2016-10-16 Kingdom Elect


OCTOBER 23, 2016

My, my it’s October 23rd. Let’s quickly get into it. We have Bluestone where we have been plucking and eating the chickens. I was a vegetarian for six years. Don’t be deluded. You’re killing plants, too. You’re killing all sorts of stuff. You have to understand, Life ends when we consume things, And that connection is important to understand, with that respect, humility and thankfulness. It’s a very important part. New epigenetics were unlocked, and even the girls got in there and prepared those chickens. They did a good job, guiding the young people in the bush crafting skills.

Freedom Society on October 20th, we discussed, “Trump the coming Landslide” Join us for our next meeting on November 3rd, which will be the last one before the election. Meet us at the KAHR Arms factory at 7 PM.

Winter Camp will be held at the Sanctuary Church; so, we can enjoy different aspects of God’s Creation. This will be Jan. 29th -31st. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean one should hibernate. We are greater than the black bear. We can enjoy the spirit of God in the winter.

Next Sunday, Ancestor Liberation. All those who part of True Father’s lineage. Please submit application, and you decide the donation amount. Special Liberation for all those children who died before birth as a result of abortion or other circumstance for all unborn children through history. No application request needed. This is part of the schedule from October 29th to the 31st. Schedule will be posted. Saturday schedule with OSDP Seminar. Spiritual and physical life begin at the moment of conception.

Appointing of Hong Kong Unification Sanctuary National leaders, with Alan and Kaoru Khan. They will be standing up in Hong Kong.

Main Speech ~ The Kingdom Elect. Luke 14:7-15
And he forth a parable to those which were bidden, when he marked how they chose out the chief rooms; saying unto them. 8 When thou art bidden of any man to a wedding, sit not down in the highest room; lest a more honorable man than thou be bidden of him; 9 And he that bade thee and him come and say to thee, Give this man place; and thou begin with shame to take the lowest room. 10 But when thou art bidden, go and sit down in the lowest room; that when he that bade thee cometh, he may say unto thee, Friend, go up higher: then shalt thou have worship in the presence of them that sit at meat with thee. 11 For whosoever exalteth himself shall be abased; and he that humbleth himself shall be exalted. 12 Then said he also to him that bade him, When thou makest a dinner or a supper, call not thy friends, nor thy brethren, neither thy kinsmen, nor thy rich neighbors; lest they also bid thee again, and recompence be made thee, 13 But when thou makest a feast, call the poor, the maimed, the lame, the blind: 14 And thou shalt be blessed; for they cannot recompense thee: for thou shalt be recompensed at the resurrection of the just. 15 And when one of them that sat at meat with him heard these things, he said unto him, Blessed is he that shall eat bread in the kingdom of God.

Half of you understood what’s going on and half did not because not everyone understands King James English. Jesus is eating at one of the chief pharisees on the Sabbath day having dinner. Eating in that room among the pharisees and the lawyers, etc. He’s giving this parable when a marriage feast or a party going on, he tells them, Don’t sit up at the front. If you sit up at the front, if someone more honorable than you comes in, you’re going to look like a fool; because, someone more than you will be invited to the front, and you’re going to be pushed to the back. Right? Instead, sit at the back, and, then when the host sees you, Oh! Friend, friend! What are you doing in the back? Come on up to the front.That’s the whole front section here. Then, one who exalted himself will be abased and will be humbled. Right? Whoever has humbled himself will be exalted. When I make a dinner or supper, or a feast or a banquet – Remember, he talking to the pharisees – Don’t just call your friends or your rich neighbors; because, they will invite you back, and that’s all the benefit you will get from them. That’s the only recompense you will get. When you have this kind of banquet or feast, bring those who are poor or maimed, lamed, blinded, etc. The benefits you will receive, because they cannot pay you back with a dinner, the benefits you will receive will be in Heaven. This is the resurrection of the just when the Lord returns. The British English is confusing, but I think is very apt. The King James version says, Blessed is he shall eat bread in the Kingdom of God.

It is such an intense time folks. We’re going to do something a little different today; because, the election time is coming up so fast. There’s so much on the line. It’s interesting that world politics is on the line. The world will move toward centralized world Communism under the UN, and under the stupid NAFTA trade treaties. All these treasonous treaties. Illegal treaties; or, whether or not the world will move into sovereignty. Nation states will be able to determine their futures. Whether or not the world will become a centralized power; or, whether the world will go into sovereignty; because, that will be more of a harvest for Cheon Il Guk to come. So, it is in that midst we are experiencing now.

So, there are a couple of videos I want to show you; but, before I get into that – most of you already know. Let me give you a little background. About one year ago, Kook Jin Nim said to me, You really have to move to 154 Pond Drive, which is the house he’s living in. Of course, you know I don’t like that kind of place. I want to go deeper into the wilderness. Maybe a farm or woodland and live in a little hut or something. For one year, this has been going on. Kook Jin Nim has, as you know, a very clear Providential picture. Obviously, his goal is to serve Father. What he’s been saying to me for a year, That’s Father’s House. 154 is Father’s house. When Father passed, was 1:54 AM; so, ever since I’ve got there, it has been the house as an omen, which brought us to PA. ~ Which turns out to be the state, which will determine the presidency., which will determine global politics. You’ve seen the New York Times write about that. I’ve shown you the actual article, where all the doubters out there, you’ve seen where NY Times says, PA will be the key state. This state will determine the election. This state will determine global politics. The world will be affected right here from PA. Now, you can’t make that up. We could have moved to Wisconsin, Maine or Florida. We could have moved to anywhere in the country. Why we moved here is beyond us. So, from the very beginning, Kook Jin Nim has been saying 154, 154. That’s Father’s house. Also, when we first got there, there was a man, a crazy man, who called Jim Bohorer. He was working on the house. He was working with realtors to get the house; and, a crazy man called him and said, Hey, I want to visit 154 Pond Drive on top of the hill. I want to visit that house. And, he told him, Jin, I want to visit that house; because, God lives there. Is that true Jim? Where’s Jim, Lucy? Not here today? Ask Jim. He will tell you the story. This is a house where God lives. I want to go visit it. No, you can’t just go walk into a private residents. This has been an ongoing thing; and so every time the number 154 comes up ~ it could be 1:54 in the afternoon and were having a meeting ~ Kook Jin Nim would say to me, Father’s give you a sign. You got to move into his house. I would say, No, no, no! I don’t want to move there. I don’t want to move there, etc.

So, anyone who’s been in those meetings ~ Richard, Gregg or Tim ~ You guys have seen it. On and on it goes. You know how persistent Kook Jin Nim is. So, I’ve been personally holding off on that. I like personally being in the wilderness better. I like personally being in a smaller area better. I’ve been putting this off. I’ve been pushing this back. I’ve been looking at other places with bigger farm land. He would say, No, no! This is better! This is more wild. Like this; but, this week, it became very clear, not because of anyone else, but because Father’s foundation is coming back. Not only Father’s foundation in terms of brothers and sisters. That’s happening world wide. More and more key leaders from Japan are starting to come forward. They are starting to step out of the Family Fraud; because, it’s so collapsed. That’s only one part of Father’s foundation. Another part of Father’s foundation, is this national network, Presidents of nations he has influenced are beginning to change. So, we have to remember, Father through UPF organizations have betrayed him, and become globalists organizations, supporting the stupid carbon tax on people from climate change ~ these idiotic Communist ideals. Father had a whole foundation of people in positions of power in nations. In other words, other types of archangels connected to Father in some way, at least in a spiritual dimension, humbled themselves to Father. This is a mixed bunch. There’s always a mixed bunch. There’s always going to be a percentage of people, within that world-wide network, that is Abel sided, and not archangelic sided. Does that make sense? So, we don’t know which nation or what nation or which leader or which person will created a party in their nation that will begin the will actually begin the implementation of Cheon Il Guk. You don’t know which nation will do it. It could be the island nation of Vanuatu. It could be an African nation. It could be a Russian influenced nation.

We don’t know. That’s all in God’s hands. We don’t know will begin Cheon Il Guk. Right? So, this week, we like to share these things as they happen. We got information, that, very high level VIPs will start to come to visit us. So, it’s been about a year. So, I’ve been saying, Oh, No! I don’t want to live in that house. Blah blah blah. I don’t want to raise my kids in that kind of house, etc. I’ve been pushing and pushing and pushing. But, Kook Jin Hyung has been very clear. He knows, I do not only represent my own life. I do not only represent my family’s life. My immediate nuclear family life. I’m not a normal man. I am not a normal pastor. I’m not a normal husband. I’m not a normal dad. I represent a Kingship on this earth, that has begun with the Lord at the Second Advent. That is totally different.

Of course, when you come and see me, I’m dressed in a tee shirt and I got dirty pants on; because, I’ve been bush-crafting and probably smell like campfire, probably. That’s all external stuff. If you get caught up in that, you’re the idiot. I represent the King’s line; and, that is the King’s like that come from God at the Second Advent. God as the Messiah. So, Kook Jin has always seen that, and has humbled himself to his Father’s wishes. Did not try to kill me. Did not try to murder me, like Cain and other jealous siblings. He knows I didn’t ask for this. He knows want this position. It’s something that I have to do. It’s a position I must live through; because, that is how I honor my father.

Yes, I have some wilderness chic style. I got some chic style. I have my brush-craft essentials and my survival gear on, always; but, those are external realities. He has been saying that I will live in a cage. I jokingly say, maybe that’s why I like MMA; because, one has to practice in a cage and fight in a cage. We had this talk with our kids; because, moving to that residence, which is materially a much higher level property. It’s a much more expensive property. It’s much more expensive real estate. It’s more palatial; than the lakeside property. You don’t know how grateful we’ve been to live like this. Even, the Lake Sanctuary is phenomenal. Who gets to live in front of a beautiful lake like that? You go all through Korea, you will never see something like that. The national temples in Korea don’t have a lake in front of their house. Even in Japan who has this. We’re so grateful for us, our family, we can live like that. We’re so grateful to Kook Jin we can live like that. That was actually to be his house when we first came to PA; but, he so said, No! It’s your house.

We have talked with our kids about this issue. Spiritually, it’s almost like a small palace. I’m calling it the (Korean word for small palace) which means the small palace. It’s on a hill. It represents a kingship, and an authority over land and territory. So, we talked to our children about it; and, I told them in a two hour discussion. I can’t tell you how mature they are; and, they trust their daddy. They trust the guidance I give them. What you folks have to realize, we grew up in these kinds of places, when we were young. We understand the dynamics of these kinds of places.

Most of my kids not only lived in the palace; but, the third King, who Father chose had to live in the palace. The actual Cheon Pyung Palace, but has become a nest of betrayal and usurpery. We were having a discussion, and I told them, you remember when you lived in there ~ Wow! It was a palace ~ but, you remember how much of a prison it was. A little boy at that age doesn’t understand the psychology of all those dynamics; but, he could feel them emotionally and physically. It made him sick all the time. You have to get sick in order to get away from the pressure cooker of the palace. I have to tell you all the time, there’s all sorts of backroom politics. There’s all sorts of lobbying. There’s all sorts of staff intrigue. There’s all sorts of different things. There’s over 100 staff just on one floor. There’s all this gossip. Most of the time, there’s a lot of down time and there’s a lot of down time, that’s what they do is gossip.

So, for example for a baby boy, he doesn’t know any better. He has to live in that environment, where people are gossiping about him right around him all time. He has no private space where he could get away from them. To get away from that, one can become violent and start lashing out at people. That always works bad. I’ve seen that in my own family. God gave me the blessing of being one of the younger ones; so, I’ve seen a lot of the elders fail in terms of how they have lived in this pressure cooker. How they had to live in that dynamic. Some of them had to explode. Some of them got violent. Screw everybody. You fools are going to be judged, and I’m going to be as bad a you. Do you know what I mean? They will do that. They’ll have that kind of psychology as one sort of options that happens.

Another option is, one can become very insular. One can become very weird in a way, by floating off into a fantasy land; or, getting addicted to games or fantasy games, or whatever. I’ve seen that, too. Just to escape the physical reality of having absolutely no privacy. Even in a normal home, you have some degree of privacy. Here you could leave and take a walk; but, on these properties, you couldn’t do that. You couldn’t go out and take a walk with being under surveillance. It’s like being trailed by the NSA. They have to keep a tag on you at all times; and, they knew where you were at all times. One can’t just get on a bike a go to a neighbor’s house. I’m not saying have pity on the True Children. That’s the reality of the dynamic.

So, one can decide to do certain things. One can go violent and curse everyone out by say ‘f’ you, you suckers. You gossiping ‘mfs.’ I going to do everything you say and more. That can also be a self-fulfilling prophecy. That also happens. I’ve seen that happen to some of my siblings.

You can also become insular and kind of hide away from that. You can also try to rebel against that and run away. I’ve seen that, too. You can play in that politics. Become a politician, and basically become skilled in a way of reaching a goal, such as stealing money or getting assets. I’ve seen that as well. We saw that with the whole Kwak group. Right?

There’s many different ways people react. There’s no coincidence why royal households have lots of psychological illnesses; because, you have to fake 90% of the time. In public, you have to do all these public events, where you’re supposed to be a prop on the stage. You’re supposed to sit in your prim and proper robes and dresses, whatever. You need to sit there and hmm! and oh! Look at the British royal family. You know those fools are thinking about pornos or games just like regular kids. When the cameras are off and they can go in the house is when they can be normal people. They have to play this double-faced game. They sometimes don’t know how to deal with as a mature adult in relationship to your private life. You know what I’m saying? Adults who are mature can separate those things, but think about it, when you’re a kid and five years old, how can they think about it logically. How can they do that? Do you see what I’m saying? It’s very hard to separate those two realities; and, it’s kind of oppressed upon you.

There’s this whole dynamic that we discussed about, and I told them, you kids will have to deal with those dynamics of envy; because, as my Kingdom comes back to me, and as my wealth comes back to me, the wealth that Father created ~ not that I created it ~ it is the wealth that Father made. All the blessings that come to me, one will also acquire parasites that start gathering. You’ll also have opportunist that are gathering. As those people gather, obviously, Father has done a filtering out, weeding out, a filtering out the chaff, by separating the wheat from the chaff, so it has been very clear that when those who had nothing and stayed with the successors, stayed with him world-wide. That’s very clear. That’s already documented. So, who is real and who is fake is clear.

As the Kingdom returns, and as people wake up, and as people realize they have nowhere else to go, because they themselves who sinned against Father and betrayed him, that have prostituted themselves out to political correctness or money, and when the reality hits them that they are fully culpable. That they are 100% sinners before God. They realize the dead -end road that the Han Mother is pursuing for the glorification of herself, pretending she is a goddess and God, and only begotten daughter, etc. This is a dead-end road all the top leadership in Asia is starting to realize.

You saw the speech she gave a few weeks ago from October 5th, even after that meeting, there were Japanese leaders who never heard that theology before, that were kept under control, they themselves were stressing out; because, they realized how heretical, they didn’t want to communicated it down to their B level leaders. When they had 800 plus leaders there, many have heard this for the first time, and they said, Whoa! What’s she saying? What’s she talking about? I never heard this. I thought Sanctuary was bad.

After that meeting, you had the 36 couples, some 17 had a powwow meeting saying, Oh my God! This is getting worse and worse and worse. Where getting exposed as being prostitutes and selling out for money. Shishkabob! This is getting bad. We’re going to look very bad. Can you see how selfish and fallen these idiots are? So, they had that meeting; and, their conclusion was ~ I have ears everywhere. I have eyes everywhere ~ their conclusion was, Mother is not even obeying Father. So, it won’t do any good if we tell her what’s wrong. She doesn’t even listen to Father. She won’t listen to us. That simply means, let’s keep taking the money as long as we can; because, they get about $4,000 per month and even more than that. Let’s just hold on to the pension and the house as long as we can. This is the reality of the leadership now.

Now, they realize how unbelievably heretical this is. They are scrambling to cover it up, so they don’t even show her speeches publicly. They’re trying to censor her; because, they themselves are ashamed of the heresy she spews. It’s because they’re being exposed. I told Mother, these people don’t love you. It’s your sons that love you. That’s why we’re telling you not to Fall. Don’t crap away the Kingdom.

These idiots are parasites. They want to milk you. Look at these fools now? All they care about is crap. Look! We’re going to look very bad. Ooh, shoot! We’re going to look very bad. This is getting bad. We need contingency plans. This is getting very bad. This is how these fools are reacting. This is the reality of the situation, which is going on down there.

When you look at this Scripture in Luke 14, Jesus is looking at the pharisees, who were the religious leaders, who were the heads. They were the 36 couples. They were the 72 couples. You see what I’m saying? They were the ones that got the praise and glory. They were the ones who got the front seats. Right here. He’s talking about the front seats and the back seats. Right? When you have a marriage feast, they are the ones who are always sitting in the front. That’s what they’re doing. They’re going into the front. Do you see? That’s what Jesus is talking about. This is emblematic as to what is happening. The point is, I told my kids this, especially one of the girls. I said, you girls, when you get close to luxury, your mind becomes blank. You become stupid. When you get near money and wealth and things like that, you can get really brain dead really quick. You get sucked up into that luxury, and believe you deserve that luxury, and you can become a slave to that luxury. Key and point. The Han Mother. Look at all the girls. They betrayed Father. 100% I’m not talking about 90%. I’m not talking about 93%. Every single one went for the money; because, they thought the Han Mother would produce the money. Every single one went after the slut goddess worship cult. Every single one. Why? Because, they thought that would make the money. The girls what to worshipped. They get on power trips a lot. They love commanding grown men around them. They say, Wow! I’m powerful. Yes, rich elite women love it. They love it. But, at the same time, it’s not only their issue; because, it is the rich. It is the culture of the Han Mother. She did not do a culture, which she embraced the hard things that Father was doing.

For example: Like going to the Amazon jungle and not staying in the air-conditioned room. By going out with Father. Staying out all day with him fishing, or getting eaten by mosquitos from dusk to dawn. She didn’t do that. Yes, she went with Father; but, she would stay in the air- conditioned room, watch tv and Korean dramas. That’s the reality. You see how I’m talking about double lives? She showed up just for the events and go in. And that kind of culture, where there is a secret life. There’s a life you’re doing in public, where you’re pretending to be united with your subject partner; but, then in private, you’re trying every which way not to do hard things, not to do difficult things; and, trying every which way to find every excuse under the sun not to do the things Father is making you to do. Like the hard stuff. Like the baking in the sun; or facing the piranha baku fish. All day, what the hell am I doing out here with these fish in the Amazon jungle? What am I doing out here? Right?

Kook Jin Moon had to go tuna fishing with Father for weeks at a time, with bleeding fish all over the place on a boat. Smelly, stanky fish. All day long. Cold. I guess in the Summers it’s not cold; but, tuna fishing is a big thing. It’s the most unamusing, unentertaining thing you ever done in your life, probably. It’s very difficult. Now, Father wanted Mother to go fishing with him. But, then again, she had the 5 percent responsibility, whether she would unite or not unite with dad.

Now, let’s say, if the Han Mother embraced that, my Lord, my Messiah, my Savior, which of course we now realize she didn’t believe that. She believed she was the Messiah, which is total lunacy; but, anyway, if she embraced what Father was doing, and he was my subject partner and did what every other member was doing these things, and not only doing these things, but I should become an instructor at it. I should become a teacher of it. I should become higher level than other people; so, I could actually teach this to people. Imagine if she embraced it like that. Imagine if she was an outdoors woman like that. Think about the difference. Now, I understand you ladies don’t like to get your hands dirty. Don’t like to get the blood and slime on it and stuff. Cut the heads off and all that stuff. Cut the meat out. I understand that. The guys don’t like it either. Right? Boys don’t like it; but, they got to do it at an early age. Right? And, if she embraced the subject’s culture, every single girl that she raised would have been different. Why? Because, the girls take after the mother; and, generally, the boys take after the father. You see it. If you know the Principle, you’ll see it. Like if the spoiled the heck out of you, without you even knowing it, you’ll do the same stuff to your kids. Laughter. You got to watch out for that. Right? I’m serious. Parents? You know. Right? Do the same patterns that your parents did subconsciously. Unless, you make a desire and a goal to separate and make a new pattern. You’ll just copy your parents. So, if they’re really screwed up, you’re just going to copy that same behavior to your kids.

So, if she inherited that culture, maybe her favorite channel was not the Korean dramas, and her stupid fake romance fantasyland women pornos, which are Korean dramas and all these other romantic dramas. Maybe that wasn’t her favorite channel. Maybe her favorite channel, because she was an instructor ~ maybe she was an instructor in self-reliance, outdoors living and fishing or hunting. So, maybe she’s watching the outdoors channel more. She’d be a different queen. A totally different queen. She wouldn’t be preoccupied with the diamonds and the multimillion dollar rubies and all that. Does that make sense. She’d be less preoccupied, because she has a focus, and she has a skill or mastery she’s developing, instead of passively just sitting waiting in luxury ~ passively waiting for someone to call her out waiting to have lunch with Father. Actively and proactively saying this is what Father wants to train the Kingdom on, then I will become an instructor. I will become a master. I will become a blackbelt. I will become a leader. I will earn those skills. I will earn it by going through those things. If she did that, that would’ve created a radically different culture in not only our family, but the entire church.
The entire Movement worldwide.

If she was like Lisa. She was out there shooting like the NRA instructor, and she’s a teacher. Think about it. She’d be totally different. That would be so different living under that authority. Okay. So this is one of the things we discussed with our kids; because, it is a very important topic. It’s very important for them to realize that when we get into the small palace ~ I said, why is it a palace? What makes a palace, a palace. There’s a King. If there’s a King, there’s a palace. If it’s a palace, whether it’s a big building, it’s still a container. The container, the size of the container, it could become a million times bigger. You don’t even know what will happen in the future. The point is, whatever container is there, that we are representing the kingship in Father’s Kingdom.

It’s not enough the boys are tough. It’s not enough you know how to skin a buck and choke necks and shot guns and be strong, but yet be humble, etc. It’s not enough the boys can do that. It’s critical that the girls can do that. It’s critical; because, if the girls can’t do that, you’re going to fall into the same dang trap the Han Mother fell into. The same trap, as the luxury comes back. As the wealth comes back. As my Kingdom comes back that my father gave me. You will start falling into that. So, I told my wife, my daughter and all the girls in my house. You girls gotta watch out. You not going to create the culture of the Han Mother.

We have an example. God Blessed us with an example, and He shows us what happens if you separate from the King’s culture. It’s your own damnation. Right? So, this was a serious talk. It went on for about two hours, and we are so grateful to our kids ~ we had a discussion and answer with our kids. We discussed that issue.

Now the reason I bring that point up, it’s also going to be the same for you folks as well. That’s the reality. Look at the 36 couples. The 36 couples started off good. They started off with faith. They started off risking their life for Father. They started off being persecuted by the Christians. They started off good. But, when the trappings of luxury and wealth come, you can get sucked into it. Now this important to get to know before-hand. It’s like when you do the fight and training with us. If I tell you you’re going to get hit, you can brace for the hit. Whereas, if I don’t tell you and you don’t know you’re going to get hit, and when you get hit is when you get knocked out. Right? The same kind of reality. When that Kingdom comes back, every one of you will also be tested, again. All the praise and all the accolades. The people have been shown who has been fake and who has been real. When those sinners come as repenters and look upon you, they will say, Wow! How did you do that in the moment of the battle. How did you have that clarity. They will want to worship you. ‘They will want to exalt you, just like the 36 couples.

So, it’s not only a problem I’m go to have. It not only a problem children will have. It not only a problem my wife will have. It’s a problem all of you will have too, as the Kingdom starts to come back; and, believe you me, it’s starting to come back. The reign of the heresy of the Han Mother is over. It’s already over. It’s dead. It’s totally dead. Everybody knows, no matter how much they deny, everybody knows, there’s already a kingship. They can’t take that away from Father. Father already established it. It’s already moving forward. It’s already affecting the world. It’s already affecting politics. We’re now connected with the Trump campaign.

There’s a mic and macrocosm that exists for all of us. The point is that we have to also, all of us, because it’s not like other Sanctuarians, they are not right here in the middle of it. Do you know what I mean? So, there is a certain elect that is here that has been tested in the fire. That has been sacrificed. You know what you had to go through. Put your neck on the line. Picked up your Cross and you have defended Father. Some of you fought very early. Some of you have fought later.
Some of you had to fight in different ways. Some of you had to deal with various things. All of you had to deal with fear. Losing friends. See! Even the Devil doesn’t want this word to get out. This is what you have to remember. Right?

This is why I’m so grateful that the queen is adopting some of the traditions of Father. She doesn’t like to fight. She doesn’t like to choke necks. She doesn’t like to break bones. She doesn’t like to get dirty and to fish and hunt. She hates it. Now she kind of likes it; but, she hated it in the beginning. Some girls kind of liked it; but, she (the Queen) is not like that. And of course, one of the main things, central Providential figures have massive, massive responsibility. It’s one thing, this Sanctuary community and worldwide remembers to check themselves. It’s another thing if the Queen repeats the stupidity of the Han Mother when I die. Do you see what I’m saying? Obviously we know. I’m pretty confident that there’s a 99.999% chance that will not happen. But, there’s always that .001%. Right?

Right now, everything is pretty cozy. What do you think when all that Kingdom comes back? Let’s say decades down that line, your families have been blessed by that Kingdom coming back, and you now have a lot of things because of that. Let me put into layman’s terms, maybe you become richer. You become more financially rich and powerful. Maybe, people will just donate to you, because you did what you did. And, now when I die,,and the Third King has to take my place and has to represent True Father as the True Subject; and, in the odd chance that .00001%, where the Queen starts spewing out the heresy that, she’s the only begotten daughter, (laughter) Okay! Will you give up all that you have? Everything. Now you’re going to be older, etc, Your kids are going to be tagging at you, Mom! Don’t give it up. Don’t give it up. You’re going to lose everything. You’re under all that pressure; and, we say screw you! Shut up, kids. Will you say, “You are a fallen woman”, to her, if she does that. You see.

We’ve seen the precedence of the 36 Blessed couples. We’ve seen it. This is something we have to keep in mind, especially if the early Sanctuary people, the warriors that have stood up. Look, there are warriors that have at that Epoch and that Era, too. All I’m saying is, the Devil can be shrewd, when you start bringing luxury in. You gotta be aware of it. You really got to be aware of it. You cannot serve God and mammon. It’s the cruelest saying Jesus said right before this parable.

You have to, when money starts coming in, and when money starts making your lives easier and your kids’ lives easier and more luxurious, and it will; because, the Kingdom will come back. When it does happen like that, there will be a temptation. You will find your kids will suddenly become very greedy. Selfish. Narcissistic. They’ll want really the money. They’ll want to tool you for the money. They’ll start playing games with you. They’ll start to politic around. They’ll try to get some money from you. Your kids will start behaving differently, if you don’t warn them in advance, without them knowing it, they’ll start to play games with you, possessed by that power. I guarantee you.

This has happened at the palace and happy with the Han Mother. If she would have stopped, the whole world would have been different. If she didn’t betray Father, Kook Jin Nim would have been running for Korean President by now. The whole Korean elite. The whole Japanese elite were supporting him. He was sitting in this KCIA’s Director’s seat. He had the Speaker of the House coming over to visit him. He had the former Joint Chief of Staff, that retired during the Administration, then he worked for Kook Jin. He worked under Kook Jin as his assistant. Kook Jin was his boss. He was the former Joint Chief of Staff of the nation of Korea, and then he came to work for Kook Jin Nim. That’s how much he was respected.

I think people understand the level of power and influence we had. It was unprecedented in the history of the Unification Church. The entire elite structure of Korea were supporting Kook Jin Nim, and saw his business skill and started supporting me. Obviously, that foundation has been lost. The point is, we all have to be centered as this progresses. You don’t know how fast Providence will progress. You don’t know how fast things can change. You know what I mean. You don’t know. You just don’t know how things can change; but, when things become different, when the Kingdom starts coming back, we all of us might need to change. My kids especially. My family especially. The girls in my family especially. And, all of you must be careful of the trap of mammon. You must; because, that will come. That will come.

Folks! It is such an intense time. What the microcosm does has repercussions on what the macrocosm does.

Now, I have a whole bunch of videos I want to show, but I’m going to breeze through them quickly, because we are living in an age which is so radical. US politics have never been this unstable. The world has never been in this much financial collapse, and we’re on the verge of WWIII. We haven’t seen this in the last how many years. 60-70 years. It is very perilous times right now. Okay. And, we are living in the midst of this election series which will determine a huge and magnificent impact on the trajectory on global politics. Of global governance. Of where the world will go. So, this upcoming election is so unbelievably critical; and, there are some things that have blown up in the last week that all of you have heard about, obviously, but you probably have not seen. We can’t get through all the videos today. I’m going to ask you to go at home at watch them. Okay! But, this is directly tied to…I don’t think there’s a coincidence that I as the Second King, representing Father’s Kingship, moving into a smaller palace, or a different house, at the same time where a fight on the macrocosm level to who will get into Pennsylvania Ave House as well.

There’s a battle. Who will be in the subject position in that House. Alright. Will it be the monstrous, communist, criminal, evil, misogynist, country receiving banker money, receiving Witch of the West; or, will it be Trump, who is not perfect, but he’s representing sovereignty. He’s representing a person chasing out the bankers getting them the hell out of our way. Let make prosperity here in America. Stop screwing things up. Stop stealing taxpayer money. Get out of the way. He’s representing this sovereignty. That’s spirit of freedom that is rising in the world. Right. The same heroes as Nigel Farage in the UK and Lord Mountain in the UK, who fought and won Brexit. That’s the same people. They’re modern day heroes. Right. Trump is a modern-day hero. He’s not perfect.

Heroes are not perfect, folks. Joseph was not perfect. Cyrus of Persia was not perfect. King Cyrus that God used to free the Jewish people was not perfect. He had a harem. He’s not perfect, but God used him to free the Jewish people; and to stop the persecution of the Jews and the killing or massacre of the Jews. If God could use Cyrus of Persia, Trump is a saint compared to Cyrus of Persia. Did you know that actually called Cyrus of Persia the Messiah? That’s a term they used for Cyrus of Persia because he freed them. The guy had 5,000 girls, wives; a pedophile, you know. Raping girls; but, God uses him.

Trump is a saint compared to Cyrus of Persia. Do you know that in the Bible they actually called, the Jews actually called Cyrus of Persia the messiah? That’s a term they used for Cyrus of Persia who freed them. They guy had 5,000 girls, wives, girls, I mean you know he was raping girls. But God used him. Right. He’s not only talking about it like Trump. The guy is actually doing it. He’s got a Frickin’ Harem. But God uses him to free the people, to stop the persecution, to let the Jewish people be free, to let them worship God in freedom. OK.

This is the battle. This is the fight that’s going on. I want to watch this video because this is the context we are living in now. Because Providence moves we also have to be aware that while we are moving in the stream of reality that we also can understand; that we see and we can contextualize what is happening providentially as well.

Ok, so let’s see this first video here… Real quick. Let’s see this video.
Video is: Infowars Vimeo. https://vimeo.com/188574525

So, that young man; James O’Keefe, He’s a hero. He is a modern day hero. This guy is a real citizen journalist. We had dinner with him. He was here for an event with Vince. Me and Kook Jin, at the Gold Media, and he was the main speaker. Me and Kook Jin Nim , We were sitting right next to him and talking to him. This is the guy that dressed up as Osama Bin Ladin to cross the border, to expose him. Remember this? “Maybe I can slip through if I dress up as Osama Bin Ladin and walk through.” He totally exposed those idiots for the reality that they are. They’re total frauds. They’re lying to the public. So this young man. What is he? Is he in his 30’s. Under 30. Maybe he’s in his late 20’s. He’s been doing this since he was in college. This guy is incredible. He’s a real hero. He’s affecting world politics. Small little guy.
Somebody like Juilan Assange who is doing the Wikileaks. He is a hero in the modern day. He’s fighting against evil people. He is cooped up in the Ecudaorian Embassy in London, and I heard just this morning that they have armored cars around him ‘cause he’s released so much damning, crippling, evidence that they may even raid him and kill the guy. So these kind of living heroes are alive. They are moving and all of them are fighting to support Trump and get Hillary out of the picture because of her unbelievable criminality.

The reality of the situation is that America’s position in the world has completely crumbled. Let me show you this second video. I have to show you this; because, people don’t believe that this is actually happening. That this is actually real. This is video of the Phillipines. The first time in 50 years, since World War II Ok? The first time since World War II, the Phillipines have announced they will separate from the United States and they will prostitute themselves to China. They are now separating from the United States. That means that the rest of the Pacific Rim is totally vulnerable to the encroachment of China. China, as you know has said, “These islands are ours.” And the Phillipines has said, “No they’re ours.” The US didn’t do anything about it; so, China knows that. So China has just taken the islands. So the Phillipines said, “ Well, the U.S. isn’t going to help so we’re gonna jump right back to China.” Ok! This happened last week folks. How many have heard of this video last week? How many have seen this video? Let’s see this video. Let’s play this video. This is the President of the Phillipines.
Video: President of the Phillipines https://vimeo.com/188574525 says:
“America has lost now. I’ve realigned myself with your ideological flow, and maybe I will also go to Russia to talk to Putin and tell him that there are three of us against the world. China, Phillipines and Russia. It’s the only way. I, in this venue your Honors, in this venue I announce my separation from the United States. “

There it is. Right out of the horse’s mouth. So that’s not happened since World War II. If you don’t think that we are living in the most intense situation we have ever lived in, you’re a fool. This is on world’s politics flipping. America is becoming so crippled because of these corporate take-overs, because of the bankers buying the politicians. All of that is crippling and destroying this country and its state in the world folks. In the world. You can see how this discredited the United States.

We have set the Middle East on fire. We’ve murdered thousands and thousands of people. Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration especially. Bush is not perfect. Father called him King of Satan’s world. He told him to not go to war in Iraq. Those Bushes are criminals. They said they are voting for Hillary. Can you believe these traitors? They’re Republicans. They’re incorporate Republicans, and they said they are going to vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton. Are you kidding me? They are totally treasonous traitors. This is happening before our eyes folks. History is unfolding before your eyes, folks. Right before your eyes. Don’t be asleep. Don’t be a side watcher – a side sleeper- a spectator. You have to get in the fight. In the game. This is happening. Philippines is now separating from the United States. Guess what folks. That influences everything in Asia. Everything!

What does that mean? It means that the U.S. credibility in Asia is now dead. China, Korea, Japan. All the major countries in Asia are now under serious threat, because now the U.S. is crippled. Europeans, all this stuff. We have some Europeans here, France right? Your Europe is collapsing. You know it. It’s totally crumbling. You’re under invasion, and you know the EU is bringing the refugees in from Syria. You’re attacking with NATO, bringing in the refugees.

This is a serious time folks. The Han mother. You all saw it. She said there will be peace because of her reign. All you see is curse world-wide; and, we’re the only ones who told her the truth. We warned her of this arrogance and narcissism will lead to curses and damnation, not only for her, but for the whole world because she’s on the cosmic level.

This is serious business folks. Do you understand? The Secretary of State is formally accusing Russia of espionage. Do you understand they are formally accusing them of doing that? Do you understand that? I am not crapping around. This is not a joke. They are accusing a nation with, how many nuclear warheads? 30,000 + nuclear warheads of espionage. Are you freaking kidding me? You want to get into a fight with that kind of thing? It’s much better to have peace with them, and to not go to this ego-centered war with a 30,000 nuclear head power. You’ve gotta be an idiot to think like this.

These people are not idiots. They know what they are doing. They are being paid to start the war. Why? Because their system is crumbling. Because their mainstream media and all their propaganda is loosening the hold on the people and the people are starting to wake up. They’re starting to say “These people are screwing us. It’s not the people they are talking about. These people – two parties . They’re not two parties. They’re the same damn party, owned by the same stupid bankers. They’re the problem. Get rid of them.” What do they do classically when the people start rising up? Start a war? Get them busy. Get them preoccupied with the war? Start killing them and blame it on Russia, or blame it on some other stupid external power, so you can get the heck out of there and get out of trouble. You understand this is classic 101 tyranny, classic 101 strategy of despots. Despots.

These idiots are doing it front of our eyes and most people cannot even see it. This is how shameful this reality is. I don’t want to go to nuclear war with Russia. I don’t want to go to war with Russia. I don’t know about you. You’d have to be insane. I don’t want to go to war with Russia. You know why? These fools start the dang war and their kids don’t go. My kids gotta go and die, not their stupid kids. They’re the damn fools that started the war. Send your kids to war, if you start the dang war. Don’t send my kids. Don’t send normal people’s kids. You started the war. You send your own kids to die. Does that make sense?

It’s ridiculous. These people are out of this universe. They are literally out of a science fiction novel. They’re wicked, wicked, wicked, opportunists. Wicked, wicked, wicked evil people. We do not want war with Russia folks. We do not want it.

This entire apparatus is now unfolding before people’s eyes, even though they are trying to cover it up. You understand that the mainstream media has not covered any of Project Veritas undercover investigation of last year. I’m gonna show this video. There’s lots of cursing in it; but, I’m gonna show. I know there’s some people here who’s gonna say “Oh there’s some young people here. “ They’ve heard the curses before in their lifetime. OK? They’ve heard them. They’ve heard them, just like they’ve also seen porn. OK? They’ve seen it. They’ve heard it. If you think they haven’t heard the “F” word or something like that, uh, you’d better wake up. Right?
So, I ‘m gonna show it. This is actually how they showed it. They released it unedited, in this fashion, in terms of not leaving out the curse words, because it shows you the reality about how the communists operate. Of how they put on a face of “Oh, we’re so … we’re so liberal and so nice. We would never hurt, and we’re so nice, and we talk in this very unthreatening way, uh?” You know; but, then it shows the back side. It shows you as soon as the camera is off what they do. It shows you exactly how they operate. What they brag about, and how arrogant they are. They are breaking voter’s registration. They’re breaking federal laws. But they don’t care. It shows you how criminal they are. It shows you how a hive of bees, the lies they create.

So, I’m gonna show it. I’m gonna show it in its unedited form and we are going to stream it onto the net. OK. If you don’t want to see it and have your kids hear the “F” word even though they’ve heard it a zillion times, I’m warning you in advance, I’m showing the videos that they released. Because we’ve heard about it. We have to see it. We have to see it.

We’ve only got 15 days until the election folks. Fifteen days to change history. That’s it. Fifteen days, OK? So, let’s look at Project Veritas. They released this first, the second one, the third one. Every single day they’re releasing more of the investigation to the public. Why? Because they’re trying to kill them. When they started releasing them, he said, “My team will be releasing videos every single day up until the election.” He said it. Why did he have to say that before? Why did he have to say that on the first video? Beause if they whack you, you know who did it. These people in power who are trying to shut you up. So he said in the beginning, “We’re going to be releasing, every day up until the election, more and more, of our one year investigative reports. There’s cussing in here. But don’t be shocked when there is no Beep, beep, beep, beep. There’s cussing, OK? We’re gonna play it as it is. As it has been released. Go ahead. All right let’s see it.

Video: Project Veritas Part one. https://vimeo.com/188574525
All right. So that’s the first video they released. These people are risking their lives, their careers. They’ve already been on shut down. The FBI is already after them. They’ve given the key codes to like key journalist stations, like who are on the liberty side. For example: Info Wars, Breitbart, and all these people that the main stream media calls Kooks and conspiracy theorists.

Did you see those people? Those people are some of the head leaders of the Democrat Communist party. Head leaders that are saying that they pay for people to insite riots, violent riots, at Trump campaigns. That’s interfering with the election process. Do you understand? That is physically interfering with the election process. But of course, they want to blame who? Russia. “It’s Russia’s fault.”

They’re doing the crime, but it’s Russia’s doing the crime. Do you see this? They’re actually committing crime by interfering, by paying people to commit physical violent acts at rallies to get that reaction. Then they’re blaming Vladimir Putin for interfering with the election process, while they are paying people to do violent protests. Does this make sense? Should I repeat it one more time? They are paying for people to do violent protests. Right. At the same time they’re blaming Russia for interfering with the election process. See how this is a diversion tactic? And these guys are caught on film, undercover. They guy had on a microphone. Right here in his tiny little camera. The guy didn’t even see it, but it was right here while he was interviewing these fools. These people are openly caught on camera committing crimes. Federal crimes, and they’re not people that are low down on the ladder.

These people like Bob Cramer, like that, he said that old white guy said, that crusty old fool. He said, “Yeah, we do all that shit.” That criminal, he met Obama 47 plus times in the White House. He said directly; he’s caught on film, he said that they report to Hillary Clinton’s campaign every day, and then they say, they say, “There’s not voter fraud.”

What did Obama say? Obama comes and he says, “What does voter fraud even mean?” What the heck does that even mean? To assume that the American elections can be fraudulently manipulated, is ludicrous. That kind of conspiracy theory is ridiculous. Donald Trump should stop whining.” This is what the fool says. And they’re caught on film. On film folks. On film. Secret camera film. Inciting violent riots. They are the ones who are tampering with the election process. Not Vladimir Putin in Russia.

We’re not saying Russia’s perfect. They’ve got problems too. They’ve got economy that’s collapsing too. It’s not that. It’s the democratic Communist party. I’m not saying that Republicans are perfect. Half of the Republicans are in it too. Like Paul Ryan is saying he’s not supporting Donald Trump. What the heck are you talking about? He’s the Republican candidate. How can you be the Speaker of the House and say you’re not supporting him? You’re nuts. These people are crazy. The Bushes come out, and saying they’re voting for Clinton. Are you insane? You are supposed to be Republicans. They are in the open. They are showing that a two party duopoly, that is a one party system, paid by the same stupid bankers. They’re all puppets. They’re not real. They are not real.

Trump should get in and imprison them all. Put them all in prison. They’re treasonous politicians. They are wicked people that sell off our freedom for money; and, they should be put in prison. He needs to get in the White House so he can put these fools in prison, and prosecute them with all the illegal laws that they’ve already put in place.

This is the reality of what we’re dealing with folks. This ain’t a joke. This is not a joke. The balance of life on earth is in this fight. You saw that big Russian guy with the hat. Did you see his hat? Did you see that hat the Russian guy was wearing? That guy is like one of the biggest parties in Russia. He’s saying, “Look, if you vote for Trump, you’re gonna have peace. If you vote for Hillary Clinton, she’s gonna start a frickin’ war with Russia!“ She’s blaming them publicly. She’s accusing them with no evidence, when her campaign is now caught on camera committing Federal crimes. This is not a joke. You can’t make this up in a science fiction. This is ridiculous.

So the first video they released is on how the DNC is paying people to incite violent riots, to tamper with the election process. That’s called voter fraud. Tamper with the election process. That’s what they’re doing. They are illegally committing voter fraud, even though Obama and all these total criminals say there’s no voter fraud. That’s ridiculous. What a conspiracy theory. To say the U.S. election can be tampered with, that’s ridiculous. These criminals have been caught on film. Their top operatives are caught on film.

So the first video, is where they’re caught paying people to commit violent acts. The second video that they released the next day is about how they actually commit voter fraud. They bus people in. They move people from state to state. They exploit people, and do you see it in the end folks?

If you are a brainwashed, brainwashed liberal idiot who thinks they’re cool, because they think they are in the in group. All the media thinks your smart, and oh you’re so intelligent, because you listen to what we say. You’re intelligent if you listen to what the New York Times says. You’re intelligent if you listen to what Harvard says. If you are in that cult. If you are in that cult, Wake up! Your people, they are being exposed for complete voter fraud. Complete criminal Federality. They’re being caught on camera.

They said Ethics don’t matter. Laws don’t matter. All we have to do is just not get caught. These people are 100% Communists. They are 100% enemies to your families, To this nation, to the freedom. They are treasonous vipers, and they are plotting for America to be sold out. Those fools need to be locked up in prison. They need to be prosecuted at the highest degree for them to be punished.

They are committing treason against the world. They are selling off the world into World War III. Who wants World War III here? Come on. Who wants it? Who wants it? Does anyone here, want World War III? With Russia? Do you really want to get into a Nuke war with Russia? Do you really want that? I certainly do not want that. That is insanity. These people are running this country. Donald Trump. They are all against him. They all hate him. Even the stupid Republicans hate him too. It’s because of the people. The people see this guy as an outsider. He’s not perfect. He’s got stupid issues. But he is an outsider. He is fighting for sovereignty. His businesses are collapsing. Yes. He’s not getting any benefit from this. He’s standing up with these people like James O’Keefe. With these people like Julian Assange. With these people like Nigil Farage. With these people like Lord Mountain. With these people like Alex Jones. With these people like Breitbart. With these people like Milo Yannopoulos, folks. That makes them people who are fighting for the Abel side. It’s a massive fight. Massive fight.

You’ve seen the first video. How many have seen the actual full ,first video? See that you may have heard about it, but you haven’t actually see the actual thing. You can see it. You can see these fools are totally organized. And that idiot. The old crusty white guy in a suit, Bob Cramer. That guy is at the top level. He is meeting with the President, and he’s organizing violent riots. Do you understand how unbelievable? Then they’re blaming Russia for voter fraud. They’re blaming Russia for voter fraud. This is insane folks. This is insane. These people are 100% criminals.

This is such and intense battle folks. This is like a massive battle. It’s a massive spiritual battle. We are fighting for the fate of humanity and the future of humanity. Do we want to get into a freakin’ nuclear war with Russia, kill millions and millions of people? Do we want to get into more economic collapse and create the same debt slavery for new generations to come; or, do you want to leave that ridiculous white banker system, and get back to sovereignty?
Get back to people, understanding inalienable rights. God given rights that nobody can take away. That’s what Cheon Il Guk stands for. Do you understand this kind of fight? In this kind of fight, you don’t know which kind of nation God will choose, to begin Cheon Il Guk. You don’t know. You don’t know the VIP’s that he’s lining up now. The people that are in positions of power that he’s lining up now, that will meet us, that I will have to host, that we will have to educate. That we will have to show the Constitution to without shame, show the Constitution to. Show them the fruit of the Lord of the Second Advent. Show them the fruit of the Messiah that was on earth, the Kingdom he came from.

So. You saw video number 1 and the other one is 12 minutes. So go home and watch it. OK, folks? It’s not enough to hear about it. You’ve gotta watch it. You’ve got to see it with your own eyes, because otherwise you’re living in a bubble, and echo chamber. You’re living in a false reality. You’ve gotta see what’s actually happening. These people are total criminals. If you didn’t see it for yourself, you would still be biased. You saw it for yourself. This guy was caught on film. These guys are fricken’ criminals. They are 100% criminals. And 2/3 of the Republican Party also has to be locked up, too.

These people are total, total frauds. And they are selling this country out to World Communism in the UN. Give me a break. Father called the UN Satan’s UN. Cain type UN. The Able type UN fights against communism. The Abel type UN fights for Sovereignty and the Kingdom of God to come. It’s totally opposite. Two different world views. One coming from the pit of the Archangel. One coming from the True Subject and the True King of Kings. That is the fight we’re fighting folks. There is micro and macro. We’re on this fight from every level. Every level. So, whatever you can do. Our kids are going to be volunteering for the program. They are going to be making calls. Not yet. But they are going to be making calls in the next couple of days. We only have fifteen days left. There’s organizations that are printing out voter cards and things like that to show people to hand out. Whatever we can do folks we gotta do.

This is a battle and this is a fight. This is not a joke. This is not a joke. What happens in 15 days will determine and we talked about it. What will happen? If the people foolishly choose the side of world- wide communism, which is represented by Clinton who is a puppet, She’s a puppet of Saudi Arabia. She’s a puppet of European Rothchild Bankers, Goldman Sachs, all of them; Soros… Oh my goodness did you see, that wicked guy. That guy actually thinks he’s the messiah. You know Soros? He actually thinks he’s the messiah. He’s a total kook. He’s a total nut. He’s a total communist.

She’s a puppet of all of them. If America chooses that person, who is a puppet of those devils, the entire world receives judgment folks. We’re going to World War III. The judgment will come to the world level.

If, on the other hand, even with the voter fraud, even with all the fraudulent votes that they’re trying to tabulate now, all the busing of the people that they do, and they explained how they do it. Watch video number 2. They don’t do it with a bus now. They do it with different people. They buy and pay people off and they buy their own PV or authorized, or personalized vehicles so everyone is doing voter fraud. One time you vote in Iowa. The next time you vote in the next state. You vote here. You vote there. You vote here. It’s organized. And it’s on film. Watch number 2. You’ll see it. Those fools are criminals. They’re organized criminals.
Even amidst all of that. Even amidst all the voter fraud, a huge landslide like Brixit. On the day of Brixit when all the government got rid of Brixit, in EU, the pole said that Brixit was 10 points behind and the remain camp was 10 points ahead. That means Brexit’t gonna fail, They were, the media was saying on the day of Brexit folks. You see how lying, manipulating these media folks are.

5,000 media and none of them wanted to interview James O’Keefe who was a real investigative journalist, who was really undercover, who was really investigating these people. Not one of these media journalist people. These people are not really journalists. They are propagandists. They’re paid propogandists who just look good. That’s it. That’s all they’ve got. They just look good. They’re beautiful ladies and good looking men. That’s all they are. And they are paid to teach the population one message. They’re not journalists. This guy is a journalist. His team are journalists. All the men and women on that team are and they are real.
We are fighting this battle. If America landslides, it huge; and, Trump makes a victory, even with the voter fraud, they can’t deny it. He wins. Then the judgment doesn’t fall on the world. Hopefully it falls on the Archangel. Which is what? The establishment politicians. They go to prison. They don’t get to start World War III. They don’t get to run away from the problems they created. They don’t get to escape; and, they are held accountable for the crimes that they have committed against humanity. That is the fight folks. It matters who is in the subject position. It matters. Big time!

Okay! So whatever we can do folks. We’re praying for America to save this crazy train that is going down in flaming fire, you know that fiery plane that is going down crashing which is the world. There is only one parachute left; and, they are going to try to start a civil war. It’s that obvious. Soros – he’s going to use BLM and all those people to create civil war; but, hopefully it won’t result in WWII. You see what I am saying? It’s not going to be easy with Trump either. There’s going to be lots of problems. Lots of difficulties; but, he’s moving towards sovereignty.
We have to pray for this nation folks. We have to repent. Isaiah says very clearly, “If the people repent and turn away from their wicked ways, and repent…” You know it’s not enough to repent. No. we have to take action too. Because God said, “If you love me you will take action, You will take action. You will take the Gospel and go to the ends of the earth. You will bring the Kingdom”

Father’s foundation, the Kingdom, is coming back. Why? There is only one owner of it on this earth; and, it’s not because I wanted it or not because I asked for it. It’s because Father chose me to do the job; and, that’s why I have to do the job. That kingdom is coming back. When that Kingdom comes back there is a micro and macro. There is going to be fights. Satan’s gonna try to hold on to that. You don’t know what will happen. But who amidst all of that, all the people, that Father touched and raised… Who amongst all of them, we don’t know. Will it be Kenya, Nigeria or whatever? Will it be Vanatu or whatever? Will it be Makaya? Who knows which one will bring back the Constitution to the country in the beginning. Micro and Macro will be determined in Pennsylvania.

They thought I was crazy. Everybody thought I was crazy three years ago, when we warned Han mother and we told her that she would see judgment and curse upon herself. That time is now here. We just don’t want it to go to the world. We don’t want it to go to the whole world where innocent people have to die.

This crazy thermonuclear useless war that they’re trying to start with Russia. I don’t want to see it. If it’s God’s Will and it happens, well I pray that the little sincerity that we are able to do can reduce it. Shorten it. Can minimize the damage. But whatever we can do. We have to do it at this hour folks. This ain’t a joke. This is not a joke. We have to pray. Pray for this nation. Pray for this world. It’s starting right here in Pennsylvania. This is the elect. This is the key. This is the remnant. This is where history is happening now. We’re going to end with Father’s word right now. Intense times folks. Intense times. Intense time to be alive. This is just intense.
Anyways, when I think about the arrogance of the Han mother, and how she literally said to me, “ANIYO!” Which means No! You will see peace and you will see spiritual fortune; and, I said, “Mother, no you won’t. No you won’t. You will see curse and judgment.” I’m not doing a fear mongering. You’re just screwing with the wrong person. You are screwing with God. You see what I am saying?

Title Kingdom Elect.
So Father says in 291 Cheon Il Guk Let’s read it together.

“Wait and see. The Unification Church will be the center of the religious unification in the end, correcting the standard for presidents, prime ministers, and all the proud politicians of the nations. This is my work, to accomplish this not by force, but by natural submission. “

Those people that they raised up, folks, are not coming back. I will be moving to the small palace. To the container, in the cage. At the same time, we will be keeping alive Father’s tradition there. So I have told my kids before hand, before they get there, “Don’t start nicing up to a luxury life and craving for that. We have to be keeping the same culture. We have to be training the same things.” You guys, gotta be training still the hard arts, You guys gotta still be training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, kickboxing, MMA, Mixed Martial Arts. Things that make you humble.

Things that beat you up. Bushcraft survival. Getting out into nature. Hunting. Fishing. We will train all those arts, and we will be Master’s of those arts. We will teach the world those arts; because, Father’s Kingship is centered around his culture of self-reliance, loving nature, having dominion over creation. Having dominion over the Archangel. That means you have to have power. You have to have real power. You have to be able to handle the Second Amendment. You have to be able to handle firearms. You have to have real power more maturely. You have that as your sovereign right, just like every king must have that right.

You are not a king, if you don’t have the ability to defend your territory. So, I’ve warned them and I’ve also warned you, that when the heavenly fortune comes, and there is a residual heavenly fortune on all of the elect, all of the center of this nucleus which is you, Don’t get cocky. Don’t get arrogant. Don’t get sucked up in the money. Don’t get sucked up in the wealth. Tell your kids in advance. Don’t let them start flip-flopping on you once you get more blessing and start saying, “Oh mommy now I love you. Oh I love you.” You are a prostitute. They are fakers. Call them fakers. Be a dad. Be a mom. Call your kids out if they are fake. Don’t let them get away with lying to your face, when you know they are lying. Don’t let them get away with it. Be honest with them. Be real. They’ll love you for it. Trust me. It may hurt their feelings that day, but when they get over it, they will actually respect you; because, you are not trying to please their feelings. You’re being a father, and you are being a mother. You’re not scared of them. Don’t let them intimidate you. This is the center folks.

Let’s get ready and let’s pray.
Father, we thank you for this day. This is an exciting time to live. Electrifying time to live. Father, We are seeing the Providence as you explained, manifested before our eyes. Father, It’s a great and terrible day. It’s great because we can see your prophecies coming to light It’s great because we can see your prophecies coming to reality and we can see that it is true and you are just. We can see the day of the wicked is coming to an end. Judgment is coming upon them. We do not rejoice in their punishment; but, we are grateful that justice is being served.
Father, we are grateful for the gift of freedom and responsibility that you’ve given us. We’re grateful to the people that surround us, that have stepped up to that responsibility. The very handful of people that are now affecting the world. This microcosm that is affecting the macro. We’re not perfect Father. We are not flawless. We are sinners before Your Throne. In many different ways, imperfect in so many ways.

But Father, because of your amazing grace, your truth, your love and your lineage, we are one. We do not stray from your gifts. We may bitch and complain sometimes, and that is a fault that we repent for, but we do not stray from your blood.

Father, we are grateful for this day, even though it is terrifying to live in. Even though these wicked people in power, who are trying to start wars, and greater wars that are prophecied about. But we know that even though those things may happen, it will only lead to a quickening.
A quicker end to the evil; so, that your kingdom may come on earth.

Father, You are now starting to mobilize the people you have touched, and will send them this way. We’ll be ready to bravely and courageously present to them the Cheon Il Guk Constitution. We will no longer hide it under our table. We will bring it out. And when those people, and the VIPs, and those heads of state come, we will educate them on Your Kingdom. We will educate them on the Truth of the fruit of the Messiah.

It is your decision. You will decide. We leave it up to you, and will wait patiently, which nation will begin the transformation in this Kingdom. From Satan’s control, to God’s. We will rejoice in that future day that is coming. But Father, we know that there is 5% to be done. So give us strength. Give us determination. Awaken us from our slumber. As we step out into the world to take action. Change the result of history. Decide the fate of humanity in the next 15 days. Use us Father. Guide us. Strengthen us even though we bicker and complain with each other. Please forgive us. And bring your Kingdom.

Thank you Father. We give you the praise, glory and honor in all our names. We report this, giving you all the glory. In your precious name we pray, Amen-Aju.

Let’s all rise and give God the glory amen. (Praise and singing worship begins ).


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