2016-11-13 Kingdom Redeemed



NOVEMBER 13, 2016

Welcome! This morning, it’s finally starting to cool down. It’s great weather outside for some Winter camping coming up. Now, let’s move to the announcements.

We want to welcome everyone who’s here and online. Also, what a momentous and glorious week. Wow! My goodness. Epic battle between good and evil. Oh, my Lord, have mercy! Okay! I’m saving my comments until later; otherwise, I’m gonna start right now. I’m gonna save my comments.This is us at the final Trump Rally, he said, Okay! I’m saving my comments.

We like to have you all join us in anointing the Mongolia National Leader, Rev. Azjargel Sanduijav. Is that right? Did I say that correctly? He was the former Vice President of Mongolia, and he has now come to Sanctuary and has become the Sanctuary Head there.

Also, the anointing of Helen Fernandez Ndu of the Philippines. She’s a fellow Sanctuarian and she will be the Philippine Sanctuary Church International Coordinator. She is a famous lady. We all know her.

And, the anointing of the Sanctuary Leaders in Nevada, Ted and Hope Igarashi will be standing up, so join us at the end of services.

Today will be family worship Sunday; so, all the kids will be joining us. Two weeks to Thanksgiving; so, the Sunday right before Thanksgiving, November 2oth, we will be a Thanksgiving lunch here; so, for those people bringing a potluck, just bring something in the Thanksgiving theme. We’ll have an early Thanksgiving altogether. We’ve been grateful to have Kook Jin Nim hosting us at his house for the last couple of years; but, he’s going to be moving. I’m going to be moving, and their packing boxes right now; so, he’s not going to be able to do that this week; so, what we’ll do is just have the potluck for the Sunday directly preceding; so, we’ll have a mini Thanksgiving meal right here. We don’t have to do it somewhere else. We’ll do it here.

So folks, let’s get the Word, Kingdom Redeemed, today ~

Luke 18:9 Then he told this story to some who boasted of their virtue and scorned everyone else: 10 “Two men went to the Temple to pray. One was a proud, self-righteous Pharisee, and the other a cheating tax collector. 11 The proud Pharisee ‘prayed’ this prayer: ‘Thank God, I am not a sinner like everyone else, especially like that tax collector over there! For I never cheat, I don’t commit adultery, 12 I go without food twice a week, and I give to God a tenth of everything I earn.’ 13 “But the corrupt tax collector stood at a distance and dared not even lift his eyes to heaven as he prayed, but beat upon his chest in sorrow, exclaiming, ‘God, be merciful to me, a sinner.’ 14 I tell you, this sinner, not the Pharisee, returned home forgiven! For the proud shall be humbled, but the humble shall be honored.” 15 One day some mothers brought their babies to him to touch and bless. But the disciples told them to go away. 16-17 Then Jesus called the children over to him and said to the disciples, “Let the little children come to me! Never send them away! For the Kingdom of God belongs to men who have hearts as trusting as these little children’s. And anyone who doesn’t have their kind of faith will never get within the Kingdom’s gates.” Amen!
Wow folk! What an intense week we had. It was a massive spiritual battle on the cosmic scale. Unbelievable! Unprecedented! Historic! Totally historic. Epic, epic, epic. This was probably the most scintillating, frustrating and terrifying Presidential round we ever had; because, if you remember, literally the republic, America, was hanging on it’s last thread, literally. There was a lot of work to do. We’re going to get into that. But, it was literally hanging on it’s last thread. With the whole global elite essentially taking over this country, taking over both side, both parties, engaged in total illegal activity, with both sides rigging the election saying, “No! We’re not going to have Trump.’ The Democrats gave it to Hillary.
The Bernie supporters were complaining unabashed, in your face activities. Unbelievable. So much criminality for everybody to see. It was an unprecedented Presidential election. It was the most stressful. How many people were stressed out this week? My Lord, I know how you feel. Oh my goodness. And, not only was it such an unbelievably, unruly political time the atmosphere, there was a spiritual atmosphere that we were speaking about, but it only came confirmed. Did you notice, the last week, right before the Ancestor Liberation. Boom! Those things about Wikileak. Those things about Hillary and her circle being involved in satanic spirit cooking rituals, and pouring blood and semen elixirs over effigies of babies. These things are starting to come out right after, the week right after Ancestor Liberation, and the week before the Presidential election.
Not only that, at the same time, you have John Podesta and the Wikileaks emails that are coming out connecting him to pediphilia, and how they’re inviting, how they’re inviting kids coming in hot tubs with them at their Clinton parties. These kind of things started coming out; because, as we saw, the big cosmic battle was kind of wondering the civilization America is going to be pressing towards.
Is it going to be a civilization with the innocent and the most sinless people of that civilization, the unborn babies, is legally able to be murdered, killed, has no rights, totally disfigured, cut up with medical stainless steel scissors, severing the spine, limbs, everything. That’s how the procedures done. And in the third debate, you saw Trump and Hillary go at it. He said, “This woman wants to make it legal to kill a baby one day before it’s due date, and she could not deny it, could not deny it.” So, even on a spiritual level, you could see what kind of person who was sitting on Satan’s side and who was sitting on God’s side.
Now, Trump is not perfect. God does not use perfect people. King Cyrus, who drained the swamp and locked them up, he wasn’t perfect. He had a harem. He wasn’t morally, totally perfect; but, God used him to bring the people out of Babylon back into Jerusalem. Incidentally, he also built the wall for Jerusalem as well for the people.
So unbelievable, because now see during the whole campaign, during the leadup to the end, you could see all these slogans that started coming out. How many of you have been to the Trump rallies? Oh my goodness. Did you see, you could see, spontaneously, you could hear, “Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up!” Then on the other side you would hear, “Drain the swamp! Drain the swamp! Drain the swamp!” And then, “CNN sucks! CNN sucks!” I mean, this was unprecedented folks. Never, never, never before did the mainstream media become this discredited. This unbelievably discredited. The whole establishment was out to kill Trump. The whole establishment was out to destroy him. The whole establishment, including the media, was out to get him. Every single media outlet, both Republican and Democrat, were trying to get rid of him. Every single establishment, all the tools they had at their disposal, every single one, were trying to get rid of him.
Why? Because, he stood for sovereignty. Why? Because, he didn’t want to destroy America. Why? Because, he didn’t want America to be poor and left in poverty and collapsed as a nation. Why? Because, he didn’t want WWIII with Russia. And, because he didn’t want WWIII, they called him a warmonger. Because he wanted to protect America, they called him a racist. Because he wanted freedom and sovereignty, they called him bigot. Why? Because they want us into the world system, the world UN system, where every single country is collapsed, where every single country has a centralized governments over them, which the bankers all fund and employ, where the people are farmed for their taxes, farmed for their labor, etc. It’s nothing more than worldwide Communism. That’s all it is.
And, it’s unbelievable, this epic battle is unbelievable. Just the timing of the event. I want to show you a video. Actually, I have a couple of videos. Just the time of the event is brings about alot of skepticism when Trump emerged. Remember, before we broke the silence, Kook Jin Nim was talking about we need a new George Washington to emerge. Remember this, folks? We need a new George Washington to emerge.
He was explaining the difference between an Abel type revolution and a Cain type revolution. He started to look at revolutions, and a Cain type revolution, he started talking about the French Revolution as an example, where you have just the population creating revolts, and just taking over everything. But, where does that lead? It leads historically to Communism, dictatorship, Oligarchy. The population will simply replace the dictatorship with another dictatorship.
Then, he was talking about the Abel type revolution, where there is a split in the elite. There is a separation between good and evil amongst the leaders in that nation. There is a split, where God divides that elite group; and, that elite group splits and creates an elite group against the evil parties of the other elite.
So, for example, in the American Revolution, you had all these parties like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, all these others were rebelling against the elites of Britain. They were part of the elite. George Washington’s net worth was about a half a billion dollars. He was basically a billionaire at that time. Right?
All these people were related to the Crown. All these people were connected deeply into the elite structure; but, they had to split, because in amongst that elite there was an Abel and Cain type realm. And God would use that Abel type realm to separate when the time came from the evil side, so that freedom could come in that form.
So, we talked about this situation, why it was essential why a billionaire? My goodness, a casino mogul. Who would have known? Who would have known? A billionaire casino mogul becomes the President of the United States (POTUS)
Now you know why he had to be a billionaire. He didn’t have to take funding for his thing. He took no outside funding for his campaign. He didn’t become beholden to these globalist think tanks, these globalist operations, these globalist mega bankers like Goldman-Sachs, etc. All these Rothschilds. He did not take money from them. He was able to stay independent of the establishment. That is to say, to be bought off and overrun the entire establishment already here in America.
He was able to stay separated from them, financially; so, he would not be a slave, and beholden to their bidding and wishes, which was absolutely incredible and essential, essential, essential. He also what? He also had his own security team for the last twenty or thirty years. He had a professional security detail that he trusted and he could use in combination now with the Secret Service and the other government fed run programs like the Secret Service, etc.
But, he had his own people there that he already had with him for twenty or thirty years that he trusted with his life. Anybody who knows the JFK assassination or the Reagan assassination attempts, we know that people were getting compromised from the inside. The people getting compromised from the inside, and were working for the big puppet masters to get the President assassinated.
So then it was absolutely critical that he had also enough money to not only fund his campaign, but to… How many millions did that take? He spent hundreds of millions, maybe two hundred or three hundred million dollars of his own money. I heard Hillary Campaign spent over a billion, or even two billion dollars. They spent two billion dollars of ads against Trump.
They spent two billion dollars in the mainstream media to stop Trump. Did you see the mainstream media prostituting itself, totally exposing itself to discredit itself, totally showing that it’s nothing but a propaganda for the state? Totally realized, all this disinformation service agents using critical psychological warfare upon the people. Unbelievable!
The normal person was able to see it in this realm. The normal person was able to see through the lies, see through all the disinformation, and themselves become researchers, themselves become people trying to seek the truth. Trying to find out who these candidates really are, which is why the internet played such an essential part.
Can you believe it folks. The mainstream media was defeated by the alternative media for the first time in history; and, the people who were seeking the truth defeated all Goldman-Sachs, the Rothschilds, all these fools who are funding these things. The people were able to defeat them.
That is what was unbelieveable this week. The time leading up to this was a massive spiritual battle. I was attacked spiritually. I know many of you were attacked spiritually having not only nightmares, and spiritual attacks, and the Devil trying to get you, but literally, all of a sudden getting depressed. People all of a sudden getting the spirit of depression, some people getting the spirit of confusion, the spirit of weakness, etc.
There was so much spiritual attack, and we would talk about those things, those who were involved in the politics, but everyone would laugh at us. Everyone would mock us; and, then on that final week, you can see the emails starting to pour out about their involvement in satanic covens, in satanic circles, there involvement into why we were able to put the pieces together, why they would want to continue to keep the abortion clinics open, etc.
I showed you the information about Zachary King, the former Satanist, who then became a Christian, who said the abortion clinics, he was the Manager for one of the Covens in his area; and, the people, the Wickens, the different satanic underground churches, whatever, who were connected to the covens, would gather at the abortion clinics; because, they wanted access to fetuses. They want access to human babies, which they call human animals, and which they say Satan desires the most. It finalizes them, it brings them to conclusion, their incantations and their spells, and your wishes that you are desiring, all these things. This is a person who was an activist Satanist Leader, who came out explaining why there’s so much collusion between the abortion clinics and the satanic cults. At the highest level of the elites, at the highest level, they come up parading in front of all the people in nice little prim and proper clothes, and hair and makeup and all that kind of thing, but behind the scenes, there involved in spirit cooking, satanic blood rituals. Marina Abramovic. I showed you the pictures of her quote, “artwork,” which is nothing other than a celebration of the occult. Nothing other than a glorification of a death cult, a satanic death cult.
Unbelievable, the spiritual cosmic battle that was at stake. Not only was our economy tanking, not only was our entire civilization collapsing, not only was this entire political correctness, and the whole system of dominating all the Western democratic countries succeeding, but until the final hour, literally, nobody believed the little man, the simple man would have say again.
Nobody believed Trump would win. Trump was just a manifestation. He was just a representation of the angst, and the concern, and the anger that people had. The people who were silenced. The people who were forgotten. People, who were left behind, people who were being exploited by the federal system, people who were being stolen from by their taxes and the money they were producing in the market. It was amazing.
Some of you guys talked to some of the local folks who went out to vote, and I heard he (Robert) was telling a story, where he was speaking to a guy, and he said, “Man. Can you believe what happened?” And then the guy said, “Yeah! I didn’t think Trump would win. I thought they would steal the vote.” How many felt he couldn’t win. They were so unbelievably in your face.
They already did it with the Democrats, with the RNC. Trump was genius to bring that out months before. They’re going to rig it. They’re going to rig it. They’re going to rig it, rig it, rig it; and, everybody’s on high alert on the exit polls saying, “They’re going to rig it, rig it. Watch out! Watch out!” They couldn’t pull a steal, even though they stole about five states. They were not able to steal all the states.
But, with that kind of unbelievable pressure and almost spiritual fighting and warfare, ordinary folks, who even felt that Hillary would win, because they were going to rig it. They did their five percent. They got up and went to the polls and they put the vote in. I don’t care if my vote doesn’t count, I’m gonna do it anyway as a prayer. I gonna do it as an offering. I’m gonna do it as a sacrifice. I don’t care if my vote doesn’t matter. At least I’m gonna do something. Right! Tell me if I’m wrong?
And, my goodness folks. Who was up until five in the morning? You know we were. We were FaceBooking live. We were shooting Tweets out live, you know, and on FaceBook. It was insane. Insane!
Let’s look at this first video, because everybody thought Trump would never do it; and, I’m not saying he’s some kind of saviour. He’s Jesus or something like that. He’s a manifestation of humanity, yearning to be with God. Yearning to have sovereignty. The gifts God has given us. He is only a manifestation of that desire to return back to our Creator. Let’s look at the first at that first video. Check this out.
From the video ~ Which Republican candidate has the best chance of winning the general election? Of the declared ones, right now, Donald Trump. (laughter) Now of the candidates weigh in, Donald Trump doesn’t have a chance of winning this election.” Matt Lauer asking President Obama, “Can you imagine Donald Trump standing up and saying the State of the Union Address.” Obama answered, “Well, I could imagine him in a Saturday Live Night skit.” “Mr. Trump will not be President.” I don’t see how he can win.” “So, Donald Trump will lose, and then he will destroy the Republican Party.” My view is “No, Donald Trump could never win the election.” “You’re never going to be President of the US by insulting your way to the presidency.” “Let’s see,” says Mr. Trump, “I’m at 42 and you’re at 3,” to Jeb Bush. “I can’t find a single Republican.” “I talked to about 12 Senators or their representative, yesterday. I can’t find who said they were going to win.” etc. (This was from both Democrats and Republicans)
“We are searching our pollsters, and we find Donald Trump will not be elected. He will not be elected. He will not be elected.” (Hyung Jin Nim says sarcastically) “It is impossible for him to be elected. It is unreal for him to think he will be elected.” “Ha, ha, ha. Donald Trump elected. Ha, ha, ha!” You’re braindead. You’re stupid. You’re ignorant. You’re bigoted. You’re…”
This is what he (Donald Trump) had to go up against, folks. This is what it was every day. Every day, the mocking, the scoring, the making fun of. “Oh, you’re an idiot. You’re a xenophobic. Oh, you’re a Islamic phobic. Oh, you’re a homophobic. Oh, you’re a…” This went on every single day. Everyday.
And notice, folks, during that entire epic battle, what was Hillary standing up for? She was standing up to create a civilization, where we can kill the most innocent within the civilization, legally. That is completely evil. What else was she pushing. She was pushing Russia was hacking her emails, and Russia is trying to create WWIII, and we have to go and destroy Russia.
Are you kidding me! You want to send us, why we’re economically depressed into nuclear war with Russia. This Administrations have continuously putting us into war, six different wars – Libya, Ukraine, Syria, arming ISIS… Are you crazy! Now, you want to go to war with Russia. You want to go to war with Russia, a thermonuclear power and get all our kids killed, so you criminals can get away with it? This is what she wanted.
This is what she wanted. She was literally trying to start WWIII with Russia, because all the Goldman-Sachs and the bankers knew that, now, they’re the ones who are trying to create all the bubbles. They’re the ones who screwed everybody into the walls. They’re the ones who got everybody into this mess. They’re the ones who lied, bought off the politicians, stole from us, etc. And, the people are starting to wake up. It was unbelievable. It was life and death as to where humanity would end up. It was an unprecedented battle.
My goodness. We knew it was going to be an epic thing. Honestly, I was fearful into the last hours of the election, because it was 12 to midnight, and Pennsylvania was still blue. Did you see this thing? PA was still blue. It was blue. It was traditionally blue for how many years? 30 years, is that right? Thirty years it has been voting Democrat; and, we knew PA would be the determining factor. We knew that, not only Providentially, because even the New York Times had to admit it, and at 12 to midnight PA was still blue.
It was at two in the morning, then we had it at 2:54 AM; and, he needed to win one more state. They said, it was probably going to Michigan before Pennsylvania. Unbelievable. Or Arizona, one of the states, but if he got PA, there are 20 Electoral votes, the Electoral College of twenty people. If he got that, it would have put him over the 270; and, we would have our next President Elect.
Did you see? I was Facebooking it live, if you saw what I was Facebooking, you saw, I was taking pictures of the NY Times and their little meter system. They had it, like, 99.99% Trump was going to win PA, and still they wouldn’t call it. We waited for hours and hours and hours. The needle would move to 95, 96, 97, 98, 99 percent, and they were not calling it. They were hoping to high hell that they get a blessing from Lucifer, and it doesn’t happen. Noticed, I switched that? I didn’t say to high heaven. Did you notice that?
Unbelievable! And then, I don’t know what time it was. We were like on caffeine, because we were drinking coffee, try stay awake. No way, it was much later than that. When did they call PA? 1:36? No way, it was later than that. (It was a 2:40 AM (EST) that Fox News called Donald Trump won the state of PA. http://insider.foxnews.com/2016/11/08/who-won-pennsylvania-donald-trump-or-hillary-clinton. )
Anyway, it was unbelievable. Whatever the moment, it was captured on video. I realized, I gotta capture this moment on film.
(Hyung Jin Nim posted the following video, transcribed.)
Trump has won. It’s official. Kookjin Hyung. It’s official. Donald Trump has just won the Presidency. The news outlets: Foxnews is now declaring, seeing this live, Trump is now at 274. He got PA. Pennsylvania was the swing state. PA determined the election. Everybody, Trump is now the President of the United States. Trump has defeated them. It is unbelievable. Google has Trump at now 276. Trump has won. Unbelievable. It’s a landslide miracle. God is on our side. True Father is real. Unbelievable. We did it. The united Cain and Abel, with Father’s Kingship. Praise God! We talked about the George Washington of the next Revolution had to come, and God sent him. Praise God! All the kids and everybody who went out and passed out the voting scorecards. PA won it. PA won it for Trump and the United States and for the world. It is amazing! Incredible! The world is changing, and so we thank everybody who is out there, all the Sanctuary people, all the people who stood up for truth, all the people who stood up for God’s side, for the Abel side, for sovereignty.
All the kids who went out. All the kids in Sanctuary went out. They were passing out hundreds and hundreds of thousands of voter scorecards. Praise God! We defeated the Satanists, which the deplorables revolted against the New World Order and global Communism. We have defeated them. God’s side has won. President Trump, who is connected to the Cain and Abel True Father has selected, and has said are the Anointed, is now supported and connected to Donald Trump, who is now the President of the United States and the world. Praise God!
Okay! That was the moment Donald Trump was elected. You could here Kook Jin Nim in the background shouting, “Whooo!”
Even the kids helped. Kook Jin Nim help print 500,000 voter cards. We helped get all of them out to all the key states. How many did PA do? How many did we do? We did like 50,000. All you guys went out. You got your kids out, putting those voter cards out. That small condition on the microcosm makes a huge difference on the macrocosm; because, we take ownership of the five percent responsibility, and it has an impact at the macrocosm level. Not only that, listen to this folks. Pennsylvania not only puts him over the edge and gets him to be the 45th President Elect of the United States and everywhere in the world; but, his last speech was done in Scranton, PA, which is our back door. It’s only 20 minutes from here. He could have chose Pittsburgh, Philly, or anywhere else in the country. He decides to come back on his last day to Scranton, PA. Not only anywhere in Scranton; because, there’s a lot of universities there. He decides to go to Lakawanna College. At Lakawanna College, the anointed Cain by True Father happens to be on the Advisory Board.  He happens to be on the Presidential Advisory Board of that college that Trump decides to come back to. You can’t make this stuff up, folks. You make this up.
We didn’t go seeking after Trump. Trump came to us to the Tommy Gun Warehouse, etc, and God just putting it all together with Lakawanna College. What are the odds of that happening? How many universities are there in the US. He could have chosen any single school of the thousands and thousands of them, but on the last day, he comes back to our back yard, and he comes to the college where Kook Jin Nim is on the Presidential Advisory Board. That’s how we got up right to the  front, and we were praying for that man. We were praying to put a protection on him the whole time. We were worried at first, because we were not feeling it, but by the time we got there that thing was packed. It was like a rock concert in there. You saw people putting on their iphones. Did you see this? It was like some people were putting on their iphones, and it looked like a rock concert in there.
People were standing up for sovereignty. People were standing up saying, we need freedom and responsibility. We can’t be slaves under this Communism system. Hey, we need to have freedom and righteousness, so we can pursue higher things, and ultimately God. Our relationship with our Divine Creator, who gives us our natural rights. This was the unbelievable battle, folks. Unbelievable, and it was so unprecedented. I never experienced a presidential cycle like this folks. It was unbelievable.
The next video, you may have seen it, this was from the day after. We all got together for a pizza party with some of you guys like SOS. We got 21 pizzas, symbolizing the number of perfection. 21 pizzas. Eat that pie! Eat that pie! It was an unbelievable event. This is when I first saw Kookjin Hyung after the event. (This is a video of Hyung Jin Nim and Kook Jin Nim embracing one another at KAHR Arms.) Many of our family members were there. It was just like euphoria the next day. It was unbelievable. That whole day, how many people were crying that day? The amount of unbelievable spirit pressure that had aggregated up to that point and was released on that day of victory. Wow! What an incredible salvation, and it was awesome to see all of you there. We shared this awesome times and pizza with you.
But what happens? We see all these things of the micro and macrocosm levels, but right after the election you see what we talked about, Satan would strike back. Now, there’s all sorts of news about this from the social media, like InfoWars. These people have told the truth; but, there’s a lot of cussing there, so I decided because we’re having service with the kids, I gotta find something without the cussing.
But, of course, you see all the provocateurs that are starting to create the riots, right after Trump gets elected. Then you see all this, like “Trump’s not my President,” trying to erupt all the cities into chaos and disorder, and of course nobody in the mainstream media is covering this, the violent outbreaks that are happening, the people are getting beat up for voting for Trump, people getting harassed for support Trump. One person was getting mobbed just because he voted for Trump. A whole group of kids just came and started beating on him, and his hand got stuck in the car and they were dragging him off in the car simply because he voted for Trump.
This was a reality. So many people were going to vote for Trump, and even in LA and Hollywood, people were going to vote for Trump, but they were scared; because, all we heard, we heard about the intolerant left saying, “Left Trumps hate!” “Left Trumps hate!” “Left Trumps hate!” And, Trump people are going to go lower, and we are going to go higher. Remember this?
They were saying, “They’re so violent.” “The Trump people are so violent.” “The Trump people are so aggressive.” “The Trump people are so ignorant,” etc.
Then what happens? As soon as we have the democratically won elected President by a landslide, what happens? All those tolerant liberals do what? Intolerant things. They started to say, “Kill Trump! Kill him! Kill Trump!” They have thousands of tweet and thousands of Facebook posts saying, “Kill Trump!” “We have to kill Trump!”
Now remember, just five days ago, these were the liberal tolerant people. These were the people that were saying, “Ok! Trump’s gonna create violent protests.” “He’s so bad, and as he goes lower, we go higher.” Then, as soon as the vote comes out, not in their favor, not to their liking, they say, “We need to do it again.” “Do it again, until we get Hillary.” “Do it again!”
Do you see the utter lunacy and the mental illness? Do you see the psychological illness? Do you see the mental illness that is covering these quote “liberals;” because, they’re not liberals. These people are Communist. They’re not liberal. They are acting and provocating revolutions, that they were just saying one week ago, and they are now actively trying to provocate violent revolutions to get about a political result. That is not protesting. That is rioting. That is domestic terrorism. That is what it is. If you are making violent rioting, if you are smashing windows, if you are setting things on fire, if you are shooting people, that’s called, not a protest. You understand? Does that make sense?
That’s not a protest. That’s a riot. That is domestic terrorism. If you are beating up people for the fact they voted for Trump, you are a domestic terrorist. You’re crazy. You’re mentally ill. You’re saying that you respect my choice, and respect my vote, yet when someone else votes contrary to your liking, you want to whoop their booty, because you’re tolerant, because you’re liberal, because “love Trumps hate,” because you are a peaceful protester. Do you see the unbelievable hypocrisy?
This is exactly what the American people saw through the real media that would cover this stuff, and not put it under the rug like the mainstream prostituting media, and the more people saw this lunacy, they said, No! We are not going to support this. We can’t support that; because, we are normal people, we are good people. We value principles of honesty, and value principles of being a good person and having fair relationships, etc, and respecting each other’s differences, and the vote process, not only talking about it, but really do.
Whereas, here with all the protests, all the things that you see, saying one thing like the Pharisees. Saying one thing like the self-righteous indignation of the Pharisees. Saying one thing that you’re higher and more moral and love Trumps hate and you’re a peaceful protester, and at the same time doing the exact opposite, calling those who don’t want to engage in violent protest provocateurs, calling people who do not want to burn down our civilization, people who are not joining the revolution. No! We already had the revolution, and the Communist lost the revolution. We won the revolution. They’re pretending they want to start another revolution.
It’s over! You lost! You Commies have lost.You have lost. It doesn’t help if you cry and whine. Boohoo! “Burn down Trump! I’m so brave. Let’s make a pinata of Trump and set it on fire with a big lighter. I’m so brave!” They literally believe that if they throw enough temper tantrums that we have to do the entire voting process again, and that the entire foundation of democracy in the Western world will have to kowtow to these little anarchists, who are not really anarchists, they are Communists.
This is the problem. Anarchy has a philosophy. They don’t even want government, anarchists, philosophically. Let’s be very clear about this. They don’t even want government as a political philosophy, let alone a centralized government. What these kids, and these provocateurs like George Soros, who is paying these groups like, Black Lives Matter and Moveon.org, he’s paying these groups. He’s paying these people not to push anarchy, the political philosophy of anarchy, they’re pushing Communism.
They want a centralized government that takes more and more from the people, and gives to their friends. That’s what they want. They’re not fighting for Anarchy. These people are not Anarchists, and the next one you will see of the violent protests that are happening around the country, some of these brain-dead kids are wearing Communist flags. They’re carrying around the hammer and sickle flags that under that banner has killed millions and millions of people. Millions of women. Millions of men, women and children. The Communist Chinese have murdered millions of little baby girls. The Russian system has murdered millions of people, and they’re waving these flags as if they’re cool. They think they’re brave. They think they’re making a change and doing a revolution. They are the most ignorant, ahistorical people on the planet.
These kind of things, of course, are being funded by the top elite, by the archangels at the top, by the ones who want to control and centralize power. We’ve talked about that. It’s already happening in the cities. Just this week, Portland, OR had four nights of violent protests breaking out. Also, in LA and Oakland, CA, NYC. California wants to secede, etc. They are calling out the same idiotic themes. Trump is a racist.
No, he’s not a racist. He employs thousands of blacks, thousands of Latinos. He works with them. He not a racist. He’s just wants the law to be obeyed. He’s not against Muslim Americans. He’s against Muslim radicals getting in to blow us up. That’s what he’s against. He’s against people from other countries that we are at war with, to come into our country and terror-bomb us. I think that makes a little bit of sense, doesn’t that.
The same names get recycled and recycled. You have all these brain-dead kids saying, “He’s a racist. He’s a racist. He’s a scumbag. He’s a bigot.” Real conservatives could be against Trump; because, he protected the gay and lesbian community so heavily.
He doesn’t want this country to be like Saudi Arabia, where Hillary Clinton got 20 percent of her funding from. Twenty percent of her funding came from Saudi Arabia. The pediphile King there, with eleven plus formal wives. Now how many wives does he have? Twenty. And, the harems that he has, where they treat women, where they can’t even drive a car. You’re so liberated, women, in Saudi Arabia; where, you can go to the circus once a week, and you can drive, what is that, a bumper car. That’s how liberated you are. That’s where Hillary is getting her money from, twenty percent or her money from. Talking about a woman’s rights. What a unbelievable lying hypocrite.
This is a country, of course, that murders or throws gay people off buildings. Now, Christians do not agree with that lifestyle; but, we don’t throw people off buildings. Right! They still have freedom and responsibility. We just don’t want forcing us to marrying them. We just don’t want forcing to be baking cakes with them. We just don’t want to be forced to do things by a central government, with a gun pointed at our head. There’s a massive, massive difference.
So this next thing, to give you a little picture of what’s happening around the country this week, how the riots are breaking out. It’s from Arting, but Russia is not trying to start WWIII with us. They were not. They had seventy years of Communism. They’re just trying to build prosperity. That’s all they’re trying to do over there.
Now, they’re not perfect, and the are building up their military and all those kind of things; but, the real danger are the political class that have taken over this country. That was the real danger to the American people, not Russia. Russia’s trying to rebuild itself out of the ashes of destruction from the Communist system that they had. They don’t want it again. They’re just saying, we don’t want to be on your currency system. We want to make our own currency system. We want to make our own wealth. We want to be prosperous. We don’t want to go to war. If ISIS is there, we want to wipe them out. Why are you provoking them? We don’t want to go to war with you. And of course the Clinton campaign continues to push them, to push, push, push, to get them to WWIII, so they can get away with all the unbelievable devastation they have done to this nation and world.
The stealing of the Haiti money. They stole from the Haitian people. The funding from the Saudi Arabian government. The funding from Wall St. Unbelievable! You have these kids going around saying, “Wall St. Trump is Wall St.” Are you kidding me. Hillary Clinton was literally being paid by Wall St. bankers. Literally be paid by Wall St. bankers to give speeches. How ignorant are these dumb kids. My goodness!
They are so brainwashed. Such slaves of the lying propaganda, not doing their own research, and saying their empowered, they’re revolutionaries. No they’re not. They’re uninformed, narcissistic, selfish little brats that are literally protesting a democratic election. You lost. You say after you lost the game, Hey! You choked, so our score should be ten points. Hey! Each soccer goal that we got has to count as ten points, after you have lost the game. Hey! Each field goal should be twenty points after I lost. We should get twenty points per field goal. We should have won that. This is the insanity of where this country now is. There is a reason behind that folks.
There are people behind there, archangels at the top that are provoking this. Go ahead. Let’s show the next video.
(From the video) One of these groups called Move On. It’s purpose is to rally against the President Elect, apparently promoted by George Soros, too. That’s according to an email, if you look back to 2008 released from Wikileaks about Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta.
George Soros gave tips on how to stir financial groups at financial rallies. Move on was among them.
Outraged by Trump’s Presidential election. Thousands have taken to the streets to protest. Many protesters are refusing to accept Trump’s victory. It looks like advocacy groups played a hand in organizing the protests. Among them is Move On, which is funded by George Soros, a Hillary Clinton supporter and billionaire. The day after Trump was elected, the group sent out a press release saying, “Within two hours of the call-to-action, MoveOn members had created more than 200 gatherings nationwide, with the number continuing to grow on Wednesday afternoon.” The Presidential campaign said there was no love lost between George Soros as one of Hillary Clinton’s top donors. Etc. Move On released a petition to even get rid of the Electoral College, which gave Trump his victory. There are now some attempts to undermine Trump’s victory. There are many Hillary backers, who are now slamming the American Electoral system. (end)
Okay, that’s literally what’s happening on the street. Trump’s has some very important responsibility to do folks. This is not a joke. This is literally humanity hanging in the wake. Right now you see at the political level, all the politicians are trying to be nice to Trump right now. Trump went to the White House. Hillary gave her nice little concession speech. “Ohhh, we believe in democracy. Ohhh! We wish the President Elect good health and good wishes.” That means, Kill him! That’s what it means. That means, kill that beep, beep, beep, beep… That’s what it means.
He is in the most dangerous time right now. When we saw him in Scranton, before he left, we were just praying upon him, that God would be protecting him in these final hours, and that he not betray the trust of the people; because, he has made these very important promises, like these billionaires. You’ve seen these billionaires. This a totally satanic side.
This is the archangelic side. The George Soros’ and all these billionaire, who got their wealth by human farming, and getting in with the monetary system, and stealing and raping nations and setting them on fire, and going to war by making them go to war with each other, and funding both parties and get rich off that. This is the kind of NAZI types that are supporting Hillary.
George Soros, you see that guy. He literally was a NAZI in his teens, helping the NAZI party find Jews; so, he was a NAZI collaborator in his teens. He’s that evil folks. I mean, how could you make this up. This is the kind you would see in a comic book or something, where the arch villain, this nasty old, crickley old man, who wore a business suit as a banker, and he was a NAZI collaborator. You’d see that in some kind of Batman movie, or something like that. This is the real world. This guy is running around like this, funding these kind of violent protests. He’s done it in Ukraine. He’s done it in Libya. He set the whole Middle East on fire. They’ve destroyed tens and hundreds of thousands of people’s lives. You see these people at the top. You’ve seen them in all these pictures together, Hillary and George Soros, all these people at the top showing what they’re into folks. What religion and what kind of spirituality they are into.
These people are not just atheists. They’re not atheists. George Soros literally said, he believes he’s the Second Coming of Christ. These people are not atheist folks. Highly, highly demonic spiritual people. What came out right before the election results was Hillary was involved in those satanic circles cooking blood, semen drinking parties, and rituals, and luciferian Aleister Crowley, Marina Abramovic liturgies. This is literally what these crazies are into.
They are spiritually motivated. They are spiritually lead. They are lead by the spirit of evil. They are lead by the spirit of Satan. They are lead by the spirit and the forces of Hell; and, that is why there desire is to control. There desire is to take every remnant of the greatest gift of freedom and responsibility God has given to man, the natural rights God has given to man, that is their ultimate motive in existence, to strip that away from the true Adams and Eves of this world and the children of God.
Russia has already done it. Russia has already chased George Soros from their nation. If he goes there, he will be arrested. Trump has made a promise. His whole campaign was on the fact that he will bring justice to the criminal class and the political elites that have sold this country out, that have formally operated, that he would bring them to justice, that this would be a nation of laws, that he would go in there and do what? Lock her up!
That he would lock her up! That was emblematic of what he was saying. I’m coming after all of you fools, That promise is absolutely essential. When David had to fight Goliath, he had to throw a stone, which made Goliah fall down, but he was not dead. David had to run up and get his sword, and cut his head off for Goliath to be dead and claim the victory.
So, the victory is not actually done. Maybe seventy percent of it is done. King Cyrus, when he drained that swamp, and all the politically were departing in that Babylon, and they were doing their satanic worship and child sacrifices, they were all gathered in that palace, and what did he do? Did he say, “Okay nice people. Can I party with you? Can I come and sleep with you?” He went in there and cut their heads off. He went in there and destroyed them. No mercy. He went in and got rid of them.
Why? It’s like in the movies, you know. So many movies like that, right. The whole movie, they try to catch the bad guy, and they finally got the fool at the end of that movie. They finally got the bad guy, and at the last moment, all of a sudden the bad with his nasty face, all of a sudden turns into this baby face saying, “Oh! Please have mercy. Don’t you have a heart, have mercy on me. Oh, Please have mercy. I’ll never do it again, please.”
He’s crying and all this sort of thing. And then the hero is, “Ahh, what should I do? What should I do? Fine! I’m too strong to kill you. I gonna let you live and suffer with it.” Something stupid like that. And, as soon as the hero turns around, the bad guy sticks the hero with his sword and slashes his back open. How many times have we seen that in a movie? How angry are you when that happens in a movie? You say, “You idiot! What are you doing? Why? Because, we know there is something, there is a force so dangerous that, that is so deadly, that is so deleterious to all peoples, that when you have it, you destroy it. When you lose that opportunity to destroy that enemy, they’ll say all the lies and sweet talk to get you to not kill them; but, when you have them, you must pick up the sword. You must bring justice.
You must bring justice. You have to rid that den of vipers, and that is the huge battle that Trump faces; because, now the political class is trying to cozy up to him. Now all the archangels are going to swarm around him saying, “Oh, no, no! We’ve always loved you, Trump. No, we were always for you. We were just trying to make you stronger, giving you opposition. We were doing it for you; so, you would be a more amazing leader. Just have mercy on us, and will just build a better America, make America great again, together.” That’s what they’re saying.
That’s what they’re saying to him now. All those people who betrayed him. All those who were openly trying to destroy him, the Paul Ryans, even the Bushes, all these neocons who had sent us into war after war. Father has said to the Bushes, themselves, you are the Kings of Satan. You do not got to war in Iraq, or it will destroy America; but, he did not listen to Father.
All these people, who have been sending us into war after war after war, killing our children over and over, killing innocent people in Iraq and Afghanistan, where there were innocent people dying, so they could get rich. All these people were against Trump. Now, they are talking to him, “Hey Mr. Donald! I’ve always been for ya’ man. Hey, I was always in your country club. Come on, Donald. Hey, I have a picture of you. I met you in 1986. Do you remember that? We’re old buddies.”
These vipers are a pack of wolves. They are the demons that have aggregated in that place in that temple. He has done the impossible. God side has done the impossible. He’s just the figurehead for God’s side, that’s all. He’s just the Avatar, when you are playing that game, when you are fighting evil in that video game, whatever, he’s that character representative of everybody who is fighting. He has the responsibility in the position of a King David or King Cyrus that God is using in a Providential way to commit to God, to prosecute and bring justice to those who were destroying God’s fruit and bounty and gifts.
Now, right after Donald Trump left, when Hillary Clinton is giving her concession speech saying, “We have to come together and wish him well.” How many of you ladies said, “Oh, she’s trying to be conciliatory.” How many of you ladies did it? To Mr. Trump, we have got to be nice. Okay! We’ve got some Holy Ghost ladies here; but, you know they are trying to work on the ladies and their emotions. You know the mass media is trying to say, “Oh, yes, yes! We have to be conciliatory. Yes Hillary, you know she may have done things, but, she’s still an American.”
This is the reality they are trying to create and construct a narrative, that he should not go after these criminals. Why? Because, they own the mainstream media, but must resist this temptation. The Bible says, “Resist the Devil and he will flee.” He must resist. This is what has gotten him to this point by speaking the truth and seeking the truth.
“I’m going to go after that den of vipers. I’m gonna go after that Baphomet. I’m gonna catch him by the neck, and I’m going to throw him into the pit of Hell.” That’s what he has to do. At the last minute, when he gets that Baphomet goathead, he can’t say, “Oh, your eyes look very pretty. Oh, you speak English. Oh, you have children, too. Oh, you can cry. My goodness. You have a heart.” This he cannot do.
He must bring justice to the devils, the satans that have destroyed God’s gift for his people. He must bring justice. This is his biggest temptation. This is why it’s so dangerous for him at this time folks.
These are the next sixty days. How many days until inauguration in the White House? In sixty-eight days, I think. It’s like sixty-nine or sixty-eight? It’s like sixty-eight days from now, I believe. It is a tremendously dangerous time. These people, as you see, this billionaire class has split. God has split them between good and evil. Sorry, just like the Principle says, “When Satan invades, God has to divide.” You can’t be married and commit adultery at the same time. You have to split from evil.
You say, “Oh, I believe in marriage. Oh, I believe in adultery,” at the same time? You can’t do it. You must separate from evil. Love separates. Love must hate evil. Love must hate that which destroys the reciprocal action of love.
So, it is such an essential and critical time. This is a critical time. This is why riots are blowing up across the country, where they’re being funded and provocated to continue these riots, to become more and more violent.
You know these people are going to try and kill Trump. You know they are trying to kill him. They’re saying it on Twitter. They’re saying it on FaceBook. Hashtag, “Kill Trump.”
If you’re saying to kill the President Elect, you’re committing a crime in the United States of America. Do you understand that? It is a crime. You can’t just say, kill the President Elect.
So, it is a critical time for him folks. We have to pray that he stays true to his promises. We have to pray for him that he stays safe at this time. We have to pray for his family. Also, when he gets into the White House, that he deals justice upon those devils. He has to deal justice. He cannot cower and weaken. If he does, he must hear the wrath of the people.
It is serious folks. When Joshua and Caleb entered the Promised Land, did God promise to them, Look right here. Look what it says:
Joshua 6:15-21 The Living Bible (TLB)
15 At dawn of the seventh day they started out again, but this time they went around the city not once, but seven times. 16 The seventh time, as the priests blew a long, loud trumpet blast, Joshua yelled to the people, “Shout! The Lord has given us the city!”
17 (He had told them previously, “Kill everyone except Rahab the prostitute and anyone in her house, for she protected our spies. 18 Don’t take any loot, for everything is to be destroyed. If it isn’t, disaster will fall upon the entire nation of Israel. 19 But all the silver and gold and the utensils of bronze and iron will be dedicated to the Lord and must be brought into his treasury.”)
20 So when the people heard the trumpet blast, they shouted as loud as they could. And suddenly the walls of Jericho crumbled and fell before them, and the people of Israel poured into the city from every side and captured it! 21 They destroyed everything in it—men and women, young and old; oxen; sheep; donkeys—everything.
They surround Jericho, They went around seven times; and, they gave a shout. That wasn’t it. They’ve given a shout right now. They’ve given a shout. We got him into the main den of vipers, into the demon’s nest, right into the heart of it all. We got him in there. Now, he’s got to be an Indiana Jones. Now, he’s got to be Luke Skywalker. He’s got to do his job, or whatever other superhero you want to call him. I don’t watch so many movies, so I don’t know so well. I don’t know so much about those movies. We got the dang superhero into the Temple of Doom and Death, okay. He’s got to destroy and go after them with the law, with the maximum power of the law. All those illegal laws that they made, like the MDAA. All those laws that they made, where they can imprison patriots and Christians. All those FEMA camps they created. He’s got to send those political elites to their new resort, with the barbed wires, that they made for the patriots of the normal Christian Americans. He’s got a lot to learn. He got to lock them up and send them to the FEMA camps.
Look, when God told them to go and conquer Jericho, they didn’t just go around and shout. Yes, that brought the wall down, but they had extra responsibility. The next day, they had to go in and destroy them all. They destroyed them all.
Now, it’s interesting here. They were commanded by God to kill every man, woman and child, but not to take anything. Not to loot anything. Not even one shekel; and, if you’ve seen my presentation on the Bible, you’ve seen archeological evidence of Jericho, where there are archeological remains, where there are pots of food and all things like that which have calcified, that show evidence of the fact they were conquered, but it wasn’t ransacked, which confirms the biblical Scripture.
When you’re in the den of vipers, they must be brought to justice. There remnant must be wiped clean. They’re trying to raise up Chelsea to be the next fact of the Clinton crime family. That progeny should not even be near power anymore. The full power of the law must go against them. What’s interesting, in the Book of Joshua, God says to Joshua when they’re about to go in and conquer Jericho, He said, “Keep my laws. Keep my laws Holy. Obey my laws.”
So, when Jericho was conquered and it was wiped clean, God of course brought the same standard to Israel. Later on, in the Old Testament, Egypt judges Israel and wipes them out; because, they’ve become so wicked. But, God showed that it was not only about the shout. It was not only about raising the voice. They had to bring the power of the law upon the wicked in Jericho.
Trump must go into the White House. He must go in, and he must not be there to make friends. He has to in and destroy the system of corruption and exploitation and Communism that the elites have been building, the one state duopoly that they have been building, with the full power of the law. They must go after them, whether they are Republican or Democrat. It doesn’t matter. They’re wear the same labels. They’re the same team pretending like pro wrestling to be two different teams to confuse the public.
They have clearly sold out America. They have clearly sold out democracy. They have clearly sold out the Bill of Rights. They have clearly sold out the Constitution. They have clearly done the illegal stealing of votes in the DNC and the RNC, before the election of the President. They are clearly criminal organizations, and that leadership needs to be brought to justice. That’s our prayer folks. It’s not done yet. It’s not done.
We have a massive battle, and this from the micro to the macro. It’s a massive battle. More than anytime now, we have to seek truth. More than anytime now, we cannot start becoming weak, as the Devil tries to create the narrative, “Oh, where’s your compassion. Oh, where’s your mercy. Oh, she saying sorry, and Oh…” After, you’ve killed tens of thousands of people, and you’ve started six plus wars, after you’ve imploded nation states, and after you’ve destroyed civilizations, and we are suppose to forgive you, because said, Sorry? Does that make sense folks?
There’s something called justice. There’s something called the law. And just like Joshua and Caleb were suppose to bring justice with the full force of the law, he must go after them. He must keep his promise to the people, after the criminality of Hillary Clinton. People can be put into prison for doing one one-thousandth of what she’s done. He can’t just let her go. He has to go after them with the full force of his authority, and the full force of the law. That’s why we need to pray for him folks. This has a direct response, a direct connection to God’s Kingdom that is coming.
What will the people stand for? Will the people buckle at the last final hour? Will they turn for thirty shekels of silver? Will they buckle right at the Walls of Jericho; because, everybody’s screaming leniency? Will they, when Goliath is knocked out, finish the fight; or, will they wait for him to rise up again and have a second wind?
We are at an unprecedented time in human history folks. The literal fait of humanity is in the balance. It’s not over yet. We’ve dealt the knockout blow; but, now he has to go after them. We’ve got to pray for his courage. We got to pray for him to be strong. We got to pray for him to be filled with the Holy Spirit. We got to pray for him to stand up for righteousness and justice. It doesn’t mean he’s perfect. It doesn’t mean any of us our perfect; but, the fact we are seeking God, seeking His face, that we are repenting of our wicked ways, that we know we’re not perfect, we need God and we need direction at this time in history. This is what God can use at this time. This is what God can use.
I just want to encourage all who are watching, beit internet, this is one of the momentous times we will see in our life. We will never have a cycle this intense probably again. It has to be filled with prayer. It has to be filled with righteousness and holy anger. And, time will try and make us forget the crimes of the archangel; but, it is the responsibility of the Adamic nation, and it is the responsibility of the Adamic figures and true Eve figures, not to forget.
Not forget the rapes. Not forget the children that have been sold and killed, and the satanic sacrifices. Not to forget the type of civilizations, the criminals who tried to build Satan’s kingdom. We must not forget that and be foolish. You must be wise and prudent; and, we must bring the full weight of the law upon these criminals, so that God’s Kingdom can come.
CSG 152
You cannot continue without straightening your path, in life or death. Because I know this, I’ve been doing this all my life. I carry this burden even though I was persecuted and sent to prison. Did I go to prison because I enjoy it? I did it so for the sake of God and God’s liberation. I went for the sake of liberating humankind and the satanic world. I have walked the path of restoration through indemnity, because without going this way liberation does not come and because we cannot separate from Satan amid peace and comfort.
SOS come on up. As we pray, let us pray will real quick for the world. I like you all to rise up.
Father God, We thank you this day. We thank you for the word that stimulates our minds and our heart; but, we know that we must be lead by your Holy Spirit. Father, we pray for a strengthening and courage at this time. We have dealt a massive blow to the archangels of this world, but Father, it is not over yet. The task and the work just begins. We pray for safety upon President Donald Trump and his family, and all the people and patriots that stood up with him on this massive battlefield. Father, we pray for peace and protection upon America, upon a world that is waiting to see where history will go. Father, we pray your guidance upon the other countries will follow in this Abel type revolution, where the normal people rise up and start seeking the gifts that they have so forgotten. The gifts of natural rights, freedom and responsibility that you have given us at the apex of Creation as your children. Father, let us own those rights. Let us capture those rights and never let us give them to the archangel, never sell our soul, prostitute ourselves to Satan’s temptation. Let us be vigilant, honest and true to that which you have given us, your inheritance, your gifts, your love. Lord, give us strength, give us wisdom, give us discernment, and as Trump gets into the White House, and at the microcosmic level let us move to the small palace that your Kingdom will move forward, that Father, the unity and the five percent that was actuated, actualized on the microcosm, young and old, from the youth to the elderly, all standing up for your side. We pray that it becomes a condition to guide and lead the way of the world towards redemption, towards judgement. Lord, we give you all the praise, glory and honor. We want to praise you with these songs today. We love you. We thank you. We give to freedom and responsibility when that happens. Once again, we offer our hearts to you. Amen, Amen, Aju!


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