2015-05-24 Standard of Heaven

Standard of Heaven

May 24,2015

Sunday Service: Rev. Hyung Jin Moon

We’ve got some praise in the House of God today. Awesome job, Praise and Worship guys. Can you feel the Lordship today? Yes. My, My, Now, we’re starting to sing to God. We’re praying to God. We’re letting our hearts go to God as we’re singing. Isn’t that a beautiful thing, folks? Oh, my goodness. Praise God. Praise God.

Alright. Let’s talk about the Standard of Heaven today. I want to start from Genesis 17. Let’s read this together.

Genesis 17

  • And when Abram was ninety years old and nine, the Lord appeared to Abram, and said unto him, I am the Almighty God; walk before me, and be thou perfect. 2. And I will make my covenant between me and the thee, and will multiply thee exceedingly. 3. And Abram fell on his face: and God talked with him, saying, 4 As for me, behold, my covenant is with thee, and thou shalt be a father of many nations. 5 Neither shall thy name any more be called Abram, but thy name shall be Abraham; for a father of many nations have I made thee. 6 And I will make thee exceeding fruitful and I will make nations of thee, and kings shall come out of thee. 7 And I will establish my covenant between me and thee and thy seed after thee in their generations for an everlasting covenant, to be a God unto thee and to thy seed after thee.

I think this time is very important as the world church is truly wrestling with their faith. It’s a true blessing, because without this time of this tribulation we would not know where you stand. You can hide what we believe. But when the time comes in the Last Day the first become the last and the last become first. Those who received all the glory become last, because what they believe and what they stood for, comes very clear in the final hour.

This Scripture is about where God is telling Abraham about his seed, where He will bless the generations from Abraham. But God could not create the nation of Israel from Abraham. Even though the blessing went to Abraham, the kingdom of Israel did not rise until after Isaac and then Jacob. It is this time that we can see that God has made a Covenant with His people, and really this is about lineage. You can see, It is so clear, God is talking about lineage.

He’s talking about establishing an everlasting Covenant; to be the God of that peoples. “To be a God unto thee, and to thy seed after thee.” The lineage that was lost at the Fall, to Satan, God has worked throughout Providential History to reclaim; to reclaim that lineage.

This is what Father said in 2007.

May 11, 2007

Mother must now perfect herself by June 16, 2013. Then she should return to her original position. When the mother and the father attend God, they should lead a life in the position of a servant that can teach people the way of a servant in the unfallen world.

We’re in a situation now. This is what Father said in 2007. I talked about this two weeks ago, when I talked about the root cause of Mother’s haan, and the root cause of why she has departed. What is the root cause? We talked about the six Marys. We talked about how she has felt throughout all those years as she had to keep a secret; the fact that she had saved Father, which is the reason why she has declared the things that she has declared. She is the Only Begotten Daughter. She is the new Messiah. She is God. But, the root of that comes from that relationship which she knew would be like that from the beginning.

Father told her very clearly about the six Marys, before he even wed her; and, out of the Grace of God, he provided a way for all the Brides of Christ to be united to the Bridegroom. And, that’s the Three-Day Ceremony; which we have hidden, and we have been ashamed of. That’s where all of you young people come from. You come from that Ceremony. That is the Ceremony that fulfills the prophecy of putting on Jesus Christ; putting on Christ and becoming Christ; not in our own righteousness, but in His righteousness. And in the Three-Day Ceremony with the Holy Handkerchief one puts on Jesus Christ, the Messiah.

The husband who puts on the Archangel’s position, through that obedience, becomes the son of God, who is with his wife who was a fallen woman in the position of Fallen Eve, who then becomes the Bride of Christ.  In that ceremony, then, Christ can be in that entire Brides of the world; and, establish that lineage from that Grace, that bloodline.

If you look at the Biblical Scripture, you will see that it is a battle between the bloodlines; the bloodlines of Satan and the Bloodlines of God. It’s a battle and it is fierce. There are wars, genocides are fought because of these bloodlines. This is what we have forgotten of the physical salvation where we are born from the Seed of Christ, the Messiah.

In 2007, Father said very clearly, he established a date where mother has to perfect herself by June 16, 2013. That’s actually after he passed. That date is almost nine months after he passed. This, of course, shows that Mother still had her portion of responsibility that she had to fulfill. She had to fulfill her portion of responsibility; because, clearly she was not in the direct dominion of God. She had to perfect herself.

He said, “She should return to her original position. When the mother and the father attend God, they should lead a life in the position of a servant that can teach people the way of a servant in the unfallen world.”

I’ve shared this in previous sermons. There was a whole struggle, not only for his life, but for what his commandment is to us. While we were in that battle, I had to tell Mother. I said, “Mother, if you seek to glorify yourself, you will be humbled. You must glorify Father. That is where your victory lies. Then you will be glorified. If you depart from that and you seek your own fame and fortune, and exaltation, you will be humbled by God.”

People don’t realize. They say, “Why don’t you go meet Mother.” They don’t realize, I had to meet her during the span of those six months. I had to meet her, write her. When we were in America, I was writing her every single three days; meeting her every single opportunity we had. In the palace every time the decisions were being made, we had to confront her, and we had to speak to her conscience, because none of the Archangels would tell her the truth. They would just support her. “Yes, do it. Yes, you are the Queen. You have all the power now.” All about power. “Everybody loves you now because of power.”

We didn’t love Father because he had power. We loved him because he was real; because, he was a true man of God. How can we show the servant position to the unfallen world, to the fallen world? How can Mother show the servant position when she comes out with the empress staff and stands there and declares her Age. This was exactly what we begged her not to do.

And so, three years have passed. I remember for the two and a half years that we stayed silent; we could not talk about this. People think that we’re insane with all the things that have happened and all the evidences; but, at that time we could not speak about it. Also, we were praying about this. We were hoping that she would change, that she would turn from this path of destruction; but, of course, the rest is history, and that date has passed. That date has passed.

You see people think that it’s an enviable position to be anointed, or to receive a position of responsibility. They think it’s an envious position; because, maybe if they had it, they would feel empowered. Everybody would bow to them and they would be validated for all that they are. No. See the power, it’s not about you. If it becomes about you. It leads to destruction. It leads to damnation. That’s why the Ring of Power as put in the Lord of the Rings is so fearful; because everybody believes that if I where the ring, I’ll handle it. That’s the delusion. There’s only one person, who can handle it. That is the Messiah. He’s the only one who can handle it.

You know the path where Mother is going; obviously, it is not a happy path. We’re her sons. We don’t want to see her go the path of separation from Father, where she can’t even sit next to  him in that throne. Why would we want to see that? We’ve been begging her, “Do not do that,” for her own sake, if not for the sake of providence and the world. When Father bestowed this upon us, he Crowned us; and, then he bestowed this upon us, he said that I will have to be his Te Shin Ja.

(Copy on the screen of the Declaration of June 5, 2010)

If anyone knows Korean, it’s right here. Te Shin Ja literally means, The Representative Body. Te Shin Ja and Seong Sook Ja, which means, in that context, where all the authority is given to myself.

This is something that I had to struggle with, because I am the youngest, and I don’t like to say these things about myself. Anyone who has been watching these sermons, knows that I’ve gone through a personal battle through these things, even declaring that it was hard for me to do; but, I had to get to a point in my life, where I believe not in trying to satisfy what men want me to be; I have to let Father decide who I will be, and I have to agree with him in what he says of me, even though it’s not an enjoyable task.

He goes on to say that any other that proposes that they are, “then they are the heretic and the destroyer.” I remember when Father was writing this, I was thinking, “Father, that’s very harsh language.” That is harsh language. That’s coming from the pen of the Messiah; anybody else is a heretic and a destroyer. I’m thinking, “Father, I don’t think we should share this in public.” If you see the video, you’ll see that; and, then Father goes out to the Committee Room and reads it in public, because he knew I was weak in the flesh there.

It is such a nail in the heart; a spike through the Spirit to have to see Mother, with all the foundation which Father prepared, all there for her to be glorified, to be lifted up. If she just humbled herself and lifted Father up, she would be the example of the woman of the world; a true woman who threw away herself, to give her life to glorify God, to the final hour, not until he was not in sight anymore, but to the final hour of her death; that’s the test folks. Are we going to do it when the pressure is on, and he’s standing in front of us; and, when he’s not there are we going to turn around, or are we going to do it to the death, whenever that may be, to the final hour?

It’s through this time, that the Archangels, of course, got control of her, but in the end, she had to decide and she did. She did what grieves all of us in our heart; what finally world-wide members are starting to wake up to what has truly happened. She has done what Father commanded must never be done.

We know, of course, that the Scriptures have been redacted, which were to be the eternal word of God for the generations to come of the nation of Cheon Il Guk. We know the National Anthem, The Blessing of Glory which came from the death throws of concentration camp. That song that comes from the depths of hell, suffering through the crucifixions and suffering through torture, but yet thanking God and glorifying God as the spirit of the nation of God, was disrespectfully, totally changed. The whole spirit of the nation erased; The Family Pledge, the Blessing Vows, the Blessing Vows under which you would make a vow of your eternal commitment to the covenant of eternal life in partnering and in partnership with God, was changed. And, we’ve talked about this before.

In her desire to want to be God, I remember when I had a conversation with her and she said, “Who do you think I am?” I said, “Mother, you are the victorious True Mother.” She said, “No. I am God.” And, I said, “Mother, I love you, but you are not God and you cannot say that.”

So, we move from worshipping the God of this Old Testament and the New Testament that have led Providence, that have led through face to face encounters with angels, with the prophets, through Jesus stepping in as Jesus on the Earth, and we move away from God, and we move to gods. We have a whole world of deluded members, who want to glorify themselves, through this Ditheism and become gods themselves. This is the sin, the continually repeated sin of Israel, of how they departed from the one True God and tried to make themselves into gods.

The Divine Principle, is excluded in the Divine Scripture of Cheon Il Guk, in the false Constitution, which is essentially a slavery document and is a document that centralizes all power and even Father’s spirit to Cheong Pyeong Mountain, so that he is now imprisoned on Cheong Pyeong Mountain. That is the most ludicrous thing I have ever heard. The Divine Principle clearly says Spirits are beyond time and space. They cannot be kept on one little mountain, when they are beyond time and space.

Instead of the people of God moving with the Holy Spirit and centered on the Word of God, moving with the Spirit, but confirming in the Word; all the members become servants, serfs and slaves to the Cheong Pyeong Royal Family. This, of course is not only the bloodline that Father left, but the whole theology of the Only Begotten Daughter, is how Mother’s bloodline is the prepared bloodline. The Han tribe from which we get the word Han Gook, is what they are trying to say.

I said a couple of weeks back, that when Father was spending time with members, some thirteen, fourteen, eighteen hours, and yes, I know this happened very frequently and yes, I know it’s very hard to deal with that. Yes, he said he was going to be there for breakfast and he was not, because he’s with the members, laughing and crying and singing. It may be the last time he sees them. If Mother, instead of buying into the lies of the devils around her, telling her, “You’re so poor. He broke another promise again. Oh, you’re suffering so much. You have to wait for him again.” If she could see those members and said, “You know what? I was once a member before I met Father.” If she could see them and say, “When he pours his heart on them, he’s showing how much he loves me, because I was once one of them;” Not “I am the savior, and my bloodline has been purified and I am born sinless and Father was not born sinless.” This is insanity. That’s why you have to throw out the Principle, because you cannot explain that from the Principle.

Instead of throwing away her desire to be glorified and her Han tribe to be glorified, the role of the True Object partner is to completely cast away the Old Man that Christ has killed, and that is made new in Him. The role of the True Object Partner, which Mother had to fulfill, is to denounce her lineage, because it is a fallen lineage. It is not God’s lineage and seed. Her task was at the final hour to denounce her own lineage and stand and say I surrender to Father’s lineage, to God’s lineage.

The Kingdom of God must have a woman that fulfills her role. It must have a woman that fulfills her role, who will totally surrender her own glory, her family’s glory, her tribes glory, all her desires or vanity has to be cast away and she has to live to glorify her Bridegroom. That condition must be set for the history of Cheon Il Guk.

From all those changes, this is a natural bi-product. You can see (a photo on the screen) Mother now sitting on top of Father’s throne, in various locations around the world. She is doing this in some locations. I can see that her heart and spirit knows it’s wrong, but her ego, her desire to be glorified is pushing her to do it in places. This was just in Europe; and, you can’t flip the picture around because look at the photo behind where you can see clearly where Father is sitting. For fifty years, she knows that’s Father’s throne.

But this is emblematic of a woman who has now become possessed, and even though she is my Mother, and I love her as my mother, she has left her position and is sitting on God’s throne. That’s not right. She cannot do that.

When we look at the Principle, this is really not an image that I can… I mean it’s very hard for me to look at that image on this, honestly speaking, because she knows what she’s doing. I am in a position where I cannot speak comfortable things from my own emotions and feelings. I have to speak things which sometimes hurt people’s feelings, because I am the person Father put in responsibility. I have the very unfortunate task, many times to have to say things, which I don’t want to say; because, if the people of God are catatonically unprincipled and they are not returning to the Principle, they will be deceived.

I find it interesting that Jesus had to chastise his mother. Father had to chastise his mother; and, now I stand in the position, where I have to chastise my own mother, and it is not fun. Trust me folks, it is not fun for me to do.

I can get into all the humanism about it. This is the Mommy who I went shopping with, or I went to this or that place with, or we had this or that event, or we saw this or that movie, or whatever; I can get into all this, but that doesn’t even matter, because a central figure has a responsibility that is beyond them and their comfort of their life.

Where is Father sitting in this picture? Where is Father sitting? Some devils, and I have to say devils, because that is what they are; some demons say, “Oh, he is like a little child sitting on her lap.” I’d like to see you say that to Father’s face. I’d like to see you say that. Ooh. I’d like to see that. These are people who absolutely know nothing about Father and are arrogantly possessed by Satan. They are happy, because they can paint him in however they want, because he’s dead in their view. That’s your choice. Good luck to you, because when you die, you are going to have to face somebody and it’s not me. You’re going to have to face Father.

So, I have to do something today which is very uncomfortable for myself and for my family. As all of you know, and they know, I purposely keep them out of the public eye; because, I want them to grow up like normal children, so that they don’t have the pressure of growing up in a fish-bowl, and they can make mistakes as little children and not be judged by an entire condemnation, and they can grow up like little kids. So, I purposely do not take pictures of my children and put them up on public places. I don’t. I want to protect their privacy when they’re young in their life, so that they can work through the things they need to work through with me and my wife as their parents, and not have to deal with everybody else scrutinizing them, and they can be normal kids. They’re not some walking gods, where people are watching their pictures or whatever.

The first thing we did when we came here, because when you’re in the Palace, I don’t care who you are; you may think that True Children are all like that, I guarantee you, put any Blessed child in that Palace, they’ll come out a demon. I guarantee you. You put any kid in that Palace and you will get a demon on the other side. I don’t care who you are. You’ve got one hundred people at your bidding. You have people only praising you for doing nothing. “Oh, you could not tie your shoe laces. Oh wonderful.” You people think I am joking. You think I’m joking. That’s why you’re so disconnected from that reality.

You don’t know what it is like on that inside; and, if any one of your children or anybody would be in that position from a young age, I guarantee you they’re going to become a demon. They’re going to become entitled. They’re going to think people should bow to them. They’re going to think they are God’s gift to the world just by walking in and showing up, and this has plagued our family, and you have seen it.

Me and Kook Jin have a different view. That’s why Father anointed us as Cain and Abel. That’s why we could actually work together, because we had the same principles and we believe in character and in honor and that you have to live as an honorable person. And, since we were both the youngest; him the youngest in the oldest group and me the youngest in the younger group, we never thought we were going to get any position of responsibility, which was probably the biggest blessing. This is probably the reason why we’re pretty normal. We didn’t expect anything.

I remember when I got my kids here, back from Korea, we made them learn. “You have to unlock your epigenetics. You have to be real people. You guys have got to go and mow lawns.” My children would go out and mow lawns and sweat from their brow for hours and hours in the hot sun and get paid $1 an hour. They would be told, “Don’t expect members to bow to you. Don’t expect that kind of glory. Always glorify your Granddaddy. Always glorify your King Daddy. That’s your life. Your purpose is that.

You like computer games only, but you have to unlock the different things, the gifts that God has given to you. You have to do things that will unleash your potential. You have to do things that bring you fear, like doing football, or wrestling or doing things that you want to run away from, that you don’t want to have that kind of conflict with somebody; but, you have to face it and become a man.

I told them. “Mommy and Daddy, don’t have any money. We can’t give you anything. You’ve got to make your own money.” We were so grateful. We sent them to the different neighbors’ houses to clean up, chop wood. What a stark contrast from the Royal House Palace.

They were cursing me for taking my son out, whom Father raised; unfilial piety etc. I took him out, because I saw him being used as a puppet to justify the heresies that have happened. The first thing, they started making my little boy do, was start reciting the heresies. When I saw that, I said, “I cannot leave this child here, a child that Father himself raised and has expectation for.” And, I cannot let him be the propaganda piece to justify desecrating Father. I cannot.

So, I brought him here to the wilderness. I remember when he first saw a wilderness lake and all the other kids were swimming in it. We all said, “Go on swimming. Go swimming.” He said, “There’s a lot of green stuff floating around. It’s dirty in there.” Three days later he was jumping in, pulling leeches off his body. He was “Whoopee, woo, woo! Throwing mud pies on his siblings.” That is what a child of the King must be raised by. That is how they must be raised. Every Friday, they come and they practice wilderness living and wilderness skills with their Daddy. They go outside and they learn how to use dangerous things, safely; but, they’re still dangerous., and they learn how to have dominion over Creation, to not be scared as a man or a woman, to have dominion over Creation.

This is very hard for me to do, because I don’t want to put my children in the public spotlight; so, really this is a message to all of you guys as we do what we have to do. As the Father of my family, it’s my strong and stern request that you do not fall into the same traps that the Koreans did; make these kids feel like they’re gods. That’s the worst thing you can do. You will destroy those children then. You will kill them; and, they will become demons who will bring shame onto the House of God. The best thing you can do is treat them like children. If they did something that offended your children, tell them. “Kid get over here and you apologize.” Don’t apologize to me about reprimanding my kids, if they did something bad. That’s what you do as an adult to other children of your community when they’re acting ridiculous. You correct it. Do not treat them like little gods. You will kill them; and, that’s all for the whole World Church. If you treat True Children like little gods, they’re going to die. They will separate from Father; and, they will pursue this type of idiocy (pointing to the screen with the FF problems listed), where they believe they’re God, and they will bring shame upon this House, which all of you are a part of.

Let’s read this together. This is from the Divine Principle, talking about Abraham’s Course, setting up the nation of Israel. Let’s read this together:

DP (Foundation 3.3)


  • Therefore, as was the case with Abraham and Isaac, God regarded Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as the same person with respect to His Will, even thought they were three different individuals. Accordingly, Jacob’s success meant Isaac’s success, and Isaac’s success meant Abraham’s success. The providence of restoration centering on Abraham, though it was extended to Isaac and Jacob, came to be regarded in the sight of God as having been accomplished in Abraham’s own generation without any prolongation. It is written, “I am the God of your Father, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob.”


This verse indicates that although they were three generations, God regarded as one generation; these ancestors who collectively accomplished His Will.

I heard something that was shocking. It never even clicked into my head; but, if there is an Ambassador to a nation, and that Ambassador is sent to talk with another nation, and that nation rejects that Ambassador, that nation has just waged war with the current nation. You see how that goes? If the President of the United States sends Ambassador so and so to Nigeria, and Nigeria rejects that Ambassador, they are rejecting the Office of the President of the United States and the United States. You understand how that happens. Right? Those kinds of things can actually lead to war.

You see folks, this is the fearful position that the members are standing in. Even though I don’t like to say it, but I have to agree with what Father has said; I am his Te Shin Ja. By rejecting us and our couple, you have rejected Father. He is the one who appointed us, not me. I never, ever would appoint myself to that; and, when I was chased out of the Palace, last time by all those security guards, whom I know and whom I grieve for, because I’ve known them personally, I’ve trained marital arts with some of them, they’re just following orders; but, I have a responsibility to tell Mother the truth, because nobody else does that. So, when I go to her, I have to tell her what Father is going to tell her. So, I have to do something today, which is very painful for my own family, because I don’t like to put them in the public light; but, I know I’m surrounded with people who understand the severity of my plea to you. You understand that? You’ve seen what has happened if we don’t just allow them to be normal kids; and, all of you are perfectly responsible and mature enough to understand what that means.

Please do not give my kids unwarranted gifts and bestow them with this or that, just because they’re my kids. I know and I understand your heart, but you will be destroying that child, if you do that. They have to learn how to work and earn and sweat and give to God’s Providence.

I want all the children to come forward. Umma, please come forward. (Hyung Jin Nim has his children stand in front of him facing the stage with Yeon Ah Nim to Hyung Jin Nim’s far left facing the stage and himself. Then the eldest son to her left, and the other children are in order according to descending age to the eldest son’s left, (Shin Pal, Shin Man, Shin Goon, Shin Joon, Shin Dook, all facing the stage and their father) I’ve already talked to you guys about this. We had a conversation about this. This not only for our family, that we have to do this.

Each one of you guys are so special to Abba and Umma. We love you guys all the same. You guys are the flesh of your Daddy’s flesh, the bone of my bones; and, you are an awesome, awesome blessing to your Daddy and your Mommy. Awesome blessing. Umma, can you come up here please? (Hyung Jin Nim invites Yeon Ah Nim to the stage next to him, facing the children. She stands to his left.)

You guys know that I purposely do not put you in public, because it’s a lot to handle. We all handled it when we were young. We all have to live in it. So, it’s something your Daddy and your Mommy don’t want you to have to go through, so you can be normal kids. Learn normal things that will build your character, and your conscience, and that you won’t take things for granted, and you will seek to give your life. Even it means you die and you are crucified upside down, you give it for the one who saved you, as our True Father.

You know, you guys, we talked about this and about we are doing this in a public setting. It’s because it goes way beyond our family. The condition that we set today, goes way beyond our little family. Because, while Abba chose your Daddy and I have a responsibility, I can’t live for what I want to do. I have to live for what Abba wants to do.

And, you know the situation. We talked about it guys; about the situation with your Grand mama, whom you all love and who Wom Abba loved. She’s my own mommy; but, she has not shown the example of what a true woman must do. She’s in a very difficult situation, where she has to, as the Bride of Christ, the head of the Brides; she has to denounce her own lineage and her old self, and she has to completely glorify Christ. So, we love her as Grand mama all the time. That doesn’t change; but, we also pray for her, because she left her position.

Adam has been victorious. That’s our King of Kings. That’s Wom Abba. Adam has been victorious. Cain and Abel, you guys know your uncle Kook Jin (Nim) is showing the example of what an older brother is. Did your Uncle Kook Jin  (Nim) try to kill your daddy? No. Right? Mo Abba gave your daddy everything, his whole anointing. He’s (Kook Jin Nim) my older brother. Did he try to kill me? That’s what a true elder brother is guys. Someone who doesn’t seek his own desires, but seeks the Will of his Father. That’s why we respect him so much. Right? Does your daddy ever disrespect him? No. Because he’s a truly honorable man; and, I’m proud to call him an older brother.

So, our course is easy. You guy’s course is easy, because you have examples that you can see. We didn’t have examples we could see. You know? Abba and Umma’s generation; we could only hear it from the Principle. That’s much harder, because you can’t see somebody; but, your guy’s job is easier, because you can actually see how a true elder brother is. You know Shin Pal, I am so proud of you. You are an amazing first son. I don’t tell him this often. Okay, guys. (Addressing the Congregation.)

But, son, you are an incredible son. You’re the type of elder brother that truly exemplifies what an elder brother is. You don’t seek your own glory. You don’t seek your own fame; but, you raise up, and you are patient. You mentor, and you coach your siblings; and yeah, your daddy and mommy are a good coach, and we coach you good, boy, but you’re pretty good. You’re pretty awesome. You have such an amazing character. You have a true honorable spirit as a man and you are now a young man; and, who knows, you may be Blessed very soon. You are truly mature beyond your age. Your name that Father gave you means faith and the word “Pal” means the number eight, which Father explained as completion. Your name represents the completion of faith. When you have a powerful faith in your Savior, as True Father, you will complete great things for God. That is a prophecy that is over your life, my son. That is a blessing that no one can take from you; but, you’ve got to run towards it. You cannot wait for it, and you can do it. You have all the talent that you need to accomplish that. That’s True Father’s blessing for you.

Shin Man, you is a prankster, boy! But you’re just like your daddy. Won Abba, too was a prankster. And, you are an amazing second son. Your name, that Father gave you, means faith that is full and overflowing. And, when you have that as your center and you have Him as your soul purpose of living, you will overflow with anointing, and you will bless many people. That prankster quality will also come to help you in the future, too. When you’re at home, and you’re relaxed, you have a very unembarrassed character, which is very fun to be around, and which I know mommy loves that, and your wife will love it, too. Just don’t try to fart on her every day. Okay? You’re a good boy. Your blessing is faith that’s overflowing; and, you’ve received a tremendous prophecy and blessing over your life. You run to it as well. You work towards it the whole time. Don’t let anybody take it from you.

Hyung Jin Nim calls his daughter, Shin Goong, by a pet name. Look at you crying. I’m crying too. Goongie, what can I say? We almost lost you when you were two months old, when you had a lung issue, and you were in the hospital, and Abba remembers that for many hours we had to hit your chest with a pad, so that your lungs would work; but, God saved you and healed you that day, and you have become such an incredible daughter. I mean, Abba and Umma are blessed beyond measure for having such a daughter as you. You are wise beyond your years. You have leadership beyond your years. You know how to work with boys or girls, and move towards something. You’re entrepreneurial; talented. You’re beautiful. You have so many incredible talents; and, you’re fearless, just like your Umma. Abba sees in you a woman. Abba’s so proud of you. What a gift. Your name means faith palace. It means the Palace of Faith. And, when you have that faith that can push through anything for the glory of God, you will create palaces, where people can dwell and meet the King; not just physical buildings, but places of the spirit where Won Abba can dwell, and, where people can come for anointing. That’s your blessing that Won Abba wants to give you.

Joonie. Won Abba loved you so much. He blessed you. He raised you. He took you all around the world. You’ve been to more countries than your daddy, and you served Father. You served him the best that a little child can do. Won Abba loved you so much; and, he gave you an anointing, just like he gave your daddy an anointing of the Kingship of three generations. You are the one that he selected to be his Spiritual Representative when your daddy dies; and, we talked about that Joonie. We talked about that, right? Anybody in that role cannot be like Joseph and say “Hey. I’ve received the anointing oil. I’ve got it. I’ve got it. You didn’t.” No. You can’t do that. You know that. They will kill you, if you do that. But, you have to be wise. You have to be humble; and, you have to win your siblings, but you have to also stand strong to glorify Won Abba, even though that may make other people angry. The role he gave me, and the role he gave you is one of persecution. You will be persecuted; but, you have to know that through your suffering, and through your persecution, that will make you strong. And Won Abba will be there and he will guide you; so, we talked about this, right Joona. Right?

(Addressing his children.) That doesn’t mean that all of you guys have to bow to Joonie. No. what’d I tell you guys? He’s an idiot like any another baby, just like all you guys were idiots at his age. And just like your daddy was an idiot at his age. So, you guys love him and treat him the same. That’s the best thing for him.

Your name Joona means faith that is outstanding; Shin Joon. So, your task is to stand in that faith and discover it. As you grow you will have obstacles; but, as you grow, you will find that faith one day, and you will be outstanding for God. You will bring great glory upon the true and everlasting King; and, you will honor him with your life, even though that will mean sacrificing your life. You will honor him with it.

And Dook Dook you are the baby of the house. You’re a super cutie, even though you like them games so much. Your name means the obtaining, or the fruition and the harvesting of faith. When you have your faith that is centered on Christ, you will obtain victories for God. You will be blessed, and you will obtain many victories.

Remember when Won Abba called your names? He called you: Pal, Man, Goong, Joon, Dook. Remember how he called you as one thing? When Palmangoongjoondook is said all together that means obtaining eighty thousand Palaces. That’s what it means. Right? That’s what it means. It means obtaining eighty thousand Palaces.

(Hyung Jin Nim speaks to Shin Joon Nim) Your course is much easier. You have an elder brother. You have an older brother figure, who has been victorious as an elder brother, who has given his life to support his younger brother. When you guys do that to come into agreement with Won Abba’s Will, you guys are going to be powerful for God. All your talents will come together, and you will glorify him for your generation, and you’ll bring awesome honor upon His House.

We talked about what we have to do though, right? Even though it’s hard to do that; and, even though in the flesh it’s hard, but we have to do that. We have to do it, because this is something we have to show to Won Abba. We have to show the Father in the Spirit World that our Spirit is connected to him, and that we stand in the right place.

So, Joon Jin come here. Face your siblings. (Shin Joon Nim goes to the stage between his mother and father and faces his siblings.) (Hyung Jin Nim speaks to the other four children.) Come closer (to each other). Like I told you. I never chose Joonie. I never chose any one of you. God chose you for me; and, Won Abba chose Joonie that he has to have a responsibility. Now, we have to help him, so that he is a true representative of Won Abba, that he walks in righteousness, and he walks in honor and humility, but with confidence in Christ. Now, we have to make Won Abba happy, because he is a King, and he saved every single one of us, including you guys.

So, we’re going to do a full bow to Shin Joon, whom Won Abba said as his Three Kingships; that in the case that Mother fails her mission, and does not bow to his lineage. That the Three Kingships will be fulfilled for three generations, and the nation of Cheon Il Guk will be fulfilled; just like Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Shin Joon Nim to Kyumbe (half bow) also to his siblings, as they also kyumbe before Hyung Jin Nim guides Shin Joon to bow to his siblings, (half bow) as they are now standing before him and Hyung Jin says, “Kansahamnida” (as if for Shin Joon).

(Jin Joon Nim is directed to return to his position between Shin Goong and Sin Dook.) We talked about how that’s going to make you feel weird, when you get back home, and how you may want to beat him up; but, your daddy has already talked to you about it. And you guys have the power. You have the power. You know you are bowing to Won Abba’s Will. Right? He’s still your younger brother. You still have to help him and raise him; but, you’re doing something that a true older brother does and older sister does, which is bow to the Will of God.

Now, as I’ve said this may be just a ceremony that you are doing now. You will never forget this, and it will never leave the public record; so, it will be here for all of you to see at all times. Abba is so grateful to have you guys.

Pal, Man, Goong, Dook, you guys may go sit in the front. Just go sit in the front right there. Okay?

Joonie. You can stand there Joona, right in the middle. Abba has already talked to Umma about this and we agreed. We already told you what we have to do. The role of the head of the Brides is to completely surrender to the Bridegroom, and to the will of the Bridegroom. True Mother had to fulfill that, but she is pursuing different things; so, Cheong Il Guk needs a True Woman who will throw herself away, and her own lineage, to glorify the Will of God’s lineage and of God. You probably don’t understand this now Joonie, but you’ll understand as you get older.

Come here Joonie. Umma, please go down there. (Hyung Jin Nim instructs Joonie to come up to the stage with him, and asks Umma to go to the floor at the base of the stage.) Your Umma has made a promise in front of the whole Cosmos, and I remember she promised that when your daddy dies that she will say, “Long live the new Inheritor of God’s Kingship.” And, that she will not pursue her own vanity and glory; but, she will be a true woman of God, who lives and dies for the glory of Christ.

Umma, you are an amazing woman. It is my greatest honor to have you. I can never deserve you; but, you are given to me by the grace of my father. Even though you are a Bride of Christ, I can never merit you, or ever earn you; because, you symbolize God’s love for me. You are the greatest grace in my life, and you are a woman who is truly worthy to complete the Eve position, where the Eve must surrender to the Will of her husband, Christ. You are worthy to stand as head of the Brides now; as, Father has made us his physical Representatives and Te Shin Ja on this Earth.

I know it grieves your heart that Mother has gone this way that she has gone; but, now just like Abraham’s family, and Isaac’s family and Jacob’s family had to fulfill the unfinished work, Father’s work is all complete. He has done all his responsibility, but the Mother has not.

You, as the Representative of the Successor, and our couple as his earthly Representatives, have made a public declaration that you will bow to His Will, and not pursue your own glory or fame or vanity. This offering symbolizes that commitment and promise to God; so, although you are his natural mother, you bow to the Will of True Father, and I am so grateful that you had absolutely no problem with that and in you, your heart said it is an honor to serve Father.

Chariot kurisimnida. Kyumbe. Paro. (As Yeon Ah Nim does a full bow, Hyung Jin Nim guides Shin Joon Nim into a half bow before his mother.) After she rises, Shin Joon Nim and Yeon Ah Nim do a half bow to each other.

Kids, come up one more time. Stand with Umma. (Shin Joon Nim remains on stage with his daddy and still in front of him.)

Now, the tradition has been set for Cheon Il Guk, that a Queen has surrendered herself to the lineage of Christ; and, I know your Umma will be victorious when your Daddy dies. She has everything it takes to fulfill the mission Father has given her, and because of that; showing the true heart of a true woman, not seeking her own glory or vanity, but seeking Christ’s glory, she is worthy to be called the Head of the Brides before Heaven and Earth. Even True Mother will have to bow in respect to her now. This is the example of the Queen that must be taken.

Joonie, it is now your turn to make a full bow to your natural mother, and also your siblings, and also all your brothers and sisters that are here, and not only here, but around the world; because this is not only a historical thing that will be publicly available forever of the condition that you all have set, but also what is loosed on Earth will be loosed in Heaven.

Won Abba, in Heaven, is as one with God in Christ, and Jesus will stand above you all and he will be inspired and he will be thankful and he’s so proud of you.

Joonie you will offer kyumbe to all the citizens of Cheon Il Guk, and to your siblings, and to your Umma. (Shin Joon Nim makes a full bow, and his mother, and siblings make a half bow to him.) Okay! Now you guys give Daddy a hug. Give Daddy a hug. (All of Hyung Jin Nim’s children hug him. Yeon Ah Nim joins in.)

OK guys. You can go back to your seats.

Umma, can you please come up here? Let’s pray.

Would you all join me. Would you stand up please?

Let us pray. Heavenly Father! Father, we thank you so much for this day. Father, in the natural it is hard to understand and it is hard to do; but, Father we just want to bring you joy. That’s it. That’s all, Father. We want Your Will to be done, not our own. Father, we thank You for all that You have bestowed upon us, and we understand the weight of that responsibility. We walk in faith. We walk with Your Spirit and Anointing. Father, we thank You for each one of the kids that You have graced us with, the children whom You have raised and Saved and Delivered. We thank You for their incredible maturity and their oneness centered on You, and not their own vain glory. And Father, although they are young and will face tribulations and trials, Father, we know that You will guide them. And, the prophecies that have been spoken over their lives will come into fruition and will come into anointing. We thank You Father, because we know You are standing here with us in the Three Kingships, and that Your mission will be completed as True Parents, even though you have fulfilled your responsibility.

Father, now in Cheon Il Guk history, there is a woman who denounced her lineage and bowed to Your Will, who cast her natural feelings and opinions away, and has bowed to her own son in obedience and in surrender to Your decision and choice of who will represent You in the next three generations and Kingships. I thank You, and I am honored that I can be Your body, where You can love and relate with the Bride of Christ. A True Woman who has stood up to the task, and has vowed her new mission to follow Your Will; and, she has said that if she departs from that, she deserves to be stoned. Father, we thank You, that You have raised up a new generation that will seek to live for You and not for vain glory. That they will give their lives, and sacrifice their lives to be crucified upside down if needs be, because the Love You have given us is so much more than life. So much more. So much more. Father we thank You, and we want this to be a small offering, an offering to You that are in Heaven and that are with us. That those You have chosen will do your bidding, and will not bow to men and to the opinions of people; but will strive to the death to fulfill Your Will. Let it be completed in the Three Kingships. Father, let Your heart be liberated, because we have no shame of You, and You are the perfected Messiah. Thank You so much. We pray all these things and give You all the glory honor and praise. And we report this with all the Central Blessed Families, and we pray this in Your Holy Name. Amen and Aju! Let’s give God some praise everybody. God is Good! God is Good, and let’s go quick Og Monsei. Og Monsei! Og Monsei! Og Monsei!


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