2017-02-12 Kingdom Transcending Death

by Rev. Hyung Jin Moon

FEBRUARY 12, 2017

The Scriptures for today comes from the Book of Acts. It was first mentioned of the Kingdom in the Book of Acts. What did Jesus, himself, call the Gospel? For thousands of years we’ve been told the Gospel is about the death, the Resurrection of Christ; but, what did Jesus say was the Gospel? We looked at Mark 4. We looked at Matthew 24. We looked at Luke 4. We looked at Mark 14. We looked at all the Scriptures, dozens of them, where Jesus himself defines the Gospel, not as the Cross. He doesn’t define it as the Cross. He defines the Gospel, the Good News, the Gospel as the Kingdom of God. Basilicas or Basilica, which means it comes from a King.

So, Jesus preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, and this Kingdom of God was getting the people very angry.  He was getting the establishment, or the Hegemony of the Roman Empire very angry as the Gospel of the Kingdom. Okay!

Now, we have to remember that the Pharisees and the Sadducees were not just part of the Jewish Sanhedrin. You have to understand that they are paid by the Roman Government. They are paid by the Roman Government to oversee that the Jewish people in Roman and in Jerusalem. They are part of the Roman Government. They’re basically traitors to their own people, who received government funding, so they kept the Jewish people on the Planation of control underneath the Roman structure.

So, if you look at the modern examples, you first have to understand what is the position of the Archangel when we look at the Garden of Eden? God created the Garden of Eden, but he also created the angels, these powerful beings; but, in the end, he did not give these angels with all this power, he did not give dominion them. He gave that to His children. The Bible says to be fruitful, to multiply and have dominion over the Earth; so, the birds of the air, the creatures of the sea, etcetera, etc. God gave His masterpiece, he inherited that to Adam and Eve, to humanity. That’s the point. Not the more powerful Archangel.

Now, the Archangel was to be the servant of the people and to humanity; but, what did he do? He tempted them to Fall. He tempted them to sin. He tempted them to rebel against God. He tempted them to pursue a path independent of themselves, for “If you eat of this fruit, your eyes will be open, and you will be as God,” is what he told Eve. So, you have the servant, who destroys humanity, and becomes the master. Then what do we see throughout history, history, history? Time and again, civilization after civilization, we see tyrannical, totalitarian governments and power structures ruling over humanity.

Where did that come from? Where did that centralized power come from? It comes from the servant, who was supposed serve, but leaves his position to become the master. You understand the proper role of government and this centralized hierarchy was really supposed to be the servant of the people; but, this centralized power colludes with other adulterous power blocks; it becomes the master.

Now, understanding that, if you can understand that, even in the time of Jesus, the Kingdom Gospel was making them very angry, very scared. Who was it making scared? It wasn’t making farmers scared. It wasn’t making the needy scared. Who was it making scared? It was making the Rulers, the Tyrants, the Totalitarians were getting scared; and, they heard this group, this small little group in Judea was growing, and this crazy man named Jesus, or Yeshua Ha-Mashiach, is preaching people and is healing people, and he’s talking about this Kingdom of God; so, they thought, “Ooh! We better get rid of this guy. We better kill this guy, because he’s making trouble. He’s making trouble in our Kingdom, you know, in out Empire.”

So, you can see there was a group that was threatened by his Kingdom Gospel. Now, the problem with the modern day Church is because we have been so threatened by the different laws that the Archangel has past; and, Donald Trump said, “He will fight that.” All the laws that prohibit Pastors in politics are saying, “This person is supporting satanic things and telling their congregations about it.” They’ve been scared the whole establishment Church, whether you’ve been Catholic, Protestant, Baptist, Methodists, etc. You will see Pastors are fearful about speaking out against the power structure, because we live still in a satanic world, where Satan rules this Earth; but, in the Kingdom of God, where humanity has dominion over the world, we are no longer under the oppression of Satan and the domination of Satan; and, we can call out the servant to remain in his place, when he tries to emerge, and he tries to become the Ruler.

So, when one says under the Gospel of the Kingdom is a super inflammatory Gospel. It’s not just a feel-good Gospel. It’s not just, oh, you believe in Jesus and you’ll become a millionaire. That is a false Gospel. This Gospel of Jesus Christ was angering a specific group of people; and, this Gospel was angering the power structure, the hegemony, the Imperial power, the Oligarchies were enraging. Those with governmental powers.

Understanding the Pharisees as almost governmental employees, we can see how many of the operations the modern day, where governments will hire intelligent agents to go into minority communities, and promote progovernment messages. “Oh, the Government is your daddy, your loving parents, and the Government loves you, and, Oh, you need this and that from the Government. Oh, let’s grow the Government.” – even if politicians lie to you. Vote for them who promise you free things. This we know in modern history.

Governments send agents into minority communities to keep those minority communities down. This happened in the 1940s in America with FDR, (President Franklin Delano Roosevelt) and later on with Lyndon B. Johnson, the big gangster oil King from Texas. A big gangster, funded by Texas oil money. You had these Presidents literally say racist things about Black people; literally saying that we got to keep these, you know, Blacks down. “They’re so uppity. We got to keep them voting for the next two hundred years. Give them a little, but not enough to make a difference.” That is a quote from Lyndon B. Johnson now declassified>

“These Negroes, they’re getting pretty uppity these days and that’s a problem for us since they’ve got something now they never had before, the political pull to back up their uppityness. Now we’ve got to do something about this, we’ve got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference. For if we don’t move at all, then their allies will line up against us and there’ll be no way of stopping them, we’ll lose the filibuster and there’ll be no way of putting a brake on all sorts of wild legislation. It’ll be Reconstruction all over again.”
From ~ http://www.snopes.com/lbj-voting-democratic (see more of these quotes from LBJ)

Why? Because the Black community was one of the fastest growing communities. One of the top and fasting growing in college education as well. They were Christian based, and eighty percent of the fathers were in the home, in the home. There were greater than eighty plus percent of fathers in the home; and, with the New Deal and FDR’s selling them, “Oh, the Government wants to take care of poor Black people. We want to take care of you. We just to help you out and help those in need.” What happened? They just put a few strings on those provisions. What happened? If you want to receive a welfare check from the Government, you first had to show us your divorce papers.” And so, the eighty percent strong Christian based Black families – you know, with strong dads in the homes, all of a sudden in thirty or forty years are now under thirty percent of fathers in the home.

Promiscuity became rampant, even though it was the up and coming community for success. It was the up and coming community for success. Doctors and Lawyers, etc. were all coming out of the African American Community. The power structure saw that. They used the same tactic on the Hispanic Community, the South East Asian Community in California with the Vietnam Community. You see it with every community that starts rolling, and starts building, and starts building and moving and working up that ladder. You see it the same program come in, in the guises, “Oh, we’re helping you. Oh, we care for you. We care for you, little children. We just want to help your poor and needy. We love Jesus. Don’t worry. They all came in with the same program. “Oh, if you want to receive your welfare check, make sure you first have to show us your divorce papers.” It’s now the same program they have in South Korea.

Now you see when they implement that program in the minority communities, because the establishment communities are all above the law. What happens? Does the divorce rate go up, or does it go down? It sky-rockets up. All these women think, “Hey, I don’t need this man anymore. I got free money coming from this, my Big Daddy, the Government.”

So now they’re kicking out their Christian husband, and the father of the home, which sociologically, I’ve shown you programs on that, which is the most important factor against childhood poverty, childhood in terms of higher education, in terms of childhood abuse, in terms of future income, in terms of marriage retention rates, everything. The difference of having a father in the home, and not having a father in the home is massive.  Now God knows this, and he puts it all throughout Scripture. You have to man-up and be the head of your household, and be the Alpha leader there that is leading your family in prayer, and leading your family in spiritual warfare, and leading your family against Satan; but, there’s always an Empire, there’s always a satanic Kingdom, there’s always a satanic power block that is after the family, that is after the man and the woman.

Now, this is why we always call her the federal bureaucracies to move more regulations on people, etc. political Satanism; because, they’re ideas and end goal is the same as real Satanists. It is not like saying all the people of the Left, and even the Republican establishment Right are worshipping Satan, like they’re actually in a black mask or something like that. Probably some of them are; but, it’s not like saying all of them are. Okay! But, the end goal, the spirit they are working with and through is leading the civilization to an end goal, which mirrors exactly what actual liturgical Satanists wants.

For example:  They want a civilization where they can murder children, because that part of their ritual traditions is killing sacrifices; so, they want the highest level, which is a human being. That’s why you have all these satanic rituals like the Jimmy Savile case in London, where their friends with the Royal family on the BBC. You people have seen that. Literally, she was raped six times being led by her grandmother at satanic parties. She was pregnant six or seven times before she was eleven years old. The BBC interview asked her, “What did you do with the baby?” She said, “They made be abort it.” She goes on, “They make you eat it.”

And then you have all the forensic experts. The top police come up there; and, you have those who are studying Psychology – top Psychiatrists and top Psychologists come out and say, “No, she’s not lying. When we analyze her story, we don’t see the discrepancies that we see with fabricated stories. But, this is weird to the normal person, because the normal person doesn’t want to kill babies and, you know, cannibalize children.

But, we have to understand, this is a problem in the Bible long before the twentieth century. This was problem that the Israelite people were fighting against with the worship of Baal, with the worship of Moloch, with the worship of, you know, with the worship of Ashtoreth. All these satanic deities make you in the end kill children, and offer your children to sacrifice to idols, whether you burning them in the furnace of Baal, or in the goddess worship of Ashtoreth, when you bring your children to prostitution. It’s called Temple prostitution. In parts of this world, today, we still have it. In India, with what’s that called? We showed this to you guys that. The Yellamma cult in India, where actual Temple prostitution continues even today. Today! Today!

We done this study of the worship of the goddess worship cults. Whenever a nation starts to accepting the goddess worship, if leads to the fertility cults, which leads to the prostitution cults; because, fertility always center around sexual youthfulness. Sexual fertility. Sexual youth. So, naturally a gift of the goddess. If you worship the goddess, she will give you is youthful, you know, women to indulging and feel her love through, which are to have Temple prostitutes. Okay!

Every civilization gives itself unto these false gods and demons, and end up in Satanism, whether they know it or not. Whatever name they use is irrelevant. The civilization that is built is a civilization of Satanism. Okay!

Now, in the modern world, too, we had Hillary Clinton literally saying she is for women’s rights, while she was receiving twenty to thirty percent of her funding from Saudi Arabia. This is the most radical form of Wahhabi based Islam. Doesn’t let women drive a car, keeps their women veiled and covered up, beaten – there can be public beatings. David Wood, who is a Christian Apologists, who always debates Islamic Apologists – top, one of the top on the Net, and he’s always brilliant. I think, some of you have seen the video that I’ve shown on “The King’s Report” of breaking down the three main Koranic quotes that deal with women.

There’s not only three; but, there three main ones that are shocking to Western people. The first one being, I can’t quote it exactly. You have to watch the video, but in summary, that women are half the mental capacity of men; so, basically, they’re stupid. Two: That they are your tilth. That he was explaining a story, when the Muslims reconquered Mecca, in Islam, when in conquest of a nation, or conquer a nation, you can take on sex slaves. What does that mean? Who you conquer, all the women, they’re yours for sex. Okay! That is not prohibit in the Shera Law in the Koran or the Hadid. There was a whole problem when the Muslims conquered Mecca, again. And, he showed in the Scripture in the story, the men were indulging in these women from front, from the back and from laying down. Okay! That’s literally what it says; and, these women said, “We don’t like it from the back, or from the front. We don’t like it. If you are going to indulge in us, we only like it when we are laying down. Okay! So, this gets to the Prophet Muhammad, and he says, “These women are your tilth. We don’t know what that means in the modern day; but, what it means is, there plot of land which you plow. Okay! It’s a property, a part of land which you own, which you plow; and, he says, “Do what you will with your tilth.” So, that is the second Scripture. And, then a third Scripture was, if your wife, and of course in Islam you can have more than one wife, and you can divorce, which means you can have unlimited women; and, on the road to Mecca, you can… When, I was at Harvard, there was a paper written on it. The road to Mecca is lined with brothels. These people are going to pray. There saying a prayer. It’s a Holy Pilgrimage, but they’re lined with brothels. Why are they lined with brothels? Because, in their mind it’s not really a brothel; because, when you go in, you can have four wives, remember, so most men don’t have four wives in the Islamic world. There called <<<>>>>.  So, legally, they can marry these women, then divorce her. So, legally, they’re fine. Okay! So, that is of course, allowing prostitution. Alright! Under the guise of religiosity, etc. So, this is not same God. It is not the same religion.

David Wood exposed a third quote, that if anyone of your wives disobey you, banish them to another room and scourge them. Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! until they submit. Once they submit, then seek no further. Have peace with them. What does scourging mean? It means beat the Hell out of them. That’s what it means. Pardon my French. Okay! So, women are stupid. They are property, and plow them however you want, and he showed other Scriptures form the Hadid, which say, if your husband says he wants sex now, he wants intimacy now, even if you’re on a camel, you get off and you have to bang him. And, even if you are cooking, he showed another Scripture, you have to stop your cooking and go have sex with him.

Of course, we are told the lies of the left, but they are predominantly right, that Christianity and Islam, where all one, and we’re all the same. No, we’re not! It’s not the same. It’s not the same. In Christianity, you can’t own your wife. She’s not your tilth, which you can plow. In Christianity, you cannot marry four women and call them all wives. Okay! In Christianity, you can’t, you don’t scourge your wife. You don’t beat them to death. That’s not allowed. Okay! You’re as to be as Christ is for the Church, the husband is to be loving unconditionally to his wife. The wife has also in Ephesians 5 to respect her husband unconditionally; so, that’s a part thrown out by the liberal left, too. Women also have a responsibility to unconditionally respect their husband, even if they don’t feel he’s respectable at that moment in time. They still have to deal with them with respect, which is the most practical way to change your husband, by the way, ladies.

Respectfully! Not, nagging! Or screaming! That don’t help nobody; and, the Devil is applauding in the background, “Go baby, go. Go baby, go! So we see the reality of the different Kingdoms; and we see Hillary Clinton up there saying, “Oh, I’m or women’s rights” In the meantime thirty percent of her money comes from Wahhabis, the most radical Jihadis based Muslims on the Planet. Not all the Saudi Arabians are radical Muslims, but the Elites, the Royals are. They are the ones who fund all this throughout the Middle East. The Saudi Arabian King has child wives. He is an open Pedophile, because in Islam of course, you can marry a child. Right! One of the Prophet Muhammad’s favorite wife was Aisha, who was six years old. He was having sex with her when she was nine years old – Prepubescent.


Age of Aisha (ra) at time of marriage – Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement

http://www.muslim.org/islam/aisha-age.htmShe not only quoted his sayings and reported her observations of events, but interpreted them to … betrothal) of Aisha with the Holy Prophet Muhammad took place when she was six years of age, … He married Aisha when she was a girl of six years of age, and he consummated that marriage when she was nine years old.

So this is reality. People in the West are just so ignorant about the reality of Islam, and for the first time in history you have everything online, which then can be resources, then presented in an argument; and, that’s what David Wood does at an exceptional level.

So, you have all these politicians that lie about these things trying to guilt/shame, and try to package it in Christianity as being the evil power. “Oh, it’s the Christians that are evil. Meanwhile, you have the left allying with radical Islam, and radical Communist China, and the worst Asians on the planet. They are the worst, worst, worst Elites. Chinese Elites are the worst. They oppress 1.6 Billion people on the planet. The normal Chinese person is great. There wonderful people. I know how to speak Chinese. The Ancient Chinese…How many years did I study Chinese? I know how to do Tai Chi and Kung Fu, too. Alright!

So, the normal Chinese person and the normal Muslim is fine. The problem is the people who are empowered who are building these mainstreams, and these ideological Movements are all in the same boat. They all want the same thing. They all want Centralized power. Every single one. Just like the Roman Empire. Just like every single satanic King in past wanted it. They want Centralized Control. They want control of their whole population; and, now with technology and robotics and Internet.  They want to use all that against the people to keep them in their place as slaves. That’s where they think humanity should be.

Whereas, God’s perspective was opposite. No, humanity are the Kings and Queens. The archangels, who do public service, they are the servants. They’re not the masters. The masters are the citizens. And so, when you see in the Scriptures Matthew 11:12, “the Kingdom is taken by violence, and the violence is taken by force.” The Kingdom of God suffers violence; and, they take it by force. George Washington talked about the use of force. Anybody who studies Martial Arts the use of force and the use of violence. Okay! It’s a part of training in the Martial Arts.  The use of force, we usually just think it’s some assailant. What we don’t understand the Government itself is the use of force.

Let’s say for example you don’t pay your taxes. You will be greeted with armed people coming to your house to make you pay that. You will be greeted with that. If you continue not to pay your taxes, you will be taken away against your will to a chamber called a prison; so, you are not voluntarily paying it. There is a great deal of threat involved, and force involved.

Now, in the Kingdom of God, in the Cheon Il Guk Constitution, which has been released, we know there’s no kind of taxes on the people, because humanity, which  must be the Kings and Queens, are not allowed. You can’t just start taxing the King and Queen. Jesus said you’ll be co-heirs with me to reign over the Kingdoms of the Earth.

That means when we are with Christ in his Kingdom, we are the ones that will stand with him as co-heirs. Kings and Queens.  It’s Satan who takes and usurps that. He makes himself the King. He puts his throne above God, the Bible says. Places himself on an alter above God, and rules over the world. It is essential that the body of Christ understand this; and, that’s why we call it political Satanism, because look at all the end goals. For example, let’s use the example the Leftist, the Communist party that’s become completely Leftist. Where from Korea. We know. North-South. There’s a big difference the Communists and Democracy. We can smell it from a mile away. We have a brother here Cambodia. He got overrun by Pol Pot, the genocidal maniac, Pol Pot and the Communist Regime. He’s from there. So, anyone from those places in the world, we can smell Communism like we can smell a dirty rotten fish. Okay! We can smell it from a mile away; because, we had to live so dang close to it.

Now, people who’ve been spoiled in the West who never got smell or whiff of Communism, they’re just thinking, “Eww! What’s that pretty grim smell that I smell all of a sudden? Those little pungent tones in olfactory nerves.” You don’t know what you’re smelling.  It really is a rotting source of death that robs you and rapes you, and in the end.

Look at this. They have the same goals as Satanism. Number one. Murdering of young   children. Innocent. The most sinless people on the planet are unborn children. Okay! They’re the most sinless. Okay. They have no sin. They have no sin that they committed of themselves. They have Original Sin, but not their own sin; and, you are killing, killing the most innocent children on the planet. Human beings on the planet. They’re the most innocent.

Hillary was one hundred percent supporting this; and, Trump called her out on the Second Debate. He said, “This woman wants to make it legal to murder a child one day before its due date.” Wow! He called her out on it. She didn’t deny it. What kind of civilization were they trying to bring in? These Centralists. These Globalists. These Political Satanists. What are they trying to bring to civilization, where’s it’s okay to murder sinless people? And, if civilization starts adopting that moral framework, that moral ethics, then it’s okay to kill anybody the Government says to kill.

If you have a civilization where it says to murder people with absolutely no sin, no wrong they committed with another person. If your culture just thinks that’s okay, you’ll make up anything to kill anybody that is against you or disagrees with you. You have just lost all moral high ground. Now you  are literally just practicing Satanism, even though you don’t know you are practicing Satanism, you are as a nation.

Okay! So, they wanted the murdering of young children – sinless children. What else did they want?

They want the Relativation and breakdown of the marriage. Hillary was going to increase the welfare state. She was going to continue to subsidize broken homes. She was going to have women to chase their husband’s out. Continue the man hating, feminist culture of hating men.

Now ladies, you got to remember, every single civilization that gets rid of the Alpha males, they take the women over, have babies with those women, and make those women raise those new kids to be loyal to the new power. That is a common Imperialistic monarch. Genghis Khan used it. The Roman Empire used it. That’s why you had all this intermarriage. They weren’t doing it for making peace. They were doing it to conquer the people. To brake their will. So, they killed off the men, and broke the will of the women by just taking in as slaves; because, you know, they just didn’t have Sociology then, but they know, sociologically speaking, woman adjust to adverse conditions and bend their ethics more than men. There are studies on it. There are studies on it.

So, they didn’t know those studies. They didn’t know that sociologically; but, they knew how to control them. Either you have to bow to us, or your dead. A lot of them would say, “Oh, my gosh! I don’t want to die.” They could use the fear tactic on them. So, this is a common stradegy for destroying a civilization and taking it over. Plato wrote about this in “The Republic.” He wrote about the fact that if you have families, you can’t let the parents “own the child.” The State must “Own the child.”

He wrote about that in his Republic; and, we have the Western Civilization, the Educational System is basically built on what they called, “The Platonic Model. Right?  That’s why have ninety percent Marxists teaching Marxism and Socialism in the US Colleges. Kids are going there paying to be brainwashed to become Marxists. Ninety plus percent of the Professors – there’s a new poll out there that shows it. Ninety plus percent are “Left Progressives,” which is no different than Marxism. Absolutely zero difference. They want Centralized Education, Centralized Government, Centralized Banking. They want Centralized Media. They want everything. It’s exactly the ten planks of Marxism. No different. Zero!

That’s why you see those kids that go in there. They get useless degrees. They get degrees, which they can’t get jobs with after. They are now two hundred thousand dollars in debt at the high-level Universities; and, now they’ve been brainwashed into this Marxist establishment. The only way you can succeed is become a Marxist and enter and join the Evil Empire.

You’re not taught to innovate. You’re not taught to be a competitor. You’re not taught to go out and try to destroy these mega corporation by trying to make your own product and serving people with some awesome technology and doing Science. You’re not taught that anymore. You’re taught, you want to succeed, you better bow down to this establishment. You better adopt its values. That’s what you’re taught.

That’s why these kids, who come out of the Universities are all of sudden your parents ask, it like, “Who are you? You went in as Christians, and now you’re a freakin’ atheist; and, now you’re like a Leftist Marxist, radical redshirts. What happened to you child? I paid for you to get and education. I didn’t pay for you to be brainwashed to become Lenin.” By golly!

This what happens. The literal Universities have become psychiatric wards, where they make mental patients out of these young people. They’re like, they might as well have a locked down fence around it, and have high fences, and wear white jackets. They might as well do that, because that’s what they’re doing. That’s literally what they’re doing to these kids. Going in there, and becoming totally political Satanists.

You can’t love. You’re taught to hate humanity. You’re taught neo-paganism. You’re taught the Gaia Theory. Oh, the Earth is this environmentalism. The Earth is this big organism, and we’re standing on it, and all these humans are eating it up and destroying it, and human beings are this big bacteria and big virus.

You’re literally taught to hate yourself. You’re literally taught to see yourself as a bacteria or virus. You’re literally taught to see yourself as AIDS on this beautiful Gaia goddess organism; and, if it wasn’t for all you despicable roaches, this Gaia Organism would be flourishing, and there would be flowers and Springtime every day. This is what you’re taught. It is an anti-human, anti-God, and it is a anti-Colonist neo-Paganism. This is what your taught through the brainwashing camps of the Universities.


So, look at all the angles of Political Satanism. Killing the young children, the most innocent of society. Break up the marriages. Demonize men, because men are called by Christ to be the head of the household; and, to become strong alpha leaders, so they can stand up against evil and fight unrighteousness, and destroy Satan’s Kingdom, and go lead their family in prayer, lead their family in warfare, lead their families against the Armies of Satan.

They’re also get funding from the major conglomerates: Goldman-Sachs, JP Morgan, you name it. The whole 1960s, with all the women studies departments that popped up, all of a sudden. That was funded by the Rockefellers, the Carnegie Foundation, the Ford Foundation that came out of the Church rulings, the Senator Churches hearings in the sixties. That came out. Those women studies were being funded by the Carnegie Foundation, the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation. Total mega-banks mega-Elites were funding this, not because they really cared about women. They wanted half the population to pay more taxes, so they could borrow and lend more money off them, to get them into debt slavery.

The whole product of that being thirty or forty years later, women are now less happy that they left their families. That they given their children to foster care homes, and to day care centers. Have not related and raised their children. Have entered the work force, because they’ve been told that’s the only way you can have value. You can’t have value taking care and raising the next generation of humanity. You can’t have any value. You’re evil. You’re selfish. You’re terrible. You’re in a prison. You’re a cave woman if you even think about having a husband. Husbands are the worst thing. Just be a Lesbian. They’re way better than husbands. Just be bi-sexual. That’s way better than husbands. Be a transsexual. Dress up like a man. Be whatever you want, just don’t marry a husband. Do whatever you want. Don’t have kids. If you gonna have kids, make sure you send them to daycare eight hours plus a day, and public schools another eight hours a day; so, that way you have no influence over them.

This is not how a Christian is called to raise their family. They’re called to raise the next generation of Christ centered power and humanity that will stand up against Satan’s Kingdoms. They’re always trying to infiltrate and take it down.

The problem with the modern Church is they become so emasculated and castrated by all this liberalism and all “multi-culturalism;” but, all there teaching philosophically is Relativism. That’s all their teaching. They’re not teaching multi-culturalism. They hate Christianity. They say they love all things. No, you don’t. They hate Christianity.  We’re so tolerant. Just not with Christianity; because, they’re racists. They oppress women. But, we love Sharia Law and radical Jihadis. Oh, okay! That makes great sense. They lie out of two butt cheeks. They lie out of two shoulders. They lie out every single pour of their body.

Their father is the father of lies, and leads them to politics and political power. Why? This is what the major banks, and you know, the Rothschild’s and the Soros’ and all these Globalist enterprises that are found out. Once you are able to buy over the politicians in a democracy, you can start taking over the economy; because, through the politicians you can make like America did with the Federal Reserve Act. You can bring in a Central Bank. Then you can start manipulating the currency. Then you can get rich quick by ravaging the whole economy, while you are getting filthy rich out it, putting everybody in debt slavery. Once people are economically in debt, they’re beholden to you. You can tell them what to do. You get control of politics. You get control of the economy. Then you get control of religion easily.

You just start leveraging the people with economic power. “Oh, we’re gonna stop your Federal funding, unless you teach a pro-gay message. Oh, we’re gonna stop Federal funding for any Christian program that doesn’t allow transgender employees.” You’re forced. You know about this Richard. You fought against the homosexual agenda for how long? Twenty years. Thirty years. As an expert. Dr. Panzer is an expert in abstinence, etc.

+How, for example, we talked about this a couple of weeks ago. There are stopping funding to any organizations that don’t hire homosexuals, or transgenders, now, even. You can’t say it’s against my world view. It’s against my religious freedom. I don’t agree with these lifestyles. I shouldn’t have be… an our program is a Christian based program, which helps people through the Ten Steps. AA, whatever it is, Alcoholics Anonymous. Whatever it is. It’s a Christian based program; so, in the end we want people to have a relation with Christ. We don’t want them to just, you know… We don’t want to be forced to have to be antagonistic or an athame to that; but, that is what the Obama Administration and Hillary was going to do. Force all organization, any organizations that was going to receive Federal funding or ties. The strings attached to that. You have to have a transgender person. You have to have a gay person on your staff. Even though you are Christian. Well then, okay, “Oh, isn’t it a coincidence. Now all the Christian Organizations don’t have any more funding. That’s a coincidence. Very convenient coincidence.

These Devils are after Christ centered people; because, they know they are the enemy to the Kingdom of Satan. They know they are the target enemy; and, in the end these people who are at the top worship Satan, and they yearn for his occult dark power to give themselves more power to rule over the world, they too know they are destined for Hell. They know they sold their soul to Beelzebub and the father of all lies. They know they’ve sold it; but, they’re in too deep, and they are too arrogant. They don’t want to repent. They’re too lust filled with the power, that have become inbred with each other. Becoming totally, literally spiritual and psychic parasites and vampires. They call humanity roaches that are eating all the resources; meanwhile, they’re the roaches eating off of humanity.

This is the problem. It hurts today that we cannot call good, good, and evil, evil. Everybody has to talk political correctness. Nobody can call Satan the Devil. Nobody can tell you what you’re doing is an abomination. Don’t be doing no homo sex, even though that’s an abomination. If it has to do with God, you can’t say anything. You have to bow to the whims of the satanic tyrants.

This is a problem, even within the body of Christ. That’s why you have all these mega-churches. They promote these state-run churches. Just teach a prosperity Gospel.  Absolutely no truth about being able to decipher good and evil. What did Isaiah say? He said, “In the last days, you will have good be called evil, and evil be called good.” (Isaiah 5:20) People won’t know the difference. They’ll have no discernment of the spirit, which are the gifts of the Holy Spirit. They’ll have no spirit to good and evil. They’ll just be taken away. Satan will say, “I’m not bad. I good. What the heck are you talking about? I care for you. I love you, baby. I’m not bad. You see these wings. You see how they play music?” He knows how to play people. He knows how to devour them; and, just like any top level Alpha evil Predator, he knows just how to funnel them into his trap. Into his one-ten carnivore, three-ten carnivore. He knows how to snap it, and crack your neck. Upon impact. As soon as you enter, he’ll go, Boom! He’ll close down and snap it.

He knows how to get you right in there. When you look at all the goals of these politicians, look at them.
Murdering young children; breaking up the husband and wife; creating other husbands and wives. Man and woman are not the only thing. What century to do you live in? There are daddy-daddy homes. There’s gay homes and lesbian homes. What century do live in. I mean you’re medieval you Dark Age. All this stuff. Are you homophobic? Are you transphobic?  You’re telling me know that Obama and Hillary in Middle School and High School, kids can determine their own gender. “Mrs. Smith,” he’s raising his hand in the back. “Yes, Andrew what do you want in the back there?” “uh, yes Mrs. Smith. Uh, I identify as a girl. I a gender female.” And, Mrs. Smith has to go, “Oh, okay Andrew, even with your bulging bicep muscles, and your football playing legs, and your full beard, okay, you’re a woman. Then you’re a female. Then what shall I call you? Shall I call you Andrenette? Okay, sweetie. Okay, Andrenette. Everybody must call her Andrenette.” This is what they were

. This was already legalized.

If you have a boy and says, “I am a girl,” he can go into the women’s locker room and shower with naked girls. What are you smoking. Are you on drugs; or, are you on totally, psychedelic, satanic drugs. If the Government was really your daddy, what kind of daddy would put you in that much risk and danger? That’s like throwing a little lamb in the middle of ravenous wolves that cannot leave a pen and their starving, blood thirsty hungry. What do you think is going to happen to that little lamb that gets tossed in the alligator pit. Oh, that’s your loving daddy, right. That is not your loving daddy. That is somebody who wants you to be defiled, who wants you to be ravished, so you never, ever could stand as a True King or Queen that God has given an anointing; and, they want to ravage you, and make you and break down when your young, so that you have no potential to fight evil as you grow, because you’re so traumatized, and you are so ravaged and your will have been so broken, you become so insular, and so weak.

They know this. They did these studies on animals, and they did these studies on monkeys, They do these studies on dogs. They understand human behavioral study, They understand Povlovian Psychology. Every top-level Psychologist or Psychiatric are crazy about this. These top Elites are crazy about this kind of research; because, everything they do is to break the human will and submit to the Archangel.

So, look at all their goals: Murdering our children; Relativizing the man and the woman; making all sort of crazy different formulas; breaking down the family; trying to take apart the family; turn the children against the parents; Don’t let the children really see who the enemy is, which is a centralized paid bureaucracy; and, even though those Public School teachers are good, they’re forced by their bureaucracy to teach their kids things they don’t agree with. Even though they morally don’t agree with the gay agenda, they have to take it; because, they are employed by the Public Schools, which is then a branch of the Federal Government. So, they’re forced, even though they’re Christian, though they have morals against it, if they say anything against the homosexual agenda or the transgender agenda, go bye-bye. You’re gone!

Some of you have been teacher have been fired because of that. Right! Literally! And, this is Pennsylvania, a super conservative area, but the Federal bureaucracy, the Archangel, can force  the teachers into submission; and, that’s why when you get your kids to these schools, your sending your kids not to a secular school, but anyway, they are radical atheist, radical hypersexualized, radical homosexual, transgender sexual, and in the future, I told you this two years ago, they’re going to go into Pedophilia, too. Remember, we talked about this? That was two years ago; and, then it came out in the DSM – Diagnostical Statistical Manual of Psychiatry – that Pedophilia should not be seen as a crime; it should be seen as a mental disorder called Minor Attraction Syndrome. See! We told you two years ago, before any of this came out.

They’re trying to decriminalized Pedophilia, because these are Predators, who feed off of children. In the end, they’re Satanists; and, they want they want to have the whole world a cultural of Satanism; so, they can act with impunity. They can do whatever the heck they want.

So, you send your kids into Indoctrination Camp, into the Public School. They don’t  see, that even though the teacher is nice, they’re in the bureaucracy, and they have to force feed them a certain ideology, which is anti-Christian. It ridicules the Bible. It ridicules anything about Jesus. It’s pro-Sharia Law. My Gosh! Pro-Sharia Law. I mean, you have High Schools, where kids are literally doing the prayers with other Muslim students too “multi-cultural; yet, they cannot recite the Lord’s Prayer; but, they’re made to do the Islamic Prayer. What the heck! Isn’t that a weird standard?

“Oh, but they’re fair and balanced.” They are straight out from the pit of Hell that they are doing that. Teaching the kids to become, to relativize them. Get away from Christianity, because if you get away from the One True God, you will be getting into Satanism. All these different paths lead into Satanism. One way or another, you are going to be sucked up into Satanism; whether it’s through just Relativist Philosophy; whether it’s through the Atheist Community, the Agnostic Community, whether it’s through the Occult Community, the Meditation Community, the Yoga Community, any path; because, in the end, it’s going to lead towards the Kingdom of Satan.

It’s going to lead you away from your true identity, your true power, your true purpose. It’s going to take you away from believing God and Christ, through the power of the Holy Spirit to an actual change in this World.

That’s why they have to send everybody away. “Oh, no, no! No Christianity. It’s stupid. It’s bad. It Medieval, it’s Dark Ages. Islam is modern and progressive. The Wahhabi Saudi Arabia. They’re Progressive. Child marriages are Progressive. You know, Pedophilia. That’s Progressive. Childhood Attraction Syndrome. Don’t be hateful. What, are you scared of the Minor Attraction Syndrome? Are you transphobic, homophobic, are you Minor Attraction Phobic. Oh, you know that’s a persecuted community. What are you racist?” You see how it goes? The same way down. The same way down to Hell.

So, you have this whole scenario, where the people are in the room, where the real world is pushing this civilization; yet, the body of Christ is impotent. It’s been taught and trained that we must never comment on real world things, and the real politic; even though Jesus said, “Pray every day, thy Kingdom Come, they Will be done on Earth, as it is in Heaven. Pray it every day!” Even though Jesus said, when I come back, I’m going to wipe out the Kingdoms of this World. Even though he said, “I come not to bring peace, but the sword.” Oh, but don’t focus on that. You got to always turn the other cheek. Speak nice to your enemies. Pray for your enemies. You can’t speak harsh.” Well, I remember Jesus calling on the Pharisees, “fools, hypocrites, white washed tombs, total demons, Get thee behind me Satan.” See, if they push you, they conveniently left out the part, where Jesus kicking them out of the actual Temple, the bankers and the money changers. He’s physically tossing them out, and he goes and makes a whip, which he can whip them with. “Oh, you just want to show us the pictures on the Stain Glass windows. Oh, Jesus, he’s so pro-establishment. See! He flies around. All he does is he magically touch you, and all he does is just fly around, and all the Kingdoms love him, and they all work with him, and they…” Jesus was the example of the antiestablishment. The entire Empire of Rome heard about this crazy Jewish man from Nazareth, who was creating a Movement and a ruckus, and preaching this Gospel of Kingdom of God, which they were not the Kings of. They hate that part; and, this is the reality of the world today.

Just this week, Trump signed the Executive Order to keep out “Radical Islamic Terrorists,” and you see all those people… What’s that, my dear?” We didn’t even read this; because, this is Acts 1:1-8, and we’re not even in Acts 9, yet. You know! Okay, let’s look at this real quick. This was the first ever Acts in the Kingdom of God.

Acts 1:1-8 (KJV)

1 The former treatise have I made, O Theophilus, of all that Jesus began both to do and teach, Until the day in which he was taken up, after that he through the Holy Ghost had given commandments unto the apostles whom he had chosen: To whom also he shewed himself alive after his passion by many infallible proofs, being seen of them forty days, and speaking of the things pertaining to the kingdom of God: And, being assembled together with them, commanded them that they should not depart from Jerusalem, but wait for the promise of the Father, which, saith he, ye have heard of me. For John truly baptized with water; but ye shall be baptized with the Holy Ghost not many days hence. When they therefore were come together, they asked of him, saying, Lord, wilt thou at this time restore again the kingdom to Israel? And he said unto them, It is not for you to know the times or the seasons, which the Father hath put in his own power. But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.

Look at this. He was transcending death. Even after the grave, he was preaching about the Kingdom of God. Across the Spirit World, Jesus was talking about the Kingdom of God, even when he came back. He didn’t all of sudden say, “Hey, I want to teach about the Gospel of the Crucifixion. There’s not one place in the Bible in the Gospels where he says that. Jesus is talking about the Kingdom of God.

Now, that doesn’t deny the power of the Cross; nor, deny the power of Salvation through the Cross, which is real; but, Jesus was preaching about the Kingdom of God, even after he died and came back for forty days with his people. He was teaching them about the Kingdom of God; and, it was creating a massive ruckus with them being assembled with him.
Acts 1:4 And, being assembled together with them, commanded them that they should not depart from Jerusalem, but wait for the promise of the Father, which, saith he, ye have heard of me. For John truly baptized with water; but ye shall be baptized with the Holy Ghost not many days hence.

See, when your eyes are open now, it’s just like Isaiah said, when the world sees good it’s evil, and evil it’s good;” but, when your eyes are open, and you are in Christ, and you can see the reality of good and evil, there’s so much power that wells up within you with the fusing of the Holy Ghost. There’s so much power; because, you can see the world. You can actually see your enemy; whereas, when you don’t understand what is good and evil, you’re like trying to fight in a cloud. How are you going to fight your opponent in a cloud? It’s like trying to fight a Ninja or something.

You try to get him here, at it’s like, Poof! He’s gone! He’s over there. You try to get him there, and Poof! He’s gone. He’s kicking your back, Ow! How are you going to fight a smoked Ninja, or a phantom that can teleport and move around as you try to attack them? You can’t see the thing; but, when you’re able to decipher and see it, you can see how Satan, I mean he’s literally using actual beings on this planet to create a Kingdom. You can see who the actors are. Woah! You can see these people. You can see it unfolding. When you can see it, you are filled with so much power.

This is what the tyrants hate. They hate it when you can see them. They have to operate in shadow. That’s why Satan has to operate in shadows. What if I said, we have to fight against flesh and blood; but, the principalities are of the Darkness of this World. They need the darkness to hide. And, when the body of Christ cannot see them, and you cannot see them, it’s like fighting an elusive, invisible thing, and you cannot know where you have to stand; but, if your eyes are open to the actual moving of Satan through political Satanism in this world, look at that? Not only will you he baptized with the Holy Ghost (Acts 1:5) you’ll have so much fire inside you, the Spirit of God within you, and the gift of God that’s been given to humanity, will start rising-up, and you’ll say, “I cannot let humanity go to its death. I cannot stand here and watch my fellow man and woman go to the pit of Hell. I must stand up against this. I must call the Devil the Devil. I must call evil, evil, even though all my friends hate me, and even though I got socially ostracized, and even though I got called a racist bigot, a homophobic, etcetera, etc. – that the Left always say on you. It’s doesn’t matter. I don’t care, now. I transcend you, and now I don’t care about what a tax you put upon me, I will you evil, evil, and the good, good. And, God is Good!!!

Act 1:7…It is not for you to know the times or the seasons, which the Father hath put in his own power. But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.

This is the connection. This is the connection to Jesus, even after the physical death brought from beyond the grave. It was the Kingdom of God. It was the Gospel of the Kingdom, which would infuse you with the power of the Holy Spirit, Himself. The Holy Spirit would be sent upon you, you would be baptized with fire and baptized with power. Dynamos, dynamos. Power to affect change. Power to conquer. Power to destroy. Not just powers to act sheepishly, “Like come little wolf. Come eat me.” Power to destroy the pillars of Satan. Power to destroy the civilization of Satan.

We see in the body of Christ, now, we can see this how amazing it has become; because, those who are truly politically awake, and can see through the eyes of Christ, and can see through the eyes of the Father, who was given of those gifts, through the gift of the Holy Spirit, discernment, we can see that in the real world there are actual forces that seek to develop Satan’s Kingdom.

“Trump signs an Executive order to keep out “radical Islamic terrorists!” This was a huge thing this week with protest everywhere, from LAX to JFK, etc. We know a lot of those protests are sponsored and paid for by George Soros, the mega-bank, the actual NAZI. They say when you support Trump, you’re a NAZI, when they are actually being funded by a NAZI. I mean, you can’t make this stuff up. It’s so insane. It’s so crazy. I mean, even when I hear myself talk sometimes, I’m like, “That’s crazy! I mean, it’s like crazy!”

They’re calling people are standing for sovereignty, NAZI, while they’re being paid by an actual NAZI. You can’t make this up. This is how crazy our world is.

So, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Yemen and Somalia. Now, they want to say, “Oh, Trump is so racist. He’s a White Supremacist. You see all these White people here. There all out to get you. All these White people here. You see. They all want to destroy you, because they’re White. All these White people, you see that? They want keep you, and they want to stand over you, and they just want to control you; because, they are White, and they have less pigment than you. They have less vitamin D than you. They want to kill you. Give them a multiple vitamin. No, no! We need to pretend that they’re the white wolves trying to eat us.”

So, you actually have these countries, and they say, Trump is a White Supremacist, because he delineated these seven countries. BTW, it was only for ninety days, just to check it out. We just want to check out the system. We’re just trying to check out what they’re doing in the vetting process. Okay! Because, you have major people from DHS and CIA actually coming out and saying, “Let us look at them for three months. Let us look at it for the next ninety days.

It’s only these seven countries. “Oh, it’s a Muslim ban. It’s a Muslim ban, and he hates all Muslims. Trump is a radical white supremacist. Christianity is evil. He hates all Muslims.” Whoopsy daisy. There’s a little problem here. Who designated these seven countries? Whoops, whoops, whoops! It was their God, and Lord and Savior, Barak Hussein Obama is the one who delineated these seven countries. He’s the one that chose those countries. It was not the White Supremacist Trump. It was their Lord and Savior Obama, Hussein Obama, who chose those seven countries.

“Oh, no! But see, see, see, when their Lord and Savior Barak Hussein Obama does it, that’s trendy and that’s great. That’s Progressive. Oh, that’s so wonderful. Ban those countries, Obama. Ban ‘em, baby. Yeah! Do it. Do it, Obama. Yes, we love you. You’re so amazing! We love to see you jogging every morning. Seven countries. Yes, we support you.” Now, President Trump pulls out the exact same seven countries, and now they scream, “White Supremacist. Racist. Islamophobe. Woman hater. Misogynist. Ah, we hate him.” Trump is like a Trump player. I mean, he’s owns a couple of casinos, doesn’t he? So, he knows how to play his cards. He got them right into a trap. He got them hollering about him being so Islamophobe. He’s so racist; but, they said, “Whoops!” Who made this law? Let’s see. Obama is the one who made this law. But, the Leftist see it different.

“No, he didn’t. You racist. You White Supremacist. Your even more racist, because you said Obama made the law because you’re White. You hate Iranians and Iraqis and Sudanese and Syrians and Yemenis and Somalians even though Obama made the law.” This is the insanity, whatever.

Now look! If there was truly a Muslim ban, you would have to other countries like Indonesia, Pakistan, etc. because they have the most Muslims.  How come other countries are not on the list? Indonesia has 87.2% Muslim. Over two hundred million Muslims. How come he didn’t ban it, if he hates all Muslims, why didn’t he ban that country? It has the most Muslims.

Look at that? Pakistan has 178 million Muslims. How come Pakistan wasn’t on the list? How come India wasn’t on the list with 172 million Muslims, if Trump hates Muslims so bad? How about Bangladesh, Nigeria, Turkey, Egypt. How come he didn’t ban all those countries?  Of the top eight countries, only Iran was on the list of banned countries. 87 percent of the Muslim world can come into the US, free. Those with a travel visa are able to travel bank and forth; but, everybody’s brainwashed to believe all Muslim countries are banned.

“Donald Trumps a racist. He hates all Muslims. He hates all people. He only likes the Klu-Klux-Klan. He only likes wearing his Klansman outfit, and he only likes wearing white hoods with little holes in them with bed sheets.” That’s his secret. He around the White House in a white sheet saying Heil Putin.

They keep on going on with this Russian thing. CNN, this week saying, “France must be careful Putin may take over their election.” They were saying that this week France and Germany must be careful that Putin wants to take over their elections. It’s like saying Donald Trump was run over by Putin, and Putin has named all his children, and Putin gave birth to his grandchildren, and Putin calls him every day and encourages him to be more of a White Supremacist and hate those Muslims even more, and tells them to bow five times before him in a white sheet with two eye sockets saying Heil Putin. This is the lunacy of the Left; and, they’re actually brainwashing the kids to being mental patients, and not actually seeing the world to believe these incredible lies.

Obama’s who made that law. It’s not Donald Trump. Obama made the law. Anyways we covered this in detail on The King’s Report, because the whole thing has been insane. This California court system had a political cartoon with Donald Trump sitting before the court, and the three judges were sitting up there, and two of them had signs saying never Trump. They’re total Leftist. They are total Socialist-Communist, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

By the way, this is the same court that ruled in the state of California, you cannot put an American flag up in your school.  Yes, this is the same court that is against the American flag; but, it was okay to wear a Mexican flag. You can wear a Mexican flag, if you were from Mexico; but, you cannot have a US Flag, because that’s hateful. It may offend somebody. This is the crazy court passing this kind of laws, eighty percent are turned by the Supreme Court. This is how Leftist they are. This is how crazy they are.

What did they do. They declared that Judge can grant immigration visas, essentially. That illegal immigrants, illegally, nobody’s against immigration. There’s a legal process to come in, legally. Legally. Legally.  Legally there is a process to come in. Now, when you put the illegally in front, it’s a problem. There’s a difference between the legal and illegal; but, we love everybody who wants to come into the United States embrace sovereignty, etc. Who wants to move with sovereignty and have rights over their own destiny, etc.

Anybody’s who for those values, the American citizen has no problem with that. We just have problems with countries we have blown up, who have grown hotbeds of Islamic terrorism, who have eighty percent of them men coming in. See, that’s a problem. See, when we have all these politicians who have blown up all these countries, it’s because all those countries on that list are countries Obama blew up. He was dropping bombs on every single one of them; and, of course, we have to be a little worried, we are blowing up their families and blowing up their children. We were blowing their nation’s up. So, of course we have to be a little worried.

We shouldn’t be in there in the first place. Everybody here knows that Father was against the Iraqi War from the beginning. We shouldn’t even be in there; but, the fact of the matter is we were killing people there; and, now the Jihadis have grown, and they’ve been back by the Saudis. They’ve grown and they’ve gotten larger. They’ve taken a large swath of land, and they radicalized more people; and, so yes for ninety days, it’s a new Administration, just to check out what the old system was there, it makes sense. Okay, just to see what kind of people were there, we want to make sure they’re not pledged to terrorism. After all, eight percent of them are men. They are not women and children. Ninety percent are Muslim. They don’t let the Christians come in under Obama; but, over eighty men.

Now, if we’re only bringing in just kids, that’s another thing; but, we’re bringing in eighty percent men from hot bed areas of terrorism, eighty percent of which are military age fighting capable men, eighteen to thirty. Now, that’s a problem. That’s a big problem; because, now even if you have five to ten percent who are radicals, you have a huge population of radicals that have just got into your country and want to kill you.

But, the Judge now declares that those illegal immigrants can hire a lawyer and fight against a democratically elected President in a court of law and win. They are insane. This is literally the judicial system waging war on the entire government of America. There going out of their entire way. They don’t have rights to issue things like this; and, Trump says, he’s confident he will win this case.

But, what’s happening. We have to understand the situation that Trump is in right now; because, we know he is a sovereign candidate. We know that he is not perfect; but, he’s not out to destroy humanity. He’s not out to kill little children. He doesn’t want to shut down the Pedophile cults. You know 474 were arrested in LA, who were associated with Pedophilia, etc. So, he’s going after those cults. Jeff Sessions is now Attorney General. He’s going to start going after all those criminals, all the Pedophile rings. All the Podesta’s. All the Hillary Clinton’s. All that. So, they are so scared, these political Satanists, who have sold out to the mega-money gods of the Earth.

“Trump Allies dismayed by huge numbers of White House leaks.” Every single meeting Trump has, there are leaks coming out; and, they’re becoming crazy distractions like, Donald Trump walks around in a bathrobe in the White House. That’s one of the leaks. They’re saying he walks around in a bathrobe. Well, he works until 2 AM in the morning. The guy is working twenty hours a day. He gets up like at 6 AM. He’s doing all these things. All these meetings, and then, yes, when he’s on his down time, when nobody’s around, then yeah, then okay! The guy puts on a bathrobe. So, what! He’s in his family quarters. It’s not like he’s out in a yard flashing people. What are these people talking about? He walks around in a bathrobe. Who cares!

Then, there’s another leak that says, Donald Trump is a clueless clown, while talking to world leaders. This is what’s happening with the leaks around. There’s a whole stradegy with leaking, that experts in politics talk about. There’s strategic ways to leak things, if you want in politics; but, this is deliberate. People in around him, people who are from the establishment, people who are posing as a Republican, but really are bought off.

People say at top sources say, it is people like Reince Priebus and Paul Ryan, these people who were totally against Trump the whole campaign. Remember, this was the guy, who was the chairman of the Republican National Committee. He’s the one who comes out on CNN saying, no, no! We are a private organization. It really doesn’t matter who the people elect. We get to choose. We’re a private organization. The RNC is a private organization. It’s not a public organization. So, he publically on camera had to admit that the people alive. Citizens voted, and they thought they get the person they want. This guy comes out and says, “Nope! Sorry! We’re a private organization. You don’t get to choose the Republican nominee. This is the guy who does it; but, there was so much overwhelming tsunami support for Trump, that Trump was able to take it, and these people are so angry; but, in order to navigate Washington, he takes Reince Priebus as his Chief of Staff.

This guy, who also the backing as the Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, is super, super deceitful. Super deceitful. Dangerous, dangerous, dangerous politician. And, just last week, the records came out that George Soros that they say that they’re against, because he only funds Progressives. Right? No! It came out last week that George Soros also funded others by his Executives. His executives funded Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, John McCain, John Kasich, Lindsey Graham in 2016. They were in their Presidential races. They were in their Presidential Nomination races.

They now traced back, and I covered this whole article a couple of days ago, we actually go through the numbers, and through who actually sent which money, and it comes out clear. These people are being funded by George Soros. Not only the Left. He’s also paying for the Right; and, that’s why you have this duopoly that pretends they’re fighting each other; but, keeps on giving the same thing. They keep on just growing the Archangel bigger and bigger. People have less and less rights. Monopolies get to succeed more and more; because, they’re in their pocket.

This is the reality of how evil operates in front of humanity. It’s creating this illusion that we have a choice, that the Elites have given us. We have a choice between these Republicans, who are the good guys, and the Democrats, who are the bad guys. The Republicans, who are the faithful Christians; and, the Democrats, who are the Communists. Well, that’s half true. The Democrats are Communist. They believe in all the ten planks of Marxism, so they are Marxists; but, what’s not true Republicans are all good, God centered Christians. That’s not true. They are taking money from the very same NAZIs that are funding the Left. They’re taking money from same Atheist, NAZI collaborating demon Satanists than the Left. The same people. They’re taking money from the same group, and they’re beholding to that group, and that’s why they hated Trump from the beginning; and, now all of a sudden, you receive massive leaks all around Trump. Boom! Boom! Boom!

They’re coming out. Why? Because, you having these establishment people, and he wanted to use them to try to convince the Republican Party to be good; but, the reality is, they sold they’re soul to Satan, and now he’s in a situation where he’s surrounded by enemies, surrounded by people who are trying to destroy him.

Kasich, Lindsey Graham, Paul Ryan. All these people smiling next to him; but, waiting for his destruction wanting him dead. Why? Because, he wants to stand up for the normal person. Why? He doesn’t want to implode the economy. Why? Because he wants to support small size businesses. Why? Because he wants to cut your taxes. Why? Because he literally wants to take taxes away. No more taxes for the poor. Under his plan, $25,000 or less, no taxes. No Income tax. If you are a married couple and you make 50 K or less, you have no Income Tax under the Trump plan. Zero! You get to save and invest it how you want. Take your kids out to a restaurants, movies, or invest it properly.

You get to keep the money you earn. You see, that’s biblical. A man must be able to keep what earns from the sweat of his brow. It is the devils that want to take the sweat of the brow, the work from the sweat of the brow. It’s the devils that want to own humanity, and not being able to set them free.

So, we are in a massive battle, Now, Trump is in a situation, where the Left is fomenting to create tremendous violence and instability throughout the country. They’re doing riots. They’re doing violent riots, you know that. At the same time, the riots are moving to take him out. We need more than ever to be praying for President Trump. Not because he’s the Messiah, not because he’s God, not because he’s the second coming of Jesus; but, because he is a man who simply wants to see humanity succeed. That’s all he wants. He doesn’t want to see people be sold into sex trafficking. He doesn’t want the Archangel to rule your children or be muscling us into. He doesn’t want to force, ramrod down your throat political homosexual agenda, and transgender agenda, and pedophile agenda. He doesn’t want you to be taxed until your overburdened. He doesn’t want a tax in massive way like the Left. He wants your small business to succeed, and be able to compete against the email corporations. He wants the banks to loan more to the normal man and not just to themselves. He wants the normal person to succeed. He’s not a wicked pedophile Satanist. He’s just a normal guy, who made a great success.

And so, it is more important than ever at this time; because, we stood with Trump, when nobody was in this area. Everybody thought we were crazy to stand for Trump. Even the Conservatives thought we were nuts; but, we were standing through it. All of you wrote them off. We saw it. God saw the micro and the macro move so powerfully, and in sync; but, he is under tremendous danger, tremendous danger, and surrounded by sharks. So, now more than ever, at this time, now more than ever, he’s moving towards the Kingdom mentality. He’s moving towards liberating the people from the bondage of the Archangel. He’s moving more in a place where can be set free from them; so, we can actually pursue God, and pursue the blessings and gifts of God. Unlock our epigenetics, as human beings. Become more Christ like.

He’s not a Savior. He’s not Christ; but, he is a man who wants to bring back Christian ethics to this land. He doesn’t want to have a pro-Sharia Law, where we can oppress women, beat them, scourge them, treat them like tilth and plow them whenever we want. He wants to bring Christian Ethics back. He wants to support husband and wife marriages. He wants to support, you know, Churches doing good work, and get the Federal Government out of trying to do good work. He wants the people to get the credit for the work they do.  He is not out to kill people, or destroy people.

So, now more than ever, we have been standing with Trump. God has connected us with Trump through miracles and in a miraculous way; and, so now more than ever we need to be praying for our President, praying for our nation, praying for this world, that we can stand together, that we can unite around the principles of sovereignty, of freedom and responsibility, of God centered values – not political Satanism, but political Godism; and, that we can reinstate the values God wants us to have. It doesn’t mean we will be perfect. It doesn’t mean we will be flawless. It doesn’t mean we will be without sin; but, we will be moving towards God. We will be yearning towards Him. Our hurts will be emptied, and we will search for Him, and we will see goodness, goodness begin to succeed, and evil begin to diminish.

He’s made a promise to go after all those criminals in the Federal Bureaucracy. And there are many of them; and, he’s making true on those promises. He’s making true. Jeff Session, boy he is… He’s already saying we are going to go after them. “Drain that Swamp!” Every single promise he’s made, he’s actually trying to do. We’re just so unbelievably numb; because, pristine politicians had made promises and lied to us over and over, and over and over, again. So, it is so weird, when a politician actually does what he says he’s going to do. It like, “What! He’s doing what he said he would do? What! He’s doing it. That’s crazy. See, that’s how crazy this land has become.

Let’s go to Cheon Seong Gyeong Page 296. Father’s Words are

A teacher or sovereign who follows the pattern of parental love will pursue the environment of a heavenly nation which Satan cannot invade. Since the evil one’s sphere of false love cannot invade, a realm of liberation will unfold and create the heavenly kingdom on earth. (213-214, 1991-1-16)

The Cheon Il Guk has been released. God’s Law has been released into the atmosphere, and now the Kingdom of God, Cheon Il Guk, is coming to this world. Let’s give God some praise everybody. SOS come on up. Let’s all rise and worship Him today, giving Him all the praise and glory, as we offer these songs of praise, with praise and thanksgiving we enter into His presences giving all the glory to God. Amen-Aju!








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