2015-01-18 Breaking the Silence

Sunday Service (January 18, 2015) “Breaking the Silence”

Let’s look at Mark 8. “31And he began to teach them, that the Son of Man must suffer many things, and be rejected of the elders, and of the chief priests, and scribes, and be killed, and after three days rise again. 32 And he spake that saying openly. And Peter took him, and began to rebuke him. 33 but when he had turned about and looked on his disciples, he rebuked Peter, saying Get thee behind me, Satan; for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but the things that be of men. 34 and When he had called the people unto him with his disciples also, he said unto them, Whosoever will come after m, let him deny himself, and take up the cross, and follow me. 35 For my sake and the gospel’s, the same shall save it. 36 For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole the world, and lose his own soul? 37 Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? 38 Whosoever therefore shall be ashamed of me and of my words in this adulterous and sinful cometh in the glory of his Father with the holy angels.”

That is some powerful word. Just look at that—it’s just packed; jam-packed with what we as people must see. Even if we gain the whole world, we should not sell our souls. Even if we’re offered the kingdoms of the world, we should not sell our integrity. We usually go into the evils of the world, on this here shimeeta, super shimeeta, Seven Cycle shimeeta, four tetra bloodmoon, super bloodmoon; warnings have been made on America, that’s been made clear by prophetic voices in the Body of Christ—that the harbingers are real—America’s being warned. But in the time of warning, in the time of desecration, in the time of where the people forget God, it’s key that the people of God will turn to Him. We have to hold on to God even more seriously, because in the time of tribulation is a time where our faith is really tested.

There will be separation from the wheat at the chaff. There will be separation from the hull and the stalk. There will be a clarifying—who has faith? Who stands in faith in Christ? Who will be bought off by power and money? Who will gain the world and sell their soul? This comes clear in the time of tribulation. There’s so much craziness in the world and we cover that every week because we don’t want to live in delusion. We don’t wanna be fear-mongering; we don’t wanna live in delusion thinking everything’s great in the world and there’s no evil. We do look at evil; we face it—the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil—we know evil. We have to know how predators look so the Body of Christ can stand against them. I don’t wanna go into it today honestly. We’ve been going into it quite seriously every week. But today, I don’t wanna go into it too much. I wanna share my heart because now I feel it’s 2015, it’s now the third year of Father’s song-hwa anniversary coming up. It’s the super shimeeta. It’s the four blood-moon tetra—it’s a time where silence must be broken now.

The truth has to come forth. I’m not here to condemn or put down, but we have to see. It’s amazing to be in a situation where you’re a public figure, because you have people who know nothing about your life or your relationships and wanting to comment on those relationships and telling you what to do with those relationships. It’s a interesting reality. How they like to be the judge and the juror of your life and your relationships with key people in your life—as if they’re God Almighty. Before Father passed, we went from the ones who are crowned, by Father, as his successor—we went from the members saying, “oh, you’re the sweetest of all the children.” to “You’re just the same!” “you’re bad!” “You are such a betrayer!” We get all this, we got mocked, we got scorned, w became outcasts. People don’t even know the situation and want to jump in and play referee. Always we had this middleman syndrome; wanting to come in and monkey around.

Because in the chaos there is political opportunity and predators like that opportunity. We look at how that works in the world—we look at how the bankers do that, with the wars. We look at how that happens in reality, in the world today with conglomerance. How they use political power—by puppets, by politicians, to manipulate the public. But as we became mocked; people think we’re crazy, conspiracy theorists, even though all the rational, intelligent evidence, points to not honest governance. Still there is this denial that evil exists. We are in a period of two and half years of being mocked, cursed, disappointed, “shame on you”–all this puerile activity. Lumping us with other people—even in our siblings—we’re different! Of course they love to lump us, as if we stole a billion dollars. Which we didn’t. We gave everything back. We behaved quite differently from the leadership. We behaved very unlike the norm. Father had given me the crowns, he had clarified that I would take his position in the future, not as the Messiah but as the leader of the church. But the situation after his death and we had to see what we had to see, and we had to witness what we had to witness with our own eyes, we were tried to be bribed to go along with it, the whole core leadership, signed the petition sent privately to me saying, “go along with it, its gonna be your kingdom anyways—you’re the successor. It’s your crown, you have the whole kingdom, just go along with it. And then when your mom goes to transition to the spirit world, then change what you need to change.”

Okay, so this is your spiritual guidance to me. So this is coming from the spiritual leaders of the church, this is the spiritual guidance that they give to the person that Father crowned. This is what they tell me, “betray your father for political temporary power, keep the money, keep the billions of dollars in assets that you’re in control of legally. And when your mother passes away, do what you want.” So your telling me as a spiritual leader, so your telling me to betray my father and your telling me to betray my mother and wait for her to die. This is the advice you give me! This is the advice I was given! That’s not advice, that’s desecration! That’s insanity! Any normal person who sees that will say, “what are you talking about? Are you crazy? I’m not gonna sell out on my dad! And I’m not gonna wait for my mom to die and start selling out on her.” when I even reflect on that, the level of predatory politicking, what is worshiped in the church hierarchy…what is it? Obviously it’s not God. Obviously it’s not Father. Obviously it’s not Jesus. Obviously it’s maintaining political power.

Obviously it’s controlling the money supply. This is so ironic because this is what we’ve been talking about on the meta scale what happens in the world! This is exactly what happens in the world at large. The predatory class gets to power and as they get to power, they control the money supply. We’ve talked about this so many times with so many different studies. Then they will buy self-serving politicians, who will then pay off provocateurs, who will then shift public opinion, they will spin the message so that the masses will take the political side to their political advantage. I never studied politics before—I was a Buddhist monk, I was trained in monastic training. We’re not supposed to study those kinds of things—so I also thought, “politics is crazy. Spiritual people cannot think of that.”

As I came into my relationship with Jesus and the Bible, there were also two strains in Christianity too—some say, “we have to just be spiritual, talk about only the spirit stuff.” but look at Jesus! He kicked out the money—he kicked out the bankers from the synagogues. He challenged the brutal vipers. He challenged the authoritarian religious structures of the day—he did all of that. Every sermon, every study that we’ve done, going into the political reality, what’s fascinating is that it mirrors the church reality. Every type of predatory system of control that’s used on mass population in the world at large was also occurring in our church!

And you have very good people, like what they call the “good Nazis” right? Like you have people who just “went along with it”. “hey, I don’t think it was that bad, I mean, when I saw him speaking he was passionate, you know? He’s not killing Jews, he’s not doing this, etc” they have good people, they have grandmas, they have children, they go home and have dinner with their kids, they watch dramas and cry and go to movies and whatever they do. They’re normal people. But the political predatory elite can control them. This is why Father led me to study these politics, the systems of control and to expose them, to challenge them. To bring them into the public to stand against them. Because that is not only what was making the church toxified in the culture, but was destroying it from within.

You know coming out here, where we’re in the wilderness, in the midbar, our group outside in the wilderness, bush-crafting and training together outside—Midbar comes from “dabar” and “dabar” means the “word of God”. So the Midbar is the place where the Word is heard. It’s the place where we can get away from the craziness of the palace courtiers, and the political structures and establishment that tries to control our faith, our thinking, our relationship with God. It’s a place where you can go into nature, into the wilderness to commune, to feel that anointing of God present there with his people, in His tabernacle. With the pillar of fire and the pillar of smoke, we’re in the presence of God. I remember one time when I was the head of the Korean Church, well the World Church and the Korean Church, Father ordered to bring in a leader. So we brought him in, so we were actually talking about his compensation because that’s a serious thing. I remember saying, “you have to share with us what your compensation is.” I’m not gonna name names, but this guy was talking five different salaries!—in excess of six figures each! He supposed to be a humble public servant! He’d go in front of the members, “I’ve started my public mission when I was…” whatever, how old.

They’re taking five different salaries to make a half million dollars and you’re being a public servant going from, “I’m a public servant. Yes, I care for you. I am here as the mediator between True Parents and you. The humble, faithful servant..” and we said, “you can’t do this. I’m the World President and you’re making $50,000 a month. I don’t make that in a year. Father made me the World President, you’re supposed to be the Korean President, you actually should be making less—not $50,000 a year!” and this is what we had to see.

This was of course before Father passed. But when Father passed, that’s when we saw the real colors. That’s when we saw the real truth. That’s when we saw what the people were really about. I remember being on a bus, right after Father passed, and the leader gets on the speakerphone, because he’s ordered to, he comes up on the speakerphone and says, “Father told us, commanded us, that we must not change even one word of his scriptures or tradition. But I think there’s some problematic things, so I agreed to be on the committee to redact everything.” I’m sitting there thinking, “Man, I should’ve just video taped this statement. Because you just said, Father said don’t do it and now you’re saying you’re gonna do it.” you just said Father said, don’t do it and you just said in the next sentence, you’re gonna do it. I’m sitting there thinking and grabbing my hair that I had and yanking it out. You just said, Father commanded don’t do, you are now saying to do!

If you cannot be uncomfortable with that, I don’t know what you are. Because when I see that, all I see is politicking. All I see is, “I want to keep my money stream coming to me.” is what I see. What I see is “Father passed away, Father Era over. And now my chance to get more power, more money.” Of course, we will not help that. You just said it with your own mouth, Father said don’t do, and now you’re saying let’s do. To me that’s insanity; to me that is disrespecting God, if you believe that he is the Lord of the Second Advent and if you believe that he commanded it, how can you say in the same sentence, “He said don’t do, but we have to do.” How are you gonna explain that to him? Aren’t you going in front of the members talking about how you’re the spirit world? Aren’t you going in front of the members who are heartistic, they’re not politicians they don’t know the bureaucratic structure, they’re not in the hierarchy of politics. They’re just going about their busy day and they love True Parents and they love God. How can you talk about the Spirit World when you are telling them that we’re gonna do something that the King said not to do? And if you believe he’s the King in Heaven and Earth, then when you go to the Spirit World, which you’re talking about, who do you think is gonna be the King there?! Who do you think is the King?!

There’s a King in the Kingdom, folks. There’s a King! And I love my Queen that’s why I told her there’s a King! And we’re the only ones because we love and we want to save the Kingdom and we want to save the Queen because we won’t just bite the bullet like people who just want money from her. And we will tell her the King said this, he commanded us this, so we can’t do that. It’s so funny how people want to jump in and I admit I’ve been silent on this issue, for the last two and half years while being mocked and scorned and made fun of; hated. That’s fine, that’s something they’re gonna have to deal with God. That’s not between me or the public or me or anyone else. I went through the reality. Me and Kook Jin-hyung are the sons Father anointed in 2012 June 5th. In Las Vegas, Father did the Sacho Wa Ni Cheum Shik—The Fourth Dimension Entrance Ceremony. This was after he crowned me, this was after he named me World President, this was after he made me responsible for everything. Above and beyond every and any leader in the history of the church. Not because I wanted it, I didn’t’ ask for it—how can you make Father do something like that? If you know Father, you know how powerful he is. You can’t hoodwink him or force him to make you crown you! He decides what he’s gonna do!

I can’t make him do anything!I can’t even make him eat breakfast if he doesn’t want it. How am I gonna force him put a crown on my head three times on two different continents?! Its just retarded. It’s totally inane! If you think about it rationally, it’s totally inane. Unthinking, uneducated, stipulation which has absolutely no evidence! That’s when I realized coming to the wilderness, we lost everything, we gave everything— when we were ordered to put our position down, we put them down. we didn’t try to steal assets, we didn’t try to steal money even though they’ve been using provocateurs to lump us with other people who stole money. You see, that’s kind of mean. That’s very mean because you’re saying we stole like thieves when we actually did not. When we actually gave everything back. It’s so interesting, when we come out here and dissect the political machine and nature of how people in world positions keep power.

I just realized, “wow. That is exactly what is happening. In the church.” same systems, provocateurs, people who are subsidized by the people in control of the money supply, who can manipulate the people who are controlling the money supply, use the provocateurs against anybody—even the one Father crowned, even people like myself who didn’t steal anything in the movement. Throw on us, and dump on us, also what is known as “lumping”–lump us with a different group and the provocateurs know what they’re doing, they’re friends with the leadership. They’re friends; they’re many times paid, in a organization that are subsidized by those politicians who have inroads to the people who control the money supply. And this is what’s so pitiful because as we look into what the world, how the world is controlled by “elite” class; we see that same situation happening. Even in the churches.

Honestly, it’s not only our church. You can look at most of the centralized hierarchical churches around the world and you will see this. Total non-transparency. You know, that’s why we were in leadership, we forced all the ministry unions, all the group unions; open the books—transparent—everything members should see. We do that here at Sanctuary Church—all of you have sat in on financial transparent day because its part of what we believe in! It’s part of what we brought to the church! And when you do something like that against an establishment that’s used to politicking and controlling money supply, and using provocateurs to help their position, you will get condemned. They will hate you. I remember, everybody on a bandwagon to get rid of my brother Kook Jin-hyung.

It was the first time in church history he was bringing transparency to these organizations, to the businesses. For the first time he was making them accountable! Stop saying subsidies are income for your business. He was bringing real transparency leadership; he was holding them accountable. He de-funded them if they showed they were misusing public money. Boy, he made lots of enemies [chuckles]. But so many members, especially the ones we worked with in Korea because we were mainly in Asia, in Korea, and in Japan, thousands of members saw what we did. They saw we were not there for some stupid position of power, Kook Jin-hyung was working pro bono, I was just there, Father started putting me in the position, we just wanted to do ministry—but I feel this course is God’s Grace. I remember when I had to basically kidnap back my own son from the palace, being cursed, cursed, cursed that I’m stealing my own son, that I’m taking my own son away and I remember when he got here—sweetest little boy, such a sweet child at eight years old, he gets here and he can’t even tie his shoelaces. He gets here and he doesn’t even want to jump in the lake, he says it’s dirty. “The lake is dirty I’m not gonna jump in.” where’s the Olympic-sized swimming pool? He didn’t say that but you know what I mean. Where’s the indoor swimming pool with the opening windows above? This lake has moss in it, or lichen, or some kind of seaweed. Dirty. Three days later he’s jumping in the lake, catching salamanders, swimming around getting muddy, throwing mud on his siblings! This is how kids should be raised! Kids should grow up in nature! This is what Father was saying. “I will return to nature” he said. When I saw that boy, that palace boy throwing mud at his siblings and getting mud painted in the face, I said, “PRAISE GOD! God’s alive!!”

when you’re in the environment where you don’t have anybody who actually loves you, loves you unconditionally, not for ‘how are you gonna help me look good so I can be elevated in my position’ or not for ‘don’t cry in front of parents because you’re gonna make me look bad I may get fired’ its not that those people are bad people, but that’s the system, it’s the culture that they’re in. They’re just trying to survive, they’re actually good people, but when you put in a person, I don’t care who you put in, you could put in any one of your children, I don’t care who it is, you go in there, you will come out a demon. You will come out a demon. You will come out entitled, you will come out an emperor with no clothes on, you will come out expecting everybody parade around you because you showed up or whatever. You will become a heartless, cold person, who doesn’t know how to do anything with his own hands.

You will become somebody that is so overwhelmed and consumed with your public image that will you have no real identity. No real integrity that you will actually hold to even though you lose everything of your public identity. You will become a total masquerader. I don’t care who is put in there; that’s what you become. That’s why Father always went to the midbar; to the wilderness. Every other day he was in the wilderness, facing the elements—coming into the purity, out if he didn’t like the palace. I remember we would be flying from America to Korean first thing he would say, “ we have lunch prepared at the palace.” “No, we go too. Come on, now go.” Now we’re going to the island and now we gotta go ocean fishing and just got back on a fifteen-hour flight from America, I wanna see my children and now we gotta go ocean fishing with waves twelve feet high. It’s not a vacation folks, let me tell you that. It’s not a vacation.

If you’re any bit of a person it’s quite torturous. To be out all the time in the wilderness like that. It’s interesting as Father passed, I found myself so magnetically attracted to the wilderness. So magnetically attracted. And there are many things we wanna talk about directly, but I feel it’s important to contextualize what’s happening, God is giving us grace; he’s giving us the opportunity to step out. See, loyalty to Father doesn’t mean loyalty to the church hierarchy; this is what people mess up. Because they can condition to believe that loyalty to Father means loyalty to the memos that come down or loyalty to the church hierarchy, whatever the church leader says or your Abel leader says. But, what if you’re faced with a situation where he is saying something, Father commanded don’t do, now we’re going to do. What will you do? What would you do? What would you do if you had all the power, all the money, all the positions, and you are now faced with that reality confronting you? You gonna keep this and go with it, or are you gonna throw this away—be scorned, be mocked, be crucified, you gonna care about what the members think of you or are you gonna care about Father thinks of you?

You gonna care about what members expect of you or you gonna care what Father expects of you? Especially if you put a crown on your head three times—that’s kind of a big responsibility. I can’t talk about this—if I said anything like this as Father passed, already everybody had made up their mind that “it’s gonna get better, we’re gonna have a glorious…etc.” “Why are you such a party pooper? Why are you such a negative person? Why are you not giving anybody a chance?” No. See, we have morals, we are men that cannot be bought off by money or power. You see, we are men who believe in our father and love our mother. So we’re not gonna betray him and wait for her to pass away so we can betray her!

The level of heartistic, exploding, emotion that we had to endure, while all these people want to comment and throw their judgment in, was a great experience. It showed us we can’t rely on anybody, but Christ. We can’t rely on any human being, but we can only rely on Christ. He is our rock. He is our foundation. you try going into North Korea or some communist, totalitarian regime, and you try going in there trying to convince them to change their structure, let’s see how good you do.

You try going in there, “why can’t you just be loving? Why don’t you just go in there and change it?” why don’t you try going in there and changing what you think everybody else can change? Because when you’re faced with the reality of money supply controllers, when you’re faced with the reality of bought off politicians, and the provocateurs, and the subsidized organizations, and the political strings that are tied in all throughout, you quickly realize you ain’t as bad as you thought. You ain’t as heroic or powerful as you thought. I believe Father gave us his time, he freed us, he freed us from those things.

We had responsibility, we had to choose—we had a choice. I could’ve played along. I could’ve chosen the easy route—members wouldn’t hate me, members wouldn’t curse me, members wouldn’t scorn me. I was a monk for ten years, I’m not gonna buckle to the political pressure that they tried to create. I’m gonna do in my heart what I feel is right. If you say out of your mouth, “Father said don’t do, and I say do.” To me that’s wrong. It’s very clear that’s wrong and I can’t do that. And I won’t do it, no matter how much money you put in front of me, no matter how many guilt trips you try to put me on, I saw what I saw, I am my own man, you’re not the one crowned three times, Father gave me a huge responsibility because he trusts us.

You didn’t get crowned as the True Abel and the True Cain! Which Father did on June 5th, 2012 with me and Kook Jin-hyung. Declaring for the first time in the True Family there is Cain and Abel unity, working for the glory of God and in the same declaration saying that now True Parents work is done because they’ve been victorious with Cain and Abel. You didn’t receive that anointing. Father announced that three months before he passed. He knew we’re not gonna be bought off by money. You can’t make us do things by putting us on guilt trips, it doesn’t work because we actually believe in who he is. We actually want to be men of integrity. We don’t want to gain the world if we have to sell our soul and be a puppet to money controllers. That is not what I am living for, folks. I hope it’s not what you’re living for, amen? That is not what the Body of Christ is living for.

We live for one thing alone—we live to serve God. Even if we’re faced with so many difficult decisions, we live to seek to glorify God, yes or no? Nobody’s perfect, nobody’s perfect—I said that all the time. I even said it before everybody, I said it before Father crowned me. And we saw it with our own eyes. But I feel now in 2015, the truth has to now come out slowly; step by step. Because we actually believe that he is the King of Kings and we actually believe that if you directly go against exactly what he said not to do you’re gonna get judged. There’s gonna be trouble. And it’s not gonna be us that are judges, it’s gonna be God—God is gonna do it.

And I just feel in 2015, as we launch this final year of shimeeta, so many come to us trying to seek an answer, we’re not the answer. We’re not gonna give you the answer, especially if you have a prepared answer you want to hear. We’re going to tell you the truth. We’re gonna do what is in our conscience; you didn’t throw away everything, you didn’t’ throw away all the positions and all the crowns and everything, but we did. Not because we’re great, but because it’s what a normal person should do! It’s what a normal person should do. It’s not because we’re some kind of great hero, it’s because it’s what normal people and children should do! When you’re faced with that kind of decision! You should do that! You should not be bought off and sell your soul.

Please, please stop sending me messages saying, “Go help the Queen!” you’re not the one who calls and gets no answers. You’re not the one who goes there year after year and gets kicked out and be met with fifty guards in front of the palace where your father crowned you his successor. You didn’t go through that, you don’t go through that. You don’t have the right to try to play judge in that relationship. The real key now is the youth. You, we, must save the queen from all the political structures around her. I can’t do it. It’s not gonna do anything writing me messages telling me how the church is collapsing, i laready understand that, we already warned that would happen. Okay? We’ve been quite clear that that would happen from the beginning. You maybe from the outside see it happening, but we told the leadership from the beginning.

So it’s time now for the body of Christ, the world church, you want something about it, you have to free Mother. Don’t come to me, I can’t do it—I’m a son, you understand? I’m not her husband. I’m her son. I respect her when I see her. I tell her what I have to tell her, but I do it respectfully on my knees and in honorific language in Korean. So please don’t come to me telling me I disrespect my mother because I don’t. And if you have not seen me with my mother, you honestly have no right to comment on it. Because when I go before my Queen, I go on bended knee and I speak to her in kingly honorifics. But I tell her what I must.

[Reads Cheon Seong Gyeong 1232]

“A true filial son is the one who obeys. A true loyal subject even when being chased and put to death by traitors never calls his king incapable. A true loyal subject is a person of integrity and loyalty, who sheds tears with a sorrowful heart, and wishes his king long life even when persecuted by treacherous courtiers to the point of death. This is absolute obedience. The only way to being about success through absolute obedience is the way of true love.”


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