2015-01-25 God Save the Queen

“God Save the Queen” (January 25, 2015)

We spoke last week on Breaking the Silence and there was 8,000 years etcetera, and I think we have to be careful that we don’t get sucked up in a charade. Because it’s very important that this doesn’t become about Man but it becomes about God. In that spirit, I wanna go back to Mark 8 and we read this last week, but I wanna focus in on this. This is really core for what we’re talking about now with the World Church, really. And let’s read this together:

Mark 8:36-38 “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? Whosoever therefore shall be ashamed of me and of my words in this adulterous and sinful generation; of him also shall the Son of Man be ashamed, when he cometh in the glory of his Father with the holy angels.”

I wanna take our attention to here—I think last week we talked about this—I shared some of the things we had to go through when we got chased out of the Palace, but I wanna focus in on [verse] 38, “Whosoever therefore shall be ashamed of me” this is Christ speaking, this is the Messiah, speaking, “whoever is ashamed of me and my words in this adulterous and sinful generation; of him also shall the Son of Man be ashamed.” If we are ashamed of God, God also will be ashamed of us when He comes. And I think this is such an important scripture to really digest at this time because we are really not fighting a battle with flesh and blood, this is a cosmic battle. It’s spiritual warfare as the scripture talks about. There is a evil force; Satan is real and he does use instruments and he does use people. I think this scripture is so important for us to meditate on.

It’s very interesting, I try to put all my thoughts down on PowerPoint so I don’t forget anything. These are not easy speeches to give because this things are very real, we had to experience them. They’re filled with so much emotion and pain—so many hurtful things; it’s not easy to share. But in the wilderness, God led us—when I look back on it—God led us to study certain things. I never studied politics before in my life; I studied theology, studied religion, I did lots of mediation. I never was interested in politics, in fact I thought spiritual people should not study politics or should not understand politics, it’s not spiritual. But it’s interesting, when I came to the Midbar, or the wilderness-the Midbar is “wilderness” in Hebrew and it comes from the word Dabar, which means the “Word of God” so the Midbar is the place where you hear the word of God. Why would He tell me to study politics? Why would He tell me to study how politics is used to control populations? How a predatory class uses the understanding of politics to create control.

People thought we were crazy, talking about this kind of stuff. Because we were looking at things like the Bilderberg group or the Davos group—the alliance of monopolies. The bow tie networks in the world, in the real world that happen. Monopolies, powerful trans-national corporations, central bankers, that use their money to control the money supply, so that they can get control of governments. They can buy politicians. We study service after service, how even the presidency is up for grabs because we have unlimited campaign contributions now. Big corporations can buy the presidency of nations. We looked at also how, historically, the money-changers, the central bankers were responsible for actually starting wars—funding both sides of the wars. Because if you bet on the Broncos and the Patriots, whoever wins the Super Bowl you win.

We saw these techniques that are used by a predatory class to actually centralize and monopolize power to them. We also came into the presence of God’s warning and His judgment. We also looked at the harbinger. This came into our midst and we started studying. God is warning America, He’s warning the free world. A world that is turning from Him, a world that is desecrating the countries that are consecrating to Him. We looked at these things, how God’s judgment comes upon Israel when they’re defiant. When they don’t turn from their wicked ways and repent and pray. We also see in the world at large, the third point [indicates PowerPoint slide], the opposite of the third point I would say, is that Christians are being targeted as radicals or having a radical ideology by the establishments of different countries. Notice how they don’t really target Islam; but really Christianity is being targeted. We have talked about that so many times. But I came to the Midbar and I came into a greater relationship with Jesus. One of the first revelations that we received is that Father and Jesus are one now in the spirit. In the spirit world they are moving together as one! We found that to be real! We saw the miracles happen before our eyes. We saw these signs and wonder in the Midbar and I wondered, “Why God are you leading us? Why are you leading us to see these things? Why is it necessary that we observe these things?”

When we actually look at our church hierarchy, we actually think the church is like this [changes to next slide] this is what we think how the church is run, the world church. We think of course that True Father was at the top and True Parents and True Mother’s there. That the order will come down through, “WMD” is World Mission Department. Of course when I was crowned the successor and made the international president I was the head of the World Mission Department, all the things would come through the World Mission Department to Korea, Japan, USA Church, Europe church, Australia church, Africa church, everywhere. This is probably how we think the organization is structured. This is quite common. But just like the real world, where we think the President is actually in control, where we think the President is acting on his own, where we think the President or the leader of a nation is the most powerful man in the free world. No, he is a salesman for the most powerful men in the world. This is how the actual structure looks like. This is how the actual church hierarchy looks like. True Mother is not at the top. This is what people don’t understand. There are three key groups that are in control of the church.

One of them obviously you know, it’s very obvious, is Cheon Pyeong. That’s one of the groups. There’s also two other main groups and what’s interesting about these groups is that they don’t actually like each other. They’re actually competing to create a monopoly of their group over the other. But they decide to work together for a common goal. What they’ll do is also monopolize the Queen’s time. So they’ll try to take up as much time during the day with at least some people from their group, so they can push a particular agenda upon the Queen. These groups are essentially monopolies. They’re monopolizers, they’re very similar in spirit to the predatory elite who wishes to monopolize power. Then to behind the scenes, use politicians, use presidents, and use royal families to do what is beneficial for them, but they’re behind the scenes, you don’t know, the general public doesn’t know who is really pulling the strings.

So they have what is called in politics, “plausible deniability”. This is how the real structure is comprised of. We think it looks like this [reverts to previous slide], we think that’s how it works, this is the total ignorance of the normal member who does not understand the real structure. We have covered this so many times—how politics is used and/or how terrorist groups can be used. There is one phenomena that happens, and it’s very interesting phenomena because I think it’s very relevant—“the Stockholm Syndrome or capture-bonding, is a psychological phenomenon in which hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings towards their captors, sometimes to the point of defending and identifying with their captors. These feelings are generally considered irrational in light of danger or risk endured by the victims, who essentially mistake a lack of abuse from their captors for an act of kindness.”

“Stockholm Syndrome can be seen as a form of traumatic bonding, which does not necessarily required a hostage scenario, but which describes, ‘strong emotional ties that develop between persons where one person intermittently harasses, beats, threatens, abuses, or intimidates the other’.” Just yesterday, somebody sent us the video of when Father crowned us, oh my goodness! It felt like I was watching a movie, it didn’t feel like that happened! Who are those people? It’s in the palace, everybody’s singing, Father is giving this incredible blessing; oh my gosh. And I see Mother, she’s so happy—Mother was so happy. When I was giving my speech I was so nervous, you can tell—so nervous. I was shaking up there and Mother was laughing cutely at my shaking. It was adorable. She was actually very proud. I’ll show you the video one of these days, I don’t have it here.

But this is what people don’t understand, these three main groups, they constantly psychologically threaten Mother. “Oh Mother, if we do this we may have this issue…oh there’s these legal issues.” This is what in the inner circle we always call, “oh the legal issues come up again.” “Oh there’s this legal issue if we do this” anything that they don’t want, “oh there’s some legal issue there.” they will constantly use this tactic on Mother. We had to see this for years and years and years. See, our Queen is a hostage, this is what people don’t understand. You think she’s up there alone, she’s ruling the world church, you think she’s making all the decisions, but you don’t know the inner circle! You are not part of the inner circle! The reality is, is that she is not in control. You’re local pastor is probably gonna be a nice guy, he’s way down the chain, he’s nowhere near the inner circle. You have to be maybe at the national level to understand it, that is if you’re a leader in one of the main national churches—Korea, Japan, America. But if you’re in a smaller church you may not be even included in that. But once you become a national leader in the major churches, then you will start understanding who are the hidden rulers.

Once you get to continental director and above, you’ll start seeing very clearly, you’ll have to kiss the rings of not only True Mother, but kiss the rings of the hidden rulers. What I call the “Dark Alliance”. You will have to kiss their ring, you will have to get their blessing. If you cross them, they will come after you. If you help them, they will reward you very, very well and of course it’s with money, that they are stealing from our members. So I wanna look at some of the things that I talked about last week, but we’re gonna go in-depth a little in each one of these. These are some of the major things that were changed after Father passed and notice right after he passed. Not a little before, not discussions two years before, no, right after he passed there was a mad rush to start changing and erasing all the declarations and major ceremonies, major covenants were targeted.

In Cheon Il Guk, there is a king, amen? There is a king and the king gets to decide what will be in the kingdom. Nobody else gets to decide that. The king gets to decide what the national anthem will be. What will be the spirit of the Kingdom of God, Cheon Il Guk means the “Kingdom of God”, the king gets to decide what will be the spirit reflected in the anthem that will be the spirit of the Kingdom of God. Look at the song that Father chose—its the Blessing of Glory there’s one verse missing here because I got it from the web and they didn’t have the third verse. Look at this! This was in the death camp, torture camp of Heungnam. Father wrote this song; birthed, conceived, in the torture chambers of Heungnam. And look what he’s singing about! He’s not singing about “woe is me” he’s singing about how the light of glory arises like the sun that shines on high! Awaken to freedom! He’s praising god, in the midst of death.

People dying from not being able to eat, other prisoners coming in and ripping the rice balls that are in other people’s mouths to eat it for themselves. In this kind if torture death camp, where he’s being stripped, where he’s being tortured, beaten—this is the song and spirit of the Kingdom of God. “We are called to bring back the glory to the life of God above, now the lord in his greatness fills the universe with tender love” this is while he’s being tortured! This is the spirit out of which the Kingdom is born! “from the dark of death I awaken and rejoice to live in grace, when the one who came to save me holds me tenderly in his embrace” that is the spirit of the Kingdom of God! Who else but Satan would want to change that? Who else but Satan would want to get rid of this as the spirit of the Kingdom of God?

This was the battle that we had in the palace after Father passed. You had these three monopolies coming in, they had already had long relationships with Mother, two of them were hidden they were not actually leaders when Father was here. They were not even mid-tier leaders. But they rose quickly to prominence, riding the back of the other monopoly. Satan doesn’t come in and command you to do things folks, Satan will suggest for you to do things. He won’t say, “jump in there! go to that cloud!” He’ll come say, “oh maybe it will be fun if you did that. Maybe it would be really cool if you took that drug. If you did that thing, if you sleep with that girl.” whatever it is, he comes and suggests to you because he wants to say, “you chose to do it!” look at what they suggested about the Blessing of Glory. “The song is too depressing, we need an uplifting song. We need something to represent the new age of Cheon Il Guk. We need something connected to Chungpyung palace.” This is the suggestion that you are giving to a queen that is vulnerable, she just lost the love of her life; she lost her king, then in her vulnerability emotionally tie and empathize and pretend you are the one who truly cares and understands all the pain and sorrow, and then suggest.

What did Father say when he was in Heungnam prison? He said, “Even when I was tortured to the point where I threw up blood and collapsed, I prayed, ‘Dear Heavenly Father, please do not shed tears over my blood. This is going to be shameful blood, and any tears will be soaked in lamentations and resentment. I do not want heaven to sympathize.’ Therefore I did not pray for myself, even when I went to prison. In light of the world of heart, this is what one must do.” and they said, “oh, so depressing! Aww, that’s like so negative! That’s like so depressing, we need something more uplifting! Forget the prison, forget all the tortures that the Messiah had to go through to save us! We need a happy, happy, happy song!” who else other than the spirit of Satan,would twist this like this? Who else than the spirit of Satan, would twist it so that we’d separate from the spirit of the Kingdom?

This is the structure that True Father mandated will be the structure. It was where Father quotes were up top, then the order would come through True Mother, it would come through the World Mission Department, where as the International President I was there to be a check and balance and then they would be distributed to Korea, Japan, etc. So what do you think was the primary target right after Father passed? What’s problematic in this little structure that Father created, if you are the three hidden rulers? You have a little bit of a problem. And at that point I wasn’t bald but that problem would be right there [gestures to PowerPoint slide] you need to get rid of that check and balance, so that if you can get control of True Mother, you can get control of the whole church. And that’s what they did.

There was a mad rush after Father passed, mad rush to fire Kook Jin hyung because he’s strong and he’s a good fighter and he cleaned up house when it comes to corruptos and he keeps them accountable so of course they mad rushed to get him out. And then of course mad rushed to get me out. Again, we don’t harbor any feelings of anger toward other people because we know they’re possessed! They have a spirit of Satan behind them. It’s not a battle between flesh and blood. Amen? And then we got to the scriptures—the scriptures where Father said, “you should realize that everything that I have taught you is in accordance with the reality of the next world, and follow these teachings. In any event, this is a path you all need to tread. Unless you follow the teachings of True Father, you cannot cross over the summit. There is no other guide.”

This was the next thing on the list to target, after the structure, after the spirit of Cheon Il Guk, the anthem, the next thing was the scriptures. You see, I am of the humble opinion, that if the Messiah decides what will be his scripture that will last in eternity, you can’t change it! If he decides what will represent him as the King, then no one can change it! Because if you do, you think you’re the King and you’re not the King. You are not Messiah! These were the suggestions that were made. “Oh Mother, it’s so repetitive, it repeats itself over and over, there’s so many repetitions, it’s very unorganized in their humble opinion, it’s not organized well..” notice that Satan never comes in with his bat-wings flapping when coming in the room, he comes in with his $5,000 Versace suit, with his necktie pinstripe, his clean cut, shiny Italian designer shoes, “oh, you’re so very clean, oh you look beautiful today, oh you just look radiant! That new haircut you have, oh you look beautiful!” common base first! Make a common base. “oh we just have a very brief presentation—we have some suggestions we’d love to show you if you have time, thank you so much your majesty!” “oh there’s problematic teachings of True Father there, problematic teachings.” I guess we get to decide what is problematic.

You see, I think that if the Messiah read his own scripture eleven times, everyday during Hoon dok Hae, and he said that will be the scripture, it’s over! [speaks Korean] that means “finish, finish, finish, completely finish”! When he says, one of these sentences you think they may repeat, but one of them will save somebody in the future! You don’t know who it will save. You change one word and you are killing somebody who needed that word. You have just killed somebody who would have been otherwise saved by that word. You just killed him. You see, you’re not the Messiah! Messiah gets to decide what his word will be!

There are statements about Chungpyung or people, “oh this is problematic…oh we’re missing words here…oh we can package it so beautiful..” misdirection. “oh have a beautiful box… we brought a sample of the box…oh it’s beautiful!” All this, while already they had worked for years, to create that kind of ‘captured bonding’ psychology; spiritual imprisonment. Now multiply with a mother who is grieving, because she just lost her king and her Messiah. The Family Pledge which Father said, “ we need the Family Pledge. Which one is it? We need it! That’s the way it is. It will be the motto for thousands or tens of thousands of years. It’s amazing!” What’s more amazing is the Family Pledge didn’t last for more than two weeks. Didn’t even last for two weeks until it was redacted. Then one that Father written himself by his own hand, didn’t even last two weeks after his death. Even when he said he has to be the motto for thousands or tens of thousands of years; which in Asia means forever. Og Mansei means “forever and ever and ever”.

What was the suggestion given to do this? “Well, you know there’s not really any mention of Cheon Il Guk in the Pledges, so maybe in the eighth pledge we talk about the Completed Testament—we can get rid of that, and we can bring Cheon Il Guk.” This of course effectively cut away all ties with our roots! All ties with providential history! All ties of the Old and New Testaments, which lead to the Completed Testament. Severing those ties in our Pledge; severing our roots all the way back to Adam. Who else would do this? I know my mommy won’t do this. She lived fifty years of her life, fifty years of her life celebrating Father with absolute faith, love, and obedience as the King! As her King! And as her lord and Messiah.

That’s why we all loved her. That’s why we all looked up to her. Every single one of these things go in direct opposition to every single day of her life with Father. Which is the reason why I know she is a hostage. Ooh, if you were Satan, what main thing would you target to change? If you were Satan, what else would you change? If Messiah, came to the earth to give the blessing of marriage and the covenant of the marriage of the lamb to all peoples, and he wrote that covenant by hand, and every single blessed central family in the history of the church was blessed, married under that covenant, what would you do if you were Satan?

“Why do you all like me? Because I go through suffering to save you and liberate all of humanity. Unless I suffer, you cannot receive the Blessing, even if you wait for billions of years in the spirit world. I made the impossible possible through my suffering and enlarged the domain of this precious Blessing. This is something glorious and brilliant for the spirit world and for the physical world.” it is the glory of the Blessing. It is the most sacred gift God had wanted to give since Adam and Eve. It is the gift of marriage that a father bestows to his children in complete covenant with him. That is what God wanted to do with Adam and Eve—Bless them. To see them be fruitful and multiply and have children and beautiful grandchildren. See them build a kingdom.

We know this has been going on from the beginning! But this was targeted. The Blessing was targeted to be changed. Notice how whenever Satan does something to tear down what is God’s, he twists it. Notice he doesn’t get rid of all of God’s words, he just changes it around, “oh w just changed around a little bit,” that’s called spiritual warfare my friends. That’s called “who are you coming under dominion of?” The Blessing that was written by Father’s hand, that all of you [points at congregation], all Blessed families in the world, received. It is no more. What did they suggest to Mother? “Oh Mother, your eyes are so tired and weary.” notice that empathy, that common base making, “oh you’re suffering..oh you must be so painful..maybe we can just shorten the vows, maybe we can make it easier on you, so we can shorten the vows.” that True Father died and died and died for. “we can just shorten them..oh it’s so tiring on your eyes.” we live in an age of technology where you can just simply play the recordings of Father doing the Blessing, and at the end Mother could say, “do you accept?”

He knows he can use the radio or the little tape recorder to play Father’s voice. He knows he can do that! That’s why we were saying, “Don’t change the vows!! Do the recording! God!” but no, we have to change the vows. We have to change them to make it easier for Mother. Notice how it’s always for Mother right? You know what this is called biblically? Desecration. This is what it’s called. It’s called desecration. When you desecrate the temple of God, this is what Antiochus did when he came to the temple in Jerusalem—he desecrated the temple.

Now you are no longer a slave. I know members are gonna hate me for saying this because many of their kids have gone to the Blessing. You’re not receiving Father’s Blessing!! you are receiving a covenant that was written by the hands of archangels! That is what you’re receiving! You are not receiving the covenant that the Messiah wrote! That all Blessed families have been married under! “what’s the big deal? Why are you so fanatic, mister?” you know why? Because I believe in Messiah that’s why! I believe in the King that’s why! And what he says and what he leaves, stays!

And then you have God. And even God was changed. Father, his whole life, prayed, “God. Heavenly Father, save me. Heavenly Father save the nation. Heavenly Father please don’t weep. Heavenly Father don’t cry for me. Heavenly Father let me carry your cross. Heavenly Father I love you! Heavenly Father please don’t lament over this time! Heavenly Father guide America! Heavenly Father guide the world! Heavenly Father guide us!” He didn’t pray to Heavenly Father because he’s a chauvinist, or a misogynist, or a phallocentric man who hates women—he prayed to Heavenly Father because the principle says, yes God has masculine and feminine within Him but He is the subject position to humanity which is the object!

So when you pray to your Father you’re praying to the subject, the absolute subject of your life—the center of your life! Of everything! “Oh Mother, you are also God…you are also God! I mean, you are also Messiah!” this is what they told her. “you are also God, you know Divine Principle says there’s masculinity and femininity of God, so there’s Heavenly Father, heavenly mother! You also are God!” and of course they tell the True Children that. “Oh you too! You have a divine light within you! You are Gods too! Yes you are!” you see folks, this is called the “move away from monotheism”. Then comes ditheism and then it’s a slippery, slippery slope. I guarantee that in the future you will have members of True Family, can be third, fourth generation who say, “I am also God and so is everybody else.” like every pagan religion—like the Egyptians, like the Assyrians, like the Babylonians, same different masks, same relativism, same “everybody’s God, there is no God”. Same thing, other than the fact that you also have a real issue. If Heavenly Father had a divine heavenly mother, He would have no need for an object partner of love. Well I guess that means the Principle is completely wrong when it says humanity was necessary to be an object partner of God’s love.

“oh well if heavenly mother was there, she’s a multidimensional divine being, He can relate with her on so many different levels—not with some three-dimensional, clay, dust form people.” Once you depart from God, it is endless and this is what we told them. We were on our knees, in the Palace, my God, I was on my knees, I had my head in mommy’s lap! In her lap, I had my arms around her crying, “Mommy, don’t do this! Please don’t do this! If you change the scriptures, I studied religion, if you change the scriptures and the traditions, there will never be unity again!” because you will have communities that will follow Father’s scripture and you’ll have other communities that will follow Mother’s scripture and then you will have these other relativist communities who think they’re very creative and saying, “hey we’ll just accept both” that’s not creative, that pattern is everywhere. Don’t think that’s creative if you’re thinking about that. That ain’t creative. You see that every generation, everywhere in history! That’s not creative, that’s not innovative, it’s stupid! It’s the same relativism.

I studied philosophy, I studied psychology, I studied religion. So I told mommy, “if you do this mommy, if this becomes official, it’s gonna be split forever, does Father want that?!” I asked her, that was what I was asking her., “Did Father want that?! Does he want to see his tradition, his [unintelligible] split?!” and we see a huge cultural shift, now that has overtaken the church. We see that if you praise Father, you see some person coming up to you,”hey what about True Mother? What about Mother? Are you denying True Mother?” as soon as you want to praise your Messiah and your King, you get an insecure, self-appointed, person who wants to judge your faith and say you don’t believe in the Queen and True Mother! This is nothing other than a demonic spirit. Whenever in the Unification Church, when was it taboo, when were you ever attacked for praising the Messiah? When? Name one time. [sporadic replies from congregation: never! Never!] It doesn’t exist! Until now!

We have so many people who are unknowingly, completely, post-modern humanists, who are interpreting True Parents through their post-modern, third wave, feminism lens! And let me tell you something from a son of True Parents, in True Parents there is an absolute subject and there is a King in True Parents. I know people want to believe it’s fifty/fifty, that would make you feel good in the post-modern world. In the humanistic world. “Ooh yes, we’re so modern!” No, you can’t bend Messiah to fit you! You must bend your life to fit Messiah! Doesn’t matter if you like it or not! If that’s what it is, that’s what you accept. That’s called “love”.

Where has it ever been frowned upon in praising the King? When?! Never! Never! This is a demonic culture that has been built. And it starts straight from Satan. We call it what it is because that’s exactly from where it originates. Plausible Deniability—what is this? “the term most often refers to the capacity of senior officials in a formal or informal chain of command to deny knowledge of and/or responsibility for any damnable actions committed by the lower ranks because of a lack of evidence that can confirm their participation, even if they were personally involved or at least willfully ignorant of said actions. In the case that illegal or otherwise disreputable and unpopular activities become public, high-ranking officials may deny any awareness of such acts in order to insulate themselves and shift blame on the agents who carried out the acts, confident that their doubters will be unable to prove otherwise. The lack of evidence to the contrary ostensibly makes the denial plausible, that is, credible. The term typically implies forethought, such as intentionally setting up conditions to plausibly avoid responsibility for one’s (future) actions or knowledge.” that’s what’s called plausible deniability, folks. Let’s look at the scenario. Well, if the truth comes out that there are hidden rulers, that have control on Mother psychologically, spiritually, and emotionally, that use the power of suggestion to have her do things for them, what happens? Let’s say the truth does come out and this is exposed, they can deny it and blame True Mother for executing the actions. “ oh no no, we never told her to do that! We never suggested that! She wanted to do it.” that’s plausible deniability. But if the truth does not come out, they can enjoy their “little secret” of having all the Blessed Families following them.

You now are getting married under the covenant written by the hand of archangels and you don’t even know it. That’s why when I start to give the Blessing, I’m going to give it with the original covenant vows that every Blessed Central Family received, written by Father and given by True Parents! If you want to offer your marriage to archangels go on ahead, I’m not gonna do it and neither are my children gonna do it. They’re gonna be married under the Messiah’s covenant vows of marriage. Your little secret is out. [congregation laughs]

it’s so obvious what they do because we know the palace court, we know exactly how they operate, we know their minds. We know them very well; we know exactly what they’ll do. Obviously they’ll tell members to stop watching or supporting my ministry. That’s so obvious—duh! They’ll also get True Mother to sign a document saying that she actually wrote it and they’ll put up a video saying, “ooh celebration of the covenant True Mother wrote!” again, plausible deniability and blaming True Mother. When they lose income and people come to receive the real Blessing and they start losing their money from the counterfeit Blessing their giving, they probably will change it back. I predict they’ll change it back. They’ll say, “oh no no, we never changed it, we have them, see? We did it” if you are fooled by that, you are a fool! If you are fooled by that you are nothing other than a fool! If you are hoodwinked that easy, good luck! [congregation laughing]

And of course what they will do, and they’ve been threatening this from when Father passed, is they will change the successor. I know, I heard it! I’m not surprised. They’re gonna have a little ceremony, crowning somebody else. But, you understand, the Messiah crowned me three times, you understand that, okay? The Messiah, with True Mother, crowned me three times on three different continents. She was in that. What the Messiah gives you as an anointing, doesn’t leave you. You could try to make a new little ceremony, it won’t mean anything! Because what Father gives, when he gives it, entrusts, especially at that level, it stays forever and no human hands will change it! So go ahead try it! Be my guest! Because everybody has the video and there’s something called the internet, it’s still up! So obvious what they’re gonna try to do. Ridiculous! Pitifully, shamefully obvious.

And what can we do? One, we can recognize that True Mother is a hostage. She is in a hostage scenario. You don’t want to accept it, alright. That’s what it is. You don’t want to save your mother, that’s up to you! But as for me and my house, we want to save our mommy! We don’t want her to be used as an asset! So that you can steal and funnel money through her! We want our mommy that we can play with, and jump with, and hug and tickle and play around with our children and grandchildren!Is she a hostage? Yes she is! Deny it all you want, yes she is! She would never desecrate Father, she would never desecrate what he’s given, she did it with him—she gave the announcements and ceremonies and proclamations with him, why would she desecrate her own self? Ridiculous! We can repent; we can come before Father and repent.

I know He has a greater plan, I know. I know He’s in control, I know. But I also know I’m inadequate. I also know I’m not perfect. And I believe we have to repent. We can sing the Blessing of Glory, as the National Anthem of Cheon Il Guk. That’s what we can do folks. You want to start breaking down the demonic stronghold of Satan, start singing the Blessing of Glory in his face! Unabashed! Start singing it! Stop letting him shut your mouth, sing it! Sing the national anthem! That was birthed out of Heungnam! Sing it, that is the spirit of Cheon Il Guk! It is a shame. It is a sin, after Father passed, there was only one place that was singing the national anthem as the national anthem. When we came to visit we were the only ones singing the national anthem! It’s a travesty! What kind of Cheon Il Guk Kingdom of God is that?

That’s why it has no anointing! That’s why it has no power! That’s why it has no miracle! That’s why it has no Holy Spirit! That’s why it has no power to destroy come all things through Christ who strengthens me! They don’t have it because Messiah has been desecrated. In the book of Revelation they prophesy about the “desecration of desolation” and this is what it is. You know what you can do? You can recite the original Family Pledge with the connection to the Completed Testament Age; that connects us to the New Testament, and connects us to the Old Testament, and connects to all of providence going back to Adam and Eve. No longer we have to see Christians and Jews as enemies! They are brothers in the same walk towards God! Father gave it as our eighth pledge. Say it, recite it, what’s so hard about it?

Read the original Cheong Seong Gyeong, duh! Read it, read it, read it, read it, read it, read the original Cheong Seong Gyeong and upload onto the web so everybody can read it! Put it up! Don’t, it’s not being printed anymore. So put it up. Somebody who has a computer out there, put it up! Page by page, let everybody have it! Don’t let it be erased! That’s the word that Father left for us. Don’t let it be erased. Put it up, read it! Do Hoon Dok Hae on it! And if you’re a part of the whole structure, I feel sorry for you, I do. Because I know what you’re going through, I do. I know what you’re going through. If you are one of the people that are way down the chain, that are just following along for little pension and your little salary, what are you gonna do for when the day of judgment comes? What are you gonna do when judgment comes? You gonna have an answer with your little pension and your little salary? What are you gonna do, how is that gonna help you in front of your King?

Your international president did it! I stepped down from everything! I don’t take anything from them! Do it! Step down and begin your ministry and save members and bring them to Father! And get them blessed under the real covenant! Stop fearing the hierarchy which has been taken over! You’re not defending Mother, but you’re defending the hierarchy? You’re defending the hidden rulers is what you’re defending! You’re a joke if you think you’re defending Mother! You are clueless to the reality of the situation! And that is a shame on you. Shame on you! Because you’re being told the truth! I frequently say to members, “you can’t handle the truth! You wanna know the truth, you can’t handle it! I feel like Tom Cruise in that crazy movie, it’s ridiculous!”

Don’t receive the Archangelic Blessing! Don’t receive it! It is not the Blessing covenant of Father! Don’t be fooled! And if you received it, you didn’t know you were ignorant, so receive the real Blessing. Don’t receive that Blessing thinking it’s the real Blessing, it’s not! It’s written by the hands of the archangels! Do not receive that Blessing! You are not a Blessed Central Family. If you receive that Blessing, I’m sorry to say but you are only a Blessed Central Family when you get Blessed under the covenant that the Messiah wrote by his own hand, that was given by True Parents at every Blessing. That’s the news.

And he prayed, my God prayed directly to True Father, don’t pray to Mr. Kim Hak choi, whatever. Pray to True Father, he is your King, he’s in heaven, he is your Father, pray to him! Pray to him! Stop playing political correctness with your eternal life and pray to your Father! Ask him to lead us to free the Queen. Because that needs to happen and I believe it will. Because He was in me, was greater as He in the world. And we can do all things through Christ. We have no fear because we stand on the side of truth, with a breastplate of righteousness, and a shield of faith, and a spirit of the sword with the Word of God, a helmet of salvation, being shod with the gospel of peace, and we are coming after you! You are going down devils!

Umma you want to say something? [congregation laughs uproariously] don’t start about me [more laughter] let me let her say something, I gotta take a break.

[The Queen spoke a few words]

[Cheon Seong Gyeong 187-273, 1989.2.11]

“Before the children come forward and resolve this, God can neither alleviate the bitter sorrow in His own heart nor remove the nail that pierces it. Who will take out that nail and liberate God’s bitter heart, which must be released with flesh and blood through the healing tears of love? We should know that God’s liberation precedes our own liberation. We should know that this is the path to the ultimate liberation sought by people of faith.” let my mother go. Let mommy go! Let her go! I break your demonic stronghold, I break every curse that is upon her, I break every single power you have over her, in the name of True Father! It is broken! You have no power over her, you have no authority over her, she will be free!

Let us pray. Oh Father we come before you, Lord, we have no place to go without you. Father you are the Deliverer. You are our Savior. We cannot do it with our own flesh and blood. We tried Father, I failed you. I’m sorry Father. I cannot save Mommy. I repent before you Father. Please forgive me, I tried my best. I tried my best, but I am just a man Father. I am just flesh and blood. I cannot do this on our own, Father. Even if the whole church wakes up Father, we still can’t do it, Father. You have to be involved, you have to be the center of it all. We come before you on bended knee, Lord, you are our King! We ask you to leads us, your people! Into the promised land! Where our Queen will be free. Where she will be free to worship you, to lift you, exalt you, to think about you every day and night, every minute, to live with you forever! Father we rejoice in the thought of that day. We rejoice in the thought of that day. Lord, we cannot do anything in our power. In Your anthem You said, “how unworthy I am” I am unworthy. I don’t deserve to have received any people, I don’t deserve to have received Your trust. But Father we know that You are more powerful. You have all authority of heaven and earth. Satan’s strongholds cannot keep Mother in bondage any longer! The chains are breaking! The bondage is starting to crack! The walls are starting to come down! Freedom is in the air. Father, we pray, we know that You are the Deliverer and the giver of peace, redemption, salvation! Lord, give us the way. We only follow you. You are the light to our path, the lantern at our feet. We follow You. We raise you, lift you, exalt you, we will create the army of God. Your spiritual warriors who will stand for You no matter what! We will go to the death for You! We will be crucified upside down for You! We stand for You! And the people of God will grow a spine and will exalt their King! I prophesy this! I declare it over Satan the enemy! Oh Lord. Lord give us Your guidance. Fill us with Your Holy Spirit. Fill us with the power. You said, “not by might, not by power, but by Your spirit.” that we overcome and become more than conquerors. That we will celebrate with You at the feast of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob. That we will celebrate with You, we will sing, and we will dance and rejoice with You! Father we love you. We trust you. You know the way. You have a reason for what you are doing, I know; we know. And we repent for our weaknesses and for our doubts. when we become weak, we begin to doubt that you know where to go. We give it all to you. We give it all to you now. We release this right now. We receive your guidance. We stand in agreement with you. We stand in agreement with your promise. We stand in agreement that we have a hope and a future and a destiny and that we will be rejoicing in the Kingdom that will come! Thank you. Thank you. We pray all these things, in all names, as Central Blessed Families, in Lord’s precious name, we pray.


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