2016-11-20 Kingdom Riches

Kingdom Riches

Rev. Hyung Jin Moon

November 20, 2016

Sanctuary Church, Newfoundland, PA


We want to welcome everybody who here for the first time and online. Welcome!


And, God’s blessing and heavenly fortune has come to PA. Kook Jin NIm, Doug, Jerry and Je-Yea Nim have been trying to hunt bears for many, many years; and, yesterday they finally got two black bears. Wow! There hard to get. So, you know anybody who hunt bear, you know how an enormous blessing that is. It is a great sign of God’s fortune coming to this place. Amen! Look at them bears! So, I heard the adventure. I heard it this morning. It’s unbelievable. You’ll have to stay afterwards and listen them talking about it; because, it is bananas. It’s amazing! Unbelievable!


What they were saying is, that, Kook Jin Nim was telling me it’s like a war zone. You have to go with highly trained hunters. You can’t go with people who don’t know how to shoot; because, these things are running around. They’re running around. They come up from the back. They had to chase this thing, and on the fly you gotta pont, pont, point. If someone’s behind you, you might shoot the guy; so, it’s a very high level of hunting. You cannot play around with bear hunting. They’re shooting within twenty yards of each other. It’s like, boom, boom, boom! It’s like a war is on. You have to keep your situational awareness on. The fog of war is there, and it’s insane. It’s chaotic. There’s like screaming, “I got one! I see one! Blah, blah, blah!” It’s insane; so, you got to go with high level people.


Those fellows, of course, will use as much as they can of those animals; and, you may see them in the KAHR Arms store sometime. Hopefully soon. Alright! Amazing! I’m so happy; because, I was praying for Kook Hyung. We were praying for him to get a bear; because, he’s been trying for like three years, now. They’re so hard to get. The season is so short. Oh, my goodness. It’s just an impossible thing. Praise God! We finally got them.


Last night was Teen Nite. Every first and third Saturday of the month, there is a Teen Nite, where all the teens get together. It is at the Church on Saturdays at 6 PM. For more information contact Jamal Johnson. They’re working on amazing things. They did workshops, and giving teens the chance to live Christ centered lives. Not being community centered, but Christ centered. When we are Christ centered, then we serve our community. We serve the world. We can bring people to their eternal relationship with God. Right? A Christ centered community is a powerful tribe, and a powerful community. It’s ironic. The more community based you become, the more weaker your community becomes; because, it’s just based on humanistic emotion, political correctness, and all that. But, when we are centered on Christ, there’s a standard above all. There’s a common Subject Partner that we’re all seeking, that we bring joy to; and, that brings all the objects in powerful unity in joy and communion. Okay, so all teens are welcome here.


Sermon on the Kingdom Riches ~


Wow, Wow, Wow! We are living in amazing times. God has been so good. We have witnessed a tremendous miracle. Nobody thought we would win. Everybody thought the mainstream media and the Commies would win. Everybody! So, there is mass disillusion among the left. There’s mass disillusionment among the Communist Parties, and the Leftists and Socialists who call themselves “trendies and liberals;” but, they’re really Communist. Okay! Their political ideology is Communism; and, they are totally freaking out. Obviously, they are doing riots. We saw last week those rioters are being paid $35 by George Soros. Could you believe this? He has to increase the wages; because, even they’re getting tired, now. After two weeks of demoing, and nothing’s happening. They’re crying like crybabies saying, “Oh! Since we are crying like crybabies, and since we are being paid for it, you have to do the entire re-election process. We are, literally, against the democratic election.” Which of course they said, we are Progressive. we are Liberals. They’ve come out and have been totally exposed as being Communist authoritarians. Tyrants. Dictators. Whatever label you want to put on them, they are authoritarian in philosophy. They are Socialist or a Communist ideology; and, we are moving towards a different America.


Before we get into Scripture, it’s amazing; because, Trump is now putting in some incredible people. By golly! My God! We are so grateful. Trump put in as his District Attorney, Senator Jeff Sessions. This man…This man is the most… He is like Ron Paul in the Senate.


He’s like a Ron Paul. He has been against every globalist program. Every programs of the industrialized, and is for the United States. He has fought that for thirty or forty years. This guy is the epitome of what it means to be a Senator and defend freedom. Okay! And, he has put Jeff Sessions as the District Attorney. Incredible! I’m sorry. Attorney General. Did I say that? I meant Attorney General. Wow!


If Hillary and the Clinton crime family think they can get away with anything now, with Jeff Sessions as the Attorney General, “Holy Shemitah!” You demons had better be running. They better have been fleeing the country; because, this guy is gonna come after them.


He also put Pompeo as the CIA Director, which is phenomenal. Pompeo is the one who had been grilling Hillary Clinton on the Benghazi issue. He was calling her a liar. She was a total farce. He was calling her, who was someone, who has murdered and killed the Ambassador out of her negligence. He was totally attacking on the Benghazi issue; and, now he will be the United States CIA Director. So, he’s got these massive people who are on the Liberty Movement Abel side of God that Trump is putting in.


Now, he did put in Reince Priebus, Okay, he back-stabbed him like forty times as head of the Committee of the RNC; but, he’s a gremlin. He has to use different ways to get into the gremlin’s nest, into the hornet’s nest. He’s gotta traffic his way into caves and caverns to get to the final demons; but, the other people he’s putting into these huge positions. These are tremendous patriots. They are tremendous people that have fought for freedom. Tremendous! So, it is amazing! It’s so incredible!


It’s so amazing! it’s creating so much confidence in the Markets. Did you hear? Apple is coming back to the United States. Ford is coming back to the United States; and, he isn’t even President, yet. He’s not even President, yet; but, he’s been elected for only 10 days, and there’s so much confidence being built around the international business community, and the huge are saying, “Hey! It’s gonna be great for business in the United States.”


What a tremendous shift. Apple’s got like twenty companies in China. Now, they want to start bringing them back here; and, China, of course, is angry. The Commies are angry, again. It is tremendous! The guys not even President, yet. He’s not even starting to “Lock her up,” yet.  Just the confidence that’s building the Market.. They promised you that if Trump got elected… They promised you there would be destruction; and, the whole world would fall into WWIII. They promised you that economic markets would dissipate; and, the wealth would drain out of America. All the people and racism would increase, and all these kind of things. Right!


That is all they have, folks. All they have is lies. All they have is to call you bigot and homophobic. All they have is calling you names; because, if they have to actually to debate, and if they have to test their ideology in the real world, they lose every single time. Every single time. So, they use the tactic of just shutting you down. They say, “You’re a homophobe. You’re fighting with Donald Trump, you must be a bigot. Your racist.” Woman back Trump supporters that were called racist by other Black people. You see what I’m saying?


Or, that you are a White Suprematist. “You’re a Suprematist for supporting Trump.” They’re saying that to Hispanic people, now. It is utter lunacy. It is all they have. All they have is name calling, and try to threaten and bully people into making them feel ashamed into wanting prosperity, and freedom and responsibility.


Why? Because, Satan, all he has is that bullying tactic. “He’s the father of all lies.” So, if they can intimidate you into buying the nitpicking, their political correctness by saying, “You can’t say this. You can’t use that word. You’re triggering me. I need a safe space, because of you. I’ve been abused by your verbal usage.” Right! If they can micro- manage the culture into that realm by saying, “You can’t talk about the Bible. You can’t talk about sin and things that are happening in Scripture.” You can’t talk about any of that stuff. You can’t keep it real. You can’t say that for fear of insulting them; then, they’ll claim you committed assault and battery upon them. This is the type of insanity that we’re going through, folks.


This country was on the precipice of death. We are $20 trillion in debt. We got no way of getting out of that swamp. As the same time, we got the top puppets of duopoly, of the two party duopoly. It looks like they’re fighting; but, they’re really the same puppets for hire by the same banks like Goldman-Sachs, the Rothschilds and the central European banks. Literally, our whole Republic was on the precipice of death, right there at 45 degree angle, hanging over this 90 degree cliff, right about ready to fall over. Unbelievable! But, there was an incredible spiritual revolution that happened, an incredible spiritual revolution. Nobody assumed or expect it; and, it turned everything around, from the micro to the macro. Now, let’ get into Scripture here. The is a continuation of Luke 18 from last week; where, we saw Jesus using the parable talking about, “God, I’m thankful I’m not like this tax collector. I’m so pure, etc, etc.”


You can see how these Globalists and these Socialists and these Communists operate. They operate under the quise of altruism, under the quise of a face of goodness. They are the ultimate Pharisees in the land. They operate under the quise of benevolence, under the quise of compassion, under the quise of loving kindness, that they’re inclusive and tolerant; yet, they are the most intolerant people on the planet. They operate under the quise of organizations like the Clinton Foundation, that absolutely are a criminal organization, that stole millions of dollars from Haitian poor black people. 93 percent of the Clinton Foundation money raised in Haiti, they used for their operations for the bureaucrats, etc. Not for the Haitian people. Unprecedented criminality. Unprecedented criminals trying to take over America, and be the heads of America, and the powers of the Free World.


So, they are like the ultimate Pharisees. They create these shelter organizations, these shell organizations. George Soros has his little organizations; where, he used to destabilize Ukraine, and different countries throughout the world and across the world, like Poland, to destabilize Syria, to also destabilize the United States. He was Hillary’s main big bank supporter getting all his billionaire friends to support her sabotage of the country. And, what these people do is, they create these shell organizations. They pretend to do altruistic. They pretend to have a human heart. “Oh! I’m such a good person. Look at all the good work I do; and, we build hospitals and we build things like that.” Literally spending a fraction, like 1%, 2%, 5% of that foundation to do a little hospital, you know, and to call the media to show up and show their altruism. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, their 95 percent is being funneled and bribing their projects. People like James O’Keefe on Veritas, these amazing team of young people that just expose them.  They exposed the criminality in the DNC. Un-be-liev-able as to what has happened.


This is literally the first time in history, folks, where the Internet allowed the alternative media, the real journalist people, to defeat the state propaganda. They defeated it. The normal people, with their Iphone cameras and Samsung cameras, right, where able to defeat the narrative done by the mainstream media. The Media has no power. They’re a dinosaur. I mean, they’re dead. The people, and the people that speak the truth have power, now.


It is unbelievable; because, it is a spiritual shift. Most of these people, who are fighting for sovereignty in Christianity, with liberty and responsibility, most of these people look at Alex Jones; because, it is a shift forward. Main people poopoo him, and tell you that your so stupid for watching Alex Jones. Meanwhile, this person has reached like 5 billion people. He has like 90 million views a week. And, just because CNN says he’s fake; because, he tells the real news, they’re suppose to be intimidated. There are millions of people following. They are now the mainstream. CNN is pitiful. It has like 100 thousand views per show. Infowars and Breitbart got put in a cheap stratophase of the White House, now. Unbelievable!


All they have is name calling. “Oh, he’s an anti-semite. Oh, he’s a White Supremacist” with no evidence. All they have name-calling, banking on the fact that you’re so dumb, so brainwashed and so illiterate, that you don’t search for information for yourself. You just abide and listen to, and drink up whatever they tell you, as long as you think they are cool and trendy. That’s all they have. All they have is calling names; because, they cannot win with evidence. They cannot.


So, they’re calling all the Trump people, “Oh, they’re White Supremacists;” though, they have worked interracially. They have hired all races. They have demonstrated racism on zero levels. They say he’s an anti-semite, Rick Bannon. Meanwhile, this guy is super pro-Israel; and, for the Jews to have their own Holy Land. “Okay! So, I guess he’s a terrible anti-semite then. He loves Jewish people. He wants them to have their own Holy Land. But, he’s an anti-semite. He loves women and he wants them to be free, and not be put into the mainstream cult. Well, he’s a misogynist then. He wants young people to think, and to search for truth themselves, and not just be fed the propaganda of the state. Well, I guess he’s a bigot.” This is exactly all they have. All they have is name calling, and intimidating you to buckle you to social pressure. That’s all they have.


But, once you’re able to be strong, with a relationship with God, once you have a strong community that’s centered, you realize that stuff doesn’t matter to you anymore. You realize, all that name calling just washes over you just like dirty water, and it doesn’t get inside.


This is what’s so incredible about this age. We saw the entire revolution. We saw. It is literally the entire second American revolution we witnessed; and, we saw it. We saw it from the inside out; because, we saw how the macro and micro moved together; and, what an incredible journey God has lead us on. Unprecedented and unbelievable!


So, last week we looked at the Pharisees, and the modern day Pharisees. All the altruistic pretenders, the actors of the left, pretending to be charitable, while they on the average don’t donate to charities at all. Pretending to be inclusive, when they are the most racist people, especially the White Liberals. They’re super, super racists. They’re the ones who go to other Whites and say, “You’re a White Supremacist. You have White privilege.” It’s only White people shaming you to stay on the plantation to control, and not mess up the minorities; because, they have control of the other minorities already. “Don’t mess up our system, you White racist,” even though that guy’s White. How stupid is that? And, you have these young trendy brain-dead children, who are so weak, and so mentally ill, that they will buckle to anything the mainstream will push them into.


Oh, man, boy love is good. Oh, Okay! It sounds pretty trendy. Men, who think they are are girls, should you use girls bathrooms. That’s totally modern.” Okay! That’s how brain-dead children have become. Kids have become. You are taught to be dumbed down. Taught never to oppose the state. You’re taught never to oppose your public school teachers, who are government officials, who are taught never to think differently.

If follow that line, then you’re creative. If you follow that line, “Wow! You’re artistic.” If you follow that line, “You’re so intelligent,” You’re an idiot! You’re brain-dead.


You are not seeking truth. You’re on a plantation. You’re not seeking reality. You are a good slave. That’s unbelievable. Even though this time for Trump, there are record numbers that voted for Trump. Record number of Black people and record number of Asians. 12 percent of the Asian community voted for Trump. Can you believe that? I mean, it’s great.  


In Florida, 45 percent of the Spanish people voted for Trump. Meanwhile, they say, He’s a racist. He hates Hispanics. He hates Black people. They had record numbers of Blacks voting for Trump, the Republicans.


You see the lies of the left. All they have is name calling. All they have is bullying. You know why? Because, they are nothing but cowardly bullies. That’s all they are. And, if you buckle to their pressure, they got you. “Oh, yes, good. You’re on our plantation. “Good boy! Come here. You get a Scooby snack. Come here!” Scooby snack time is what they call it. Whew! So, it’s unprecedented.


The evil so open. It’s so blatant. It’s so transparent. Unbelievable, the level of evil. The Satanist connections of Hillary Clinton. The Satanist connections of John Podesta. They are cooking, with blood and sperm, and what is that? The urine drinking. These people are sick. You understand people? They are sick people; and, they almost took over the country and the world. They are sick, pathetic, weak people, who bully people. They like bullying you; so, when they feel strong about it, you buckle and secede yourselves to them. They love to see people break mentally, not be strong, not standing up for their rights, and never giving those away. You see. They’re scared of those kind of people. Very scared. They are cowards. So after that, this parable is from Luke 18. Let’s look at this:       


Luke 18 And a certain ruler asked him, saying, Good Master, what shall I do to inherit eternal life? 19 And Jesus said unto him, Why callest thou me good? none is good, save one, that is, God. 20 Thou knowest the commandments, Do not commit adultery, Do not kill, Do not steal, Do not bear false witness, Honour thy father and thy mother. 21 And he said, All these have I kept from my youth up. 22 Now when Jesus heard these things, he said unto him, Yet lackest thou one thing: sell all that thou hast, and distribute unto the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come, follow me. 23 And when he heard this, he was very sorrowful: for he was very rich. 24 And when Jesus saw that he was very sorrowful, he said, How hardly shall they that have riches enter into the kingdom of God! 25 For it is easier for a camel to go through a needle’s eye, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.

Okay! So, we see this parable, this episode, which is also in Matthew. Okay! So, Luke is now reiterating this episode; where, Jesus is talking to this rich man. What’s so fascinating about this Scripture? Of course, the rich man says this and this. I kept all of these Commandments. I’ve been a good person. I am socially moral; and, I am socially right, etc, etc. But then, look here. Jesus says, “You lack one thing. Sell all you have, distributed them to the poor and you shall have treasures in Heaven.” This is amazing! This battle, we talked about the Abel type and Cain type revolutions.

The Cain type revolution is when the people, just themselves, trying to create mutiny, and try to rise up like the French Revolution. They kill all the elites; but, in the end, they end up putting their own elites in. The dictatorship becomes another Communist system. Okay! Now, the Abel type revolution is where you have something different. Within the elites, there’s a separation between good and evil. Within the ruling class there’s a separation of good and evil; and, some of the good people at the top say, “Hey, we aren’t going to go along with that. We are not going to go along with destroying economies and raping nation states. We’re not going to go along with that. We don’t want to have any part of that; but, we still are very wealthy.” You see what I mean?

Donald Trump, because of his tremendous wealth, he was able to finance his own campaign. Not take any money. Right! We talked about this last week; and, he was able to have protection around him. He was able to have a professional security detail that has been with him for the last twenty, thirty years. So, he could trust them. He could trust them way better than new people, who are in the CIA, FBI or Secret Service. Many of them are good; but, there could be some bad ones who could be bought off, and those are the ones, who you got to be careful about; because, those guys, the Mafia, the banker Mafia, who runs these, they don’t want Trump in. And so, the assassination attempt of Donald Trump is huge. It’s very possible for them to kill him. They did it with Reagan. They did it with Kennedy. Guess who did it? It was the inner circle, people. The Secret Service and the CIA. These people are the ones who got compromised. They are the ones who allowed it to happen. So, that’s a very dangerous circle; because, they have not actually actually served you, if you are the new President, for twenty or thirty years. Where Donald Trump has professionals who have served him for some twenty to thirty years, which he’s bringing in to be his security.


You know what he should do? He shouldn’t even be in the White House. He should go there for ceremonial stuff; but, he should operate the United States out of Trump Tower, which is also on Pennsylvania Ave. It’s way bigger than the White House. It’s much safer. He knows the caves and the exits there. He knows the secrets of that building. If you’re in the White House, it’s super dangerous, especially if you they’re trying to kill you.

He should not go along with anything they’re trying to do. He should not report to the mainstream media, “Oh, I’m going to this place.” Don’t report to them. Take a picture with our Iphone, then post it on your Twitter, Donald Trump. Take a picture and post it on FaceBook; and, then let the alternative media know. Then, CNN and MSNBC will have to take it later. Do it yourself. Have your son sit there with his Iphone and take a picture, while you’re meeting President Abe, which he did yesterday. Right!

Don’t call the mainstream media. There a total bunch of prostitutes. There a total bunch of lying lunatics. They’re so discreditable. They’re so dishonorable. They don’t tell the truth. All they teach is propaganda and spinning for the state. There a bunch of Commies. That’s all the mainstream media is. Donald Trump should not acknowledge them. He should not even call CNN. I got my Iphone, which is better than you. Samsung Galaxy is better than you. “Oh, you went to Journalist school for four years. Whoop-di-do! My daughter can operate this phone and be the media for the meeting with President Abe.” That’s how he should run it. He should say, “Screw you to the wall.” Screw to the wall of dead dinosaur media.

The people are use to seeing you with Alternative media. The people are use to seeing amatuer videos on Youtube. We don’t have a problem with that, if your daughter shoots and posts it online, and gets 20 million hits. We have no problem with that. He should not operate in anyone of their control grids. He should be a total rebel of everything in the establishment; and, he’s showing that he’s putting Godly people in.

It’s amazing! The people who lead these videos, like Alex Jones, are openly Christian. He fights these guys with passion. So what! The guy speaks the truth. Breitbart, Rick Bannon, is this guy a Christian? I believe he is. I’m not sure. Project Veritas is Catholic. There’s some good Catholics out there, even though the Pope is a globalist and a total sellout. There are some good Catholic people, who love Jesus, who are normal people who love Jesus; but, you can see, many of the people in this media movement are Christian. Can you believe it.

This one person is an incredible spokesman for the Liberty Movement; but,  the guy is openly gay, and he’s openly Catholic. How do you work that out? This is how he works that out. He says, “Well, I know it’s a sin, and I know I would be better off without it. He actually says that in an interview. Joe Rogan, a Jiu Jitsu Black belt said, “How can you like a culture like Christianity? You’re gay.” “You are who you are.” He said, “No, I wasn’t born that way. I wasn’t like that. I know it’s a sin.” He goes on like that. I’m part of the Christian heritage, which brought democracy to the world. Obviously, he’s not living that lifestyle. So, it’s an interesting type of new Liberty Movement. It’s not the old Libertarians, which are all the atheists.We’re there for free market. We’re all atheists, which many libertarians use to be. It’s a new blend of Libertarians, but they have a spiritual reason for doing so. They’re fighting this evil with a new motive, with a spiritual power behind them; and, they have defeated the rotten media.

Now, this is interesting; because, Jesus says, “Sell all you have, distribute it to the poor, and you shall have treasures in Heaven.” This is part of the Abel type revolution. The Abel type billionaires have to do that. They’re questioning, when Jesus comes to them and says, “Will you give everything you have for the Kingdom? Will you give all that you have to the poor?” That’s literally what’s been put before Trump. He has to risk his life. He has to risk life: he has to risk his treasure; and, he has to risk his sacred honor. That was the three things the founding fathers had to risk ~ like, treasure (fortune) and sacred honor.

Everybody’s going to come and attack you. Everybody’s going to destroy your reputation. Everybody’s going to try and destroy your market value. Everybody’s going to try and not send people to Donald Trump’s Tower anymore. Everybody’s going to try and blackball him, and blackmail him. Everybody’s going to say not to buy apartments at Trump Towers. Buy it somewhere else, right! He’s going to lose money doing this. He’s got to put his treasure on the line. He’s got to put his life on the line; because, he’s going up against known criminals who have a blood trail of hundreds plus. Hillary Clinton crime family have a blood trail of hundred plus people. Massive criminality. Massive blood trail.

And, he has to put his honor on the line. Will this guy deliver? Will he do it? Will he stand up and get all the persecution; and, when he’s there, will he deliver it? It’s amazing. Because, Jesus gives this test. He gives this test, “Will you serve me? Will you surrender to me? Will you put it all on the line and fight this fight?” In the Bible, this rich man said, “No!”

He said, “Oh, I have to give all my stuff away, blah, blah, blah;” and, he went away. He said, “No.” Jesus said, “Look at that. See how hard it is for a richman to get into the Kingdom? It’s like a camel trying to get through the eye of a needle.” See that?

This was literally the test that was put before Trump; and, now the group of people that are around him, that are part of the elite, that are standing up for freedom and fighting this cabal. This international cabal. They had to risk everything folks. And, you see, you can see everything. Before, Trump was nowhere on the political arena.

We had to do the same. Look, I had two billion dollars worth of assets under my control. I could of run away with that. Do you know how much money two billion plus dollars of assets is? Kook Hyung was in control on assets worth one billion plus. Do you understand? At the final hour, when we knew we could not support the Han Mother, even though she’s our mother and we love her as a mother, we could not support her as a leader. Look at what she’s doing. Usurpation. Desecration. We knew we couldn’t do it. We couldn’t support her. In fact, if we supported her, we would have to kill our father. If we supported her, we would have to backstab our father. If we support her, we would have to erase him and allow him to be created in the propaganda image of the state. And then, we would become another state religion that actually operates on Satan’s side. There’s no coincidence that Family Fraud was supporting Clinton. There’s no surprise that all the leaders, from the top leaders down who were supporting the Han Mother, all those prostitutes that are up there, they supported Clinton.

Can you believe it. How can the “Washington Times” support Clinton? Are you freakin’ crazy! What treason! What traitorous traitors. Unbelieveable! It’s like the Bush’s came out and said, “We’re going to vote for Clinton. We are never gonna vote for Trump.” They came out with hashtags, “Never Trump! Blah, blah, blah!” Give me a break! No principles. No values. Total deception. Total power mongering. What lowlifes. What scum. What filth of the earth. And, they want you to bow to them?

Bow to me. I have power and money,” which now they don’t have. Now, they have growing debt. Now, they have huge pieces of their organization collapsing under them; while, many leaders are now leaving, openly. Why? Because, you cannot build the Kingdom. You cannot build the foundation for the Kingdom with deception, lies and untruths. You cannot.

You have to go beyond the normal. You have to go beyond the status quo. You must be a real man and you must be a real woman, who says, “Screw you and your political correctness. I am gonna stand up for truth and principles. I’m gonna stand up for True Love, not the relativist love that you try to pressure me into, with your social pressure and your shaming culture saying that, I’m not good or progressive.” That’s not love or true love.

I’m talking about True Love with a Subject Partner, with a Creator that governs everything that I do. I surrender to Him, not to you fools. I surrender to Him, not your control grid. I surrender to Him, not your political correctness. I surrender to Him, not your forced transgenderism, which is trying to be forced down my throat, and being forced to call a man a woman, who dresses as a woman. Give me a break! You’re a man. You’re a mentally ill person. We have compassion for you. We love you; but, you’re mentally ill. You cannot force society to call a mentally ill person a sane person. You represent .01 percent of the population; and, you are more suicidal than any other part of the population. Give me a break! Give me a break!

It’s an inversion of reality. You are first born; and, your first calling is to either be a man or a woman. Kook Jin Nim says this all the time, It’s a profound statement. When you are born, you are called to be boy or a girl. When you are born, if you are a boy, you are a man. Now, Satan want to invert that. He wants boys to be girls, and girls to be boys; and, he wants the girls to dominate the boys. Why? Because, the boys, they have the testosterone.

Tyrants have always been fearful of strong men who will not listen to them. They always need that portion of the population controlled and killed off. What’s the best way to do it? Hot girls. Best way to do it. Get them castrated by getting the girly attention. Oh, you get them castrated. Get their attention by saying you are a girl; but, what’s the reality with that? The girls don’t like that kind of guy. Their being told that’s that kind of man who is just a slave to you; but, girls don’t even like those kind of guys. In their heart, they want a man that’s strong. They want a man who is a real man, who is sexually differentiated from them.

They don’t want to marry themselves, like some of the narcissists found in the Lesbian community; and, they literally want to make love and kiss themselves all day long, which is the reason the girls go for the bad boys. They say they like the good boys; but, they go for the bad boys. Right? They say they want someone who is faithful to them; but, they go with someone who sleeps around, and lies to them, and tells them all those sweet, sweet lies that you girls love so much. You love the lies. You know you love the lies. Oh, you love the lies, man! You luv the lies.

It is a problem. It is a problem with the inversion of reality. Our first calling is to be a man or be a woman. Both are Object Partners to God. A man has to grow up to unlock those tribal epigenetics. He has to grow up to unlock those tribal rites. He has to become strong in that realm. He has to be strong. A man who does not go through that, does not have those elements…  It has brought humanity to success. It has brought humanity over the lions and tigers and everything else. You have not unlocked those epigenetics of true power.

Now, there’s different ways to do that, yes? You can start your own business. You can be an entrepreneur. You can do competitive fighting. You’re still unlocking things. You go out there and competing. Those things will help you unlock your epigenetics. Right? But, when men are told to be women, that makes women empowering; and, that just makes a miserable class of men. At some point, they say, “Screw you!” I’m not going to listen to you anymore. What are you talking about, me being a girl? I’m not going to be a girl. I’m going to become more violent. I’m going to be a Muslim.

All the White suburban males begin to say, “Allah Akbar!” And the women start saying, “Holy crap! I don’t want be considered a racist here. I don’t want to say anything against Islam. I don’t want to be seen as intolerant. I won’t be seen as liberal or progressive. What to I say to this son that says “Allah Akbar? That’s wonderful son.” Do you see how stupid they become?

Why? Because, men will not bow to that oppression. There will always be a man who will say, “Screw you and you country.” That’s what the Muslims will say. I’m not saying all Muslims will do that; but, the radicals will do that.

You see, Christian men don’t want to kill women. They’re not permitted to beat them with a whip. You’re not permitted to rape your wife. You have to sacrifice for them like Christ sacrificed for the Church, which means you are ready to be crucified for your family. But, then girls, don’t get arrogant. The Bible says, “Girls, you have to respect your husband.” The Bible says, if you’re not respecting your husband, your sinning against God. If you want to give your husband unconditional respect, then you cannot expect unconditional love. That’s your problem. Do you see that problem. God gives us both responsibility.

Not the fake type of Christianity, that is bought off by the bankers, that is bought off by George Soros, who funds these Communist activities to make people hysterical about gender equality, when there’s really no gender problem at all.

The whole myth that women get 76 cents per hour compared to men? You know the mythology behind that, right? Comparing full-time and part-time workers together. Women, in general, work more part-time, which is the reason they get paid less. It’s called part-time, which is different than full-time. If you work full-time, there’s no gender pay gap. Such stupid idiots; but, they’ll just drink it up; because, it’s part of their Star Buck Coffee Club. It’s part of the mainstream. Oh, I’m trendy and cool; while, I’m an idiot and brain-dead and dumb.

Do you see this? This is the trend. It is an inversion of reality. Good is evil. Evil is good. It’s relativism. And, that culture was taking over the United States. That culture was taking over the free world. It has already taken over all of Europe. It has allowed a slow invasion of Europe. They allowed it, this destabilization of Europe. This was funded by Ford and the Rockefeller Foundation. It was funded by the Rothschild Foundations. All the same idiots. The same idiots doing the destabilization projects; so, they could rape your country and steal your money to do human farming, folks. Do you really want to be raped by the same super rusty, nasty elites? And, the elites, they’re all White; but, that doesn’t mean all White people are racists or bad. Just we have a real high super elite, which the crust of them are really bad. They’re Transylvanian, German in line. They are.

That doesn’t mean that whole race is bad. Those people at the top who are doing it, they are are trying to keep the minorities in poverty. They are trying to keep Africa poor. They are buying up assets of different countries, and destabilizing currencies, so they can control and take over countries. They are terrible people. They funded women’s programs in departments of Princeton and Harvard in the 60s. The Ford and Rockefeller Foundations are the ones who funded it, not because they wanted to empower you women. They wanted to tax you. They want to get you in their markets; so, you get double the tax; and, they know they needed you women for the vote; because, they wanted to make you Communist. Why? Because, Communism makes a Big Daddy government, which is their best customer. Their best customer is the Big Daddy government. The bigger the government, the better the customer. So, who helps build the big government? I showed you the polls, that on average, women will vote two times more for Communism that men.

Now, married women will vote like men. Isn’t that interesting. Married women will vote more conservatively. Single women are the problem. Single girls, you can get so easily diluted. So easily trapped up. All guys have to do is, tell some sweet lies to you. Don’t be stupid girls. Don’t be stupid. Single women are the demographic which destroys the civilization. You gotta watch out girls; because, they will come after you with their ideology telling you are empowered to be a misandrist, which means a man hating person. Telling your empowered with love not hate; but, all you do is hate men.

See how unbelievably hypocritical these idiots are? Yet, they think they’re empowered. Yet, they think their intelligent. Yet, they think their trendy. Yet, they think their popular. They are losers. Cowardly, shameful losers, who have nothing else but to cling on what other losers tell them.

The whole lie of “Love Trumps Hate.” Those people are the most hateful people on the planet. If you put a Trump bumper sticker on your car, you have the potential of getting your car high-jacked. If you put stickers of Trump on, people will smash your car. They will create vandalism upon your car. Well, that “Love Trumps Hate.” You see that. “Love Trumps Hate.” They pay for violent riots to disrupt Trump events. Well, “Love Trumps Hate.” You see how unbelievably braindead these people are?

And, the young kids are so dumb-downed in the public schools. They’re told at a young age, they could be a boy or girl of their choosing. They are told that Michael can say he’s a girl and walk into the girl’s locker room, and the girls will say, “Oh, welcome Mikey. Oh, you’re a girl. Okay, you can come shower with us.” Oh my goodness! You gotta be kidding me. Then you are told your a moderate and your trendy. You’re being made to be an idiot. Your made to be a brainwashed cultist. You’re being made to worship this pseudo- intellectual losers, who do nothing but deceive you; because, they cannot compete in the real world. They’re not real men and women, who are empowered to do great things.

It’s all about the act. It’s all about stealing other people’s money, and pretending to be altruist. It’s all about acting and fakery. It’s an illusion, which you will see. It’s not about being real. You see, real men and women want to be real. If you’re a slut, stopped being a freakin’ slut and stop sleeping around. Don’t be such a freakin’ slut. Don’t devalue yourself like that. Jesus died on the cross for you. What the hell are you doing? Value yourself. He valued you enough to die for you. And, the boys act like an idiot. If you act like an idiot, you’re gonna get whooped.

Jesus said to Trump, “Okay Trump. Sell all you have. Be willing to give it all up. Be willing to put it all on the line.” This is what God said to all on the Abel side. Think about it. From the micro to the macro, we were given the same test. In Cheong Pyeong, if you were willing to give it all up, if you were willing to step away from everything… What’s more valuable to you? What is your treasure? What kind of treasure are you seeking, the treasure in Heaven, or the treasure on Earth?

We had to fight that battle. Were we willing to be slutty hoes; or, were we going to be real? You see, “Screw you to the wall.” I will not dishonor my father. They are a piece of crap. I will not bow to your political correctness, or the social pressure trying to make me saying I’m unfilial; because, I’m telling my mother the truth; because, I actually love her. I should care for her eternal soul; and, I should care that she’s trying to desecrate national treasures. You see what I mean?

You understand what Hillary Clinton did? The whole idea of “Lock her up?” My mother has committed crimes against humanity Yes, she has. She has committed crimes against humanity. You know, it like saying in Korea, it’s called, Mun Ha Je. Even artifacts. There sometimes in Buddhist Temples. There sometimes little stones or carvings. Old sixteenth century writings. They’re called national treasures. If you go into a museum and start writing over them, you will be put in prison. If you start taking them and changing them and saying, “That is that,” you will be locked up.

Now, think about it. What did the Han Mother do? The Messiah has given the Scriptures, he’s given his curriculum and his Word. We are a nation of Cheon Il Guk, which is not an actual sovereignty, yet; but, it will come in the future. Think about what she’s done at a legal level. She went and desecrated all those national treasures. Do you understand what I’m saying? Now, legally, what would happen? You have to lock her up!

Even though she’s your mom, you have to lock her up, Chelsea Clinton. I know she’s your mom, and I know you’re talking to Ivanka Trump; but, you have to lock her up! She has to lock her mom up. It is the right thing to do. She’s breaking the law. She’s breaking the national treasure. She’s destroying the UNESCO Heritage sites. If you went and destroyed the UNESCO Heritage sites, other than the fact that you’re not Taliban, the Taliban can do it. ISIS can do it; but, they won’t prosecute them. Your Christian, and you went and destroyed the UNESCO thing, think about the UN coming after you. Wouldn’t you be tried for an international crimes? Wouldn’t you be sued?

In a real nation, what the Han Mother has done is beyond criminality. She’s not only desecrated national treasures, she’s not desecrated museum pieces. She’s even gone beyond UNESCO Heritage sites. Her greatest crime is, she’s usurped the Throne.

Now, let me ask you, in a state like Britain, if you usurp the Throne, will you be locked up? You would be beheaded. In a real nation, if you usurped the Throne, and say the King has already determined the next King, his Successor and Heir and representative body, and you don’t like that. I want to change that. You would be considered a Usurper; and, if you politically tried to do that, you’d be locked up. You’d be committing treason. You are a traitor to that nation. You have committed crimes against the nation and humanity.

Think about that on the National Level. On the National Level, that’s what would happen. Think about that on the Cosmic Level. And, we’re unfilial; because, we actually had love and compassion for our mom to tell her the truth, and tell her don’t destroy yourself. Don’t become a criminal. Don’t do what is evil. Don’t give into it. Don’t give into the Devil. Don’t give into power. Step away from it. It will destroy you; and, we were the ones that were unfilial. You see what I mean in this version of reality? And, all those psychopaths kept saying, “Oh, Mother we love you. Just keep sending those checks. Oh, ask for more money. Yes. good, good! Please send more money. Oh, Mother, you’re so brave.” You see the inversion of reality? The ones who lost everything, who put their necks on the line said, “Screw you to the wall. We aren’t going to bow to your political pressure. We will be righteous men and righteous women; and, we will not stand for that behavior. You are committing international, Cosmic crime; and, your punishment will come. It will come.”

It’s amazing how the micro and the macro totally line up. When we made the separation, and I finally came out, and we broke the silence, I had to do it. The whole Church was in an uproar. They were cursing and mocking me, saying we are conspiracy theorists. Saying we were unfilial, etc, etc.

Right after that, the Donald Trump Movement starts popping out of nowhere. He started talking about 9/11. When he gets into the White House, he should declassify all the documents on 9/11. He should show how the Saudis help do it. Put the Bush crime family in prison. Like Father told them, “They are the King of Satan’s world.” Father told them, you should not go to war in Iraq, because he knew it was for their own profit. You will destroy the country, and they almost did, if it wasn’t for Cain and Abel standing up against those fools. And, the Spirit of God, and the Spirit of Father and the Spirit of liberty and humanity rising up against them.

Whenever real momentous, epic legendary change and legendary times in history happen, it is always going to be that. The leaders of legendary history are called; and, the same challenge will be made that he gave to that rich man. He will give you that challenge. From the micro to the macro, the people on God’s side, on Abel’s side, more than all those things. Let’s look at what Jesus said. He said, “You lack one thing. Sell all you have, give it to the poor, and you shall have treasure in heaven.”

What will they have, but treasures of God. Trump is literally getting rid of the tax for those who make $40,000 or less. Think about what he’s saying? He’s talking about a 30 to 40 percent tax cut on everybody. That’s incredible! Talk about helping the poor. It’s Clinton’s side that want to rob the poor. Keep them on the plantation. Keep them poor. Keep them totally sucked and dried out of energy; so, they never strive to make something out themselves.

They never strive to make a business, or something they can do. They never strive to push and fight and compete. They get happy with the little tiny welfare check. Get use to the little coffin that they live in. That little apartment that they say is public housing, which has vandalism and crime everywhere. Get people use to that lifestyle and say that are being lead by those White Democrats. Get out of those plantations! Let my people go! Get the minorities out that plantation. Give them tax cuts. Let them start their business. Let them have money to go shopping, ladies. Go shopping for the Kingdom; and, also donate. Do charity.

They’re so hypocritical, the Progressives. They say they do such good things. They steal people’s money and altruistic things. They don’t put their money down for real charities. On average, Republicans donate much more to charities than Democrats; because, they’re all about the illusion about being perfect. I’m not saying the Republicans are perfect. Fifty percent of them should be locked up. Thank God, Trump is putting in the good people, like Jeff Sessions and Pompeo. Trump is real, folks. He’s real.

He’s real, folks. Hillary’s not going to get away with it. Lock her up! is still in play. There is that divide right here. There are the Abel type who will say, “There is a war coming with Satan. I will have to make a decision whether I will support my King of Kings, Jesus Christ, the Second Advent. I will support him; or, I will sell my soul to the Devil, thinking I’ll become rich; but, when I die, I will have only damnation and hate.”

And, on the same level as Trump, “Sell all you have.” Give up the Trump name. Put it all on the line. If you lose this election, your whole brand will be collapsing; and, Hillary and all those cohorts will use everything in their power to destroy your brand and put you out of business. Put it all on the line. Double down. Stand up for truth. Stand up for liberty. Stand with people, who actually tell the truth to the people, not the state propaganda.

He went against that. He put it all on the line. He wants to help poor people. He wants to cut taxes. If he does even a quarter of what he has said, America will be prosperous again, folks. Prosperous. America will be the wealthiest nation on the Earth. It will be the safest place on Earth. It will have actual borders. It will get the dang terrorists out. He will destroy ISIS. On the first day, he was talking with Putin. “Let’s kill ISIS!”

Let’s get ‘em!” Putin called him that day. He said, “Vladimir, let’s get ISIS!” Putin said, “Yes, Mr. Trump.” They don’t want the dang Communist world again. They want prosperity. They want freedom. They don’t want to be put into the Stone Age, again. They want freedom, with free markets, with people being innovative, creating opportunity and low taxes. They want that. Who doesn’t; except for those dam control freak globalist Satanists, who want to control you, and murder your babies; so, they can put them into their sacrifices?

That’s what Hillary and her team wants. Through the Internet, we found out. Unbelievable folks! There’s one thing that happens though. With tremendous prosperity, it coming back. The dollar has not been this strong since 2004.

The dollar hasn’t been this strong since 2004. Did you know that? Apple announced they are going to bring jobs back into the United States. Ford has announced they will start shutting down their plants in Mexico and start bringing them back to the United States. China is angry; because, Trump said, he will just lower our corporate tax. Angry, angry, angry!

So, prosperity is amazing; because, the Abel side stood up against evil. Because, the Abel side stood up against the Satanists. Because, we stood up against the stupid state propaganda. The Judgement we now know, will not fall on the people; because, the people chose God’s side; but, the Judgement will fall on the archangel governments of the world. The revolution against the government monopolies are sweeping the world.

After America, France with Marine Le Pen, she’s the next Donald Trump. She… see, she’s a woman. We are not Misogynists, you dummies. We don’t care if you have a penis or a vagina. We just care where your heart is. Do you surrender to God; or, do you surrender to these prostitutes, these pimps? Who do you surrender to, that’s all we care about. We could care less whether you are a woman or a man. Just don’t be a woman pretending to be a man, dressing as a man.

Remember, that lady in France. She’s going to be the next President in France. She is the Donald Trump for France. Austria is coming up in two weeks. The Liberty Party looks like it’s going to make a landslide. The Judgement is coming to the Archangels. If we didn’t do our five percent, like here… Our kids went out and did the voter cards. They were setting the spiritual conditions for the micro. Pennsylvania distributed 110,000 voter cards. You saw what happened in the miracle in PA. You saw what happened when all the mockers said I was insane that PA would swing it. Okay! In that epic moment, in the final hour, you  saw it. The kids went out and put the voter cards in. We talked to the people. The Japanese came here. The Korean members came here. They set a condition offering on the Microcosm Level. They went to the airports and were distributing in the airports. We saw pictures of it. They took pictures and sent it. They were distributing hundreds. What a tremendous victory.

The Judgement of the archangels, the Judgement of the political class, the Judgement of the crony capitalists, the Judgement of the archangelic demonic Satanist bankers is on. The Judgement is coming. It’s going to be sweeping the world.

Now, on the sixty days or so, until Trump gets in, there gonna want to kill him. They want to get rid of him. So, this sixty days he has they want to get rid of this whole wave of the Revolution. They want to lock up the country. They could blow something up, and say Donald Trump’s supporters did it. They set off a nuke. They could do crazy stuff, folks. We’re not out of the woods, yet. They are nuts. They are criminals. They are mafia. And, they are cornered and they are exposed, and everybody knows who they are. And, everybody can see them. But, if we overcome this hurdle now, and we start implementing those things towards liberty, towards the Abel side, towards Cheon Il Guk, prosperity is gonna flow back to this country. God blessing is going to flow back. You’ll see.

Now, we were literally in a survival situation for the last couple of years. You guys felt it. You felt the unbelievable spiritual force that’s happening; but, we won such a massive victory. We won such an enormous victory.

Now, what is the downfall of those who become champions? Once you win, you get lazy. You underestimate your opponent. You forget what got you there. You forget the filth of the Satanist demons of this Earth is what got you there; but, now you got some wealth for it. Now you got some prosperity, and then you relax. “Oh, okay! Let’s go shopping. Let’s watch some Korean dramas. Good! Oh, okay!”

See what’s happening. You go right back to it. That’s what happened to Joshua and Caleb when they got to the Promise Land. They had to take care of the 31 Kings. They had to behead them. They had to try them for Capital Punishment and try them and cut their heads off. And, they did it.

But, think about it. It was like winning the election this time. It was like that euphoria. That unbelievable adrenalin. Now that they got in there, they got to rebuild stuff. They got to start doing it. They got to get to work; and, where’s all that adrenalin? Where’s all that fire? We just fought a war. We were out there; and, now we gotta come in and settle down. Then there’s wealth. The wealth starts pouring in.

What happened to those people? We know that had to set the National condition. They didn’t center themselves on God, yet. They became lazy. They became secular. You know the land of Canaan is not that far from Egypt. They started to adopting the Egypt gods again. It’s right across from Canaan. It’s right there. Egypt’s right there. It’s not that far. We think it’s a totally different culture. No. It’s right next door; so, we start adopting their ways.

All that prosperity starts coming in. “Hey, it’s not that bad. It’s cool man.” They want to be cool and start adopting their ways. You dummy! You fall into the same stupid trap. Every generation, you got the traps. You dumb bums! “I wanna be different. I want to use the eye horus.” You old ancient whore. You’re going back to the ancient whores, that’s what you’re doing. What’s so new about that? I wanna go back to the oldest religion in the world. You wanna go back to the oldest religion in the world; and, you think your modern.

They’re sacrificing babies. You know how stupid that is? But, they get in there; and, they get secular. “Hey, let’s do some partyin’ baby. Hey, let’s get together with those girls. Hey, let’s get some music goin’ on. Get that music goin’ on, and get the girls to hoot and holler.” Girls, you know when you start hooting and hollering, then you start doing something crazy. Then they start hooting and hollering; and, they say, “Take one more layer off.” A lot of girls just buckle to it. You think it’s cool. You get sucked up into the hooting and hollering.

Later, you’re like these girls. (picture of girls from ancient Rome in an orgy. Then, they show a picture of girls on Spring Break,) Look! What’s the difference? Modern girls doing the same thing as they did in ancient Rome. See them? Laying around with different men. They just had their orgies. Sexualization! It’s okay! What’s the difference to this in the modern world? What the hell’s the difference? You think it’s so creative. You think it’s so liberal. You’re expressing yourself; and, you’re, “Oh, I’m artistic.” You’re so dumb. You’re doing the same stupid patterns like every other idiotic loser in history that destroys civilization.

You’re not a civilization builder. You’re not creating power for the next generation. You’re not empowering people. You’re following the same hedonistic idiocy of every stupid Marxist, of every stupid Socialist. And, you think you have a band around your arm like the girl in the picture. You think you’re cool. A goddess. You’re a freakin’ idiot! You’re not cool. It doesn’t make you cool. Glitter or three stars under your eye doesn’t make you cool.

Slutting yourself to men, doesn’t make you cool. Prostituting yourself to others doesn’t make you cool. It makes you stupid. What’s the difference between now and ancient Rome? See that? Zero!

See how these modern kids think their doing something new? You’re giving your virginity away to some STD filthy-ridden loser, who doesn’t care about you. He thinks your a slut, and you loves it. He just wants to use you for the sex and toss you away. That’s how valueless you are. That’s how valueless you become. You devalue yourself, your body, your temple. The holy palace God gave you.

You’re not empowered. You’ve given the most precious thing away. You’re not empowered. You’re weak. You’re not empowered. You’re a coward. All you did is buckle to social pressure. All you had to do is have a couple boys and girls screaming, “Ooohh! Take more off. Take more off!” And, you did it. You weak, you mentally weak person. You didn’t stand up for anything. You stepped right into it. Then, you have to go your whole life thinking, “Oh, I did it for a reason. Give me a break!”

You know you buckled. Be honest with yourself. Repent! Come back to God. Just say, “God, I made a mistake. I need you in my life. I want to be strong. I want to be a powerful woman. I want to be a powerful man. I don’t want to be a slut. I don’t want to be a whimp. I don’t want to be some sellout, some prostitute. I want to be real. I want to know you, my Creator. The Creator of the Universe, who gives me natural rights and divine rights. I want to be a King or Queen made in Your image.”

This is what you give yourself away to. So, daughter, you’ve got to watch out. Brothers, you got to watch out. Girls, you’ve got to watch out. There’s boys out there, who want to encourage you in this direction and use you. They want to sex you up and toss you away. They want to bring all that culture that should be in your marriage. All that culture should be in your marriage.

There’s nothing wrong with getting naked for your husband. Nothing wrong. When you get around a pool, you want to take off all your clothes and put a bikini on. No, that’s supposed to be for your husband. Work out together. Hang together. Do fun things together. Make amazing children together. Make your lives together centered on God. Lift weights together. Spot for each other. All those things, get naked together. All those things you got to do with your husband. That’s good. That’s blessed. You don’t do that for the world. Then you’re a slut. You’re being tempted by the spirit of slutiness. You don’t have your bikini so you can show off your body to the rest of the world. Your bikini is to show off your body to your husband.

So, the desire to dress like that when you go to Spring Break is, “Oh, all the girls are dressed like that; so, I suppose I can do it.” That desire is, when you go to Spring Break, all the girls are dressed like that; so, I can do it.” That desire is what the Devil get you on, especially when you got the money rolling in. Especially, once your parents get rich again. Especially, once America gets more prosperous. Especially, once you don’t have the threat of WWIII over your head. This is what happens. Guaranteed!

We want women to be Godly women. Sexuality is great for marriage, girls. Don’t give your sex away to these loser STD ridden pathetic lowlife scum, who want to use you and throw you out. That’s not what you’re made for. You’re made for a husband, who will live for you and die for you. Not so you can use him; but, you can reciprocate that with love and respect. A powerful marriage. Make a powerful environment, where you can create a power environment for the next generation of young people. Get naked all you want with your husband, baby. Get naked all you want. Where all the bikinis you want with your husband. There’s a place for that. It’s not at the pool party and with the stupid beer drinking Las Vegas clubs.

You want to do your thing a dress up like a goddess? Do it for your husband. I’m not going to Judge you. Okay! That’s between your husband and you, Blessed in marriage. You just can’t include other people in it. You dummy! Give me a break!

Surrender yourself to God. God doesn’t prohibit the power of sexuality that is conserved for marriage, that could be released in marriage and empower your children. Do you really want your children to be sluts and hoes? Do you really want your children not to make any long-term relationships?

You selfish person. Why don’t you give your children a powerful sexual relation marriage? Why don’t you give your children a powerful relation between husband and wife? How about that instead of telling your children how bad your daddy is, or how bad mommy is. How about building that relationship in Christ? Be powerful there. Have an amazing sex life. Celebrate your Blessing, and empower your children to do the same. How about that.

When you leave that, that pagan culture, that stupid feminist culture and Communism, political hating culture, all you try to do try to destroy your children’s lives. That’s all you got to do. How is it going to benefit you, seeing you hate your husband every freakin’ day? How in the hell is that going to benefit your children? I’m just keeping it real.

How is it going to benefit you one iota? It’s going to make your kids hate your marriage. It’s going to make your kids hate the idea of marriage. It’s going to make your kids hate you and your relationship with your husband. It’s going to make your kids resentful and search out fallen things like these pictures. Deflowered, discredited and dishonorable. It’s going to screw up their lives. Why? Because, you wanted to be on a power trip. You were selfish and narcissistic. Why? Because, you didn’t really care for your children. You wanted your own pleasure. When we get to prosperity. We better watch out; because, this is what we have to do.

Girls, be careful. If the guys can get you into this, you are half brain-dead. If they can tempt you into this, you’re stupid. Just admit it. Just surrender yourself to God. Say, “I am stupid. I don’t want to be stupid anymore, God. Give me strength. Give me power. Give me honor. Give me virtue. Surround me with people that will bless me. That will pray for me. God, this lonely wasteland of filth that I thought was empowering is a craphole.”

You’ll be lonely. You’ll be ugly. You’ll be unwanted. You’ll be thrown away. You’ll be stepped on; and, they can tell you all these things. You’re so liberated; but, you will be miserable. You are a miserable human being. You sluted yourself away to some old crusty professor’s philosophy. Oh, you’re so empowered. You listened to some Socialist in a dam suit on campus. You sluted yourself to that idiot’s philosophy. You sold yourself out to that type of fool; because, he made you think you’re empowered. Now, you have STDs. Now, you have diseases. Now, you have regrets. Now, you have people who used you and abused you; and, now you think that’s all you can get.

What’s the difference between then and now? All you’ve got to do is dumb them down. Don’t teach them Math and Science. Get them Common Core and say that got partial credit, even though they got the whole Math equation wrong. Just give them partial credit for that. Keep them stupid. Put a sex culture out there. Create some cool media. Kids, get some cool channels to watch during Spring Break. Get the girls in front of the boys to show off their booties. Just get them in that culture. Get them stupid. Get them infatuated in the power of sexuality early. Booze up their life; and, they become weak, lame, unwanted.

They don’t become powerful. They don’t become strong. They don’t become virtuous. They won’t be able to discern between good and evil. They won’t be able to discern who’s a predator and who’s not. They won’t be able to empower other people; because, they’re so-o-o discombobulated. Then, you got that population under control. You got them.

Then, put a little money in their bank account. Get them thinking they’re empowered; because, they hate men. Because, you got to get rid of those men. They like the guns; and, they may fight us. Let’s get rid of those men. Let’s get rid of those strong men. The alpha males. Any of those strong type of men that will challenge us. We got to get rid of them. You see that?

Make the beta males, make the wimpy males everyone should idolize like the Professors. The ones who want the female attention; but, they can’t get the female attention; so, they’ll spew out their propaganda. So, they’ll sell their soul into Communism. So, they’ll embrace their narcissism. They’ll sell their soul to make them feel empowered and good. They’ll get all that female attention; and, maybe they’ll sleep with a couple of their students.

Oh, you’re really empowered. You listen to some crusty old idiot in a tweed suit in college; and, now you’re forty or fifty years old and you got nothing. You’re poor. You’re in debt. You got no friends. Nobody really cares for you. No real relationships. Tons of burnt bridges. Tons of people who hate you, who used you and abused you. Great job! Great job!

See, God doesn’t want that for you; and, that is a test when God comes back. That’s a test for you, girls. This is so easy to jump into. It’s a real test. Just put a little hard music on. Get into the sex culture, the sex culture, drugs, alcohol. Just get that culture pumping, pumping, pumping. Brainwash them everyday with the same stupid lyrics over and over again. Just get a couple of girls in bikinis out there; and, get the people to hoot and holler. Then, the girls will what? Do what animals will do. They will resemble that behaviour. They will copy that behavior. They will code that behavior into their mindset, into their psyche. Just like a lion, who watches their mommy hunt; and, they’ll copy that behavior. They’ll see a naked lady in a bikini prostituting herself, selling herself in front of everybody; and, they’ll say for me to be empowered, I have to be like that? To get all the hoots and hollers, I have to be like that? You see what I mean?

You’re so easy to control. You girls are so easy to control; and, the Devil knows that. When we get to prosperity, when we get the blessings of God, don’t be like those sluts. They are going to try to pull you their way. Don’t slut yourself away. Remember the blessings which got you there. Remember the virtues that got you there. Remember the virtues of integrity. Remember the virtues of honesty, the virtues of competition. To be a strong women, not be some lowlife, who has to steal from other people in order to feel powerful.

Be out there competing. Be out there learning Jiu Jitsu. Be out there learning MMA. Be out there learning strong things. Be out there learning hunting and fishing. Do things that connect you to real people. Real relationships. Real tribal networks. That gets you out of your zone.

Look at our young people. We’re doing such insane things. Ninja training. Weapon’s training. We’re doing like hard martial arts that girls are terrified of.  Boys are terrified of. You got to punch each others face in training. You’re doing things that ninety-nine percent of the population that’s never been done and terrified to do. You hunt and fish and be outdoors; and, now we’re going to train our bodies to do trekking. Going eight miles treks, twenty-one mile treks, forty mile treks. You’re getting powerful, people. You guys are getting powerful.

With power comes responsibility. Think how weak these people are that get sucked up into these cultures. Think how weak these girls are. I mean, you can literally walk around with a guzzle. “Open your mouth. Let’s pour this into their mouth.” What is that? What is that alcohol thing; and, they’ll do it, because of that social pressure.

See how easy women are to control. So easy to control. Just get a couple of bikini girls up there showing the way, get a couple of alcohol bottles out there and through it around. You’re screwed. You’re going to lose your virginity. You’re going to sleep with some STD ridden, some loser ho, pimp. This is what you have to watch out for as prosperity comes back in. It’s always when they enter the Kingdom and win. And, when the pressure of the fight is over, when you think you can relax. Let’s go party!

Now, there’s nothing wrong about having an incredible party with your family. An incredible party with your spouse. Going on vacation to a beautiful place with your spouse. There’s nothing wrong in Cheon Il Guk about that. There’s nothing wrong about getting naked with your spouse. Okay! There’s nothing wrong about wearing a bikini with your spouse; and, you know, there’s nothing wrong about being fit and having a beautiful body for your husband and wife. Nothing wrong with that. It’s good to be fit. It’s good to be strong. It’s good to be a warrior.

You can do all that; but, God has a place for it. It’s called marriage. And, it’s a place where you invest in it. You have parties; but, you invest in it. You build there. You put your seeds down there. You invest there. You put your seed down there, literally and figuratively. You build a your maturation there. Look, all the men aren’t perfect, all the women aren’t perfect. How many know men and women are not perfect? Okay!

In your marriages, that’s where the Devil wants to get you. They want to lie to you saying, “This isn’t real freedom. This isn’t going to make you happy. Your life is so boring. This is what’s going to make you happy. Empty, empty soul-less life.” How long are you going to do that?

Max until you’re thirty or forty. Then you got wrinkles. What are you going to do then? All the young kids are going to think you’re old and ugly. You have to get the botox out in order to get your share. Why don’t you preserve your youth? Why don’t you invest your youth into becoming powerful for God?

Developing real epigenetics. Unlocking your potential. Empowering other people. Creating real relationships. Developing tribal networks that will last your whole lifetime. Why don’t you spend the best part of your youth building virtue, honor, principles? Not chasing dirty, STD ridden man-hoes, who will lie to you, and tell you anything to get you in bed?

Dress as stylish as you want for your man. Your husband. Be a good goddess for your husband. Husbands, you can be handsome for your wife. That’s great. That’s wonderful. Love and respect. That’s where we build it.

(back to the pictures of orgies and drunken youth of today) This is the downfall of civilization. Thank God for freedom and prosperity. Thank God for the Cheon Il Guk Constitution; because, when that is implemented, even though things happen and people make stupid decisions, and try to pull the culture into hedonism, they will never be able to implement Socialism, legally. They will never be able to put in the planks of Marxism so as to destroy it. The people who are righteous will tell them, “Hey, that’s not good for your behavior.”

Use your conscience. Seek God. Did you see that other girl? You saw that picture with Uncle Sam, and that woman with cocaine? You saw that. You’re still going to have those examples in Cheon Il Guk; and, it is a place where I our conscience is seeking God, not by laws and regulations.

God wishes for us to inherit the “Kingdom Riches.” These pictures are not that. In the Kingdom, the Riches is relationship, folks. When you are with honorable people, you have the most precious asset. It’s not money that makes you rich. It’s your wealth that makes you rich. What kind of wealth do you got? Do you just got money in your bank? You’re not rich. If you think that’s rich, you’re dumb. That’s not rich; because, that money can be gone the next day. Where’s your wealth at? Human relationships, honorable people, moral people, organic farming, growing your own garden, aquaponics. Yes, these are all assets. You have to pay money to buy that food, which is three times more expensive. That’s all money. Real things like gold and silver, these things are wealth, too.

See, we want you to know what true wealth is, folks; but, it’s all centered around relationships. If you want to have a lot of high quality people to increase the relationship of your net worth, you know what you have to have? You have to surrender yourself to something else other than the world. You have to surrender yourself to God.

High quality people, who are successful and at the top of their field, they do not do it out of narcissism. Obviously, there are the outer layers. There’s always the five or ten percent who are bad. They get there by honesty, not robbing and raping people. Who get there honestly reaping, and honestly building, and honestly creating.

These people know that it takes faith. Those people know that when the times are tough, they still gotta believe.  They know that they got to bank on those relationships. They know need to have a higher power guiding them.

Build wealth folks. When God brings back prosperity and riches to the free world, it is our task to not go into the trap of the Devil that you saw. It’s our task to get back to God’s Kingdom.

Strengthen our relationships. Remember the beauty of our community here. When we all start getting rich and famous, and there is no more WWIII looking at us in the back, “Well, screw you! I going to go off and do my thing, now.” All those people that stood with you at the time of greatest crisis, the Cosmic battle, this will be our wealth, folks. It’s each other.

All the Sanctuarians who stood up against mockery and bitter attacks. Why? Because, they would not sell themselves out to political correctness and a stupid hierarchy. That actually believed in Father, that loved Christ, that loved Jesus, loved the Messiah; and, centered their life on him, instead of some stupid Korean leader who said what they could not do or could not say. This is our wealth. God will add to this wealth. God will add to this provision. The Judgement is here for the the Archangels, now; and, as the Judgement happens, people will be more and more free. Cheon Il Guk is coming closer and closer, folks.

It’s our task that Cheon Il Guk will never develop under hedonism. It will never be built on these fallen ideas of these pictures. This will be deleterious to your life, if you behave like this in Cheon Il Guk. Nobody will invest in you, if you behave like this.

If you’re unrepentant, nobody will put their money behind you. Nobody will help you succeed in your business. People will watch how you behave. People will watch the content of your character. They won’t care about the color of your skin. They will watch the content of your character. Are you virtuous. Are you a high quality person; or, are you a low quality, sluty ho? Man or woman. You can be a man-ho.

God has given us tremendous wealth. Earthly riches come, based on heavenly wealth. God has given us all, folks. As the prosperity comes back, let us not forget that. We gotta keep coming back to that, even though this world becomes prosperous again.


Let’s end with Page 596 of Cheon Seong Gyeong. Father said,

You should not be doing anything other than finding sons and daughters whom you can take with you to heaven. Even if you had hundreds of millions of dollars and lived richly, all that would pass away. Do it even to the point of investing all your materials, knowledge, and your very lives. Invest them all at one time, not separately, to create heavenly citizens [of the Kingdom of God].



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