to multiply, and to have dominion over Creation. He never said, we are to be dominated by arrogant archangels. The Archangel is the servant. Those who are in governmental power are servants. They’re supposed to be the servants of the people, not the masters. When they become the masters like George Washington said, “Government is force.” That is his quote. “Government is force.” He said, “It is a dangerous servant, and a fearful master.” Right.


It is so true. When humanity sells their rights and inheritance to the Archangel that promises them things, that promises them to take care of them, promises to keep them safe. No. Promises to stop pollution. End all the wars. No. It makes all the wars. The federal governments of the world are the biggest polluters on the planet. They are in charge of the nuclear power plants, which leak radioactive material into the ground, and nobody gets in trouble. Meanwhile, if you cut down a tree in your back yard, and you own that land, you get fined $300. There was a man in Ohio who was getting fined tens of thousands of dollars a day for digging a little pit for his pigs to drink water from; meanwhile, the EPA is littering and has soiled the river in three states, and nobody got put in prison. Nobody got fined. You see the problem?


They say they are going to stop war. They make more wars. They say they’re going to stop pollution. They make the pollution. They say they’re going to end taxes. They increase taxes. They say they’re going to educate your children. They brainwash your children to be what? Servants of the state. That is what it was becoming, especially under Hillary Clinton. She protects her rapist husband, who has seventeen people he had to settle with. Women by the way – Where’s all the feminists protecting the seventeen raped victims? Where are you Feminists? Where are you? How come you’re not protecting those women, who got raped by Bill Clinton; and, Hillary is the type of person who says she is so pro-women? “I’m so supportive for women’s rights,” and she’s making twenty percent of her money from Saudi Arabia, which is one of the most demonic cultures that totally oppress women. You can’t drive, ladies, in Saudi Arabia. You can’t dress how you want in Saudi Arabia; meanwhile, the left’s saying that’s the new trendy thing. No! You’re not that stupid. You see, people are not that stupid, and the control grid that these leftists have put over humanity is breaking. That’s why they’re so angry. You can see they’re real demonic power coming out. They’re getting so angry, they’re organizing mass rituals to bind Donald Trump.


Have you seen this last week? They’re organizing witch covens to come together and bind Donald Trump with Black Magic. Did you hear about this? How pathetic. How pitiful. That is so pathetic. Why do you give yourself over to a demonic force?


You know, if you’re giving yourself over to a God that is loving, and He wants human freedom, and He wants humans flourishing, and he wants you to be a powerful husband and wife, and He wants you to have beautiful children, and He wants you to have success, and to multiply, and have the fruits of the Creation, and have dominion over Creation, that’s beautiful. Who gives you, actually, free will? Who gives you power through the Holy Spirit to stand up and destroy the lives of tyrants? What is it that Thomas Jefferson said, “for I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.”


This only shows, even though it was only a prank call, it serves to show that these liberals are pretenders. They’re moral postures. That’s why, if you look at statistics, conservatives give a lot more to charity than liberals. Liberals only say, “Hey, we’re for the poor.” They don’t donate their own money. They want to steal people’s money, using the force of government, take the tax payer money and give it to their friends and say, “Look what I’ve done. I did such a good job.” Your lying. If you did such a good job, open your house. You want to help the immigrants so bad, how come you’re not opening your house? See, when you called them on it, all they can do is call you, “You’re a misogynist. You’re homophobic. You’re a racist. You’re a bigot.” It always goes back to name calling, because they have no argument, because they’re exposed.


This is what’s great about the internet. It exposes these liars. It exposes these lunatics. It exposes these Pharisees. It exposes arrogant elitists for who they are. The normal man, who has to work hard, and is getting their jobs industrialized, who is getting poorer and poorer, as the elites get richer and richer, and the middle class is wiped out, and, of course, their stated system. They want that system of colonialism, these super elites like the Bilderberg group, or the banking cartels. The Saudi Wahhabis, they also want their Caliphate, which is what? That’s also a centralized government.


The Chinese Communist – Hundred percent centralized government and the censorship of people. They are oppressing over millions, no billions. They are oppressing 1.6 billion Chinese Asian people. They are demons. They are organ harvesting Falun Gong practitioners of Buddhist yoga in the parks. They are killing them, and harvesting their organs. Some sixty thousand have been killed and harvested in China. These are supposed to be the elites that we’re supposed to follow? Zuckerberg and Facebook is allied with China. These arrogant elitists have been ruling over humanity way too long.


That’s why God brings the Kingdom. The Kingdom Gospel is inherently dangerous towards the tyrants, because why? It brings back to light, who is to be in the ruler’s seat. Number one – It is Christ and his Kingship, and all those who are co-heirs with Christ in his Kingdom. They stand to receive the Blessing of God, not those totalitarian centralists, and federalists, and all those who want to federalize everything, and make unelected bureaucracies like the EU. Total Communism over nation states, destroying people’s freedom, destroying people’s sovereignty. Do you believe it. Brussels was able to make laws about London. How ridiculous is that? They want that system for the who world at the UN, which Father was against. They want to make laws over the United States over in Switzerland. Give me a break! No, the people of God are the ones who own this Earth, not the elitists.  They’ll say, no! We don’t want people to say that.


You people are the ones who destroyed this Earth. You are the ones who used normal people to do your bidding and go make money off of wars, and rape ravaging countries, and growing central banks, and central federalized powers, so you can put your system on everybody. They are the most racist. They are most bigoted. They are the most antihuman people on the planet. The psychopaths of the planet; and, they concentrate, where there is a concentration of power. They concentrate wherever there’s a big government. If there’s no big government, they’ll go in there, and make and support politicians who want a big government; and, that’s why, when the Kingdom of God comes, it will forever put into chains those psychopaths, because the federal government is prohibited to go beyond ten percent of GDP. It is prohibited to have a Department of Education. It is prohibited from having a central bank. It is prohibited from having an income tax. It is prohibited; and, there is no amendment process; so, all these socialists, all these arrogant psychopaths can never create their Hell on Earth, where they rule the Earth as their elites. God’s Kingdom is not only coming. It has been released in the atmosphere, and it is only a matter of time that the Kingdom is actualized on Earth.


All these things we do, like on the internet, and people who are putting their necks on the line, who are mocked, hated and scorned, we had to do it, too; when, we had to go up against the Han Mother. You look where she has gone. Completely towards the left. Completely towards political Satanism.


That is the real key. People who in the left have had a domination over religion saying, ‘You can’t talk about politics.” Only if you’re in the communities, for example, who are attacked. I mean, you couldn’t have Muslims talk about Sharia Law all day long, and the left will just applaud all day. “That’s fine. You can talk about Sharia Law. That’s great.” Pastors can talk about how great the federal government is. They’ll applaud you all day long; but; as soon as you say that those centralists, those ones who want to concentrate power are saying, “Oh, that’s dangerous.” That’s propaganda, all of a sudden, right. You can do all the propaganda you want for Coca Cola Company – you know, that’s one of the examples I use, right. If you put the Coca Cola Company in charge of the Department of Education, do you assume that they will be teaching about the ill-effects of Coca Cola? No, they be telling you, “Water is bad for your health. Coca Cola is… You need to hydrate your body. Sugar is not addictive. It’s not six times as addictive as cocaine. Sugar is necessary for your body to rehydrate. Water is terrible.” Of course, they own one water company; so, they’ll tell you, “Only Dasani Water will rehydrate you.” This is what happens; because, politics are corporate run. They’re bought by corporations. They’re paid for by corporations, and this is what you get. You get all these corporate interest, these state run media that’s lying to us, constantly; and, that’s what Trump is doing. He’s exposing it.


You people are fake news. Everybody can see it. You’re lying. You’re constantly lying to the public. You’re constantly lying about the polls. You are constantly lying about Hillary. You’re constantly covering up for her. You’re constantly trying to bring up these things about Trump; meanwhile, you doing twenty times more things against Trump, than Hillary. They’re totally biased, and yet they still believe. You see, they’re so disconnected, even from the young people; because, these young people, those twenty years old, they don’t listen to CNN. They don’t watch it. They watch the internet. They don’t watch it. It’s like these older people, like in their seventies and eighties, like the Madonna age, who think they’re still in control. “Yeah, everybody watches CNN, right!” The young people aren’t watching that stuff. That why you have this new wave of young millennials. They’re saying, “Screw the left. They’re too oppressive.” They may not be Christian; but, they’re going to be more conservative. They’re ridiculous. I don’t want to be under their control.”


This is what it shows. When you put them on the spot, and they say, “Oh, how can it be, Donald Trump? He’s so tolerant.” Okay, if you’re so tolerant, we have three Syrian refugees waiting right here in the wings. We can send them, right now, to your house. Every single one of them would saying, “Oh, I don’t have no space, you know. I’m getting married. I’m going to school. Oh, yes.” There’s always a perpetual excuse; but, it’s fine, if you let them come in, and let everybody else pay for them, except for you.


Look, nobodies against immigration. All of us have immigrated to America at some time or another; but, we did it legally. You see that? We did it legally. Donald Trump is not making up some new thing making up a list saying all Muslims are bad, no.  If Muslims are all bad, Indonesia should be on that list, then. Indonesia has the largest population. How come Indonesia, where millions of Muslims can come back and forth? Pakistan can go back and forth. India can come back and forth. “Oh, I thought Donald Trump is a racist, and he’s a Muslim hater.” Well why didn’t he ban all the Muslim countries, huh?  No, because Obama made those seven countries. He waged war on each of those seven countries. We were at war with Libya. We were at war with Somalia, with Sudan. We were at war in Iraq. We were at war with at war in Afghanistan. All those countries were on that list. Obama either continued those wars there, or started the wars there, and he’s the one who made that list of the seven. He made that list. Barak Hussein Obama, the Lord and Savior of the left-wing lunatics, their God made that list.


We don’t we worship Donald Trump, he’s just a man like everybody else. Just like St. Paul, the saint. “Hey, guys, I’m just a man.” Paul and Barnabas were saying, “No, no. Don’t worship us. Paul and Barnabas were saying, “I’m just a man. We’re just trying to preach the Gospel. That’s all.” Donald Trump, he’s antiestablishment. He’s gone in there, and the liberal lunatics are saying, “Oh, no! We’re the resistance. We are the resistance against Donald Trump.” You are the establishment. You created the establishment. You made this apparatus so big, he’s going in there trying to destroy it, so you don’t have these power blocks in there. He’s trying to bring some stability to this country, which was losing its mind; but, of course, you see, continuously, every weekend, you can see the Liberal Progressive side. Give be a break, Progressive side. Your progressing toward totalitarianism and Communism. That’s all you’re progressing towards.


You’re not progressing towards state rights. You’re not progressing towards individual freedom. You’re progressing with Marxist professors, who are telling you what you can think and what you can’t think, and what you can do and you can’t do. You know what that’s called? That’s called Communism. That’s called totalitarianism; and, all these Marxists love it. They just dream about this Utopia. “Oh, Yeah! If we were in charge, we would make it so beautiful.” They make only perpetual hell on Earth. Human oppression. Human destruction. Human creativity, destroying family, destroying marriage, destroying civilization. They are the literal virus on the planet. The Marxist ideology. Those who sell their souls for that spiritual power.


That’s why you see, in the end, it’s the spiritual power, folks. It is a battle. They don’t want churches to speak about it. That’s why churches don’t speak about this stuff; because, they got threatened by the Johnson act. “Oh, were going to take away your nonprofit status, and that’s what happened. Most of the churches would shut up about it, signed up about it. They’re pressured out of it, and this is why we got this far; but, thank God, we had a voice in the body of Christ standing up against this, even when the leftists were trying to have all these occult rituals, and all these occult witch covens trying to pray for Donald Trump’s destruction.


You have them literally trying to intimidate all the pastors from giving a message, which is based in reality. Not just love messages, not just spiritual messages. See, Jesus said to the Christians, “You must pray every day, Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on Earth.” He didn’t say in the spirit. He didn’t say in the spirit. You see, Christians are supposed to change the world, when it goes towards Satan. They’re supposed to say, “No, you arrogant fools. We’re going stand up against you.” That’s what Christians are supposed to do. That’s why Christians are constantly persecuted, constantly allowed to be destroyed by the leftist, by the Anglo-Saxon, you know, racist blocks of banking cartels, banking elites like the Rothschild’s, Davos Group, the Bilderberg Group, George Soros.


He was a Nazi. (George Soros) You got this German-Hungarian Nazi running around saying, “Trump was a Nazi,” when he was a Nazi. He was an actual Nazi selling out his own people. That guy is arrogant, paying for rioters against Trump for what? The fact that they voted for a guy, who want to cut taxes, security, who wants to get rid of our federal bureaucracies, or at least weaken them? The local jurisdictions and the state powers are supposed to have more power; and, we can decide, you see that? We are supposed to be the normal person, designing and deciding our destiny. You see that? That’s why he’s evil. That’s why we can’t have him. That’s why he’s Hitler. That’s why he’s a fascist. That’s why he can go around and punch people who supported him. These people are classic evil. Classic evil. Classic totalitarianism.


That’s why the body of Christ has become so impotent; because, we stop saying what were supposed to do. We stopped saying the Lord’s Prayer. We think, it’s some kind of magical chant, or something. “Thy Kingdom come, they will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day, our daily bread… (one is just chanting like the Catholic Church penance.) Give me a break! It’s not a magic chant. It is supposed to guide and direct our spirituality and Christianhood, and completely saturate us with the Holy Spirit, so we can stand up against evil and tyrants; and, that’s why historical Christians have always been hated by the tyrant class. Always! Always! Always!


When you look at the Roman Empire before Constantine was there, it was three hundred years of persecution. It was outlawed. When you look at the modern period, they think Hitler was a Christian. No, he wasn’t. He said, “Christianity was the most debased, vial religion on the Earth.” That’s Hitler. He’s just pretending to be Christian. His actual quotes and thoughts about Christianity, no, he hated it; because, Christianity is not trying to give power to the elite class. You see that?


We believe as Christians, all, man or woman, rich or poor, it doesn’t matter. It’s not a special class that can get access to God. When we repent of our sins, we get direct access to the Creator of the Universe. We have real spiritual power. No elites can sit on top of us and tell us what to do. That’s why they hate Christians. Hate!


That’s why Obama’s bringing in Syrians, but they just happen to be Muslims; but, they didn’t have to say, because of ICE. They didn’t say that. They didn’t say that publically; but, they’re not letting Christians in. Meanwhile, one hundred thousand Christians in that part of the world are dying in that area. The UN says nothing. The Bilderberg Group says nothing. The Davos Group says nothing. George Soros says nothing. The Chinese say nothing. The Wahhabi Saudis say nothing; and, they’re promoting peace and tolerance.


You see that? No! They’re promoting anything, anything. We will be friends with anything. Will ally to get rid of the Christian culture; because, Christian culture – Protestant Christian culture, not centralized Catholics Christian culture, which of course the Pope, now, is one hundred percent supporting the UN, one hundred percent supporting carbon taxes, which is this crazy climate scare mongering that they’re doing. He’s completely supporting that. Completely supporting the left-wing lunatics. Why? Because they are a centralized religion. That is also archangelic. That’s not of the Kingdom. The Kingdom is where we have a direct relation with God, ourselves. No, through their academic association. No, through their religions. No, through their governments. We get to go to God, directly. See, that’s why Christianity is so dangerous to them; because, you can’t control a population that is strong like that, who believes and knows we can talk to the Almighty God, and we can get a direct relationship with His Word, and we can create goodness and beauty on this Earth.


Now, that’s not to say Christians are without sin. All Christians, real Christians know that we are sinners. That’s why God saves us by Grace. By his blood, we are saved. So, Christians are not supposed to be on a high horse saying that they’re all that; but, we can see the product of Christian civilization. It has created the most prosperous, the most truly free; where, people can have freedom of religion, and have different religions. You’re not oppressed to be in one religion. In the Kingdom of God, there’s freedom of religion. There’s freedom of speech. There’s freedom of the press; but, the press cannot be owned by a corporation.


You see how that is nowadays, folks? You got CNN that lies about people. You can’t sue Ted Turner. You can only sue the corporation. He can hide behind all those different Boards, all those different things; but, in the Kingdom, No! No, you can’t do that in the Kingdom. If you own a media outlet by your name, there will be an owner thee, even if they spread information or falsehood about you. If they try to smear you, and not have proof, you can sue them, directly. You can sue Ted Turner, directly. Millions and millions of people can sue Ted Turner, directly.


Now, you see how much more dangerous that is for the elites, who want to control media? So much more dangerous. They can’t hide behind their little LLCs, their limited liability corporations, their little Boards, and their little, you know, “I’m a thirty-two percent stock holder; so, I’m part of a corporation. You can’t sue me. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah!” Nope! In the Kingdom, you want to do media, you want to do freedom of the press, well you’re free. You’re free to do that. If you do that, you will own it; and, because you own it, if you lie and smear people without proof, and you’re doing that just to get rid of them, you will be sued by thousands and millions, and you will be put out of business. You’ll be directly liable, see.

That’s why in the Kingdom, it is a Kingdom the Archangels hate. They are the slaves. They are the servants; and, the people, because they are connected directly to the King of Kings and the Kingdom, and the Kingship, they are directly connected to his law, they have the rights of Kings. The people have the rights of territory. The people have the right of private property. The Government doesn’t own the land. The people will own the land. The Government cannot tell you what you can and cannot do on your land. You will decide what you can and cannot do on your land, you see what I mean; because, you are the best protector of your land.


In the Kingdom, the citizens will have the guns and the force, and the Government will not be able to concentrate arms, forever. Forever and ever and ever! Why? Because every tyrant, every tyrant wants you disarmed. They all agree. Fidel Castro. Lenin. Hitler. Mao Zedong. Obama. Hillary. Name them. You name them on a list. They don’t want you to have guns, “Oh, because it’s so dangerous;” but, it’s okay if they have guns. Do you see that? It’s not dangerous if they have guns, if they have fifteen guys around them, armed to the teeth. It’s not dangerous. It’s not dangerous, if they have a centralized military, or a centralized police force, which can be taken be taken over and ruled by them. That’s not dangerous. It’s dangerous, if normal person, who just wants to have a family, who just wants to have kids, who wants to be married and take their family out for a movie or Italian food. No, they’re the person that’s dangerous. Ah, Ha! You see? Now we know. We know which side they’re on. They’re exposed.


They’re always saying it’s the religion that’s keeps popping up. No, it’s the state that runs the religions that’s the problem. That’s the shadow group behind, that is leading that. That’s making the state run churches giving you the quote, what’s it called? It’s that “Liberation Theology,” which is basically Socialism. They teach Socialism. There saying that’s Jesus Christ’s message. Oh, they forgot the part, where he’s kicking out the bank changers, huh! The forgot the part where he’s whipping them. He’s whipping those people. Oh, they forgot about that. No, no, no! They want you to believe in the Jesus Christ in the clouds, who is floating around, being nice. No, he was totally antiestablishment.


He had the whole Pharisee class, the whole Sadducees class, and by the way, both those classes worked for the federal government in Rome. They worked for the Roman government. They were on the government payroll; so, they were government employees. He was enemies with them. He was enemies with the Roman Empire. He was creating so much trouble, that even Pontius Pilate was hearing about it; and, Paul, he had to go to Caesar. In Acts, Paul had to go to Caesar to have a trial. You remember those stories? Christianity has always been antiestablishment. It’s only when we got highjacked by the centralized federalized bureaucracy that we became pro-establishment, and we became Socialists.


That’s why we have seen the degradation of our culture, and the total collapse of America. We almost lost America. With Hillary Clinton, it would have been lost. Now, they are so angry, they’re literally trying to start a shadow coup government, and George Soros is openly funding them with his open society, which is, in reality, a closed society; because, it’s a Communist society, where they get to rule over the masses as super gods of this Earth with false love. They crave it; because, they are psychopaths. They’re not like Paul and Barnabas, who have humbled themselves saying, “We’re not God, guys. Don’t worry about it. No. No. you see we are not God. We repent of our sins, and now, we have power, because we are now connected with Jesus Christ.” You see, that’s beautiful. That’s real human power.


They say, “No, we want to sit on top of you, you animals, you herds.” A lot of these super elites don’t believe in God, right. They believe in evolution. Human beings are a sub-species of ape. So, you’re an animal. Okay, so control them. Control those dang animals. Stop them from making so much trouble. Make them do their work, send in their taxes, raise their taxes on them every year, just raise them, they won’t know. Just raise them. Say they have to do it. Create peer pressure. Indoctrinate their kids. Make them weak. Don’t let them unlock their epigenetics. Don’t let them do dangerous things like, do hard martial arts, or shoot guns, or be adventurous, learning how to be a strong person against predators. Don’t teach them that. No, no! That’s bad. That’s too dangerous. We’ll have a special group of people to do that. Of course, they all work for me, but that’s okay. Do you see what I’m saying?


This is the problem. These kinds of people on the internet, and these people, they’re not saints. Steven Crowder is not a saint; but, they’re out there standing up against evil. They’re exposing them, and that’s why Ephesians 5 says, expose the darkness. Expose the evil. Fight against it. That is the Christian duty to fight against the evil. All these different 0Relativisms. Not only philosophical references through relativism, sexual relativism, all those things, we need to fight against them. What the next video. Let’s show that next video about transgender.


This week, a massive thing happens. Obama, and the whole cult on the left, which is really a cult. It’s a state religion. That’s why they won’t argue with you. They’re like literal, or a fundamental status. They believe so much in the god of the state, that they can’t even have a debate with you. They don’t even want you view to be heard on campus cities. On campuses. It’s a fundamentalist religion. The left has become a fundamentalist cult. They’re totally a cult. They’re a cult.


They’re totally scared of people out there who have a different view, not even if they’re Christian or not, they just have a different view; and, they’re trying to censor you. They are total lunatics. Total lunatics, and here, Tucker (Carlson) is tremendous. He’s absolutely, incredible. He’s on Fox News, not because Fox News is great. They were selling out. They were for Ted Cruz, those fools. Megyn Kelly, a total sellout. Tucker Carlson now takes her spot. He has booming ratings, because, why? Their internal nature. The original mind that God gave us, we yearn towards truth. We want to see truth. We don’t want to be told what to think by these totalitarians. We want to see the truth, ourselves. We want to see, “Okay, let me hear both sides;” but, this is not happening in the academic institutions. They’re not letting both sides be heard; but, the more they do that, this is how arrogant these professors are. They’re so arrogant, but, the young people, they’re going to go home and look it up on the internet.


What are you going to do? Stop them at home from watching it on the internet? This is why every single day, the more they come out into the open, showing their totalitarian nature, the more the young people say, “Screw you to the wall. I’m going to do my own research,” which is the reason why Joy Villa, did you see Joy Villa this week? She’s like number 12 on the Big Billboard. She’s now number one on Rock Billboard.  Before, she was not even on Billboard. She now number one on Rock Billboard. Why? Because, she stood up for something. She stood up against the Hollywood arrogant elite that nobody wants to listen to. These decrepit old, you know, arrogant, you know, Versace wearing elite, who want to rule over you, and tell you, your bad; and your marriage is bad, and you stink and your terrible. Give me a break. We don’t listen to old decrepit fools like you. We can think for our own selves.


Now, the young people are saying to themselves, even in Hollywood they’re saying, maybe, it’s the young actors and actresses who worship them; but, in a normal world, in everyday society, who’s going to listen to them? Come on. Hollywood celebrity cultists? We don’t worship them. We know they’re stupid. We know they’re braindead. We know they’re just human beings. They’re not Gods, even though they’re trying to make them gods. No.


So, you have this. Let’s look at this. This week, in this, is a very big culture; because, Obama was trying to create an environment to not only fulfill the homosexual agenda, but where are the Christians? Where are the Christians, who are standing up against the homosexual political agenda? Huh? Where were they? Okay, there were some groups who were standing there. I commend those groups; but, we know, once you bring in a free sex culture, once you bring in the sexual relativization, well, then how dare you say anything against them, how dare you. Then, you see it just roll out. This homosexual agenda. The transgender agenda; then, there’s the minor attraction syndrome agenda, which is pedophilia. Then there’s NAMBLA. What is that? the National American for Man/Boy Love Association. That’s an actual organization, recognized by the UN. Recognized by the UN, folks, Man/Boy Love.


You see, all these super elites, they’re into that; because, they’re into destroying innocents, and destroying real potential before it gets, you know, blossoms out and becomes dangerous for them. They’re into that. They’re psychic parasites. Psychic vampires, who want to destroy power before it gets too big, and it overtakes them. They know that the human being is powerful. They know that the human being can be unlocked to be so innovative and creative, and can become a massive force for the whole world. They know that; but, if that is unleashed that, it is hard to control. That’s why they want to categorize them as animals; so, they have a philosophical justification to control them.


It is just one after another – the homosexual agenda, remember they said it was genetic. Studies show that it is not genetic. They kept on pushing it, pushing and pushing. Got it to pass through the courts. Then, they say transgender is also genetic. There’s no evidence for that whatsoever. They say, you can decide your gender. If you decide it, if you say, “I’m a woman,” then you’re a woman.


So, you have this boy, who became a transgender girl, or something like that, and he won the state wrestling championships. He beat up all these girls. Of course, you’re going to beat up those girls in your weight class. You got testosterone coursing through your veins. You got, literally, natural steroids coursing through your veins. Of course, you’re going to wipe out all those girls, and he did; but, he says he’s a girl. I mean, this is the lunacy, for which, they’re literally put us into a looney bin.


Even biology doesn’t matter anymore. Biology doesn’t matter. Male and female doesn’t matter. You’ll see this in this clip. Watch, watch. He’s supposed to be an expert. He’s a liberal lunatic expert. Let’s see how he does, when Tucker Carlson has an interview with them.


Video based on a discussion on the LBGT kids by Tucker Carlson. )


$1,000 to any biologist who said, if you say your man or woman, that determines your gender. One thousand dollars. You can’t name one. You can see how it is, listen to this, folks. If they can get you into these mental ghettos… Now, this is a type of gender ghetto. They put you on the electronic ghettos. This is a gender ghetto. They’re so psychologically disturbed that you put your whole identity on these fictitious identities.


So, you never can embrace your true identity. You can never get to your true identity as a Heir with Christ in a Kingdom that will rule over the Kingdoms of the Earth. See, they don’t want you to have that identity. They want you to have that identity, “Oh, you have this or that gender. You’re on his little ghetto. Just stay there. Don’t worry. The Government will protect you. Don’t worry. Will fund your activities. We love you. We love you. Good boy. Good boy. Good boy! Pet, pet, pet!”


This is what they want. All it is, is about control. They will support any lunacy, all the leftists, and the Republican RINOs, too. They’re not off the hook, too. These Republican RINOs are on the hook. The ones, who sell out our country through continuous warfare. They are on the hook for growing our government, continuously.


But it is, it is those, who make the movement to political Satanism. Doesn’t matter really; because, it is political Satanism. It has the same end goals as real Satanism, even though they’re not actually worshipping Satan. A lot of leftists are not worshipping Satan. Maybe they think it’s just funny or cool, you know, to be part of a witch haven, saying, “Ha, ha, I’m a witch,” but they have no spiritual compass; but, spiritually, what are they doing? They’re creating same world of Satanism that real Satanists want, which is what? For example, what we looked at right now. (the video) There’s no more genders. God will not determine your gender. You determine your gender. You’re God.  Our first calling is whether we’re male or female – whether, or not we are a man or woman. That’s the calling we’re given. Before we’re a pastor, before we’re a business man, we’re a CEO, before we’re a sports player, whatever you are, you are called by God to be a male or female. Your called. You’re going to be a righteous man, or an unrighteous man, you’re going to be a righteous woman, or an unrighteous woman. Which on? You got to be one of them.


And so, you get rid of them. You destroy that. Man and woman together in a covenant of marriage, in a long-lasting, trusting marriage covenant with God, is hard to break up. It’s very powerful. They produce children, who become powerful, who become, you know, Blessed covenant people like them; so, you got to break that family up. No doubt about it, every Socialist, Communist, every totalitarian leftist is writing about it. What is it. Castro. All the big totalitarians, there always writing about it. “Traditional values in the families need to be transcended.” What does that mean? We got to destroy the traditional family, the Christian family; because, that’s what’s so powerful.


Just like they did with the black families. Black families were just so powerful, before the welfare state. They had eighty plus percent of dads in the home. They were so strong Christians, and they had a fastest college graduation rates. They had the fastest entrepreneurial rate. They were becoming the next class, and all these racists like Lindon B. Johnson and all these white folks said, “Hey, we got to keep these people down. Let’s give them a little bit, but not enough to make a difference.” That’s is on record with Lyndon B. Johnson, that racist, despicable demon.


He hated black people, he put them down. He put them into a welfare state. “Oh, if you want money from the Federal government, the Archangel, you have to marry the state; you have to get rid of your Christian husband, and you have to show us your divorce papers, then we will take care of you, because we know you’re a victim.” Pretend to be there for the women; meanwhile, breaking up that family, then funding it. So, you have to show your divorce papers to get the welfare check. Does that increase divorce, or does that decrease divorce? Of course, it increases divorce. It skyrockets; and, they used the same tactics for South East Asian people in California. They used the same tactics on Spanish and minorities.


They are the real racists. They don’t want minorities to become successful. They want, “Oh, you can be a minority pet, if you just join our club, and they’ll just parade you around. “Look, look? We’re not racist. Look, we have a little pet over there, who’s Asian. We have a little pet over here, who is Indian. No, what about all those black families, who were having upward mobility?”


So power, before they were put on the Democrat Planation. It is a system of continual human degradation. They don’t care whether, or not, you do, as long as you stay on that Party line. They say everybody who goes against them is racists; while, all they see is race. All they can see is, “Oh, your black. You have to be part of a black group think. You’re Asian. Why are you straying, why you staying? Don’t stray. Stay with all the Asians we have put under government subsidies.” They want people controlled, folks; and, this is their nature, this is the spirit of Satan, the spirit of the Archangel; and, that’s why he always manifests it in governmental power, always; and, there’s no Christian churches talking about it, which is a problem.


All Christian churches, every church should be like this. I shouldn’t be a weird pastor. I should be a normal pastor, who’s speaking out against political Satanism, and Satan, who’s trying to build his real kingdom on this Earth; because, we pray, “Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done.” God, your Kingdom, your Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. Not Satan’s will. We’re not just spiritual Christians. See, Christianity was never meant to just be spiritual. They want that. They want you to only talk about spiritual things – to love and charity. They don’t do real love and charity on the left. They just pretend by stealing people’s money with taxes, and pretending to doing love and charity on average, which is less than conservatives, because conservatives are perfect neither; but, the Christian churches are not meant to just speak spiritual messages.


Christianity, as a Movement, is radical. It doesn’t acknowledge any of the rulers of this Earth. It doesn’t acknowledge any of the false satanic kings, power structures, or academic elitists on this Earth. It recognizes Jesus Christ, and it recognizes God as our Lord, who saves us, while we are sinners, but by Grace, by His great love. That’s why they’re so hateful. They hate Christianity. You go to any of the universities, I was at Harvard, they don’t say it; but, there’s a contestant mocking, a constant mocking of Christian culturists.


Oh, they’re so intolerant. They’ll never mention Sharia Law. They’ll never mention the misogynist practice of female genital mutilation of some of the most backward funded Wahhabi, Saudi Arabia funded governments. They won’t mention any of that. They’ll say, “Oh, Christians are bad. The Catholics are better. They’re better, because they’re centralized; but, Protestants, there so intolerant;” meanwhile, all those professors, and those Marxists brainwashing those kids, they’re in a fundamentalist cult, a fundamentalist, anti-God, anti-Christian cult, because you know why? They know Christian cults created such powerful people. They know it creates people, who don’t listen to their stupid arrogance. They produce people, which they want to stay in their life for themselves, not an elitist vision for them, not a little neo-colonialist, post-colonial model for them. No! We are made in the image of God. God has given me the blessing to be fruitful, multiply and to have dominion over Creation, no be co-Heirs with Christ and His Kingdom; and, I don’t need to listen to you, or your political correctness, or your arrogant institutions; and I don’t need permission, neither.


You see, that is the Kingdom that they hate; because, that is the Kingdom of people, who they can’t control; and, a Kingdom of people, which Satan cannot control is the Kingdom of God, folks. Wow! What a Kingdom that is, where the people in that Kingdom can never, never – and the people in that Kingdom has no amendment processes – will never live under the oppressive fist of these psychopathic tyrants, who want to sit on top of you, who will lecture you as to how to live your life. No! We get to find that out with God on that incredible, blessed journey He gives us called, “Life!”


We can come into real contact with Him. Yes, we’re not perfect, we’re flawless. Yes, we make mistakes; but, God is faithful, and He is true, and He will lift us up from the ashes, when we repent. He will bring us closer to Him, and make us adopt His true identity He puts upon us; which, every single demon, which works upon this Earth, hates and detests.


All they got is, making fun of you, folks. All they got is, calling you names. All they got is, calling you a racist and a misogynist. Once, you get to a point, where you transcend that subtle weakness, then you can say, “Pthth! Screw you to the wall! I don’t care what you say about me. I know what God says about me.” See, once you get to that level, now, you got to be censored. You see what I mean? Because, they can’t fear-tactic you into it anymore. Now, you got to be censored. “Oh, he’s dangerous. He’s doing propaganda, now.” You see that? “Oh, you work for Vladimir Putin. Trump hates America. He just to grow the middle class; and, he wants to make Americans rich again.”


This is how arrogant these elites are. Stocks are up by $2.5 trillion. Even Goldman-Sachs, these arrogant bankers, I mean, this Anglo-Saxon American blog, they’re even getting rich off of Trump. 33% Goldman-Sachs stock has risen; but, the problem is, everybody else gets to enjoy that wealth. No, they don’t want that. They don’t want anyone else of the normal people having a piece of that pie. They want the whole dang thing for themselves; and this is why they’re from the pit of Hell.


They are literally taking on the spirit, the attitude, the character of Satan, and somebody who wants to help the normal person get good jobs, and get middle class lives, and be upwardly mobile of every race, creed and color. It doesn’t matter. If, you are here, you are here to be upwardly mobile, that person’s bad. That person’s a fascist. Meanwhile, your Marxist professors, who won’t let you hear different opinion, “Oh, they’re not fascists. They’re not closed-minded. No, no, no! They’re so brilliant. They’re the gods of the institutions.” You know what? People are sick and tired of that.


You know what? They’re talking about guidance of transgender schools. How about you stop forcing the people to go to the federalized schools. How about you stop forcing people to send their kids to public schools. How about you give parents a choice to choose. “Okay, that public school looks kind of wacky. I don’t want to send my kids there. It’s too dangerous, whatever. They’re not managing themselves good, no. I going to send my kids to private school.” All that taxpayer money, why is it going to public schools? How about give it to the parents. Let the parents choose. “Okay, I got private school. I could do other schooling. Maybe, I’ll do home schooling, rather than public school.”


“How about you open it up to competition, huh?” See how they do, once they get a little competition going, the little arrogant public schools. Once, you get a little competition, and people start leaving your school, because you can’t force them to go there with the guns of government, oh, all of a sudden you have to start modifying your behavior. The arrogance. All of a sudden, you got to start competing in the actual market places. When the normal person has more choices, we have better services and lower prices. When government takes it over, we have more expensive everything, and no choice, like Obamacare. Total demonic control, and this is what the left don’t want you to see.


You see, you go to church? “How dare you go to a church that talks about politics. How dare you.” Politics only rules your world. “Oh, you can’t talk about that.” Politics only governs your life. “You can’t talk about that.” Politics can even screw up your marriage. Yes. Politics can even destroy your home. Yes. Politics owns the CPS. They can take your children; but, you can’t talk about politics in the church. “No, no, the pastors got to be good doggies. They got to be good boys. Don’t talk about any politics; then, you get your federal moola, and cash, cash, cash.” See this?


This is the problem with the body of Christ. We have forgotten the antiestablishment power nature of being one with Christ. To be in that mentality, to be in that Kingship mentality, we wear crowns here. Don’t you where crowns. You people get your crowns. We wear crowns here; because, that is symbolic and spiritual act of defiance against all the tyrants, who make the us want to feel weak, and make us feel we have no people that are listening, and that we’re isolated, and that we’re fringe. No, no, no! We are becoming mainstream.


Once the body of Christ starts waking up, and once the pastors stop being state run and start teaching the Gospel, and preaching the Gospel, and preaching the Kingdom, which is totally antiestablishment, and preaching the coming of the Fall of Satan’s Kingdom, and the rise of God’s Kingdom, and people who are fused with His identity for us, not the devils, not these stupid intellectuals telling us who we are, what God says, I am, that I am. That’s why we get to rule over the Archangel in the Kingdom. Not so that we’re on a power trip. No, no, no! So, that he knows his proper place.


See, it’s those predators that want a centralized government that are on power trips. They want to force everything taken away from everyone else; so, they can have a literal power trip. See, the Christians in the Kingdom of God are different. No. We don’t want to rule over them, because we’re on power trips. We’re going to stand in the proper positon given to us by God, because that is the proper nature of God’s Creation. The Archangel is not meant to be the master. He is meant to be the servant, and the people are the inheritors of this world, not federal bureaucracies, not unelected officials, not arrogant elites. It is the people of this Earth that are the inheritors of God’s Kingdom.


That’s why they don’t want you looking at the Scriptures. They don’t want you looking at this antiestablishment stuff. They want to have a sanitized Christian message. They want to have a nice little sanitized Christian message, which the can say, “That sounds pretty good. Okay, you believe in Jesus. You can make a million bucks in a prosperity Gospel. Okay, that sounds like it not against our establishment. Teach that.” Anything that is not probes and shows the true light on their demonic power structure is alright.


Now, we say, you see, I want to show this next video, real quick. This is an interesting clip, because it shows how the liberal left, the logic which is totally illogical, it shows just how unbelievably hypocritical they are. This is a piece by Sean Hannity, one of the real true patriots on Fox News. A lot of Fox News were totally traitors. They were total traitors towards sovereignty. They were supporting establishment Republicans, you know, the Bushes, and all these things. Father would constantly chastise Bush. I mean, he would work with all people in Washington; but, he would constantly chastise him as the Lord of Lords. He would say, “You people are on Satan’s side. You must get out of that position. You must follow Rev. Moon.” He always chastised them. Always telling them, “You must listen to Rev. Moon.” You’re not here to do your power trip here.


But, this goes to show, Sean Hannity was one of the real patriots at Fox News Room and Fox News Network, which we’re all very disappointed in. Really became fixed with the mainstream media, with Megyn Kelly as a total sell out; but, Sean Hannity was one of the true ones on there; and he really spoke about how it was; and he really challenged the establishment, right and left. So, were really grateful within the free market. Sean Hannity is getting more popular. He was a big player out here in Pennsylvania, with Old Gold Media, carry his broadcast every day, to being able to get Pennsylvania to vote for Trump. It’s not because Trump is some god, or something. He is a sovereignty candidate. He’s a blue-collar billionaire. He wants the normal person to be wealthy, too. Is there something wrong with that? Yes, if you’re an elitist, there’s something wrong with that; but, you have a genuine love for humanity, a genuine love that wants to see people prosper.


Why do you have a problem with that? That he wants to make people rich. Why do you have a problem with that? What’s your problem? Your problem is, you’re losing power of your part of the market shares. That’s your problem. That’s why these super elites are always, always complaining about Donald Trump. Let’s play this. (video of Sean Hannity was about comparing Trump to Hitler)

So again, you see right there, oh, when they do it, it’s tolerant and trendy, and if you speak out against him, you’re inciting violence. It’s so absurd. They can call Donald Trump, and anyone who supports him a Nazi, and they can literally punch people, attack people. It’s okay, when they beat up people to protest at U Cal Berkeley, when innocent women were getting beat up by idiots in stupid masks, hitting them with flagpoles. That’s fine. That okay. That’s modern. So, when they do it, it’s fine. When you even speak out against them, and say that’s totally illogical, “Well, you’re inciting violence.”


And, when Trump says, he’s calling them fake news for being fake news; and, now he says, they’re very fake news, well then, they’re suddenly afraid for their lives. They’re suddenly afraid. Do you see the arrogance of these people? They’re so up on their high-horse. They’re so arrogant, they just thought they hand the establishment, all the power. All they had to do is take away the Second Amendment, which of course the RINO Republicans helped them do, folks. They helped them. All these Paul Ryan’s, Lindsey Graham’s, even Pence.


I don’t like the record of Pence having signed TPP and NAFTA. That under mind’s American sovereignty, and constitutional sovereignty. It doesn’t matter if we have the Second Amendment. If our Constitution is now under some North American Union Constitution. It doesn’t matter. They can take it away like that.


So, I’m sometimes even more infuriated with the RINOs on the Right; because, at least the lunatics on the left, at least they’re open with their lunacy. It’s quite obvious that they’re crazy and in a cult; but, many of the RINO Republicans are hiding. They’re wolves in sheep’s clothing. Their selling out the country, at the same time pretending to be strong Christians, at the same time pretending to be for the Constitution. They’re selling the Constitution to be under International law and UN law. They’re total traitors.


This is why, folks, this is why they don’t want pastors, normal Christians to be talking about politics. They want only you should talk about love, nice little things. See, we are talking about love, here. We’re talking about love. Number one, we are talking about the love of God; love of humanity; love of God’s Bill of Rights and human rights He’s given to us; love of the individual to pursue God, truly with free choice. We’re talking about loving out neighbor to protect them from being under totalitarianism to protect them from predators. We are talking about real love. That’s why they want to conflate it, and, Oh, relativistic love. Oh, you’re just supposed to love everything, except real Christian culture. You’re supposed to love everything, even the most backwards, dangerous, Wahhabist culture. You’re supposed to love that; but, you’re supposed to hate real Christian culture. Evangelical, Protestant, real Christianity with a relationship with God and Jesus.


We are in such desperate times, folks; but, this whole week, God has been pushing that back. Trump is not God; but, he is an instrument of His peace; and, he’s now saying transgender bathrooms – No, that goes with the States, okay. States, if you really want to do it, you really want to do it, it’s okay, you decide. Federal government should not be mandating everybody has to do it. We’re going to start it with the churches, and they’re going to start it in the businesses. Target was riding that way. Trying to be trendy. They’re going to do it with the churches. They want it, so the churches, too; so, God cannot say, “male and female; or, He created them male and female.” See, they want to ban what God says, and eventually, get the churches to have gender neutral bathrooms. See, they want to force that upon us. Force that on us; but, they’re working it step by step to get into the school system, first; then, the businesses forcing them to do it next; then; to get the churches to do it. Break everything down. Create total chaos; because, out of that chaos, they can try to say, “Hey, we’ll give you the solution. We’ll save you. We’ll take care of you.” That’s exactly what the Archangel does. He’s the father of all lies; and, now the people of the world are rising up against it. They’re seeing for what it is as political Satanism that it really is trying to create the Kingdom of Hell on Earth, where demons rule over us.


No, but God’s Kingdom, His Kingdom, the Gospel of His Kingdom is now being preached, and it is now going out into the world, released into the atmosphere; and, we know that one day His Kingdom, His Kingdom will truly come, and the people of this world will stand in their rightful place, not ashamed. You have to stand as Kings and Queens, folks, not so you can be on power trips worshipping yourselves, but you stand in your rightful place in the authority and identity that your father, the King of Kings, has given you to not submit to anybody in this Realm, to anybody on this Earth, or the bureaucratic institutions, no. Don’t submit to them as Christians. We submit to the one true God, and that’s it. The King of Kings, and that’s it. No academic institutions. No governmental institution. No corporate institution. No federal institution can take that place. It’s only God who can give true freedom; and, what does Scripture say in Corinthians, “When God’s spirit is here, there is true freedom. There is true freedom.” Freedom. We have true freedom to be all that God has made us to be, and not what these arrogant, destroying, psychopathic elites say what we should be. God gets to tell us who we will be, and who’s Kingdom we will be in. Let’s give glory to God, everybody. Let’s finish up with Cheon Seong Gyeong. We have so many other stuff to go through. I’m going to skip it all. In CSG 2019 it says,


Now we can establish that kind of homeland. In that homeland there will be sovereignty, territory and people. Also, the lineage connects the people as a unified people in that nation, giving them a history that other peoples cannot have. 


There will be sovereignty, not federal bureaucracy, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Sovereignty, there will be what, territory. Not federal owned land, which means the super elites own it. It doesn’t mean public land is public, folks. Public land means, super elites own it. That’s what it means, okay. You got to understand how the real world works. Everybody knows here; but, I’m talking about in general, okay. And people. See, the people will have sovereignty. They will have territory. They will not be owned by the government.  They will own the government. They will not be monitored by the government. They will monitor the government. You see how it’s flipped around on those psychopaths? Also, the lineage, there it is – Lineage.


We have lived under the history of Satan, the history of the Archangel for too long; and, now, as the Lord returns, and His Kingdom has been unleashed on this planet, it is now a matter of time that, that is separated. Good and evil separated. Satanic Kingdom separated. God’s Kingdom coming, and we are grateful to give Him the glory, that we are part of His Kingdom that is coming to this Earth, and that will rule this Earth for Eternity.  Amen and Aju!


Let’s all rise, everybody. Let’s give God some praise. SOS come on out. As we give Him some praise today, let’s thank Him. Let’s thank Him for the beautiful freedom and responsibility that He has given us; and, you know the Crown Providence, folks. Don’t shy away from that. You got to stand as your tribal King and Queen. You don’t do it, I know it’s not about you. Most of you are humble people. We don’t want to do it; but, that’s the problem. Satan doesn’t want you to feel guilty about it. It’s not about us, right. It’s not about you. It’s not about me. It’s about our identity in Christ, that He give us; so, it is required that we stand in our proper position, because if we don’t, who’s going to sit there? The Devil will.





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