2016-10-02 Kingdom of God’s Light

Kingdom of God’s Light

by Rev. Hyung Jin Moon

October 2, 2016
Luke 12
27 Consider the lilies how they grow: they toil not, they spin not; and yet I say unto you, that Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these. 28 If then God so clothed the grass, which is today in the field, and tomorrow is cast into the oven; how much more will he clothe you, O ye of little faith? 29 And seek not ye what ye shall eat or what ye shall drink, neither be ye of doubtful mind. 30 For all these things do the nations of the world seek after: and your Father knoweth that ye have need of these things. 31 But rather seek ye the kingdom of God; and all these things shall be added unto you. 32 Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom. 33 Sell that ye have, and give alms; provide yourselves bags which wax not old, a treasure in the heavens that faileth not, where no thief approacheth, neither moth corrupteth. 34 For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.
Hyung Jin: Let’s read together: Luke 12 form 27.
Amen. Aju! What are we talking about here? What is the greatest treasure with God, with Christ? We were so blessed this week, folks, to go to the Maine Ocean Challenge. Talk about the presence of Father on the ocean. My Lord have mercy! Wow! What a tremendous four nights and five days. That went so fast. It was ridiculous. There was no schedule; but, it went by so dang fast. It was ridiculous. We all wanted to stay one more day, but everybody got sore throats. On Wednesday, we were hammock hanging, and I got beat up by the wind all night long; so, my throat is still scratchy because of that.
But, what a blessed and amazing time. What I felt sometimes, just walking up on that hill and seeing everybody’s campsites, it looked like a scene out of a movie with all the campfires. It looked like some kind of Jedi camp or something. It was pretty awesome.
It was just like the Kingdom is real. It wasn’t about religion. It was just about relationship. It wasn’t even about just our community. It was about our relationship with Father. We are not community centered We are Christ Centered. That makes a stronger community. When we are all Christ centered, that makes a stronger community.
Now, when you are only community centered, you fall apart when the community falls apart. Look what happened to Family Fraud. They were so community centered. They were not connected with Christ. They were not Christ centered. So, when the community starts to divide and go different ways, those people start to fall apart. They’re not able to make decisions, clearly; because, they are so tied to the things of the world and not the most important thing, which is our relationship with God.
Where are we storing our treasures in heaven. What an important, important, important thing it is that we need to recall. I said I would share with you this article. A couple of weeks ago, we mentioned that Pennsylvania is the place that Father led us; and, it’s the place that will determine Global politics. Some of the people here believed me, but a lot of people here said, “Hmm…” That is quite a statement. Then, that week the New York Times writes an article, “Why the Whole Trump-Clinton Election could just be held in Pennsylvania. “ Who’s the fool now? We’re not playing around here.
Who’s the fool now! You see that. Father led us here for a reason. When we say Global politics, what it is now determined by, depends on Pennsylvania. That’ the key swing state. If Hillary wins here, she wins the Presidency. If Trump wins here, he wins the Presidency. Depending on which one of those characters gets into the White House, Global Politics will be influenced.
The Hillary camp, as we know, represents the Globalism; which, they are now actually admitting is their philosophy. They used to poo poo it and say, “Oh, that’s not our philosophy.” That’s just a crazy statement. Now they’re admitting they want Globalism, which means what? It means Centralized World Government. It’s basically Communism on a worldwide stage, where elites determine who rules for all of you, no matter how far away they live from you. That’s represented by the Hillary Camp. We know that is the satanic, archangelic camp. We know that is the total representation of the Archangel system on earth.
And in the other case, Trump is fighting for Sovereignty. He’s fighting for all the nations have to be strong themselves for us to be collectively prosperous as the world. We have to be strong individuals, so that when we do things together, there is victory. That makes sense.
So, there is a real battle in politics now, between what is known as Globalism, which is nothing more than worldwide Communism; and, Sovereignty, based ideology which is the people should have the right to have ownership of our own nations. They should determine what it is their nation will do.
Now. It is a big battle. Either way, whether or not Trump gets in there or Hillary gets in there, it’s going to be a huge battle; because, we know the archangel tempts countries.
This is why the Cheon Il Guk country must come, because; it blocks the proclivity of the archangel, especially tempting the women. Remember how I showed you in the gallop polls: Women are more likely to vote Liberal Progressive Communism. That’s almost double that of men. It didn’t make you feel too good ladies. Did it? But it is true, and you know it. We saw it in the statistics.
So Satan knows how to use and tempt people. He knows how to promise her things, lie to her, smooth talk her. He’s bad. But you girls always go for bad boys. What’s wrong with you? You go for the bad boys who are idiots, who want to use you and abuse you and toss you out once they have used you. And then you think the good men who are maybe not as charismatic and maybe don’t lie to you as good, and those men you see as “Oh he’s not my type.” Well then I guess your type is someone who lies to you and uses you. Don’t be brain dead.
So this is the reality of where the world is going. It is hanging on a string. The determining state will be Pennsylvania. This is the state that will determine in US politics, who will get into the top presidency position, Commander in Chief of the world position … right here. And that will, of course, determine everything in global politics. So things are changing at such a rapid speed.
So, we are in this incredible political battle as well; but, there is also this great spiritual battle. Beauty is not always in the eye of the beholder; and, it’s not always as it seems. When we see the world, we may see political actors. We may see different entities, corporations, conglomerates, organizations; but, there is a deeper force behind it. We’ve been exploring that in Freedom Society. If you’ve been coming to the Freedom Society Seminars, you see how deep this spiritual connection goes. It is a very deep occult, spiritual tradition; an archaic, an ancient tradition that has lasted through time.
And of course, these organizations have lived in the form of secret occult societies. Now the reason I feel this is very important to bring up today, even on a Seong Hwa day, is because we have to be very clear of who am I building a relationship with? It makes a huge difference if you are building a relationship with Satan than if you are building a relationship with God. It’s a humongous difference. In fact your eternal life depends on it. It is not a small thing. In fact it is not a preference choice. This has grave consequences on your entire eternal soul. This is very important.
I know that some of the young kids are with us today, but we have to be clear. Number one: Father taught about absolute sex teaching in front of kids even three years old, two years old, grandchildren. It doesn’t matter. Many people thought that was crazy; because, they thought, “Oh, I didn’t talk to my children about sex until they were 23 years old.“ Well, that’s why they Fall. They fell you fools. That’s why we won’t follow your example. You see what I am saying?
Even today, the children, these kids are bombarded by social media just like adults. It’s an open Internet. Of course, it’s going to the UN now; because, anyone who disagrees with the Pope or Centralized government will be seen as a terrorist. But even kids this young (SC Sunday School kids) are being exposed to pornography, naked images, sexual images this young; so, it’s not like when you were young and you had to get a Playboy magazine, and you are eighteen years old and you’re like, “Yo, Yo, Yo! I got a Playboy magazine.” These fools can get it at three years old. That’s why you’ve got kids at eight or nine having sex and getting pregnant at nine years old. They are getting hyper- sexualized and getting this information so young.
So, there is a reason why Father talked about Absolute Sex openly, even in front of the children and grandchildren three years old. There is a reason. Why? Because they have to hear it from God’s point of view before they get inducted into Satan’s sex world. Once they get inducted into Satan’s sex world, it’s hard to get them out. It’s real hard to get them out. So, there is a reason why Father taught the absolute sex value even in front of young grandchildren. It’s such a critical, critical teaching. So I want to get that out of the way; because, I’m sure there will be someone who says, “Oh, it’s not an appropriate topic to be saying in front of young children.” Be Quiet! Look at the social media they’re looking at. Are you crazy! Give me a break! You’re living in La La Land. These kids are totally exposed to this stuff. We’ve got to keep it real.
The reality is, the entire world is a language of symbols. There are symbols everywhere,bi folks. Symbols that we don’t know have any meaning, but have meaning. That’s how the nature of Symbology works. Your eyes, your visual cortex, you will process 90% of the information in your brain. Ninety Percent. So, the fastest way to get you to adopt or change your mind about a certain philosophy is to first give you some images. If Satan can change your mind about how you feel about certain images, he can start changing you mind about how your feel about that topic. In fact he can start affecting your moral compass; and, he can start relativizing your medulla functioning, and your ability to see predators, and your ability to see danger.
So, the world has many, many images; and, imagery is a very powerful tool. The devil will use that. Satan will use that; or, the nefarious source, while his conscience will use that to influence you. No doubt about it.
I was with some very good Sanctuary members’ site in South America, who are very close with us. They are great people, phenomenal people, excellent people, great people of God; but, the South American information relay is slower, because we don’t have full time translators, translating all the sermons, etc. They are still translating in South America, “Breaking the Silence;” so, Brazil and South America are a little delayed behind. Now, Gilson Oliveira and our Continental Directors down there, and our Regis and Nancy Hanna are working very hard to get this out; but, they are working two or three jobs a day. They are making a living, plus they are doing ministry on top of that.
This is the reality. So, on one of our brothers or sister’s sites, (they are great parents) one of their children without their knowing, is getting sucked up into Satanism. The kid is putting up stuff on their Facebook. Some of the imagery I will show you today; but, some of these images is where I caught some of these strings. So, this is not something that is affecting just outside people, or it’s just affecting you. If you go to public school, since we have social media, you can be doing home schooling and start getting attacked.
The threat is there. The point is to be aware. Wherever you go, be vigilant. What was the problem with disciples when Jesus said ,“Stay awake. Wait for me here.” They weren’t vigilant. They went right to sleep. You’ve got to be vigilant. So, this social media, even at the young age, these 5 year old 6 year old kids are getting hit with this stuff. They’ve been exposed to hypersexualized things. The Mickey Mouse Club has become the strip club in the United States. They’ve got sexy dancing on Mickey Mouse Club now. Thousands of kids are getting brainwashed by that and hypersexualized; so, these kinds of things are the reality.
Look at this. I found this string on that Facebook. And this string is called, Satan is Super Kawaii. Everyone knows who Kawaii is, right? Satan is Cute. So there is whole memes going around. I don’t know if the young people saw it or not. So, what kind of philosophy is this going around young kids? What kind of philosophy is this? This is Relativism. This is trying to make the claim that Satan is cute, just like bugs bunny or whatever the hell is cute. Like Totoro is cute or Pikachu is cute. Whatever! And of course, what they are doing is, they are trying to acclimatize young kids into getting hooked into a satanic memes or streams, trowing out the hooks and seeing who’s going to bite. Throw out these hooks with bait on it and see which kids are going to bite it.
So you can see, they have the upside down cross here, which is one of their symbols. Remember, there is always some kind of an anti-Christian thing. Notice how they never go anti-Muslimism. It’s always anti-Christian. It’s never anti-Muslim. Obviously, if they are doing this to Muslims they will probably get their heads cut off, and get death threats and get killed; but, since Christians are taught to be patient and love your enemy, they said, “Oh yeah! Let’s play with these fools.“ Again, interpreting patience as weakness, kindness or tolerance, or his forbearance as weakness and frailty.
So, this is one of the streams going around. Satan is Kawaii. This is Baphomet. This is the main satanic deity. So what did they do. They made him cute. (Picture on screen of cute Baphomet) “Oh you dumb kids. Look how cute Satan is. You’re so dumb“ You see. This is how stupid they think you kids are. If you’re dumb, you will look at this stuff and say “Oh yeah! I guess he is kind of cute.”
What they are trying to do is represent these things as munge or animations, or computer graphics or cartoons, knowing kids will be open to that. But, they are giving the same Symbology. (another picture on the screen) Look at the erected penis in the middle. Baphomet and his erected penis in the middle with his two snakes. That is a part of the Baphomet Symbology, who is always connected to sexual power and dominance. We’re going to get into that reality. Don’t be stupid kids. Being in the position of representative of True Parents, I’m like in the position of your parents. I tell you how it is. Don’t be stupid. Don’t be stupid.
Look at that? They are trying to make it cute. They’ve got the backwards pentagram. Sometimes it’s down and sometimes it’s up. Sometimes it’s six points. We’re going to get into that. But, they’ve got the pentagram there. So if you don’t understand this, they’ve got the Symbology. I never studied this kind of occult traditions. I studied Buddhism. It’s kind of like a very mainstream gateway philosophy to get you into the different higher structure of the occult. So, looking at this stuff. I had to learn about the different types of Symbology, the Mudra, the hand positions. This hand position here is very common in this particular statue where they have one finger up and two fingers pointing down. Basically meaning he’s the Prince of heaven and earth. Meaning he owns heaven and earth. Notice how the Symbology is connected to obviously the star. There is a light on top, symbolizing Satan’s light, because even the Bible says Satan is beautiful. He is illuminated. He’s shining. His name Lucifer means he is a light bearer. He bears light. He is tremendously shiny.
This is very important having a type of light. Not God’s light, but it is a type of light; and, that is always connected to a type of knowledge or wisdom. So, in this occult dark tradition, you have to do these certain occult things, and you’ll become more wise. Your third eye will open. You’ll see the Manga. The stuff in the Japanese Manga In Naruto, you’ll see it in One Piece. They’ve got their Zoom, Zoom, Zoom Wassail, and their eye and they’re dragging a ball. They do all that stuff. They’re putting in occult symbolism. So young kids think “Oh yeah. I saw that on Go Kuk. I saw that Pikalo had a third eye open up.” Maybe I am remembering wrong. I don’t remember all those characters.
Anyways, they put it in so you kids get acclimatized to it, early. So you think it’s kind of cool. If there is something that teaches me how to open that eye, I’m going to be powerful. Guess what? There’s a lot of Marital Artists that get into occult power; because, they actually think it makes them more powerful. We’re going to get into that when I get into the Mudras. There’s a lot of Japanese Samurais who get into Shingum Buddhism, Tantric form Buddhism, Esoteric Buddhism which would use all sorts of hand postures and Mudras. That’s why you see the Ninjas, before they hit the smoke bomb, they do hand gestures and they disappear. (Hyung Jin Nim makes sounds and gestures to imitate the actions.)
They would incorporate these hand postures or magical postures, because they believed it imbued them with power. Now, that’s of course a delusion, because thank goodness for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts. You can have all the Ninja deluded fools you want out there saying, “I’m going to beat up that guy with a Mudra postures; and, they get choked out in 3 minutes. Thank goodness for Transparent Martial Arts.
So this is what you get. (pointing to the screen with an animated picture of baby Baphomet) Animation. Kids are stupid when it comes to cartoons. You know kids, that when you see cartoons, you know that your brain shuts off and you ignore everything. You know your brain shuts us off; and, they know that, too. So, if they can package it cute, and maybe even color it pink for you, then your brain really shuts off (screen pix of pink baby Baphomet). Then you become really stupid.
By the way, this is how I talk to my kids, too. I am not only talking to your kids this way. I am talking to my kids. They are like my kids I have responsibility over them. If they change the color to pink, well then, young impressionable dumb kids say “Hey. That’s really cute. Lookie there. Oh it’s so cute. It’s so cute. I think I’ll just put that on my bag.” You don’t know what in the hell you’re doing dummy. You are now incorporating a hook, a hook that has been sent out. You’ve been caught up in it and you’re so dumb. You are putting that dang piece of meat on your bag.
This is why you have to know. You have to know what kind of wiles. That means the tricks Satan does for you. He gave it little sparkly eyes. He gave it little innocent eyes.
Baphomet is so innocent. He just eats children and he kills babies. But he’s so innocent. He’ll look at you with those glassy eyes (Hyung Jin winks as he says) Bling, Bling, Bling! Cute little eyes. Ooh, a little bow. That must have taken maybe twenty minutes to make. He ties his bowtie, and after he has eaten children, he ties his bowtie.
You see the backward pentagram here. This is Symbology, and this is going on, on social media on young kids. Facebook kids are unwittingly putting this junk on without them knowing. And guess what? The parents are not talking to them about it. They are not telling them about it. They are mostly aware that it doesn’t even exist. They don’t even know these things are even floating around. Let’s make it pink and make it cute. “Oh. There’s a baby Baphomet. He’s just like me. Children. Look at that he’s frying an egg. He’s sweeping the floor like a good boy. And he’s watering the plants. He would never hurt a child.”
You see that? You see the game they’re playing? They’re playing on your dumbness, on the dumbness of your mind, on your unprotected mind. Nobody ever told you to keep it vigilant and to keep it aware like a good ninja. This is not a cute little animation, cute little To Toro, Pokémon, Ketchum. All of the stupid game that is going on. Pokémon go. Take a good look They’ve got the kids so brainwashed in that stupid false reality.
Look at this? They got this guy looking like a Pokémon. He’s so cute. Look at him watering the plants. Sorry dummies. This guy eats children and demands blood sacrifices. Let’s see how he kind of looks in a different way. “Oh, look! These are some cupcakes. Oh, the children are so cute. Right?” (Pix of cupcakes with upside down crosses, satanic stars and 666 on pink cupcakes on the screen.) You’ve got some teenagers here. When you’ve got teenagers, the kids want to pretend that they’re different; and, they actually think they’re creative when they’re actually totally brain dead idiots. So they say, “I’m going to choose something that looks different.” So they choose Gothic, as something different or this is something different. “I’m going to be a bad ass. I’m going to do something different; so, I’m going to be a bad ass. I’m a tough cookie.“ You’re a dumb idiot incorporating all these dumb symbols. You see that? But dumb kids are so dumb. That’s why they want to catch you while you’re dumb. They want to catch you while you’re young, and give you these kinds of cupcakes, so you don’t have any fire-wall against them.
It’s like giving you a virus on your computer without any firewall. They understand that, right! That means you got no Xboxes. They’re broken forever. Does that make sense? That means your Ipad no more function ever. Messages only. How are you going to feel about that kids? You’re not going to like that. This is the language of Symbology. That is how they get you kids, if you are not smart.
(Next pix is a teenager with blue hair and shirt with satanic symbols taking a selfie.) “Oh my gosh. Look at my friend, so cute taking a selfie. What cute punk rock hair. Look at her. Her shirt only says Hail Satan and drink coffee. She’s so funny. She’s so different. She’s so creative.” Are you stupid. Do you think this is creative? This is so ancient. This is the freaking most ancient religion, and you think it’s creative. This is the stupidest thing. “Hail Satan! Ha, ha! I’ll drink my cappuccino.” Give me a break!
And of course, you see all this Symbology. Pentagrams, pelvis bone. So, a lot of these kids get into Goth; because, they think it’s just another fashion expression. Just another style statement. You dumb, dumb, dummies! You don’t understand. Everything comes as Symbology. Everything comes with Symbology. You wear that Symbology. You honor it. You start creating a vibration, which is broadcast from you. That doesn’t sound like you. If you don’t think that sounds like you, I’ll show you a You Tube video that blows your mind. You won’t be able to deny it. You won’t be able to deny that different vibrations create different realities.
Look at this Power Puff Girl in the woods, playing around in the woods, innocently playing around, saving the world and circling around an occult pentagram. A satanic pentagram. That is snuck into your kid’s cartoons folks. So, when you’re busy doing whatever, they’re saying “Oh Power Puff Girl who saves the world is doing that fun activity. You’ve got to be brain-dead Come on. You’ve got to be dumb to fall into this. You see how they package it with all those cute little animals. You say those cute little animals. You say, “Oh. It’s so innocent.” It’s so innocent. They’re just frolicking around. Just having fun. It’s just like singing gospel songs around a fire. I guess. Right! That’s what they think. “Look at that. It’s like at church. It’s a community; and, everybody’s holding hands and Ooh! Everyone’s dancing around the cult of death and the Baphomet goat head; and, you know, don’t mind that symbol. Just be a part of this group.”
thinking that good is not always good, and bad is not always bad. Sometimes, good can be bad. I’ve got (A pix of a pink cookie with pentagram etched in and eye in the middle of the start with hearts around the star and in each point is a letter. S A T A N. ) Here are some things that are for sale on Etsy. It actually says Satan. And there’s a reptilian eye. And look at all these cute little love hearts. And you’ve got these dumb bimbos who actually think this is cute. And when they’re teenagers, and they put this on their dang bags thinking this is cute, and thinking they’re creative, and thinking they’re different. You are dumb slaves is what you are. You’re not creative. You are not different. You’re a bimbo dumb idiot. That’s what you are. You’re nothing special. You’re stupid. You’re real stupid. And you’re deluded.
Symbology is tied to religion. Symbology is tied to philosophy. The real philosophy as we know. We hit on it a lot here, which is Relativism. That’s the Gateway. You’ve got to get a lot of people relativized, thinking that good is not always good, and bad is not always bad. Sometimes, good can be bad. I’ve got (A pix of a pink cookie with pentagram etched in and eye in the middle of the start with hearts around the star and in each point is a letter. S A T A N. ) Here are some things that are for sale on Etsy. It actually says Satan. And there’s a reptilian eye. And look at all these cute little love hearts. And you’ve got these dumb bimbos who actually think this is cute. And when they’re teenagers, and they put this on their dang bags thinking this is cute, and thinking they’re creative, and thinking they’re different. You are dumb slaves is what you are. You’re not creative. You are not different. You’re a bimbo dumb idiot. That’s what you are. You’re nothing special. You’re stupid. You’re real stupid. And you’re deluded.
to brainwash people like that; before, I can get you into Satanism. Does that make sense? to brainwash people like that; before, I can get you into Satanism. Does that make sense?
They’ve got to hit you with that philosophy, first. They’ve got to hit you with Relativism, first, to get you into the religion of Luciferinism or Satanism. They’ve got to hit you first with their philosophy. That’s why philosophy matters folks. It really does matter. And, empowering our kids in philosophy is very important. They’ve got to hit you with their philosophy first, before they can hit you with the theology.
(Picture of a Nicole Chung) Whoa! Look it’s a cool animated Nicole Chung; and, she’s got magical powers. How many of these stupid Japanese animated manges promise you magical powers, if you believe in yourself? Almost all of them. And if you have a Nicole Chung, and if you have that power, the pentagram will light up, and she will do magic for you. Boo! Boring! That is so uncreative. That’s so dang old.
(Picture of pink Baphomet in a pentagram and circle: Kawaii as Heck.) Here it is Kawaii as Heck. You see, this is how they are now packaging the Satanistic imagery to get the young kids to put it on their bags like Totoro and Pikachu. Do you see what I’m saying folks? This ain’t no joke. This is murder. They’re trying to murder your children. They’re trying to kill your children. Kill. Kill your children. Murder them is what they’re trying to do.
(Picture of rock stars Keisha) Look at this picture. You’ve got this bimbo, Keisha, dancing with this bimbo. See the Satanic backwards pentagram. So, she is doing a satanic ritual dance on the stage; so, we have musical performances, where the world’s most talented artists will perform music that they never even wrote to the masses; so, that the big corporations behind them can make money off of them and spit them out and put them out the door as soon as they’re done using them like Hoes. And these dumb kids are so dumb, they actually want to be like those kids. You’ve got them dancing with the devil as if it’s supposed to be cool. There’s the death cult mask of the skull, and the backward pentagram.
(Picture on screen of Pink doing her little performance) See on her legs these checkered black and white patterns. We’ll get into that just briefly; but, that’s the non-duality of the Free Masonry. In a lot of occult temples, there’s a lot of black and white checkered floors. This means that you have to transcend the black and white checkered floor to get to the Seat/Throne of Enlightenment.
So, what they are claiming is, that, most people live in black and white world. Wrong and right? That’s the floor. That’s the base consciousness. That’s what they call it. They’re just selling it to you. That’s what they say. Everybody’s in that world; and, if you want to be truly great, you have to transcend that and become enlightened. You have to transcend duality.
What does that mean? Basically, it means that you have to become God. You get to determine what is considered good and evil, which is Satanism.
No! You cannot determine what is good and evil. You cannot. Good and evil is already determined. It comes from the standard of God, not from man. So, you can see for example, the heart that she has on her left breast (still looking at the picture of Pink) is above; so, it is saying your feelings are above, and not the dualistic plane of thinking. This is also another Free Masonry iconography. Trust your emotions, girls. Trust your feelings. Trust them. He’s telling you the truth. Trust your feelings. That’s what all the stupid romance dramas tell you girls, and you buy it. And you listen to the stupid bad boy lie to your dumb booty, and take it and kick you out. He would use you and spit you out. Then, you’re crying for what? That’s the problem.
(Picture on screen about artist stars covering one eye, and in the middle is a picture of Hands outlining one human eye with word “Illuminati.”) In the industry, you can see all of these different type of occult symbols here. Now, I am not saying that everyone of these people are actual Luciferians; but, they are using Symbology that they think is cool and creative. Some of them probably are already in the sex cults; but, some of the dummies that are coming into the music industry don’t know what they are. They just see some cool things that M&M‘s doing there and G.Z. is doing there. I’ve just got to fit in. I’ve got to be cool. So you can see here for example: You see how they’re looking through the eye. That’s the one eye inside the 666 symbol. There are three sixes on your hand when you do like that. So this is the reason why they are doing that. They are doing three sixes here. See that! Each finger makes a six with the circle.
So, the Symbology, this is what they’re playing with. They’re covering the eye saying, “That in a world of blind people, the man with one eye is King.” That’s why they all have a lot of one eye imagery. Meaning all you dumb asses are blind, but look? I’ve got one eye. I’m enlightened. Follow me! They’ll open one eye. They’ll have one eye that’s shut or covered like this. In Buddhism, these are called Mudras; but, these are all throughout the music industry, you see.
(Another picture on the screen of a woman dressed like Egyptian woman with and eye of Horus mask to cover her one eye.) This is called the Eye of Horus over the eye of Katie Perry, who has a Jesus tattoo on her hand, and is holding the eye of Horus. She’s a prostitute. She’s a total prostitute to the music industry. She’s holding this very occult, pagan eye of Horus, which in its history has thousands of dead children sacrificed to him. What a dumb brain dead idiot. She’s putting up a symbol that has murdered children; thousands of them. How stupid can you be? But they think it’s just a certain type of symbol. It’s art.
(New Picture of the pyramid and one eye over it on the capstone of American money.) You’ll see this type of Symbology here on the dollar bill. It says “Novus Ordo Seclorom” meaning “New World Order.” That’s what George Bush was talking about. All these stupid Globalists are talking about the New World. All they mean is worldwide Communism, where they get to rule from the top, and everybody else is a slave in that pyramid. That’s all they mean by it. It’s nothing new. It’s the same symbol. It’s the same stuff.
(Madonna picture with Baphomet dancers around her) This picture of Madonna performance in 2015. And look at that. She literally has Satan worship on the stage. The kids are just supposed to see this as, “Oh, this is cool and it’s creative. It’s artistic art.” How stupid can you be. You put up the stupidest things and say “Oh, it’s art. “ And kids are supposed to put their guard down. It’s like someone saying, “Just wait there while, I pummel your face. It’s just art.” And you say, “Oh, Okay! Go ahead.” How stupid is that? You’d have to be the dumbest martial arts in the world to get hit by that.
(Picture of Lady Gaga leaning backwards and giving a third eye symbol with her right hand.) Here’s a picture of Lady Gaga doing her sex performances on TV. And look again. This is six, six, six symbolism. This is purposeful. Don’t think you’re cool playing around with them. Okay? Because it’s not. This is stupid. Do you understand that young boy? Don’t be stupid.
Then you’ve got this here with the eye. Now this is an actual Satanist. (Picture of a Satanist priest with the Satan symbols on an altar. This is an actual Satanist priest Anton Lavey. He created the Church of Satan out there in California. He is an actual practicing Satanist; and, look at the postures here? He is on film actually stating, that, this is an actual posture used in satanic rituals. He’s a real Satanist priest and this symbol here is the “Hail Satan” symbol. (hand gesture). But this symbol you will say,
“See. They promote it as the rock and roll symbol.” Rock on! And this kind of thing. But it’s a Hail Satan symbol. It’s an actual posture used in satanic ritual. You see that? But, they’re creating it mainstream; so, the people without any brain function can adopt things, because they think it’s cool. There of course is the Baphomet goat behind.
(Pictures of Anton Lavey and naked woman on altar and child sitting next to her.) These are some of the images of the satanic sex rituals that they do. Don’t be stupid girls. That cute little Baphomet baby all clothed in pink. Don’t be dumb. Don’t be freaking dumb. Once they get you in there, they’re going for your sex. That’s what they’re going for. Don’t be stupid.
And at first, I’m sure they just told that bimbo, “Don’t be scared. It’s just going to be a ritual. It’s going to be fun.” But it always escalates more and more. There’s Mr. Anton Lavey. He’s a priest. They say to you it’s a Church. There he is doing his ritual with a child there next to a naked woman on the altar; and, you think I’m telling you lies? I’m not playing with you. Don’t be stupid.
(Picture of Anton Lavey in a sex ritual). There’s another picture of Anton Lavey doing his sex rituals. Satanism and that little baby goat that they try to make cute and make you put it on your dumb back pack is tied to a sex cult; and, they want you in it, so they can rape you. Don’t be stupid, you dummies. They not only do sex rituals, they do orgies. “Oh, you see it’s just a ritual. You see he’s so controlled with his little scepter and sword.“ No! They start touching you; and, he shows another picture of a naked woman in the priest’s lap. They start touching you, you dummies. Don’t be stupid. They lie to you. “It’s just a little ritual.” No it’s not, dummy. You’re supposed to have a brain They start touching you. Dumb girls. Stupid girls (as he points at the picture). Look at these lascivious guys smiling in the back? Look at that? Look at them? Are you telling me that little pink baby Baphomet is so harmless? “See the Kawaii Oh. he won’t do nothing bad to you. “ Dumb. Don’t be stupid.
(Another picture) They make them worship them, beg for whatever is in the sex rituals. As you can see, he is using the Hail Satan sign. So it is not only a liturgy, not only a ceremony, but an actual sexual orgy, which then all the praise go to who? Satan! Remember in the Freedom Society that Kook Jin Nim has been showing us? The interviews of that young baby girl, whose wicked demonic evil Grandma sent her to that sex cult; and, the Grandma is watching her get raped by five or six or seven men. She got it seven times before she was eleven years old. They made her kill her babies, cut them open, sacrifice them to Lucifer and eat the whole flesh. Remember this? Remember that actual video from the BBC that you all saw in the Freedom Society? That was from the BBC. These people are not playing around. This is real, folks. It’s the ones who don’t want to believe that this stuff is going on, that are idiots. These fools are real. Don’t be stupid.
(Picture on the screen of hand signs). These are called Mudras in the occult traditions. In Buddhism, you’ll also see this, and also of course in Hinduism; and, in Yoga, you’ll see a lot of these. These are called Mudras in the ancient Vedic traditions. They’re different hand postures. Obviously, you can see some of the same postures here. See the Hail Satan’s posture? They say that one helps to improve digestion. I guess when you’re eating children, it helps to improve digestion. These people are crazy.

Now, they have all these different types of Mudras. In these stupid Japanese animations they have all these stupid dumb brain dead pagan animations. Yeah, they’re fun to watch; but, don’t be stupid when you’re watching them boys. You will never be one of those stupid animated characters having magical powers; unless, you sell your soul to Satan and go to hell. You will never be a superhero doing those things. Sorry! All you’ll become is self-absorbed and worship yourself. You’ll be a deluded fool; and, a MMA guy will come and whup your Booty. And a BBJ, Brazilian Jujitsu guy will come and choke you out. I don’t care what kind of Mudras you’re doing, I’ll still choke your booty out. Don’t be stupid. You’ve actually got a whole new Jujitsu tradition. In addition to the actual Shinshu Jujitsu tradition, you’ve got a tradition that actually believes in this stuff. It’s just bull. They actually think they can get magical powers by doing this; and, the young kids actually think it’s real. It’s stupid. You get them in an MMA ring. They’ll get killed by real martial artists.
(Picture of a woman with legs crossed as in meditation and holding her hands in a Mudra position.) See this Western woman? She’s doing ancient Vedic Mudras. Now, the West has embraced Yoga as a mainstream activity, without understanding its pagan roots, and or understanding the gateway it pulls you into. It makes you open to Relativism; and, they have to hit you first with Relativism, so they can get you into the high orders. They’ve got to brainwash you with Relativism, and Yoga helps do that.
So if you want to do Yoga, do stretching, do Grace Yoga, which is a Christian based Yoga, which is based on you as a Temple of God. Not some phony Sun Ya Sin, who wants to put a little mark on your forehead and have sex with you in Tantric Yoga. Don’t be an idiot. Even my teacher, Johnnie Diasco, she trained with a Tibetan Buddhist Master, from the Shambhala tradition out in Colorado. He founded the Shambhala tradition in Colorado. Made a huge center. She went and trained with him in the 60’s and he slept with all the girls. Part of it is, you have to do Tantric sex with enlightened master. He got all those girls. He got all their sexual organs. He got them all on his list. Dummies. So stupid girls. So one of the students asked the professor “So did you do it?” And she was like, “I refuse to comment on that.” Then she said, “No I didn’t. No. I didn’t.”
(On the screen is a picture of a Buddhist Mandala ) So this is a Tibetan Buddhist Mandala. This is a Shakivatri Buddha. This is a medicine Buddha with Bada Mudra. This is Dharma Chaka Mudra right here. This is Viol Chana. I know these traditions. Do you understand. I’m not an idiot. All these Mudras claim to have different powers. But thank God and I am not using his name in vain; because, I’m really thanking Him. Thank God, that God blessed me with real martial arts training, because that helps you get out of that kind of delusional stuff. It (traditional Mudra training) doesn’t give you any spiritual powers. It just makes you delusional. It doesn’t give you any physical abilities. It just makes you delusional. You will still get whupped by a White Belt in BJJ. I guarantee you. Do all the stupid Ninja symbols you want,. Kaylen will whup your booty. I’m just being real.
(Screen picture of hand Mudras) These are the different type of Vayu Mudra, No Fear Mudra, Dharma Chaka Mudra, spinning of the law Mudra etc. etc. All these Mudras have meaning behind them. Once you get open to these things, you become relativist. So, you become open to other traditions of Symbology, of other traditions of occult, other traditions of … Does that make sense? You start climbing a ladder of Satanism, which of course leads to what? If you think you can transcend good and evil and be non-dual, non-binary, Ayuko Saramboti ??, you’re an idiot. You’re a delusional freak. You’re not going to be all that. All you’re going to be is delusional. I’ve met people who’ve claimed they’ve had that, and they’re delusional. I choked him out in less than five seconds.
(Screen picture of Jesus with Bible). Now these Mudra positions are very ancient. They have also creeped into seeming Christian iconography. You have Greco/Greek, Russian Orthodox. You have Catholic iconography that also has now adopted the occult iconography of a secret society. We know that in the Italian secret societies, there are all kinds of secret societies formed. The Mason branches, the Italian Mason branches, all these branches come out of Rome. Knights Templar branches, etc. They may have started with good intentions, but over time they get taken over. Why? Because they operate in secret. These Movements operate in secret. So they may have started with a good intention, folks, but they get satanic within a couple of generations, because they’re operating in secret. There’s no transparency on them, just like the Family Fraud. So, they have the image of Jesus doing secret Symbology. That exists within the Rosicrucian’s, the Italian Secret Society Tradition, all these different secret handshakes, Play around. Play around.
(Picture of Mary- Virgin of Guadalupe) You have of course the Goddess mother. This is very important in Catholicism. They’re worshiping a goddess. It’s totally non-biblical. They are worshiping Mary as a sinless goddess, that they call the Queen of Heaven, they call the mother of God. Of course, look at all the Mary iconography. In so much of it, she’s standing on a moon. A moon disc. Isn’t that weird? Have you ever noticed this? She’s standing on a moon disc.
(A different picture of Mary) Look at this. There’s that moon disc again. Isn’t that weird?
(Another picture of Mary) Isn’t that weird? Here’s another one. She’s standing on a moon disc.
How come all these Mary’s are standing on a moon disc?
( Another Picture of Mary with a moon at the bottom of the picture) And here’s another one. There’s nothing in the Bible said that. She’s on another moon disc.
(Another picture of Mary standing on moon discs.) They’re all standing on Moon discs. What the heck is that from? That is what Paul was attacking. In the cities where he was proselytizing, he was attacking Diana cults. He was attacking the cults of Diana which is a goddess worship, where they have Temple Prostitution, where they have Diana and Aphrodite/Venus worship. They had Temple girls that were given to the priests, just like the Hindus do it, with the goddess Maryellen. They are selling the young girls. The parents are crazy; because, they are sending the girls to the priesthood. She’s going there and she’s becoming a ho. She’s going there to be raped by five men, and to be initiated, and now she’s a prostitute, and they are giving that to the priesthood. This was a cult that Paul was attacking. He was attacking this cult of Diana; and, the dang Catholic Church has incorporated the Cult of Diana, the moon goddess, in their iconography. This is why the Catholics do not worship God. They do not worship God.
They are worshiping a false God. The First Commandment is to not have any idols but Me. No other forms of worship. You worshiping the Queen Mother is idol worship; and, of course where is this going? Family Fraud is going down here. I won’t be surprised if she’s going to have a moon around her, pretty soon. I’m not joking. You’re laughing. I’m not joking. Iconography is powerful folks. It’s Symbology is powerful. It’s how you brainwash big groups of people. The elites know that. Don’t be stupid.
Look at that. The Moon goddess. (picture on screen of naked lady coming to rescue the hunter lying in the path.) This is Diana. She’s the moon goddess. She comes and she rescues the Hunter. Give me a break! A naked woman comes to rescue a hunter? Give me a break! These fools are fantasizing about naked women, while they’re hunting. That’s what they’re doing. “I’m praying to Diana.” He’s imagining a naked woman. It’s nothing but an Eros cult. Get the hunters out there, trying to get an animal. Ain’t no women around. “Hey what do we talk about. Oh. Let’s talk about a religious ceremony. Diana. Can we do that. Yeah, yeah, yeah! My wife said we should go to church. Okay! We’ll talk about the Moon goddess Diana and her fair skin, and her supple skin, and her booty, and all this kind of stuff. Let’s talk about that. That’s our religious talk for today. “Yeah! I know what you fools are doing. You’re dating a temptress in your mind. That’s what Paul spoke against. This is no Hunting goddess. You’re fantasizing; because, you’re getting horny you bum., and there she is. Oh, she’s rescuing another hunter. He’s so exhausted. I’ve been hunting. You sit down most of the time. You ain’t running around the forest. Give me a break!
(Picture on screen of The goddess Diana with a moon on her head comforting a shepherd.) There she is again. She’ a virgin. The goddess is a perpetual virgin. Yeah, she only wants to sleep with you. You dummy. How stupid these cults are. I mean how stupid they are. They just cater to the desires of the carnal flesh; and, they just create a lie around it. It’s nothing other than a soft kind of pornography packaged in religion in the ancient world. That’s it. And, if you wait, and are real good, and offer on the altar of Diana, she’ll reward you with a real goddess which is a ho. She’ll give you a ho. You call it what it is. They want to call it a goddess. What is it? It’s a ho. It’s a dirty ho.
(Picture of a Baal calf) You have the Baal here. Now look at this. You see the moon goddess here. The image of the moon encapsulating the sun which is another type of imagery which a type of imagery of Egypt. Now people think Egypt and Rome are far way. No they’re not. They’re much closer to Rome than we are here to Florida. Ships are going back and forth all the time. We just don’t live there so we don’t recognize how close those civilizations are. They are so intertwined.
This is the Egyptian Baal God. You see the Egyptian horn, the Egyptian crescent here. It’s sometimes surrounded by a snake, sometimes by wings. Different iconography but symbolizing this arc that’s holding this sun disc. You’ll see it also in this type of Egyptian iconography. (two pictures of circles and helixes and a third picture of two Egyptian clad women one has an ark holding something red). This is interesting. All this kind of imagery is connected to astrology as well. There’s philosophy. There’s religion as well. And there’s also astrology. So you’ll see Tarot cards and you’ll see other things that are parts of these religions. Parts of the mysticism. It’s really superstition. They call it the mystic elements. It’s really superstitious baloney.
These different gods are connected to these different astrological bodies and different celestial bodies like the planet Saturn. The planet Saturn is associated with the Dark Lord. The Lord of Darkness. It’s a planet that has, of course, the rings around it. The disk rings around it. Now in the modern day, NASA has captured pictures of its north pole. Look at that. Look at the north pole. It’s actually in the form of a hexagram. So the Satanists love this planet now; because, they’ve got the NASA images. “Yay! We’ve got a planet now.” Look at that thing. It’s got a hexagram on it. You know where they say, “I’m going to throw a hex on you.” That’s coming from the hexagram. The hexagram, here is that hexagram. It’s a six sided polygon, within which, this is a Cymatic symbol. How many have heard of Cymatics? It’s really fascinating. Check this video out. Let’s see this video.
This is crazy. Watch this video. This is insane. This is vibrations on a plate of metal. Watch this. That’s sand on top of a plate of metal. So you see how different tones create different patterns? You can actually see it. It transforms matter. This is not bull. You’ve got people who think, “Oh vibrations. That’s baloney.” Cymatics shows that when you get hit with different frequencies, matter changes. There’s another one. One guy developed a machine where he does it to water. He puts different beats on the water; and, as he increases the different megahertz on the beats, the patterns become different. He can make hexagrams, polygons. He can make pentagrams. He can make squares. He can make different patterns just by working with that beat. Isn’t that interesting.
So, people never had physical proof that if you have different sounds you actually can transform matter until Cymatics. Cymatics shows you can transform matter by vibrations. So, when you are operating in these kinds of occult symbolic worlds, all symbolism is connected to sounds. Satanic liturgies, Hindu chants, Buddhist chants are all connected to chanting as a certain magical formula. In Tantric forms of Buddhism you are chanting magic. Those are representations. They actually say that each syllable is an actual Buddha. Is an actual deity. Is an actual thing. And before Cymatics, you couldn’t actually see that it had an effect; but, now you can see that the sound can actually shape your literal matter, transforming it.
Can you imagine, if you are being hit with that kind of tones? What’s happening to your blood, that’s 80% water? That’s all water. That sand, or there is another one (video) with water, that water is shape shifting. That means your whole fricking body is shape-shifting; while, you’re being influenced by this sound wave. People have no idea what subtle magic can be used on them. Because they’re brain dead. They think they’re smart but they’re stupid. Because they’ve been taught to be dumb.
Now watch how Saturn is also shown to be a part of what is known as the Black Magic cube. This Black Magic Cube is a set of nine numbers that are set up in this cube here (Picture of a cube divided into three blocks within up and across.) So, any way you go, up or down or diagonally, it is always 15. You will always get 15. Any which way you go, you will always get 15.
4 9 2
3 5 7
8 1 6
So, this is why the Saturn cult is connected to the Black Cube. Why? Because a hexagram.. (picture of a hexagram) It looks like a six-sided cube but look. It’s a hexagram. Just look at the diagram here. He counts – one, two, three, four, five, six. It’s a hexagon. A six-sided polygon is a flattened cube. It is a cube. When you look at a six sided polygon, it is a cube. So, that’s why the Satanists love Saturn; because, they find this hexagram on it, which of course is also tied to other Symbology, but it has the cube which is matched also with their mathematics, which then match to numerology to 666. They are really into this stuff.
It’s a headache to study this, honestly speaking. Once you reformulate the cross, you get a cube. (picture on the screen of an unfolded cross; and, then being folded up into a cube.) Once you destroy a cross, you can fold it in the shape of a cube, which of course ties to the pattern of Saturn.
(Picture of a five star polygon. Another picture of the North Pole of Saturn, the cube of the hexagon of the North Pole. A polygon with a star, and at the bottom, is a Star of David with 666 within.) What is this star here? It’s usually called the Star of David. Isn’t that weird. It’s called the Star of David. David had no star. David had no such star. It was never mentioned once in the Old Testament.
Isn’t that weird that they call it the Star of David; but, it’s an ancient occult symbol. It’s the symbol of two triangles interlacing. Usually, it would be called the convex concave phallic Symbology of male and female, but not in the context of marriage like Father’s talking about, in the context of deities which Father is not talking about when he talks about convex, concave. He’s talking about marriage and lineage. Absolute Sex.
You also see this in popular companies. Look at this (Picture of Hebrew numerals) in the context of Hebrew numerals the number six is written as such. It looks like monster marks; but, actually it is 666 mark in Hebrew numerology. When you support companies, for example, I don’t like buying NIKE or something like that; because, you’re supporting a company that has a fake superstitious Greek/fake god. I would rather get Under Armor; because, that reminds me of Ephesians 5 and putting on the Armor of God, and Under Armor is cooler anyway. I’m not being sponsored by them. They don’t give my no money.
The point is, these symbols are all around you. Younger people and older people, they don’t know. They don’t know that there’s Symbology, and there’s numbers, and there’s meaning all around you. The point is what? To be vigilant. To be aware. To be educated about these things. We see the Star of David here on the money marker. Who knows what that is? (Picture on the screen of a six pointed cross with two triangles intertwined.) It’s a Crest. It’s a family Crest. Whose Crest is it? That is the Rothschild Crest.
Rothschild’s are originally from Germany. Their original family name is Bower. They changed their name to Rothschild, which means red shield; and, they chose this pagan symbol to represent their family Crest; which, when they set up Israel, they set up that same family Crest, but it blew onto the nation of Israel (Picture of the Israeli flag). In fact, the traditional Jews wanted a Menorah, which is inside the Arc of the Covenant, in the Tabernacle. They wanted the Menorah. “What kind of a crest is that? We want the Menorah, that symbolized the presence of God.”
(Picture of a goat in a six point star). You’ll see this star go back to ancient goat worship in Egypt. So, there are stars in Mesopotamia and different kinds of David Stars, so it is not just a pentagram. It’s also a six pointed star. You’ll find it. With the five pointed star, you won’t find this phallus at the top with this fire coming out like of a candle; but, with a six-pointed star you have Satan’s phallus. You have the actual light coming out of his head. His power, which when you see Baphomet, It’s tied to his actual sexual organ, his penis erected, and he has two snakes coming up. It’s tied in line with his enlightenment on his head. What you girls never heard the word penis? That’s what it is. Crazy! Crazy! But it’s real.
(Picture on the screen of Rothschild) This is the fool. That is the idiot Rothschild. He owns 500 trillion dollars’ worth of money. I saw a list of the banks they owned. They own the Bank of Korea. I checked. They own the Bank of Korea. They own the bank of Japan. Obviously they own the Federal Reserve. They own the European Union. Deutsche Bank. They own everything. Al Jazeera Bank. Whatever! It’s ridiculous! There is a whole list of the banks they own. 500 trillion dollar worth. So, with that kind of money folks, it’s easy to get people sucked into Satanism. And look at these fools up top? (picture) This is one of the incest ridden despicable Rothschild women, who has probably been inbred for the last eight generations; and, there she is wearing a Baphomet necklace. She’s actually has in multiple pictures (Baroness Rothschild) multiple necklaces all adorned with Baphomet iconography, Symbology.
Of course, they’re famous for doing the occult eyes covered up in the puppet-face parties., where they wear the goat heads or the masks. That’s why they call it the masquerades. The masked parties for the Elites. They’re famous for that. What do they do at those mask parties? They do orgies and satanic rituals. This was just a few days ago. The Queen of England, and her personal nurse. Look at the belt of the personal nurse. There it is. There is the pentagram; and, there is the Free Mason sign here.
The Free Mason sign is connected to also a type of star. (Picture of two pillars) Here is a picture of two pillars. Boaz and Joachim pillars that are stated to be in the front of Solomon’s Temple. The Free Masons use that in all of their Temples. So, when you see the two pillars here, and you see a star, and you see checkered floors, and you see an eye somewhere, you know it’s Free Masonry. You know it’s occult. Don’t go in those stupid places. Okay?
There’s a coffin. Did you notice the iconography here at the bottom? You’ve got to notice all the different types of icons. There’s all these different levels. This is another image of it. There a god up there with the All-Seeing Eye; but, it’s really Satan. There’s all this death cult worship. Here’s the Pentagrams. All these symbolic things. They are not putting these things in random, artistic embellishment. They have specific meanings in that cult, in that religion, in that theology. And the initiates, the ones that are enlightened, are supposed to know the inner meanings and power of each one of those symbols, and are to practice it. Do you see what I’m saying? But they’ll tell the normal person, it’s just art. The laugh is on you.
(Picture on the screen is the Knights of Templar, Blue lodge iconography) Here’s the levels of degrees. I don’t know how accurate it is. Knights Templar Rosicrucian all that, Blue lodge, Master Mason. Very low levels here; and, as you go up the pyramid, there’s the higher levels up here, which are basically at the highest levels. Totally Luciferian, Satan worship. And you have to understand this elite network of people are all over the world. They’re connected. You guys connect with your friends. You don’t think the elites connect with their elite friends. Give me a break! Don’t be brain dead.

(Pictures of Mason plate and ring) There it is again. There is a plate and there is a ring. We had a guy actually come in who was wearing that ring. We said we know where you’re from.
(Picture of a Baphomet with occult symbols). There it is again. But look there it is a Baphomet. But look this time he is between the Free Mason pillars, Baphomet, the goat god between the Free Mason pillars. See how these occult traditions are tied? They seem like different traditions; but, really at the top they’re tied. There is the Satan, the Goat Head Priest, with the erected penis, with the snakes. Notice all these things. Why are they always connected with sex rituals? Why is the image of Satan, in the image of Baphomet, always want to make him look cute? He’s got an erected penis with two snakes on it. They know it. The Luciferians know it. They 100% know. It’s just that other Christians are never taught about this, never exposed to this so they get sucked into it.
Look at all the Symbology: Upside down pyramids, a pyramid with one line through it, pentagram, alpha and omega, a backward pentagram, a pyramid upright without a line, see all this little detail has all different Symbology. Only if you’re initiated and you’re enlightened in the cult is when you will understand the secret powers of that. Which is “nothing special. It’s just devil worship. It’s just Satan power. That’s all it is. And you’ll be tormented by demons.”
Lady Gaga who took a tour, she was on a university, and I saw her interview she did while in one university. She took a two-year break from music. She said, “That she was getting terrifying dreams at night about a demon trying to devour her.” She said, literally, she was going insane. Well, you think. Maybe if you wear, you’re wearing all this satanic imagery, If you are constantly looking at devils and demons…
All you kids, if you are constantly playing D&D, what do you tell yourself? It’s Okay to play D&D; but, you don’t play the bad characters. You don’t play the evil characters; because, if you get used to playing evil characters, even if it’s just in Fantasy Land, you’re getting used to stabbing. You’re used to deceit, You’re used to lying to people, tricking people to get what you want. Murdering. you become evil. You will start becoming evil. Kook Jin Nim gave us that advice, you kids who are playing D&D. So, he knows a lot about that game.
What, you imagine the images you soak in, what your mind concentrates on, you will be more liked? So, if you’re playing characters who are evil, and you think they are bad-ass “Oh yeah, I’m going to slash him. I’m going to cut his neck, Yeah! I’m going to cut his throat. Boom, boom!” Do you think that’s cool? You’re going to become a devil; and, you’re going to end up shot by a good person; because, guess what good people are becoming? More and more strong, and in Cheon Il Guk, all good people will be strong. So, if you think you’re a bad-ass, some kind of a bad guy, and you come around and try to murder people, you’re dead. Don’t even try. We’ll shoot you up like a Swiss cheese.
We’ve got a coffin down here but (switches pictures to Baby Baphomet) “But oh. Look at him, though. He’s cute.” (Hyung Jin goes back and forth on the two pictures of the baby Baphomet and the Masonic Baphomet) “That’s him, though. No, no, no! He’s cute.” See how they play with your mind. “No, No! That’s him. No! See how he sweeps the floor? He’s such a good boy. He fries eggs just like you (No but he eats children.) But he sweeps them after he eats them. No that’s him there.” Don’t be stupid folks.
Once you get used to this imagery, it looks like very innocent imagery. Now let’s dissect this imagery. See all these Pentagrams here? They are making it very innocuous, right? They’re very harmless. They’re pink. See how he has a yellow one, a Star. “Don’t’ you want to be a Star, kids?” It’s so cute. It’s so cool. So, they are getting used to this imagery. So, you release your fire wall of power. When you see that imagery, you say stay out of my house fool. Your firewall get weak. Once your firewall gets weak, bad can start coming in. You see what I’m saying? Bad can start coming in; because, this type of art (Baby Baphomet) always leads to this type of art. (Now we are seeing on the screen Jesus on the Cross and evil killing a naked woman at his feet.) Seeing this, (the innocent baby Baphomet) always opens you to seeing this as beautiful; because, “There’s Baphomet. There’s your friend who is the pink little cute guy. Remember him? Oh, there he is, and he’s mocking Jesus on the Cross; while, he has a big erection penis with his balls hanging out, and he’s choking this naked woman, after he has raped her, and now he is killing her. Oh! But he was such a sweet, pink thing.” Do you see? Don’t be stupid kids. Don’t be stupid. I covered these up. If you go on the Internet, you’ll see his dang erection.
These people are not fooling around. They want to kill you, rape you, and laugh at you in the pool of blood. And this is what you’re going to get, exactly. They do want to impregnate young kids, like they did to that one girl, and then make her kill the child, and make her eat it. These people are absolutely from the Pit of Hell; and, most of you parents are not even telling your kids that this exists. That’s a problem; because, they are going to get sucked into this. Because all these fish hooks are out there.
(New Image on the screen of Warfare) So, we’ve got to know that this is Warfare. The mentality of having to fight is so important. You have so many philosophies like Yoga and Buddhism that 100%. I know they teach the pacifist spiritual philosophy. They demilitarize their philosophy. Whenever you hear any of those kinds of words, it means they are trying to weaken your firewall, so that you cannot determine between good and evil. Unfortunately, even Buddhism in the end, teaches Non-Duality Light, Non-Binary mind, Ultimate Enlightenment, which is bull. It’s total bull.
So, at the conclusion, you will have all these different types of philosophies trying to tell you “No, No, No! You don’t have to fight. Go with the flow. Just move with it. Just flow with the river. Just go with your feelings. Just go with your emotions.” No! You’ve got to know how to fight in this world. You have to know how to fight. You have to have a Warrior Spirit. If you will do anything for anyone, you have to have a Warrior Spirit. You can’t do anything of value, where you won’t be attacked, and won’t be scorned. You can’t. Name one thing which is easy to do, or hard to do that you can achieve, without any hard work? Give me a break!
The Bible says: “Fight the good fight!” You see? Not all fighting is bad. Satan is always saying, “Fighting is so bad.” You’ve got all these moms saying, “Don’t fight children.” Sometimes fighting is good. Did you hear about the good fight? Jesus said, “Fight the good fight!” You’ve got to teach your children, Moms, to learn how to fight. If you teach them, “Don’t fight, you’re killing them. You’re going to put down their firewall; so, they get smashed by the devil. Don’t be telling your kids, “Don’t fight.” You have to teach them how to fight properly. The Warrior Spirit!
Guard your holiness. We saw how music, we saw how the actual vibration of sound transforms matter like liquid and sand. It actually transforms you into different geometric shapes. It shape-shifts you. You can’t even see it; but, your body is shape-shifting under the skin. It’s affecting you. So, if you are listening to music, which is filled with Self-Worship, and filled with “It’s all about me! It’s all about me! It’s all about me!” If you only listen to that kind of music, you are shape-shifting into that demon, literally. Your body is changing. You saw the Cymatics. That thing changes the geometric patterns. You are changing. You are literally changing into a demon.
You didn’t believe me until you saw that video. That video is intense. You should look at the Cymatics on water. That’s even more scary because your body is eighty per cent water. The imagery you use, the imagery you invite into your heart will affect you. You’ve got all these fools trying to fool you saying, “Oh come on. All those images are not going to affect you.” Yeah right, you dummy! You’re telling me there is no difference between saying, (Hyung Jin Nim gestures a thumbs up in the air and make a sound of hmm!) or giving him the finger? That imagery is exactly the same? A thumbs up or a middle finger? You’re telling me that imagery is the same? Right there that imagery is broken.
Imagery matters; because, it’s filled with meaning. And guess what? Symbology is always tied to religion. It is always tied to religion. Be careful what imagery you use. Surround yourself with Scripture. Empower yourself with Scripture. Instead of a drawing of some stupid imagery, put up a Scripture. Instead of thinking you’re creative; because, you put up a Goth little girl under a little manga who came out with a little red plaid skirt. “Oh, it’s so cool.” You ain’t creative. You’ve fallen right into the dang trap. Put some Scripture up on your console. Give you some power. Something that can change your frequency from getting sucked into weakness, and into Satan’s trap, and something that will give you power. Fill you with strength. Supernatural strength.
Build your relationship with the one true God, that loves you, that dies for you, that goes to Hell for you; because, He has true love. That’s what I’m talking about. You fill your imagery. You fill your symbolism with glory to Him and His power. He can overcome everything. I’m going to tell you.
I showed you a lot of imageries today. These are not images. These images are going to come back to haunt you. I’m telling you, you’re going to be laying in your bed, and one day you’re going to pop up and see one of these dang images. I guarantee you!
I bet you that some of you guys are going to go to sleep tonight, and you’re going to see some of these images, or something similar in your head. You know what I’m saying they’ve got a power. Just like little images and little kids are like “Oh yeah. Nothing big. When they get home and they’re all alone in the bed. They’ll be going like, “Oh Shemitah! What did he say? Dad, I can’t go to sleep. Mommy, I want to sleep in your room.” Because, these things are going to be in your mind. That’s why I had to battle whether or not I’m going to show this; because, Father showed it, openly. The more you know about Satan, the more you don’t fall into his dang trap.
So, I’m warning you, when you kids start seeing these images, they’re going to come to haunt you, especially in the past, if you let some of these images in, and they start to become a part of you. You’re going to start cutting that thing off. It’s going to hurt. There’s going to be some squealing going on.
Lady Gaga was saying that a demon was coming to her and saying, “Yeah, Lady Gaga. You want power? Slit your wrists. Yeah, slit your wrists.” He was telling her to slit her wrists. You think these are just cute images? They have something behind it, that has power. It will come after you, if you don’t surrender to it, and it will try to scare you and say, “Oh. I’ll take you.”
It will threaten you. “You bow to me, otherwise I’m going to make you go crazy. I’m going to make you slit your throat. I’m going to make you go cut your neck.“ This is what he’ll do. You better be ready for that; because, if it comes, you’ve got to learn how to rebuke that devil. You’ve got to say, “Get out of here! God has strengthened me. I have no worry on the spirit of God in me. Devil you must bow to me, not because I’m great, but because of He who is in me.“
These images. These occult systems have power folks. Be careful! Be careful! When they come, they try to haunt you and try to scare you. Be ready to fight. Have a Warrior Spirit. Don’t be a little wimp and a little coward hiding under your bed. Get ready to fight. Get ready to fight, and you will win; because, God gives us a victory. We fight from victory, for the victory is already won. All we have to do is stand in our position and say “Nope devil. You are trying to intimidate me out of my position, but actually you’re a low schmuck. You’re a low schmuck. You have no power over me. You’re a low-level schmuck. That’s all you are. You get down. You bow! You bow to the king of kings.” You see! Chase him out! Chase him out!
This is a serious topic. Actually, I am happy that the young Sunday School kid1s see this stuff at an early age; because, they can get so easily sucked up into it. But now these crazy Baphomet images with Baphomet in pink. Give me a Break! That has murdered so many people over the years; and, they’re trying to make it cute and frying eggs and watering flowers. Give me a break!
Look at that! Look at that folks! It’s about the blood. It’s a blood lineage battle. (On the screen is the CSG 127 Quote of Father) That’s why the stupid devil symbols always have the damn erected penis, and the freaking snakes around it. They’ve got the Baphomet with the erection. He’s sexually ready to take you; because, they know it was a Sexual Fall. They know that and they know, those who are practicing, they know it is connected to blood lines. They know it! They know it!
So. On God’s side those who are building the Kingdom and Cheon Il Guk, which is coming, we have to know that this is a battle of blood. Don’t let them take your blood. Your blood is precious. Don’t spill your blood. That blood line has been fought for, for millennia to come. Don’t crap it away.

Hyung Jin Nim reads CSG 127
Since humankind has received satanic blood, people cannot return to God on their own. So, the Messiah must accomplish absolute restoration of the lineage, renewing the blood line that was defiled by Satan. This transition must be made. This is why the Messiah must surely come. Without this coming, there will be no restoration of lineage. We must restore lineage.
Hyung Jin Nim reads this and when he comes to the words, “accomplish absolute restoration of the lineage,” he stops and comments: That’s why returning to Father’s authority is so important. Oh goodness. It’s so critical. We have people who have gotten sucked in by Satan. But they’ve returned to True Father’s lineage. Returned to the authority of True Father. That is the key. That’s the key, because from that returning can the new fruit come. That type of redemption is there until we die. Of course, we know the world is becoming more and more unstable. It’s very easy to die. You never know when you’re going to die. This is why coming to True Father’s authority is so critical. Satan has taken so many souls, but he’s harden the hearts and made you not repent. That’s what’s preventing you.
Now there are those who’ve been taken by Satan, but they’ve repented. They understand they’ve bought a lie. And yes, nobody is perfect; but, what have they done? They’ve surrendered. They’ve come back to the authority of God. They are under the family of God. That returning to the authority of God, and the authority of Christ is critical, because that in the end folks.

When we die is going to determine our place. Where is our treasure being stored? Where is it being stored? It’s so important as a community, too, that we understand that there is sin. You’re not coming in perfect. Nobody’s perfect. Satan has attacked many, many people in different ways; but, in front of the Ten Commandments, who can boast?
So, as all of us come in repentance and joy, because we’ve found salvation, we were sentenced to death. An eternal lifetime prison, but we’ve been given the pardon. That’s incredible! That’s return to the True Father’s authority. That’s hope! That’s a future! That’s where the Kingdom will come. We saw it in Maine folks. We saw it in Maine.
Hyung Jin Nim returns to the CSG reading. “This transition must be made. This is why the Messiah must surely come. Without his coming, there will be no restoration of lineage. We must restore lineage.” We must restore lineage. That’s what it’s about. Blood line. Blood line. Make sure you’re on the Father’s, the King of King’s blood line.
All right SOS come on up.
That was an intense Word: but, I know you all can take it. Sometimes I call these kids dumb. They’re not dumb but I’m not saying their stupid. I’m just saying don’t be dumb and fall into Satan’s trap.
Let’s rise up and let’s let God have all the praise today. He deserves it. He deserves it. Amen-Aju!


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