2016-12-04 Kingdom Reflections

By Rev. Hyung Jin Moon, Sanctuary Church, Newfoundland, PA 18445

(NOTE: Dr. Richard Panzer called this Kingdom Vigilance;” however, I asked Rev. Hyung Jin Moon for a title for his sermon. He called it, “Kingdom Reflections.” We agreed that either name would be acceptable.)

Do you know what they say? They say, that, every twenty years a hunter gets a bear. Twenty years! For twenty years you gotta hunt to get a bear. Okay! So, that’s probably the only time we’re ever going to have bear; but, it was unbelievable. We have a video of that on “Saved Monk Outdoors.” Check it out on Moon Hyungjin on Facebook.


Announcements ~

Welcome everybody! For those who are seeking truth., we will have the official entry into the Cheon-Il Gung Palace. Join us as we celebrate the Official Entry of the Second Kingship into True Father’s Home at 154, which is the same number as True Father’s Ascension. It is the house Kook Jin Nim and I saw, when we first came here. So, that will be held on Sunday at 11:00 AM on January 1, 2017.  There will be no Sunday Service that day in Newfoundland, PA. Everybody will be there at 154.


The 50th True God’s Day, the Holy Birth of True Father, Sun Myung Moon, and Jesus Christ on Saturday, January 28, 2017. It is the 8th Year of Cheon-gi, 1st Month, 1st Day by the Heavenly Calendar.


The Holy Blessing of 4300 couples will be held on the second day, after True Father’s and Jesus’ Holy Birthday on the 1st Month, 2nd day by the Heavenly Calendar.

HSU University with Kerry Williams on December 9th.

Winter Camp from December 29, 2016 to January 1, 2017
OSDP Seminar on December 17, 2016


Freedom Society Seminars on Dec 15, 2016. We have been discussing the “Bloodlines of Satan.” We looked into David Icke’s video. Wasn’t that interesting? He’s like on the New Age side of the Liberty Movement. He’s like the Alex Jones of Britain; and, he did very important work bringing out the scandals in the Monarchy and the Elites.


He makes a mistake with Christianity, obviously. He doesn’t understand it well; but, he brings that audience of the New Age people into the concepts and ideas of the Freedom Society. He talks about freedom, sovereignty, personal responsibility, self defense, etc.


So, God uses all sorts of people to reach different audiences; so, that they can draw closer to Him. David Icke understands what they call the “archontic” force. He sees into the infinite conscious and such stuff. He sees into the New Age stuff. He speaks in that dimension; while, lumping Christianity with every other religion, which is ridiculous; because, it is categorically different that all other religions, but he stays in that sort of limitless consciousness. You know, this New Age realm, and exposing the evil behind the politicians and the top world leaders, etc. How they are into Satanism. He shows the evidence for that, etc; but, he does not understand the flipside.


He can show the evil that exist in our world; but, he doesn’t have the answer. He does not acknowledge the Creator that’s so critical. So, he really needs the Principle; because, he’s right there understanding the nature of evil. But, again, if you want to talk about natural rights or human rights, you have to have a Right Giver. You have to have somewhere that it comes from, which is not arbitrary human decision making and collective thinking; because, if it is collectively made, it could collectively change, which is a problem. They are not inalienable; and, they are not permanent; and, they are not eternal. Okay!


So, he was one of those critical people. He use to say things; but, he didn’t have a word for it. He didn’t want to say things like Satan or demons. He didn’t want to use Christian language.; so, he would call them reptiles. So, the people that were against him, would just rail on him saying, “This guy believes in reptilians and UFOs. Other than that, this is New Age type mumbo jumbo type stuff. He does do good work in exposing political idiots, alright! He was a very famous Journalist; before, he started to work on these things.


Also, there will be an Anointing today of the Uganda leader, Arinaitwe Aggrew and Topista Amolo Ouda.


Last night was Teen Night; and, we had the PSA {Public Service Announcement) Video Contest. We have a First Place video. Shin Goong, Shin Bok and Young-gul were the Champions of this video contest. Let’s give it up for the winners of this contest. (The First, Second and Third place videos were shown)


Thank you for all the announcements.




Today, we’re going to do something a little different. The last session on the videos were very good. Part of apologetics are the lecture series that we give; and, we do it not only for our youth groups, but for those who are seeking to answer the question, “Does even the Creator exist?” “Does God Exist.”


Now, for most of us, that is something we have delved into our lives, or have found out; but, for many people who are searching, that is a fundamental question. The question of whether or not God exists has huge implications on your life. It’s an absolutely critical question. Okay!


It is a question of the ages. It is a question of are meaning of life. It is a question of our place in the Universe. This is the main starting point of all philosophical inquiry. So, there are important, what we call “Cosmic” questions that are essential for one’s spiritual life, and our relationship with God in the end.


There is an amazing… Amazing, amazing, amazing series by Dr. Stephen Meyer and “Focus on the Family” from TrueU, with a series on this issue. Now, our apologetic series, which we do on this, is the basis on the work of William Lane Craig, which is heavily borrowing from this as well. Also, he’s adding new insights.


This Dr. Meyer is a Scientist; and, he works for the Discovery Institute out West. Absolutely fantastic series. Highly recommend it. If you guys have kids in their teens, middle school, high school; or, you have kids in college, or young people who are serious about questions of life. They’re really searching; and, they want logical, reasonable reasons for believing in God. Nobody wants to believe it; because, somebody says to believe it. Right?


These are things one has to confirm with our faculties through logic, reason, intellect, emotion, will, all those faculties which God has bestowed upon us, are tools which we pursue Him. This series, which is about a ten part series on “From the Beginning. Faith and Reason. Big Bang Cosmology,” etc. He’s heavy on Science; because, this man is a Scientist; but, the last parts of the video, 9 and 10, “The Moral Necessity of Theism,” we are going to look at them today; because, they are so well prepared, and so well documented. But, before we do that, in the Spirit of our Number One grand prize winning team, we have some amazing videos that were just amazing this weeks.


Now remember, this was an epic battle that we’ve seen. We’re gonna get out Scripture later. There’s plenty of Scriptures to center us today; but, remember folks, this was such a major epic battle that we encountered; because, we have to understand that political movements have idyllic pictures of society for which they are trying to create. So, it really does matter who is in power. It really does not matter whose vision is on top. Do you understand what I’m saying? Does that make sense? It’s not like the Family Fraud, whose Han Mother says, “God is not with any politicians; so, it doesn’t matter if it’s Hillary or Trump.” Are you kidding me!


Are you kidding me! You’re insane, if you think that. We saw, that, in the crust of their metaphysical universe, which they both exist in. You can kill and murder living human children one day before the due date. It’s not murder.


So, you can kill the most sinless, innocent citizen of a nation, calling it women’s rights; and you can murder, and that should be mainstream, and that should be okay. That is one utopian sort of picture of the future. Will we be a civilization, which respects the sanctity of life? That protects those who cannot defend themselves, that protects the innocent and sinless amongst us. The most innocent and sinless among us are the unborn children. Will we acknowledge that they have human rights? Will we acknowledge the protection of their natural and God given rights? You see the difference in the picture of the future civilization, based between Hillary and Trump?


He called her out on it. You know he’s brash; and, he says he’s not perfect; but, God uses imperfect people, just like he used King Cyrus to free the Jewish people. King Cyrus had a harem. He was a Persian King. We have to remember that the macrocosm, that God uses, is to protect the microcosm, folks. This is something we lose sight of, when we’re in the microcosm.


We know all the things that are in the micro are in the macro; but, God will use the macro; because, the victories of the macro are connected to the micro, to protect the micro for the micro’s sake. Although, Persia was not the perfect Empire, they had pagan worship and that all sorts of crazy stuff; but, God used King Cyrus. The Old Testament even calls him the Messiah. They use the word, Moshiach for King Cyrus; because, he’s the one who comes and destroys and kills all the top leaders in Babylon, Drains the Swamp, and he gets in there and he wipes them all out. Takes over Babylon, destroys it, and all the Jewish people and lets them go back home to Jerusalem, and actually builds a wall for them and protects them.


He did not convert. He did not become Jewish. He did not become this or that; but, God used him to free the people. God used him on the macro to bring about the micro. Eventually, the micro would overtake Babylon. They would die away; and, the tradition of Judeo-Christianity would continue to flourish and overtake the entire world.


So, it is the same type of relationship we see on the micro. All the investment, all the things, from the young people to the older people here, all the things we had to do to make Trump get in; and, everybody thought we were crazy. Everybody thought we were insane. When we started saying Pennsylvania is the swing state, everybody thought we were insane. We were conspiracy theorists. We’re nuts, etc. Then, what happened? You saw what happened. PA was the swing state. and made him the President Elect. So, it’s tremendous. You can see a mirroring of the macro and the micro.


After “Breaking the Silence,” before that, we were exposing 911. We brought Dr. Richard Gage her to present the evidence. Even our Commissioner saw it. The County Commissioner saw it, too; and, he totally flipped and changed his mind on the reality, once he saw the evidence.


And, so many people are in this trance. in this cognitive dissonance; because, they do not want to pursue truth; because, it’s so painfully, emotional to understand. “Wow! These elected officials are this corrupt and this demonic.” You don’t want to believe it. You want to believe they’re out there for your interest. You want to believe you elected them; and, the politicians are there to serve the public; when, they’re really there to serve their pocket.  I don’t have no back pockets on this.

So, it’s so hard to understand; because, people psychologically have this cognitive dissonance to match this reality with this fake fantasyland that they have been told by the mainstream media. They just want to believe it. “Oh, I just want to believe that these politicians that I elected there to serve. They told me they would. They’re nice people. I met them on the street. Blah, blah, blah!”


So, we seen that whole battle. We seen right up to the “Breaking of the Silence,” and it’s impact on the macro. We had to stand up against their heresy. We had to stand up against the Fallen Mother, the Fallen Eve figure. We had to stand up against her; and, everybody now knows that it was inevitable. It was impossible to play both sides. You had to make a decision.


If, we stayed in the Palace, we would have to betray Father. We would have to desecrate him. We would have to support the heresy. We would have to go along with this unbelievable thing out of thin air. This “Only Begotten Daughter, which any Christian person… here’s stories from all over the US. All these Pastors getting invited to Family Fed events saying, “What the heck is this? I don’t…” The more the Han Mother speaks, the more the heretical theology comes out, unprincipled theology, her Fallen theology; where, she’s trying to make herself God.


We knew that. Everybody thought we were crazy. Everybody called us evil. We were Misogynist. We were hateful; and, we’re… everything under the sun. Okay! But, we were sons that would not sell out our father. We were Cain and Abel that Father anointed, whom he trusted; because, Why? We wouldn’t sell him out for billions of dollars; and, that microcosm victory. Then, of course, we were waiting for the macrocosm.


It’s amazing! Right after “Breaking the Silence,” Donald Trump comes out; and, he starts getting mocked. He starts getting called all kinds of names. Misogynist, and he hates things, all the same stupid stuff. He’s a conspiracy theorist. He starts bringing out 911. He was able to defeat Jeb Bush; because, he started to bring out the 911 stuff. You was saying to Bush, “You know know Saudi Arabia was involved in all of that.”  And, they got freaked out; and, Jeb Bush dropped out, because of that reality. So, he was able to defeat them step by step.


So, you can see how the micro and macro moved at the same time. As Trump gained momentum, they were saying, “Oh! He’s going to be toast. He’s going to be out of here. He’ll never win.” You saw saw that complilation that I showed on that day; where, they were saying, “He’ll never win. It’s a joke. It’s a side show. Blah, blah, blah!” All the top analysts, right, were saying this. All the top analysts, all the people who were suppose to believe, unquivacallably said Trump would lose. Why? Because, they’re paid by the same bankers, all the conglomerates that own all the channels. There are five operations that own all the channels that you see on TV.


So, what an unbelievable battle. At the same time, once Trump wins, you could see a massive shift. There’s a shift that’s happening; because, now the Judgement is not falling on the people. The people have done their five percent responsibility. The people have stood up for God’s side. The people have stood up for the unborn. They have stood up for human rights. The people have stood up for prosperity. The people have stood up for Nationalism, and local control, and state control, and family control, not globalist control.  That’s Communism. Not a centralized control. No, no, no! Trump was leading a new form of government, which he called, “Americanism.”


But, read what it says, that states and local families have control. Does that make sense? So, that’s what we call, “Sovereignty.” That’s what, in terms of God’s perspective, we call Sovereignty. Cheon Il Guk perspective, we call Sovereignty philosophy. Sovereignty Principle. Really, the battle was between that. Will the state and local have control over their jurisdictions, over their area; or, will some unelected group of elites from different countries be regulating us from Brussels, from Russia, from wherever, or Washington DC? No! God’s gift to humanity is Sovereignty, with freedom and responsibility.


And so, that battle from behind the scenes was happening; so, you’ll see those two people, those two ideologies, one representing globalism or Communism; and, one local and family or state localized control, a decentralized control. One representing centralized global control. This was the real battle that was happening.


Now, it’s very fascinating. We touched on this last week, the difference between the two. You can see, for example, Hillary was just a puppet for the conglomerates, the big bankers.We know that. And the Saudis. You could see massive Pediphilias in Saudi Arabia; and in the family, or Monarchy. He’s married; and into girls that are very small in Islam, so to speak. So, Hillary, we have these two camps; where, one is for the murder of children, where children have no human rights, relativism, or they call it multiculturalism to make it sound better, but really it’s more about relativism.


She supports, what else? Open Borders. That means no individual rights. No protection of individuals or individual nations, no sovereignty. They support, what? Centralized land ownership by increasing the “Green Energy.” protection, all under the guise of the EPA, etc. To what? Increase control and ownership of government land. This was the whole fight between the BLM, the Bureau of Land Management and Bundy’s out in Nevada. Then, recently, they had a fight in Oregon. Okay! So, the BLM has been shot with cameras in private meetings, stating that they want to increase BLM’s land mass ownership, and we want to get rid of citizen’s ownership as their stated federal aim.


So, you can see these kinds of things. No private property, right! Killing and murdering of the innocent, right! Total control. Centralized control. No guns for the people. No ability for self defense for the people that only can be controlled by the state. What else?


No property rights, etc. Centralized education, and all experts say, centralized education dumbs people down. We’ve invested more and more money into education; and, we are getting lower and lower international grades. Centralized education is not creating critical thinkers. Centralized education is to create a status quo, which is easier to control in terms of mass psychology, okay!


Control of the media. We saw how they were in bed with Hillary. 100% of them were against Trump. Every single “Media Outlet.” NBC and all those fools, were against Trump. You see that? They called him a White Supremacist, even though he employees and works with Blacks, Hispanics and women. They called him a Misogynist, even though he’s got the most women running his organization. His daughter runs the Trump International Empire. Last time we checked, she’s a woman.


Because, they cannot win, intellectually win their arguments or debates, they resort to name calling in order to “win the debate in terms of social pressure.” It’s called, “reductio ad absurdum.” It’s about mockery or making fun of your opponent to win the argument, and not actually creating an argument. So, this is what the left has always done.


Now, one thing that’s great about the alternative media is, they come out with a tremendous amount of logic. They come out with a tremendous amount of evidence for their facts, and for what they blamed the left for; however, the alternative right was always a little too passive; because, they were Christian based. So, they had Judeo-Christian morality; where, they had to love their enemy, and we really shouldn’t mock them. We have to take the higher ground, and so, let’s just present the facts. Let’s just present the evidence; and, the people will make the right decision. Of course, that’s not how mass psychology works.


So, the Globalists and Leftists and the Communists, they’re use to understanding the power of propaganda, etc; and, that’s what you see is different, like the Alt-Right that has developed on the Internet, like Infowars, like Drudge, like Breitbart. These people not only present evidence to attack the Left and their criminal activity, they also mock the hell out of them. They mock them like crazy; because, in the end, they realize, you not only have to stand up against evil, you have to detest evil. Not the person; but, you detest evil as a force, as a literal power, as a satanic power; and, you take away satanic power by mocking them. Showing how their behavior is hypocritical to what they state. They state, “We’re tolerant. We’re for peace.” And, they waged six wars. “We’re tolerant. We’re for peace. You racist.I’m gonna beat you up now.” You see what I’m saying?        

So, it’s the total opposite of tolerance. It’s totally opposite of peace, and those who want peace. But, they’re stuck in this cult. They’re literally stuck in their cult, and the young people get sucked into their cults by social pressure from the public education and so on.


They get Marxist teachers in higher education. They get Marxist teachers everywhere they go. They are five times more likely of being a Marxist professor in college than in the regular population. What is that, 600% to be educated, to be ‘eduMacated’ by a Marxist. It doesn’t represent the population. It’s a concentration of Communist ideology, and it’s designed that way. We understand that.

The State centralized power leads to what? The control of human activity. Leads to what? The control of human beings. Leads to what? The control of money supply, human farming, human taxation. All these products of being in bed with the collusion of big international governments.


We know that leads to Hell on Earth. We know that leads to the minimization of freedom. We know that leads to the destruction of human rights. We know that leads to the destruction of real education and critical thinking, and innovation and technology, etc.


So, this was a massive battle from the spiritual to the physical. This has been a problem of Christianity. They have been so indoctrinated by the laws, and different tax status laws; and, they been told you should not talk about these things on the pulpit, unless you be audited by the IRS and they come after you, etc. But, that’s been the problem.


So Christianity, as well, has become hijacked. Christianity as well has been teaching the same message. The same Liberation Theology message. The same pro-Communist centralized message; and, that has been the reality up until now, and it has been a massive fight. The boiling point was coming; and, the conflict had to happened.


Now,  we know we’re praying for Donald Trump, his family and all his Administrative people. He’s not picking perfect people; but, he’s picking people way better than we had before. At the same time, it is important that we understand the foolishness as to how the Communist, the Centralist, the Globalist manipulate people. How they tell them one thing; and, they do another.


This is critical for people to understand, especially for young people who are drawn into this  cult from a very young age by professors and teacher and people in authority. They’re basically becoming little cultist; and, they cannot believe, even if you present evidence, you’re considered a racist with no evidence. “He hate Mexican people. He wants to ship African people back to Africa.” What the heck are you talking about? You see what I’m saying? It just totally in Cult Land. Literally, there in a cult. ‘Oh, yes Hillary. What did you say about Donald Trump? Oh, yes, yes, yes!” You know, it’s literally Cult Land.


So, young people, especially young people on the Left, young people who are not critically thinking, who just go about their business and they just follow the system; and, they just go, literally putting one into Debt Slavery; and, they can never find a real job. All that kind of things; and, by the time they get old enough to realize they have been screwed to the wall, they’ve already been screwed to the wall.


So, you have this whole scenario, where literally people were in a cult, they were asleep and in a trance.They could not believe that it is possible that the Democrat Party founded the KKK, or was working with the KKK. The Republican Party was against them. Father chastised them. He called the Bush family, “King of Satan’s World.” Father said the Bushes should not go to Iraq, the Iraqi War after 911; otherwise, America’s going to be destroyed. So, fifty percent of those Republicans sending us into those useless crazy wars, they need to be put into prison. That’s one hundred percent true. He’s got to Lock Her Up; and, he’s got to lock those fools up, too; and, he’s got to get rid of the different Departments that are there, to just just suck up taxpayer farming. It is so incredibly important for people to understand, and how unbelievably hypocritical it is; and, this one video in the beginning of exposing evil. Exposing it. Not being afraid to expose it; and, show the hypocrisy of the Communist. Just expose the hypocrisy of the Centralists. Show the hypocrisy of the Globalists. Show the hypocrisy, which they claim to be tolerant; but, they’ll stomp on you. They’ll beat you up. They’ll maul you just because you voted for Trump. “That seems really tolerant. So tolerant. Hmmm!” (sarcastically)


That just shows moral posturing, moral psychology. Moral posturing is intending you to be good, when you’re actually evil. Pretending to donate to the poor; when, they never donate to charity on the Left. It been shown that people on the Left do not donate to charity, compared to those on the Right; because, they don’t have Judeo-Christian framework. They actually don’t do charity. They have fronts that do charity;  but, they are stealing money. They are stealing from people, other people’s money, and pretending it’s charity. That’s stealing. That’s not charity.


Charity is where you do something. You made your own money. You sweated for it; then, you give that hard earned thing away. It’s not stealing from people. You using the power of the state, and the power of the state’s guns, forcing people to pay. They take something, which you could use.  That’s called moral posturing. The Left is notorious for that; however, because the system is so unbelievably systematized, and the public system is what? Communist ideals. Socialist ideals. Liberation Theology ideals.


Stephen Maule, who is an atheist, he is also a Libertarian. He’s also a Freedom philosopher and a great Freedom Warrior; and, he’s also considering the deep nature of God, and whether God exists. He’s having a nice crisis in his life now, which is very good; but, he says very clearly, “You can’t expect to hire Coca Cola to be in charge of the Department of Education, and then educate how Coca Cola is bad for them, and how Coca Cola is unhealthy for your liver, and is unhealthy for your heart. It’s bad for cholesterol, and it’s got aspartame in it, which causes cancer. If you hire Coca Cola to run the Department of Education, would you expect Coca Cola to give you the facts on Diet Coke and Coca Cola? Of course not.


So, you cannot expect a centralized government to be in charge of education, trying to talk trying to talk about the dangers of centralized government. Does that make sense? That’s why they won’t teach you the real Thanksgiving story. Right! When they tried Communism for the first two years in 1661 in Jamestown, they failed. Everyone was dying. Eighty to ninety percent died in Jamestown; because, they were trying to do Communism. They were trying to collect grain in a centralized location, then we’ll share it. The politicians said they would share it. That’s Communism; and, everyone was poor. There was no Thanksgiving. Everyone was dying. They don’t want you to read the actual General’s papers in 1661. They want you to believe the government’s line. No, no! The Centralized Government made Thanksgiving. The Centralized Government made the prosperity. The Centralized Government made the turkeys and you were peaceful with the Indians, and the Pilgrims all that else, because of the centralized planning. What total bull shemitah.


Two years of that, you can read the Governor’s papers, it was to total famine. Now, they start changing to private property. They allowed everybody to have one acre. Each family were allowed to have one acre. You could produce what you want and sell what you want. Now, there’s all of a sudden prosperity. Once the government gets out of the way, let’s people have land ownership, let’s people have sovereignty, let’s people produce, whoa! Now, everybody has a harvest. Now, they have more than enough. Now, they aren’t dying. There’s no famine. Now, they’re a selling and making money. They’re getting rich. They’re getting prosperous. Wow! Isn’t that interesting. Why don’t you learn about that in your Coca Cola public school? I wonder why. They ain’t gonna tell you how bad Coca Cola is for you; because, there the dang Coca Cola Company. You see what I’m saying? This is the problem. Now, you can see why the young people are so brain-dead these days. They are awake; but, normally young kids are so brain-dead these day that there literally living in a cult.


So, this is one of the great things about the people on the Internet, who use comedy ,who use mocking to show the utter hypocrisy of what these fools are saying. It’s laughable, that you cannot see it when they say it. Young idiots go, “Oh, yes. Okay! Because Master Priestess Hillary said so. Yeah! Yes, yes! Hail Hillary!” It’s a cult. It’s a little cult.


There’s this one person who’s been trending on the Liberty side, and, he been making videos. He’s very talented; and, he’s made something that’s absolutely hilarious. I what to do something a little different today and show you this video. Let’s see this video. I want show you this. It’s called, “Hillary is Back.” (video shown)


Alright! They were trying to use the idea she’s a woman. You have to vote for her; and, if you don’t vote for her, you hate all women. No, we hate criminal women, and men. We hate people who take millions of dollars from known pediphiles like the Saudi Arabian Monarchy, and those who talk about women’s rights. In Saudi Arabia, you can’t even drive a car, ladies; and, she’s making money from that. But, you can’t get a job in the berkahs. There’s a law in Saudi Arabia.

Okay, so we don’t like criminals. We don’t like people who do crimes and break the law, and murder people that leave a death trail behind, like the Clintons. This is why we don’t like them. We could care less whether you have a penis or a vagina and you’re running for election. We care what you’re surrendering to. Are you surrendering to the big Globalist power like the Centralist banks? Are you trying to get there for your own political benefit? Are you there humbling yourself to God? Are you there humbling yourself to the Creator? You got to respect natural rights. You got to respect human rights. You’ve got to respect Divine rights that are inalienable; and, are you going to defend that. That’s what we care about.


Are you going to be for a Centralist governmental archangelic satanic power; or, are you going to be for a localized Family Citizen Kingship? Does that make sense? For example: In France, Marine Le Pen, she’s going to be the next Donald Trump of France. Right Pierre, right? She’s our girl in France. May 7th. You’ll see. And guess what? She’s a woman. Ahhh! Who cares! If the person is surrendering to God, stands on the side of sovereignty, stands on the side of inalienable rights, stands on the side of Divine rights, stands on the side of natural rights, they are on the Abel side. They are guarding the gifts that God has given humanity.


The reason why Christians came out, unmasked, to vote against this demon, is not only for the Ancestors Liberation Ceremony. You remember John Podesta and “Pizzagate,” when all that crap started to come out.  Remember this? All that stuff started coming out about her, and how her Satanist connections, and the people she hangs around with. The sperm cooking and the sperm drinking and urine drinking. You remember this stuff in the Podesta’s emails. Now, Julian Assange is missing. Pray for him. These kind of people are not perfect. They’re not perfect people. They’re not little Saints. Only the Messiah is perfect, folks; but, God will use imperfect people for His perfect aim.


What’s great about the alternative media, which CNN, and all the ridiculous and stupid people in the news media, are trying to label the Right as being White Supremacists. They’re the Alt-Right; and of course there crazies in there. Some racists planted in there; but, some of the KKK top men were FBI agents. It was the Democrat Party that was using them. They’re known agents; so, they try to lambast those who thinks differently from the Left, does not want Communist control, who wants to protect sovereignty as Alt-Right Supremacists. And, they come out and say, “Oh, Donald Trump’s victory is because of White anger.” No, it’s anger against corruption, you dummies.


We’re sick and tired of being raped. We’re sick and tired of being exploited. We’re sick and tired of being farmed by the big banks and the big corporations, the Rothschilds and the Goldman-Sachs, and all the big conglomerates. We’re sick and tired of having jobs shipped out of the countries to make us poor, the industrialized, so we can be easier to control. Poverty is a very powerful tool for keeping people in control. Henry Kissinger wrote about it. Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote about it. Carroll Quigley about it. All these crazy intellectuals. These totally demonic, demonic fools have written about this stuff.


Making people poor is a great way of controlling, the population; and, you have a super class of elites, and the poor will do whatever you ask, if you throw them a few crumbs. This is what the Communist want. That’s why, in a Communist country, it always becomes the super elite who throw out a little bread crumbs, and everyone else is a slave.  This is the unfortunate reality of what’s happening on the micro to the macro. The blessing was supposed to go to the Pacific Rim. Asia was supposed to have this Renaissance as well; but, because of the Fall of the Han Mother, we saw all that foundation lost.


The Korean Revolutions that are happening in South Korea now, impeach the President and all those kinds of things, are not moving in the direction of the Abel type Revolutions. They are moving in the direction of the Cain type Revolutions, of the Communist Revolutions. They want to get rid of her; because, the Commies want to bring Communism into South Korea. In Korea, now you see the Left getting stronger and stronger. Okay!


So, this is the difference between the Abel and Cain type Revolutions. Trump on the other hand, is right in that opportune time, when God put out his hand and saved his Kingship, saved his people, saved the prepared people of God. In the beginning they said, Trump would never be able to succeed. He’s not in the Oval Office, yet; but, already he’s invoking so many things. He’s starting to make so many victories, that now they are forced to cover him. Let’s see what happened this week. Let see this second video about Trump. (Video shown from Infowars.com on some of the victories of Trump and his critics.)


So, huge corporation like Carrier, Ford and Apple are coming back. He saved one thousand jobs from Carrier Air Conditioner Company in Indianapolis. Of course, you see the Globalists. Did you see Obama there saying, “What, is Trump going to wave a magic wand? What’s he going to do?” He’s going to negotiate a fair deal; and, he’s going to give corporate tax cuts, so they want to stay in the US. You don’t have to be brainless or a brain scientist to understand that. And, guess what’s happening here? He did the deal, and he’s not even in the Oval Office; and, he did the deal, and Carrier is going to stay, and a thousand jobs were saved.


Did you see MSNBC? They had to report that; but, did you see there faces? They were like biting their tongue and give a fake smile saying, “Oh, a thousand jobs were apparently saved. Uhh!” They don’t care about the people. All they care is centralized control. All they care is they become the super elites. They want to make everybody else poor, so they can control. Look folks, it happens in every freakin’ Communist state. The elites want it. They are Satanists at the top. They are Satanists. They are driven by a Cosmic power of evil. They are driven by an unseen hand of evil, which drives them to be predatory in nature, and prey on weak people, and prey on civilization to parasite off them. They are evil; and, as Wikileaks has shown, they are Satanists as well, that do the the child killings and the eating of children. You’ve seen the BBC interviews. Okay!


So, they of course, they have promised that Trump will never be able to get things done. He’s getting things done! Not because he’s some genius, but because the guy is clear. He’s in line with reality. He doesn’t live in the Centralized world. He’s out there competing in the market place. He’s out there making money. He’s out there working in reality, and so he knows how to make money. He knows how to make deals that will save jobs. Okay! That’s not saying we should make Trump into the Messiah or something like that; but, he is definitely on God’s side. Does that make sense? He’s on God’s side, working on the macro. Okay!


It is such an intense time to be alive; because, you can see the open deception. You can see the stealing. You can see the open criminality. You can see the open stealing of the vote for the DNC. (Democratic National Committee.) Stealing the vote from the RNC, (Republican National Committee,) which is open unabashed criminality, okay, by these Centralized Parties, totally just lying to people. Totally lying to people. Not one mainstream media said Trump would win. Not one! They were so confident, even Fox News. They were so confident that he would get crushed. In Korea they call it “Moshi.” They are so arrogant, that, they underestimated the normal, good person. They underestimate the Sheep dog. They’re predators. They’re wolves.


So, they like, they got their wolf pack. They’re ready to go in and kill the sheep, then the Sheepdog, and the Sheepdog look like Lassie saying, “Oh, that fools going to be weak. I’ll whoop Lassie. Oh, that little Shetland Sheepdog. Oh, he’s… Look how cute that boy is. I’m gonna kill him. Come on wolves. Let’s go in.” They underestimate him. But, the Sheepdog can scare away a bear. Those little Sheepdogs can scare away lions.


You see, when good people who stand on God’s side start standing up, that is the greatest fear of the predators. The greatest fear; because, there is great power. They don’t have the moral high ground. They get to power by immoral activity. They get to power by cheating, lying, deceiving and controlling. They get to power by evil. So, when they have to face good, who is strong, good who will shoot back, good who will take them down, evening though those good folks seem normal, in their minds not having all this state federalized power, the normal person when they become unleashed and stand on God’s side can do massive things.


And, this is what the Satanist do not want people to believe. They want you to do these occult rituals to get you to maintain power. You have to go and unlock the Cosmic Consciousnesses, and you have to be able to transcend good and evil and reach the Aung San Buddhis, to gain all this secret special knowledge. Yes, those psychoanalysis and secret knowledge and all those type of things help you understand how the mind works; but, you can use that to manipulate people for evil. You can see that with these Psychologists and Psychiatrists, who use that to just enrich all these pharmaceutical companies. They don’t care about real pathways for getting you off depression, which is shown. Harvard Positive Psychology, top class at Harvard, show that exercising three times a week will get rid of depression more readily that Prozac, Zoloft, any of those stupid anti-depressants, which have all sorts of side effects, like suicidal tendencies, homicidal tendencies. Just work out! Move that body! Sweat! Get that cortisol out! Move that body! You going to feel better. Not in all cases, but in the majority of cases.


There’s tons of a body of knowledge coming out proving that this whole medical racket, this medical Psychiatric system is a total farce to control people. It’s there to say, “Oh, you don’t abide by government rules, by federal regulations? Well, you can’t get medication. Oh, we want Obama Care we want Centralized Health Care; because, if you don’t obey the state, they can take your health care away.” That’s what they want. They don’t want health care cheap for people. They don’t want many healthcare companies competing; so, they can drive the price down, so a normal person can have a huge selection at very low prices like smart phones. Does that make sense?


They don’t want you to think. They don’t want you to understand the real dynamics of reality. They don’t want you to understand their cultish world; where, everything comes from them. They are gods, which you must worship. Your professors are gods. Your teachers in the public schools are gods. You must worship them. Your stars, which we parade naked in bikinis, they’re gods. Listen to them. See what I mean? And, people are so mesmerized and brainwashed from the lowest to the highest in their cultish education, that, the people that come out through there are like ninety-five percent Communist. There political world view, like ninety-five percent of the people who come out of college are Marxists. Great, great job in critical thinking. It’s only failed every single time in history. It’s only killed millions, no hundreds of millions of people. You’re just brain dead. You’re dumb down and brain dead. You’re a victim; so, we feel compassion for you. But, you have to face the truth. You see?


This is what’s so wonderful about Trump. He’s not caring what the critical traditions of the President are. He’s not even telling the mainstream media where he’s gonna go. Well, that’s fantastic. Why does he have to report to them? They are known deceivers and known liars. They’re known as agents of deception. They are known as federal agents of deceptions. Why does he have to report to them? He’s doesn’t. “Oh, I’m having an interview with the Prime Minister Abe of Japan. I wants you to…”  Don’t even tell them. Have your daughter shoot the video, and have her put it up on her Twitter, and let her tell them to go to her Twitter blowout. Don’t give that to the stupid mainstream media, who are known deceivers and known liars.


This is what is necessary. It is what is necessary for a strong Adamic figure to say, “Screw you to the wall! No more raping us! You want to rape us, you’re going to get a fight. We’re going to kill you, if you try to kill us. We don’t care about your political education. You can’t guilt shame us anymore. We don’t care about your moral posturing. We are good people; and, we can now discern good and evil; and, we can see your evil, you predator. Will chase you out.” This is what they need. This is what critically the world needed.


You can see this from the micro to the macro. Every single one of those fools thought that we would buckle to their multi-million dollar empire; because, we thought we got the power like them. They thought, because Father anointed me and Kook Hyung, that I tried to deceive them. They thought we used deception, and tried to politically get them to go along for the ride, just like them. You see the difference? You see that?


So, they thought, “Hey! You give them two or three billion dollars worth of assets;” and, they say, “Do whatever you want. We not going to… murmur… “ But, we said, “No you fools. We are not cut out of the same cloth. We don’t do this for money. We don’t do this for position and power. We do this to glorify our father. That’s why we work here. That’s why we work for him; and, that’s what they acknowledged. And, when they stole the whole Empire, and they could use it to enrich themselves for a time, they could for awhile. Now, they can’t. Now, they can’t.


Major people are now waking up. Major people are now starting to come forward, still scared. Some of them are still afraid. I told them this week, “I will not continue to cover for you. You have to now come out.” So, time is ticking for them. They know who they are. You people know who you are. They know they betrayed True Father. They know they went for the money. They know they went for the pensions and apartments and the cash; but, they know they’re sinners. They recognize that they were wrong. They recognized what we said, even they mocked us, even though they called us crazy, they called us all sorts of names and curses, they realize what Cain and Abel were saying, we were right; and, they realize that Father’s Successor was not lying to them. And so, they will have to come out soon. I will not continue to cover for them. There’s no reason for me to do so. They have to put out their neck. They have to stand up. They have to make the decision to get mocked and persecuted, and give glory to God; so, they can come back into his home, and they are not separated from him for eternity, they will have to stand up and come out. I’m giving them just a little more time. And, if you don’t tell them this week, I’m going to say. They know it’s coming.


So many things on the micro and the macro that are connected, folks. When we are in this kind of Cosmic battle, the stakes are so high. What you can lose is so great; and, this is what I think the American people saw for the first time. They saw that the Constitution can be taken over by Communists, can be taken over by Conglomerates. We pushed the Globalists back maybe fifty years, maybe a hundred years, yes; but, it can be taken over. And so, then we know, Father talked about that. When the Constitution, when it was brought to America, the Abel type Revolution can be taken over. It was where the good and evil at the top split into good and evil. That Britain being Satan side, and the founding fathers being on God’s side, and they were able to create Sovereignty.


Because Jesus did not returned, and because Jesus did not create the Kingdom of God on Earth, it was the closest it could be to the Kingdom that man could make. It was the closest thing we could get to the Kingdom. The difference is, that, when the Kingdom Comes, that Kingdom cannot perish. It cannot be taken over by Communists. Do you see? Big difference between the Growth Stage Perfection Level and the Perfection Level. The difference is, at the Perfection Level, you can’t Fall. Huge difference.


Huge difference. At the Growth Stage Perfection Level, you can still Fall. You can still Fall right before you hit Perfection Level. Does that make sense? And, this is what all Americans saw this time. They saw it on the line. They saw it on the razor’s edge. They saw it between life and death, whatever you want to call it, they saw that this Republic almost died, and we almost had WWIII with Hillary. She was poking that Russian bear, like, “Come on, come on! Set the war off, so I can get rich. Come on, come on! Set the war off, so I can get rich. Come on!”


These corrupt criminals. It is such an unbelievable epic type to see these things move, to see these realities unfold before our eyes. That’s why those who are awake must be vigilant. Stay with the Lord at the Garden of Gethsemane. We must not get into this trance. “Oh, we won. Now, I can get back to my romantic dramas and my video games. Ahh, let’s relax a little bit. Ahh, let’s not look at evil anymore. Evil’s so disturbing to look at.” You’re going into Culti Land, Lala Land, Happy Land. That’s where Satan wants you to live.


He doesn’t want you to see his predatory nature. He doesn’t want you to see that even though you pushed him out of the farm, he’s still coming around at night to see which hole he can get into. He’s still circling that fence line; and, all of a sudden you say, “Oh, we got rid of the wolf. Yeah! We got him away. Haha! We got you. Bang, bang!” And, everybody gets drunk; and, you say, “Let’s party!” The next morning you wake up, and all your sheep are dead. All your chickens got eaten. It’s important to remain vigilant.


Remember folks, there are bad things that are happening in the world. There are evil things that are happening in the world, not because of evil. That’s not the root as to why evil’s in the world. Did you know that? All this bad stuff that’s happening in the world, all this genocide and pedaphilia and all those kind of things that happen in the real world, they’re not happening because of evil. They’re happening, because good people don’t stand and fight the evil; because, the evil will always exist at some level, because there’s free will. When you have free will, you can chose evil. The possibility is always present.


But, that is what’s so important for the people of God. The choice is also within us. Will we passively accept the totalitarian tip-toe. Will be passively accept the slow Communization of the global Communization; or, will we recognize it, see the danger, see the mass army of wolves that are encroaching slowly on our land closing in on those sheep? Holy Shemitah! Get the guns out, and get these wolves away! Do you see what I mean? To remain vigilant is so unbelievably important.


Let’s look at the next video. This is Donald Trump’s Victory Tour, folks. He’s doing a Victory Tour. Wow! Unprecedented! He’s doing a Victory Tour. He’s going around thanking all the people who supported him. When did the President every do this last time? Was this ever done? He’s going around thanking the American people. Did you ever see that? Hindus, Buddhist, Christians, Chinese. You know, when we went to the Trump rally, did you see that whole Chinese group? They had things in Chinese that said, “Donald Trump for President!” Because they fled China, so they could be prosperous here. They don’t want China to come here. They don’t want the same things. They left that hell hole; so, they could get here. They like “Screw that! No, no, no! Don’t bring China here. Don’t bring the Chinese system here. The Chinese people. Yet, CNN and all those mainstream media people, they’ll never bring that to the people here. They never talk to the Black people here about White Supremacy.


It’s a rock concert, when you go to the Trump events they say, “Lock Her Up!  Drain the Swamp!” What’s the other one? “CNN Sucks!” It is an Open Air Revolution against the establishment. It is unbelievable. It’s epic. It’s totally epic. There’s never going to be a time in American history, without the use of arms, to actually fight a physical war. This was actually a time of unconventional warfare, where we literally had a war that has happening, and we part of it, if you were part of that epic battle.


NBC, the discredited misinformation agents of the Communist Party, NBC is forced to play these highlights. They are urinating in their pants; as, they have to see this. They are vomiting in their gut, while they have to see this. They are gnawing and gnashing their molars, when they have to see this, rolling their eyes and trying to be professional.


But, it’s unbelievable, that Trump comes out, and look what he talks about. They cut out a lot of stuff; but, they actually have to cover some of this stuff. They said, “Look, we don’t have to be under a Globalistic system. There’s no Global anthem; There’s no Global currency. He knows. These are all Globalist tools for Centralized control. We are for Americanism; but, what does that mean? What does Americanism mean?

It doesn’t mean a self centered form of Americanism. That’s what Father always talked about. We have to get back to family, localized save power.  That was the whole Tribal Messiah Movement. That was the whole Family Federation Movement  It was supposed to be that, not become dang Communists. Not telling their people to go vote for Hillary, the war mongerer criminal, who wants to start a war with a thermonuclear form of government. Are you crazy? Get my kids killed; while, your kids are eating fillet mignon. Give me a break! Give me a break!


When Trump goes out there, he’s not just talking about Americanism. “Oh! Let’s just be narcissistic and be prosperous.” God did not just use the Jewish people, when King Cyrus of Persia came in for that. He used the Jewish people, the then chosen people, to spread the Word in preparation for the Messiah, preparation for the Kingdom to come. The same will be the challenge for American Christianity, for the American population here. Will they fall into a type of narcissistic type of American Narcissism; or, will they encourage like the real patriots like Alex Jones from Infowars, Drudge, also Julian Assange. These people like Nigel Farage and David Icke. Will they be like these people, who are not only fighting for a country, you see? They are fight for a Principle. The Divine Right of Freedom and Responsibility. The God given right of Sovereignty. You see how that’s beyond one nation or one’s border? You see, they’re fighting for a Cosmic fight; and, this is what’s really important. This spiritual perspective is key for us to continue to have God’s blessing upon this country, and hopefully for the rest of the world.


We want the world to move into Sovereignty. We want the Revolution of punishing now of the archangel. We want the world, the governments, the archangels, those who were to be the servants, but are becoming the master just like Lucifer who represent the government, we want the archangels to be punished worldwide.


And, that Revolution is happening. It’s happening with Brexit. It’s happening with the Trump Revolution. It’s happening in Austria, now. It’s happening now in France. It’s happening now in Switzerland.  Swexit is coming. Sweden’s exit is coming. They are completely moving out of the Communist system. They’re completely moving out of Satanism. That’s what it is. What it is at, it’s root is political Satanism, folks. The battle again, when we talk about Global control and Global power, this is all archangelic. It’s political.


It’s manifested Satanism in the political system. Look at all the principles they go for. Kill the innocent. Take away human rights. Take away property rights. Take away property. Take away the right for self defense, take away education, the ability to educate your children. Take away everything. Use anything for control. Control, control, control! Who inspires this? Does God inspire this; or, does Satan inspire this, you see? And, Father said, “The final epic battle will be between Godism and Satanism.” This is what it is, folks. Sovereignty vs. Domination.


So, those who stand up for Sovereignty; and, will America become Narcissistic in victory, which is the Fall of Champions. We all know that. We have seen tons of athletes in different sports Fall; or, will they become the one’s who will push to message, literally, push the message of the Sovereignty for all humanity? I’m not saying they should go and start new wars and make the Replicrats, those War Mongerers and the Democrats more rich. No! They don’t always have to do that; but, will their rhetoric, will their spiritual desire and impetus and will, still, will they desire to see the world experience Sovereignty? You see what I mean?


Will they desire the world, and the local and state, and the family have control? Will they empower the world. Will they encourage the nations, yes, to punish their archangels? Get the Centralists out of there. Bring back human freedom. That doesn’t mean we go start wars for them and for their nations. Nations have got to be responsible, too; and, fight wars that have got to fight. But, what kind of message, what kind of message will spiritual high ground will be showing? Do you see how critical that is, after becoming the Champion. So critical! And in the end, it is Godism vs. Satanism. That’s what it is. I heard a little birdie say, “Godism vs. Satanism” for many years. Who’s been talking about that? That’s kind of strange, isn’t it?” When everybody thought he was crazy, he was talking about Godism vs. Satanism.

Okay, let’s play this Victory Tour.  (Video of President Elect Donald Trump Victory Tour. Basically, Trump spoke about America first, not Globalism.)


Okay! NBC had to broadcast this. They were literally chewing on their back molars; because, they had to broadcast this. I don’t know, we thank NBC and CBS and MSNBC for this. Thank you so much for discrediting yourself. You’re total prostitutes. Thank you! You’ve done such a good job. Everybody now knows, you’re totally discredited; and, nobody watches you anymore.


The numbers of NBC, CNN nobody watches, they’ve totally collapsed. They’re literally in an echo chamber talking to themselves all day long. The little five viewer chambers, the five followers and viewers that watch their programs, they’re so stupid. This is how disconnected they are with reality. They’re actually trying to get you to get you.  


Who knows Mark Dice? He’s on the Freedom Movement, too. He’s the guy who goes around and interviews those in the San Jose, whatever. He interviews the young people and says, “Hillary wants to allow Sharia Law to come into the United States. Do you support that?” Someone responds, “Oh, yeah, yeah! That’s okay! If Hillary want that, then, it’s okay!” Nobody even asks, “What is that?” And, they allow that. You see what I mean? And, they don’t know anything about Sharia Law. They just say, “Well, yeah, yeah! That’s okay!” It’s part of the cult, you know. So, Mark said that one of the Secret Service Security Bureaus contacted him and said, “Oh, we come to study you, and follow you around for a couple of days to see why you have such a vast audience on the Internet; because, we would like to use that information to help with our projects.” And, he said, “No!” They want to study you and study Psychology, so that they could watch and know your behavior, to see why the Internet’s so powerful; because, they want to use that technique on the mainstream media.


Well, they can’t. It’s called, “Telling the truth.” If you’re openly a Propagandist, you’re openly doing the work, then you are Conglomerates. If you openly paid by Communists, that are taking things from the State, they’re not going to watch you; because, then you’re a farce. It’s called, “You actually have to be telling the truth.” They said, “Shoot! That’s hard to reproduce. Isn’t it, Professor? Yes, that’s quite difficult to reproduce.  How can we do that? We have to analyze it a little more further, two million dollars, we must allocate for this project.” I mean, these guys are idiots.

Anyways folks, if you have not seen this, you have to see, “Does God Exist;” because, at a time where America is now the Champion, again we’re now going to lead this Revolution to punish the Archangels worldwide. Trump has to keep his Abel type promises. He’s got to lock them up! Not him personally. The system has to go and punish those who have broken the law, both Republican and Democrat. He’s got to go after them by the process of the law, the full weight of the law with justice. Bring back justice to the State; and, this Revolution is spreading.

Now, all this has been happening; because, we have become the Champion; because, God’s side has won. Won this epic battle. But again, the Fall of the Champion is arrogance! They don’t train hard enough for the next fighter, who is going to come along. They trained hard to get them to the top; and, now they’re scared, they’re going to beat them. They trained their booty to get them to the top. Now, they’re the Champion saying, “Oh, I’m the Champion. I’m going to beat them.” You’re going to lose. You gotta train for him, and not think about the Belt or the Championship. You got to train for that person who’s coming up to get you, as your greatest opponent. Doesn’t that make sense? Right!


So, America’s now in that stage. Will they pursue Narcissistic Americana, of Americanism; or, will they go back to the True Americanism, which is what? – God Centered. Rights? God Centered Families. God Centered Sovereignty. That’s what this country was built on; or, will they go back to the materialistic American dream, or the materialistic this or that. The external benefits of the internal connection with God. Do you see what I’m saying?


So, any other time, now that the external threat of WWIII has left us, at least by ninety percent, although Turkey has waged war on Syria publically, which brings NATO into the picture with Russia, legally into  a war. It’s much harder to start WWIII; because, the US President wouldn’t go along with it. The US people would not go along with it. So, it’s much harder to start WWIII. God has blessed this incredible scenario, that God has blessed us with. In that mix folks, however, it’s more critical than ever to build a relationship with God.


This is critical, because let’s look at what happened with Joshua and Caleb. When they won the war, they beat all those Kings, got 31 Kings beheaded, and got them into the land of Canaan and Jericho. What happened? They became secular. They became hedonistic; and, the Kingdom collapsed. They said, “Hey where in the land of milk and honey. Let’s drink this milk and let’s eat that honey all day long, baby!” And, they all perished.This is a problem. This is a problem. When you become Champion, you’ve got to train harder than ever. Does that make sense?


All you kids who trained with me and remained in Jiu Jitsu know what that means, right? It’s like, when you become Champion, you got to be more diligent than ever, to be more vigilant than ever. So, getting back to God. Why is it so important that we have discernment?   Why is it so important that we have a foundation with God? Let’s go go number 9. Okay! (The rest of the sermon was this video series called, “Does God Exist?” by Dr. Stephen Meyer for TrueU, which is part of “Focus on the Family” series. The video logically explains the existence of God. One was recommended to see this video, which Rev. Hyung Jin Moon spoke about in the beginning of the sermon.)




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