2016-10-31 Q&A Session

Question & Answer Session

with Hyung Jin Moon & Kook Jin Moon – October 31, 2016

Okay, The ground rules are, we are asking those who live locally, please give priority to those from other countries. Please state your name and which country you’re from. We have a brother over here.

Q ~ Japanese brother ~ Last Wednesday, after the Korean service, I heard rumors that the Han Mother has Fallen, physically, and it was answered without hesitation, that was a fact. Hyung Jin Nim said, True Father has already spoken this. He said, this is recorded in Father’s words. I was surprised by this; but, the King said, this is nothing to be surprised about. So, today, I like to ask a follow up question.

A ~  Hyung Jin Nim ~ I said, it’s possible, given what was said in 2009. I didn’t say this is absolutely fact. That is incorrect. Because, from 2009, now we have the text, and Rev. Lee has that; but, the text shows that in Book 614, page 141, Mother has Fallen. After they saw this, what is it? Mother and Peter Kim went to the historical records keeping area, and told them to delete it. So, they printed another book, which doesn’t have that; but, we have both copies.

A ~ Kook Jin Nim ~ When you look at the text here, it’s quite clear what it says. It’s pretty black and white. There’s not many ways to interpret that. Given that the Heretic Church went back and changed it, after Father said it, shows that they have motive to change it; so, what Father said is prima facea. It’s as it is; so, when you look at the evidence, when you look at the understanding of Principle, you can come to a conclusion that she did Fall.

Hyung Jin Nim ~ They changed it. Kook Jin Nim ~ So, if you don’t believe Father as a witness, you don’t believe Father is the Lord of the Second Advent. So…Father has spoken. Mother has Fallen.

Q ~ My name is Izumi from Japan, but my mission country is Poland ~ My question is, Father spoke about the marine industry; but, nowadays, the marine industry looks to far from the church activity. For example, in Japan, Mr. Sato established some kind of company; and, he said it was True Father’s idea. He doesn’t like it and far from the church activity. What is your opinion about this marine industry? What is the opinion of the Sanctuary Church about this?

A ~ Kook Jin Nim ~ Father’s position is very clear. Father is the returning Lord of the Second Advent; so, he’s the Messiah. That means, it is not as a human would do; because, he’s basically the living body of God on Earth. So, you have the main point. You have to accept, when you accept Sanctuary Church teachings, Father is the Messiah. So, whenever Father does an activity, it’s not a human activity. He doesn’t go fishing, because he likes it. He does fishing; because, it is a part of God’s Providence. So, our position is, that, the reason Father did fishing and try to promote the fishing industry, that is part of God’s Providence. That is God’s Will, and the expression of God’s Will on Earth. And so, that is a Providential industry. The fishing and outdoor sports is a type of work that will bring you closer in relationship to understanding the Principle and God’s Will on Earth.

Q ~ Johann from Austria ~ I have two short questions. What about the Blessings Mother did these last years; and, what about this Blessings?

A ~ Kook Jin Nim ~ The Sanctuary Church is very clear about the Blessings which Mother has conducted alone. She’s conducting those Blessings as a Fallen woman; and, therefore those Blessings are not uniting, the one’s they are receiving, the Blessings, are not uniting with God, but with Satan. So, everybody who’s receives Mother’s Blessing are actually being engrafted into a satanic lineage and will be taken to Hell with her. Once you receive Mother’s Blessing, it’s the same as Falling; so, you would have to return back to Father’s lineage. As a Second Generation, you Fell.

Q ~   Johann ~  What is the meaning of eleven candles?

A ~ Kook Jin Nim ~ Father said towards the end of his life, basically, in order to enter God’s Kingdom, you have to transcend the number of perfection. Of course, the number of perfection is ten; so, you have to go one beyond that to eleven.

Q ~ Mr. Igarashi from Las Vegas ~ It says in the Cheon Il Guk Constitution, there’s a regulation about the control of circumstances by the state. I come from Las Vegas. What about gambling? Is there any regulation?

A ~ Kook Jin NIm ~  We do not regulate gambling in the Constitution; because, the Kingdom of Heaven is the world of freedom and responsibility, where the individuals are the Kings and sovereignty. We have freedom and responsibility to determine what God wants them to do. What God desires them to do in their lives. So, as the government of Cheon Il Guk, we will not force people to good; because, God gave all of us the choice to do good or evil. But, it is our desire to become as to how we see our relationship to God that we choose to do good, and because we choose to do good, we can love God and have a relationship with Him. So, the CIG Constitution will not take away people’s freedom to decide to love God. But, if you’re going to decide to allow people to love God, then you’re going to have to be given the freedom to hate God. And so, if you take away that freedom, then you cannot honestly love God. Therefore, in CIG, if you choose to do evil and to hate God, you can do that. But, in a society, where people are all free and responsible, almost everybody’s going to choose to love God. And so, if you choose to do evil, you will be quickly ostracized. But, you will not be ostracized by the government. You will be ostracized by the Kings of CIG. By the citizens of CIG.

Q ~ Japanese brother ~ Is the lineage of Jesus connected to the lineage of True Father?

A ~ Kook Jin Nim ~ We believe, the position of Sanctuary is very clear. What Father said before he went to the Spirit World, he talked about the Principle of the God of Night and the God of Day. The way in which he described the God of Night, he described it as being before Creation; and, so that God is the eternal God. And, then he described the God of Day. He described the God of Day as being the being that came into existence after Creation; so, the God of Day is a created being. But, the confusion in which many brothers and sisters have, is that, there can be only one God of Day. This is not true. There are thousands of God’s of Day. It’s anybody who holds authority on Earth is like a visible God of Day. The problem is that the God of Day in the Fallen World has separated from the God of Night, and does not follow the directions of the God of Night. That is why you have the Fallen World. When God’s direct dominion is established, when God, as the eternal God in the Spirit World and His created being, His vessel, which is now the Second King. His son fully accepts his responsibility, which unites with the eternal God of Night. Then, that creates the direct dominion with God; and, so all the other false gods, or the false God’s of Day will be pushed away. And so, this is the point, which is very important to understand. When we look at this point, then we see basically with Father, what he said. He existed before he was born. So, this is the same teaching of Christ in the First Coming. So, basically when we understand Christology from the Christian point of view, is that, God existed as the eternal God and descended to the Earth as Jesus Christ, and then, returned back to the Christ-head. Basically, what Father is saying that God from the Christ-head came back to the Earth as Rev. Sun Myung Moon, or the Lord of the Second Advent; and, then returned back to the Godhead of Night. So, if you understand the theology of Christology, which Father is teaching, he is basically saying that God, the eternal God the Creator, Jesus Christ and Christ in the Second Coming, the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, these three are the same person. The same Spirit. So, the teaching of Sanctuary Church that Jesus Christ and Father are the same Spirit. The same person.

Q ~ Japanese brother ~ I’m reading from the Japanese edition of the Original Substance of the Divine Principle. This edition was published in 2002; and, in this Japanese edition it says that God has two sexual organs. Is this an appropriate? I can understand that the God of Night would have pervaded the female sexual organ; but, I wonder if it is appropriate to say that God possesses both these sexual organs?

A ~ Kook Jin Nim ~ The position of Sanctuary Church is very clear. I think, in Father’s Cheon Seong Gyeong he states, that God is the Father; so, God is the predominant, ultimate Subject Partner; and, He expresses, and He reveals himself, as predominantly subjective or masculine. He, of course, has feminine characteristics; but, that is His minor characteristics, not His major characteristics. So, when He created the Creation, and the ultimate Object Partner, which is woman, then women are fully manifested as predominantly feminine or objective with the female sexual organ. So, God is expressed as the predominantly as the masculine Father with dual characteristics.

Q ~ Japanese brother ~ So, is it appropriate to say that God has both sexual organs?

A ~ Kook Jin Nim ~ Our position is that the Cheon Seong Gyeong is basically which we are understanding as Father’s interpretation that God is the Masculine Subjective Partner. So… I think I answered your question. The Masculine Subjective Partner would have a penus. Would you like me to be more clear? (laughter)

Q ~ Japanese brother ~ So, you are saying it is not appropriate to say God has a female sexual organ, wouldn’t you agree?

A ~ Kook Jin NIm ~  Our position is very clear. We will not touch or edit source documentation, which was left during Father’s life. And so, all you all you wonderful, intelligent theologians are free to debate as much as you want. But, the teaching is very clear. We are abiding by the teaching in the Cheon Seong Gyeong. God is the Masculine Subjective Partner.

Q ~ Jamal Johnson, an American brother ~ This question is directed  to the King. With your Buddhism, the Queen told me you monitor your own thinking, right? So, this questions about meritocratic thinking. Some people are coming through Christianity, and they advocace into the liberation of Grace, right? And, we know the Family Fed is pretty Old Testament in deeds orientation. Do this, do that. So, this two part question: You had said once that people who are meritocratic, they don’t know that they are meritocratic. Can you explain what that’s like, so that people do some kind of self-questioning of themselves; and, the second part is, can the Kingdom tolerate this meritocratic thinking? Is it something we have to totally get rid of or tolerate it?

A ~ Hyung Jin Nim ~ You are talking about Work Salvation. I think that’s the most important thing. In the real world Meritocracy is very important. Even in a free responsible society, Meritocracy is very important; because, the people who serve their customers the best will be rewarded the most. Meritocracy is a natural part of the Kingdom, when we apply the Meritocracy to Salvation that’s where the problem arises, right? In human interaction, Meritocracy is very important. I’ll give you an example. In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, you don’t get promoted, unless you defeat all the blue belts. You have to merit it; and so, even in a free marketplace, or Cheon Il Guk, which is free and responsible, Meritocracy will always be there. But, when we talk about Salvation, it’s a different thing; because, God gives a very clear standard in the Ten Commandments. And, no matter how perfect you are, if you compare yourself to the Ten Commandments, if you compare, it says of course, “Do not take any idols. Do not worship any other God but me, etc.” We worship other things all the time. We could worship money. We could worship power. You could worship your fame. You could worship your desires. You could worship your dreams. You could worship idols. Like you were saying, you could worship some artist, whatever. The Ten Commandments say, “Do not commit stealing. Don’t lie.” But, if you think about it, even a small lie is still a lie; and, God does not lie. You see, God is Truth. He doesn’t lie. So, even a small lie for God is huge; because, God does not lie. So, even a tiny, tiny small lie, which we think is a small lie, is enormous. It’s like, in the white snow. Let’s say there’s a whole land of white snow, and there is this huge mountain which is a different color. It stands out so clearly. So, if anybody looks at themselves in light of God’s Perfection, or God’s Holiness, then, obviously we not merit to be near God. We don’t merit it. We cannot merit on our own actions being near the most total being in the Universe. Right? So, when we look at that, when we have made a small lie, it is huge in terms of God. Even when you stole something when you were young, when you stole a pencil, or you know, a candy here, or you stole somebody’s time, you downloaded something from the Internet, like music for free, you stole that. Whatever it is. Even a small stealing action is actually committing the act of thievery. God doesn’t steal. God does not commit stealing. He does not commit theft. So, even if you commit a very small theft, even if it’s a little candy, or you steal your brother’s string or whatever it is, right? You’ve already sinned, in terms of God’s perspective. That’s already separating you from God. You see what I mean? Even a small thing like that. So, when we look at it from human perspective, Meritocracy does matter; but, when we look at it in relation to God, whether or not will be saved or near Him or separated from Him, then, really, our actions cannot merit us to be near God; because, every single one here has told at least a small lie in your life. You’ve at least stolen something small in your life. Jesus said, “Even if you look upon a woman with lust, you have lust. Even if you looked at thought, “Oh! She’s so beautiful, or he’s so handsome.” Like you were saying, even compare your husband to the Flamingo Man or whatever. What’s Flamingo-san. Oh, Flamingo-san over there. So, Jesus said that clearly. So, in your heart you’ve committed adultery. You’ve cheated on your husband. You see. And so, that does not bring you near God. That separates you from God. In light of God’s Perfection, our merit does not bring us to God. It’s the merit of God’s son that brings us to Him. It’s the love of God. It’s the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made. It’s the sacrifice that True Father as the Second Coming had to pay so that he could put on his flesh, that we could put on him on. When we go before God, He sees not us and our sins; but, He sees True Father’s victory. You see? That’s totally different. And that’s why understanding Grace is so important. When we’re talking about in terms of Salvation, our closeness with God and our relation with God, then it’s not Meritocracy. It’s God’s love represented through the Messiah. That’s the love we put on. If we repent and surrender ourselves to True Father, in a Three Day Ceremony, we put on True Father; So, when God sees us, he does not see us. He doesn’t see all our sins, which He can see, but he sees the victory of True Father. You see that? But, in normal interaction between two beings, of course, Meritocracy is very important. Keep your promises to fulfill your work. What you have to do to work peacefully with others. Serving your customers. All these things are critical. These are critical. These are important for blessing our success in the physical world.

A ~ Kook Jin Nim ~ I think, one way when a lot of brothers and sisters are thinking about their spiritual life of faith, they’re thinking about things in terms of greater indemnity or lessor indemnity, or what I can do to relieve God’s suffering heart like Father did. Stuff like that. But, we have to understand what the goal is, right? The goal is, that relationship and that closeness to God is to be His Object Partner, who can reflect and reciprocate God’s love; so, we can become closer to God in love, right? But, the big problem of the ideal in religious merit or religious Meritocracy is often as church members, we are not being instructed as to how to have a direct relationship with the Creator, and the love with the Creator, that understanding of religious Meritocracy is being filtered through a hierarchy, which says you have to be doing these things for the Church. And so, then you have a problem there; because, you’re not serving one Master, you’re serving two masters. You’re serving God, plus the hierarchy. And  so, this is the challenge that we have been trying to define in achieving religious merit; because, depending of the goals that you pursue, you’re going to get a very different result. If you pursue the goal of being meritorious in a religious organization, then you’re actually not pursuing your relationship with God, to be in love with God.  You’re pursuing the relationship of love of the hierarchy; and, as a result, when you see biblical history, especially fallen biblical history, you’ll always see the separation, which God does to His people; because, they always get invaded by Satan. And the satanic force which we always see invading God’s people, is what? It’s mammon. The love of material things. The love of physical goods. The love of luxury. The love of hierarchy. The love of position. The love of promotion. Each time God’s chosen people is challenged to decide what they love. Do they love God, or do they love things? So, this is the challenge that religious people face. This is the challenge that Ministers face in helping their congregations grow in their love of God; because, in order to get the brothers and sisters to grow in their love of God, the Ministers have to be in a position more as a coach, as someone who is guiding and helping the person grow in their relationship with God. That’s one of the difficult things the Heretic Church had, is that, their approach to religion is to dominate and control the church members, and not to bring them into a greater love relationship with God, and that’s the fundamental problem. And so the problem is, they serve earthly things. They are not able to value the things which True Father and the things which God values. You see the teachings of Jesus Christ, that Jesus Christ said clearly, “If you love the Father, you have to love the Son.” You love the Father through loving the Son. These are the exact same words in which Father left with the Church. He says, “If you love me as True Father, then you must love the Son, who I give everything to. So, as brothers and sisters, who love True Father and True Parents, because True Father is True Parents, we have to understand his teachings, so that we can be fully in love with our Father, so that we can bring him joy.

Q ~ Jamal, continues ~ The problem with having Salvation is that God will sort that out.

A ~ Kook Jin NIm ~ Well, in the end God says, “Yeah! I really like you. I love you. You’re my son; or, he says, boy you’re an arrogant prick. Get out of my house.” I mean, that’s what God tells us.

Q ~ Sister from Italy ~ I want to ask you a question about Cheong Pyeong Providence. I understand after the liberation. You are referring to the 210 generations, the donations we gave before were not exactly right; because, the teachings of Kim Hyo Nam were wrong. So, before Father’s ascension, besides liberating the 210 generations, we liberate collective sins of our relatives, and we liberated special figures and any kind of person in the Spirit World to save a person or our friends; or, we liberated even spirits disturbing the body. We were asked to liberate many things. I went to Cheong Pyeong with a desire to create these absolute spirits to help Father, to help Heung Jin Nim at that time in the Spirit World. I was just wondering whether this liberation before Father’s ascension were valid?

A ~ Kook Jin Nim ~ The Sanctuary Church is very clear. Father is the Lord of the Second Advent; so, everything that Father does we honor. And so, we seek to understand and love Father for the truth of which he is. And so, we encourage all brothers and sisters to read all of Father’s documents and discuss, to try and better understand True Father; because, as you can see, in the Church organization that Father was running, Father was teaching about God, and his relationship with God and instruct us many teachings; but, when brothers and sisters heard teaching on things like abortion, the meaning was completely opposite to what Father was teaching. So, you can see, there was very clear examples, where Father says one thing and then the organization says another thing. So, in that case, who do we follow? Father. So, this is our challenge as we seek to improve and develop our relationship with Father. We  want to separate the things that Father teaches from the thing that the Church teaches; and, we want to throw away the things that the Church teaches and only hang on to what Father teaches.

Q ~ Morita from Japan ~ You may find this question strange, because it has already been said, but I would like to clarify. Up to what point were the Ancestor Liberations being performed in Cheong Pyeong valid? In my opinion, it would be up to the point where Father had his Seong Hwa, but could you confirm that?

A ~ Kook Jin Nim ~ We are only accepting valid points up to Father’s Seong Hwa. He only accepted up to 210 generations.

Q ~ Morita continues ~ In Japan, we have an expression meaning eight million gods. This is often is misunderstood by other people, who are not deeply familiar with Shintoism, meaning Japanese believe there’s a god in each and every object, but this is not accurate. What this expression means is, we experience the Divine nature in every object, in every created object. We are not worshiping, so it is not accurate to say that we are worshiping a god in created objects that we are experiencing the Divine nature.

A ~ Kook Jin Nim ~ We understand what pagans say about their understanding of God; but, when you talk about eight million gods, that is standard paganism. It’s the same standard paganism that’s in India. I mean, it’s exactly what they say when they are talking about a god in every being. The divinity in every being. If you look at ancient Greek history or Roman history, they’re all in reference to their deities. So, the position of Sanctuary Church is very clear. All pagan deities are fallen gods. They are created beings who have assumed to become God, when they have no right to, because there is only one eternal God. To claim as a fallen being that you are God, is to separate from God, and so we do not accept any pagans as God. We only accept one eternal God. The only role which a God of Day, or an authority on earth can play is, to in absolute obedience and in love with the eternal Creator.  Our understanding from Father’s teaching, is that, Father says he will always be with us; because, True Parents will always be on the earth; and, so that is what the Kingships represent. Father is the First King. The Second King is the True Parents on Earth. My brother, now, is Father’s body; and, Father’s spirit lives in him as the King. When he dies and goes to the Spirit World, his son, Shin Joon, will be Father’s body, and Father’s spirit will live in him. So, we only accept one Kingship, which Father left. We only accept one God; and, in order to be Saved, you have to have the relationship with God’s lineage and God’s blood. You have to have the Blessing of God’s blood in order to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. No blood. No Heaven.

Q ~ Japanese sister ~ Sixteen of us came with our Pastor, Rev. Inoue. Thank you very much for taking care of us after our earthquake. The earthquake gave us a very practical experience of survival through the King’s sermons. The King often says in his sermons, you must survive, and that was our motto them. Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, we hold seminars on the King’s sermons. Through the earthquake, we really experienced that we need to obtain our own water supply. We need to be able to secure our own food. We also are grateful you liberated the 37,000 martyrs, and just before that, we were protected. We were saved by those martyrs that have been liberated. So, we have the American election coming up, and we find it absolutely necessary that Trump wins, and the King has prepared the Spirit World by liberating the unborn children. We’ve been thinking, what we need to do to prepare for the future. For example, we learned how to purify water. We purchased the items that the King recommended. We experimented with them. We also created our own field for food. Coming here this time, we brought a certain kind of a theme for ourselves. Until now, we thought about many of the things made possible by what the King has said; so, we may prepare for the judgement in our country. We would like to have your further input as to what we should do to prepare for the coming election.

A ~ Kook Jin Nim ~ I think, the King has already talked allot about that. So, what we are seeing in this situation is, for the last three years, and of course Sanctuary has been talking about the Judgement which will come, because of what the Han Mother did by leaving her position. So, before Father went to the Spirit World, he talked about two paths to God’s Kingdom. One is through God’s Blessing and one is through God’s Judgement.  If the Han Mother had submitted to the King and followed the King, then we have gone to God’s Kingdom and received God’s Blessing; but, because she has chosen a path to separate, now we have a Judgement. So, the nature of this Judgement, we are seeking to understand. As we come closer and closer to this election, we can see the nature of this Judgement more clearly. We can see in the microcosm level that the King is fighting the Fallen Mother. So, you have the Adam’s Authority fighting the Fallen Eve through usurpation. You are seeing the same parallel in the national election in America. You’re seeing this fallen woman, Hillary Clinton, fighting Trump, who is the masculine Adam type figure. And so, depending on what happens at the macrocosm level will be determining as to how the Judgement proceeds. If the American people vote for Hillary, and make her President, then they have chosen to side with Fallen Eve. So, that would mean that the people would be judged; and, you can see what her platform is. She’s pretty much making Russia the enemy, and very much putting us into war with Russia. So, it’s very clear, if Hillary is elected, she’s going to start war with Russia. If war is started with Russia, Putin has stated very clearly, he will go nuclear very fast. So, we could see a nuclear holocaust happen very quickly, if Hillary Clinton is elected. Trump, on the other hand, is very clear on his position. His position is, he want to have peace with other nations and other sovereign states like Russia; but, he wants to make war against the government. He wants to judge the government. He wants to bring Judgement on the government, and on the archangel, specifically. So, God’s Judgement goes only on the government, not on the people. This is the opportunity for us to gain blessing. If the people vote for Trump, then the Judgement will go on the government and its people, more than it will go on all the people. This is why, depending on who wins this election, the nature of the Judgement on this world will be radically different. If Trump wins, all the governments of the world will be judged; but, the people will be saved.

Q ~ Brother from The Phillipines, but he is living in Macau for 20 years ~ I watched the videos since last year, and I have considered factors to believe the Second King is the right one here. One, the signature of True Father; and, the Second one, the Crowning three times; and, based on the Asian and European tradition, the one who should inherit the Kingdom should be the son. Also,  based on the lineage, the one who can carry the lineage is only the son. The son can only multiply by a male child, not a woman. My question does not really affect my belief; but, I still have to clarify something.  From the previous messages, there’s something inconsistent of what Hyung Jin Nim is saying. He said, Mother is not supporting him as King; but, I saw some video that Mother put his name in the signature in the video, that Mother is pushing you to put your name. If I’m wrong, it doesn’t change my feelings. Also, you’re saying before that, if Mother’s wrong, there will be a problem of subjectivity; because, as long as Mother is alive, he going to take care of her.

A ~ Kook Jin Nim ~ I think that the tradition of Kingship is very clear. The Queen Mother doesn’t become the King; because, she’s a woman and she doesn’t have the lineage. So, the tradition of Kingship is very clear. In that case, where the Queen Mother tries to usurp the Throne, it’s the King’s responsibility to arrest her and execute her. That’s the King’s responsibility. It’s the same thing when we study the Bible. What do we study, when we study the Principle? When we study the Principle, we learn that after the Fall of Eve, if the King or Adam’s authority had stood strong and chastised her, even got rid of her, the God’s Providence would have not gone the direction of the Fallen World. It could have been restored in that generation with a new Eve. It’s important q for the Subject Partner to keep the subject position. He cannot leave that subject position; because, that’s what required by God in Principle of Creation to fulfill the role of Subject-Object, and then of Cain and Abel, in order for that to create God’s sovereignty on this earth through his lineage. So, it’s just not possible for the King to submit to his mother, especially when the father has ascended. The mother has to submit to the King.
Q ~ The Philippine brother continues ~ My second question is about politics in Asia. The Philippines is in question in Asia. They have been working with America for a long time, for 120 years; and, now our President is supporting against the Western countries and Europeans. Now, as a Christian nation, now he’s conviving with China and Russia. What do you think is the significance of this?

A ~ Kook Jin Nim ~ Well, this is the great confusion of this Age; because, the countries which use to be good are bad; and, the countries that use to be bad are in some ways better; yet, there is no one who is good or bad. Everybody’s all jumbled up in this big mess. This is the problem. This is the problem of relativism. And, relativism is what? It’s Satan’s teaching. So, this is why when everything gets jumbled up, and you can’t tell which is good and evil, then God divides and separates good and evil. This is what the King is doing, when he separates from his mother. He’s separating from good and evil, so that it is very clear. He is preserving his position. So, what we can see what happened in The Philippines is, first, the President wanted to maintain the relationship with the United States, and so he asked America to defend his territory in those Bradley Islands around those seas. The the US supported The Philippines in the international courts; and, they got the ruling to say that the Chinese shouldn’t be there; but, America didn’t really show a force to keep China away from those seas. They didn’t send aircraft carriers. They didn’t send allot of military assets. So, seeing America’s relatively weak action, the President said, Okay! Between this conflict between China and America, and Russia is getting very weak and China is getting stronger, America’s gonna lose; so, I’m going to side with China. That’s what the President is doing right now. So, there is a fundamental problem with America. The fundamental problem is, that, when Father was on the Earth, he said, the UN is “Cain UN.” What is Cain UN? It’s satanic. The satanic UN, which they’re trying to form, this New World Order Movement, is not a God centered world government. It’s a dictatorship. Right now, when people look at this world government, there’s great confusion; because, Father wanted to make the one world centered on God; but, now this one world is actually being centered on Satan. This is the problem. So, as this New World Order is pushing forward. Nations are saying, “Whoa! Wait a minute! This is terrible. We are going to become slaves to this world government.” And so, Putin is saying, “I don’t want to be part of this dictatorship. I want my sovereignty. I want to be the controller of Russia.” In one way, when you look at Putin, he’s a dictator. He has many bad aspects. On the other hand, he’s saying, “I want to be sovereign,” which is what God wants. It is the same situation with Duarte in The Philippines. Because the center is not following the King, there is only confusion, and there is no good and evil. This is the problem. So, if you want to get to be good, you have to center on Christ; because, only Christ gives us the gifts of God. Only Christ can bring you the Abel UN. What is the Abel UN? It’s the Constitution of Cheon Il Guk. There is only the one solution for One World Under God. It is the Constitution of CIG, which Sanctuary Church and the Second King has presented to the world. There is no other path to world peace, to world unity. You men cannot make peace; because, men cannot give the gifts of God. Gifts of God can only come from God. They can only come when we accept Christ as our Father.

Q ~ The Philippine brother continues stating a message about President Duarte of The Philippines. “State and religion should separate; but, state and God should not separate.”

A ~ Kook Jin Nim ~ Yes, there is a difference between the state and God. That’s the point we’re making.

Q ~ Japanese brother ~ We are here after the recent earthquake. We are here after the 37,000 martyrs. The energy said to produced by this earthquake is similar to an earthquake from 21 years ago. In the Kobe area, 6,000 people died 21 years ago. In another earthquake 50 people died, and if you include those who died indirectly, 110 people died. It is my feeling that the number of people who died, were reduced because of the 37,000 martyrs were liberated. What really illustrates this is that the epicenter was in the exact location of our Church, but Church itself was not damaged.

A ~ Kook Jin Nim ~ You have to be careful, when you look at what is good and bad. Because, one of the problems, we have as human being face and get into, we think good and bad is determined by us; and, so we say, Okay! If there was an earthquake and X number of people died, that must be bad; but, this is a fundamental flaw; because, then you are defining good and bad based on human morality. If you do that, then you get back into relativism, which is, “I can be God.” So, for us to really understand what is good and what is bad, we have to understand what the definition of what goodness and badness is. What is righteousness and what is sinfulness. Understanding righteousness and sinfulness is very easy. It’s not difficult. The definition is very simple. The simplicity of the definition explains everything within God’s Providential history. What God sees as being right; and, what God sees as being wrong. Because, when we look at the Providence of God, especially when He lead Moses to the banks of Canaan, and then he sent Joshua and Caleb into Canaan to conquer it, what did they do after they brought down the walls of Jericho? They killed every man, woman and the children. Was that good; or, was that bad? By what definition? So, what is God’s definition of goodness? There’s only one definition, which can explain everything in the Bible in Providential history in terms of this is righteousness and this is sinfulness. The only definition which satisfies all cases in biblical history, is righteousness or goodness of that which brings you closer to God. Sinfulness is that which separates you from God. If you understand good and bad from this principle, then you can understand all the events of the Bible from God’s point of view. Remember, God created humanity on this Earth to be HIs creation. His children. The problem is after His creation; because, the Creation was infected by satanic lineage, God is seeking to remove or destroy or kill Satan’s lineage on this Earth. This is biblical history. So, when we look at righteousness from God’s point of view we say, “If God Wills it, then that is what brings us closer God, that is righteous and good.” This is how we must understand righteousness and goodness; and, this is how we must understand the Judgement, which is coming; because, the Judgement which God brings, is ultimately so we can be restored to our position, that we can be with God.

Q ~ Hope Igarashi from Las Vegas, NV ~ I was a former Christian; so, I just want to say one thing about Sanctuary Church separating themselves from Hak Ja Han Moon. Jesus left his mother. At one point in the Bible we read, that Mary was looking for her son. He was in the Temple; and, what did Jesus say? When his mother was looking for you he said, “Who’s my mother. Who’s my brother. Only those who do the will of God.” I just had to get that out. Also, about righteousness, and good and bad. The way I looked about how God during the time of Noah, all the people, the evil people were in the flood and they drowned. For God so loves the world, because you need a body, a physical body to do evil deeds, God put those people in the Spirit World to stop doing evil. But God loved them, and God put them away like in prison. But, I know True Father has a plan to save everyone through the Divine Principle of Resurrection. I just had to share that. I’m sorry. My question is this. It’s about the Holy Wine. For example: As we witness to Family Fed or Fraud members, and those who took the Holy Wine, and then we bring them over and they convert to Sanctuary with the King, before they take the new wine, does there have to be some condition? The reason I ask this, is because I took that Holy Wine. I was on the staff at the Family Fed in Las Vegas. I was on the preparation for the August 19th Blessing; and, I was still not sure about Sanctuary at that time. My husband was 100%. So I begged him to come with me, and I drank; but, he wouldn’t drink it. Later, when I read somewhere that Hak Ja Han said, that, in the womb she knew the truth. That did it for me. Okay! That did it for me. So, then I converted and united with my husband 100%; and, we ordered the Kit for the Blessing for Sanctuary; and, we did our Ceremony. At the Blessing, I took that wine on August 19th. We did the Ceremony September 25th; so, we are in a 40 day separation, We will do our Three Day Ceremony. My question is, Do I have to do some condition? This will be for same for other people.

A ~ Kook Jin Nim ~ Those are the things the King is ruling on a weekly basis; and, he is ruling on those kind of cases. So, your case fits his ruling. Maybe Tim can correct me, if I don’t get the ruling exactly correct. To Tim Elder: Would you like to explain the ruling, the King’s ruling.

A ~ Tim Elder ~ First of all, you asked if there was any condition before taking the wine? There’s no condition before taking the wine. Anyone can take the wine. Then, you ordered a Blessing Kit. That was good. You need to use the Blessing Kit, along with the video, to indicate that you are participating in the Blessing from whichever video that you choose of the King’s Blessings. There are a number of them, beginning April 21, 2015. That you are receiving the Blessing Offering from the King, and then the 40 Day Condition. Then, after the 40 Day Condition, you need to receive a prayer from someone. We have a number of leaders around the country; or, Richard Panzer could do it. He’s leading the Sanctuary. Kook Jin Nim said, the husband did NOT take the wine, so… That’s right! Because your husband did not take the wine, your condition is a little different. You do not need to go through the entire Three Day Ceremony; because, his seed from the original Blessing you received from True Father, Which Blessing are you? Hope Igarashi says 2075. Kook Jin Nim says, he must always be on top. If you were on the bottom, that’s accepting subjugation from a Fallen Eve. Your husband could be on top all three days. He’s not in the Fallen position. He’s already in the body of Christ position; so, the husband should be on top all three days. Is that clear? Thank you!

Q ~ Korean brother ~  From microcosm to macrocosm, I like to know more detail?

A ~ Kook Jin Nim ~ The concept of the microcosm to the macrocosm is clearly represented when you study the life of Christ. Right! Jesus, in his first coming, his ministry was very local; and, his teaching was very local. But, whatever he did on the local small level, it multiplied to conquer the entire world. So, this kind of microcosm representation is what God uses to affect the change for the entire world; so, Christ never became the actual Ruler on the Earth; but, the conditions which he established was able to bring the world up to Spiritual Salvation at the top of the Growth Stage. So, this is what we are talking about the microcosm and the macrocosm. Because of the worldwide foundation of the Church, Father has built, has been taken by the Fallen Mother. Then basically history, Providential history, is not being driven by what the Church does on the worldwide level. It is being driven by who carries God’s lineage, and God’s seed. And so, now the actions of individuals on the smaller scale, based on the actions of Providential individuals at the lower level, are actually determining what will happen at the macro level, or at the level of the entire world. This is what you talk about now. The parallels of current history, where see the parallel in the microcosm, determines the history at the macro level. It’s two histories, which you are seeing, but what is the cause and effect? The microcosm is the cause for the macrocosm. So, when you see is a masculine, subjective figure like Trump, you didn’t see that emergence until the King separated from the Fallen Mother and chastised her. So, if you were here in Sanctuary three years ago, when we first came out here, when my brother came out here in exile, and I came out here to support him, there was just the two of us. We were talking with the local brothers and sisters; and, they asked, “What is the direction of the Providence?” So, we talked about what Father said about Providence, about how we could go in the direction of God’s Blessing or Judgement. Clearly, we were on the path to God’s Judgement to God’s Kingdom. It was the Kingdom through Judgement; and, then we talked about how this will be the microcosm, with you two being here, with nobody, with the Church foundation all gone, how are you going to go to carry out God’s Providence to save the world? That’s why you have to understand how God works. God works through the lineage. Through the blood. Through Christ in his First and Second Coming. By those actions we talked about what we would see, as God would perceive, as to how to save the world. So, we talked about what is necessary to bring God’s Kingdom would be the emergence of an Abel type revolution. The criteria for an Abel type revolution is basically the ruling elite, the ruling class, has to split. There has to be a separation between good and evil. This is what the Principle talks about. When Satan evades, then God is the one who divides. So, there has to be a division from the top down. Satanic, or a Cain type revolution, is the lower class taking over. The bottom rabble taking over the whole country and making a big mess. But, the Abel type revolution, especially what you saw in the United State, is when the leaders of the country split. And, the people who are God-centered overcame the satanic side. This is what you’re seeing. When we talked about how God will proceed in the Providence we said, the leader of God’s side in the Abel type revolution has to be an Abel side billionaire. This was before Trump came out. You can talk to the brothers and sisters. This is exactly what we talked about. Because of the separation from the heresy of the Han Mother, as the King pursued his anointing and accepted his inheritance as the King, then you saw the entire world change. You saw the Trump Revolution. You saw the Abel type billionaire emerge. So clearly, Trump is the masculine male type Adamic figure. He represents the subjectivity of man. Hillary represents woman, fallen woman! I don’t need you. Go to jail. That is exactly why we saw history to proceed, based on Father’s teaching of the Principle; and, as our understanding of Principle grows, so did history progress. This is how the microcosm determines the macrocosm. All these understandings of Providential history of the world, for Sanctuary members, is not a mystery; because, we discussed it. Only the Heretic Church is confused. Okay! Good! Lock her up! Absolutely! That’s what Adam should have done to Eve. Lock her up! You see everything relates back to the Garden of Eden. Nothing changes. It’s the same story. It’s the same story. The Principle is living, and it’s happening; and, everything that is happening has been foretold here in Sanctuary.

Q ~ Japanese brother ~ Hyung Jin Nim always says, “You should love your wife, even if she is unlovable.” I’d like an explanation. How is that going to happen? (Kook Jin Nim comments: When you lock her up, that’s really showing love. <laughter>) How did Father love Mother, even when she betrayed him?

A ~ Kook Jin Nim ~ (Please note, the following  was all said in sarcasm. Kook Jin Nim was teasing about Mother, not really going to lock her up.) Well, when Father was on the Earth, he locked her up! (more laughter) That’s why, when Father left, she tried to escape the prison. This is why it’s the son’s responsibility is the “Lock her up!” (continued laughter.) So, what is the solution to the Garden of Eden? You know, Lock her up! The Principle’s not hard to understand.

A ~ Hyung Jin Nim ~ I think, there’s two different types of locking up. There’s putting in prison; and, there’s also jui jitsu. You know, the Bible commands us to unconditionally love the wife; and, the wife to unconditionally respect the husband. Now, this is very important; because, usually in our modern world, when we are talking about marriage, we are only talking about the husband has to unconditionally love the wife; but, the wife must unconditionally respect the husband. Okay! So, this is what God’s plan is. God’s plan is for love and respect; because, God knows what a man needs, and God knows what a woman needs. Man needs respect. Woman needs love. So, the Bible teaching is very clear. God’s Word is true. The problem is, the satanic world only takes one side. They say, only Adam has responsibility; and, Eve has no responsibility. She can do whatever she wants; and, Adam has to love whatever she does, which is ridiculous. So, from a Principle perspective, if your wife is acting unprincipled, and is Falling, then you must do what is correct in God’s eyes. You must chastise. Like Kook Jin Hyung says, “You must chastise her.” You must expose her for her evil; and, not let her get away with the evil. In the same way, also for the woman. if the husband is unrighteous before God, then, that means she still has to act responsibly. She has to deal with him respectfully; but, she has to be against unrighteousness. But, how does she change and transform the husband? Not by yelling and screaming and nagging at him. That would never change him. That would only make him worse. Even though it’s hard, it is by showing respect for that man. And, through that showing of respect, then a conversation can begin; and, then a conversation can come out. That respect has to be there. But, in the modern world, women are taught not to respect men at all. They are taught not to respect their fathers. They are taught not to respect their husbands. Not to respect men in general, and to look down on them. You’ll see this in movies. You’ll see this Korean drama, this kind of stuff. So, women now in the modern day, because they are watching those things all the time, become trained by that kind of satanic medium. So, many times, when they want to change their husband, or some issue, they just want to talk about it; but, husband’s just don’t want to talk about it. Right? Because, if the woman feels, if we just talk about this issue, then we can solve this issue. But, the husband’s perspective is, No! If I talk to you, all I get is nagging and condemnation. Do you see? So, he does not want to talk. Instead, a wise woman, a Godly woman, will approach her husband in a wise way. She’ll approach him with a wise council. Okay! So, she will be the type of woman who will respect his space, his time… his timing. Respect that the conversation does have to happen, but when will it happen? For example, my wife, if she really needs to talk to me about something, then she will ask me tomorrow, 8 o’clock, 30 minutes, okay? She will not disrespect my time. Also, my children learn this, too. They should not disrespect Daddy’s time. When Daddy’s teaching Jiu Jitsu or MMA, this kind of stuff, don’t disrespect my time. Right? And so, she will show this kind of respect, as a father and as a man. Then it’s very easy for me to agree and discuss that issue at that time. It’s a very practical thing. Okay! That’s how she shows respect to her husband, by saying I need to talk about this, Not, “I want to talk now! I’m so, arghh! Now, now, now!” This is not respect. You see the woman who do that have terrible relationships with their husbands. You can see the results. You want a terrible relationship with your husband. You want a curse upon your family, you follow those women; but, if you want a blessing upon your family, you have to follow women who are Godly, who knows how to deal with their husband in a Godly way. The women who knows how to deal with their husband in a Godly way, will respect their husband; because, it’s not only because the husband is respectable, she’s obeying God and bring joy to God. When she feels not respectable, but she’s obeying God’s Commandment to respect him, that’s hard to do; but, that makes her grow spiritually. That makes her understand God’s love for her more deeply, if she does it. If, she really does it. Because, that is the way to actually come into the man’s presence, and is opening slowly him, slowly, what all the women want. His vulnerability. He’s meant to be vulnerable. You want him to share with you and tell you his heart; but, you can’t just demand it from a man, because the man is trained never to be vulnerable. Whereas, girls on the other side, you’re taught to vulnerable from a very young age. You make friends with other girls by being vulnerable. By opening yourself up, you know, socially to your friends. But, men are the other way; so, that is a very important aspect of marriage and Blessed life, practically, not theologically. And also, the flip side of that is, as a man, St. Paul talks about the different aspects of love. He talks about love as having endurance. What the Bible calls forbearance and patience. So, love speaks truth to evil. So, if the wife is acting evil, then the husband’s responsibility is to call her evil. It’s his responsibility. He must say, “You are evil, woman! You are an evil woman. You are acting evil in this way. You are committing a sin against God.” So, it is his responsibility to do that. The husband must submit to God; and, he must be judged by God, the same way the wife must submit to her husband. That means she must be in the Object Position. If the wife is trying to be in the Subject Position, then the husband has to be clear with her. That is the Principle. At the same time, the husband shall love, when practically there is some disagreement with the wife. It means, also, to be patient. The Bible also talks about to be kind. There’s a lot of problems. We have many Fallen women. If the husband is kind and patient, they usually think he’s weak. A lot of Fallen women have that kind of perspective. Godly women should not see kindness and patience as weakness; because, if you have a relationship with God, you know how kind and patient He’s been with you. If you really understand God the Father. You understand how powerful He is; but, how loving and kind He has been, compared to the sin that one has. So, it is usually women who do not have a relationship with God, that kindness and patience doesn’t equal weakness. But, if the woman has a relationship with God, she can understand, very powerfully about God. But, God is very patient with me. Very kind with me. Thank you to God; because, they have a living relationship with God. So, Godly women can usually understand, if their husband is patient with them, and he’s kind with them. That he’s exhibiting God’s aspect. But, it doesn’t mean he’s weak. He can still be very powerful. So, like in Asia, we say, “Moshi.” It’s very important if the husband is acting kindly and patient, that you don’t ‘Moshi” him; because, if you moshi him, that means you’re totally disrespecting his practice of forbearance for you. Right! So, Godly women who have a relationship with God, understanding God’s power, His masculine strength, His power to kill, He can destroy, He can bring down civilizations; but, at the same time, He is patient and kind. This is very important. So, for example: One thing He has blessed us with, He has blessed this whole community with, is the practice of like very hard martial art training. So, in the very hard martial arts type training like Black Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or Kickboxing or MMA, if women train together with men, you will see a big difference in power. Women who train in these kinds of martial arts become very strong compared to normal women. Very Strong. They can even defeat normal men; but, the do not moshi men’s power. Because, they know, even though they are strong compared to normal people, if they have to fight with a Master, who is also a man who is very strong, they lose. They respect the physical nature of men. Also, the problem with a lot of Japanese men and Asian men in modern day is, the men have become so woman-like. This is a problem. Men have become very weak, and this do computer games or just Internet all the time. They are not developing their masculine traits. There not weight lifting. They’re not building themselves to become more masculine. They don’t put any attention on that; and, they become so feminine. So, then society creates the men to be like women. So, the woman is very unattracted to the man. And, then they are attracted to bad men who do those things. It’s important, also, Father made the men do difficult things. To do hard martial arts training, or do exercise making one more masculine. Father loves that. He likes when men are masculine and powerful. Also, he liked hunting and fishing, even if you’re working on the farming, you become very strong. These kind of aspects in the modern day, they do not do that; and, they become very, very feminine, but they’re different from women. They still have many aspects of the man, but there physical stature is so weak. You see. But, I find very important, when my wife sees my physical power, when I’m teaching a group of young people, like teaching them Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or something like that, then my wife and these kids can also see my physical power, even though I’m a very nice person. I don’t act in an affecting way. But, when they can see my physical power, they immediately have a different level of respect. Then. my wife can see, Wow! My husband is very strong. She can actually see that. She can feel that, too. So, this is a very important part of the Cheon Il Guk culture. Also, the Militia Police as well. This is to understand this reality of the difference between man and woman. You naturally learn when you do very hard type of training, you will naturally learn. So, to answer that question, practically, when the husband is being patient, or being forbearance or being kind, Godly women, you should not see them as weak. If you moshi them, you will be cursed. Okay! At the same time, husband too, should pursue things that are masculine. You should not only do internet and video games all day. You should go out and shoot guns. You should go out and learn hunting. You should go out and learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. You should do things that make you masculine, too. Then, that will also make your wife happier as an Object Partner. I guarantee you, as you get stronger, but you’re still loving and patient, she will appreciate that aspect of you in a different way, so that man has a responsibility to pursue masculine things, too. The modern world will tell you, “Don’t do that stuff.”  But, it’s wrong. In God’s Kingdom, you have to do that stuff. You have to learn. You are the Peace Police. You are the Peace Militia. You are the frontline. You are the King of your house. The King of the house has to fight for his country. You have to be ready to fight. So, if you have that spirit, you will see your household culture become very different. Even the women in your household will become stronger. They are not weak women. My wife, and also my sister in law, and also my daughter, she’s training Jiu Jitsu and all that other stuff. Compared to normal girls, they’re much stronger. Mentally much stronger. They’re still feminine. They are still ladylike; but, that happens when sexes can psychology calls, they can differentiate. They are different; but, that’s important for a man to pursue strong things. It’s very important. If the man doesn’t do that, and he becomes too much like a woman, then the woman cannot differentiate. Then, she tries to become the man. Then, she tries to dominate him. That’s when your household becomes cursed. So, it is the responsibility of men to pursue things that make you strong.

A ~ Kook Jin Nim ~ I think, that’s a very good point; because, a lot of people have a calling to be a Minister or a Policeman. But, before we are called to do an occupation, God calls us to be what? – a man and a woman. So, if you’re born as a man and you feel, “oh! I don’t feel like being a man. I feel I want to be like a woman. You are denying God. That’s the challenge. You have to develop your life, and your motivation and your attitude, and meet your fears, so that you can meet God’s first calling, which is when he gives you a man’s body. He wants you to be a man. You have to answer that call. Not all things in life are a matter of choice. God calls you to be either a man or a woman, which is HIs purpose of Creation. Then, within that calling, He gives you freedom and responsibility, so that you can develop and fulfill that role. Believe me, it is a role. It’s something you have to grow into. It’s not something that you get automatically. You have to put effort into it.

A ~ Hyung Jin Nim ~ You know, they did studies that shows what women hate the most in men. The one thing that women hate the most in a man, any man they hate it. Immediately, they are unattracted to that person. That man. What that is, is a sense of neediness. If that man is needy. He’s craving approval and attention, that’s why girls get attracted to bad boys, usually; because, they don’t care about the girls. They don’t even care about them. The bad boys, they are not intimidated by girls; so, the girls get attracted to them. What girls most hate, men who are needy, or they seem  like they’re constantly seeking approval. You see. So, when men pursue manly things, and they learn how to do fighting, and they learn how to do shooting guns, when you do these manly things, that goes away. That desire to be needy gets smaller and smaller; because, you get stronger and stronger. Do you see? So, it’s very important that man pursue manly things. Then, actually, the wife is happier; because, the man is not needy. He’s already very strong in his mindset. That doesn’t mean an oppressor or something. He can still be very gentle and kind; but, when he makes a decision ~ Boom! It’s clear. There’s no shaking. He won’t shake. So, that’s why it’s important for a man to pursue those kinds of arts. In Cheon Il Guk, every man, every person has to learn those arts. It’s just a natural part of the Peace Police, Police Militia; because, there is no centralized police, no centralized military. Everybody has to be the proctor of their house, of their community they live in, their town. They have to protect it. They have to be the Police. With that sense of responsibility, then naturally you will learn those arts which make you stronger; and, in the arts that make you stronger, there’s a natural respect. There’s a respect, which you will learn.

Q ~ American sister ~ My question is, we try to talk about Sanctuary Church and we come across a question we don’t know; and, it has to do with a sequence of events from the time that there was the letter from Spirit World saying that “dethroned H1.” That had him leave. Up until the time of your leaving the palace, one of the questions is, where you aware at the time that the letter was false.

A ~ Kook Jin Nim ~ the false point was, that, it was the time that Father presided; so, if Father presided, then he’s the King; and, we all follow what the King says. It’s not for us to judge the King. the King judges us. I mean, if Father is the Lord of the Second Advent, he’s God on earth. So, if Father says to H1, you’re not my successor anymore. You’re fired! Then, H2, you’re the King, then he’s the King. It’s just that simple. So, for me, it’s not a question of whether we can second guess Father’s decision; or, can we say he did this right and he still done that. No! Father’s my King; so, he’s not only my father, he’s my King; so, when the King makes a decision, you just salute, and say, “Yes, sir! What else shall we do for you?” Long live the King, right?

Q ~ American sister continues ~ I agree! Just one last question, if I may, that also comes up. At what point were you aware that Mother’s betrayal, or Mother’s moving away from Father?

A ~ Kook Jin Nim ~ The problem is, we always love Mother and hope that she will do the right thing, and we did not want to see the things that Father saw. So, Father was talking about Mother’s betrayal and all the words necessary for the people to understand Father was receiving. From the son’s position, I don’t want to see it. It’s my problem. But, after Father ascended, it was very clear. It was undeniable that she was separated from Father; because, she basically called us in and said, “I’m the Messiah, what do you think?” We said, “No thank you!” So, after we said no thank to her being the Messiah, she wanted to cut off our heads. So, we basically have no choice but to carry on our lives with love and loyalty to our father. We did not pursue the path of glory and wealth. We pursued the path of love and loyalty, even if love and loyalty means that everybody in the world hates you. Thank you!

Q ~ Second Generation Japanese brother ~ Thank you very much for the Holy Blessing you bestowed upon us, yesterday. I believe the King has said there will be seven years of Judgement. That the Cheon Il Guk will become substantial right after that seven year period. So, it was my mother who spoke before about getting the water supply and the farm; so, we intend to survive this Judgement using these ideas. Once that period is over, then will Hyung Jin Nim, like Father did, be touring around the world?

A ~ Kook Jin NIm ~ I think so. Japanese brother continues: If you will tell us in advance what Japanese cooking you enjoy, then we will prepare it for your visit. Kook Jin Nim: I think we like raman.

A ~ Hyung Jin Nim ~ If we go to Japan or different countries, we may take you into the wilderness. We may not allow you to be in a hotel. (Laughter) We may do Bushcrafting expeditions, together.

At the end, there was a few minutes discussion about giving out the Score Cards, comparing Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. It was suggested for people to give out these cards at the airports before leaving.

Thank you very much!


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